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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 1, 1999 on GH
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Monday, February 1, 1999

Laura is appropriately shocked at Luke's blunt announcement that Ruby is dead. She tells Luke how sorry she is and asks how it happened. Luke explains that Ruby died in her sleep. Her heart just stopped. He hopes she was with the man of her dreams. It would be a good end to a good life. Luke invites Laura to the open house at Kelly's. Laura says that of course she will be there.

At Kelly's, Lucas talks to Bobbie and Jerry about how he and Ruby used to play games together. Jerry offers to take Lucas home and play a game with him in Ruby's honor. Bobbie thanks Jerry for keeping Lucas occupied. She isn't sure Lucas should be at the open house. He is so young. Jerry is concerned about Bobbie, but she assures him that she will be fine.

Felicia comes out of the kitchen and tells Bobbie that she thinks they are set. Ruby left tons of chili in the freezer. She notices that Bobbie looks particularly sad and asks what she is thinking. Bobbie wonders is she should have seen something, but Felicia says that there isn't any way she u have. Bobbie and Felicia remember how Ruby was there for Bobbie when BJ died (accompanied by a flashback of Bobbie and Ruby at GH). Felicia and Bobbie hug as they remember.

In the restaurant at the Port Charles Hotel, Alexis concludes a meeting with her attorney. As the attorney leaves, Sonny arrives. Uninvited, he joins her at her table and introduces himself.

Carly wants to know why A is talking about Dr. Evans. AJ says that he did a little checking. And he talked to Dr. Evans who had some very interesting things to say. In fact, AJ has an affidavit from Dr. Evans which says that he didn't think that Carly was fit to be released from Ferncliff. AJ put two and two together and figured out that Jason must have bribed a judge to get her out of Ferncliff. Carly challenges him to prove it, but AJ reminds her that if he can, everyone will know that she should never have been released in the first place. Carly is horrified and asks if AJ is threatening to send her back to that hellhole.

Sonny offers Alexis a drink, but Alexis would rather know why he has seated himself at her table. Sonny explains that he knows that she is an attorney and he just might have a friend who might need representation. He has heard from everyone that she is the best. Alexis accepts that compliment, but says that she isn't practicing criminal law at the moment so she can't help him. Sonny says that that is a coincidence because he isn't a criminal. His friend needs help with a custody dispute.

AJ continues to taunt Carly. He agrees that he can't send her back to Ferncliff, but Dr. Evans is another matter. He had a chance to discuss things with the doctor and the doctor is concerned about her. Carly is outraged that AJ would do something so awful just because he thinks that he might be Michael's father. AJ reminds Carly of everything she did to him. She let his family think he was a hopeless drunk. She kept him away from his son for the first year of his life. He thinks he has a little payback coming, but he doesn't want revenge. He wants his son. If getting Michael back means he gets to send her back to Ferncliff, well that is just icing on the cake. Carly freaks out and throws AJ against the wall screaming that he will never send her back there. Hearing the commotion, Jason runs in to pull Carly off of AJ, while AJ asks if this is the behavior of a sane woman.

Edward expresses his condolences to Bobbie. He thinks that Kelly's could be called the soul of Port Charles and that is all because of Ruby. Jax arrives as Edward wanders off to sign the guest book. Jax tells Bobbie how sorry he is. Ruby meant a lot to Brenda and Kelly's meant a lot to both of them. There is a spot outside and a room upstairs that changed his life forever. Bobbie thinks that the romantic in Ruby would have been happy to know that. Bobbie thanks Jax for helping Jerry distract Lucas.

Lucky and Liz arrive at Kelly's. As they start to go in, Lucky stops and walks away from the door. Liz asks Lucky if he is ok.. Lucky says that he just got hit with a memory and he tells Liz (accompanied by a flashback) about when he first arrived in Port Charles sans Luke and Laura and went straight to Kelly's. Ruby was everything his parents said she was. He says that it is kind of nice to remember a time when he could actually believe what his parents told him. At that moment, Laura walks up to Kelly's.

Laura she explains that she just found out and tells Lucky how sorry she is about Ruby. She hugs Lucky (and surprisingly Lucky lets her). Lucky tells Laura that he was just telling Liz about how Ruby took him in when he first came to Port Charles, no questions asked. Laura smiles at the thought. She turns to Liz and asks if she is ok. Liz says that she is sad, but doing all right. The three walk into Kelly's together. They greet Bobbie and then Lucky and Liz offer to help. Felicia says that she can use some extra hands in the kitchen. Lucky and Liz go with Felicia leaving Laura alone with Bobbie. Laura apologizes to Bobbie saying that she was in North Carolina visiting Leslie and she didn't get the message. Laura explains that she saw Luke and that was how she found out about Ruby. She says that Luke looked really devastated. She is sure that Bobbie is too. Bobbie tells Laura that Ruby would be glad she was there. When Laura married a Spencer, she became family. Laura says that she loved Ruby too. She was always grateful for her fairness and generosity towards her. And she was always grateful to Ruby for Luke. She raised him and gave him a soul. Bobbie says that most people would give that credit to Laura, but Laura says that he had a soul when she met him. Laura tearfully tells Bobbie that she thinks that Luke should be there instead and she doesn't think he will come if she stays. Bobbie thinks it is ridiculous that Luke and Laura can't both be there, but Laura thinks it is best if she goes. As Laura leaves, Monica arrives.

Sonny tells Alexis that his sources tell him that she is a formidable attorney and that she is one of the few people in this town who isn't intimidated by the Q's. Alexis says that the only thing she is afraid of is losing and since she doesn't have a background in family law, losing this case is a distinct possibly. She is a bad fit for his "friend" and Michael Morgan. Even though Sonny didn't tell her who the friend was, it doesn't take a genius to figure it out. Her advice is to find another attorney who has a track record in family court. Sonny says that he knows all about her track record. She got Tony Jones off after he kidnapped Michael which kind of makes her partially responsible for Carly gunning him down. Alexis tells Sonny that he might not want to bring up that incident. It puts her in a bad mood. As Sonny and Alexis are talking, Jax arrives and takes a seat in the bar.

After pulling Carly off of AJ, Jason calmly tells AJ that he stands there threatening to send Carly back to hell and then pretends to not know why Jason doesn't want him to have Michael. AJ knows that he can't send Carly back to Ferncliff, but Carly doesn't. AJ is using that to try to get to Carly. Carly tells AJ to shutup because he is a loser and he is going to lose this just like he loses everything. After AJ leaves, Carly sinks to the floor. Jason sits down next to her and offers her a reassuring pat on the back.

Carly is still freaking out, but Jason assures her that the paperwork that got her out of Ferncliff is legitimate. She is not going anywhere. AJ knows it and that is why he is trying to scare her. Carly says that AJ is a bully and a pig and she will never let him have her son. Carly is sure that AJ is going to use the affidavit from her doctor at Ferncliff against her. She will be free, but she will look totally unfit as a mother. What will happen to Michael.

