General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 14, 1998 on GH

Lucky and Laura shared some time together. Carly continued to try to seduce Jason. Luke and Lucky discussed the revelation of Nikolas' parentage. Katherine met with Helena to discuss what had happened to her the night of the fall. Robin returned home and was not happy to see Carly still there. Alan got out of jail on bail and underwent rapid detox. Jason got an urgent call about Sonny and went to see him. Luke arranged for Stefan to find Nikolas and Katherine in bed together. Chicago performed at the Outback and later gunshots rang through the restaurant.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 14, 1998 on GH
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Monday December 14, 1998

Still at Jake's, Carly asks Jason again to go upstairs with her. Jason says that she knows the answer to that question. Carly says that she knows what he is supposed to say. "Thank you Carly, but I am saving myself for my beloved", but that's not what he wants to say. He knows they were good together, so why don't they go upstairs and be good together.

Felicia arrives home and is delighted to see that Mac has returned. Mac is surprised that Felicia missed him so much and asked what went on while he was away. Did he miss something? Felicia says that there is some flu bug going around. They had to quarantine GH. Lucy got it and she is really sick. And, she was kind of doing someone a favor and she never really got around to explaining the details to him. She confesses that someone tried to set her up for murder.

Laura asks what Lucky is doing at their house. He explains that Nikolas had to go work with Katherine and that he offered to watch Lulu until Laura returned. Laura says that whatever the reason, it is always good to see him. Lucky notices that Laura seems upset and asks what is wrong. She says that it is nothing, nothing new anyway. She was just fighting with Luke again. She tells Lucky that she is worried. She and Luke have never been this far apart before. Lucky says that he is sure she and Luke will work things out, they always do. Laura tells him that he has been away a long time. A lot has changed. Laura sits on the couch and begins to cry as Lucky watches.

Katherine is sitting on the bed in her hotel room. She is remembering the night that she fell. She finally remembers that Laura was also on the parapet. She remembers figuring out that Stefan is really Nikolas' father. She gets up from the bed, looking very disturbed, as Nikolas comes back into the room. He notices that she is upset and asks her what is wrong. She explains that something he said, about his mother and Stefan giving him his mother back made her remember something about the night she fell.

Nikolas is concerned and tries to comfort Katherine. She says that suddenly everything is so clear. She can't believe that she could have ever forgotten it. Nikolas offers to get her a glass of water, but she says that she needs him to stay with her. He tells her that they will take it slow and wants her to tell him everything. Katherine says that she remembers seeing Laura. Nikolas can see that the memory upsets her and asks if Laura had something to do with her fall? He wants her to give it to him straight. Katherine says that she just needs time to get used to it. Having a repressed memory come crashing back unexpectedly all at once is hard. All these months a part of her past was as unknown as her future, except this vague sense of something awful that she couldn't grab on to. Nikolas wants to know the truth, especially if Laura had something to do with the fall. Katherine agrees that Laura's appearance on the parapet was quite a surprise, but she isn't to blame for her fall. She isn't saying that just to spare him, although that would be an excellent reason. She knows that Laura's return in his life has been very important. It couldn't have been easy for him to not have a mother growing up. Katherine asks, what if someone told you that you had two parents, that your father never died?

Lucky brings Laura a sandwich. He made it just the way she likes it. Laura thanks Lucky and offers him something to eat in return, but he says no. He has to go. Laura asks if he really has to go so soon, but he says that he just came by to see Lulu. He asks if Nikolas takes care of Lulu by himself a lot these days. Laura immediately gets defensive saying that Nikolas was barely alone with Lulu at all. Lucky stops her saying that it's ok. Laura apologizes saying that unfortunately, not everyone shares that point of view. Lucky says that he isn't everybody and neither is Nikolas. And everybody is just going to have to get used to it, both of them. Laura says that she is just glad to hear Lucky say that. No matter what else is gong on, it is so nice to hear that Lucky and Nikolas have come to some sort of understanding with each other that works for both of them. Lucky says that the whole Spencer/Cassadine war was started before he and Nikolas were born. They aren't going to try to unravel it, they just want to make sure that Lulu is ok. Laura is sure that Lulu will be fine, especially with Nikolas and Lucky looking out for her. With that, Lucky leaves and Laura starts to cry.

Felicia has explained the whole murder scenario to Mac. She assures him that Alan is not responsible, but Mac is skeptical since Alan was caught dragging the body down the hall. Felicia explains that Alan was trying to protect Tammy because he thought that she was the murderer. Mac is not reassured that Tammy was in bed with the dealer only because she was mistaken for Felicia. He told her something like this would happen. Mac is angry that Felicia didn't call him, but Felicia says that Tammy wouldn't let her. Felicia apologizes for upsetting Mac, but Mac is more concerned that Felicia could have gotten herself killed. Mac is thankful that Felicia wasn't the one arrested for murder. Felicia is angry with herself for not seeing this coming, especially after the first thing. Felicia confesses to Mac that she was drugged by Alan's dealer. Mac is even angrier when he hears this and leaves to go read the case file.

Carly and Jason are still dancing. Carly tells him that he is a better dancer than he used to be. Jason says that he has danced a lot with Robin. Carly says that she guesses that means the answer is no. Jason tells Carly that he loves Robin. And besides, even when he and Carly were having sex, she didn't really like him except when they were in bed. Carly says that she liked him, she just hated that he didn't like her. Jason asks if she wants to leave or play another game of pool. Carly says that she wants another beer. She just wants to look at him and remember who he used to be before someone convinced him that everything that was great about him was wrong. Jason reminds Carly that when they met she told him she wanted a "boy" on the side. She didn't even want to know his name. And he thought that was ok because he thought that he and Robin couldn't be together. Carly says that maybe she wants a little of what Jason and Robin have and if Jason won't give it to her, she will just have to find it somewhere else. She leaves Jason and goes to talk to a man sitting at the bar.

Carly is making conversation with the man at the bar when Jason interrupts and tells her not to do this. The man tells Jason that the lady said she was busy. Jason tells Carly that if she wants to do this fine, but if she doesn't want to then back out right now. The man tries to tell Jason back off. Jason ignores the man and tells Carly that he isn't going to tell her what to do, but know that this is about to get bad. The bartender interrupts and tells Jason that if he is going to break the guys ribs, do it outside so he can tell the cops he didn't see anything. The man thinks it is a setup, but Carly assures him that Jason could do it. She tells the man that she changed her mind and she thinks he should do himself a favor and leave. The man leaves and Carly sits down with Jason. She thanks him and tells him that he is so irritating. He never asks the way he is supposed to. Jason asks if anyone does. Carly says that most people do. She even got Robin to like her for one summer. She guesses she got close to her to find out why Jason liked her, but she still doesn't know.

Luke is sitting at the counter at Kelly's when Lucky walks in. Lucky ignores Luke and sits by himself at a table. Luke walks to Lucky's table. He asks if Lucky feels like testing out the shaky bridge between them because he would sort of like to talk to him. Lucky says that he isn't going anywhere. Luke says that it isn't the most enthusiastic reception he's ever gotten, but it beats a night in a wolf trap. As he sits down, he asks how Lucky is doing. Staying out of trouble, or having fun? Lucky says that you can't have both. Lucky says that he was just visiting Lulu and he saw Mom. Luke asks if Laura told him that he found Lulu alone in the park with Nikolas. Lucky comments that it must have been quite a party. His father, his sister and his brother. Nikolas admits to Katherine that he used to imagine having two parents when he was growing up. He still does sometimes, and then he doesn't. The life he ended up with isn't so bad. Katherine agrees that she doesn't have any complaints since he ended up in her life, but asks if his feelings really that manageable. Nikolas says that he grew up in Europe where unconventional arrangements aren't all that uncommon. His Uncle was all the father he ever needed.

