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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 8, 1999 on GH
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Monday, February 8, 1999

Ned grabs Emily and pulls her away from Carly who is looking a little shocked at the assault. Still angry, Emily insists that Jason would never do what Carly is accusing him of. Having walked in in the middle of the whole scene, Ned asks what is going on. Edward starts to explain in his usual long winded fashion, but AJ stops him and tells Ned that Jason has kidnapped Michael.

At the penthouse, Taggert tells Sonny that he has received a report that Jason has left town with Michael. Sonny asks where Jason and Michael are supposed to have gone? He then asks Taggert if Carly the one who is making the accusation. When Taggert doesn't answer his question, Sonny calmly points out to Taggert that if Jason had skipped town with Michael, he would certainly know about it. Taggert says that it is his job to follow up on the abduction report, and would be happy to leave once he sees the baby. He asks again where Jason and Michael are.

At GH, Alexis shocks Stefan and Monica by taking the donation check just presented by Nikolas and Stefan and ripping it in half. She explains that all of the Cassadine accounts have been frozen by a court order. Watching from the sidelines, Helena asks Luke what he hopes to gain by this. Meanwhile, Stefan tries to calm Alexis down, but she won't stop now that she has started. Alexis tells Monica that Nikolas does not have the power to make this donation because he is NOT the Cassadine heir.

Stefan apologizes to Monica for Alexis' behavior. He says that they will clear everything up. Alexis pulls Nikolas aside and tells him that he will understand this soon enough. Nikolas already understands and says that its OK, she deserves the money more than he does. She is more of a Cassadine than he is. Alexis puts Helena "on notice" that the Cassadine fortune is up for grabs, and that she is in the running.

Luke is thoroughly enjoying himself as he watches the scene unfold. Helena says that he must be happy to be destroying the Cassadine family. Helena tells Alexis that by aligning herself with Luke, she is alienating herself from Stefan and Nikolas. She is going to crash soon.

Bobbie is at Kelly's doing paperwork. Tony arrives and says hello. She explains that she and Luke are running Kelly's until they can find someone else. Tony asks how Lucas is handling Ruby's death. He says that he heard at GH about AJ's court order to get blood tests. He sarcasticallyasks if Carly has named yet another father for Michael. Bobbie says that since he knows this much, he might be interested to know that AJ has claimed that he is Micahel's father.

Emily insists that Jason would never kidnap Michael. She is furious with Edward for calling the police. Edward defends himself saying that it is entirely appropriate to contact the police when there is a kidnapping. Ned says that once Jason hears that he is wanted for kidnapping, he will be sure to stay out of town. Ned implies that Carly is the one who has committed the crime. Emily says that Sonny and Jason are friends, and that Sonny can just tell Jason to come home if he needs to. Needing to get away from the madness and looking for an explanation that makes sense, Emily asks Ned to take her to Sonny's. Ned agrees. AJ says that those gangsters are destroying this family. Ned says that something is destroying this family, and they had better figure out that it is them, or Michael will not have a family to come home to.

Sonny tells Taggert that Jason and Michael are on a personal trip and that Carly was informed so he is sure this whole kidnapping charge is just a misunderstanding. If that is the case, Taggert says that he can clear everything up by speaking to Jason. Sonny says that when he sees Jason, he will tell him that Taggert was looking for him. Taggert says that he is going to look around, and also will subpoena Sonny's phone records as well. Mac shows up, wondering what Taggert is doing there. He says that if Taggert doesn't have a warrant, he is in big trouble for the threats he just heard him make against Sonny.

Taggert hands Mac the warrant and explains that Carly reported that Jason kidnapped Michael. Mac is suspicious and thinks that maybe Carly is pulling them into a family dispute. Taggert says that it is more complicated than that and the judge agreed to sign the warrant. Sonny is suspicious that Taggert was able to get a search warrant so quickly. He has been away from the game for a while, but he can still smell a setup. Mac looks at the warrant and noted that everything appears to be in order. He tells Taggert to proceed with his search. He also notes that the warrant included the Recovery Room and the bike shop. Mac suggests to Mike that its time for him to go. Mike says that he finds the whole situation objectionable, but thanks him for putting a leash on his "police dog." Mac asks Sonny if Tageart is going to find anything. Sonny says of course not. Mac tells Sonny to save it. He knows questioning Sonny is a waste of time and he is too busy to stand there and listen to Sonny lie for Jason. If Jason made a stupid move, he is going to pay for it.

Monica arrives home grumbling about how the Cassadines are at it again. She sees Carly and the look on AJ 's face and asks what is going on. She wants to know if Jason and Michael are OK. AJ assures her that Jason and Michael are fine, but that Jason has kidnapped Michael. Monica looks at Carly and tells her that it is all her fault.

Bobbie and Tony are at Kelly's talking. Bobbie is quiet while she works and Tony, noticing her silence asks if he has overstayed his welcome. He tells her it is all right, he can go sit stunned somewhere else. Bobbie graciously says that he is welcome to stay as long as Lucas isn't around. She knows what a shock the news about AJ must be. Tony agrees that the news is a shock, but he is surprised that living with Carly didn't immunize him against such things. Bobbie says that she may not be the best person to be having this conversation, but Tony disagrees. What better person to see what a mess his life has become since he left her for Carly. Bobbie says that it is pointless to lay blame now, there was plenty to go around. Tony asks if that was the spurned wife or the supportive mother talking. Bobbie laughs and says that it was the battle scarred veteran. Tony says that the problem is that he is still bleeding and Bobbie can't stand the sight of him. He can't get within 50 feet of his own son. He isn't asking for her pity, but asks if she can see how he got to this point in his life. He feels like every friend he had betrayed him. Bobbie says that she was betrayed too, but has gotten over it. She tells Tony that it is time to stop trying to tear down everyone elses life and to build a life for himself.

