General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 18, 1999 on GH

A.J. learned that Michael was his son and confronted Carly. Emily found Nikolas and Katherine in bed together. Liz and Lucky made plans for their future. Jason and Robin ended their relationship.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 18, 1999 on GH
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Monday January 18, 1999

Emily was horrified to discover Nikolas and Katherine in bed together. Katherine started to explain, but Emily ran out of the room, slamming the door behind her. Katherine said that she should go after Emily, but Nikolas told her not to. Katherine said that Emily was mature for her age in some ways, and she was sure that it was more embarrassing for Emily than it was for her and Nikolas. Katherine thought that perhaps she could just try to explain.

Nikolas stopped Katherine and told her that he knew Emily was mature for her age, but he was her friend, and he would talk to her. He angrily told Katherine to stay away from Emily. Katherine didn't understand why Nikolas was suddenly so angry with her. It wasn't her fault that Emily had walked into the room. Nikolas asked Katherine if she always left her door unlocked when he was there.

Nikolas accused Katherine of setting Emily up to catch them. He asked if she had been certain that they would end up in bed. Katherine defended herself, saying that she hadn't even known that Nikolas would be there. However, Nikolas didn't believe that Katherine could actually think that he wouldn't be at Emily's birthday party. Katherine continued to insist that she had not set Emily up, but Nikolas wouldn't listen. Katherine had tried to alienate him from his uncle, and it was just as likely she'd do it with everyone else he cared about.

Katherine told Nikolas not to "do this" to them. Nikolas asked what them she was talking about. To him, that "little girl" was worth ten of Katherine. He also left the room, slamming the door behind him.

Jason was in the penthouse with Michael, talking on the phone to Carly. Carly asked Jason to tell Michael for her that everything was fine and to be a good boy. Jason laughed and told her that no one was going to do anything just because she said so. Carly said that she had to get back to packing, but she assured Jason that everything was going to work out great.

A.J. couldn't believe what Robin had just told him and asked how she knew that he was Michael's father. He was sorry that she and Jason had broken up, but he wouldn't be her revenge. Robin assured him that she wouldn't make that up. Jason had told her when she had first returned from Paris. Carly had lied and asked Jason to go along with it, and he had. Jason had thought he was protecting a defenseless child from the Quartermaines. A.J. asked with disbelief if Jason had been protecting A.J.'s child from A.J.

Robin said that nobody had needed to tell her that the baby wasn't Jason's. She had known Jason wouldn't cheat on her. No one else had seemed to question it. A.J. said that he had questioned it, and he hadn't let it drop until he had found out Michael's blood type, which was the same as Jason's. Robin said that she couldn't explain that. She was just telling A.J. what she knew.

A.J. said that if Michael's paternity was a lie, Jason had done "a hell of a lot more" than just go along with it. A.J. said that he had confronted Jason. He had asked him point-blank, but Robin pointed out that Jason hadn't answered him point-blank. Robin said that Jason and Carly had had a "thing," but it had been a long time before, when Carly had first arrived in town. Jason had broken it off, but Carly kept throwing herself at him. She had somehow managed to convince Jason that they were friends.

Robin explained Carly had been worried that she would lose her son, so she had gone to Jason for help. If A.J. had asked Jason before if Michael was his son, he would have said no. It was just in the past few months that Jason had begun to say it, because it was true. A.J. couldn't believe what Robin had just said and angrily asked whether, if someone told a lie long enough, it became true.

A.J. said that Carly could swear by the setting sun that she was a virgin, but it wouldn't make it true -- and it wouldn't make Jason be Michael's father or make a decent, honest person out of Jason or Robin. It was kind of splitting hairs to call Carly a liar but not Jason. A.J. asked Robin about her. A.J. told Robin that she and Jason were worse than liars -- they were hypocrites. The only difference between Robin and Tony was that Tony had gotten caught.

Robin told A.J. that she had no defense. She hadn't thought it was her place to say anything. Michael was happy. She had known it would hurt Jason if he lost Michael. But she also knew that Jason was going to lose Michael no matter what. Carly would find a way.

A.J. asked Robin about his feelings. His world had been turned upside-down the past year, trying to fill the void that drinking had left. He had chosen ELQ because he hadn't had anything else. A.J. demanded to know if Robin had any idea how different his life would be if he had known that he had a son. Robin whispered that she was sorry.

A.J. told Robin that she had helped Jason isolate Michael from his own family. She had kept his real father from getting within ten feet of him. She had robbed A.J. of a year of his son's life. A.J. knew that Jason hated her, but he hadn't known Robin did. Robin said that she didn't hate him. It hadn't been done to hurt him; it had just happened.

Robin insisted that Jason hadn't known that he would get that attached to Michael. It was like A.J.'s sobriety -- one day at a time. Suddenly, there was a year's worth of days, and Jason loved Michael more than anything in the world. A.J. yelled that he wouldn't accept that. If Michael was his son, Michael was A.J.'s to love.

Ned and Edward were in the Quartermaine living room, discussing ELQ business. Ned pointed out that he had been able to secure several good deals and still devote time to his music. Edward conceded that Ned was successful "this time," but he reminded Ned what had happened the last time Ned had given less than his full attention to ELQ. Tracy and Jax had staged a takeover, and his marriage had fallen apart.

Ned grew angry, but Edward said that Ned was overreacting. Edward was merely trying to point out that one never knew where the next takeover attempt might come from. As if on cue, Reggie walked into the room and announced that Mr. Corinthos was there on ELQ business. Sonny followed Reggie into the room with a huge smile on his face and said hello to his fellow board members.

Nikolas knocked on Emily's door. She asked who it was and said that she would be down in a minute. Through the still-closed door, Nikolas asked if he could stop in for a second. When Emily didn't answer, he asked if he could at least see her. Emily was on her bed with tears rolling down her face. Nikolas said that he was very sorry for what had happened and asked her to please open the door. Emily got off her bed and opened the door, with tears still clearly visible in her eyes.

Nikolas thanked her for letting him into the room and said that he just wanted a chance to explain. Emily asked why, because it really wasn't any of her business. She should be the one apologizing. She said that she was sorry. She didn't even know why she was crying. It didn't make any sense to her.

Nikolas said he was a guest in her house, and it was her birthday. That was the reason he was there. That was all. Emily said that she knew that he and Katherine were friends, but she didn't know about their relationship. Katherine was older than Nikolas, and he was older than Emily, and she didn't really know what she was trying to say. Nikolas said again that he was very sorry, and Emily said that it was her fault.

Emily asked Nikolas to please go downstairs and let the family know that she would be down in a minute. Nikolas said that he would and that he would also tell the family that he had gotten a phone call while he was upstairs and that he couldn't stay. He looked at Emily like he was waiting for her to say that she wanted him to stay, but Emily remained silent. Nikolas said that he hated it. Emily said that she was okay.

Nikolas said that he would make it up to Emily somehow. Her friendship meant a lot to him. Emily said that they were still friends. She didn't think less of him. Nikolas said that he did. After he left, Emily sat back down on her bed, clutched a blanket to her chest, and started to cry again.