Monica has arrived at Kelly's to pay her respects to Ruby. She is surprised to learn from Bobbie that Edward had dropped by earlier. Monica and Bobbie share a laugh about when Ruby took the Q's in after Monica threw them all out of the mansion. Edward seemed to remember it fondly. Monica laughs and says that Edward met his match in Ruby. As they are talking, Alan arrives. He also gives Bobbie his condolences. He thinks that Ruby was like an institution in Port Charles. He will always remember her volunteer days at GH. She had a better bedside manner than most of the doctors. He offers his help, but Bobbie says that he has done enough just by being there. As Alan and Monica go to the kitchen to say hello to Felicia, Lucy and Scott arrive. They hug Bobbie and Lucy says that it is so sad that it is unthinkable. She has tried and tried, but she can't picture Port Charles without Ruby. She was so central to everything. Bobbie laughs as she remembers how hard Lucy tried to win Ruby's approval. Lucy agrees that Ruby was a hard sell. As they continue to talk to Bobbie, Luke finally makes an appearance. Lucy doesn't know what to say to him and expresses her sorrow. Luke thanks her for being there. He says that he loves her eyes. They are beautiful even when they are sad. Despite their history, Luke and Scott manage to be cordial as Scott tells Luke how sorry he is about Ruby.

Back at the PC Hotel, Alexis tells Sonny that contrary to the prevailing stereotype of her profession, she has a conscious. It hurts her to think about what Michael and his family went through at the hands of her client, even though her hands were tied at the time. So much so that she would be willing to discuss this case with them (emphasis on the word them). She doesn't work through intermediaries. And considering how he has irritated her, he isn't a very good one. With that, Alexis gets up leaving Sonny alone at the table. She stops in the bar and tells Jax to call her later. She may have some news about their mutual project.

Sonny joins Jax at the bar where Jax offers his congratulations. It's hard to upset Alexis Davis, but then again, he has that affect on woman. Sonny says that at least he leaves them standing. Jax agrees that Sonny does leave them. He tells Sonny that he heard from Robin and that she seems happy, now that she is away from Sonny and Jason. It's good for her to be away from them and their business. Sonny say that he is a legitimate business man now, just like Jax. But wait, Jax isn't so legitimate anymore. Well Sonny is willing to give him another chance. He'd like to think that society is willing to give everyone a second chance.

Lucky and Liz come out of the kitchen to help clean up some of the tables. Luke notices Lucky and walks over to say hello. Lucky says that Bobbie told him Luke was coming back and asks if he is only in town to pay his respects or if he is staying a while.

Jason continues to explain to Carly how AJ can't possibly send her back to Ferncliff. When the judge ordered her release, it included a recommendation from Dr. Evans that she was competent to stand trial. His recent affidavit contradicts that. Carly points out that now AJ can say she attacked him, which she did. Jason says that the lawyer told him that the courts want children with their mothers. That is an advantage for them. Carly apologizes for panicking. Jason says if she can't do this, there is another way to keep Michael.

Jason and Carly discuss the possibility of taking Michael and running. Carly is surprised that Jason is even considering running as an option. She suggested that and he was against it. Jason says that he still thinks they should stay and fight, but Carly is the one AJ is torturing. If Carly can't handle it, he is willing to go wherever the Q's can't find them. They talk about everyone they would be leaving behind. Jason says that they can stay and fight or they can go someplace new and start all over. He is leaving it up to Carly.

Luke says that he doesn't know if it will be good news or bad news to Lucy, but he has finally realized that Port Charles will always be his return address. He guesses that he doesn't have to tell Lucky how much Ruby loved him. Lucky said that Ruby made sure he knew. And for the record, it's good news that Luke is staying. Liz walks up and comments that everything is all cleaned up. Even Ruby would be amazed. She tells Luke that she isn't a very good waitperson. Luke laughs and says he doubts that, not if she worked for the Rube. He'd stack her dishes with the antique china any day. Lucky says that they are going to take off, but he tells Luke that it was nice to see him. As they go, Sonny arrives. He tells Lucky how sorry he is. He then walks up to Luke who laughs and tells Sonny that he is a brave man. Sonny agrees that Ruby decided early on that she wasn't going to care for him and she stuck to her guns. Bobbie tells Sonny that Ruby never would have admitted it, but she loved it when Sonny flirted with her no matter how many times she threw him out. Sonny laughs and agrees that he and Ruby may not have had a friendship, but they did have an understanding. He once again offers his condolences and goes leaving Bobbie and Luke alone at Kelly's. Luke apologizes to Bobbie for being late. He lost track of time. As he and Bobbie share a piece of cake, they laugh together at the memory of Ruby jumping out of the cake at Luke's bachelor party (accompanied by a flashback!). This is followed by another flashback of Luke, Bobbie and Ruby celebrating Luke's return to PC with a bottle of champagne. Back at Kelly's Bobbie comments that they had some good times and asks Luke if that was what he was remembering on the docks. Luke says that he was listening. He was listening to the wind and the water and he swears that he heard Ruby's voice. He tearfully says that he could hear her saying I'm here sweetheart and I'll always be here in your heart. Like a sturdy old lighthouse with an unquenchable beacon I'm going to remind you to beware of ragged rocky shores of indifference and beware false judgment and self delusion and be on guard against a remote heart. And he heard her laugh. He swears that he heard her laugh. She said pick up your chin kid. Pick up your head and your hopes and be determined and stay focused and always remember that there is life and grace and dignity in the eye of every storm. She was living proof. With that, Luke places his cup and saucer on top of the last candle, extinguishing it. He and Bobbie walk to the door. Luke turns the open sign to closed and Bobbie turns off the neon Kelly's sign. With a last glance around, Luke and Bobbie walk out the door leaving Kelly's dark and empty.

Note: What Luke said to Bobbie about Ruby at the end of today's episode was paraphrased from the actually eulogy that Tony Geary gave at Norma Connolly's memorial service. The eulogy is printed in it's entirety in the February 9 issue of Soap Opera Magazine. It is very moving and I recommend that you read it if you get the chance!

Tuesday, February 2, 1999


Bobbie and Luke pack up Ruby's belongings. They decide to just keep a few things that'll remind them of her and what they had together. Luke wants to close Kelly's for good. Bobbie thinks they should think about it. Luke wants to move on. Unbeknownst to them, Lucky and Liz are downstairs in Kelly's opening the diner for business. After awhile, Lucky tells Liz that he if going upstairs to ask Luke if he would like a break from the packing. Lucky interrupts Luke and Bobbie and tells them that he and Liz opened Kelly's and that most of the regular customers had come by. Lucky asks Luke about joining him for a cup of coffer and Luke accepts. Bobbie tells Luke to rethink about closing Kelly's.

Over coffee, Lucky and Luke have a pretty good connecting talk. Lucky is very insightful when it comes to Luke. He encourages Luke to move on from the past; like he has been doing for these past few months. Luke asks if he does move on, start anew, does this include a fresh start with Lucky? Lucky says if it only has to do with who they are now and not the old junk from the past. Luke agrees and they shake hands. Just then, Nikolas comes into Kelly's and Lucky says well, let's see if you can handle it. Nikolas offers his condolences and his help. Liz puts him to work - waiting tables. First one is Luke and Lucky. Lucky taunts Luke after Nikolas refills his water glass. Luke takes the abuse with pleasure.

Luke leaves after thanking Liz profusely for all she has done. Nikolas joins Lucky to say he had dropped by to offer his sympathy and to ask if there was anything he could do, not thinking waiting tables was going to be the answer. Lucky tells Nikolas that he and Luke have come to an understanding, which includes Luke accepting that Nikolas and Lucky are brothers. They both agree that now that they have gotten to know each other, they prefer being brothers rather than enemies.