Alexis tells Helena to feel free to underestimate her. It's her secret weapon against her. She is more dangerous that Helena imagines. Helena says that she would almost have to be. Helena turns to Luke and asks why he masterminded the assault. Luke says that hate is a lot like love. If you look too closely, it tends to dissolve. Helena says that she sees. And here she thought that he had finally realized that Stefan's interest in Laura is a little more earthy than advertised. She knew the truth for years. Stefan is so easy to read. That is why she still doubts Stefan is Nikolas' father. She asks if Luke or Alexis ever bothered to get a blood test to confirm Nikolas' parentage. She says that Alexis is foolish staking her life on less than a sure thing. No matter what, Luke has the satisfaction of causing the discord he so desired. Alexis has very few doubts that Stefan is Nikolas' father, particularly after seeing his reaction today. Luke asks Helena why she is treating Alexis so poorly. Alexis has made all Helena's dreams come true. The Cassadine purse is now in play. Helena can legitimately grab whatever she can get her greedy little hands on. Helena says that Luke must be relishing at the thought of the Cassadine fortune being torn apart by money hungry relatives. Luke says that he would rather see the relatives torn apart by hungry rodents. Luke calls Helena a Slavic sociopath and says that she gives him too much credit. He was just standing around minding his own business. It was her family that aired their laundry in public. But now that she mentions it, with all those heirs out there, she should probably stay out of dark alleys. She wouldn't want to be one of those things that go bump in the night. Alexis smiles at Luke as he walks away. After he has gone, Helena turns to Alexis and says that it seems that her partner has deserted her. What a shame.

At Wyndemere, Stefan is taking precautions for Helena's arrival. Nikolas can't understand why Stefan thinks Helena will make a move since the news didn't seem to affect her. Stefan assures Nikolas that Helena's calm is more dangerous than her rage. They have to be prepared. Although they have been preparing for weeks, he did not anticipate Alexis' treachery. Nikolas says that Alexis did him a favor. He is glad that the secret is out.

Stefan says that what Alexis did was for her own benefit, not Nikolas'. It was quite unexpected. He did not foresee such a public challenge or Helena's involvement. By involving Helena, Alexis has endangered Nikolas' life . Nikolas is so glad that the truth is out that he is willing to take the dangers that come with it. Now that he isn't the prince, he is irrelevant. Stefan chastises Nikolas for saying that he is irrelevant. Nikolas may no longer be entitled to lead the family, but Stefan still contends that a share of the Cassadine legacy is still his birthright. Nikolas insists that he has everything he wants from the Cassadines. He has a father.

An exasperated Alexis explains to Helena one more time that, legally, she is entitled as much as the Cassadine estate as Helena is, maybe more. She suggest that Helena consult her attorney's if she has any doubts. Helena says that she wouldn't dream of questioning Alexis' legal expertise, but Alexis has over looked the essentials. Helena considers it her duty to enlighten Alexis as to what she has missed. To inherit, she must be alive and that noone seems overly concerned with her survival. Alexis has antagonized Helena and Stefan. The only one who used to defend her. By exposing Stefan's secret, she has jeopardized Nikolas life, a betrayal that Stefan will never forgive. Stefan may even save Helena the trouble and kill Alexis himself. Helena also cautions Alexis not to count on Luke. She has already served her purpose where Luke is concerned. Alexis says that Helena should be more concerned about her own life. Helena says that if she were Alexis, she would worry about Helena, a great deal

Carly is telling Monica her tale of woe. How Jason was supposed to be taking Michael to the doctor and he just skipped town instead. She hasn't seen him since. AJ thinks that it is obvious what has happened, but Monica isn't so sure. AJ insists that Jason ran because he knows that he wouldn't be able to keep Michael once Carly told the truth. Monica laughs and says that Carly wouldn't know the truth if it punched her in the nose. AJ defends Carly saying that she is fragile right now, and asks Monica to back off a little. Monica can't believe that AJ has just said that Carly is fragile. She points out that every time a family explodes in Port Charles, the one person left standing is Carly. Carly insists that she is there to help Michael, but Monica doesn't believe it for a second. She tells Carly that she doesn't have any interest in Michael, other than what he can do for her. When she figured out that she could buy her way into the Q family with Michael, she was all set to bring him to AJ. The only problem, is that Carly has spent the last year telling Jason what a threat the Q's are to Michael. And Jason believes her and now he has taken Michael to a safe place to keep him away from the Q's. AJ stops Monica in the middle of her Carly bashing and says that Carly doesn't deserve it.

AJ says that whatever Carly has done in the past doesn't matter, her son is in danger. Michael is out there somewhere with a man who can't pretend to be his father anymore. A violent, unpredictable criminal. Monica disagrees with AJ. Jason loves Michael and would never hurt him. She reminds AJ that Jason is his brother. AJ says that he killed his brother. He didn't want to believe it but he finally does. What better proof do they need? The old Jason would never have done this. Even Carly has realized the truth. Jason is controlling Michael by manipulating Carly. Monica asks what Jason could have said for Carly to misconstrue as a threat. AJ says that it is partly his fault. When Carly was pregnant, he told her that he would take the baby if it was his. Carly made a bad choice, but Jason kept it going. He lied to the family and kept AJ from seeing his son. In a way, he kidnapped Michael a long time ago. That isn't Carly's fault. AJ says that Carly is finally doing the right thing. She is admitting the truth. She even tried to bring my son back. She is afraid for her son, and so is AJ.

