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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 30, 1998 on GH
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Monday November 30, 1998

Against Mac's wishes Felicia prepared to head back to Courtland Street. Mac explained to Felicia that things were heating up on Courtland St because Moreno is determined to reroute the drug traffic in that direction. He doesn't want her anywhere near there, she would be right in the line of fire. Felicia explained that she doesn't want to become just a housewife and that she is only on Courtland Street in the afternoons. She promised to be home before dark and that she wouldn't be foolish. She needs to be there. Mac begged her not to go, but Felicia insisted. Mac reluctantly agreed. Meanwhile, Moreno made a deal with Alan's drug dealer to put Felicia in a potentially comprising position to get back at Mac Scorpio.

Helena found Katherine on the docks while she was waiting for the launch to Wyndemere. Katherine told Helena that she had an idea that wouldn't be in Stefan's best interests, the kind of that pays off in unexpected places. Helena was thrilled with Katherine's plan because it would be impossible for Stefan to refuse and it would give Katherine the opportunity to impress Nikolas. Katherine told Helena that she has taken every chance to get closer to Nikolas (good thing Helena doesn't know how close!) and to tell him that Helena loves him, but she does not want him to get hurt through all of this. Helena agreed, but only because Nikolas needs to produce an heir. Until then, he needs to be protected in every way.

Nikolas was thankful that Stefan interrupted his Latin studies. They discussed the fact that Laura has not been around since Luke returned to Port Charles. Nikolas thought Stefan might lonely. Nikolas offered to keep Stefan company, but he assured Nikolas that he was OK. He told Nikolas that he suspects that Laura will be returning to Wyndemere soon. Luke's abduction of Lucky didn't sit well with Laura. He believes that Laura's days of blind loyalty to Luke are coming to an end. Luke has sabotaged himself by doing things that Laura won't be able to forgive. Hopefully, Laura will soon be at liberty to spend as much time as she wants at Wyndemere. Nikolas hoped that Stefan is right. He told Stefan that he thinks that Laura and Stefan are happy when they are together.

Luke finally returned home. Lulu was on a play date so he and Laura had the house to themselves. Luke said that they had a lot to talk about. Laura agreed saying that maybe they had more to discuss than they realized. Luke then told Laura that while he was away he had visited a place she used to call home, Cassadine Island. Laura asked why Luke went to Cassadine Island and Luke explained that he just wanted to look around. He broke into the house. He was looking for Laura. He went to see if he could understand, but he couldn't find her anywhere. He found the room she had lived in before she married Stavros and he didn't know why, but he looked under the window seat. And he found the letters. Luke told Laura that he read the letters because they were addressed to him. Luke asked why she stopped writing the letters after she married Stavros and Laura explained that she didn't feel she had the right anymore. Even though Luke was dead, there was no comfort in writing letters when she knew he would hate her for marrying Stavros. Luke told Laura that the letters helped him to understand what she had been through while she was there. He got so caught up in them, that he ended up spending the night. He sat there and he thought about their marriage and what they have. Luke then said that it would be a shame to throw away what they shared. Laura asked if it was nearly as shameful as plotting murder and framing an innocent man.

A shocked Luke accused Stefan of telling Laura lies; however, Laura explained that she saw the report complete with pictures and that she recognized him. Luke confessed to Laura that he was at Wyndemere that night. Laura asked Luke outright if he loosened the parapet railing and framed Stefan for Katherine's "death." Luke said, yes, of course he did.

Luke defended his actions and said he was only trying to protect his family. Luke explained to Laura that he had been trying to kill Helena, not Katherine. Laura was appalled by Luke's plan. Why would he take the risk that someone other than Helena, like Nikolas or Stefan, might end up on the parapet. And why would he frame Stefan and then allow him to go to trial. Then, he had the audacity to leave when Laura testified at a trial that never would have happened if Luke hadn't tried to frame Stefan. Laura told Luke that Stefan tried to warn her months ago that Luke was behind all of this, but Laura defended him. Laura is shocked at Luke's lack of remorse. He almost killed an innocent woman and instead of trying to make amends, he let someone else take the blame and go to trial and go through everything that they both know a trial puts you through. Laura told Luke that she didn't know who he is anymore. Luke replied that he is the same man that he has always been. Luke said that if Laura didn't recognize him, maybe it's because she is finally seeing him instead of what she created in her head. She needed him to be a hero so he let her pretend he was. Does that make the first lie his, or is it Laura's for having a child and forgetting to mention it. Or telling him that the child's father is dead when he is really alive and obsessed with Laura. Luke asked Laura how many more lies there are. Laura said that he probably has as many secrets as she does. The difference is that her secrets are about things that happened a long time ago. Laura told Luke that when she first came back from Greece, after Nikolas was born, she wasn't planning on staying. She just had to see him one more time. She wanted to know that he was all right. She had Nikolas, this little baby who needed her back in Greece. But when Luke caught her and held her in his arms, she couldn't leave him and she couldn't tell him about Nikolas because she knew that he would try to get him back for Laura and she didn't want him to be killed by Helena and Stavros. The lies she told were to protect him. Luke said that it didn't work, just like some of his plans didn't work. Laura said she wouldn't tell anyone about Luke's involvement in Katherine's fall and Luke said he would keep Laura's secret about Stefan being Nikolas' father, for now. It would be kind of bad for everyone if it came out that Nikolas wasn't Stavros' son. Laura was shocked that Luke would resort to blackmailing her. She couldn't believe that it had come to this. As Luke walked out the door, he gave Laura the letters he had found on the island, a present from Greece.

Katherine arrived at Wyndemere and told Stefan and Nikolas that because of her relationship with Robin, she was interested in offering more support to the GH AIDS wing. She was disappointed to hear that donations are down. She wants to mount a major fundraiser for the Stone Cates Memorial AIDS Wing at the hospital and also wants to change the image that the funding has primarily come from organized crime. Nikolas thought it was a brilliant idea. Stefan agreed and gave Katherine the go ahead for the fundraiser. Nikolas was quick to jump in with an offer to help, to take a more active role in the PR and with the actual fundraiser. Stefan thought that Nikolas involvement with the fundraiser was an admirable way for him to show his support for Robin.