In the hall, Nikolas ran in to Liz. Liz was surprised to see him because someone had said he wasn't there. Nikolas explained that he wouldn't be able to stay. Liz said that Monica had sent her up to look for Emily. She noticed that Nikolas looked upset and asked if everything was okay.

Nikolas said that he had done something stupid that he wouldn't be able to fix. Emily was upset, and he didn't know how he was going to help her. He said that maybe Liz could, and he walked away.

Edward and Ned were still in the living room with Sonny. Edward said that he had known Sonny was back, and he knew that Sonny had made a spectacle of himself with their other chief embarrassment, Jax. Sonny asked if they were going to offer him a drink. Edward said that he would rather offer him a check for his shares and show him the door.

Ned said that after Sonny hadn't shown up for his own wedding, they had been worried that he might have met with one of those accidents that happened in his line of work. Sonny asked what kind of accidents went along with being a club owner. Then he asked if Ned was referring to his seat on the board of ELQ. Sonny said that he knew that he had been neglecting his duties, but since he was back, he was going to focus all of his attention on ELQ to try to raise his profile with the company.

Sonny said that when people saw him, he wanted them to think ELQ. Since they had already had one board member arrested for racketeering, it was in their best interests to make sure that he appeared exactly as he was. Sonny said he was a businessman and a law-abiding citizen.

Carly was still packing when A.J. arrived. She was surprised to see A.J. but said that Jason was on the way over to help her pack for her move to the new penthouse. Carly hinted that A.J. should leave unless he wanted "one of those scenes." A.J. said that she could live anywhere she wanted, but she wasn't taking his son with her.

Robin went to the penthouse to see Jason. She asked if Michael could go upstairs for a while because she had something she needed to talk to Jason about. Jason sat down next to Robin on the couch and asked what had happened. Robin said that she had told A.J. the truth.

Jason didn't say anything and started to stand up. Robin put her hand on his arm, and he grabbed it and pushed it away. Robin asked him to hear her out and to try to understand. Robin explained that Jason saw Michael as a full-fledged human being, entitled to dignity and respect. However, Robin said Carly didn't see him like that. She saw him as bait.

Robin thought that Jason understood that. She didn't know why he tolerated Carly and suspected maybe it was because Michael didn't depend on her for anything. Michael counted on Jason, and Jason thought that he would never be so far away that he wouldn't be able to help Michael. However, Jason was wrong. Legally, Carly could do whatever she wanted with Michael. She could take him anywhere or move him in with her next Tony Jones or whatever.

Robin felt that the way that Carly used Michael to keep Jason, she might use him against Jason. Robin had made it so Carly couldn't do that. She couldn't take Michael away from Jason. She couldn't go tell A.J. or the Quartermaines herself. She couldn't demand that Jason marry her, ask for money, or punish him. She couldn't hurt Jason anymore. She didn't have the power to.

Jason asked what A.J. had said. Robin said that he had been really angry. Jason asked, in a very controlled voice, if Robin was mad at him. He wanted to know why she would do that. He said she didn't make any sense.

Robin said she'd thought Carly might take Michael away or hurt him so she had decided to do it first. Jason knew that Michael wasn't his, but he wasn't A.J.'s either. All Jason had ever wanted was to keep Michael safe and let him grow strong until he could make the decision that he belonged to himself -- and that was never going to happen anymore. Jason swept some pictures onto the floor in frustration.

Jason angrily told Robin that A.J. was going to walk through the door and say that Michael was something Jason had stolen. He would give Michael a great big room at the Quartermaines', but nothing would change. The Quartermaines might look up for one minute before they went back to lying, stealing, and blackmailing to each other. Instead of France, Africa, and all the places that they read to Michael about, and all the ways there were to live, all he would know would be blackmailing, lying, and stealing. If he remembered Jason at all, it would be as somebody who had promised to be there and suddenly wasn't.

Robin hoped that didn't happen, but if it did, it had never been Jason's place to prevent it. Children didn't go to the best available parent; they went to the ones they were born to. Jason asked if Robin was the one who went from house to house to make sure the rules were kept. Robin said that she had told the truth. She had done it so Jason wouldn't be at Carly's mercy for the rest of his life. Robin had done the right thing.

Sonny was still at the Quartermaines' when Ned received a phone call. He excused himself to take the call in private. Edward threatened to call the police. Edward said they were in the middle of a birthday party, and Sonny wasn't invited. Edward would not have some gutter-crawling thug waltz in there in a trendy suit and say that he was going to have a meeting.

Sonny told Edward that was exactly how Edward spoke to Jason. Sonny was starting to feel like one of the family. Edward said that Sonny had taken advantage of an innocent, damaged boy, and for that, Edward would never forgive him. If Sonny knew what was good for him, he would turn over his ELQ shares and resign before Edward found a creative means of removing him. Sonny said that since Jax had given away his shares, he figured he would give Edward a second chance.

Monica walked into the room and interrupted. Sonny greeted her then Reggie walked in. He said that Cook was threatening to send their dinner to the homeless shelter and that Katherine had sent her regrets for the party. Edward tried to throw Sonny out, but Monica said that she wanted to speak to him alone.

After Reggie and Edward left, Monica told Sonny to leave Jason alone. He was out of the world that Sonny had forced him into, and he couldn't afford to be dragged back in. Sonny said that it wasn't up to him to make Jason's decisions. Jason did what he wanted, and he always had. Monica said that Jason did whatever Sonny told him to do. She imagined that Sonny thought that it would continue, but she hoped that Sonny was wrong. She also hoped he rotted in hell for what he had done to Jason.

A.J. told Carly that Robin had told him the truth. When everything had been going wrong, Carly had turned to Jason, who had obviously hated A.J. enough to go along with whatever scheme she had cooked up. A.J. had never bought it, he reminded her. There was no way that she could have had that little affair with Jason under Tony's nose.

But Jason, who never lied, had stepped up and backed up her story. The blood type was still a mystery, but there was no way that she and Jason could fake their way through a court-ordered paternity test. Carly dared A.J. to go ahead and go to a judge. She said if he wanted to humiliate himself, he could go ahead.

Carly told A.J. that Robin was using him to get back at Jason. Robin had known that A.J. had thought he was the father, and Robin was using that. A.J. said that Robin was not the vengeful type. Carly disagreed and said that it was about her. Robin was going after Carly. It was going to be Carly's name that was dragged through the mud. It would be a great way to ruin Carly's life for a couple of months.

A.J. said that Carly was lying. She was good at it, but he said not to tell him about Robin. He had grown up with her. He finally understood why Robin had gone back to Jason. She had known that Jason would never cheat on her. She had known that Michael wasn't Jason's. That was why Jason was so desperate to keep A.J. away and why Carly didn't want to see him.

A.J. finally understood that Carly had been putting the screws to Jason by using the truth of Michael's paternity against him. A.J. said that he would go to the courts and prove that he was Michael's biological father. He was not going to let Carly use his son to work Jason. He was going to take his son home with him where he belonged.

