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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 25, 1999 on GH
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Monday January 25, 1999

Ned and V have arrived at Kelly's and are laughing and excited. They discuss how well Ned's show went that night. V swears that Ned rocked. Ned agrees that it was good. He loved everything about it. Everyone was really into. Sometimes everything just clicks. He felt like he wanted to pay the audience. V tells him that he is going to have to get over his performance anxiety because he ruled and she is going to book him everywhere. Ned asks if she is a plot hatched by Jax to get him kicked out of ELQ because CEO's shouldn't be moonlighting as rock stars. V says that most CEO's need to get a life. All work and not play makes for a bunch of stuffed shirts. Ned says that she is a bully, but V laughs and says she is not. A person who encourages an artist to get up on stage and knock everyone's socks off while he has the time of his life is...a genius. Ned laughs and tells her that she is stubborn, but he's glad. In fact, V makes him glad about a lot of things.

Bobbie is alone in her living room looking reflective when Jerry arrives looking for her. He can tell right away that something is wrong. He asks if he can help. Bobbie says that she needs an ear she can trust and she isn't entirely sure that she can trust him on this one.

Luke is in Switzerland brushing up on his accent. He has transformed himself in to quite the respectable looking swiss business man.

Laura and Stefan are kissing passionately and both seem to be enjoying themselves immensely.

Lucky and Liz are in Lucky's apartment. Lucky tells Liz that once his family settled in PC, and they didn't have to run or look over their shoulders, he stopped thinking about the future except as something that would show up some day. He knew that he would eventually hit college and the real world, but it was all too far away to wrap his head around. It felt good to just chill. When his future did cross his mind, it was in some vague sort of way. He didn't know who would be in it or who he would want to share it with. And then Liz happened. She just went and changed everything and didn't even ask his permission. And now, all he thinks about is the future with Liz right by his side. Smiling that incredible smile. He wants to be able to count on that. He knows they're young, and he knows that stuff happens that you don't expect, but what he knows even more is that there will never be another girl for him, no matter what. He touches Liz's faces tenderly and tells her that she is the one he wants to be with. Lucky asks Liz if she can say the same thing. Before she answers, he tells her to wait. He asks her if she can say the same and promise it forever.

Liz tells Lucky that before she met him, she never felt as if she belonged anywhere. She was the exact opposite of him. She did think about her future. It was her only way out. A place she could run to and forget about the lame today she was stuck in. The funny thing is that until last year, Lucky was the one who was kicking back and living in the moment and just loving it while she was focusing everything on escaping it. Now today, Lucky is the one who is thinking about what is coming up ahead and she, for the first time in her life, is so here. In a choked voice, Liz says that she doesn't want to miss anything. She doesn't want to take anything for granted. The wild thing is that they balance each other out like that. Somehow they cover both ends of the spectrum. Liz isn't sure that she is making sense, but Lucky understands. He knows what she means. He thinks it's called symbiotic, like they complete each other. Liz says that that is exactly it. Lucky finishes her. She can't imagine her life without him in it. She doesn't know who she would be without the other half of her that is him. She guesses what she is trying to say is yes. She feels the same way and she is giving him her promise to be with him forever, and the day after that if it's possible. Lucky has a tear rolling down his cheek as he takes Liz in his arms and kisses her.

Laura and Stefan are still "making out." Stefan tells Laura that he has never wanted anyone like he wants her right now and they continue kissing passionately.

Jerry understands Bobbie's reluctance to trust him, but he would like a chance. He would like to prove that he can keep this private. Bobbie asks if he understands how big this test is between them. She will burn him in oil if he tells anyone. When Jerry assures her that he understands how important this is, Bobbie tells him about AJ being Michael's real father. She also tells him that Jason knew all along and that Robin has known since she returned from Paris. While she was gone, Carly did something that pushed Robin so far that she told AJ. Michael is still with Carly and Jason and they are just praying that the courts don't order a blood test. AJ has undoubtedly got every licensed every attorney in the state working on it. Jerry asks if they are positive that Jason isn't the father. Bobbie says that he isn't the biological father, but he is the father. She doesn't understand how Carly could do this. It has taken her so long to love Carly and just when she thought she was finally there, she does another unconscionable thing and she can barely stand the thought of her.

Jerry asks what Carly has to say for herself. Bobbie says that Carly's story is that she did it for Michael, but Bobbie knows that there is a part of Carly that did if for herself. Carly wants to be around Jason and that baby is her ticket. She has no moral stop signs. She is like a chain reaction wreck that keeps happening over and over. Jerry points out that Bobbie can't blame Carly entirely. Jason was a willing participant. Bobbie agrees, but defends Jason saying that he stepped up and took care of Michael when Carly left. And Jason lost his heart to Michael in the process. Bobbie explains that there was a time when she found herself in the same position that Jason is with regards to Lucas.

V continues to excitedly make plans for Ned's future as a musician, but Ned tells her to slow down. Before she buys a bus and gives Edward a heart attack, she needs to know something. His family is in a crisis mode right now and as the designated gatekeeper he needs to be on site for damage control. And this crisis has some long range repercussions which demand his attentions. He expects to be putting out fires for the next few weeks. V agrees to give him some time, but not much. She doesn't want to lose any momentum.

As V and Ned leave, Tony arrives and spots Dara who has also just arrived. Dara is surprised when Tony sits down at her table and tells her that she was on his list of people to see.

Stefan tells Laura that she has always stayed with him. Her eyes, her smile, her laughter. She has always been in his heart. The way they were on the island. The way she would look at him. The same way she is looking at him now. He kisses her face and her neck while Laura breathlessly tells him not to analyze it. She asks him to take her back there. She wants to be that way again without any thought of the consequences or what is going to happen next. They kiss passionately and then Stefan suddenly pulls away. He takes Laura's face in his hands and tells her no.

Laura is clearly shocked that Stefan has turned her down and asks what is wrong. Stefan says that he isn't available for more stolen moments or for rushing head long into one thing to mask the pain of another. Their time on the island was one of heightened reality. She was there against her will and he was getting ready to wage was on Helena which was liable to mean his death. But this is the real world. When they become lovers again, he wants it to be in this world. Under it's pressure and despite it's circumstances. Because they do believe in tomorrow. Laura says that she doesn't want to live in tomorrow. They are there now, together, tonight. She wants him and she knows that he wants her too. The kiss once again and then Stefan sadly pulls away. Once again Laura tells him that she wants him and they kiss again.

Tony explains to Dara that he heard that she was running for DA and he thinks that she is a great choice. Dara laughs and asks how he could think that since he hardly knows her. Tony says that he knows her heart. He was the beneficiary of her choice to sign off on an unpopular plea bargain. He offers his testimonial for her campaign. Dara tells him that kidnapping a baby is reprehensible. She agreed to a plea bargain due to mitigating circumstances and she is pleased that it worked out. She does not want to be associated with him in the public eye. She will not help him establish his credibility. Tony says that his offers stands and wishes her well. He leaves as Taggert arrives.