Felicia was surprised when Alan's dealer showed up for a visit, just a friendly social call to welcome her to the neighborhood. They shared some drinks and made small talk. When Felicia turned around to get the dealer a refill, he spiked her drink with some sort of drug. He gave her a pill called rush as a welcome to the neighborhood gift. Felicia pretended to take the pill, washing it down with the drink that she didn't know was spiked.

Tuesday, December 1, 1998


Today's recap was provided by Lauren Edwards

V called Ned for an urgent meeting: she has him booked at Jake's, the biker bar. Ned is not thrilled and doesn't want to be Eddie Mane anymore and that he is busy at ELQ. V argues that if he doesn't perform, she may as well quit because he is the only artist that L&B Records has, so she doesn't have a job if she can't book him. Ned finally caves in and agrees. Jax shows up and hears "the good news" and needles Ned about performing at such an establishment. Hey maybe Ned's concert will coincide with "Body Piercing Night" at Jake's. After throwing barbs at each other for a bit, Ned asks Jax what he came over for in the first place. Jax says that he would like to know when the next ELQ Board meeting is and wants to attend. Ned acts like he's offended that Jax is going after his business. V intercedes and tells Ned that she is sure that Jax is appreciative of all that Ned has done for him and won't double cross him. Jax counters that that isn't so, he has every intention of double crossing Ned and that Ned knows it. They like the challenge of being opponents. Jax leaves after Ned "evicts" him and V insists that Ned start rehearsing for his gig. Ned picks up his guitar and starts to sing.

Bobbie comes over to Jason & Robin's for a visit with Carly. Carly shows Bobbie some material that she is going to use to redecorate Michael's room. Bobbie thinks it's for Michael's room when Carly has her own place. Carly sets her straight on that and tells her that she is decorating Michael's room at the cottage and she doesn't need Robin's permission because Robin is out of the picture. She goes on to tell Bobbie that Jason and Robin are over and that soon Jason will have them all back in the penthouse where they belong. And she plans on becoming an interior decorator so she needs the practice. Bobbie tells Carly that she needs a reality check: Jason loves Robin. Carly doesn't agree. Jason is fine without Robin, he's happy with Michael and her. Bobbie's worried that Carly is only seeing what she wants to see. Carly still insists that Jason and Robin are over -- they just don't know it yet. She also tells Bobbie that she worries too much, that she has everything under control.

Meanwhile, Jason and Michael are at the bike shop when Jason's old bodyguard Johnny pays them a visit. He complains that Moreno is giving him trouble and that he needs Jason's help. After Johnny leaves, Jason makes a call to someone asking to set up a meeting between him and Moreno. As he ending the call, Mike walks in and overhears Jason talking about meeting Moreno. He wants to know what up and Jason tells him about the deal that he made with Moreno: he would sell his territory to him on the condition that Moreno would never bother Jason, his friends/family and his employees. Moreno has broken the agreement by demanding "protection money" from Johnny for his new restaurant. Mike warns Jason that he needs to stay out of it, that Jason no longer has his "protection". Jason is adamant about straightening out Moreno because if he doesn't then Moreno will start bothering him.

Jason takes Michael home so that he and Carly can take him hiking. As they are about to leave, Justus arrives with a message from Moreno. Jason has Carly take Michael upstairs and has a little talk with Justus. Justus tells him that Moreno is not going meet with Jason. Jason is perturbed that Moreno sent Justus as his messenger. Justus explains that Moreno didn't send him, he came because he and Jason were once friends and he doesn't want to see Jason get hurt. Moreno has an army and Jason just runs a garage now. Jason gives him the same argument that he just gave Mike and Justus gives him the same advice that Mike gave. Jason doesn't back down. Justus leaves. Jason gets his gun out of the closet and heads out but stops when he hears Michael crying upstairs. Carly comes downstairs and wants to know what is going on. She reassures Jason that he can tell her what's going on, that he can trust her. She starts in on him about how seeing and talking to Justus must have given him that old rush back again. Jason argues that he is "out" but Carly doesn't accept that and keeps at him until he finally tells her Sonny changed his life. Sonny taught him everything especially that if you are not powerful, you are powerless. Moreno thinks Jason is powerless, but he's not. Carly asks him if he wants to go back. Jason says that he can't because he has Michael, her and Robin to protect. Carly says that he protected them before and he can again. He needs to think about himself and that he is miserable in this new life, that he is pretending to be happy. Jason cuts her off and says that they need to go hiking.

The next time we see Carly and Jason, they're back at the cottage on the couch. Carly expounds on her becoming an interior decorator. She tries to draw Jason into a conversation decorating and seeing transformation. Jason tells her that he is not good at looking at pictures and seeing different perspectives. Carly tries to help him understand better and teaches him about finding differences in pictures. Carly gets some decorating ideas for the penthouse and tries to explain it to Jason. Jason says that no one is living in the penthouse. Carly says, well, we might if Jason goes back into the business again. She says it's just a suggestion.

Felicia is "partying" with Alan's drug dealer in her "suite" on Courtland St. Unbeknownst to Felicia, the dealer slipped a drug in her drink and offered her a "freebie"; a pill, which Felicia pretended to take. The dealer tells Felicia that he gave her a double whammy -- the pill and something in her drink -- to make their first time partying together special. He offers to take the party elsewhere and Felicia agrees. As they are leaving, they run into Alan. Felicia asks Alan to join them and the drug dealer says no. Felicia acts offended that he won't let Alan come along and decides she doesn't want to go with him after all and will just stay behind and party with Alan. After the dealer leaves, Alan and Felicia go back into Felicia's room where Felicia explains that the dealer slipped something into her drink. Alan thinks that she was slipped a mild hallucinogenic. Felicia starts tripping out and seeing things. Felicia asks Alan to take her home. Alan takes Felicia home and tells her that the drug should wear off in about 4 hours. He makes her promise that she will call him in 4 hours. As they leave, the dealer who was still lurking around, makes a call to Moreno and tells him that he's unable to deliver Felicia today but promises to do so soon. Alan leaves and Bobbie shows up. Bobbie notices that something is wrong with Felicia and Felicia lies that she has a migraine. Bobbie makes her lie down and put a cold cloth on her forehead. Mac comes home. Bobbie tells Mac that Felicia has a migraine and Mac believes her. He offers to pick the girls up and take them out for dinner so that Felicia will have some quiet time.