Jason was frustrated because Carly was not answering the phone. He was worried that A.J. was already there. Robin said that she had gone straight to Jason. She had wanted him to know what she had done and why. Jason accused Robin of thinking that she was in charge of his life.

Robin said that the truth would have been revealed eventually. Jason said that he had planned to tell Michael the truth when he was old enough. He knew what Carly was about. He wasn't stupid.

Sonny walked in, interrupting Robin and Jason's argument. He offered to go, but Jason said that he needed Sonny. He explained that Robin had told A.J. the truth and that Jason had to go to Carly. He told Sonny to send Robin home. She shouldn't be there when Jason got back.

Nikolas met Stefan on the docks. Stefan said that he had gone there as soon as he had gotten Nikolas' call. He asked if Nikolas was all right. Nikolas said that he wanted to warn Stefan that he had made a mistake. Katherine was probably telling Helena right that moment that Nikolas was Stefan's son.

Nikolas explained that he had slept with Katherine, and Emily had walked in on them. It had been horrible and humiliating. He hadn't known what to think. He had accused Katherine of setting the whole thing up, which wasn't all that likely. He had said some harsh things and had made it clear that it was over.

Stefan asked if Katherine had threatened to retaliate. Nikolas said that she had been hurt, but nothing compared to Emily. He hadn't known. He meant he had, but he hadn't really known that her feelings for him were -- Nikolas couldn't find the word. Stefan said romantic. Nikolas asked if everyone had seen it but him. He knew that Emily looked up to him, but he had tried to be very careful not to mislead her. He had told her that he thought of her more like a sister.

Stefan says that it had been a misunderstanding and that Nikolas shouldn't blame himself. Nikolas had been a good friend to Emily. Nikolas said that he could blame himself for sleeping with Katherine at Emily's house on the night of Emily's birthday party. Emily had been good to him. She had been his first real friend. She had helped him when he couldn't speak. She had made it possible for him to be friends with his brother and Liz.

Stefan believed that, in time, Emily would forgive Nikolas. Nikolas said that wasn't good enough. He had already made her cry. But that was his problem. He and Stefan had to be concerned about Helena. Stefan said that he was having her closely watched. It was good that Nikolas had alerted him. Stefan said that he was taking Laura to dinner and invited Nikolas to join them. Nikolas declined, saying that there was somebody he had to go see.

Emily was putting on a brave front as she celebrated her birthday with her family. She looked very sad as she blew out her candles, as if her birthday wish would never come true.

Robin insisted that she had done the right thing. Sonny told Robin that she should have let Carly be the one to betray Jason. Anyone who did that was an enemy. Sonny said that he had always been jealous because Robin and Jason had been so strong together. He had wanted Jason to teach him about love with nothing held back.

Sonny said he wished that Jason had held something back because Robin's revelation to A.J. was going to blind him. All he would feel was pain. Robin insisted that she had done the right thing. Sonny knew that she had tried, but everything had a price. He asked the guard at the door to take Robin home. Robin left with tears in her eyes.

Carly and A.J. continued to argue about Michael. Carly warned A.J. that she was starting to trust him, and she was willing to consider what the Quartermaines might be able to do for Michael, but if he pursued the paternity thing, the Quartermaines would never see Michael. A.J. said that when Carly started to cooperate, she was really desperate. He asked what kind of mother got committed and left her son with a criminal instead of his real father. A.J. asserted it would take ten minutes for a judge to declare her an unfit mother.

Carly was insisting that Jason was Michael's father when Jason walked in. A.J. said that Carly had lied, and Jason had just kept quiet. A.J. told Jason to break his silence. He asked who Michael's real father was.

Tuesday, January 19, 1999


A portion of General Hospital was preempted by the Senate impeachment hearing.

A.J. told Monica that Robin had told him that Jason's baby wasn't Jason's. Michael was A.J.'s baby. He explained how during one of his drinking binges, he and Carly had slept together and that he had originally blacked it out. Carly had tried to keep that memory from him, but he had eventually remembered. When he had, he had figured out that there was a good chance that the baby she had been carrying had been his. He had threatened to sue for custody -- his fatal mistake.

Once A.J. went through the whole story, Monica found it hard to believe that Jason would lie about a thing like that. It infuriated A.J. that Jason was still being held as the "golden child." A.J. insisted he did not care what any of them thought, because he was a father, and his child would love him like no one had ever loved him. Ned overheard part of the conversation. He entered the room, and Monica filled him in on what A.J. was claiming.

Ned was not too convinced of A.J.'s story, either, and Monica said that she was "sure A.J. will make sure of his claims before he acts on them." A.J. got mad again at Monica's attitude, and Monica left, telling A.J. to do what he needed to do. A.J. and Ned were left to have their turn at each other. Ned tried to tell A.J. how he should handle things.

A.J. fired back that it was Ned's turn to be the family drunk. He was going to need a drink to calm his nerves because it was A.J. who was going to be the one to take home to Grandfather the first Quartermaine grandson. "But not to worry, because the office of the vice president in charge of paperclips will always be there for you," A.J. told Ned. Ned looked a little perturbed as A.J. left.

Robin and Mac were cuddled up on the couch, talking about Jason. Robin told Mac she finally understood how Mac felt. There had been a time when Jason had treated her differently than the rest of the world, but she found herself locked out just like the rest of them. Mac asked her if it all depended upon a lie, whether it had really been love. Robin said it really had been.

Laura, Stefan, and Katherine were at the Port Charles Grill bar. Katherine blasted Laura and Stefan for all of the pain they had put Nikolas through. Her sleeping with Nikolas was nothing compared to his mother abandoning him at birth and to the lies they had been feeding Nikolas all of his life. Stefan stopped Katherine from saying anything more, and she left.

Laura moved to go after her, but Stefan stopped her and took her out on the patio to calm down. Once calm, Laura asked Stefan if she had made a mistake by attacking Katherine. Stefan assured her that he was glad that he and Laura were not enemies because Laura could be fierce. They shared a tender moment and kiss.

Carly and Jason went round and round on the A.J. issue. Carly wanted to know what Jason planned to do. They couldn't fight the Quartermaines financially, because Edward would bury them. Moreover, they wouldn't be able to win in court. Between her past history -- being a tramp, shooting Tony, and her stay in the mental hospital -- and the Quartermaines' money, she didn't stand a chance. Jason tried to reassure her, saying that the courts always favored the mother in custody battles.

Later, Jason held Michael, and Carly asked if he was really sure he wanted to stay to try fighting the Quartermaines. Carly wanted to try to make a run for it. Jason made Carly promise that she would "keep it together" for Michael's sake. That meant no stupid moves like shooting someone or pretending to be insane, and no meeting with Edward or A.J. halfway. Carly promised.

Wednesday, January 20, 1999

Felicia invited Tammy to her home for a visit. Tammy was happy for the invitation but wondered why Felicia had wanted to see her.

Robin arrived at the clinic to say goodbye to Alan. She was surprised to see Tony there as well. She explained that she was going back to Paris and just wanted to say goodbye to Alan. Alan asked how her leaving affected her relationship with Jason and was genuinely sad to hear that they had broken up. Robin thanked Alan for saving her Uncle Mac's life.