Taggert has completed his search and predictably turned up nothing. Sonny says I told you so in not so many words which angers Taggert. He starts to say something, but Mac stops him and asks if he has checked the phone records. He tells Taggert that he wants to bring Garcia in on this investigation. Taggert doesn't understand why, but Mac tells him that that is how it is going to be. Mac doesn't want this case to become another round in Taggert's war with Morgan and Corinthos. When Taggert reluctantly says that he understands, Mac says that he will expect Taggert's report first thing tomorrow. After Taggert leaves, Sonny thanks Mac for keeping Taggert in line. Mac tells him there is no need for thanks. He just doensn't want Jason or Sonny crying harassment when he sends someone over to arrest them. Sonny assures Mac that if he or Jason is arrested, it won't be for kidnapping. Mac assumes that Sonny must be in contact with Jason if he is so sure that Michael wasn't kidnapped. He says that if Sonny has any contact with Jason, to tell him to come home. Emily and Ned have arrive Ned arrive as Mac and Sonny finish their discussion. Emily assures Mac that Carly is lying. She demands that Sonny tell Mac that Jason wouldn't do that.

As expected, Helena has arrived at Wyndemere. She says that she is there to check up on her grandson. Alexis must have hurt him terribly today. And she is sure that he has been told all sorts of horrible about what she would do to him if he wasn't' the heir. She assures Nikolas that regardless of his parentage, her love for him is undiminished.

Stefan says that Nikolas knows well the many expressions of Helena's love. Her attempts on Stefan's life, not to mention her threats against Lesley and Laura. Helena assures Nikolas that his life is precious to her. She wonders how he can doubt it. Nikolas wonders why he wouldn't. Helena tells Nikolas that he is the grandson of Mikkos Cassadine. If Stefan is truly his father, than the greatest of the family has simply skipped a generation. Helena speculates that it might be best that Alexis does prove that Nikolas is not the prince. The legacy would be fairly divided and she would have a chance to get to know her grandson. Nikolas says that he does not want to get to know Helena. When everything is settled, she can take her money and leave him alone. Stefan says that Nikolas' last request will be complied with immediately. Angry, Helena says that on second thought, she hopes Alexis can't prove that Stefan is Nikolas' father, Nikolas deserves a better father than Stefan. Stefan calls the guards to take Helena away. After Helena leaves

Sonny says that he can't discuss it with the police because they will twist what he says and only make it worse. Mac says not to worry, that he is leaving. After he goes, Emily asks Ned to leave her alone with Sonny. Ned reminds Sonny how much Emily means to Jason. She trusts him never to lie or hurt her in anyway. He suggests to Sonny that he try to emulate that in every way. With that, goes to wait in the hall while Emily talks to Sonny alone. Emily asks Sonny flat out if Jason took Michael. Sonny says that Jason took Michael on a trip, he didn't 'steal' Michael from Carly. Emily is very relieved and says that she knew that Carly was lying. Jason will bring Michael back and everything will be all right. Sonny says that he isn't so sure that Jason is coming back. If he were in the same situation, he wouldn't. He isn't sure Emily will ever see Jason again.

Edward asks Monica if she has heard the news. Monica says that she has heard and she tells Edward that it is all his fault. Edward refuses to take the blame for this particular event. Wherever Michael is, Jason is with him. Monica says that it must be a bitter day for him after all the hard work he has done to get Michael into the house. Edward says that his actions were those of a concerned grandfather, while Jason is a criminal. Monica agrees that Jason is a criminal. She remembers how Jason acted when she shot Pierce Dorman. Jason will use those skills to keep Michael. If Jason doesn't want to come back here, she knows they will never see him or Michael again.

Carly is whining to AJ, that she would have done anything to keep Michael. She says that she is really sorry for taking Michael out of AJ 's arms figuratively. AJ knows that she is there now and they will set things right. Jason isn't all powerful. Anyone who meets Michael once never forgets him. They will find their son.

Tuesday, February 9, 1999


Alan and Tammy are at Kelly's. Alan tries to convince Tammy to change her profession. He sees Luke having a difficult time managing the diner and asks Tammy that if he were to find for her a respectable job, would she take it? Tammy takes offense to the word respectful and tears into Alan. She likes her life the way it is because it gives her independence. Alan backs off because he doesn't want to lose her friendship. Tammy leaves for an appointment.

Liz and Lucky are about to go into Kelly's when Liz sees a poster announcing the Valentine's Dance at the High School. She freaks and runs away. Lucky catches up to her and she admits that she thought she was beyond those feelings. That is what she and Gail has been working on. Lucky says that he was expecting this, so he has a surprise. He convinces Liz to call in to work with an excuse to get time off. He has a surprise in store for her. He takes her shopping Windham for an evening gown. Liz wants to go somewhere else less expensive but Lucky assures her that he can afford Windham's. She tries on several gowns and models them for Lucky. They finally find the right one. They walk back to the docks after buying the dress and are sitting on the bench. Liz wants Lucky to give her a hint of what they're doing for Valentine's Day but Lucky tells her that it's a surprise. Liz asks if he's taking her to the dance at school, but Lucky says their plans only include the two of them and that he plans to give her new memories of Valentines Day. She will just have to trust him. Liz says that's the easy part.