Mac and Felicia are in Mac's office. Mac tells her that they are closing the case on the shooting at the Outback. No evidence/leads - nothing to go on. Felicia bitches about Moreno getting away with it. Mac assures her that things will be different for Moreno now with Sonny back in town. Felicia takes a file on prostitution arrests for her research on her book. She leaves Mac's office to meet Tammy. Felicia and Tammy talk about the book. Felicia interviews Tammy about hooking. Tammy tells the typical "Why I became a hooker" story. Started off as a dancer then got into escorting which then led to hooking. Felicia asks her about sex and love. Tammy explains that she has never had love, so she can't get the two mixed up.

Felicia returns to Mac's office and invites him to spend the afternoon together. Mac tells her he is never too busy for his wife.

Sonny and Jason discuss the coffee/warehouse business. The Quartermaine name comes up in their conversation and Carly who has been lurking and eavesdropping interrupts Jason. She asks Jason why he is telling Sonny about their personal business. Jason gets mad and tells Carly off. He finally puts her in her place. He turns back to Sonny and finishes telling him about AJ's visit yesterday. He also tells Sonny that he has been contemplating running. Sonny offers the casino to Jason. Enrico called earlier and there is some business with the casino that needs addressing in person. Jason volunteers to go. After Sonny leaves the room, Carly apologizes again to Jason. She knows Jason doesn't want to "run" with her and Michael. He asks her if she does, and Carly says yes. Jason says Ok, then they'll go. They talk about their ties to port Charles and to each other. They start to pack.

Bobbie calls Carly, upset and crying. She asks Carly if she will come over and be with her while she is packing Ruby's things. Carly tells Jason she has got to go see Bobbie. It's the first time Bobbie has ever asked her to do something for her. Jason offers to change their reservations, but Carly says no, he and Michael should still go, she won't feel at ease until Michael is out of the country. Carly goes upstairs and gets Michael dressed. She brings him down to Jason and tells him goodbye after promising to join them soon. Jason tells Carly that if she can't do this, they don't have to go. Carly says she can do it. She gives them a kiss each and leaves.

Carly and Bobbie are going through Ruby's stuff when Bobbie hands her a sealed envelope addressed to Carly. She tells Carly she found it when she was sorting through Ruby's papers. Inside is a necklace that meant a lot to Ruby that she now would like Carly to have. She wrote that if Bobbie could forgive Carly after hurting her and Luke, then who is she to hold a grudge in the "next world." Carly is overcome with emotions. Ruby had accepted her. She jugs Bobbie and tells her that saying goodbye to someone you love is the hardest thing to do.

Sonny returns to the penthouse as Jason's leaving. Jason tells him that he and Michael are leaving but Carly had to go see Bobbie. Sonny doesn't like that. He voices his concern that Carly will tell Bobbie everything. Jason tells him that he told Carly to keep quiet about their plans and Carly promised. He then asks Sonny to get Carly over the border tonight so she can catch a plane to join them on the island. He also asks Sonny to look after Emily and to explain to her why he had to leave with Michael. Sonny tells Jason that he wished he had a father like Jason when he was growing up. He also wishes that he could be a father like Jason is to Michael. Jason tells him that he is a father to him. And he is doing for Michael like Sonny did for him. They say their good-byesRecap --->

Wednesday, February 3, 1999

As Katherine orders a martini at the bar, Alexis arrives and comments that she is a very brave woman, considering that Laura threw a martini in her face not too long ago. She asks if Laura did that on general principle or if it was something specific. Katherine says that she thinks it was some sort of mating ritual between Stefan and Laura. She isn't sorry if her comments about Stefan and Laura offend Alexis. Even Alexis had to agree that their courtship is revolting. Alexis agrees that Stefan's taste in woman is atrocious. Katherine lets the insult go and asks Alexis if she is going to let Ned lead her on forever.

Emily happens to answer the door when the newest court order arrives. She gives it to AJ and asks if it is about Michael. AJ knows that she is aware of what is going on and assures her that he wants to end it as soon as possible. Emily asks again what the papers say.

Mike arrives at the penthouse looking for Jason and Michael. Sonny explains that Jason left and then points Mike to the door.

Bobbie thanks Carly for staying with her. She knows that Carly had something else to do. Carly says that nothing could keep her away from Bobbie today. She knows that Bobbie needs her. Bobbie says that asking Carly for help was not easy for her, especially in tears. It puts a person in a very vulnerable position and up until today, that isn't a place she wanted to be with Carly. She sat by the phone and she suddenly realized that Carly is the only person she wanted to help her through this so she decided to take a chance. Maybe Ruby's passing away has something to do with it, but she feels closer to Carly now than ever before. In the days and the years ahead, she would like to build on that feeling. In tears, Carly hugs Bobbie and tells her that she is so sorry.

Sonny tells Mike to leave him alone. He doesn't need another business partner. Mike asks if the Q's are making another run at Michael. He wants to know if Michael is ok. Mike is shocked when Sonny explains that there is a chance that Jason could lose Michael. Mike is even more surprised to learn that AJ is Michael's biological father, not Jason.

Carly says that it seems like all she has done since she came to Port Charles is to cause misery for everyone around her. And now, Ruby gives her the letter and Bobbie says that she feels closer to her than ever. Everything she ever wanted was just waiting for her. She could have had it a long time ago. Bobbie rationalizes that Carly may have been afraid of rejection so she decided to hurt Bobbie first. Bobbie confesses to Carly that she used to be a lot like her. She tells her about how she used to be in love with Scott Baldwin when he was married to Laura. She did everything she could to try to break up their marriage. She is the one who introduced Laura to Luke. All the effort and all she did was cause a lot of heart ache to herself and everyone else. Her first reaction at finding out that Carly was her daughter was outrage, but than she realized that Carly didn't tell her for all the reasons that she herself wouldn't have told her mother in the same situation. As they grow closer, Bobbie realizes how alike they really are.

AJ assures Emily that he has Michael's best interests at heart. He doesn't want to hurt Michael or Jason. He hopes she knows him better than that. Emily correctly guesses that the mystery papers are another court order for a paternity test. She tells AJ that Jason is never going to give him Michael and suggests that he just stop trying. Michael only has one father and that's Jason. He is the one who has been raising him, Jason is the only father Michael has ever known. AJ asks if anyone ever thought that he could be a good father. Emily says that she doesn't want to see him hurt or without something he really wants, but the best thing for Michael is to be with Jason. AJ is sorry that Emily sees things so differently than he does. He isn't going to ask her to change his mind. He suggests that she not ask him to change his.

Monica and Edward arrive at the Q mansion as AJ is leaving. Edward is pleased to learn that AJ got the court papers they were waiting for. Now Jason's lawyers will know he has no choice but to cooperate. Monica pleads with AJ to please be civil. AJ assures Monica that he and Jason are being careful not to do anything that can be used against them in court. Carly is another matter. She freaked out when he brought over the last court order. Who knows what she will do today. AJ tells Monica that Emily was there when he got the papers and she is very upset. Monica leaves to find Emily while Edward and AJ gleefully make plans for when they have Michael in their possession.