Mac comes back with the girls after dinner. Felicia is feeling better and tells them how much she loves them all. At the same time, the dealer is meeting with Moreno on the docks. Moreno is mad that the dealer didn't deliver the Commissioner's wife to him as planned and insists that he try again and not fail this time. The dealer promises to deliver. He leaves and Justus comes by to let him know that he spoke to Jason. He assures Moreno that Jason won't be a problem. Jason understands that he is no position to get in Moreno's way. Moreno says that's good, because if Jason interferes with his business again, he will have him removed.

Wednesday, December 2, 1998

Jerry and Bobbie visit the park with Lucas. Jerry has somehow managed to bring a little snow for Lucas to play with because he is impatient for winter to come. As they laugh and watch Lucas play, Tony walks up saying that once again the happy go lucky criminal is trying to steal his son's affection while his mother looks on in besotted approval. Dara is walking on the dock when she runs into Justus who is surprised when she greets him cordially. Dara says that she always likes to keep up with what he is doing. Justus says that his professional life is an uneventful as his personal life. Dara tells him that that is too bad because she misses going up against him in court which prompts Justus to ask if that is all she misses

Edward is alone in the Quartermaine living room grumbling that no one is ever on time. He is interrupted by Reginald announcing that Nikolas has arrived to visit Emily. Edward tells Reginald that Emily is still upstairs, but that he would be happy to entertain Nikolas until Emily comes down. As Nikolas enters the room, Edward asks what brings him to the Q's. Nikolas says that he just wanted to drop by because he had some business in town. Edward says that Nikolas must have more business than he does because he has been by to see Emily practically every other day. Edward is thinking of having his accountant declare Nikolas a dependent. Nikolas says that he hopes he isn't taking advantage of Edward's hospitality. Edward says that that depends, what are Nikolas' intentions towards Emily.

Lucky arrives home to find Liz painting his room. Liz is so engrossed in her painting that she doesn't hear Lucky until he tells her that she is doing nice work. She says hello and then starts rambling on about how his room is probably going to be freezing in the winter. She thought about painting him a space heater, but then she thought why not just paint a location, something warm like a beach with sun, sand, something as far away from Port Charles as possible... Lucky stops her by taking her paintbrush away. Liz asks why he did that and Lucky tells her that she is about two minutes away from total melt down and he wants to know why.

Liz takes her brush and turns back to her painting saying that nothing is wrong, it's just that she has been promising him that she would paint his room for weeks... She stops and turns around with a guilty look and asks Lucky if she was even a tiny bit convincing. He tells her that she would have fooled anyone else and asks her if this is about Tom. He asks if she is still upset about talking to him, he knew it was a bad idea. He can't believe that he let her get into a heart to heart with a guy who doesn't have one. Liz says that he didn't let her, she wanted to. Lucky asks what she wants to do now. Liz tells him that she just wants the whole thing to be over with. Tom's trial can't start soon enough for her. Lucky says that the invitation from ADA Jensen may have something to do with the trial. Maybe she wants to prep their testimony or something. Liz says that she is prepped. She is more than prepped. She can't wait to tell that pig exactly what he is to his face in front of a jury. She knows she can't put him away for what he did to her, but for what he did to Emily, that's something else. Maybe her testimony about her rape will establish a pattern of behavior or something. Lucky tells her that her Lt. Taggert said that Dara won't let her talk about her rape during the trial. It's relevant to them, but it won't be allowed. Lucky can't help remembering something his Dad used to say. The law and justice aren't total strangers, but they aren't going steady either. As they leave, Lucky asks Liz if she knows that she can depend on him, no matter what. Liz says that she counts on it. Dara tells Justus that sparring in court is only part of what she misses. She misses his friendship, his advice, his humor and even his arrogance. Justus laughs and says that there is always the phone. Dara says that things just get in the way. Justus tells her that he always wondered what it would be like to work on the same side. He thinks it would be stimulating. Dara thinks that something about their chemistry makes them better adversaries. She excuses herself because she has some kids waiting in her office, but she tells Justus that it was good to see him.

Back in the park, Bobbie tells Tony that she has had enough of being stalked by him. Tony replies that he has better things to do than monitor his ex-wife and her inane adventures with her newest lover. He is only too happy to tell Bobbie that he has received a glowing report from the court appointed psychologist. He warns Bobbie that her days of keeping him away from his son are fast coming to an end. Jerry sarcastically thanks Tony for the update and suggests that he leave. Lucas suddenly notices Tony and excitedly invites him to see what he has made in the snow. Bobbie reminds Tony that he is still bound by a restraining order and insists that he leave. Tony apologizes to Lucas for not being able to stay, but promises that they will be seeing each other a lot more soon. Lucas gives Tony a big hug before he leaves. After Tony leaves, Bobbie confesses to Jerry that she is worried. Nikolas is surprised at Edward's question and assures him that he thinks of Emily as a little sister. Edward laughs saying that he used that line when he was young. Nikolas starts to say that he is telling the truth, but is interrupted by Emily's arrival. Emily asks Nikolas to wait for her in the foyer as she has to talk to her Grandfather about something kind of personal. After he leaves Emily turns to her grandfather and demands to know what he said to Nikolas. She is mortified when Edward tells her that he simply wanted to know Nikolas' intentions towards her. She tells Edward that she is going to go die now and leaves to find Nikolas. Meanwhile, Katherine comes downstairs and sees Nikolas in the foyer. She and Nikolas share a secret look as Emily arrives and asks Nikolas to please get her out of there.

The remaining Q's have gathered for an emergency meeting to discuss sprockets, specifically a company called Acme Sprockets which has become a major threat to ELQ. V arrives to act as Ned's personal assistant and is welcomed by Lila who thinks it will be nice to have a fresh face around. AJ explains to the group that their contract with Acme Sprockets has expired. Acme designs the steel module component system being used to renovate the docks and they also supply the sprockets. The company wants to quadruple the price and they hold the patent so ELQ can't get the sprockets anywhere else. Ned asks why AJ signed a contract with an expiration date. Monica is exasperated with the whole thing, but Katherine is all too happy to explain to her exactly what a sprocket is and why it is important. Edward suggests that AJ just get the CEO of Acme Sprockets on the line and AJ says that the man is on his way over. As if on cue, Jax arrives. Edward tries to get him to leave, but Jax says that he was invited .At that moment, Ned realizes that Jax is the new owner of Acme Sprockets.