Robin told Alan that when she had said she wanted to be a doctor, she had really meant that she wanted to be like him. Alan assured her that she would be much better. Alan told Robin that he wished she wasn't going. One of his goals was to be her physician again. He had never known anybody with as much grace and courage as Robin.

Robin and Alan hugged, and, in a choked voice, Alan told her to take care of herself. Robin promised and kissed him on the cheek. Alan watched sadly as she walked out the door.

Jason was on the phone with an attorney when Sonny walked in. He wanted to find out if there was any way to stop A.J. from fighting for custody.

Sonny cautioned Jason not to let the pain lead him, or he would make mistakes. Jason said that it wasn't like that. He said when someone betrayed a person, it was like half of that person died. The person couldn't go back and undo it; they just had to protect what they had left. Sonny explained that Robin had called and that she was leaving that day. Sonny was going to meet her to say goodbye. Carly ran down the stairs, frantically demanding to know where Michael was.

Jason calmly assured Carly that Michael was fine. He was with Leticia. Carly was still concerned. She wanted to know what would happen if A.J. showed up with custody papers. Jason assured her that A.J. had no proof but Robin's word. Sonny looked disgusted as Carly insisted that Robin was a snake and would do anything to take Michael away from them.

Jason told Carly that they were in for a long fight, and she should not panic. Carly said that if Jason had never told Robin the truth, they wouldn't be in the situation they were in. Sonny interrupted and told Carly that if she didn't like the situation, she shouldn't have created it. Sonny asked Jason if there was anything he wanted Sonny to tell Robin. Jason said no, and Sonny left to meet Robin to say goodbye.

After Sonny left, Carly started to say more mean things about Robin, but Jason stopped her. He said that it didn't matter why Robin had done it. Jason assured Carly that he wasn't going to let A.J. take Michael. Carly asked what they should do. Jason said that they would meet with the lawyers. They weren't going to lose Michael. One way or another, he said, Michael would stay with them.

Felicia asked Tammy if she had read a book where things were happening because it seemed like they were supposed to, not because they followed any sort of plot. Tammy said that she had never really thought about it, but she knew exactly what Felicia was talking about. Felicia explained that the characters in her book weren't alive. She was trying to fit them into a plot instead of letting them experience it. She told Tammy that she would like to base the heroine in her novel on Tammy. Tammy laughed and said there was no way.

Robin was on the docks with Jax, saying goodbye. Jax offered her financial support or any of Brenda's furniture if she wanted it. Robin declined but thanked Jax for the offer. She thought that Jax should have Brenda's furniture. Robin offered to have the realtor call Jax about the cottage, but Jax told her that she didn't have to arrange anything. Sometimes it was best to leave things as they were and walk away.

Robin laughed and said that that was what she was doing. Jax asked Robin if she remembered when they had first met. Robin said that they had been water-skiing. Jax laughed as he remembered how Robin had taken a bad spill. He had only been married to Brenda for a couple of weeks, and he had been afraid that he had just drowned her best friend. Brenda had assured Jax that Robin wasn't made of china. She was the strongest person Brenda knew.

Jax thanked Robin for returning and helping Brenda. Robin said that she was glad she'd had those last six months with Brenda -- and Jason. Parts of it had been the happiest times of her life. Jax assured Robin that the best times of her life were still ahead of her. As Jax and Robin were talking, Sonny arrived on the docks.

Robin apologized to Jax, saying that she hadn't known Sonny would be there that soon. Jax hugged Robin and told her that he would miss her. He promised to take her to dinner the next time he was in Paris. Jax left, telling her to take care. After Jax was gone, Robin turned to Sonny and thanked him for being there. She hadn't been sure he would.

Sonny said that he loved her. He said of course he would be there when she called. Sonny asked if she needed anything, such as money. Robin laughed and said that Jax had just offered her the same thing. Robin asked how Jason was. Sonny told her that they couldn't discuss Jason ever again.

Robin asked Sonny to just tell her that Jason was going to be okay, but Sonny said that he couldn't do that. He said Robin knew better than anyone how Jason was. Despite the love she had given, the trust was gone. Robin reminded Sonny that he had left Brenda at the altar because it had been the only way to save her. Sonny told Robin that he had been wrong, and he had tried to tell her that.

Sonny told Robin to have a safe trip. Robin asked Sonny to please take care of Jason. Sonny said that he had never taken care of Jason; Jason had never needed him to. Sonny thought Robin knew that. Sonny left Robin alone on the docks.

A.J. arrived at the clinic. Tony was surprised to see him and told him that Robin had stopped by, as well. Apparently, she was going to Paris. Alan asked A.J. if he was there to check up on his father. A.J. said not really.

A.J. reminded Alan that the year before, he had told Alan that Carly had drugged him to make him think that he had blacked out. Alan remembered that he had been less than sympathetic. A.J. went on to explain that Carly had drugged him to make him leave town. A.J. said that Carly had needed him gone because she had been pregnant.

A.J. revealed the truth -- that he and Carly had slept together the night Emily had overdosed. That was the night that Michael had been conceived. The closest Jason had gotten to being involved was that it had been in Jason's room at Jake's. Alan looked on in shock as A.J. said that Robin had told him the night before that he was Michael's father.

Felicia thought that Tammy was a unique person whose perspective would make her story seem real. Tammy agreed to let Felicia use her as a role model for the heroine in her book as long as Felicia painted the character of Alan in a favorable light. She had to show him as a really decent guy who took a really wrong turn -- and she had to disguise him well enough so his fancy family wouldn't recognize him. Felicia agreed, and they made a deal.

Tony arrived at the penthouse to visit Carly. She tried to send him away but then agreed to see him. Carly demanded to know what Tony wanted. Tony congratulated her on getting Robin to leave. Carly demanded that Tony get to the point.

Tony threatened to tell Jason about when he had found Michael unattended in the park, unless Carly agreed to help him regain visitation rights with Lucas. If she could persuade Jason to leave Robin, she could do anything. He suggested that she start with Bobbie. Jason walked in while they were talking and asked Tony why he was there. Tony said that Carly could fill Jason in on the details of the visit.

Jason said that there were certain situations he had left unresolved for Robin's sake. He could finish them with her gone. He told Tony not to stop there again. After Tony left, Jason asked Carly if it had been about the day in the park or if Tony had something else on her. He didn't have time for Carly to lie to him; he needed to know what to do about Tony.

Carly finally "fessed up" about when she had left Michael alone in the swing and Tony had found him. Carly was afraid that the Quartermaines could use that against her. Jason pointed out that Carly had shot Tony, which was a lot worse than walking ten feet away from a baby in a swing. Carly asked what the lawyer had said. Jason said that the courts generally wanted a child with its mother but that they had a fight ahead of them.

Jason said that from that point on, there were two rules. The first rule was to not do anything stupid. If Carly did something stupid, she couldn't lie about it but had to tell Jason right away so he could fix it. Carly hugged Jason and apologized for lying about the park. Jason said that he knew she would continue to lie, but he cautioned her not to lie about Michael.