Felicia is visiting V and tells V that she started reading her novel that she had started based on the happening on Courtland Street. She doesn't think she did a good job in writing it and that all it did was cause trouble. She almost got herself and Tammy killed, Mac was shot at, Moreno tried to frame Mac and Felicia, and Alan got arrested for murder. As she is about to throw the manuscript in the fire, V rescues it and tells her that she is sure that Felicia would regret it tomorrow if she destroyed the manuscript. She tells Felicia that she will read it and decide if it's good enough to keep. Felicia leaves V to read and heads over to Kelly's to distract herself. She finds Luke running the diner and offers to pitch in to help since Luke doesn't have anyone else working. Felicia helps Luke out at the diner and when they take a break, she tells him that it has done some good in keeping her busy and her mind off of certain things. Luke wants to know what she is running from and Felicia explains about reading her manuscript and not liking it.

Monica is at the hospital when Tony approaches her while she is on the phone trying to reach Alan. He asks her what's wrong. Monica tells him that she is trying to reach Alan to tell him about Jason kidnapping Michael. Tony finds it pretty ironic and hypocritical that Jason is doing exactly what he himself did for Michael to save him from Carly and the Q's. Monica tells Tony that she's not in the mood to listen to him and just to please keep all of this quiet and to himself. Tony agrees and leaves to go find Alan. Monica walks over to Bobbie who is on break. Monica tells Bobbie, who is clueless about the kidnapping, what Carly is claiming. Bobbie doesn't believe that Jason has kidnapped Michael or taken him away from Carly. Bobbie thinks that the whole story stinks and Monica agrees. She's angry at Carly for pitting her two sons against each other in this paternity battle. All Carly sees is dollar signs in all of this. Bobbie continues to defend Jason ad vows to get to the bottom of this mess.

Lila is in the parlor when Ned walks in. She wants to know what is going on. Ned tells her that he didn't intend to keep anything from her; he just wanted to check the facts first. He explains what Carly is proclaiming - Jason has kidnapped Michael. He lays all of the blame on AJ. AJ is the one that pushed Jason to do what he has done by threatened Jason with the DNA tests and a letter from Ferncliff. Obviously Carly freaked when AJ presented a letter from her doctor saying that she was released against his medical opinion and now has switched sides to get AJ to back off. She is also now claiming that Jason is some psychopath that took her son because she wanted to give AJ shared custody of Michael. Ned is definitely on Jason's side and defends his actions. He consoles Lila and tells her that she is the one that holds the family together.

Emily finds AJ alone in the parlor and tells him that he just missed Grandmother. Lila is upset and it's AJ's fault. She defends Jason and his actions. All AJ wants is to win; he doesn't care or love Michael. AJ says that he was never given the chance to love Michael, that Jason took that from him. They argue back and forth. AJ tries to reason with Emily by using the analogy of Tony kidnapping Michael because he loved the baby and thought that the best thing for Michael would be to be away from all of them. Can't she see that Jason is doing the same thing? He has taken Michael because he loves him and thinks Michael would be better off without them in his life. How can she defend Jason when she thought Tony was in the wrong to take Michael for the same reasons? Emily doesn't buy into that theory. She storms out after flinging in AJ's face "How proud he must be making Grandfather."

Tony finds Alan at Kelly's and urges him to call Monica. Alan wants to know why first. Tony tells him that Carly is claiming Jason stole Michael from her and AJ. Alan gets upset and as he's about to leave, Tony encourages him not to panic and to use this situation as an excuse to use drugs again. Alan goes to the Q mansion and comforts AJ.

Ned returns to the cottage to find V reading Felicia's manuscript. He tells V that he doesn't care what she's doing - he's having a bad day. He just got through telling Lila what is happening and he hates to see her get hurt like this. She has always been the one good thing in his life. V asks how and Ned tells her how Lila have him the love that his mother couldn't or wouldn't give him when he was just a child. He tells V that f he was in Jason's shoes; he would take the baby far away from the Q's also. He doesn't have any faith in AJ being a good parent. He thinks AJ is just a spineless puppet.

Wednesday, February 10, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Renee Mundy

Nikolas and Katherine cross paths at the docks. He wonders aloud if this is some plot hatched by Helena and Katherine. She denies this stating she hasn't spoken with Helena. His obvious irritable mood makes Katherine question what's wrong. Nikolas then admits that it is now public knowledge that he is not the heir apparent to the Cassadine dynasty. Alexis/Natasha has revealed to Monica the stunning news with Helena well within hearing distance. Katherine appears sorrowful over the news but quickly states how this can be good for the two of them. She mentions she has not broken her promise of silence and that maybe he will soon be able to trust her again. Stefan is moving full speed ahead with a petition to have a hearing in Switzerland to prevent anyone else from gaining control of the family fortune, particularly Helena. Laura responds to his request to see her and he informs her that the secret is out. She asks is Luke responsible. Stefan truthfully tells her no.

At Rubys' Luke is having a stressful day, and takes it out on Liz. She manages to calm him a bit and Luke admits its' harder than he thought running the diner. Alexis stops by for a meeting with Jax in which Luke immediately picks up on.