Emily, Nikolas, Liz and Lucky are waiting in Dara's office. Liz is very nervous, but Lucky comforts her telling her that a trial is like a show and that Dara probably just wants one last rehearsal. Liz smiles weakly and asks if what she is feeling is stage fright. Dara arrives with Detective Taggert in tow and tells them that Emily will testify first, as the victim, then Lucky and Nikolas. Liz asks if they are saving her as the best for last, and is then shocked when Dara tells her that she and the DA have decided that she won't be testifying at all. Liz asks how they can consider not letting her testify. Tom raped her. Dara agrees that what happened to Liz is horrible, but due to insufficient evidence, rape is not the crime Tom is being charged with and as far as the law is concerned, it's irrelevant. Liz says that it can't be irrelevant. She knows what Tom is capable of. She knows what kind of man, what kind of animal he is. Why won't they let her tell. Dara explains that Tom's lawyer would object and the judge would agree that Tom raping Liz is irrelevant to the blackmail charge. No matter what, Liz's story will not be heard by this jury. And if Liz gets emotional and slips up on the stand, the judge could declare a mistrial and she knows that none of them want that. Liz promises that she can handle it. She really can. She will only testify about the blackmail. Liz pleads with Dara to let her do this. It means so much to her. Dara says that she knows how much it means to Liz and that is exactly why she can't let her testify. Taggert points out that the bottom line is that the bad guy is in jail. Does it really matter how they achieved it. Jerry and Bobbie are still in the park playing with Lucas. Bobbie is worried about Tony. She knows he has changed, but she still recognizes that determination in his eyes when he wants something. He thinks he is one step closer to getting Lucas away from her, and she is afraid he may be right. Lucas loves Tony and Tony loves Lucas. Bobbie wonders how she can expect the court not to see that, especially now that he has a court psychologist behind him. Jerry says that there are ways to make things appear more favorable to their side. Reports could be altered... Bobbie says that he has pulled off plenty of miracles for her family, he doesn't owe her anything else. Jerry says that he is there for her, he will do whatever she asks.

Edward is outraged that Jax has outsmarted them. Jax says that he was simply aware of the needs of the project and obviously AJ wasn't. Edward then blames Ned who can't believe that Edward isn't blaming AJ. After all, he was the one that let the contract expire. AJ, in turn, blames Ned for helping Jax get his money back. He accuses Ned of helping Jax just to set him up. Jax interrupts asking if they asked him there to sign a contract at the new price. Edward tells him no way, but Jax tells him to think about it and let him know. After he leaves, the family typically starts arguing amongst themselves over who is at fault. V laughs and asks Lila if they are always like this. Lila says oh no, sometimes they don't get along. She and V laugh together over the thought!

Dara is alone in her office looking disturbed when Taggert arrives. He notices her look and asks if she can't stop thinking about Liz Webber either. Dara says that she doesn't get it. They are going to put Tom away next week and she already feels like they have lost the trial. Taggert says that it is the look on Liz's face. Dara agrees. Liz came to them for justice and they sent her away with nothing. Not even a chance to tell the world what happened. Dara asks if Taggert is ready to leave for the day. He tells her to lead the way. Ned and V arrive at the gatehouse. Ned is furious with himself for letting Jax get the best of him and ELQ, and why? Because he wanted to do one last favor for Brenda. As he continues to rant and rave, Jax walks in with a big smile carrying a bag and asks if anyone is in the mood for Mexican.

Lucky and Liz are back in Lucky's room and Liz is still visibly upset. Lucky asks her if she trusts him and she says only with her life. Lucky says good, because that what's at stake here, her life. It won't be worth living if she doesn't kick Tom out of it. The guy is going down. Liz won't get her day in court, but Tom will. She has to find a way somehow to let that be enough. As long as Tom is in her head like this, as long as she can't live a minute without thinking about him, Tom has what he wants. Lucky begs her not to give it to him. Liz tells Lucky that of all the people in the world, she thought that he would always understand, but it's clear that he doesn't. She walks into the bathroom and slams the door.

Emily and Nikolas are walking on the docks discussing the upcoming trial. They both feel really bad for Liz, but are glad that she has Lucky. Emily thanks Nikolas for everything he has done and asks if he will help her prepare for the trial. She is worried that it will become a big media event thanks to the picture being put on the internet. As they continue to discuss the trial, Katherine walks down the stairs. Nikolas jumps up and says hello. He is distressed to learn that Katherine has been visiting Helena. Katherine defends her relationship with Helena but thanks Nikolas for wanting to protect her. Emily clears her throat to remind Nikolas that she is there. Nikolas remembers himself and leaves to take Emily home. As he walks up the stairs to the street, he steals a backward glance at Katherine who smiles at him as he walks away.

Edward is alone again after the disastrous meeting when AJ returns. He tells Edward that he screwed up and he accepts whatever Edward wants for him. Edward blames Ned who is the CEO. Maybe Ned knew about the Acme contract and he let it come and go to sabotage AJ. Or maybe Ned is in cahoots with Jax to sabotage Edward. Edward encourages AJ to step up his plan to bring Michael home where he belongs and then Edward will hand ELQ over to him. AJ assures Edward that he will have Michael away from Jason sooner than anyone thinks and then Ned can go work for his good friend Jax.

V, Jax and Ned are laughing together over Edward's reaction when he found out that Jax was the owner of Acme Sprockets. Ned asks Jax if he realizes that he will have to try to get the company back. Jax says of course. Ned smiles and welcomes Jax back to the game. Dara and Taggert are in a bar having a drink together. Taggert thanks Dara for getting him away from everything. Taggert confesses that he overheard her arguing with the DA in favor of letting Liz testify. A good ADA would never put Liz on the stand because of the risk of blowing the case, but he knows that Dara fought for Liz because she thought it was the right thing to do. Dara says that it didn't do much good. Taggert points out that it was still right. Almost as right as telling the DA that he is an uptight, brown nosing, Kenneth Starr want-to-be who is betraying the voters confidence and defeating the purpose of his office. Dara is slightly embarrassed that Taggert overheard her say that and is even more embarrassed when he tells her that all of the detectives heard. He laughs and tells her that they wanted to give her a standing ovation. Taggert then stands up and starts clapping for her, a one man standing ovation. Dara laughs as she stands up and gives Taggert a kiss.