Carly told Jason that the best thing she had ever done for Michael was to give him Jason as a father. She would never do anything to screw that up. She went upstairs to play with Michael as Sonny returned home. Jason reported to Sonny that the lawyer thought they had a strong case.

Jason told Sonny that the lawyer had also told him that if Michael were two years old, there would be no way that A.J. could challenge the legal father. Even if the biological father could prove a relationship, it wouldn't matter in court. If Robin had waited one more year, Michael would have been safe from A.J.

Sonny said that he had never thought Robin would betray Jason. He would have bet his life on it. Jason said that he had bet Michael's. Jason clarified that it might not be Michael's life but his happiness and his future. Sonny nodded in silent agreement.

Alan asked A.J. if he was sure that Jason knew the truth. A.J. told Alan to think about it. A.J. asked who Jason kept farther away from Michael than anyone else. Jason had known Michael was A.J.'s, and he had stolen Michael to get back at A.J. for the accident. Alan was very sorry that he hadn't listened when A.J. had tried to tell him. Because of it, A.J. had lost a year with his son.

A.J. was concerned that Monica would side with Jason and that if he went after custody, it would drive Monica away. Alan said that he hadn't been much of a father lately but that he would stand by A.J. during the custody battle, no matter what. If Michael was A.J.'s, he belonged with A.J.

Robin was at Mac and Felicia's, packing the last of her things. She expressed happiness about making school a priority again. She said that parts of the past year had been the best, like Mac and Felicia's wedding. She was glad that she had been right about that. Mac said that they had better get going, or she would miss her flight. Robin told him that they had time because she had changed her flight. She had something she needed to do first.

Jax and Jerry were talking on the docks. Jax had just been thinking about how one conversation could change a life. Jax remembered talking to Robin the night that Brenda had left to find her mother. He had decided to ask Brenda to marry him the next day, before the test results were back. He had wanted Robin to be in the wedding.

Jax said that everything he had done since Brenda had died had been to avoid thinking about what might have happened if Brenda hadn't died. Jax said that Robin was free and had her whole life ahead of her. He knew that somewhere, that was making Brenda smile.

Sonny and Carly were at the penthouse together. Carly complimented Sonny on the apartment and asked who had decorated it. Sonny rudely told her that it had been his dead wife. Carly looked uncomfortable but said that Brenda had done a really good job. Carly said that Robin hadn't been able to stand it. She hadn't been able to wait to get to that tacky little cottage.

Carly started to say derogatory things about Robin, but Sonny stopped her. He told Carly that Robin was gone, and there was no reason to discuss her.

Robin was alone on the bridge where she and Jason had first met. She was looking thoughtfully at the water when Jason walked up behind her.

Carly insisted that Robin had betrayed Jason in the worst way she could. Sonny said that Robin had made a bad choice. Carly was shocked that Sonny saw what Robin had done as a bad choice. Sonny said that Jason had to live with what Robin had done. There was no need for him to keep hearing about it.

Carly thought that Robin had asked Sonny to try to fix things with Jason. Carly said that she wouldn't let Sonny work Jason for Robin. She would tell Jason to stop seeing Sonny for Michael's sake if she had to. Sonny agreed that might work, but it might not. Carly told Sonny to do himself a favor and not make Jason choose. She said, "Robin did, and look how that turned out."

Carly said that Sonny and she both knew that Jason loved Sonny like a brother. Jason didn't want to go against Sonny, but what Robin had done was unforgivable. Sonny insisted that Jason wouldn't forgive Robin. He would never see her the same way again. He would never again open himself up to that kind of betrayal. Losing Robin wouldn't make Jason stupid.

Sonny told Carly that she was as transparent as glass. If he could see it, so could Jason. Carly wasn't going to tell Sonny what to do about Jason any more than Sonny was going to tell Jason what to do about Carly. Although, he added, he did have some ideas. Carly suggested that Sonny be nice to her because Jason loved Michael more than anything, and she and Michael were a package deal.

Jason was surprised to see Robin, since Sonny had told him she would take off at five. Robin said that she had just had to see the bridge one last time before she let it go. She said that a lot had happened there. Robin started to ask Jason if he remembered the night -- but Jason stopped her. He said that he remembered everything.

Jason said he owed Robin his life. He said he had learned everything from Sonny and from loving her -- everything until Michael. Robin said that she hadn't done anything to take Michael away from him. He knew her. Jason said that after the accident, when he had woken up, Robin had been the first person he had seen, but he hadn't known her. And he felt he didn't again.

Jason had gone to the bridge to say goodbye too. Robin had taught him that, just like she had taught him to love. She had given him everything good he had, and because he had that, it was his job to give it to Michael. He would always owe her for that. Jason said that he had never wanted her to go before, but he finally did. It would be much easier with her in Paris.

Jason said that it would be a lot easier if he never saw Robin's face again. Robin had tears running down her face as she watched Jason leave, knowing that she would never see him againRecap --->

Thursday, January 21, 1999

Jax and V were at Kelly's. V was happy to see Jax and said that she had about a billion things she wanted to discuss with him. She even offered to buy him breakfast, compliments of L&B. They could afford to take millionaires to breakfast these days. Ever since the Chicago concert, the phones had been ringing off the hook. The only problem was that they didn't have any artists on their roster except Ned, and he was being difficult at that moment.

V said that she was going crazy trying to find new artists while the buzz was still buzzing. Jax was happy that things were going so well for V but wondered what all of that had to do with him. V said that wasn't actually why she had asked to see him. She wanted to go over the paperwork for his General Hospital research project. Jax asked what was really going on, since she had sent him her ideas for the research project in a memo the week before. V was about to explain when Lucky entered the diner.

Lucky was looking for Liz. He had thought she was working that day. The waitress on duty said that Liz was supposed to be working, but she had been a million miles away her whole shift. Liz was on a break at that moment. Lucky asked if the waitress knew where Liz was, but she couldn't help him.

Lucky told the waitress that it was okay. He thought he knew where Liz was. Lucky left the diner and headed for the docks. He spotted Liz and stopped to watch her for a moment. He said her name softly, and she turned around. She greeted him with a big smile and a bigger hug.

Bobbie and Lucas were preparing to return to Port Charles. Bobbie was sorry that the trip hadn't been much fun. A knock on the door interrupted them. Bobbie opened the door, thinking that it was the bellhop, and was pleasantly surprised to find Jerry. He said he had heard that they were looking for a plane to take them home.

Jason was at the penthouse when Sonny arrived home from a visit with Mike. Jason said that Carly had to bother Sonny more than Jason had thought if Sonny was visiting Mike. Sonny told Jason that so far, the only thing he liked about Carly was that she was Michael's mother. Jason said that he had sent Carly shopping. She should be gone all day.