Monica explains to Emily that the blood test will most likely prove that AJ is Michael's father. That gives him certain rights. Emily asks if the law being on AJ's side automatically makes it fair. Monica agrees that what is legal, isn't always fair. If she had her druthers, Michael would have two fathers. Emily accuses Monica of wanting to stay in the middle rather than do what is best for Michael. The only people Michael has in his life are Jason and Carly. Michael will be terrified if he has to live at the Q's. That can't be a good thing and she won't pretend that it is. Edward walks in while Monica and Emily are talking and starts saying how everything is going to work out for the best. Emily angrily tells Edward that everything that has happened is his fault and if noone else in this house will stand up to him, she will.

Sonny refuses to tell a waiting Mike where Jason and Michael are. Mike assures Sonny that he wouldn't tell even if he knew. Sonny explains that Jason thought he had to leave to protect Michael. Under other circumstances, Jason could have stayed and gained full custody. With the help of a good lawyer and a decent woman as Michael's mother.

Carly teases Bobbie asking if she has any other amusing stories for her. Bobbie laughs and says no, so Carly tells Bobbie how she used to picture her mother when she was little. No offense, but Bobbie is nothing like her dream of her mother. Bobbie explains that she and Luke grew up hard. Carly asks how Bobbie turned it around. How did she get to be so responsible? Bobbie says that it took hard work, and a career that meant something to her. The big change came though when she started raising Lucas. For the first time in her life she started caring about someone more than herself. Carly gets angry because she thinks that Bobbie is pointing out that everywhere she succeeded, Carly failed. Bobbie is a surgical nurse and Carly flunked out. Bobbie fought for Lucas and Carly left right after Michael was born. Bobbie says that she wasn't trying to criticize Carly, she was just trying to explain how she changed. In the usual Carly fashion, Carly gets more upset and says that today is turning out like it always does and blurts out that it's too bad since she never see the place again.

Carly starts to leave, but Bobbie stops her. She says again that she wasn't criticizing her. Carly is trying very hard with Michael and she is becoming a better mother every day. Carly apologizes for overreacting saying that she is a little emotional today. Bobbie asks what she meant about leaving forever. Carly blows it off saying that she just meant the place once it's packed up. That's it. Bobbie says that she knows what it is like to be afraid. She promises to do what she can to make Carly feel better. Carly says that she has to go. Bobbie asks her to please wear the necklace that Ruby gave her and helps Carly put the necklace around her neck. Carly hugs Bobbie goodbye and promises to call her soon.

Emily reminds Edward that it was his idea to try to steal Michael before he was even born. Jason knew that and that is why he kept them away. Edward says that Jason stole AJ's child and it is his duty to get him back. Emily isn't buying Edward's declarations of having only honorable intentions. She says that Edward just wants another Quartermaine to control and AJ just wants to steal Ned's job at ELQ. Jason just wants to raise Michael in peace and quiet,. Edward insists that they are saving Michael. Nobody likes it, but it has to done. While Monica looks on in awe, Emily tells Edward that saving Michael is the mask he hides behind so that he can get his way. Everyone knows it. They are on to him. Jason is trying to be the best person he can, but Edward is trying to ruin Jason's life. Edward says that Jason is a criminal and a disgrace to the Quartermaine name. Emily says that Jason is a Morgan, not a Quartermaine and so is Micahel. Edward insists that Michael is a Quartermaine. He has a destiny and Edward intends to fulfill it. Emily says that she loves Michael and would love to see him every day, but if Edward succeeds in taking Michael away from Jason, she will never forgive him, and neither will Lila. That said, Emily storms out of the room leaving Edward alone with Monica. Edward asks Monica if she has ever heard such nonsense in her life. Monica surprises Edward by saying that she agrees with Emily. They have all been living in a hell that was created by him.

Alexis is pleasantly surprised when Ned sneaks up behind her on the docks and gives her a kiss on the back of the neck. Ned is happy to see her, but Alexis tells him he may not be so happy when he finds out why she wanted to see him. She has made a business decision. She is working with the Jacks brothers to stage a corporate raid on Cassadine industries. Ned is not pleased with the news.

Stefan arrives at the bar for a meeting with Katherine. Katherine knows that Stefan wanted to see her because he is concerned that she will tell someone the truth about Nikolas. She reminds Stefan that she promised Nikolas that his secret is safe with her. Stefan points out that Katherine is not exactly reliable considering that she is the one who told Nikolas in the first place.

Katherine says that she has no interest in defending herself. She told Nikolas because she thought he had a right to know. Stefan corrects Katherine telling her that she told Nikolas the truth because she wanted to create friction between them. Instead, the truth has brought he and Nikolas closer together. Katherine says that Nikolas will realize that Stefan used him to control the Cassadine fortune and than he will announce the news himself. Katherine remembers all the relatives they had to invite to their engagement party. There won't be much left for Stefan once the money is divided up amongst all those people. Stefan says that Nikolas will never hurt him because he knows it would please Katherine and that is something he no longer wishes to do. Nikolas is a young man, refined and impressionable. Stefan thinks that Katherine's behavior was shameless. Katherine points out that affairs take two. Stefan tells Katherine that the most enlightening thing about finding out about her relationship with Nikolas was how little he cared. He was concerned for Nikolas of course, but beyond that it had absolutely no impact on him. Katherine says that it is so dangerous to say nasty things to her. She can trigger Helena so easily. Stefan gets up saying that once again she is showing her true colors. She always does.

Ned has nothing against Alexis going after Cassadine Industries, he just doesn't want her to work with the Jacks brothers. He thinks she should be working with him. Jax will sell her out to get another $50 in his pocket. He asks if he is the problem. Alexis says that the problem is the way he looks at her when he walks in the room and the way she feels after he has made love to her. She doesn't get close to people easily and she doesn't want things between them to change.

Monica tells Edward that he has been proclaiming to anyone who will listen that all he cares about is family and all he is doing is trying to destroy it. He has alienated Ned. He has pitted her sons against one another. And now he has Emily beside herself with worry and frustration. He has schemed and bribed and lied and used people without any thought as to how it will hurt them later on. He has pumped AJ up with such determination to get custody of Michael that when he does, Jason will retaliate. There will be a war amongst the Q's that will go on forever. If he causes a permanent riff because of this custody battle, she is going to throw him out of the house and give all of her ELQ stock to Jason. And she will let the world know exactly why. Passion and decency don't come easy to him, but she thinks that this is one time in his life when he had really better work at it.

Carly is writing a goodbye letter to Bobbie that says how much she will miss her and that she loves her. As she finishes the letter, Sonny arrives and asks if she is ready to go. Sonny and Carly are preparing to leave when AJ arrives. Upon learning that Jason isn't around, he hands Carly the newest court order for the paternity test. Jason has 24 hours to comply. If he doesn't it will be considered an admission that Michael is his son and all AJ will have to do is file for custody. AJ leaves and Sonny makes plans to follow. Carly wants to know what they should do about the court order. Sonny says that it won't matter, but Carly looks extremely concerned.

Ned doesn't understand why Alexis won't work with him instead of Jax. If this is a war, he can help her win it. Alexis insists that she wants to work with Jax and she asks Ned to please try to understand. Ned reluctantly agrees, but asks Alexis to please keep him updated. She agrees and suggests they spend the rest of the day doing something more romantic. Ned eagerly agrees to that plan!