Lucky is pacing in his room, stopping once in a while to look at the bathroom door. Liz finally comes out and Lucky asks if she is ok. She nods. Lucky starts to say that he has a big mouth sometimes, but Liz stops him saying that she is sorry. He didn't say anything to her that she doesn't say to herself all the time. She knows that she has to let it go, she just doesn't know how. Lucky says that he doesn't either, but they will figure it out together. Lucky takes Liz in his arms and they hold each other tightly.

Thursday, December 3, 1998

Jason and Carly are in the park with Michael. Carly is nervous because Jason is going to leave her alone with Michael for a short time, just to get Michael used to being with her when Jason isn't around. Jason tells Carly that they have been over this before. Michael needs to spend time with her alone. Carly is concerned that Michael will start screaming or something. The last thing she wants to do is throw him off balance. Michael is one of the few people she hasn't ticked off. Jason assures her that everything will be fine.

Tony is at Kelly's trying to have breakfast, but Ruby tells him to get it somewhere else, anywhere but there. Luke walks up behind him and claps him on the shoulder. He tells Tony that he doesn't discourage easily.

Katherine arrives at Wyndemere to pick Nikolas up, but decided to stay and thank Stefan again for approving the AIDS fundraiser since Nikolas has already left. Stefan comments that Wyndemere is quite a distant to come just to pick up an assistant. Katherine says that she was in the mood for a boat ride and thought that since it was Nikolas first day, she thought picking him up would be a nice gesture. Laura arrives and interrupts their conversation saying that she needs to speak to Stefan alone.

Katherine is offended that Laura walked in demanding to speak with Stefan as if she wasn't there. She asks if she has become invisible or if Laura just didn't notice that Stefan is otherwise engaged, no pun intended. Laura apologizes saying that she didn't mean to sound rude, she just needs to speak to Stefan about something very important. Katherine says that she also was discussing something important. Laura graciously offers to wait in the conservatory until Katherine and Stefan have finished their discussion, but Katherine tells her not to bother. She will leave since she is clearly the third wheel. After Katherine is gone, Laura asks Stefan to be honest with her. She asks if he arranged for her to find out that Luke was behind Katherine's fall.

Tony is sitting at a table in Kelly's. Luke brings Tony a cup of coffee which prompts Tony to ask if it comes with anything, like a threat or a lecture. Luke says no, only a question. Why hasn't Tony found a friendlier place to hang out? Tony says that he uses Ruby to gauge the towns reaction to him and he thinks its warming because today Ruby actually made eye contact. Tony comments that here they are, two kidnappers sitting together having coffee. Luke denies beind a kidnapper. He simply took his son on a nature outing. Tony asks if he made any headway. He explains to Luke that he knows what it is like to want to see your child. He doesn't want to hurt Bobbie, he just wants to see Lucas. He really means that. Luke believes him, but points out that there is a whole file cabinet full of evidence against him. Luke tells Tony that he helped him once and he won't help him again. Luke tells Tony to just not hurt Bobbie again. As Tony leaves, he tells Luke that if he doesn't want Bobbie to get hurt, he should be talking to Jerry Jacks.

Jason explains to Michael that he is only going to be gone for a little while. Just long enough to get a bike part. Carly is still worried. What if Michael freaks, or what if she freaks? Jason assures her that she and Michael will be fine. Everything she needs is in the diaper bag, they both have their cell phones. There is nothing to worry about. As Jason leaves, he tells Michael to behave himself and he tells Carly not to worry. All she has to do is play with Michael and pay attention. After Jason leaves, Carly talks to Michael trying to decide what they should do.

Katherine enters her hotel room to find "Nikolas Cassadine reporting for duty". Nikolas asks Katherine if she always conducts fundraising business in her hotel room or if this is a special arrangement just for him.

Alexis runs into Luke at Kelly's. She sits down and demands to know what Luke meant by telling her to watch her back. She wants to know if Stefan said anything to him or Laura about the parapet. Luke says that he thinks Stefan has it half figured out, his half. He knows that Stefan has photos of him at the ball and he probably has proof that he loosened the railing. He thinks that Stefan still thinks that he was working alone, but it won't take him long to figure out the rest. Alexis speculates that if Stefan does know of her involvement, he can't have known for long. Alexis wants to tell Stefan everything about her role in the whole thing. It's what she should have done right after it happened, especially after Luke framed him. She can't believe she listened to Luke, her family's mortal enemy. Stefan was the one saved her after her mother died. Luke sarcastically says that Stefan is a saint. "Why is every damn thing about Stefan?"

Stefan denies knowing that Laura had found the report. He says that he didn't know she knew until just now, when she told him. Laura still doesn't believe him and demands a yes or no answer to her question. Stefan says that if he had wanted to set her up, he would have been much less obvious. And if he wanted her to know, he would have just told her. He asks why Laura didn't confront him when she found the report. Laura asks him why he didn't tell her when he got the report. Stefan says that he told her months ago that he suspected that Luke was responsible, but she called him a liar and said that his allegations were ludicrous. The woman he was engaged to was nearly killed in his house, before his eyes. He was falsely accused because of evidence that someone else planted. He has a responsibility to and an obligation to find out who was responsible. Laura asks Stefan to please not turn Luke over to the police. Stefan says that even if he had considered it, he can't now because Alexis was Luke's accomplice. Stefan is still amazed that Laura is angry with him. She thinks he tricked her so she would find out about Luke and run to him. He can't pretend that he doesn't want Laura, but when she comes to him he wants it be because she wants him , not as an alternative to Luke. Because he is the man she chooses to be with.

Jason arrives at the shop to discover Mike working on a motorcycle. Mike offers to let him finish, but Jason declines saying that he has to go pick up Michael and Carly. He tells Mike that is only the third time he has left Michael alone with Carly. Mike asks how it's going. Jason says that it's better since Robin left, not for him because he misses her a lot. But for Michael since Carly and Robin hate each other. All Michael sees is two people he loves who hate each other. They discuss how Michael is not ready to move out with Carly. Jason is worried because he promised Robin that Carly would be moved out by the time she returned. Jason knows Carly is working it a little, but she is also scared. She has missed a lot of Michael's life. Jason is worried because it's taking longer than he thought for Michael to get used to Carly. He doesn't know what he is going to do if Robin comes home before Carly is ready to leave. Mike suggests that Jason take his own advice and worry about it when it happens. Jason thanks Mike and leaves to pick up Michael and Carly.