Bobbie explains that Lucas was adopted and that he was a black market baby. She didn't know. She was single at the time and she desperately wanted a child. She found a lawyer who helped her and shortly thereafter, Tony asked her to marry him. He brought BJ and suddenly she had the family she always wanted. Lucas was two when Bobbie found out the truth. The biological mother had been lied to. Bobbie did everything she could to cover it up, especially from Tony. But eventually she told him, after everything came out. Tony was not sympathetic. Bobbie was ready to run, when Robert Scorpio found her and took Lucas away. Every time she heard someone refer to that other woman as Lucas' mother it would eat her up inside. She pulled out all of the stops, but eventually the court awarded custody to the biological mother. She regained custody of Lucas when the mother died. So, her first concern is Michael. She wants what's best for him and she thinks that's Jason.

Taggert is shocked when Dara tells him that Tony offered his endorsement. Dara explains that she caught hell for that plea bargain, but somehow it all worked out. But Tony Jones makes her skin crawl. Taggert asks if she is willing to bask in the glory of a decision she never believed in. Dara laughs and says yes. Taggert tells her that it isn't worth it. He was in a similar situation recently and it wasn't worth it. What he did to Jasper Jax...He tried to justify it at the time, but it wasn't worth it. Dara smiles and says that it looks like Dt. Taggert is developing a conscious.

Jerry asks what kind of father AJ would make. Bobbie says that AJ is weak. He has screwed up a lot and Michael doesn't even know him. He may be the biological father, but he isn't the better father. Jerry says that it the Q's minds, they would be better and they have never been given the chance. Bobbie says that she loves the Q's, but she knows them. Michael would be their new pet project. She loves the Q's, but not as a nurturing environment for her grandson.

Stefan tells Laura that he has always thought that he was the more cynical of the two of them. It turns out that he is the optimist. He has more faith in them than Laura does. He is willing to wait until she can come to him without guilt or reservation or the desperation he sees in her face right now. Laura says that she isn't desperate. Stefan says that she is and he doesn't want to be something that she throws herself into to forget that she is married. Laura sighs and asks why it is that he has always been so able to read her. Stefan caresses her hair and pulls her into his arms as she begins to cry. He tells her that for now it is enough to have her in his arms.

Lucky and Liz have finished eating and are cleaning up as they continue to discuss their future. Lucky says that they will definitely need a better apartment and a bigger bathroom. Liz teasingly asks if it will have purple tile. Liz sits down next to Lucky on the bed as he laughs and says that he thinks he will be hearing about that purple tile for the rest of his life. He thinks it would be nice for Liz to have some space for her "girly" things. For those occasions when she transforms herself into an earth bound goddess and still looks at him like he is the only guy in the world. Liz smiles and says that he is the only guy in the world. Lucky says that he did a little research on the internet and he thinks that Greenwich Village would be a good place for them to live while Liz is in art school. Liz says that she likes that. Lucky thinks they need to have a financial stake no matter what. Liz says if her Gram only knew how sensible he really was. Lucky feigns shock at being called sensible. He says that he will show her sensible and starts tickling Liz. They chase each other around the room until he pins her on the bed and keeps tickling her until she is screaming with laughter. She finally admits defeat and says that he is reckless and irresponsible and a role model for the disenfranchised teenagers everywhere. He says that is much better and thanks her. Liz laughs and pulls him down for a kiss. She starts to kiss him again and then starts to tickle him back.

Jerry suggests that Bobbie appeal to Monica. He knows that Monica isn't Jason's biological mother, but she raised him like her own. He thinks there may be some empathy there. Bobbie thinks that that is a good plan. Jerry says that it doesn't have to start tonight. He invites Bobbie to his place for a romantic evening and Bobbie happily accepts the invitation.

Luke (convincingly posing as Stefan's accountant) meets with Stefan's Swiss Banker. The banker confirms that he was able to put all of Stefan's holdings onto a disk as they discussed. Luke thanks the banker profusely. After the banker has left, Luke inserts the disk into the computer and gleefully begins searching the contents.

Laura asks Stefan to please just hold her a little longer and he willingly complies with her request.

Lucky and Liz finally tire of their tickle fight and sit together on Lucky's bed. Liz tells Lucky that this has been the best night of her life so far, again. She keeps thinking that it can't get any better, but he just tops it. Lucky says that she had better get used to it. They smile at each other and then Lucky tells Liz that it's time to walk her home. Liz gets off the bed with a pout and reluctantly puts her coat on. As they start to go, Lucky stops Liz and tells her that one day, she won't have to leave. Lucky takes Liz into his arms and kisses her tenderly. Liz smiles and day. They hold each other tightly while they both smile at the thought.

Tuesday, January 26, 1999


Jason and Sonny discuss business. They are planning to buy a warehouse. Sonny is concerned about Mac interfering now that Jason is no longer "family connected" to the Commissioner. Sonny is supposed to meet with Mac later that day. They also discuss the custody case. Jason argues that the lawyer is telling him that his chances of keeping custody are good. Sonny is not so optimistic. He asks if there is a Plan B. Plan B, Jason tells him, is that they'll disappear and when Michael is old enough to understand, Jason will tell him the truth. He is going to do whatever it takes to keep Michael.

Mac returned to work against Felicia's best intentions. His first order of business was to meet with Sonny. He told Sonny that he wanted to alert him to a problem. The problem Sonny has is him - Mac. He doesn't like Sonny. He doesn't like the business Sonny is in. Mac has a warrant blocking Sonny and Jason's purchase of the warehouse until they're assured the money being used to make the sale is clean money. Sonny reassures Mac that the money is legitimate. Mac asks for Sonny word on that. Sonny gives it to him; Mac rips up the warrant. Sonny wants to know what's the catch. Mac says no, if he stays legit. Sonny leaves after saying he hopes all his business goes so smoothly.

Lt. Taggert tries to hassle Sonny. Sonny tells Taggert that he is wasting his time; he has an understanding what the Commissioner. The Commish is just being optimistic, Taggert knows Sonny is going to get bored with being a legit businessman.

Monica overhears AJ on the phone talking about having Jason served with the paternity papers. She realizes that AJ is going through with the custody suit and AJ confirmed it. He believes that Michael's will adjust and that it is in Michael's best interest for AJ to have custody. He can't let a psycho and a thug raise his little boy. Monica tells him that if he truly feels that what he is doing is in Michael's best interest; the Monica is behind him.