Carly says that she could accept Jason and Robin together if she could understand it. Jason says he loves Robin, but he never says why. Even the first summer, it was totally obvious that they had nothing in common and now they have even less. Jason says that he and Robin have a great life together. Most of what he knows, the words for what he feels, are the words Robin taught him. Jason says that what he liked about Carly when they first met, aside from the sex, was that she didn't think there was anything wrong with him. She never looked at him and thought that she had to accept him for his limitations. With her, he could tell what it would be like to be normal. With Sonny and Robin, it was different. They knew that Jason had had an accident. They knew he was damaged, but they never treated him that way. Sonny taught him the business. He taught him was it was to be a friend. Robin taught him to love. He met Robin on a bridge one night when he was totally alone. There she was. She was crying and he made her smile. They helped each other. They fell in love. Carly can't understand it because she wasn't on that bridge. Carly points out that the man Robin fell in love with on the bridge that night no longer exists. And even if Jason doesn't know that, Carly does.

Luke is not happy that Lucky has one again used the word "brother" to describe Nikolas. He says that if there is any connection at all, it is strictly biological. Lucky says that it is more of a family matter. He and Nikolas heard that word so much growing up, can Luke blame them for taking it seriously. Luke is appalled that Lucky dared to use the words "family" and "Nikolas" in the same breath. Lucky asks why not. Why should he and Nikolas be at each other throats just because Luke and Stefan are. Luke says that Nikolas is a Cassadine. Lucky says that Cassadine is just a name. Luke says that it is a name that means Lucky can't trust him. Lucky points out that he has already trusted Nikolas and he came through. Nikolas didn't even have to think twice. He isn't saying that he and Nikolas are bonded to the death or anything. He doesn't know how it's going to be, but he can say that it is just like Laura said. Nikolas isn't Stefan and he isn't Luke.

Katherine thinks that it is ironic that just as Nikolas is poised to take over as head of the family, is the moment that he starts to wonder just how much being a prince matters. Nikolas says being the eldest son of the eldest son is his job whether he wants it or not. When he was growing up, he was too busy preparing for it to ask himself if it was what he wanted. Most of his life is about obligation to others. Some people envy the power that comes with that. Katherine is surprised when Nikolas says that he envies Lucky. Nikolas explains that Lucky can and does whatever he wants. He even lived in a boxcar for a little while. Nikolas envies the freedom, the opportunity to make choices without having to answer to anyone. Lucky answers to Liz, but that's because he chooses to. Katherine asks if Nikolas would be willing to walk away if someone could make the legacy disappear. Nikolas says that he could walk away from everything, but his Uncle, which reminds him, he has to leave. He kisses Katherine goodbye and promises to call. After he leaves, Katherine makes a call to an unnamed person and makes arrangements to meet on the docks.

Jason tells Carly that she only hears what she wants to hear. Carly understands that Jason was alone and Robin saved him, but what does he need saving from now. Robin just tells him what to do and orders him around. Maybe she used to tell him the words for what he felt, but now Robin just tells him what to feel. Jason says that Carly is the one telling him how he is miserable. Carly says that Jason is miserable and she is just telling him why. She understands that he can't admit it. He is the most loyal person she has ever met. Carly says that Robin doesn't love Jason. She loves the person he used to be. For Robin's sake, Jason is faking it and Robin knows it and that's why she left. Jason asks why Carly can't understand that he is happy. Carly says because she knows that she could make him so much happier. Carly offers Jason one more game of pool. If he wins, he gets to keep his money, if she wins, Jason will go to bed with her. Jason agrees to the game, but says if Carly wins, she gets to keep the money. Carly laughs and says at least he knows what he is missing.

Lucky tells Luke that if Nikolas wanted revenge against the Spencers, he would certainly have his reasons. Luke did kill his father. Luke says he is flattered that Nikolas would give him all the credit for killing Stavros, but the truth is that a lot of it was just dumb luck. Stavros was going to rape Laura, one of life's little ironies. Lucky understands that Luke thought he had the right to avenge Laura, he guesses he would have thought that too. Luke says that he takes care of his family, he always has. He protects them from danger by any means he thinks is necessary. Danger is the Cassadines, and that won't change. Luke tells Lucky not to expect him to change just because Lucky has been duped into brotherhood with Nikolas. Lucky says that if Luke wants a truce, he has to stop expecting him to fight his battles. Don't expect him to hate Nikolas just because Luke does. Luke says that he doesn't expect Lucky to hate the Cassadines for his reasons. If Lucky waits long enough, the Cassadine's will give him enough reason to hate them for his own reasons. And he says that with complete confidence. He sarcastically thanks Lucky for the chat and leaves.

Katherine meets Helena on the docks. Katherine mentions that Nikolas told her that it is the anniversary of Stavros' death. Helena says that yet to properly thank Luke Spencer for that. The current head of the Cassadine family doesn't even succeed in parenting, but Nikolas. Sometimes when she looks at him, he so reminds her of his father. Her dear boy Stavros. He already has his father's face and his proud bearing, and soon he will have his power and wealth. It's amazing that Nikolas has turned out as well as he has, but he does have Stavros' blood in his veins. Katherine says that it is fortunate for Helena that the Cassadine heir is the son of her favorite son instead of the other one. Helena asks what she means. Katherine explains that she simply meant that Nikolas is the key to the family treasury. She asks Helena if that is all Nikolas means to her. Helena asks why Katherine cares. Mac returns to his office and tells Felicia that he just finished reading the report on the dealer's murder. He can't believe how much danger she put herself in. She has so much more to lose now, but at least she is safe. Which means the worst is probably over. Felicia says that Jason thinks that Moreno will strike again. She is so worried about Mac. Framing her didn't work. She starts to cry as she asks what if the next time it is Mac or the girls?

Jason and Carly arrive home. Carly is drunk and happy that she won the last game of pool and Jason's $20. Carly offers to pay Jason to carry her up the stairs. She says that her ankle hurts and he reluctantly agrees. Carly jokingly tells him to feel free to drop her on his bed if he can't make it to hers. As Jason turns around with Carly in his arms, he notices Robin standing in the doorway. She does not look very happy. Helena tells Katherine that she doesn't appreciate having her feelings for Nikolas questioned. She reminds Katherine that they share an agenda: Stefan's destruction. If Nikolas is the means to that end, than so be it. Maybe they are doing him a favor. Katherine says that Nikolas is very devoted to Stefan. She thinks that Helena should know that there is a part of Nikolas that so much wants to be free of his family's legacy. Nikolas realizes the good fortune he has, but he is young and ordinary freedoms are much more appealing than a lifetime of obligations. Helena comments that Katherine and Nikolas must be getting very close for him to tell her these things. She asks how Katherine managed it. Katherine says that she seems to be the only person in Nikolas' life that doesn't see him as a pawn. Helena points out that Stefan would be destroyed if he lost Nikolas to anyone. Helena asks if Katherine has discovered a way to do that. Before Katherine can answer, Luke arrives. He looks at the two women and says that he has walked into his favorite movie, the undead meets back from the dead. Bummer, no popcorn.