Back at the Quartermaine mansion Carly is surveying all the wares. Reginald catches her and they make small talk. She tries to get a feel for what he's thinking. She comes up empty. He does state that he's not sure where she fits into things and she says "I'm Michael's' mother. They can't get rid of me." Reginald ignores this and leaves. Checking her making up in a serving spoon she is startled by Edward. Edward and Carly exchange pleasantries. Edward naturally has a secret agenda. He assures her the nightmare will be over soon.

The media will be informed and a 1 million-dollar reward will be offered. Edward goes onto to say that he will announce to the public that Jason is wanted for the kidnapping. AJ comes in and says the police haven't turned up anything yet. And also since Jason is named as the father on the birth certificate it may not legally be kidnapping. AJ thinks this is just a stall tactic by the Dara. Edward is very upset and says its' not over. Tony drops by and Carly jumps all over him saying that he can just turn around and leave if he is there to throw this up in her face. Tony denies this and says he is there to speak with Michael's' latest daddy. L

uke and Alexis continue to verbally spar over various misuses of trust. Once alone Jax informs Alexis that he should have been warned about the freezing of the Cassadine assets. She says she wanted Stefan to be the first to know. Jax then tells her he is only interested in business not payback. With Helena, Stefan and Alexis all petitioning for the trustee position Jax is concerned they won't have anyone in their corner. He feels Alexis does not have a prayer of obtaining this position. Laura and Stefan continue to discuss Nikolas. He is quick to tell Laura that Luke was there when Alexis revealed the truth and it was Luke who told Alexis. Laura is visibly upset. She fears Nikolas is in danger and suggests he leave. Stefan tells Laura Nikolas has a guard on him without his knowledge. Laura still has Strong doubts about Helena, but Stefan assures her that no harm will come to him. Katherine is still trying to get close to Nikolas and seems to succeed. She wants to know if there is still a chance for them. Nikolas recants how he heard her tell Helena she was using him. Katherine danced around in her defense of her love for him. She moves in for a kiss and he succumbs to her. Liz sees this.

Laura suggests they forfeit the money and be done with it. Stefan knows Helena wants more. She wants them to suffer. He says he will not lose his son or her and they embrace. Jax and Alexis l plan their strategy.

Tony makes all ill at ease at the mansion his behavior. Tony inquires if Carly and AJ were having an affair the whole time he lived across the hall from them. AJ says it was just a one-night stand. Nothing more. Tony wants to know where it happened. AJ tells him it was in Jason's' room above Jake's'. AJ said he didn't remember for months, but Tony still wants to know why he didn't tell him when he did remember. He said Carly begged him not to for fear Tony would call off the engagement. Tony tells him he could forgive him for getting drunk and doing something stupid. But what Carly did was inexcusable. He robbed them both of a child. AJ says he thinks Carly would have told the truth eventually if she didn't have Jason's' help. Jason is a manipulator just like Carly says AJ

Bobbie knocks on Carlys' door and wants to know what's' going on. Carly tries to avert the question but Bobbie isn't swayed. Carly accuses her of never being there for her as usual. Bobbie does not for a minute believe that Jason kidnapped Michael and tells her she has ruined Jason's' life. She had hoped for a new beginning with Carly but she doesn't know how it will happen. She warns Carly of the mistake of moving into the mansion. Carly then recants her tail of woe about going back to Ferncliff. She then tells Bobbie that everything she has done and will do has been for Michael and if she doesn't believe it she can leave.

Jax wonders why the donations made by "Stefan" were so strange. He tries to see what he can get out of Luke. He gets nothing. Liz watches as Nikolas and Katherine kiss passionately. They make arrangements to meet the following day. Nikolas is visibly disturbed after Katherine leaves. He goes to the diner to see if Liz wants to see Sheba. Liz is noticeably cold to him.

Carly wines about Robin telling AJ he is Michael's father and her fear of losing Jason (who she never had). Bobbie says Carly is still vulnerable to the Quartermainees and is worried she has alienated Jason as well. Bobbie tells her she won't give up on a daughter she still believes can change. Carly snorts and says she doesn't care what Bobbie does because she's got the Quartermainees behind her now and that's all she needs.

Edward is downstairs planning his strategy where Carly is concerned. AJ seems to have a plan as well and both seem very pleased with each other. Nikolas asks Liz what's' wrong. She says nothing but he soon overhears she was on the dock. Luke begrudgingly acknowledges Nikolas' presence. Nikolas asks Liz did she see Katherine and him on the dock. She doesn't answer.

AJ and Edward discuss the Ferncliff plan but still have no proof that Jason forced the judge to release her early. All that is needed says AJ is to make Carly believe they have proof. They are very amused. Bobbie still pleads her case to a deaf ear. She tries to get Carly to understand that there is more to being a mother than just money and big houses. That she should set an example for her child to follow and to remember that the next time she lies. Bobbie thinks Carly is being disruptive to everyone and just does not care. Carly starts to cry again after she leaves. She looks at a picture of Jason, Michael and herself and seems frustrated.

Luke runs into Laura on the docks and blasts him for putting her sons' life in danger. She asks him if he got everything he wanted. He replies "no angel I didn'tRecap --->

Thursday, February 11, 1999

Tony happens upon Bobbie who is sitting alone at a table in a restaurant. Bobbie tells him to scram because her aggravation card has already been punched today. Besides, she is meeting someone. Tony tells Bobbie that he has a meeting with the court psychiatrist tomorrow and he is fairly certain that the doctor will recommend that the judge grant him visitation privileges with Lucas. He just wants to agree on a date for the hearing. He has jotted down a few dates that would work for him. Jerry arrives and asks if Tony has an MD on his car. Tony asks if Jerry is arranging to have his car explode.