AJ reports to Edward that he delivered the court order to Carly because Jason wasn't there. Edward asks AJ if he is sure that they are doing the right thing. He wonders if there might be another way to get what they want without tearing the family apart. AJ is surprised that Edward is suddenly questioning their plan for bringing Michael home. He says that now is not the time to back off. Edward says that he was simply trying to clarify their objectives. AJ says that the objective is to take custody of his son no matter what. He asks Edward if that is clear enough.

Carly calls Bobbie who is surprised to hear from her so soon. Carly explains that there has been a little change of plans and she is free for lunch tomorrow if Bobbie can make it. Bobbie agrees. As Carly hangs up the phone, Sonny comes into the room and says it is time to go. Carly explains that she can't leave yet because Bobbie is too upset. She needs to be with her. Michael is beyond the reach of American law so what's one more day. Sonny says that he will call Jason and tell him what is going on. As Sonny leaves the room, Carly picks up the court order and angrily crumples it into a ballRecap --->

Thursday, February 4, 1999

While Alexis is waiting for Jax at the PC Hotel, Luke arrives unexpectedly. Alexis is unpleasantly surprised to see him and tells him that he can't stay. Luke says that he is disappointed in her. He hands her an empire on a silver platter and here she sits still allowing Stefan to sweep her under the table. Alexis says that she has no intention of explaining anything to him. She tells him he has to go because she is meeting someone. Luke hopes it is Count Vlad so they can tell him together that the jig is up.

Stefan explains to Nikolas that once the relatives learn that there is no heir, they will descend like locusts for their share of the family fortune. The Cassadine holdings could be mired in litigation for a long time. There is almost no chance of persuading the family to settle. There is certainly enough to go around. Stefan shows Nikolas something on the computer screen and explains that he has sorted the assets by holding. Nikolas notices one particularly large amount and asks who Dimitri Andros is. Stefan quickly closes the laptop and says that Mr. Andros is an ally. He has $200 million which will remain out of reach of the family. Nikolas asks how they know they can trust Mr. Andros. Stefan explains that Mr. Andros does not exist. The Andros trust was created with funds embezzled from Nikolas' personal holdings. Nikolas is somewhat surprised that Stefan would allow someone to steal from him, but Stefan explains that he engineered the theft.

Edward and AJ discuss the court order and whether or not Carly and Jason will comply. AJ thinks that Carly is probably about over the edge. He thinks it's time to give her another push. With Edward listening on, AJ calls Carly to taunt her about the court order. He reminds her that time is running out. He asks Carly if she is saying goodbye to his son and getting him ready for the transition. She yells at AJ to go to hell and angrily hangs up the phone. As she slams the receiver down, the movers arrive with a table. S they start to carry it upstairs, she lays in to them about how incompetent they are and demands that they leave. As Carly angrily sends the movers away, Sonny arrives to see what all the commotion is about.

Alexis tells Luke about her childhood. She was treated worse than a servant. For most of her life she has had to answer to someone and now she is finished. She won't take orders anymore. Not from her family and not from Luke. Luke wants to know when she is going to reign over the kingdom he handed her. Alexis says when it suits her. When she decides. She doesn't get a big thrill out of hurting people, she just wants what is her. Luke says that if she doesn't hurry up, he may have to find another way to expose the prince as a fraud. Alexis says that bad things happen when Luke improvises. Odds are, he will screw up, someone will fall to their death and she will get blamed. She asks Luke to please not surprise her anymore. Jax arrives and asks what life is without a few surprises.

Stefan tells Nikolas that he prepared for the inevitable onslaught by setting some money aside. Nikolas appreciates Stefan's good intentions, but he won't build his life on an act of theft. He doesn't want what doesn't belong to him. He is young. He can build his life on something other than being a prince. Even without the Andros trust, he has more options than most people dream of. He will survive. Stefan says that he wants more for Nikolas than mere survival. He wants him to thrive, to soar. He has been the custodian of the Cassadine fortune since Stavros' death. He would like his fee for that service to be paid in the form of a trust fund set up for his son. If Nikolas won't accept the Andros money, Stefan will accept it on his behalf. Nikolas asks if they, for once, can't do something above board. Nikolas wants to know if Stefan is tired of all the deception. He wants to know where it is written that the Cassadine family has to be run with lies.

Edward thinks it was a mistake for AJ to call Carly. He doesn't think they should antagonize her. She could crack up again and go back to the looney bin. A fragile, young mother pushed to the brink by a child hungry clan. That could arouse the sympathies of a judge and drag the trial out forever. AJ doesn't think they can lose, but Edward warns him not to underestimate the powers of motherhood. A beautiful young woman with a wholesome face who excels at heart wrenching displays. Edward suggests that AJ kiss up to Carly a little more. Maybe buy her a video camera. They made need Carly before they are done.

Sonny asks if something is wrong. Carly goes off on one of her rampages saying sarcastically that her life is perfect and than proceeds to list all the reasons why her life sucks. Sonny asks what time Carly's lunch with Bobbie is. Carly explains that Bobbie got called into surgery so she had to cancel, blowing Carly's last chance to spend time with her mother. The story of her life. Just when everything starts to go right, something blows up in her face. Sonny says that nothing is going to blow if Carly doesn't. Sonny tells her to chill. Wasn't it her idea to run. Carly asks why Sonny is there. She asks him to leave her alone. Sonny gladly complies.

Nikolas apologizes to Stefan for having to live his life always looking over his shoulder. Stefan says that he had hoped that would change when Nikolas took over the family. Nikolas has a tremendous amount of personal integrity, but he must understand that the Andros trust was designed to secure his life as well as his holdings. Stefan tells him to make no mistake, there may be attempts on both.

Jax sits down as Luke gets up to leave. Before he goes, Luke tells Alexis that he handed her a dream of a deal and she can take it or leave it , but he is going ahead with it with our without her. After Luke goes, giving his regards to all the walking dead on Spoon Island, Jax tells Alexis that next time she decides to team up with a silent partner, she might want to pick one who is a little more quiet. He wants to know Luke's stake in the Cassadine deal. He demands full disclosure.

Lucky and Liz are at GH. Liz had a counseling session and Lucky decided to tag along. Liz tells Lucky that he didn't need to rearrange his schedule to come with her. She is a big girl. She can make it through a counseling session without him there to hold her hand. Lucky assures Liz that he is there for purely selfish reasons. Holding her hand is on his top ten list.

Bobbie clears a long lunch with Audrey and then calls Carly to find out where they are going to meet. Carly angrily answers the phone thinking it is AJ calling again to taunt her about the deadline. She apologizes telling Bobbie that she thought she was someone else. She then cancels her lunch with Bobbie saying that it's a bad day. She isn't even sure if she is going to be around. Bobbie is confused by the comment, but Carly explains it away saying that she just has so many things to do.

Edward tells AJ to think of the time he could save if he would just seduce Carly. He means to find her bottomless pit of need and turn it to their advantage. He thinks that behind all of Carly's swagger and strut, there is a lonely child waiting to be led home. Even though the facts are on their side, theses cases can drag on. Meanwhile, Jason and Carly have his little boy. He has already lost a year of Michael's life. He needs to start fighting with his powers of persuasion. Convince Carly she is on a course for disaster and give her another path. Jason has money, but he doesn't have the right DNA or a stately old mansion full of servants. Edward doesn't think that Carly would be able to resist an offer to live at the Q mansion.