Tuesday, December 15, 1998


Today's recap was provided by Lauren Edwards

Katherine and Helena are meeting on the docks when Luke discovers them. Helena tells Luke that he was missed quite a bit while he was gone. Luke welcomes Katherine back from the dead. Katherine makes it known that she knows Luke was responsible for her fall. Helena joins in on the accusations and Luke tells Katherine she doesn't wear paranoia well. Katherine ends it by saying that at least she is now free of Stefan. Luke says whoever loosened the railing did her a favor - she no longer has that glazed look in her eyes. Katherine answers that her eyes are wide open now and her peripheral vision has been restored. She brings up the forged will and how she really did leave everything to Stefan and how Luke was the only one that knew. Luke reminds her the forgery is what got Stefan off/acquitted, so why would he, Stefan's archenemy, want that? Helena jumps in with the answer: Luke wanted to frame her and to cover for Alexis. Alexis and Luke are the ones that had plotted to lure her to the parapet and force her against the railing, only Katherine got there before they had a chance to work out their plan. Luke tries to laugh it off. Katherine reassures Luke that she is not going to the police because she wants Luke free to torture Stefan. Katherine leaves and Helena and Luke have a little private chat. Helena wants to know what Luke has in store for Stefan. She tells Luke that watching him destroy Stefan may go a long way in making up for his killing of her Stavros. She tells Luke that Stefan has only two weaknesses - Nikolas and Luke's precious Laura. She threatens Luke that if he harms Nikolas, she will have to retaliate by hurting someone very dear to him (implying Lucky). Luke tells her to watch it. But Luke doesn't need to worry; Helena wants to keep the children out of it. Luke questions why. Helena tells of her devotion to Nikolas but that Stefan has poisoned Nikolas against her. She says the only reason Stefan has any influence over Nikolas is because Luke killed Nikolas' father. Luke slyly says he doesn't remember killing Nikolas' father. Helena thinks that Luke is trying to say that Stavroes is still alive, but Luke tells her that he was talking about the legacy. Helena decides to attack Luke from a different approach. She brings up Laura and how she has ensconced herself in the household of Spoon Island. Luke reassures Helena that it's just the time of the year that attracts Laura to the island - she loves the cold and fog at this time of the year. Helena gets real cozy with Luke and invites Luke back to her yacht for a nightcap, but Luke declines. Helena kisses Luke goodbye and tells him that she is depending on him to wipe out Stefan.

Nikolas visits Stefan in his study and Stefan consoles Nikolas about his unfortunate run-in with Luke on the anniversary of his father's death. Stefan urges Nikolas not to be careless around Luke. Stefan thinks that once Luke realizes he is about to lose his family, he will harm those that he thinks may be responsible and that includes Nikolas. He cautions Nikolas and tells him he wants Nikolas to stay away from Lucky. Luke resents their relationship. Nikolas says he can't do that; he and Lucky vowed to band together to look after their sister, to keep her from harm from whatever is going on between Luke, Laura and Stefan. Stefan is not pleased that Nikolas has taken Lucky as a companion. Stefan ends up consenting to the relationship but warns Nikolas that what is going on in this triangle does involve him more than he knows. Nikolas responds that it sounds like there is something he is not telling him. Stefan denies the statement. They get back to talking about Stavros' death and Nikolas admits that he spent the day with Katherine. He tries to explain how Katherine helped him get through the day by just listening to him and seeing him as someone who lost their father at an early age and not about the Cassadine lineage. Stefan reminds Nikolas that Katherine's loyalty is with Helena now. Nikolas agrees but wants to spend more time with her in hopes that Katherine will get out of Helena's grasp. Stefan is curious about what Nikolas told Katherine about his father. Nikolas gets upset - what could he say, he never knew his father, never missed him because he always had Stefan. Nikolas reassures Stefan that he wasn't just a stand-in father. He was the father Nikolas couldn't have. They share a very tender moment and hug.

Bobbie visits Jerry while he is busy "working" at home. She spies a portfolio that is for a company named Pegus, and mentions that it's Cassadine owned and asks if he is working for the Cassadines. Jerry tries to smooth it over by saying that Pegus is a publicly owned company and is ripe for a take over which would be good revenge for the Spencers. Bobbie tells him "no", she doesn't want him getting involved with the Cassadines on any level. Bobbie is afraid that if Jerry tries to raid Stefan's company, who knows that the two of them are involved, he will think that Jerry is working for the Spencers.

Stefan will seek revenge and Jerry will wind up in the middle. Bobbie tries to explain how the Cassadine-Spencer war has been going on for years and she is tired of it. Jerry doesn't understand how manipulating Stefan can be. Look how he got Bobbie to marry him and she knew he was the enemy. She pleads that there are other companies available for Jerry to raid. Jerry tells Bobbie how he is hoping to work with Jax on this deal. He tells her how they fought the other night and how he tried to be honest with Jax about the past and his past dealings (money laundering). Bobbie praises him for being honest and that she is happy for him. Bobbie tells Jerry that she doesn't want to be the one to tell Jerry what he can and can not do, she just wishes Jerry could find another way to work with Jax other than go against Stefan. She tells him that if this is his decision, she will stand by him just as she did when he was in jail for money laundering. Next, she invites him to spend Christmas with her and Lucas. Also to join them in buying a Christmas tree. She warns him though not to go overboard on buying presents - only one and that includes only buying one tree.

Robin comes home to find Jason about to carry Carly upstairs. Carly tells her they weren't expecting her so soon. Robin quips back "Sorry to disappoint you". Carly continues to try to antagonize Robin by asking her what she thought of the nursery. Robin blandly says that whoever hung the wallpaper did a good job. Carly says that it was good practice for when she gets her own place. Robin asked her if that means she found a place yet and Carly tells her that she and Jason agreed that Michael was ready yet. Jason finally cuts Carly off and she says goodnight. Jason goes out on the porch to look at the stars. Robin soon comes out and they talk. Jason tries to explain to Robin that him and Carly had gotten into a discussion earlier about him and Robin. He tried to explain to Carly how much he loved Robin and how they met but he doesn't think Carly or anyone else can understand what Robin means to him and how she helped him become who he is today. Jason apologizes for not being able to have things ready when Robin got back. If that means Robin has to leave again, he will understand. Robin says that she is not going to run away - that nothing gets resolved that way and that she can put up with Carly for a little while longer. Jason tells Robin about Felicia coming to the garage and asking questions about Moreno. He explains how Moreno has been taunting Jason and he hasn't retaliated. Robin gets scared because they no longer have protection. Robin urges Jason not to fight Moreno. They now live in this house with no

guards, no bulletproof windows, and a baby to protect. The next time we see Jason is when he is downstairs with Michael about to read him a story. Jason tells Michael he needs to be quiet so that they don't wake Robin up, but it's too late. Robin is up and joins them on the couch. They allcuddle while Jason tries to read a book to Michael.

Wednesday, December 16, 1998

Alexis is trying to tell Ned how she acquired Acme Sprockets, but Ned is too busy trying to be romantic. Alexis tells him that Jax was resistant, but it gave her the thrill of victory. Even so, Ned owes her big time. She is too distracted to continue as Ned keeps kissing her neck. She stops him and asks if he is listening to anything she is saying. He says yes, he owes her big time and then he playfully throws her on the couch and starts kissing her again.