Emily comes into the living room where AJ is reading to get her camera. She is going over to Jason's to take pictures of Michael. AJ tells her the truth of Jason lying about being Michael's father. Michael is AJ's son. He tells her the whole sordid story while Emily argues that it can't be true. It just doesn't seem real. Jason has never, ever lied to her. This is just another scheme that AH and Edward have cooked up to get Michael away from Jason. She goes to confront Jason. She storms into the penthouse, upset and tells Jason what AJ is spouting off. She asks Jason if he is Michael's father. He answers yeah. Relieved, Emily says she doesn't believe she listened to AJ for one second. Then she asks why is AJ pretending to be the father? Jason tells her that AJ is the biological father. Emily doesn't understand. She accuses Jason of lying. Jason tries to explain how the truth got all discombobulated, but Emily calls him on it. She tells him to stop being creative with the truth, which is exactly what the Quartermaines do and he hates them for it. Jason gives Emily the wrenching, heartwarming, tear-jerking rendition of how he came to be Michael's real father. Emily finally calms down. They sit on the couch for further discuss8ion. Jason tires to explain how life will be for Michael if AJ takes him. How it will be growing up with the Quartermaines. Michael is a trophy for them. He tells her that blood doesn't make a family. He loves Emily like a sister although they are not blood. He then pulls out the godmother card. When she stood up to be Michael's godmother, that meant she would look out for him and do what is best for him. Emily falls for it and is now convinced that Michael should remain with Jason.

V and Felicia meet at Kelly's. They discuss Felicia's story that she is writing. Felicia needs V to help her with an honest take as a police officer's viewpoint and the police jargon. She is writing a new story; one based on the drugs, drug running, murder on Courtland Street and the shooting at the Outback. After that discussion, Felicia thanks V for all that she did while Mac was in the hospital. V was wonderful with the girls, keeping their spirits up, helping them extravagantly decorate for Christmas.

Monica and Bobbie meet up at the hospital. Monica wants to talk about Jason stealing AJ's son. Bobbie tries to put Monica off by telling her she can't talk about this with her, that she's "uncomfortable with it." Monica presses on. She tells Bobbie that reality is is that AJ is Michael's father. Bobbie doesn't agree. Monica badgers Bobbie with the facts. Bobbie tries to justify Jason being the real father. It doesn't matter about DNA she argues. Jason was there the moment Michael was born. Michael knows Jason as his father and no one else. They should be thinking of what is best for Michael. Bobbie uses the examples of how Monica loved Jason although he was not hers by birth. And her own experience with Lucas. Bobbie tries to convince Monica to not take AJ or Jason's side, but to take Michael's. To take Michael away from the only father that he has known would be detrimental to Michael.

Bobbie stops in at the penthouse. Emily, Jason and Michael are playing. Bobbie asks Emily how things are going. Emily looks a little nervous and confused about how to answer her, so Jason tells Bobbie that Emily knows the truth. Bobbie asks how she is handling that. Emily tells her that she agrees that Michael belongs with Jason. Jason and Carly, she amends. Bobbie reassures her that she can understand about the hesitation with Carly; she has felt it herself. But Jason makes Carly a better mother and that is all the more reason to keep things as they are. Michael trusts Jason and that is what is important. Jason is a great Dad, Bobbie adds.

Felicia stops back at police headquarters to see Mac. She tries to lure Mac home for lunch but Mac knows what she is up to. She just doesn't want him working.

Wednesday, January 27, 1999

Nikolas runs into Katherine on the docks. She admits that she lured him there by faking a call to Wyndemere from his tutor. Nikolas asks why she would be foolish enough to do that and foolish enough to tell him. Katherine explains that she knows that he wants something from her, but he is afraid to ask. She thought that she would be helpful. She asks if Nikolas wants to know what she is going to do with what she knows.

Liz is working and Lucky, as usual, is sitting at a table distracting her. He asks for another coffee refill and she teasingly asks him if he is in a decaf drinking contest. He points out that the faster he drinks it, the faster she will return to his table with a refill. Liz laughs and says that he is the flaw in their free refills policy. Lucky asks if she is on a break yet, but Liz says that she has only been there 20 minutes. Lucky sighs and says that it seems longer. He asks her if she wants him to leave, if he is driving her crazy. Liz assures him that he is the one person who never drives her crazy. Lucky smiles and says that he wasn't going to leave anyway. He is too busy making a list of all the things she could paint to impress the people at the art school. Not that it matters, because anything she paints, they are going to love.

At the Q's, Ned is happy to point out to Edward that if it weren't for him, ELQ would have been heavily fined for missing a contract deadline, thanks to AJ. Ned is flabbergasted when Edward is unconcerned. He asks if the moon is blue, is it a cold day in hell, are there pigs taxiing down the runway. For the first time in Edward's long and sour life, there is something more important than the family business. Edward assures Ned that AJ is attending to family business while they speak.

Sonny and Jason are discussing their new business venture with Benny, a former employee. They explain that they are going to be importing coffee, which Benny assumes is a code name for some illegal activity. As Sonny and Jason patiently explain that they really are going to be importing coffee, AJ arrives. AJ gleefully presents Jason with the court order for the paternity test.

Without emotion, Jason agrees to go to the hospital for the blood test and then orders AJ to leave. AJ asks if they are throwing him out. Sonny asks if AJ expected them to physically hurt him so he could use it against them. He instructs the guard to escort AJ out and to make sure no part of his body is harmed. After AJ leaves, Benny expresses his understanding for Jason's need of a legitimate business to appear clean for the courts. He just hopes that it appears nice and clean to Moreno. Sonny says that Moreno can think whatever he wants. After Benny goes, Jason says that he is going to call his lawyer. Sonny says first things first. He suggests that Jason inform his roommate. He offers to go find the longest spatula he can find to help scrape Carly off the ceiling.

Lucky explains to Liz that he has done a little research. He looked through some catalogues in the guidance counselor's office and from what he can tell, there are six kinds of arts the schools go for. He proceeds to list off the choices which include anything with bowls of fruit, old buildings, old people and naked people with no faces. Liz says that she has never painted any of those things. Lucky says that that is good. She doesn't need to be like anyone else, but he thinks maybe she should try one of the six choices just to have something to submit to the academy that they will understand. He offers to hire her a model, female of course, which he would be happy to interview. Liz laughs and asks if a bowl of fruit or an old person wouldn't be cheaper. Lucky says that it is just a suggestion. Liz isn't sure that she can do it. She has never painted for other people before. For him yeah, but that's because she wasn't worried about the six approved subjects or whether or not he would like it. She knew he would like it because she did it for him. To paint things for no reason just to be judged by people she doesn't know seems like it's too much pressure. Like it's taking things too seriously. Lucky reminds Liz that she takes her art very seriously. Liz agrees, but is still reluctant. To try to explain her reluctance to display her art to strangers, Liz asks Lucky if he would want to sing the song he wrote for her in front of everyone in the school auditorium.