Alexis arrives in Mac's office looking for Mac and is unpleasantly surprised to find Sonny. Dara walks in and says that they can begin since Mr. Corinthos and his attorney are both present. A confused and angry Alexis demands to know what is going on.

Although Liz insists that it is none of her business, Nikolas wants to explain what she saw on the docks. He persuades her to sit down for a minute so they can talk. Liz has already put two and two together and asks Nikolas if Emily saw the same thing on her birthday. Nikolas says that unfortunately, what Emily saw was a lot worse.

On the docks Laura asks Luke if he hates her so much that he would feed her son to Helena. Luke says that he doesn't feed Helena anything. Laura thinks it is unlikely that it was only a coincidence that Luke and Helena were together at GH when Alexis made the announcement about Stefan being Nikolas' father. Luke insists that it was indeed a coincidence. He was standing next to Helena when Alexis spilled the beans and he noticed her reaction. She didn't even twitch. And Helena always twitches before she strikes so Laura has nothing to worry about. Nikolas is safe for now. Laura says that she doesn't believe that. She asks Luke why he wants Nikolas to suffer. Luke says that all he did was to deprive the kid of money that wasn't his to begin with. His comment angers Laura and she shouts at him telling him not to play games with her when her son's safety is at stake.

Laura says that Helena may not kill Nikolas today, but what about tomorrow. She has to think about the future. Helena thrives on doing evil. Look what she did to Lesley. Luke tells Laura not to worry so much. Helena's favorite thing to do is to pit her relatives against each other. Nikolas is young and a bit idealistic. It could turn out that Nikolas is more useful to Helena alive. Laura says that thanks to Luke, that isn't true anymore. She will take her time, just to make sure that she and Stefan suffer, but eventually Helena will strike. Laura says that she and Stefan do agree on a few things. One is that Nikolas is now in danger. And the other is that Luke is the one who put Alexis up to making the big announcement. Luke denies being responsible for Alexis' actions. He warned Laura that the truth would be revealed. All he did was tell Alexis the truth. Alexis stands alone and he doesn't do partners anymore.

Nikolas tells Liz that he knows that Emily is still very uncomfortable around him and he hates that it happened. And now Liz is uncomfortable around him too. He understands. Liz is involved in a completely honest relationship with Lucky and here he is involved with the woman who was engaged to his father. That must seem pretty bizarre to Liz. Liz says that she isn't there to judge. She is still Nikolas' friend. Nikolas hopes that he can still make things right with Emily. Liz says that hanging out Nikolas and Emily has shown her what a great person Nikolas is. She thinks that anyone would be lucky to have him as a friend. And she also thinks lots of good things will happen to him, including finding the right girl, if that's what he wants. As for Katherine Bell, she isn't going to go there. Nikolas laughs and says that he is just in a strange place right now. Liz understands. Who wouldn't be in a strange place after finding out that their uncle was their father. Nikolas confesses that he was really only upset for about five minutes. Having Stefan as his father is like a dream come true. The hard part was having it come out in public. He is glad it's out, but he hates to see his aunt making a big power play for the family fortune. The good news is that he is no longer Prince Nikolas, he is just Nikolas.

Jerry assures Tony that he doesn't do explosives on weekdays, but if Tony hurries, he might be able to stop the tow truck from hauling him in to impoundment hell, although he doubts it. Tony doubts that the PCPD has time to be towing legally parked cars. Especially when there is real live criminal nearby that they could shoot. Jerry tells Tony that the PCPD is concerned with cars illegally parked in handicapped spaces. Tony thinks it is charming that Bobbie's boyfriend can add hot wiring to his resume. Bobbie suggests that Tony go check for himself. He gave her the message, now he can leave. After Tony goes, Jerry asks if he should have warned Bobbie before he had the car towed. Bobbie laughs and says that she probably would have said ok.

Alexis explains to Dara that Sonny is under the mistaken impression that she is his attorney, but she is really there to see Mac. She tells Dara to go ahead and question Sonny if she wants, just leave her out of it. Dara agrees and Alexis turns to leave, stopping in the doorway to talk to a police officer. Dara begins questioning Sonny by asking if he has legal representation to which Sonny replies apparently not. Dara then asks him about his whereabouts the night Michael disappeared. Still in the doorway, Alexis can't help but overhear and tells Sonny that he doesn't have to answer that question. Dara is angry that Alexis has intervened since she has already made it perfectly clear that she is not Sonny's attorney. Walking back into Mac's office, Alexis asks Sonny if he has a dollar. Sonny hands her a hundred which she accepts and then tells a very aggravated Dara that she is now on retainer. She cautions Dara that she is dangerously close to violating her client's civil rights and she may just sue the PCPD. Mac arrives in time to hear Alexis threatening to sue the police department and demands to know why they are in his office.

Dara explains to Mac that her office is being painted so they are using Mac's because Sonny is allergic to paint fumes. Mac is surprised to learn that Alexis is representing Sonny. He was under the impression that Sonny's involvement in the investigation was voluntary. Alexis and Dara argue over how to proceed with Sonny's questioning. Alexis points out all of the mistakes Dara made in her questioning of Sonny before Alexis agreed to represent him. The two women continue to trade barbs until Mac intervenes.