Monica is going to post bail for Alan, but Edward tries to stop her. Edward thinks that Alan should stay in jail where the can control him and keep him off of drugs. AJ agrees that Alan will go right back to the pills as soon as he gets the chance. AJ wants to call the rehab clinic to find out if there is an opening. He thinks that Monica should wait to bail Alan out until then. Monica is totally exasperated with both of them and tells them to do anything they want. She is going to bring her husband home.

Alan is talking to Mac in the interrogation room. Mac wants to know who else was involved. Taggert caught Alan dragging his dead dealer down the hall. Mac asks where Alan found the stiff. He doesn't want to see Alan take the fall for a crime he didn't commit. It doesn't take a genius to connect the dots between Moreno and the dead drug dealer.

Alan says that he doesn't know anything about Moreno. He admits that he didn't murder the drug dealer and asks if he can leave. Mac explains that Moreno is the one who tried to murder Jason and Robin. Alan says that he has said everything he wants to say. Mac tells Alan that Moreno has an agenda and Jason may be next. Alan says that Mac is badgering and he just wants out of this hell hole.

Lucky is in his room when Liz lets herself in with her key. She smiles at him and they hug each other. Lucky tells her that he missed her so much. He looks at Liz and tells her that she looks beautiful. He says that her trip to the spa must have been good. Liz tells him that she had a great time and runs down everything she did, including a seaweed wrap and a mud bath. Lucky looks a little skeptical at the mention of the mud bath, but says that if it makes her glow like she is, then it must have been worth it. Liz laughs and says that if she is glowing, it is only because she is happy to see him. Liz says that once she got used to not having a phone, it was kind of nice to just listen to music and listen to herself think. And guess what? She had good thoughts about Lucky and them together and how much she is looking forward to next year. It was so nice to not have to think about Tom Baker and being raped and all that. The last time they were together, the day of the trial, before they went to the park, she felt like a door had shut and that the whole rape is history. Lucky says that he is glad she brought it up, because there is something she should listen too. Katherine is walking on the docks when she runs into Nikolas. She explains that she is headed to the hotel to work on their project and asks if he needs a lift. Nikolas declines saying that he has something to do first and he will join her later. He smiles and gives her a small kiss goodbye, not knowing that Luke has witnessed the whole scene. Ned is half dressed and Alexis is wearing a dressing gown. Ned asks what she was trying to tell him earlier. Alexis tells him that she acquired Acme Sprockets. Ned is pleased, even though she had to pay an exorbitant price. He offers to fly her to Manhattan for dinner. Alexis says that that would be great unless he wants to take the ELQ jet. She explains that Jax borrowed it to go to Singapore as a condition of the Acme Sprockets deal. Ned is curious as to why Jax has to go to Singapore. Before Alexis can answer, V arrives. She is embarrassed when she notices what Alexis and Ned are (or aren't) wearing and realizes that she has interrupted a romantic interlude.

Alan is ecstatic to see Monica and asks if she is going to bail him out. Monica says that his bail is already paid and she just wants to get him back home where he belong. Alan tells her that he can't go home. When Monica asks why, Alan tells her that he isn't in recovery. The only reason that he hasn't been using is because he has been locked up. If he is going to get out of this, and he swears that he wants to, he needs to do it on his own and by himself. Monica offers to stay with him, but Alan says no. He needs to do this for himself and not because Monica is with him. It has to be his choice. He begs Monica to understand. Monica says that it is such a helpless feeling that she can't help him. Alan says that the only person who can help him is him. He begs her again not to fight him. If she does, he will have to fight her back and he doesn't have much energy left. Monica agrees not to fight him, but tells him that he has to do something. Alan says that he has to want it and to want to know what the next step is. Going back home is certain doom. Monica agrees to call the Port Charles hotel and reserve a room for him. In tears, she gives him money for cab fare and food, or whatever he wants. She understands that he has to go it alone. Alan thanks her and starts to cry. He apologizes and says that he is really going to try to get better and find his way back for Monica and Emily. Monica tells him that she loves him and turns to leave. As she goes, Alans tells her that he loves her too.

Lucky and Liz are sitting on Lucky's bed. They have just finished a pizza and Liz says that she is ready to hear the message. Lucky asks if she is sure. She doesn't have to, he just thinks it something she deserves to know. Liz says that she is sure and Lucky walks over and presses the play button. Dara's voice comes over the tape saying that Tom changed his plea to guilty and is on his way to prison. Liz listens, but doesn't show any emotion. When the message is finished she says that it is amazing. A month ago she would have been ecstatic to hear that. But now, she just thinks it's good that Tom is going to jail where he should be. Even if the message had said something else, she would still be ok, because there is nothing else she could have done about it. She is done living her life based on what does or doesn't happen to Tom. It feels great. It's finally over. Lucky is smiling at what Liz is saying and is then slightly irritated when they are interrupted by a knock at the door. Nikolas comes in when Liz yells that the door is open. He asks if this is a bad time, but Lucky and Liz assure him that it's ok. He promises not to stay long, he just wants to run something by Lucky. Laura's birthday is coming up and he wanted to get her a gift that meant something. He asks what Lucky thinks of a picture of all of Laura's kids, Nikolas, Lucky and Lulu. Is that something Lucky might consider, or is it too much of a statement? When Lucky doesn't immediately respond, Nikolas assumes that he hates the idea. Lucky tells him to hold on, give a guy a chance to think. It's a little weird, but he can see Laura liking a picture of her three kids together. She'll probably cry. Nikolas offers to make some calls, maybe they can go to Manhattan to find the best studio. Lucky smiles and tells him that he is speaking like a true Cassadine. Thinking all stiff and formal. He tells Nikolas that he owns a bunch of fancy cameras. Why doesn't he just bring one of those over and Liz can snap a few rolls of film. One of the pictures is bound to turn out ok. Nikolas can still be stiff and stoic if he wants, but he and Lulu may crack a smile, maybe laugh. Nikolas laughs and jokingly says that he knew he should have gone with just Lulu and Foster. As he leaves, he looks at Liz and tells her to keep up whatever she's doing because she looks great. Liz smiles and thanks him for the compliment while Lucky laughs and tells Nikolas that he is starting to wear out his welcome and hurries him out the door.

V apologizes for interrupting and says that she will be just a minute. As an embarrassed Alexis leaves to put on something other than lingerie, which V compliments her on, Ned chastises V for tracking him down and bothering him. V assures him that it is important. The gig he was supposed to play at Jake's has been canceled. She rebooked him at the Outback so she thought he would want to know as soon as possible because he will need time to rethink his set list. Ned is glad that the gig at Jake's is off and is not happy to hear that V has booked him at the Outback. He flatout refuses to play.

Out on bail, Alan has already made his way back to Courtland St. and another drug dealer. The dealer comments that he is glad Alan remembered his number, but isn't so sure that's a good thing considering what happened to his associate. Alan pays for the pills and the dealer leaves him alone. He sits on the bench and begins to cry. As Katherine goes into her room at the hotel, Luke is downstairs bribing a hotel employee for information. He learns that Katherine was using the room while her office was being renovated. He also learns that the renovations are complete and wonders why she still needs the room. Luke asks the hotel employee is Katherine has ordered room service for two. He looks pleased when he learns that Katherine did indeed just order room service...for two.