Nikolas tells Katherine that she used to have a little pride in herself. He asks what it is she thinks he is afraid to ask. Katherine says her silence. Nikolas laughs and asks if she has been standing out in the freezing cold waiting just so she could threaten him. Will she tell the world that he is Stefan Cassadine's son unless he ...what? Helps her hurt Stefan? Helps her punish Stefan and Laura? Have sex with her? Katherine insists that she only wants him to know that she has no intention of telling anyone. Nikolas says that he doesn't care. He is glad he knows and she can tell the whole world if she wants to. Katherine doubts that Stefan feels that way. Nikolas says that Stefan is concerned for him and for what Helena will do. Katherine thinks that Helena loves Nikolas, but is not about to take a chance with his life. She assures Nikolas that if Helena finds out, it won't be from her. Nikolas asks if he should feel deeply moved, if for at least this afternoon, she doesn't want him dead. Katherine says that they never had a chance. There was too much against them. She has no expectations now. She hopes that Nikolas will always think of her as someone who cared.

Liz accuses Lucky of thinking that she is a coward, that she isn't willing to go for it. Lucky denies it saying that he understands her reluctance. He admits that he has had a daydream or two about singing in front of an audience, but he couldn't imagine singing Liz's song to anyone but Liz. The difference is that his talent is limited. No matter how many voice lessons he took, he would never be able to sing something special like opera. But Liz is different. She has an incredible talent for art. She doesn't even know what she can do. He asks if she wants to see how far she can go. Doesn't she want to learn more things? Liz says that when he puts it like that it makes sense. Lucky wants her to come with him to the guidance counselor's office to look at the catalogues. He thinks that she will be inspired when she sees how bad the work is. Liz laughs and goes back to work. Mike walks into Kelly's and greets Lucky. He explains that he is meeting Sonny. Lucky is glad to hear it since Sonny owes him money.

Ned plays a videotape of his latest concert for Edward. Ned asks Edward if the audience seems happy to have him back and if he (Ned) seems happy to be there. Edward tells Ned to stop wasting his time. Ned responds by telling Edward to stop wasting his life. Edward says that he made Ned the CEO of ELQ and all he has asked for is Ned's loyalty. Ned challenges Edward to name one time when his music career has gotten in the way of ELQ business. Edward concedes that Ned has been faithful to ELQ despite his other distractions, but is concerned that his image as a musician will affect other people's perceptions of him as a serious businessman. Ned cautions Edward that if he had to choose, he might not pick ELQ. He walked away once before and Edward had to grovel to get him back. Edward says that it is different this time because they have a capable second in command. Ned laughs at the thought of AJ being capable. AJ arrives as Ned is scoffing at his abilities. Edward asks if AJ took care of the matter they had discussed. Ned correctly guesses that AJ was delivering the court order for the paternity test. He also tells AJ that he covered his butt on the permits for the dock renovation. He tells AJ that if he is a little too busy being a non-father to a son that someone else is raising that maybe he should take back the responsibility for the docks renovation. Edward delicately reminds AJ of the importance of the docks renovation project and then, in an act of good faith, hands over the sale of Guthrie Technologies to AJ as well. He is sure that Ned will fill him in on the details. Ned assures AJ that Edward is only giving him added responsibility to incite a rivalry so that he will fight for his job. Ned says that if they want him gone, they don't have to wait, all they have to do is just say it right now. With that, Ned leaves the room. After Ned leaves, Edward offers AJ his congratulations. Jason and Ned have been tormenting AJ his whole life. Now, AJ has them on the ropes. Edward gives AJ his permission to gloat!

Jason and Sonny are concerned about Carly's reaction to the court order, even though they knew it was coming. Jason has been trying to distract her by keeping her busy with redecorating the new penthouse. Sonny thinks that Jason should be prepared for Carly to be AJ's next stop. When she was in the mental hospital, AJ worked overtime to make sure that Carly pushed that panic button and he is likely to use the same strategy again. Jason insists that Carly is a fighter and Sonny agrees. But Sonny thinks the trick is knowing how Carly is going to fight and with who. Carly breezes in excitedly telling Jason about the dining room table, etc. that she purchased. Sonny excuses himself to make some lunch and Jason calmly tells Carly that AJ dropped off the court order. Carly responds matter-of-factly saying that they have two choices. They can take Michael and run or they can let the Q's take Michael away.

Jason tells Carly that she isn't thinking straight. Jason thinks that ordering a blood test is a violation of privacy. Everything about his and Michael's blood is already on record at GH. He wants to meet with his lawyer before he agrees to anything. He warns Carly against doing anything stupid that AJ could use against them. He told her that this was going to be a long fight. This is only the beginning and he can't afford to have her cave. Carly says that knowing the Q's are coming after her and being prepared for it are two different things. The Q's have money and power and they aren't afraid to use it. Jason reminds Carly that he also has money and power. Carly is doing exactly what the Q's want. She has the right to be upset, but he warns her that AJ will stop at nothing. She needs to remain calm. Everything is in the lawyer's hands. Jason will not let her and Michael down.

Upon arriving at Kelly's, Sonny pays Lucky the rest of what he owes him for his delivery to Canada. Mike overhears and asks what Lucky did. When Lucky explains that he went to Canada, Sonny offers to pay Mike to go to Canada and stay there. Lucky thanks Sonny and rushes off to work at the motorcycle shop.

Sonny sits down with Mike who teases good-naturedly about sending children on errands. Sonny asks what if he is. He has no errand that any dog, child or sweet old lady would be afraid to do. The only business he is in now is the coffee business. Mike is skeptical, but Sonny assures Mike that from now on, Lattes are his life.

Monica walks in just as AJ and Edward finish their discussion about ELQ. She is surprised about the court order and asks about Jason's reaction. AJ says that Jason's reaction was the same as it always is. Monica is concerned because Jason only has Carly now that Robin is gone. Edward and AJ aren't concerned at all. In fact, Edward is appalled at Monica's lack of support for AJ. AJ is trying to claim his son and all Monica cares about is how Jason feels. Edward angrily storms out of the room. AJ tells Monica that he understands, Jason is her son too. But of course he is asking her to take sides. He just isn't asking her to be happy about it. He hasn't forgotten the times he has wanted her to be happy for min and she couldn't.

Mike asks Sonny what he knows about coffee. He knows how to taste it, but to grow it, ship it and sell it? Sonny agrees that he and Jason aren't the micro management type, but they will just hire someone to handle that stuff. Mike doesn't think that Moreno, or anyone else for that matter, is going to believe that Jason and Sonny have turned legitimate. Sonny doesn't care what people think. If they don't like him as a legitimate business man so what? Sonny asks if Mike's fatherly advice is for him to live a life or crime. Sonny tells Mike that he and everyone else in Port Charles had better get used to seeing his face around. Mike is surprised that Sonny actually cares what people think.

Nikolas and Stefan are at Wyndemere discussing Nikolas' latest encounter with Katherine. Stefan asks if Nikolas thinks that Katherine is sincere. Nikolas says that his track record of knowing when Katherine is sincere isn't great, but he thinks she meant it this time. If anything about her can be trusted, her promise to remain silent can. Stefan asks if Nikolas would reconsider remaining the prince of the Cassadines, if the secret were never to be made public.