AJ can't believe that Edward would invite Carly to live with them, but Edward assures AJ that he has a plan. A modest investment of time and misery can yield a lifetime of positive results. They put up with Carly for a couple of months and then jettison the mother and keep the child. AJ doesn't agree with Edward's plan. AJ says that Carly has no conscience. He is upset because she could have told him the truth. His plan is to do to Carly and Jason what they tried to do to him.

Nikolas asks why anyone want to kill him now that he is about to abdicate. Stefan explains that the Cassadines, like the Bolsheviks, will fear a revolution. Money is power and power is protection. Nikolas can forfeit the title if he wants, but Stefan begs him to please let him secure his life. He asks Nikolas again if there is anything he wants to do while the fortune is still in his control. Nikolas says that he would like to make a donation to GH. Stefan has already anticipated this request and tells Nikolas that he would like him to present a check to GH this afternoon. Nikolas agrees to make the presentation as long as Stefan agrees that this is his last official act as the Cassadine Prince. Stefan reluctantly agrees.

Bobbie and Audrey walk over to where Lucky and Liz are waiting. Audrey tells Liz that her counseling session has been delayed because Gail has an emergency patient. Liz says that she doesn't mind waiting, and of course Lucky is happy to wait with her. As Audrey and Bobbie walk away, Bobbie comments that she has never seen such devotion. Audrey says that she has seen it only once. Back in the waiting area Liz asks if Lucky has a test to study for or something. Lucky asks if she is trying to get rid of him. Liz says no, but it seems like he is procrastinating. She can recognize the signs. Lucky laughs and says that he is working on something as they speak. Independent research. Liz laughs and says that she did that study, with him propping her up the whole time. Lucky assures her that she did all the work, he was just there for moral support.

Alexis assures Jax that Luke is not her partner. Jax thinks that Alexis is not being straight with him. It seems their relationship has hit a crisis. Alexis asks if he wants to break up. Jax says that that depends on how intent she is on denying the obvious. Everyone knows that Luke's mission in life is to destroy the Cassadines and here they are doing just that and Luke is circling around. Jax doesn't think that that is a coincidence. Alexis tells Jax that Luke is the one who told her that Nikolas is not the heir. He told her because as Mikkos' daughter, she has a rightful claim to the estate. Upon Alexis' assurances that Nikolas is a Cassadine, Jax correctly concludes that Stefan is Nikolas' father. Alexis says that she would rather leave the family skeletons in the closet. Jerry arrives and says that it's too late, the skeletons are about to rumba.

Monica arrives asks to speak to AJ alone. She shows him a picture of him when he was Michael's age and points out the similarities. AJ expresses regret for all he has missed and thinks it will be nice to have a baby around the house again. Monica thinks that it will be hard on Michael. They could make it easier on him by letting him see Jason once in a while. AJ angrily tells her no. Michael will not see Jason.

Lucky and Liz are still at the hospital waiting for Liz's counseling session to start. Liz tells Lucky that lshe was stuck in one place for so long, totally fixated and obsessed. But now she wakes up every day excited to see what is going to happen next. She loves her life because Lucky is in it. Lucky says that he feels the same way. Audrey interrupts to tell them that Gail is ready for Liz. Lucky says that he will be waiting for her when she is done and stares adoringly at Liz as she goes.

Alexis is angry that Jax brought Jerry in without consulting her. Jax assures her that Jerry's profits will come from his cut. Not to mention that Jerry is uniquely qualified for this matter. Alexis says that Jerry also attracts government attention and she doesn't need that. She thinks she will pass. Jax says fine, than he will have to pass too.

Jerry stops Jax and tells him that he doesn't really want to bail on this deal. He thinks Jax and Alexis are a match made in financial heaven and that is why he is stepping aside. Jax still insists that Alexis has to work with both Jacks brothers or no Jacks brothers.

As Lucky watches from the waiting area, nun arrives at GH looking for Stefan who conveniently arrives at the same time. The nun rushes over to Stefan and thanks him profusely for his generous donation of $10 million dollars to help the fallen women of Port Charles. Stefan is understandably confused since he knows of no such donation. Luke overhears and acts shocked. He makes a big deal about how generous a donation that is and out of Stefan's personal accounts no less.

Carly arrives on the Q's doorstep demanding to see AJ. She tearfully asks AJ to help her. Jason just kidnapped her son.

Friday, February 5

Jerry, Jax and Alexis are discussing business about the takeover of Cassadine Industries. Alexis finally agreed to Jax's request to include Jerry in their quest to topple the Cassadine empire. Jerry informs a startled Alexis that he helped her brother steal 200 million dollars away from her and the other rightful heirs. Jax asks Jerry who else knows about this. Jerry tells Jax and Alexis that Luke knows about him stealing the money, and so does Bobbie. Jerry then tells Alexis that Stefan embezzled from himself and from Nikolas, adding that it didn't occur to him that the money Stefan was having him steal didn't belong to him. Alexis tells him that she is quite sure that Stefan knew. Jerry then tells Alexis that Stefan used him to cheat her and now he's inviting her to use him to undo the damage. Alexis tells him that is an offer she can't afford to refuse. They all sit down at their table and Alexis makes a phone call to Wyndemere and finds out that Stefan is at GH. Jax cautions Alexis to think very carefully right now because they all make mistake when they're angry and she can't let on to Stefan that she knows what he has done. Alexis tells them that she'll tell Stefan that Luke told her, but Jerry and Jax caution her not to do that, adding that if Luke hasn't told her already, there is no reason to think that he will. They also tell her not to think that Luke is on anyone's side but his own. Alexis makes another phone call and leaves a message telling the person she left the message for that she is glad to have reached their voicemail, because she didn't want to talk to them in person. She then tells the person she was leaving a message for that she was really hoping that they were dead and that there body had been eating by vultures. She then tells the person to meet her at GH at the main nurses station and then hangs up. Jerry and Jax both exchange amused looks and Jax asks Alexis who was she calling. Alexis tells them that is really her business. Jax tells her they are partners and until she decides to go off on her own, it is their business. Alexis tells them that is how it is and asks them what will they be doing exactly. Jerry tells her that is a trade secret, while Jax adds that the goal is to divide and conquer before Cassadine Industries can even smell any danger. Alexis hands Jax files on company contacts and computer access codes for the companies that don't decide to fold. Jax tells Alexis before she goes that most people will take what they can get, it's the nature of the beast and it doesn't mean that Stefan doesn't care about her. Alexis sarcastically says that she is sure her brother was just trying to put something away for a rain day, well she's going to be that rainy day. She then gets up and leaves, while Jax and Jerry look amused again by her attitude. Jerry then thanks Jax for sticking up for him in front of Alexis and asks Jax if they are friends again. Jax says that he still isn't sure whether or not to trust Jerry, but he has grown on him again. The brothers then get up to leave to go look into the information that Alexis gave them.