Ned explains to Alexis and V that he agreed to play a gig at Jake's because it is small and intimate. It would give him a chance to get back into the music. V says that he can't back out. She has already set the whole thing up. She has invited agents and promoters and a whole mailing list of DJ's. Ned is furious that she didn't consult him.

He says that what she has done isn't enthusiasm, it's borderline irresponsibility. Ned says that it is bad business to ambush the artist. V points out that a change of venue is hardly an ambush. Ned says he doesn't care. Do whatever she has to, just get him out of it. Liz asks Lucky why he just can't admit that he would miss Nikolas if he went away. Lucky asks her why it's important. Liz says that she put away of her "stuff" and she doesn't want to leave him behind. Lucky sighs and explains that he was raised by his father to hate everything Cassadine. Hate. It's not that Luke preached that the Cassadines were evil and the Spencers were good, but that is what Lucky heard. There was business in the past that went way beyond their family. When he starts to think about it, what got hammered into him was all about Laura. It's like one of Lulu's fairy tale books. There's this princess who, for whatever reason, loves this prince. The prince wears silver armor in all of the pictures. Then there is this other kingdom where all of the knights wear black armor. These two kingdoms are in a centuries old feudal war. And what it all boils down to now is who has possession of the princess. She's like a trophy and whoever has her is the current most powerful. He knows that that sounds a little weird. When he starts to think about it, it was all unspoken, but it was always there. Hanging over everything. The evil Cassadines wanted Laura because that would mean they defeated Luke. That's the way Lucky was raised. Always protect Laura. First thing, always protect Laura. Everything else was like a drill to keep he and Luke in training until the Cassadines came after Laura. The Cassadines play dirty, he definitely understood that. They're viscious, they plunder, they burn, they leave heads on stakes. The Cassadines just want the cosmos to know that they are the most powerful. That's really all he knew about Nikolas and the Cassadines. He never considered that Nikolas was as disinterested in the whole centuries old feudal war as he is. But Nikolas is disinterested. He has proven himself so far. He was solid through the stuff with Emily and the trial. Lucky stops talking and walks over to the sink. He looks lost in thought. Liz walks over and asks him if something happened with Laura while she was gone. Lucky says that he thinks something is about to break. When his family was on the run, sometimes he would get this feeling ahead of time. Just an eerie stillness in the air. Luke the birds and the trees and everything knew something was coming and it would be a tornado. The last couple of days, he has had the same feeling. Liz asks if he thinks something is going to happen between Luke, Laura and Stefan. When Lucky says yes, Liz asks if he thinks it will mess with how he feels about Nikolas.

Lucky says that after he and Nikolas "caught" Laura at Wyndemere barefoot and in strange clothes, he and Nikolas agreed to keep that stuff separate. It seems to work. Liz points out that Luke is back, but Lucky says that he has kind of realized that it isn't the worst thing to admit that Nikolas is his brother. Lucky tells Liz that it is because of her. She convinced him to give Nikolas a chance. Liz disagrees and says if anything, she distracted him with all her garbage so he had to put down some of his stuff to carry hers. Now that she has put the rape and Tom behind her, she will have to come up with new ways to keep him distracted! That reminds Liz that she has an idea for something she wanted to do. She convinces Lucky to go somewhere with her.

Alan is devastated that he promptly returned to drugs upon making bail. He goes to visit Tony at the clinic. He hands Tony the bottle of pills and asks for his help. He thought being in jail for three days would have helped him resist, but it didn't. He has the shakes so bad that he would do anything to stop them. He begs Tony for help. Tony says that if Alan is really serious, there is an experimental treatment. He would put Alan under and administer the treatment. It takes away the cravings, but Tony insists that Alan promise to enter a treatment program. If Alan doesn't do the follow up, Tony doesn't want him to come back begging for help again. Alan enthusiastically agrees and asks if they can start right now.

V is angry with Ned because he hired her to work for L&B, but he has resisted all of her attempts to move the Company forward. Does he think that all of those agents and promoters are going to think it is good business relations when he cancels at the last minute. Ned tells her that she should have thought of that before she booked him to a gig without consulting him first. V tells him to forget it, she will just find another act. Ned is skeptical that she can find someone else and offers to call Mac to explain. V tells him not to bother, she will just show him. She apologizes to Alexis for barging in and leaves. Lucky and Liz have returned to Lucky's room with a small Christmas tree. Liz is excited and says that she can make his room look like Christmas. Lucky is skeptical and says that it isn't even a real Christmas tree, it's just the top of a tree on a dishpan. Liz laughs and tells him to be quiet or he will give the tree a complex. She pushes him over to the bed and tells him to sit down and leave everything in her capable hands. She will have him singing deck the halls in no time. He asks if she is sure that he can't do anything. He can hang lights, cut out snowflakes, put misletoe all over the roof. Liz says that she could use a little background music. Lucky thinks he can do that. He picks up his guitar and starts to sing Deck the Halls while Liz decorates the tree.

After V is gone, Ned explains to Alexis that playing the Outback is too much like Eddie Main. That was a different time and he doesn't want to go back there, he isn't ready yet. He says that V really is something when she gets all fired up. He could do a lot worse than having her guide his so called career. Alexis thinks that V will surprise Ned and asks if he wants to go see a major act at the Outback on Friday night. Ned accepts by giving her a kiss.

Tony called Monica to let her know what Alan was doing. She arrives at the clinic and thanks him for notifying her and for not turning Alan away. Tony says that he is a doctor and he doesn't turn away people who need real help. Monica sits down next to Alan who is in bed and unconscious. She tells him that it is amazing what love can endure. She believes that he still loves her. She knows that she loves him in spite of everything. She only now realizes how close she came to losing him. She misses him holding her hand and in the middle of the night. She misses the passion. And she would give anything for one of their fights, but with him there. Not some place that she can't reach. She asks him to please come back to her.

Liz has finished decorating the tree, but Lucky tells her that he thinks they forgot something. Not that the tree isn't beautiful, but the top needs something. Liz smiles and hands Lucky a wrapped gift. She tells him that it is his first Christmas present. Lucky asks when she had time to buy it. She was never out of his sight. Liz says that she made it for him in Florida. Lucky unwraps the package to discover a silver guitar shaped tree topper. Lucky says that it is incredible and Liz says that it is them. Lucky puts it on top of the tree and agrees that it is definitely them. Liz says that it is time to turn on the tree lights so Lucky turns off the bedroom light and plugs in the Christmas tree lights. Liz smiles and hugs him as they admire the tree. She says that it is their first Christmas and Lucky agrees that it is the first. Nikolas arrives at the hotel and Katherine is delighted to see him. Luke watches as Katherine greets Nikolas wearing a negligee. They kiss as Nikolas walks into the room and closes the doorRecap --->

Thursday, December 17, 1998

Monica has maintained her vigil by Alan's bedside throughout his rapid detox treatment. She is anxiously waiting for him to wake up. Tony explains that Alan's treatment put a strain on his vital organs, not to mention his prolonged use of narcotics and his overall poor health. Monica is frustrated and says that being a doctor does not prepare you for being a patient's wife. Tony assures her that she is doing fine and leaves her alone with Alan. Monica tells Alan to come back to her. He has been gone too long. She wakes up in the middle of the night and he isn't there. He has to come back to her. She figured out that she really doesn't have the knack for being alone. She touches his face and asks him to please come back. Alan wakes up and groggily says Monica's name.