Nikolas reminds Stefan of his feelings on the matter, but Stefan wonders if he may have had second thoughts. Stefan asks if Nikolas likes anything about being the prince. Nikolas admits that he does understand the traditions and what having a title to hand down means. It gives the family unity and structure. A rallying point that other families don't have. He understands that this secret will threaten that He may even wish there was a Prince Cassadine but he asks Stefan not to ask him to be that prince. Stefan is sorry that the tradition will end, but says that he couldn't be prouder of Nikolas' answer. He fears that Nikolas is about to discover another of his secrets. Everything Nikolas does seems perilously close to perfect in his eyes. Stefan tells Nikolas that he has prepared for the orderly dismantling of the family holdings, but there is no way to predict what may ensue. He tells Nikolas that he should decide what he would like to do with the family fortune while he still controls it.

Sonny is tired of being dumped on, tired of everyone thinking that his money is dirty. God forbid if his name is associated with any good deed. Mike sympathizes, but asks if this isn't the price he has to pay? Sonny says that that is exactly the kind of attitude he is sick of. He's been called a racketeer, a gangster, even a murderer to his face. He hasn't done anything that the Cassadines or the Quartermaines or the Jax's haven't done tens times as often and made ten times as much doing. So he is going to be something he has never been before...untouchable. Mike says that's great. Sonny will show them. Until someone shoots out his windows and hits him in the process, just like Mac Scorpio. Sonny sarcastically thanks Mike for his fatherly encouragement. He asks if Mike just wants him to be glad that he walked out on him when he was six.

Carly is telling Michael about how she is going to decorate his new room. She tells him not to worry about anything, because his Daddy is going to make sure that everything is OK.

Monica says that she knows AJ has never believed that she was on his side, but a lot of times it had more to do with what was going on between her and Alan than anything AJ did. AJ says that it means a lot to him to have Monica and Alan on his side this time because this is the time that counts. He is going to need their help, advice and support. But most of all, he needs them to acknowledge his place in the family. He is the first son and Michael is the first grandson. He is entitled to their respect. He isn't going to let his son be treated the way he has been treated all these years. He won't stand for it. He will take steps to make sure it doesn't happen. If Alan and Monica want a relationship with Michael, they should know whose good side they need to be on. As AJ and Monica are talking, Jason arrives at the Q's. He tells AJ that his attorney is filing a refusal to comply with the court ordered blood test s they speak. AJ says that Jason is just postponing the inevitable. Jason says if they want a war, he has taken on worse. But if someone has to get hurt, he can promise them that it won't be Michael.

Thursday, January 28, 1999

Alexis is on the docks staring at Wyndemere. She pulls out her cell phone and calls Jax. She reminds him of the day she dropped her key. Jax asks if that was the same day that she hinted that the Cassadine empire might be ripe for a takeover. She offers to come to his office and refresh his memory. As Jax hangs up the phone, Jerry arrives. He is tired of waiting. He wants to get to work on taking over the Cassadine empire.

Stefan is working on his computer in his study. He makes a call to someone and demands to know who has been trying to access the Cassadine financial records. He instructs the person to find out and get back to him at once.

Meanwhile, Luke (still disguised as Stefan's banker) is making a large donation to the prison reform society on Stefan's behalf. The prison reform representative is surprised at the size of the donation. He comments that the Cassadine's must have a strong commitment to rehabilitation. Luke says that it is because of the family history. The family has a saying, "the criminal is my brother."

Bobbie is at the hospital. Audrey tells her that she has a phone call. Bobbie says that unless it is Lucas, she will have to return the call later. Audrey says that it isn't Lucas, but that it sounds important. Bobbie reluctantly agrees to take the call commenting that it must be Carly. Her face registers shock at what the person on the other end of the line has to say. As she hangs up, Audrey asks what is wrong. Bobbie says that it is Ruby.

AJ says that if Jason refuses to comply, he will have to suffer the consequences. He is only refusing to comply because they all know that the blood test will prove that AJ is Michael's father. Jason stole him, they all know it, he should just admit it. Jason says they can fight for Michael if they want, but don't expect him not to fight back. He is Michael's father and his job is to protect him. That means keeping him away from the Q's. AJ says that if Jason wants to protect Michael, he will give him up now. Otherwise, there will be a long court battle and AJ will just win in the end anyway. Monica agrees that AJ is right. If Jason loves Michael as much as he says he does, he should let him go.

Monica knows that Jason is devoted to Michael, but it doesn't end there. AJ thinks that Monica should stay out of it, he doesn't want her in the middle. Monica says that it is too late. She is already in the middle. They are both her sons and she wants them both to be happy. Unfortunately, there is only one Michael and that means that one of them will have to give Michael up. Monica understands how angry Jason is, but without a blood test, AJ has as much right to claim that he is Michael's father as Jason. Robin made a point of telling AJ that he was the father and Monica doesn't think that she would have done that if it weren't the truth. Jason says that Robin doesn't speak for him and he says that she is wrong. Monica knows how difficult this is for Jason, but sometimes the only way out of a situation is the one that hurts. Jason says that he loves Michael and somehow they want to make that wrong. AJ challenges Jason to go ahead and drag it out, but even Jason will have to answer to the law. Jason says that everyone in the Q family has said that they want to love Michael. Maybe to them love is blackmail and manipulation , but that isn't love to Michael. That isn't what he knows and that isn't what he needs. Jason says that he is going to do everything he can to keep Michael away from the Q's.

Jerry and Jax discuss how to bring down the Cassadines. Thanks to his brief stint as a Cassadine operative, Jerry is somewhat familiar with how the holdings are structured. They are solid. The only way to bring them down is with an explosion. The best way would be to have an inside contact. Someone who can chip away at the core at the organization until it explodes from the outside in. Jax says that he happens to know an insider whose loyalty may be a little shaky, but he refuses to tell Jerry who the person is.

Alexis meets Stefan on the docks. He tells her that someone has recently gained access to the family accounts and asks her if it was her. Alexis denies any tampering and says if someone has been tampering, it is Stefan's fault. He has been neglecting the family holdings in favor of pursuing Laura Spencer.

Stefan is still confused by Alexis' bitterness. He concedes that he lied, but explains that he did it to protect Nikolas from Helena. He expected her of all people to understand. Alexis says that she was an outsider in her own family and apparently that was the way they all wanted it. She isn't going to forget that. She thought Stefan was her cousin, but he is her brother. She thought Nikolas was the prince, it turns out he is really Stefan's son. She has spent her whole life trying to find her proper place in the family and she is tired of waiting. She is going to take what is hers right now. Stefan asks if that is why she has hired people to investigate their assets. Alexis doesn't care what Stefan thinks anymore. He may control the Cassadine fortune, but he doesn't own it. If he loses one penny, she will see to it that he answers to every Cassadine on the planet.