Carly is pushing Michael in the swing when Helena walks through the park. Carly notices Helena and leaves Michael unattended while she walks over to her to ask her what kind of fur coat she is wearing. She and Helena chat briefly and then Carly turns around to check on Michael. She is furious when she sees Tony squatting next to the swing playing with him. She demands that he get away from Michael at once. Carly takes Michael out of the swing while Tony follows her telling her that she hasn't changed a bit. She is still more interested in hobnobbing with the rich and famous then taking care of her own child. Carly tells Tony to get a life. She barely stepped away from Michael so Tony had better back off. Tony dares her to make a scene, maybe it will make the papers and then Jason can read about it. Carly backs off saying there is no need to make a federal case out of it. She suggests that Tony just leave. Tony says he will be happy to keep her little secret, except from Jason. As Michael's father, Jason has a right to know about Carly's lack of interest. Carly in turn threatens to tell Bobbie that Tony threatened her in the park. Jason arrives as they are arguing and demands to know what is going on.

Katherine and Nikolas are in Katherine's hotel suite planning the fundraiser. Nikolas says that he isn't an expert on gainful employment, but he wonders if most jobs include room service and the boss swinging by to pick up the help. Katherine explains that her Deception office is being renovated so she has to conduct her business in the hotel room. Katherine tells Nikolas not to expect her to pick him up again anytime soon. Nikolas asks if she had an argument with Stefan. Katherine tells Nikolas that about Laura arriving as she was speaking to Stefan. It was the oddest feeling seeing her there. It was like a déjà vu of the night she fell.

Stefan asks Laura if she ever imagines a future with him, not the fleeting time they had on the island, but a life. Laura comments that Stefan never gives up. Stefan reminds Laura that he told her, when he loves, he loves forever. Laura changes the subject saying that they have other things to discuss. Laura cautions Stefan that Luke has promised not to tell the truth of Nikolas' parentage, but that he is also volatile. He could easily lose his temper and push them all past the point of no return. She asks Stefan to please not do anything to provoke him. For Nikolas' sake she begs Stefan to not make things worse. Stefan says that he has to prepare none the less. Laura of all people should know what Helena is capable of. Laura agrees, but says that it isn't the right time. Stefan how she can expect him to sit idly by while Luke holds damaging information. Laura tells him that Luke knows if he ever does anything to hurt Nikolas, he will lose her forever.

Alexis says she would rather Stefan find out from her that she was involved in the murder plot. Luke assures Alexis that he isn't going to run out on her, what kind of coconspirator would that make him. Luke explains that all Stefan cares about is that he has a chance to make Luke look bad and hopefully win Laura as a result. Alexis tells Luke that she doesn't think he should give up on his marriage. Luke says that the real issue is Nikolas Cassadine. He always said that that kid was a bastard.

Alexis is confused by Luke's comment and says that if means that Stefan is like a father to Nikolas and in that sense he and Laura share a son together, she guesses that argument could be made. But it doesn't compare to what Luke and Laura have. Stefan may have raised Laura's son, but he doesn't hold her heart, Luke does. Luke tells Alexis that she knows nothing about his connection to his wife.

Laura confesses that Luke wasn't really that angry when they discussed Nikolas' parentage. He was almost compassionate, seemingly trying to understand what she had been through. Stefan asks if Luke knows only of her imprisonment and desperation. Or does he know about the tenderness, the laughter that sometimes hit like a cloudburst until they ached, their secret language. He sometimes wonders if Laura has made herself forget. Laura says that of course she hasn't forgotten, try as she might. Stefan fathered her oldest son, but that is in the past. Stefan asks why, if her feelings for him are in the past, has he never had to pull her to him the times they've kissed. She has come to him freely. She has feelings today, right now. Laura abruptly says that she has to go. She came here for the truth about the investigator's report and he gave her an answer. Stefan tells her that she leaves them in the past because it is easier for her. All these years she has told herself that they can't exist in the present, but they do. Laura says no and walks out the door.

Katherine changes the subject by trying to get back to the fundraiser. Nikolas says that she brought Laura up so subconsciously she must want to talk about it. Katherine says that it was nothing, just that she was reminded today of the strong bond between Stefan and Laura. A bond that almost killed her. Nikolas assures her that he doesn't want to see her hurt again. Helena arrives and interrupts their conversation.

Jason is very angry when he sees Tony talking to Carly and Michael. He won't tolerate Tony harassing Carly and Michael. He tells Tony to leave Carly and his son alone. Tony starts to tell Jason that he found Michael alone, but Carly interrupts and defends Tony. She tells Jason that Tony wasn't bothering her and to leave him alone. It was an accident that they bumped into each other. Tony agrees that they were trying to ignore their differences and focus on their similarities, like their love for children. Jason lets Tony leave, but turns to Carly and demands to know what really happened between the two of them. Carly denies that anything happened. She says that Tony saw her before she saw him. She didn't have the opportunity to avoid him. Tony commented on how much Michael had grown and she couldn't find a polite way to not answer him. What was she supposed to do, grab Michael and run. She learned a few things at Ferncliff, like don't throw a match on an already volatile situation. Jason reminds Carly that Tony kidnapped Michael, but Carly assures him that she would never let anything happen to Michael.

Nikolas is not pleased to see Helena, who seemingly just dropped by to see if Katherine had any plans for lunch. Nikolas says that the "drop by" method doesn't work here. He explains that he and Katherine are working together and if Helena wants to show her support, she will stay away. Every time she arrives, Nikolas will leave. Katherine defends Helena saying that all she has done is come by to ask her to lunch. Nikolas says that he will leave her to it and walks out the door. Helena is impressed that Katherine's relationship allows her to get away with defending Helena. Katherine asks if Helena has a problem with them working together and of course she doesn't.

Laura is alone on the docks staring at Wyndemere. She remembers the first time that Stefan tried to tell her that Luke was responsible for loosening the parapet railing and framing him. She remembers when she asked Luke outright if he was responsible for Katherine's death and Luke's response. As she walks away, still deep in thought, Luke comes out of his hiding place on the docks and follows her.