When Sonny thanked Jason, Jason said that he had done it as much for himself as Sonny. Carly was scared and angry, and she kept going over and over what Robin had done. Jason told Sonny that he had seen Robin at the bridge. He had gone to say goodbye. He had wanted to see the bridge one last time so he would never have to go again, and Robin had been there. She had looked up, and she had been "so beautiful." Jason paused, and Sonny asked if Jason hated her.

A.J. caught Edward as he was finishing his breakfast. A.J. told Edward that it was a great morning. Before A.J. could explain why, Edward went off on a tirade about how the world was racing past them, and no one in the family was doing anything about it. Ned was back on his music delirium, and A.J. was just standing around.

Edward asked A.J. why he wasn't working at his job or on Carly Roberts. A.J. said that he didn't have to work Carly anymore. He had as much right to Michael as Carly did. Edward was stunned when A.J. said that he was Michael's biological father.

Edward didn't believe A.J. and accused him of drinking again. A.J. said that he had tried to tell the family once before that he had slept with Carly, but no one had listened. Edward said that he was listening. A.J. recounted for Edward the whole sordid story about how Carly had drugged him to make him think that he had been drinking again.

A.J. also told Edward that Jason and Carly hadn't been sleeping together at the time Michael had been conceived. Robin had known it all along. That had been why she had been willing to take Jason back. As A.J. left to meet with the attorneys, he told Edward to get the office ready for him. Edward was devilishly pleased with the news.

Jason told Sonny that he had never thought about loving Robin. It had just been a part of him, like breathing. However, when he had seen her on that bridge and she had been telling him that she hadn't meant to take Michael away, he hadn't known her. He hadn't wanted to. He had ridden his motorcycle all night, and he didn't even know where.

Jason said that the day before, he had said that betrayal was like having someone die, and it was. A person went from feeling nothing to feeling "so much." He was just glad that she was gone. Sonny asked if Jason had told Robin that. Jason said that he had then he had walked away. Sonny said that Jason had done all right -- better than Sonny had.

V assured Jax that she had no hidden agenda. Jax said that Isabella was a smooth artist, but V couldn't con her way out of a phone booth, let alone snow her best friend. V admitted that Robin had called before she left town and asked V to keep an eye on Jax. Jax asked if the outpouring of concern was because Robin was gone or because Sonny was in Port Charles. V said that both were pretty good reasons.

Jax said that he would miss Robin, but he was glad she was away from Jason. He further stated that if Sonny stumbled, Jax wouldn't hesitate to take him down, but in the meantime, Jax had other fish to fry. He was concentrating on taking down Cassadine industries. V hoped that working with Jerry on the Cassadine deal would help Jax to trust his brother again.

Lucas was ecstatic to see Jerry, and Bobbie wasn't too sad either. Jerry teased Lucas about making it through the pilot program and being ready to fly the plane home. Lucas laughed and said that it wasn't that kind of pilot program, but he was very impressed that Jerry had a real plane. After Lucas left the room, Bobbie told Jerry that things had gone as well as they could hope for Lucas. Jerry told Bobbie that he had missed her, and they shared a passionate kiss.

Lucky broke away from Liz's hug and asked her if she realized that it was the longest they had ever been apart. Liz said that it had sure felt like the longest. She asked how Canada had been. Lucky said that he had gotten close to hijacking the bus to get home faster.

Liz said that at least Lucky hadn't made a fool of himself racing to the phone every time it rang. She had almost knocked her grandmother over twice. Gram had made her promise never to let Lucky leave town again. Lucky said that he wouldn't without Liz. Liz reluctantly said that she had to go back to work, but Lucky said that she couldn't go until he had presented her with the official tacky souvenir gift.

Liz laughed as Lucky handed her a key chain from Pelican Rapids. Liz said that she loved it with all her heart and gave Lucky a kiss then she said that she really had to go. She started to walk away with a sad look on her face then turned back and asked Lucky if he wanted to go along and wait for her shift end. Lucky smiled and said that he'd thought she'd never ask. They walked back to Kelly's together.

Lucky sat at a table in Kelly's while Liz worked. He asked Liz for a coffee refill. She happily poured coffee in his cup, but he told her that her aim was a little off. He had wanted coffee for his guest. He slid a coffee cup that said "Liz" on it across the table, but Lucky had added the letters to make it say "Liz." Liz laughed as Lucky explained that he had needed to go to three cities to find one that said Liz.

Liz said that Lucky was too sweet. Lucky smiled and told her not to put it in the dishwasher, or she would lose two-thirds of her name. Liz asked how many gifts he had bought for her. Lucky said just a few. The next one was a little bigger. Liz asked if it was as big as a breadbox. Lucky said that it was as big as infinity. It was their future.

After Jerry and Bobbie finished their kiss, he filled her in on everything that had happened while she had been gone. Bobbie was surprised to learn that Sonny was back. He told Bobbie about Jax and Sonny's first encounter after Sonny's return. Jax's anger had surprised Jerry; it wasn't like him. Bobbie thought that Sonny probably stirred up a lot of painful memories for Jax. Bobbie was even more surprised to learn that Robin had left town and that she and Jason had broken up. Bobbie asked herself how her daughter had managed that.

Sonny reminded Jason of the time that Brenda had worn a wire to set him up. He had told Jason about the wire, but he had never told Jason how he had found it and how he had acted. Brenda hadn't blindsided him; he had been warned. He had given her a chance to tell him, but she hadn't. He had pulled the tape recorder from her pocket and then he had lost it. He had started tearing up the room.

Sonny continued by saying Brenda had tried to tell him why she had worn the wire, but he had refused to listen. The next thing he had known, he'd had her face in his hands, and he had been screaming at her. Then he had walked out of the room, and Brenda had been on the floor, crying like a broken doll.

Jason said that he didn't know how Sonny had loved Brenda after he'd caught her wearing the wire. Sonny said that maybe he shouldn't have. Once someone was betrayed, that was it. He wondered how anyone could love someone once they'd turned on them. Jason agreed.

Jason said that when Robin had asked Sonny to fire Jason, Jason had fought with Robin. However, when he'd seen her on the bridge, there had been nothing to fight about. Everything between them had already been gone. He didn't want to feel angry with Robin. He didn't want to feel anything. Sonny said that it didn't work that way. Jason was going to hurt for a while, but he was better at carrying it than Sonny was.

Ned walked into the Quartermaine living room, where Edward was reading the paper. Edward asked how the dealings were going for the sale of Guthrie Technologies. Ned was surprised when Edward didn't start ranting and raving when Ned said that he was still looking for a buyer. Edward happily told Ned that Ned was being replaced, so he was free to pursue his music, or whatever.

Ned correctly guessed that A.J. was his replacement and that it had something to do with Michael. He asked if Edward had promised A.J. the world or just Ned's part of it. Ned said A.J. was not a CEO -- he just played one in the boardroom. Edward said that A.J. had produced something no family business could do without: a family member to leave the company to. Ned said he understood why Jason hadn't wanted the Quartermaines to raise Michael. Edward was already deciding Michael's future.