V is sitting at a table at the Outback. She is on the phone trying to book another act for Friday night to replace Ned. She is frustrated with her lack of success and doesn't notice a man sitting at the next table watching her. When she finally notices the man, she is embarrassed and apologizes for her behavior. The man says that he couldn't help but overhear. He thinks maybe he can help. He has a band and a small venue like the Outback is just what they have been looking for to iron out the kinks before their next gig. V thanks the man for the offer, but politely declines. She leaves for a minute and asks the bartender to watch her stuff. The bartender walks over to refill the man's coffee and tells him that he is in a band too. He asks the man what the name of the band is and is stunned when the man says Chicago. Felicia is in Mac's office showing off the Christmas gifts she has purchased. Mac is surprised that she is so into shopping, which she usually hates. Felicia says that this year, a little Christmas spirit is just what she needed after everything that happened on Courtland St.. She asks Mac what he wants for Christmas and he teasingly tells her that he saw an elf outfit that would look great on her...Felicia laughs, but they are interrupted by Dara's arrival. Mac asks Dara to drop the charges against Alan. Dara says she would be happy to if Mac has someone else in mind. Mac hands her a file on Moreno. Dara asks for proof, which Mac says he is working on and then asks for a motive. Mac explains that power is the motive. Jason gave the keys to the organization to Moreno. Moreno is afraid that Jason will want them back some day. Mac's department has been making Moreno's life very unpleasant and now Moreno is striking back and using the people Mac loves to do it.

Carly is on the phone trying to set up appointments to see houses when Robin walks into the room. Carly notices her and explains to realtor that she knows the holidays are a tough time of year for house hunting, but she and her son are being forced out of their home. After she hangs up, Robin asks her for the phone. As Robin starts to make her call, Carly congratulates her. When Robin asks for what, Carly says that with any luck, she and Michael will be out of her house in time for the holidays.

Robin says that she doesn't want Michael out of the house, just Carly. Carly reminds Robin that she and Michael come as a set. Robin responds by saying that she would have no problem with Carly being there if she didn't know that Carly was manipulating Jason. Carly accuses Robin of manipulating Jason by running off to another continent just to punish him. She was angry with Jason for letting Carly stay there so she left. Carly says that she is leaving on her own for Michael's sake. Robin laughs and says that Carly is just playing games and they don't work with her any more than they did with Jason while she was gone. She knew from the second Carly walked in that she wasn't planning on leaving her house or Jason. She knows that Carly used every second while Robin was gone to try to get Jason. Including dragging Jason to Jake's to relive the good old days. Robin says that her games didn't work. Jason is faithful to her because her loves her. That is why Carly's game will fail every time. Robin says that she is going to miss Michael a lot, but she can't wait to get rid of Carly. Carly says that she and Michael will be a part of Jason's life from now on, so get used to it. Robin starts to say that if Carly thinks she can come here and just take over her life, but she is interrupted by Jason returning home. Jason looks at the two women and asks what is going on. Carly says that she and Michael are leaving.

Taggert explains to Mac, Felicia and Dara that Alan's room on Courtland St. was clean. No evidence of any murder was found. Felicia's room, however, was a different story. There were traces of blood from the drug dealer. Dara asks if they think that Alan walked in to a setup. Taggert and Mac both think that that is the case, but that Felicia was the intended target. Dara isn't thrilled to be handed a case involving the police commissioner's wife, a drug dealer with mob connections, and a hooker. Dara asks what Moreno would get out of setting up Felicia. Mac explains that Moreno was looking for a bargaining chip. When Alan wakes up, he is surprised to see Monica by his bed. He is thrilled to hear from Tony that he has successfully completed the detox process. Tony explains that the process flushed the drugs out of his system in a little under 8 hours. Monica is so proud of Alan for taking the first step. Alan says that after three days in jail, he was willing to try anything. Tony cautions Alan that the rapid detox only took away the physical craving. Alan still needs to deal with his addiction. He needs a good recovery program. Monica assures Tony that she will be there every step of the way and asks when Alan can leave. Tony says anytime. Alan wants to leave, but still refuses to go home with Monica. He says that he isn't ready to go back yet.

V is still at the Outback and still can't find a replacement for Ned. She tells the bartender that if she doesn't find someone decent, L&B records is going to fall flat on it's face. As she picks up the phone to call Luke to see if he can help, the bartender tells her that she might want to give the man she was talking to earlier a chance. She looks up and notices that the man is now sitting at the piano. She tells him to go ahead. She could use some background music while she is having a break down. Vgoes back to dialing the phone and then stops suddenly when she recognizes the sound of "Saturday in the Park" coming from the piano. She hangs up the phone and turns around with a smile. Alan is dressed and ready to leave the hospital. He tells Monica that his withdrawal pain is gone and he is clean for the moment. But, his addiction is not cured, it is just hiding. He has to go find it and kill it. He can't go home to all of the doubt and disapproval. Monica insists that she wants to help. Alan assures her that she already has by being there when he woke up. That was more than enough of a reward for starting a new life. He has such a long journey ahead, and she can't help him get there. Alan asks her to continue to pay for his room at the Port Charles hotel. Monica offers him money, but Alan says no. The money she gave him yesterday he already spent on pills. He didn't take any, but he can't risk the little progress he has made by doing too much too soon. If he slips again, he will be hooked for the rest of his life.

Dara agrees to drop the charges against Alan, but refuses to go after Moreno. The evidence they have just won't stand up in court. Taggert stops Dara as she leaves and invites her to the Outback tomorrow night. Then afterwards, they can go back to his house and she can be "good cop" and he can be "bad cop". Dara laughingly agrees and tells him to pick her up and 8. He returns to finish his conversation with Mac who tells him that it is time to send Moreno a message. Hit him where it hurts. Anything that will disrupt his delivery and sales.

Jason is not thrilled with Carly's announcement. After he puts Michael to bed, he comes downstairs and asks Carly and Robin what is going on. Carly explains that she made an appointment with a real estate broker. Robin offers to watch Michael while they are gone. Jason says that No one is going anywhere because Michael isn't ready to move. Carly agrees, but she can't take living with Robin anymore. Robin is mad at her all the time. Jason tells Carly that he gets her point, but Michael is not ready to move. Robin tells him that he is the one who isn't ready. Their conversation is interrupted by the phone, which Jason answers. A woman is calling to tell him that Mr. Corinthos is in trouble.

Jason demands to know who is calling. The woman says that her name is Maria. Mr. Corinthos is acting very strange. He seems very angry. She doesn't think he will hurt anyone, but she is afraid he will hurt himself. She tells Jason that sometimes she sees Sonny pick up the phone to call him, but then he hangs up. She thinks that Sonny wants to see Jason. Jason tells her that she did the right thing. He doesn't want her to tell Sonny that he is coming, but he will be there as soon as he can. Jason hangs up the phone and tells Robin and Carly that he has to go find out if Sonny is in trouble. He needs the two of them to stay with Michael.