Friday, December 4

Carly throws herself into redecorating Michael's room. Jason wonders if she knows what she is doing. She says she does and that wallpapering is simple. Jason helped Carly as she started to wallpaper Michael's nursery. As they are decorating the room, Carly flips up her hair seductively, asking Jason to look to see if she has gotten any glue on her neck. Jason doesn't take the bait and just tells her she doesn't. Carly then asks Jason if they can redo her room as well, but Jason reminded Carly that she would be moving out before Robin returned home. Upset at that thought, Carly claimed it might take longer if Michael wasn't ready to make the adjustment. Jason suggested leaving Michael with Carly for longer periods of time. Carly asks him what if she and the baby aren't ready to be separated from him just yet. Jason only says that he will explain to Robin that she and Michael need more time. After they are done wallpapering Michael's room, Carly suggests hanging a man in the moon on the wall for Michael since he likes to always point at the moon. Jason thinks it's a good idea and goes out to his car for some nails and equipment. While he is outside, Carly gets a phone call from Robin who wants to speak to Jason. Carly lies and tells her that Jason is out, and doesn't know when he will be back. Robin tells Carly that she will be home in about a week so let Jason know. She also gives Carly her new phone number and tells her to write it down so Jason can call her back. Carly pretends to write it down, but doesn't. Robin suspects this, and asks Carly to read back the phone number. Carly sarcastically says that she may not have gone to Yale, but does know how to write down a phone number and tells Robin chow and hangs up. Jason comes back in the room, not suspecting that Robin has called, while Carly says nothing about it. Jason is pouring paint and wonders why Carly has stopped working. Carly says that she is afraid of what Robin would say about the wallpaper. She then goes on to say other things about Robin, but Jason stops her cold and tells her that she will not be putting herself between him and Robin. Carly says that she is not (Yeah Right!). Jason then tells her that she, Michael and him are a family, and Robin can't change that. Carly says if they are a family then why can't they live together like one. Jason tells her because they can't and then says that Michael will understand when he is older that they both love him, but that they don't love each other. Hoping to score points with Jason, Carly continues to paint herself as the perfect little mother and companion. When that doesn't work, Carly climbs up the ladder, and looks for a way to get Jason's attention. She purposely falls off the ladder, pretending to hurt her ankle. While Jason is massaging Carly's ankle, she screams out in fake pain. He takes off her shoe, and says that she needs to elevate it and put ice on it. She asks to do it in his room because Michael is sleeping and asks that he carry her in there. Jason picks her up and carries her to his room.

Felicia finds Tammy bruised and weeping outside Alan's door. After inviting the hooker into her room, Felicia learns that her new acquaintance was savagely beaten by a neighborhood pimp when she refused to join his stable. Felicia suggests calling the police, but Tammy says that she just doesn't understand. Felicia says she understands about not wanting to call the police, but asks Tammy if she doesn't want to see this guy punished. Tammy says that it seems she can trust Felicia, and can see that she is out of place here. Felicia says that she is a writer, and was doing research. Felicia says that if Tammy ever wants to call the cops, she can guarantee that Tammy would be protected. Felicia says that she is married to the commissioner, and shows her drivers license as proof. Tammy declines again and tells Felicia to head back to the suburbs, this is no place for her. Tammy then collapses in pain and Felicia tells her that as long as the guy is out on the streets, its possible that she can get beat up again. Felicia then offers Tammy her room till the lease is up in a few days. Tammy feels lucky that Felicia would let her in and invite her to stay. A curious Felicia asks Tammy about her working. Tammy tells Felicia that when Jason was running the street, there were no drugs, and hookers could choose their own Johns. Felicia chimes in that Sonny Corinthos was that way too. Tammy then tells Felicia that now that Moreno has taken over and is running the streets it's all different and she doesn't like the change. Tammy told Felicia to warn Mac that Moreno was stirring up trouble.

Alan's drug dealer is talking to Moreno and is asking him to give him another chance. Moreno decides to give the pusher another chance and tells him that he wants him to strip Felicia, tie her to bed and rape her, then they will take pictures. They will use those pictures to blackmail Mac. The drug dealer thanks Moreno and promises that he'll deliver the goods. Moreno tells him he had better and then dismisses him. Once the drug dealer is gone, Moreno then instructs one of his men to tail the drug dealer.

Bobbie is at Kelly's diner talking to Ruby. They joke about how well she is feeling lately. Ruby excuses herself and goes in the back. Laura comes in and greets Bobbie. Bobbie starts right in on Laura as ask if she is there to buy hot chocolate for Luke or for Stefan. She then accuses Laura of not being able to make up her mind. Bobbie and Laura then start arguing over Laura's feelings toward Luke, Nikolas and Stefan. Laura tells Bobbie that her romantic life is none of Bobbie's business. Bobbie tells Laura that she begs to differ, because she loves the people she is hurting with an exception to Stefan. Laura tells Bobbie that she doesn't know anything about this and Bobbie tells her all that she knows is that Laura came back to Port Charles after a nice long rest in the country an immediately drove her husband out of town, then dangled herself in front of Stefan. Laura tells Bobbie that is not what she did and Bobbie sarcastically says she's sorry she forgot nothing is ever Laura's fault, it's always she had no other choice. Laura asks Bobbie if she really believes that she (Laura) wanted Luke to leave. Bobbie tells Laura who knows what she wants any more. One minute Laura's heart is breaking over her husband and the next minute she finds herself a season pass on the launch to Spoon Island. Laura tells Bobbie that her son lives on Spoon Island and she has a right to visit him. She also tells Bobbie that she has been defending herself to her for years and quite frankly she is sick of it. She then tells Bobbie since she is so interested in her romantic life that she'll let Bobbie in on a little secret, she loves Luke, and he knows it and so does Stefan. Bobbie asks Laura then why is Luke living in a room over Kelly's instead of at home. Laura tells Bobbie that it was Luke's decision not to live at home, not hers. Bobbie says for reason that she has not yet to understand, Luke would never choose to be away from Laura, unless she made it impossible for him to stay. Laura laughs and tells Bobbie that she never changes when it comes to her brother, he's always right and she (Laura) is always wrong. Bobbie tells Laura if she wants to explain it to her, she is right here in front of her. Laura tells Bobbie no, she doesn't. Bobbie says for the record, she knows her brother has faults, and she doesn't pretend to know everything he has done, but one thing she does know is that Luke did it all for Laura. With that note, Bobbie leaves.