Bobbie is very happy to finally be enjoying her meal with Jerry and without Tony. Jerry hates that she has to put up with Tony. He offers to get rid of him in his own creative way, which gets a laugh from Bobbie. Bobbie says that Tony is a day at the beach compared to Carly. Bobbie is angry that Carly is using Michael once again to get what she wants. It is so difficult to love someone when you don't trust them and she doesn't trust Carly. Jerry says that trust is earned. When the faith is broken, there is a lot of work to do. For example, if one has a hidden agenda for the upcoming snow storm, then one should confess. And if one has an ulterior motive to protect a woman from her ex-husband, then one should admit it. Bobbie asks what Jerry is hiding. Jerry asks her how the word escape sounds to her.

Liz asks Nikolas what it was like being a prince. Nikolas said it was like living in a bubble. He was always around people, but there was this invisible wall separating him from everyone else. It was really strange. All of the people he was involved with treated him different, detached and formal. Liz says that she thinks she understands. When he was dating Sarah, she always thought he was kind of exotic. He lives in a castle that you can only get to by boat, he rides horses, he knows Latin. She thought it was a little weird until she got to know him. Nikolas says that it is great that she, Lucky and Emily treat him like a real person which is how he wishes everyone would treat him. Liz asks if he is just a little bit sorry to leave his fairly tale life behind him. Nikolas says that he will let her know when it happens. Liz asks what is up now. Does he have plans to move, go to PCU, get a job. She laughingly offers to put a good word in for him at Kelly's. Nikolas says no thanks. Not as long as Luke is running the place.

On the docks, Laura asks if Luke had any other reason besides revenge for doing what he did. Did he hope that on some level, ending her secret with Stefan would free them to try again?

Laura tearfully tells Luke that he is the one who walked out on their marriage. Luke agrees and suggests that they leave Port Charles and start over somewhere else. He wants to pack up Lulu and blow PC once and for all. Laura asks what they would be running from. Laura says that she has followed him willingly, blindly all over the world because she thought that they were supposed to stay together no matter what. But now she knows that he won't hang in there the same way. He will walk away. In a way, she guesses that that is all she really needs to know. She says goodbye and leaves Luke alone on the docks.

Alexis insists that her client cease voluntary participation with this interrogation. She suggests to Sonny that they leave. As Sonny goes he tells Mac to swing by the warehouse. He has a pound of Kona just waiting for him. After Alexis and Sonny are gone, Mac suggests that Dara take the afternoon off. Alexis gave her a pretty rough time and she has earned some R&R. Dara thanks Mac and agrees that she could use a break.

In the hall, Sonny tells Alexis that they need to settle on a retainer for her continued services. Alexis says that he is not her client and she is not his mouthpiece. She hands him back his $100.

Nikolas continues to tell Liz about life as a prince. He never had to do anything normal. Wyndemere doesn't have dirty dishes, or spotted glasses. While he sleeps, breakfast makes itself, and while he eats, the beds make themselves. He says that he knows he should probably learn normal everyday skills like bed making and dish washing, but there isn't a school for things like that. Liz laughs and says that she knows of a school where he would be the only student. Pot scrubbing 101 in her grandmother's kitchen right after dinner. As Nikolas and Liz laugh and talk together, Laura arrives at Kelly's. She looks happy to see her son safe, sound and enjoying himself.

Liz and Nikolas greet Laura who is glad to see them so happy. Laura asks Liz where Lucky is. Liz explains that Lucky is working at the motorcycle shop, but that she is going to see him later. Laura invites all of them to a tea party that Lulu is having. Liz promises to tell Lucky and then goes back to work in the kitchen leaving Laura and Nikolas alone. Nikolas invites Laura to join him. She agrees saying that she was looking for him. She comments that he seems happy, but wants to know how he really is. Stefan told her about Alexis' public announcement and she is concerned about him. Nikolas assures Laura that he is fine. He admits that it is strange, but in a good way, to know that his father has been alive and well all along. He hates the family war that Alexis has started, but at least now he is free. He is just plain old Nikolas. Laura insists that he will never be ordinary, but she is glad that he has found happiness in the whole ugly mess. She is also sorry for the role Luke played.

Sonny runs into Luke on the docks. Luke compliments Sonny on the new coffee warehouse and asks how the police are dealing with it. Sonny says that he definitely has the cops confused, but that hasn't stopped them from putting a tail on him. Luke suggests that Sonny take a boat to Wyndemere so the cops will follow him to where the real crimes are being committed. Sonny notices Luke's aggravation as he stares at Wyndemere and asks what is going on out there. Luke says that he doesn't know. Sonny will have to ask his wife. Changing the subject, Luke says that real reason he wanted to see Sonny was to tell him about an interesting conversation he had with a tall Australian with more on his mind than wombats. Jax was trolling for information about the Cassadine's bank records. He seems to think that Luke has picked up some of their books in his travels. Sonny thinks that Jax versus Cassadine is a great concept. He wouldn't know whom to root for. Luke would like to see them both go down and Sonny thinks he knows a way to get that ball rolling. Jax has a brother who takes really bad risks.

Bobbie wants to know what kind of escape Jerry has in mind. Jerry says it would be the kind of escape that lovers take to shut out the world, be alone and indulge each other's every whim. He thinks they should plan to be stranded in a beautiful log cabin during the upcoming snow storm. Bobbie likes the way Jerry thinks.