Felicia is upset that she was so stubborn about taking the room on Courtland St.. Mac tells her not to be so hard on herself. Besides, if Moreno were after him, he would find a way no matter what. Moreno isn't stupid. He knows that if he hurt Maxie or Georgie or Robin, there is no place in the world that he could hide where Mac or Jason couldn't find him. Mac says that Moreno rules by fear and the only way to fight it is to live their lives. Mac suggests that he and Felicia stop by the Outback to see how V is doing with the whole gala and then pick up the girls and spend some quality time with Santa. Felicia agrees that it is a great idea and they leave together.

Alan tries to explain to Monica that if he stays at the hotel, he will be away from the house where the addiction started. Monica understands that Alan needs to be alone. She wishes she could be a part of it, but she understands. Tony brings Alan's release papers and offers to prescribe an anti-anxiety patch, but Alan declines the offer. He needs to learn to get through life without going to the medicine cabinet. He thanks Tony for his help and hugs Monica goodbye. He asks Monica to tell Emily that he loves her. Monica is in tears as she watches Alan leave. She knows that there is nothing she can do, but she is so terrified. She explains to Tony that her relationship with Alan is sort of like an obstacle course than a marriage. Tony reminds Monica that he has know her and Alan a long time. He has been there for a lot of the obstacles and the way he sees it, they haven't lost whatever it is that binds them together as a couple. He thinks that Monica and Alan are going to make it and be even better.

Jason is getting ready to go to Sonny. He tells Robin and Carly that he isn't sure how long it will take. Robin offers to go, but Jason tells her that she knows what it is about. Sonny wouldn't want her to see him like this. Jason says that if Mike asks, he went to see Sonny. Make sure that Mike knows that Sonny is ok. Before he leaves, he makes Carly and Robin promise to make things ok for Michael while he is gone. That means no fighting.

V has managed to contact every member of the band Chicago and they have all agreed to perform tomorrow night. She thanks the man who made it all possible and goes to sit back down at her table. Ned arrives and asks how it is going. He apologizes for being a little hard on her yesterday, but V tells him it's OK. Ned says that he wants L&B to look good so he is willing to help. V says not to worry because she booked a very nice group. She tells Ned that she booked Chicago and she promises that a good time will be had by all.

Monica writes Tony a check for Alan's treatment and a donation to the clinic. Tony thanks her for her generosity and explains that the clinic doesn't turn anyone away. Monica is glad that he didn't turn Alan away. He wishes all of the doctor's at GH would spend some time there. Monica thanks Tony for everything and leaves.

Meanwhile, Alan is alone in his room at the Port Charles hotel. He makes a call and tells the person on the other end of the line that he needs a little help to get through something.

Ned says that he gives V a lot of credit for making the best out of the worst situations. He obviously doesn't believe that she has booked Chicago. Ned says that he thinks that tomorrow night's showcase will be a learning experience and he wants to help in any way he can. V asks sarcastically what she would do without him and then says that she had better get the show on the road. Ned wishes her luck as she leaves. He turns to the bartender and says that he hates to see V with egg on her face in front of the whole industry. The bartender, who knows that V really has booked Chicago, tells Ned that maybe V will be able to pull it off. Ned smugly says that he has decided that if this little garage band V has booked can't cut it, he will step in a play a few numbers. It never hurts to be the hero.

Monica has returned to Tony's clinic. Tony is surprised to see her and asks if she forgot something. Monica explains that after she left, she made a few phone calls to some pivotal board members. After their assurance she had something drawn up. She hands him a letter of recommendation that he be reinstated to GH. She has signed it and so have the other board members, it just needs Stefan Cassadine's signature to be official. Tony is speechless. Monica says that she was surprised that he didn't ask or even demand his reinstatement after helping Alan. She can only assume that he really wanted to help. Tony points out that Monica won't win any points with Bobbie. Monica says that she knows, but she thinks he is a good doctor. Because of him, she has a chance to get her husband back. He deserves another chance at GH.

Tammy has arrived at Alan's hotel room. She tells Alan that she told Mac everything about what really happened with the drug dealer. Alan says that he has a bigger problem. He asks Tammy if she has ever heard of rapid detox. He explains that he just went through it. He is tired, but he is clean. He is also scared to death that he is going to slip.

He knows that Tammy has been through it and he asks her to stay with him for awhile. Tammy tells him that he has to cross the finish line by himself. Alan says that he knows, but he asks if Tammy can just be his coach for a little while, or maybe his cheering section. Tammy reluctantly agrees to help.

Taggert reports to Mac that he has already shut down three of Moreno's warehouses due to fire hazards and towed away a bunch of trucks parked in no parking zones. Mac is pleased with the news and tells Taggert to keep it up.

Moreno is not surprised to learn from one of his men that Mac has struck back after the failed plan against Felicia. The man asks when Moreno is going to strike back. Moreno says soon. And isn't it convenient when the competition and law enforcement share the same weakness.

Jason explains to Michael that he has to go visit Sonny. Michael is going to stay home with Robin and Carly. Jason promises to call. He also promises that Robin and Carly won't scare him, they aren't going to fight. He tells Michael that he loves him and kisses him goodbye. He turns to Robin and tells her to call Mac right away if anything funny happens. He tells Robin he loves her and kisses her goodbye. Robin tells him not to worry and to stay as long as Sonny needs him. As soon as Jason is gone, Carly cancels her appointment with the realtor and makes plans to take Michael Christmas shopping.

Friday, December 18

Liz is taking pictures of Lucky, practicing with Nikolas camera. They wonder what is keeping Nikolas, Emily and Lulu. Lucky is running around the room making sure everything looks right. Liz is wondering what he is so nervous about. He tells her that Lulu has never been to her room and he doesn't want her to think that her brother is a slob. Liz understands and smiles to herself and then starts taking pictures of the tree, she tells Lucky that she thinks something is missing. She shows Lucky some stockings that she tried to knit, but they have thumbs and didn't come out right. She then explains that they were mittens, but she never finished them. Lucky thinks they are still okay and he and Liz hung the Christmas stockings Liz had made on the headboard. There is a knock at the door. They open it to find Lesley Lu standing there all dressed up. She immediately runs into her brothers arms. Lucky is thrilled to see her and asks if she came by herself, just then Nikolas and Emily step into the doorway and say they are escorting Miss Spencer. Liz prepared to take Nikolas, Lesley Lu and Lucky's photograph to give to Laura as a present. The girls are getting Lulu ready for the picture. Liz sets them up with Lulu in the middle and the boys on either side. The girls try to loosen the guys up, but it doesn't seem to be working. Emily thinks they need some music so she grabs Lucky's boombox and turns it on. He and Liz quickly go to turn it off when Lucky's voice comes over the speakers and the song "Liz" started to play. Nikolas and Emily look at them strangely, but decide to let it go and Nikolas suggests some more upbeat music. There is some hiphop music playing and Nikolas and Lucky are playing with Lulu on the bed. Lulu is dancing on the bed and Lucky drags out the jelly beans to have with Lulu, while Liz keeps taking pictures. She ends up taking some very nice pictures of Lucky, Lulu and Nikolas as a family.