Luke continues his task of donating Stefan's money. He presents a nun with a very large donation for the sisters of refuge. He hopes it will make their dream of building a new facility a reality. The nun is overcome with joy when she sees the amount of the check. Luke assures her that Mr. Cassadine wanted to make sure that their facility is the finest of it's kind. Everything necessary for the rehabilitation of the women of the street. The nun asks if she can thank Mr. Cassadine personally, but Luke says that he is somewhat shy. He suggests that the nun pray that Mr. Cassadine's soul spends eternity where it belongs.

Bobbie is at a very dark and empty Kelly's with Ruby's attorney. The attorney explains that Ruby had a fatal heart condition, but that she didn't want anyone to know. Ruby requested that the attorney respect her privacy. Ruby made sure that all of her affairs were in order as soon as she found out. Bobbie says that she will contact the attorney with a date for the memorial service once she has had a chance to contact Luke. As the attorney leaves, Audrey, who has accompanied Bobbie to Kelly's, tries to comfort Bobbie. She knows that Ruby was like a mother to her. Bobbie says that Ruby was more like a whole family. She can't believe that she is never going to see her again. There is no chance to say goodbye or thank you. Ruby just dies in her sleep one night and suddenly it's all over. It doesn't seem right. Audrey says that it never does. Audrey offers to keep Bobbie company if she wants to go home, but Bobbie wants to stay at Kelly's a while longer. After Audrey leaves, Bobbie locks the door and turns the open sign to closed.

AJ thanks Monica for sticking up for him with Jason. Monica tells AJ that she is very proud of him. It probably hurt her with Jason, but she had to be honest. Telling Jason to give Michael up isn't about taking sides. If AJ is responsible for Michael being on this earth, than he deserves the chance to love and support that child.

Jason is waling past Kelly's and notices the closed sign. He looks in the window and sees Bobbie. He knocks on the door and Bobbie lets him in. He asks why Kelly's is closed. When Bobbie doesn't answer, he asks if she is ok. Bobbie says no and Jason asks what happened. Bobbie tearfully tells Jason that Ruby is gone. As she starts to cry harder, Jason pulls her into his arms for a comforting hug.

Jerry is upset that Jax won't tell him who the Cassadine insider is. For something this big, they need to trust each other. He explains that Bobbie would prefer that he stay out of it, but he is willing to take the risk for the chance to get close to Jax again. Jerry says that he has tried everything he knows to show how sorry he is for deceiving him all those years, but Jax has to try too, if they are going to put everything behind them. Jax reluctantly tells Jerry that his insider is Alexis. She hinted that she might be willing to help, but Jax isn't sure that he believes her. He is going to meet with her this afternoon, but he isn't going to agree to anything until he is sure that she is committed. On cue, Alexis arrives while Jerry sneaks out the back. She hands Jax a detailed print out of the most vulnerable Cassadine holdings. She suggests that they go over it together and target the items that are ripe for takeover. Jax says he doesn't think so. He doesn't like being played for a fool.

Alexis asks Jax to tell her what the problem is. She came there in good faith. Jax says that she is making it too easy and that makes him suspicious. The possibility exists that this whole thing is a setup to protect ELQ. Jax knows that she was fired, but she still has ties at the highest level. Ned could be trying to distract him with a challenge. Alexis says that she is noone's messenger. She didn't offer the deal to Ned because Ned has too many partners and secrecy is crucial. Besides, she and Ned are emotionally involved and she is afraid that that would get in the way. Jax points out that she is emotionally involved with the Cassadines. They are, after all, her family. Alexis can't deny the family connection, but insists that it is strictly business. Jax thinks she is holding back or she is unwilling to be honest with herself. Either way, he can't take the risk. He thanks her for the offer, but politely declines.

Edward walks into the room and asks if they have grounds for a lawsuit. AJ correctly guesses that Edward has heard about Jason's visit. Monica says that Jason was very civilized. He just wanted to let them know that his lawyer was filing a refusal to comply with the court order. Edward thinks that they need to mount an all out assault on Jason's character. Find a crime and try to pin it on him. Monica angrily tells Edward that she won't let him start a war between her sons. AJ agrees. Let the courts sort it out for now. They need to go back to work on Carly.

Bobbie apologizes to Jason for falling apart like that. Jason understands. Ruby meant a lot to Bobbie, he knows that she is going to miss her. Bobbie says that Ruby wasn't the kind of person that you loved from afar. She was always there in the good times and the bad times. Whenever she needed her. She didn't have to say much. Bobbie could tell what she was thinking just by looking at her face. It was a great face. Comfortable and strong and beautiful. Bobbie wishes that she could have helped Ruby through this. Taken her away on a vacation or cooked her a big dinner. Instead Ruby just slipped away all by herself. Jason says that it sounds like Ruby wanted it that way. Bobbie agrees. That was Ruby. She never even wanted a birthday present. She always complained that you spent too much on her at Christmas. Bobbie remembers once when Ruby had the flu and she wouldn't let Bobbie and Luke take care of her. She looks around Kelly's and notes that the place hasn't changed much over the years. Just like Ruby, the place was constant. She really wanted Lucas to know something like that. She wanted him to have a really special person in his life who would comfort him and make him feel safe. He had a little taste of it, but Bobbie was hoping for so much more. She told Lucas that he could introduce Ruby to his pony when it got a little warmer. Now she is going to have to tell him that it's never going to happen. It's only been a few hours and she misses her already. She will never get used to this. She can't imagine a world without Ruby. Bobbie thanks Jason for listening and not telling her that everything is going to be all right.

Edward says that he did a little checking and found out that Carly's release from Ferncliff was signed by a judge who had been bribed by Jason. It won't be easy to prove because the judge has an impeccable reputation. AJ thinks it isn't worth pursuing. It could backfire. Edward suggests petitioning to have Carly reexamined, but AJ doesn't think that that would be necessary. He talked to Carly's doctor at Ferncliff and he said that he would be happy to testify that Carly was released early. The doctor felt pressure from Jason to sign the release papers and he still resents it. Edward laughs gleefully as he imagines Carly's reaction to a threat to put her back in Ferncliff. AJ comments that Monica must think they sound like monsters. Monica points out that Carly created the situation by taking advantage of Jason in the first place. Monica wants to get Michael back without indicting Jason for bribing a judge. AJ assures her that that is his intention.

Alexis explains that the Cassadine holdings get passed from eldest son to eldest son and right now there isn't one. Jax thought that Nikolas was the eldest son, but Alexis says that Nikolas' claim is in question. She just recently found out and nothing has been made official. When the news breaks, it will be total chaos. She is angry. She wishes she is a better person. Nikolas will still be very wealthy. Jax points out that Alexis will be wealthy as well. Jax agrees to help Alexis.