Luke and Lucky are at GH, for different reasons. Lucky is there waiting on Liz and Luke is there on business of his own. Stefan and Nikolas arrive at GH and immediately upon seeing Stefan, a nun comes up to him and thanks him for his generous donation. Stefan tells the nun she must be mistaken, but she tells him there is no mistake and she has received a very generous donation to her convent from Cassadine Industries. After she leaves, Luke gleefully pulls out a list and fills Stefan in on how he doled out the entire 2 million dollars of the Cassadine fortune to dozens of worthy causes around the globe in donations in Stefan's name. As an angry Stefan looks on, Luke tells him that the charitable organizations that he distributed all of Stefan's money into are all tax-deductible and a tax deduction is like an asset that you don't have. Stefan says so it's stolen money. Luke asks Stefan if he wants to have him arrested because if so, he'll confess. He then says, is it stolen money if it has already been stolen? He tells Stefan maybe they should poll the other Cassadine family members and let them see which one of them they'd like to bust first. Stefan says this is so like you, this order of childishness. Stefan then says to Luke that particular sum of money seems a small price to pay for what Nikolas and he have gained, and Luke has lost. He then leaves Luke with that thought and Luke yells after him that he hears they're hiring in the cafeteria.

Not far from their father's confrontation sits Lucky and Nikolas. Lucky asks Nikolas what is going on over there. Nikolas says a long story and Lucky asks him if it's a short predictable story, to which Nikolas says pretty much. Lucky then asks if it falls under the heading of "GOTCHA", to which Nikolas confirms. They then change the subject and Nikolas asks Lucky what he and Liz are doing for Valentines Day. Lucky is reluctant to talk about it, jokingly adding that it's a secret. Nikolas says Lucky kept his secret and knows that he'll keep Lucky's. Lucky says he doesn't know, it's not like keeping the kind of secret like who your father is, to which Nikolas laughs. He then only says that it is a big plan. Both Nikolas and Lucky resolved to distance themselves from Luke and Stefan's war. Nikolas leaves to go join his uncle and Lucky continues to wait for Liz. Luke approaches Lucky and tells him to be forewarned about his friendship with the next of kin of the spawn of darkness. Lucky tells Luke that he already knows that Stefan if Nikolas' father. Luke is shocked and Lucky tells him that Nikolas told him in confidence, so Luke very well couldn't expect him to coming running with the information. He then tells his father while he was speeding the flow of information around did he have any thoughts of anyone else who might be able to use that warning. Luke looks at him bewildered and Lucky gives Luke a hint by saying, first you married her, then you left her. Lucky asks Luke if he has thought this through and adds that Nikolas doesn't care about being the Prince of anything. Luke tells him that Stefan does and has worked all his life to build up power for him and Nikolas. Lucky tells Luke that it is only money and once it is all settled, there will still be some left, there always is with people like them. He then tells his dad the main person who is going to be hurt by this and whose name is going to be front news for every tabloid around is Laura's. Luke tells him that it can't be helped. Lucky says so you really don't care? Luke remains silent. Liz walks up and greets them. Lucky tells his dad to go home and think about what he has said and he and Liz leave.

In Monica's office, Stefan tells Nikolas to reconsider the amount of money he was going to give to GH. He suggest cutting the amount in half, and stashing the rest to keep aside for himself to replace the money that Luke stole from them. Nikolas doesn't agree and says how upset can he be about something that was never his to start with, including this check. He then adds, that the money will benefit people who need it more than any Cassadine ever will. Nikolas then says if Luke gave the Andros trust away, he apologizes and appreciates Stefan's concern, but what can they do. An anxious Stefan doesn't agree and tells Nikolas that Luke will not be content with just giving that money away. He won't stop until there are no provisions left for Nikolas or for his safety, security, financial or otherwise. Nikolas tells him that Luke is gonna do what he's gonna do, but Stefan tells him that he needs time to prepare the damage that Luke has caused so he can make arrangements for the future. He then demands that Nikolas give him the check so that he can make some phone calls. Nikolas says no and tells Stefan that he is willing to tell the whole world that he is Stefan's son and take that power away from Luke, but it's up to Stefan. Stefan says that all he wants is a fraction of the wealth he has created in the 12 years he has managed the Cassadine holdings. Nikolas tells him that it is not the same thing and that Stefan's dealings with the family have nothing to do with his battle with Luke. Nikolas then tells him that he has won and that Luke has lost everything. His family and Laura. Stefan says that will make Luke more inclined to strike back at their family and that includes Nikolas. Nikolas says he can't do nothing about that except live his life, or he can set up barricades and start lobbying grenades over them. He then tells Stefan until this year that is all his life has been about, but not anymore and he refuses to do that now. Realizing that his son doesn't intend to bug, Stefan decides to leave it alone and they head out to find Monica, so they can present her with the check.

Back at the Nurses station, Luke sits for a while pondering what Lucky has told him. He decides to leave and runs into Helena Cassadine. Luke says how she has warmed his heart and ask Helena if she is there to see the doctor and have they told her it was something fatal he hopes. Helena tells Luke that she still has more life left in her than he has ever known. She then complains to Luke that his little friend (meaning Alexis) commanded that she meet her there. Luke says who, Natasha, well good for her. Helena then asks Luke if he knows what this is about. Luke doesn't, but decides to stick around because he can't wait to find out. Monica comes around the nurses station doing her rounds and runs into Nikolas and Stefan. They stop her and Nikolas tells Monica on behalf off Cassadine Industries, he would like to present her with this check for a donation. Just then Alexis arrives off of the elevator and witnesses all of this. She pushes past Luke and Helena and goes over to Monica, Nikolas and Stefan. She tells Nikolas she is sorry and then asks Monica if she can see the check. Monica hands it to her and Alexis looks at the amount the check is made out for and rips the check in half as Helena looks on, as does a very amused Luke.

Lucky and Liz are hanging out on the docks and Lucky tells Liz that his father is unhappy, which means he wants the Cassadines to be even more unhappy, so he plans on blowing Nikolas' inheritance paternity situation sky-high. Liz asks if Nikolas knows and Lucky tells her yes and then fills her in about what happened earlier at the hospital. He then tells her that this is the best ammunition Luke has ever had and he can't bring himself not to use it. Liz says that Nikolas is a strong person and she hopes that they will all be okay. Lucky thinks its sad that Luke could have his life back if he wants, but is stuck fighting in the past. Lucky tells her he is handling it fine. Lucky says that he was once caught up in the craziness, but now he is free.