Ned said that if A.J. was really the father, then Ned was sorry that A.J. had been deprived of his child. Edward said that any Quartermaine child belonged in the Quartermaine home. If Ned were like A.J., Brook Lynn would be there. Ned said that he didn't think that Edward wanted to go there. Ned said as far as Michael was concerned, Edward and A.J. didn't give a damn. A.J. thought of Michael as a bargaining chip, and to Edward, Michael represented the next generation.

Ned thought that Michael was better off with Jason. Edward said that Ned was entitled to his opinion, but either way, Michael was going home to the Quartermaines, and A.J. was in.

Bobbie finally understood Carly's message about moving back to the penthouse. She thought that Carly had to have really done something major. Bobbie didn't know about Carly's ability to make a home, but she could definitely vouch for her ability to destroy one. Jerry said that Jax thought that Robin's departure was for the best, and Bobbie agreed.

Bobbie thought that Michael needed to be with both of his parents. She knew that sounded hypocritical based on how hard she was trying to keep Tony away from Lucas, but the circumstances were different. Jerry said that he wouldn't worry about Carly; she had an amazing instinct for self-preservation. Bobbie laughed and said that it was matched only by Carly's talent for self-destruction.

Liz looked at a brochure for the New York Art Academy while Lucky explained that he had ordered it a while before. Liz looked at a page in the catalog and said it was awful because none of her paintings were that good. Lucky thought that her paintings were even better. When Liz said that he might be a little unobjective, Lucky asked if she thought he didn't know anything about art. He teasingly reminded her that she might have painted the furniture in the boxcar, but he had picked out the paint.

Liz was concerned because artists from all over the world tried to get into the New York Art Academy, and most didn't. Lucky was sure that she would. He thought that she was great. He knew she was great, but if she stayed in Port Charles, no one else would. He thought that she should show the school what she had.

Liz was still reluctant about going to school in New York. Lucky convinced her to sit back down and talk about it some more. He then pulled another gift out of his backpack. It was a bank with some money in it that he said was the first contribution to the official Liz Webber Art School Scholarship fund. When Liz didn't look as happy as he'd hoped, he asked if he should have stopped at the key chain.

Liz said that Lucky hadn't done anything wrong; she didn't even think he knew how. It was just that the school was in New York. Lucky didn't understand why that was a problem. Liz said that the previous few days without him had been miserable. She wasn't saying that she couldn't leave him; she just didn't want to -- not then, not ever. She didn't have to be in New York to paint, but she had to be in Port Charles to have Lucky.

Lucky said that in case Liz hadn't noticed, he was portable. Liz looked confused, but Lucky asked if she really thought that he would let her go to New York without him. Liz smiled and asked if he meant it. Lucky said of course -- that was the whole point. They could get a place, and he could get a job to support them until she was famous, because then he was going to live off of her. Liz was still smiling and asked if that meant that he still wanted to be part of her future. Lucky said of course -- it was his future too.

Jerry didn't blame Bobbie for being concerned about Carly. He was just not sure that there was much Bobbie could do to help her. Bobbie agreed. Once Carly got something in her head, she was like a runaway freight train -- pure Spencer, even if Bobbie hadn't raised her. Jerry agreed: like mother, like daughter. Bobbie laughed and said that she had definitely pulled a few stunts when she was younger that would make Carly proud.

Bobbie said that she had been just like Carly when she was young. She had fought for all the wrong things -- people and things she never should have wanted or had never really wanted to have. Since she was older, she saved her battles for the causes that really mattered. Jerry said that was a lesson everyone had to learn. He suggested that maybe Bobbie had to let Carly learn it on her own. He mused that maybe people had to screw up in life to find out what was really important.

Jax and Ned met on the docks. Jax commented that it wasn't exactly a convenient place for a meeting, but he was sure that Ned had his reasons. Ned said that he didn't normally conduct his business in public. Jax said that he did all the time. If one conducted one's business in public, people would assume that it wasn't business. Ned said that explained Jax's meeting with Katherine.

Jax wasn't too shocked that Ned knew of his meeting and asked Ned what he knew. Ned said that he knew that Jax was trying to reacquire his ELQ shares. Jax said that Ned was guessing. Ned asked if Jax was trying to guess why Ned cared. Jax said that he didn't have to guess. The answer was easy.

Jax said that A.J.'s expanded role at ELQ suggested a change in the balance of power. Jax asked if there was a major battle in the works at ELQ. Ned said that if there were a battle, he would rather have Jax wearing out his welcome than Katherine. Jax smiled and told Ned to be careful what he wished for.

Ned said that he wanted majority control of ELQ, and he expected to have it someday. For the moment, it was looking like a choice of Jax or Katherine on the board, and Ned preferred Jax. Jax said that he would like controlling interest, too, but if there were no chance of him having that, he didn't know why he should bother. Ned said that Jax knew that ELQ was a moneymaker as long as Ned was in charge. Jax pointed out that it would make even more money if Jax were in charge.

Ned opted to play the Brenda card, saying that he didn't think that she would have wanted Jax to take over ELQ. Jax warned Ned to not use Brenda as leverage. He didn't need anyone to tell him what Brenda would have wanted. If Ned wanted to get anywhere, he would drop it immediately.

Ned agreed to drop Brenda as a topic and said that they could drag the whole conversation down to pure self-interest. He said Jax rebuilding his fortune was what it was really all about. It wasn't like the deal wouldn't be profitable. Ned told Jax to consider the possibilities.

Liz read through the art school brochure and was concerned because she didn't have a portfolio to submit, or any representative work. She couldn't exactly mail the boxcar. Lucky wished they had taken pictures before he left, but he pointed out that they still had all the pictures in his apartment. Liz was still concerned that they weren't really serious art and wondered if she would need to do something else, like a still life of Lucky's guitar or something. Lucky assured her that her paintings were great.

The other waitress on duty walked over to the table where Lucky and Liz were sitting and laughingly told Liz that for all the work she was getting done, maybe she shouldn't be there. Lucky didn't hesitate to agree, and Liz was quick to follow when the waitress said that she didn't mind covering for Liz. Liz thanked her and said she owed the waitress. Liz and Lucky headed out the door.

Once outside, Liz asked Lucky if he agreed it was wonderful. Lucky asked which part. Liz said making plans. She said that for so long, her life had been about getting over something, but it was finally about getting ready. Lucky said that was a good point. He said maybe she should be getting ready for the cold. He reached into his backpack, pulled out a scarf, and draped it around Liz's shoulders.

Liz laughed when she saw the moose on the scarf and told Lucky that it had better be her last gift. Lucky said, "Actually, this is the last gift," and he took her in his arms and kissed her.

Jerry got Lucas ready to leave. Lucas told Jerry all about the people he had met while he was gone. Jerry laughed and offered to let Lucas be his copilot on the trip home. Lucas was thrilled and asked if Bobbie could go too. Jerry said that she could be the navigator, and they all laughed as they walked out the door together.

Back at the Quartermaines', Edward told A.J. that fatherhood was becoming for him. He was already walking with a surer step. In one bold move, he had resurrected the family. A.J. told Edward that it might be a little early to call him a savior. Jason's name was on Michael's birth certificate, and according to the Quartermaine lawyers, that made Jason the legal father.