Jerry pays a visit to Stefan via the secret tunnels. He asks if Jerry has been investigating the Cassadine holdings. He asks Jerry to be on the alert in case he hears anything and suggests that Jerry leave through the front door.

Jason asks Bobbie if he should tell Carly about Ruby. Bobbie thanks him saying that he should. She has so many things to do. Jason also offers to call the funeral home and have all the arrangements run through him. If Bobbie needs extra hands, he will supply them. Bobbie says that she has to figure out how she is going to break the news to Lucas and Lucky. Jason tells her to call if she needs anything. As Jason leaves, the phone in Kelly's starts to ring. Bobbie walks over to the counter and picks up the phone. On the other end of the line, Luke teasingly asks if Ruby has Bobbie on phone duty. When Bobbie says that she only wished that were the case, Luke immediately knows that something is wrong. Bobbie sadly explains that Ruby had a heart attack and died in her sleep. Luke looks heart broken as he hears the news and quietly tells Bobbie to hang on. He will be there as soon as he can.

Friday, January 29

Sonny and Jason are on the docks discussing their coffee business they plan on operating and of course, Moreno. Sonny looks out in the water and sees a women on a boat and asks Jason if it is Laura. Jason confirms it and they both assume that she is headed for Spoon Island. Sonny asks Jason if Luke is coming home for Ruby's memorial service and Jason says yes. Sonny then asks Jason to tell him exactly what's been going on between the Spencers and the Cassadines. Jason tells Sonny about Luke's weird behavior lately and how he has been in and out of town a lot. Jason also fills Sonny in on how Luke abducted Lucky a few months back and had him hijacked up in some cabin in the middle of nowhere. A shocked Sonny can't believe Luke abducted his own son. Jason tells him that Lucky returned home a few days later, but didn't mention much about the incident. He then adds that sometimes you do things nobody else understands to protect the people you love. Sonny tells him sometimes you have to be careful, because you wind up hurting the people you're trying to protect. Jason then tells Sonny that he's going to take off and head over to Kelly's Diner and asks Sonny if he is coming. Sonny tells him he's going to stick around on the docks for a while. Jason leaves.

Liz and Lucky are on their way to Kelly's Diner and Liz is nervous that Ruby may be mad at her because she is late. Lucky tells her not to worry about it, because it's not her fault that the bus they took their field trip on came back late. As they approach Kelly's, Lucky calls out for Ruby, but gets no response. Bobbie comes from out of the kitchen with a solemn look on her face and Lucky can tell that something is wrong. When he asks her what's the matter, Bobbie regretfully informs Lucky and Liz that Ruby is gone. They are both stunned and ask Bobbie how it happened. Bobbie tells them she died in her sleep. She also explains that Ruby had a heart condition and never told anyone about it. Bobbie then discloses that Luke is already on his way home, and tells Lucky that they haven't been able to reach Laura yet. Lucky asks Bobbie if there is anything that she needs for him to do. Bobbie explains how she and Carly are preparing Kelly's for an open house to honor Ruby's memory in the very manner she herself requested. Seeing that things are being taken care of at Kelly's, Lucky tells Bobbie that he is going for a walk to digest all of this and will be back later. He and Liz leave. Carly comes from out of the kitchen and comes up to Bobbie and comforts her.

Carly asks Bobbie if there is anything more that she can do. Bobbie says no and thanks Carly for being there with her and regrets that Carly never got a chance to know Ruby better, because she was the only real family Luke and her ever had. Carly says that she didn't know Ruby very well, but knows that Bobbie is going to miss her. Bobbie says that she will miss her, and that Ruby was a wonderful person. Carly says that all she knows about Ruby is that she is the one who told Bobbie to give her up as an infant. Sensing how insensitive that was, Carly apologizes to Bobbie for her remark and promises that she won't bring that up at the memorial service. Bobbie admits to Carly that there were times over the years when she was led to believe that her baby had died and she was angry with Ruby for convincing her to give her infant daughter away, but she finally came to realize that Ruby only encouraged her to do what she thought was best for her and for her little baby girl. She then tells Carly that she recognizes that Carly doesn't agree with that, but tells Carly that she herself has made some unpopular decisions herself based on what she thought was best for Michael. Adding that one thing you have to say about Ruby, everything that came from her, even questionable advice, always came from the heart. She then tells Carly that she knows that today would be much harder for her if Carly wasn't there with her. Carly is touched and they hug. Jason is there and apologizes for interrupting, but he just wanted to remind Carly about the new furniture that's suppose to arrive at the penthouse. Carly asks Bobbie if there is anything else she needs and Bobbie says to go have fun arranging the furniture in her new place and to "grab the good times while you can", a phrase of Ruby's. Carly asks Bobbie if she is sure and Bobbie says that she will be fine, Felicia will be there shortly.

After Carly and Jason have left, Luke arrives and upon seeing his sister, they hug each other and cry in each other's arms. Luke tells Bobbie that he had a bad feeling, because Ruby came to him in a dream five or six nights ago and he hadn't spoken with her since New Year's. He then tells Bobbie he was suppose to call Ruby, but never got around to it. Bobbie asks him about the dream and he tells her that he really doesn't remember the dream, except Ruby was giving him one of those bone-withering glares of hers and he woke up in a cold sweat. Bobbie tells Luke that they always new were they stood with Ruby and always knew she'd be there. Luke then asks Bobbie what would have happened to them if Ruby wouldn't had taken them in and made them a family all those years ago? Bobbie tells him that she didn't have any idea what she was getting herself into, but she didn't quit and she didn't kick them out. Luke and Bobbie then sadly recall how Ruby got them both through some of the toughest years of their lives. Felicia comes into Kelly's and hugs Luke and tells him that she is glad Bobbie was able to get a hold of him. She then asks if any one has gotten a hold of Laura. No one says nothing and Felicia changes the subject and tells Bobbie that she will go in the kitchen and get the food together before the guest arrive. Luke thanks Felicia before she leaves. Once Felicia is out of earshot, Bobbie asks Luke if he has spoken to Laura. Luke says no, he came straight here. Bobbie tells him that she didn't want Laura to find out from an answering machine, so she just left her a message asking her to call. She then tells him that Lucky was away overnight on a school field trip, but he got back this morning and she told him. Luke asks Bobbie how Lucky took the news and Bobbie tells him that he took it like Luke did, but Liz was with him and they went for a walk, but said they would be back for the gathering. Luke then asks about Little Lucas and Bobbie tells him that Jerry took him for the afternoon until they get things set up here. Luke asks her about what needs to be done in terms of arrangements? Bobbie tells him that Ruby wanted a big open house for all of her friends and family to drink the coffee and eat the chili and trade exaggerated stories of her. She then tells Luke that there is still time for him to take a walk if he likes before everyone arrives. Luke tells her maybe that would be good. He then tells her that he sure does love her and Bobbie tells him she loves him too. Luke tells her he'll be back and leaves. Felicia comes from out of the kitchen and she and Bobbie continue to reminisce about Ruby.