Jason arrived in Puerto Rico and learned that Sonny had been going through a rough time. Sonny's assistant Maria cautions Jason that her boss has started drinking and becomes violent on occasion for no apparent reason. She then tells Jason she thinks Sonny is going crazy and hopes that Jason can calm him. Jason thanks her for calling him and she tells Jason that Sonny is a good man and she truly hopes that he can help him. Jason tells her he'll do what he can do and then ducks inside to see Sonny. Inside, Sonny is sitting in the dark, unshaven, drinking and the room is a mess and Jason is concerned to find Sonny in a badly disheveled state, sitting in the midst of the office he just trashed. Jason calls out Sonny's name softly. Sonny looks at him, but says nothing. Trying to engage his old friend's interest with small talk about Robin and Michael, he calmly tells Sonny about his new life, just making conversation, not expecting Sonny to answer. He notices a liquor bottle that Sonny has emptied, but continues talking about Michael. He then tells Sonny that they are living in Brenda's old cottage, and how Michael likes to watch the stars. He tells about Carly as well. Sonny doesn't seem to be listening, but Jason continues rambling on until Sonny finally erupts in anger and asks Jason what the hell is he doing here? Sonny then pours himself another drink, while Jason tries convincing Sonny to come back to Port Charles for the winter. Sonny says that he moved out of the business, he got away clean. He then yells at Jason to go. Telling him that its his choice to stay, to drink and do whatever, and its also his choice that he wants Jason to go. Jason refuses to leave and they start fighting with Sonny pushing at Jason to go and Jason yelling back at him that he won't. Sonny then realizes he has gone too far, and sits down and sighs. He asks Jason how Robin is doing. Jason tells him how Robin is coping with Brenda's death. Sonny says that it never occurred to him that Brenda would die first. He would have done anything to prevent that from happening. He then tells Jason if he had taken her with him, then they could have been Mr. & Mrs. Nobody. Jason says that they could have, until a man came along and shot them. Sonny still blames himself for not having been there to save her. Jason tells him that he couldn't have done anything even if he were in Port Charles at the time. Sonny says that it matters not how Brenda died, just that she is dead, and he can't be with her ever again. He then tells Jason that he has nightmares and is haunted by memories of Brenda. But dreaming of Brenda is worse, because when he wakes up, she is not there. Jason wants Sonny to come home to Port Charles with him, but Sonny thinks there's nothing there for him. Jason tries to make him see that there's more in Port Charles than there is here, but Sonny disagrees and tells Jason that he can't help him, no one can and that his problems couldn't be fixed. Inspite of what Sonny was saying, Jason intended to help Sonny and called Carly to say that he would be staying in Puerto Rico for as long as Sonny needed him.

Up in Katherine's room, Luke pays a visit to Katherine to fish for answers to why she thinks he was the one responsible for the parapet incident. Katherine doesn't recall him being invited. Luke asked Katherine if anyone else knew that he was responsible for her fall and tells her that he never meant for her to fall. Katherine tells Luke that she has no intention of pressing charges against him. Still, Luke wants to know if there is anyone else. Katherine tells him that Mac and the police are the only people she has talked to and they don't know he is responsible other wise he'd be in jail about now. Luke still wants Katherine to think is there was anyone else who she may have talked to. Katherine is refusing to play 20 questions with Luke and tells him so. Luke calls her a stubborn little wench and says that they both want Stefan gone, why can't they work together. Katherine looks like she may warm to that idea and tells Luke that Jerry Jacks had been asking questions about him. Luke says Jerry Jax and Katherine tells him that Jerry came asking questions because he thought someone was trying to frame him or something. Luke tells her he'll look into that and Katherine says she has an appointment, and tries to kick Luke out. She gets up and leaves him. He sits with a smug look on his face, because he is onto the fact that Katherine and Nikolas have become lovers. When Katherine rushes him out of the suite, Luke realizes that Nikolas is on his way and arranges for Stefan to become suspicious of Nikolas and Katherine by setting up a little trap. Outside Katherine's suite, while Luke peers around the corner, he finds out that Katherine has ordered caviar for herself and Nikolas. When the bellman leaves with her order, Luke smiles to himself out in the hallway and then calls Wyndemere saying that he is the concierge at the Hotel, and that he has a urgent message for Stefan from Master Nikolas to meet him in room 819 (Katherine's room).

Ned is talking to Alexis, wondering who is playing this evening, and complaining about all the massive technology that the band needs. He figures they are amateurs and that it's a good thing he's there to cover incase they flop. AJ comes over, talking about all the talent agents and producers running around and sarcastically tells Ned that he hopes V didn't book some back street group. Ned tells Junior that is why he is there in case they need a backup plan. AJ then tells Ned about V meeting the leader of the band in a bar. Ned is still unmoved and tells AJ that he has a contingency plan, he will go on stage if he has to, if the band sucks. He then goes over to Felicia and wonders how V is holding up. Felicia tells Ned that V is fine as they both look over at V who is completely at ease.

Robin runs into Bobbie and Jerry and Jerry excuses himself leaving the ladies alone to talk. Bobbie asks Robin about Carly, and when she is moving out. Robin tells Bobbie that it's on hold for right now because Jason had to go out of town to see a friend. Taggert and Dara are at the Outback as well. Felicia greets him and shows them a table. Tony comes over to Felicia and tells her that Monica has resubmitted his credentials to GH. He is very excited about it and Felicia is glad for him as they hug.

Ned wonders to V if she is nervous, and asks if she will be worried that the band will bomb. Ned says that he will go on in their place, so she isn't humiliated. She confidentially tells him not to worry about it. The lights dim and V asks for everyone's attention. Alexis whispers to Ned when is he going on stage. Ned tells her he is not. V thanks everyone for coming, and explains that the local artist won't be there, but there is another band who has been around for along time and just happened to be passing through town and graciously agreed to try their new material on them. She then says Ladies and Gentlemen, "CHICAGO!" Ned's jaw drops! The band starts singing, "If You Leave Me Now" while the audience is enjoying themselves. Taggert and Dara are holding hands, watching. At the end of the song, the audience erupts in applause. On stage, Robert thanks V for making this performance possible and she smiles. Ned also sends her a special smile, that she has done a great job for L&B. Chicago performs The Little Drummer Boy, O Come All Ye Faithful and Saturday In The Park.

After Chicago wows the crowd at the Outback, Ned asks V how she managed to get such a big band to play. She says that she was just there. Ned congratulates a beaming V on pulling off such a major coup. Robert thanks V again for having them. Ned comes over and introduces himself as Ned Ashton, president of L&B. Robert recognizes him as Eddie Maine. Ned acknowledges that he is indeed Eddie Maine and Robert complements him on his group. Afterward back at Ned and Alexis's table, Ned apologizes to V for not giving her enough credit to pull it off. Ned says that he is happy that he didn't have to perform. V says that she has booked Eddie for a job in Rochester next month, and says that the association with Chicago and L&B is good, and they should capitalize on it.

Meanwhile, Felicia worries to Bobbie about where Mac is. Bobbie reassures her that he'll be along any minute now. Robin says that Mac is going to hate it that he missed Chicago. Mac finally shows up and Felicia gives him a hug. Practically everyone has already left the outback when Alan comes in, and apologizes to Mac for how he treated him at Police Department. Mac told Alan that the murder charges against him have been dropped and to keep out of trouble in the city. Alan thanks him and leaves to go speak with Felicia. Robin thanks her Uncle Mac for giving Alan another chance and hugs him. Suddenly a hand breaks the glass, thrusting a gun through the window Alan pulls Felicia aside as gunfire erupted at the Outback and everyone ducked for cover as the bullets flew. Robin, Mac, Alan and Felicia all dive for cover when a gunman begins firing at them through the window of the Outback........


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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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