Edward pointed out that Jason had stolen A.J.'s child. A.J. agreed, but the attorneys said that since Jason had been the sole provider for Michael's first year of life, it might be difficult to get a court-ordered paternity test. Edward told A.J. not to worry. They would get the test, and then Michael would be theirs.

Friday, January 22

Emily dropped by Lucky's place to visit Liz and Lucky. She asked Lucky how his trip had been. He told her and then inquired about her birthday party. Emily had a little trouble covering up how disappointing her birthday had been to her. Fortunately, Liz intervened, and Lucky was made to believe that the birthday had been okay.

Emily commented that she didn't plan to throw another party the next year, and when Lucky asked her why, Liz said Emily just wanted to try something new for her next birthday. Emily was grateful for Liz helping her cover up the birthday disaster. While the three of them visited, there was a knock on the door. Lucky opened it up and found Nikolas standing there. Nikolas greeted everyone, but right away, Lucky could feel that there was tension in the room between Nikolas and Emily.

Nikolas offered to take everyone out to dinner on him, but Lucky and Liz declined the invitation by saying they had already eaten. He then asked Emily, who said that she needed to get home because she had work to do. Nikolas offered to drive her, and she agreed, so they left and bid Lucky and Liz goodbye. Curious about Emily's sudden reluctance to be around Nikolas, Lucky questioned Liz, who revealed that something upsetting had happened to Emily during her recent birthday party. They both had no doubt that Nikolas was involved in whatever was going on with Emily but hoped that it didn't ruin their friendship.

Liz revealed to Lucky just how much Emily liked Nikolas. Lucky told her that he knew that and hoped that whatever it was, Emily and Nikolas could work it out and get past it. The two then decided to change the subject and talk about them. As they ate and talked about how much they meant to each other, Lucky asked Liz to spend the rest of her life with him.

At the Quartermaine mansion, A.J. was on the phone with a lawyer, demanding that he put a rush on the court papers to serve to Carly and Jason, demanding a paternity test on Michael. Ned walked in and told A.J. that he sounded like Grandfather on the phone when he yelled at someone. Immediately, the two cousins started to argue as Ned told A.J. that his latest ploy to take over ELQ wouldn't work for long, but A.J. boasted that he would run ELQ until his son grew up -- and once his son was grown, A.J. planned to have Michael take over when A.J. retired.

A.J. told Ned that he planned to ship Ned off to one of ELQ's companies in Siberia once they had built it. Ned, however, told A.J. that Edward would never turn ELQ over to him and was just using A.J. Ned said once Edward got Michael under this roof, he would have no more need for A.J. Ned's words, however, did nothing to move A.J., who just told Ned not to get used to being at the helm of things. Ned left, and A.J. went upstairs for something.

Meanwhile, Emily arrived at home with Nikolas in tow. He wanted to explain what had happened the night she had caught him and Katherine in bed together. Emily told Nikolas that it was really none of her business what was going on between him and Katherine. Nikolas told her that nothing was going on between him and Katherine, but Emily cut him short and told him that the next time, she'd know to wait for a response before barging into someone's room.

Still feeling very guilty, Nikolas offered Emily another humble apology, but Katherine's entrance put a damper on the moment. Katherine had rushed into the study after spying Nikolas' car out in the driveway. She stopped short and told them both that she was glad she had them both in there because she wanted to apologize. Katherine also wanted to tell Emily she was moving out. Emily asked her where was she moving to, and Katherine said the Port Charles Hotel until she could find a place.

Nikolas coldly told Katherine that wherever she decided to go, he hoped she would be happy there. He then asked Emily to walk him to his car, which she did. As they left, a hurt Katherine just stood there. Katherine finally returned upstairs to her room.

Back in the study, Edward showed up and gave A.J. a court order for a paternity test. A.J. was pleased that he had been able to get one so quickly. Edward told A.J. they were on the same side, and he planned to do anything he could to help A.J. get Michael home to them. They then sat around and talked strategy about how to handle the situation.

At Sonny's penthouse, Carly whined to Jason that he was wasting precious time, discussing business with Sonny, when he would do better to spend every waking minute, fighting to retain custody of Michael. Jason insisted that setting up a legitimate business was going to help the custody fight. Later, Bobbie dropped by, welcomed Sonny home, and chit-chatted with Jason. Jason left Carly and Bobbie alone to catch up, while he and Sonny left to further discuss the Moreno situation, among other things.

After Sonny and Jason were gone, Bobbie accused her daughter of ruining Robin's relationship with Jason by using her own young son as a weapon. Carly told Bobbie how Robin had betrayed Jason's trust with her story about A.J. being Michael's biological father. Bobbie forced Carly to admit that A.J. was Michel's father. After Carly's confession, she tried to play the martyr with an unsympathetic Bobbie who warned Carly that her manipulations were continuing to wreak havoc in people's lives. Bobbie told Carly that everything that had happened to her or was going to happen to her, she had caused herself.

Laura showed up on the docks, getting ready to board a boat to Spoon Island, when she ran into Stefan. He gave her some daisies and let her know up-front that Nikolas would not be joining them, so if she decided to decline his invitation, that was the time to do it. Laura accepted Stefan's dinner invitation, and they boarded a boat to Spoon Island. Sonny and Jason showed up shortly after Laura and Stefan had left. Jason and Sonny selected the site for their new warehouse and planned for Moreno's downfall.

Sonny and Jason talked about Carly and Michael. Sonny warned Jason that Carly was a loose cannon and that the Quartermaines would use her to go after Michael. Jason admitted to Sonny that he didn't trust Carly, but he felt he could handle her. Sonny thought otherwise but explained to Jason that as long as Jason sat on the board at ELQ, he had leverage to use against the Quartermaines when they made their inevitable grab for Michael. The two men decided to head home.

Sonny and Jason returned to Sonny's penthouse as Bobbie finished chewing Carly out. Bobbie told them she was done catching up on things with Carly. Before leaving, Bobbie wished Jason good luck and told Carly that if it was not too much trouble, she would like to be kept updated on the developments. Bobbie left. Sonny and Jason stared at Carly, who broke into tears and told Jason that she'd had to tell her mother. Jason said nothing, but Sonny told Carly that she might as well just hand Michael over to the Quartermaines. Carly told them that Bobbie wasn't going to tell anyone anything.

While Laura and Stefan dined together at Wyndemere, the attraction between them continued to grow. They talked about the past and their time in Greece together. Laura asked Stefan how he had remembered that she liked daisies. Stefan commented that he remembered everything about her and everything she liked.

Nikolas soon returned home, and Laura and Stefan invited him to join them. He told them that he had eaten, and he went upstairs to his room. Alone, Laura and Stefan got up from the table and talked some more. Stefan put on some of Laura's favorite music she had liked when she had lived with him in Greece, and the two began to dance. As they danced and remembered, they got closer and shared a passionate kiss.

In Switzerland, Luke kicked off his plan to take down Stefan and called a bank to inquire about the Cassadine holdings.

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