Laura arrives at Wyndemere and Stefan is happy to see her so he can be relieved from his legal work. He can see that something is wrong and asks her what is it. She says that she ran into a couple of Luke's friends on the way to the launch, and it felt as if she was doing something wrong. She then confesses to Stefan that although Luke may have left her, she still feels guilty about spending time with him. Laura then thanks Stefan for slowing things down between them the other night, because she really wasn't ready yet. Stefan tells her that his motives were purely selfish and when she comes to him, he doesn't want anyone else to be in the room with them, (meaning Luke). He then adds in the meantime, he can see no reason why they can't spend time together, unless it will make her uncomfortable. Laura tells him no and she really appreciates his patience. Stefan tells her it's his strong suit.

Lucky and Liz return to his place and still can't believe that Ruby is gone. Liz and Lucky were hit hard by Ruby's passing and they shared warm memories of their time with her at Kelly's. He tells Liz a story about Luke, using Ruby as a "mother" figure. He tells her about when they came back to Port Charles, he got separated from his parents and his dad always told him that Ruby was home base. He then tells of how he had to go to Ruby's and Ruby knew just what to do. Liz is cleaning off all the fuzzy gunk on Lucky's suit jacket for him. She wonders if he will be ok there, with everyone coming up to him telling him how sorry they are and reminding him of his lost over and over again. He says as long as she will be there with him, he'll be okay.

Jerry and Jax manage to distract Lucas while the boy's mother works on putting the memorial service together. Jerry is talking to Lucas, who is sad about Ruby dying. Jerry says that he didn't know her well, but reminds Lucas that Bobbie always talked about how Ruby wanted people to be living their life to the fullest. He then tells Lucas from all the great stories that his mom's been telling him, Ruby was a lady who loved to laugh and she liked the people she loved to be happy. He then ask Lucas what is that saying that his mom uses all the time? Lucas says "Grab The Good Times When You Can." Jerry tells him that's it and Lucas says that his Aunt Ruby said that all the time. Jax says that it sounds like his Aunt Ruby could have been an honorary Jacks. Lucas asks him what does he mean by that and then Jax and Jerry tell Lucas a story about when they were boys. They then suggest they play some video games and Jerry has a hard time believing that Jax has gotten to level 4 of the game Robo-clone. He and Lucas then challenge Jax to a game and they succeed in taking Lucas' mind off of Ruby.

While Sonny is dwelling on the docks, his father Mike comes up to him and the two men talk. Mike tells Sonny that they are having an open house so anybody who wants to stop by and pay their respects can. He then says that Ruby's passing was pretty unexpected. Sonny tells him that it usually is. You never know the last time you see somebody could really be the last time. He then says the last time he saw Brenda, she was right here and he told himself he probably would never see her again. And he remembers saying it to himself and in his heart not believing it for a second. Mike continues to listen and Sonny says he still can't understand why it all got so twisted, how hurting her became the only way he thought that he could protect her. Mike tells him that there is no way that he could have known what would have happened. Sonny tells him he is right, just like he can't believe how she figured out a way to let him go and move on. Mike says isn't that what you wanted? Sonny says he wanted to save her, but she did it. She cut the cord herself and he knew when the warehouse fire happened and Jax came out. She came running and he thought she was running to him, but she ran right past him and to Jax. If she had given him a glimpse, he would have known, but she didn't. Mike says you would have known what? Sonny says he would have known that she wasn't over him, but he found out that she was, but there was still a pull for him and standing here right now, he knows there always will be. Mike tells Sonny that it's not so much that Brenda let him go and moved on, she just came to understand him and forgave him. He then tells Sonny that the one thing that she would want him to do is to forgive himself and quit holding onto grudges. He then tells Sonny that he and Brenda had a long conversation before he left and her biggest wish for Sonny is for him to be happy, he then adds that it is his wish for Sonny to be happy as well. Mike tells Sonny he has to get to Kelly's. Sonny says that he and Jason are going to go through with the coffee business and Mike tells him good.

Mike runs into Luke on the steps. They exchange hellos and Mike tells him how sorry he is to hear about Ruby. Luke thanks him and then runs down to see Sonny. They greet each other and hug and then joke about wearing suits. Sonny would have liked to have seen Luke in a suit, but Luke says hell no, I looked like an accountant! Sonny then offers his deepest sympathies about Ruby's passing. Luke tells him thanks, but then cuts right to it and asks Sonny what he is really doing back in town. Sonny says didn't you always tell me not to throw my life away? Luke tells him yeah, but anytime anybody tells him he's right, he guess he'll believe them, but if Sonny thinks that he's going to believe that he's here for any other reason than Moreno, then he thinks Sonny may have toasted his cauliflower. Sonny tells Luke that he is through with that business. As a boat approaches, Luke tells Sonny that he is not and there are still a lot of people out there he'd like to see disappear. Sensing that Luke and Laura need some time alone to talk, Sonny tells Luke that it's getting a little cold out here for him and he is going to go ahead and head on over to the grill. Luke says okay, I'm going to stay here and enjoy the view. Laura steps off the launch. Luke coolly greets her, and asks if she will be at Kelly's later. Why, something going on there? She replies equally coolly. Luke says that she should have called Bobbie back, because Ruby is dead. Laura's face goes from cool anger to utter shock.

AT JASON & CARLY'S PENTHOUSE (formerly Justus'place)
Carly is wondering to Jason if she should have stayed with Bobbie. Jason says that Bobbie said it was OK. Carly says yeah, she did. She then tells Jason Bobbie was really grateful for what he did for her yesterday with the arrangements and everything. Jason tells her that he only did what needed to be done and Bobbie didn't need to be thinking about that stuff. Carly tells him even still, it meant so much to Bobbie and it meant a lot to her that she was there with her. She then tells Jason it felt like family for the first time and even though she didn't know Ruby very well, she just had a feeling like she needed to be there for her mother. Ned and V have arrived at Kelly's and are laughing and excited. They discuss how well Ned's show went that night. V swears that Ned rocked. Ned agrees that it was good. He loved everything about it. Everyone was really into. Sometimes everything just clicks. He felt like he wanted to pay the audience. V tells him that he is going to have to get over his performance anxiety because he ruled and she is going to book him everywhere. Ned asks if she is a plot hatched by Jax to get him kicked out of ELQ because CEO's shouldn't be moonlighting as rock stars. V says that most CEO's need to get a life. All work and not play makes for a bunch of stuffed shirts. Ned says that she is a bully, but V laughs and says she is not. A person who encourages an artist to get up on stage and knock everyone's socks off while he has the time of his life is...a genius. Ned laughs and tells her that she is stubborn, but he's glad. In fact, V makes him glad about a lot of things.

Bobbie is alone in her living room looking reflective when Jerry arrives looking for her. He can tell right away that something is wrong.

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