Nikolas and Stefan are talking about Luke and Laura. Stefan tells Nikolas that Laura has been quarreling with Luke again and felt obliged to tell him, so that Nikolas would be protected. Nikolas asks if Luke has been making threats again. Stefan says in away, yes, but nothing specific has been mentioned. He then tells Nikolas he doubts Spencer will attempt an outright attack, but reminds Nikolas that Luke does not wish Nikolas well. Nikolas tells his uncle that Luke can't hurt him and he almost wishes Luke would try. Stefan cautions Nikolas not to underestimate Luke, he is dangerous and may be even more dangerous than usual in his present frame of mind. He then tells Nikolas that even though it may be tempting to go up against Luke, do not engage in a physical confrontation with him and it would be better if Nikolas uses his mind instead. Nikolas agrees and then comments on how nice it was that Laura came and that it must mean that she is worried about him. Stefan tells him yes, and that Laura is in a difficult situation, because she wants to spend more time there with them, but that Luke is making that impossible. He then tells Nikolas that Luke is blackmailing Laura into staying with him. Nikolas asks if Laura is aware of it. Stefan tells him that he has pointed it out to her on several occasions, but old patterns are deeply engraved. Nikolas says it's crazy that she and Lu-Lu are living in the house with that mad man and should be there with them. Stefan then hints that he's already taken steps to make such an arrangement possible. Nikolas asks him what kind of steps and Stefan will only say discrete ones. He then says repercussions are inevitable, but he does believe that in the end, the end will justify the means. Nikolas tells Stefan if he needs his help to let him know and he'll do whatever he wants. The phone rings. Stefan answers it, it is Katherine asking for Nikolas. Stefan asks Nikolas if he wants to talk with Katherine. Nikolas accepts the phone call. Katherine asks Nikolas when can she be expecting him. Nikolas tells Katherine he'll be right there and then hangs up. Stefan stares at him, but Nikolas says before Stefan can say anything that he knows that Katherine is aligned with Helena, and will be careful. Nikolas leaves to meet up with Katherine at the Port Charles Hotel.

Nikolas shows up at the hotel and Katherine lets Nikolas into her hotel room. Nikolas tells her that Stefan is still worried about her ties to Helena. She tells him that her relationship with Helena has nothing to do with her feelings for Nikolas or her disgust for Stefan. Katherine then assures Nikolas that she is not interested in Nikolas the Prince, she is only interested in Nikolas the man. They then start talking about fund raising. Nikolas talks about the Nurses Ball, and all of Lucy's outfits. Katherine asks him if he thinks Lucy is sexy. He says that Lucy thinks she is sexy. Katherine asks again, if he thinks she is sexy? Nikolas stares at her and the two get ready to kiss, but Katherine breaks the moment between her and Nikolas. She wants to get back to work on the fund raising project. Nikolas suggest something different than the ball. They go for quiet and intimate. Katherine suggests dinner for two and auctioning off the eligible bachelors in Port Charles. They think of Jax, Stefan, Ned, Justus, Tony, AJ and Mike. Katherine gets excited about it and thinks they would make a pile of money, especially if they can get all the women to bid on Nikolas.

Downstairs at The Port Charles Grill, Stefan is at the Grill having a bite when he gets a phone call from Laura. She tells him that they need to talk. He suggest having dinner with him at Wyndemere, but Laura veto's the idea, so Stefan tells her to meet him at the Port Charles Grill. He hangs up and tells the waiter to place another setting at his table. He is unaware that Luke is hiding behind a menu across the room watching him. Bobbie comes in and says on this day especially, Stefan is the last person she expected to see. Stefan says then please don't let me detain you. Bobbie asks him if he is expecting company and Stefan says obviously. Bobbie then asks if it is someone who she is related to. Stefan sarcastically says how kind of her to mark this memorable day by wishing her former husband (meaning him) all the best. Bobbie asks if that is what Stefan is doing, celebrating the anniversary of the second Spencer/Cassadine marriage, or is he plotting the next. Stefan tells Bobbie that her loyalty astounds him and that in a case of her brother it is amazing. Bobbie tells him she just calls them like she sees them and she sees that he is trying to sabotage Luke and Laura's marriage. Stefan says according to whom, the master of objectivity himself Luke? Bobbie tells Stefan that Laura has an sensational need for attention and he is giving her exactly what she wants, but Luke is the man she loves and will always return to him. She leaves Stefan with that thought. Shortly after, Luke slips away as well.

Luke goes upstairs into Alexis's hotel room and waits for her. Alexis shows up and is startled to walk in and find Luke making himself at home. She is not that surprised to see him there, but isn't happy to see him neither. Luke asks if she has told Cousin Stiff about her part in the plot. She says that Stefan won't kill her, but probably will never forgive her either. Luke wonders why she lives here at the hotel, and not out on the island and speculates that maybe it's because she is not welcome there? Alexis says that she loves her brother, but Luke tells her to wake up and smell the danger. He then tells her to protect herself against Stefan, but Alexis says that she is fine and tells him to stop trying to turn her against her brother. She then tells Luke that she doesn't need him showing up her and torching her about her feelings and that they need to just make a pack and call it a draw and agree to never reschedule a rematch. Luke tells her that she refuses to see even when it is right in her face. Alexis tells him she is going to give him a hint to stop seeking revenge on Stefan, and to hold on what he's got. Go home, and pay attention to his own life instead of looking at everyone else's lives. She then tells him if he wants revenge on Stefan to reclaim his wife and his kids and that will get revenge on Stefan in spades. Luke makes a little joke and then leaves.

Back down at the Grill, Laura shows up and tells Stefan that things are starting to unravel and that Bobbie is getting in the middle of things and accused her of playing him and Luke against each other. Stefan tells her that Barbara has been having a busy day and has accused him of trying to sabotage Luke and Laura's marriage as well. Laura says no matter what happens now or what secrets are revealed she just couldn't bare it if Nikolas is hurt by it. Stefan asks her what does she suggest and Laura says that she would like to see Nikolas and reassure him of her love for him. Stefan tells her that it would mean a great deal to Nikolas and then tells her that she could find Nikolas upstairs in Katherine's room working on a fundraiser. Meanwhile back up in Katherine's room, Katherine complimented Nikolas as they worked together on the fundraiser for the hospital. Nikolas and Katherine then flirted with each other and then shared a kiss. Nikolas starts unbuttoning Katherine's jacket. She takes it off without breaking the kiss. She then unbuttons his shirt . Still kissing, he pushes her over to the bed and he lays on top of her as they get ready to engage in making love...... .

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