Carly sheds a flood of crocodile tears in front of AJ and Edward as she spins a yarn about Jason abducting her young son. When a skeptical AJ suggests that she's panicking needlessly, Carly embroiders on her story by claiming that she and Jason fought when she expressed a desire to make public the baby's true paternity. AJ suggest that maybe Jason is just out with Michael, but Carly tells him after she and Jason got through talking about sharing Joint-custody, Jason suddenly remembered a doctors appointment that he had to take Michael on. AJ asks her why didn't she go with him to the babies doctor appointment. Carly tells him that Ruby had just died and Bobbie was having a hard time handling it so she went over to Kelly's to help Bobbie pack up some of Ruby's things and be there for her. AJ then asks her why would she even come to them for help. Carly says that when he came over the other day with the letter from her doctor at Ferncliff, it made her start thinking about making Michael's parentage known and go public with it. She then says she talked joint-custody with Jason because she couldn't image being sent back to Ferncliff and starts crying again telling AJ that he doesn't know what it was like in there. A sympathetic Edward believed Carly's claim that Jason had kidnapped Michael, but AJ needed a little more convincing. Edward tells them that the police need to be notified and goes out into the hallway to call. Alone, Carly tells AJ that she really thought she could trust Jason. AJ tells Carly that her story is a crock. Carly tells AJ she is telling him the truth, but AJ says bull and tells her that Sonny Corinthos didn't teach Jason how to hate them, he was already disconnected from the Quartermaines even before he knew Sonny. AJ then tells her that he still can't buy that Jason was considering sharing custody with him and tells Carly she is flat out lying. Carly insist she is telling the truth and that it looked like Jason was coming around. Edward enters back into the study and tells them that the police will be sending someone over right away. AJ still thinks that Carly is wrong about Jason and tells Carly that she owes Jason for keeping her away from Big Bad Him. He then tells her that what Jason did was keep Michael a prisoner for the first year of his life, adding that she thinks Jason got her out of Ferncliff, but he thinks Jason got her into Ferncliff. AJ then tells her that it is time to stop defending Jason and see him for what he really is, a criminal, and a animal. He then adds that Jason stole her son along time ago and she is just realizing it now. Edward asks Carly if she has any idea where Jason could have gone and Carly seems to think Jason may have gone to Canada, because he knows people there who will protect him.

The doorbell rings, and Taggert shows up. They all go into the hallway and Taggert tells them that he heard the report that a baby was missing. AJ tells Taggert that Michael is missing and could very well be out of the country by now to keep AJ from seeing him, much less raising him. Taggert asks them who took there son and Carly says, "Jason Morgan kidnapped my son." Emily comes down the stairs, and upon hearing Carly's claim, calls Carly a liar. Emily then tells Taggert that Jason did not kidnap Michael, to which AJ says what she means is that she hopes there is another explanation. Taggert tells AJ that he doesn't need an interpreter. Emily says what she means is that Carly is lying. Edward tells Emily to watch her accusations and Carly says it's okay, Emily is just upset, and doesn't know what she is saying. Emily asks if someone could give her an example of a time when Carly wasn't lying about something. Taggert asks Emily if she has spoken with Jason and if so does she know where he is. Emily tells him no she doesn't, but she also knows that Jason would hide Michael from them if he had to, but he would tell her that. Taggert then asks her if she would lie for Jason if she had to and Emily tells him yes she would. So Taggert tells her, he pretty much has to discard anything she says. Emily looks at Carly and tells her that she wanted this to happen, didn't she. Carly says nothing and Taggert says that he need pictures of Jason and the kid, as recent as they have and any contacts they might have. Taggert then leaves and after he is gone, Emily lights into Carly and asks her what is she trying to pull. AJ and Edward send Emily upstairs to get her pictures of Michael and Jason, but Emily doesn't budge. Waiting for an answer from Carly, Emily rudely asks Carly what happened between her and Jason and did they get into a fight and is that why Jason felt he needed to get away from her. Carly tells Emily that she knows Emily loves her brother and she loved him too, but she would never want to believe--- Emily tells Carly that she never has to believe anything bad about Jason for the rest of his life. After everything Jason did for her. He took her in his house and bought her everything she ever wanted, clothes, etc. He even took care of Michael when she was too lazy and too crazy to take care of him herself and this is how she repays Jason by calling him a kidnapper and trying to get him arrested. Emily then asks Carly if she is ashamed of herself. Carly tries sucking up to Emily and tells her that she knows this is hard for Emily, but it is hard for her too. Emily tells her to come off of it, because even if Michael is with Jason, Carly knows that he is perfectly fine. AJ tells Emily that there are some things about Jason that she doesn't know, but Emily spouts back and he does. Carly tells Emily that she does because she has lived with Jason and he can be very cold, very manipulative, very dangerous, and even violent if he doesn't get his way. Edward says Carly is right, because they have all seen it first hand. Emily asks Carly how can she of all people say that. Carly tells her because it is true and then asks if Emily thinks she wanted to keep Michael away from his real family all this time? Carly then says that she realized along time ago that she made a mistake in Jason and now she's paying for it. Emily attacks Carly and tells her to take it back. Edward and AJ pull Emily off Carly and Ned comes home and grabs Emily when she tries to leap at Carly again and asks her what is wrong. Emily tells him that Carly is over here spreading all kinds of lies about Jason and she knows it's not true.

Bobbie drops by to see Carly. Sonny tells her that Carly isn't there. Bobbie wonders where Jason and Michael are. Sonny says they're not here and gives Bobbie the Jason took Michael to the doctor story. Bobbie asks him if Michael is okay and Sonny tells her that they are fine, not sick and it is just a check-up. Sonny plays it cool as Bobbie waits in vain for Jason to return to the penthouse with Michael. Bobbie and Sonny make small talk and Bobbie tells Sonny that Carly is so afraid of the Quartermaine's taking the baby. She says that Carly has a complete lack of confidence that things won't turn out her way, even when the law is on her side. As Sonny listens to Bobbie's analysis of Carly, Bobbie says that Carly's lack of confidence is going to continue to get her into trouble. Bobbie finally gives up on waiting for Carly and Jason and decides to leave. After Bobbie takes off, Sonny realized after talking with Bobbie that Carly had been lying about why she wasn't able to join Jason as planned. Sonny then orders his men to hunt Carly down. Mike drops by to visit Sonny with a bag full of groceries. They argue for a little while about who is going to cook dinner. Mike agrees to do it and then the conversation turns to Carly. Mike tells Sonny that it is pretty quiet around there now that Carly is gone with Jason. Sonny asks Mike if he knows this for sure and Mike says that he thought Carly was suppose to hook up with Jason last night. Sonny tells him that she didn't go, she changed her plans because of Bobbie. Mike tells him that seems nice to him considering Ruby's passing and all. Sonny says is that why Carly was nowhere to be found when Bobbie showed up here a little while ago looking for her little girl, thinking that she was going to get herself into trouble. Mike asks him what kind of trouble and Sonny says lets say the Quartermaines had you running scared because of their threats and court orders, how long do you think it would take for Carly to sell her best friend down the river? Mike thinks Sonny is not being fair considering that people where always warning Jason about Carly and he never wavered. In fact he thought she was pretty okay. Sonny sarcastically says if he were still running the club he would hire her out as a cigarette girl, because she is okay. Mike says he doesn't mean okay in bad and Sonny yells back what else is she good for. Mike says that Jason always considered her true blue and she was always very loyal to Jason. Sonny says loyal to his place of residence because she knows that there are cocktail shakers laying around full of cash. He then tells Mike that he has to believe that Jason knows what Carly is all about, but he is so in love with that boy that he doesn't know if Jason is seeing her clearly. He then says why is he even talking to Mike and asks him if he is going to cook or not. Mike grabs up the groceries and heads into the kitchen while Sonny continues to try to track Carly down. Later on, Mike comes out of the kitchen to find out if Sonny has made any progress on locating Carly. Sonny says not yet and they then get a knock at the door. Taggert shows up and Sonny taunts him by asking if Taggert is there to arrest him for making a right turn in his living room. Taggert says that he would love to arrest Sonny, but right now he is only there to search the premises. Sonny asks him for what exactly and Taggert stuns Sonny by telling him that Caroline "Carly" Benson is charging Jason with kidnapping her son........ .

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