After running into him at the Port Charles Grill bar, Dara tells Justus that Alexis has joined forces with Sonny. Justus says that that would only make sense if Alexis was coming in for a rescue. He asks if Dara brought Sonny in for questioning without a warrant. Dara accuses Justus of speaking to Mac, but he denies it. He is just picking up on her signals, which, as he recalls, they can still do no matter how much she has decided to hate him.

Felicia arrives in Mac's office as Mac finishes a phone conversation with the retiring DA. He tells Felicia about his the events of the afternoon including Alexis popping up as Sonny's attorney. Felicia notes that Mac is tense and offers to give him a shoulder massage. She tells him to think good thoughts and then has him describe what he is thinking. She laughs as Mac starts listing all of his good thoughts. Sonny Corinthos behind bars. The Spencers out of town. The Cassadines at the bottom of a lake. He then surprises Felicia by pulling her onto his lap for some serious kissing.

Mac is now totally relaxed and says that he thinks he is the luckiest man in the world to have a beautiful woman surprising him in the middle of the day. Felicia confesses that she was looking for a distraction. V is reading her novel and when she is done she and Felicia are going to decide whether or not to burn the manuscript. Mac happily agrees to distract Felicia for the rest of the day and they head out for pool at Jake's followed up by a little strip poker at home.

Dara tells Justus that she is tired of Alexis catching her off guard. She assures Justus if she had been in court, she would have mowed Alexis down. Justus doesn't disagree. Dara has quite a few tricks up her designer sleeve. Dara laughs and says that Justus is the man who bends every rule of law that has ever been written. At least watching him is entertaining.

Bobbie is tempted by Jerry's offer, but is concerned about the custody hearing. When she notices that Tony's list of possible hearing dates don't interfere with a quick getaway next week, she says it must be fate that they go. Jerry tells her to prepare to be stranded with champagne, caviar, down comforters, catered meals, and him. And not necessarily in that order. Bobbie says that it sounds like heaven and she has never looked forward to a disaster more.

Luke tells Sonny that as far as he knows, the last gig Jerry had was for the Cassadines. He was investigating the unfortunate tumble Miss Bell took off the parapet. His bumbling attempts resulted in Luke's safe being broken into. Sonny says that Jerry's talent goes way beyond safe cracking. He gets his jollies illegally moving around people's money. Putting two and two together, Sonny suggests that the money Jerry embezzled was the money Luke donated to charity. Sonny asks why Luke didn't help himself to some of that money. Luke says that he doesn't want anything that Stefan Cassadine has touched.

Nikolas assures Laura that she has nothing to apologize for. She isn't responsible for Luke's action. Stefan and Luke have been going after each other for years. That is what they do. They wouldn't have anything to dream about at night if they weren't planning revenge against one another. He doesn't let that bother him anymore. As far as he is concerned, Luke isn't an issue for him. Laura says that all she has ever wanted for Nikolas is peace and happiness. It is wonderful to think that that moment may have finally come, but he still has to be careful. He may not be the Cassadine prince, but he is still part of a family with a very long reach and an even longer agenda. He may find that some of the ties are too strong to be completely severed.

Friday, February 12

Up in Carly's room, Carly is pacing around her room, looking at the picture of her, Jason and Michael. She says to herself that she sure misses her baby, but she knows his daddy is taking good care of him. Edward knocks on the door and she invites him in. He tells her they missed her down at breakfast and asks if she is okay. Carly asks him if there is any word yet on Jason and Michael. He tells her not yet, but they are hopeful that something will come up soon. She apologizes to him for how she has treated him and his family, saying that she has hurt a lot of people. Edward smiles and tells her that she should fit right into the family. He then says that no matter how much they have all treated each other, there is genuine love there and as soon as she becomes accustomed to it, she'll feel right at home. Carly thanks him and Edward told her all is forgiven when she showed up at their doorstep. Edward then promises Carly that she will receive all the attention the mother of a Quartermaine deserves. Carly wonders to Edward about the possibility that Jason will never be found. Edward says that anyone can be found with money and influence. Edward says that he is offering one million tax free dollars for Michael's safe return to his rightful home. Carly says that she doesn't deserve this, but Edward says that she only put her trust in the wrong person. Carly starts to cry, thinking out loud of how Jason double crossed her. Edward tells her it will be okay and tells her to come downstairs and have some lunch and he'll meet her downstairs. After he is gone, Carly looks up to heaven and says, Jason, please return.

Fed up with slinging hash, Luke comes huffing and puffing out of Kelly's and entreats his sister to close Kelly's down. Luke tells Bobbie that the microwave is kaput since he forgot where he left the no stick spray and blew the microwave up. Bobbie finds the whole incident hilarious and laughs at Luke for blowing up the microwave. Luke tells her that he can not do this anymore and if he doesn't get some help soon he is gone to torch the place and collect the insurance money. Bobbie tells him he can't do that and Ruby would want them to keep Kelly''s open, so the simplest solution is to find someone to manage the place. Luke isn't sure about that and Bobbie tells him that he has to do it, because she is too busy trying to deal with the Carly and Jason situation. Luke hasn't heard about the latest situation with Jason and Michael, so Bobbie feels him in. Afterwards, Bobbie tells Luke that Carly is so reckless and is always doing things without thinking first. She then adds that it is becoming so hard to love that girl when she keeps pulling stunts like this. Luke tells her to hang in there and everything will work out. Bobbie convinced Luke not to close Kelly's and he agreed to look for some help. He then tells Bobbie he has to go and warns her not to stick around, because there is a storm coming and he wouldn't want her to get snowed in at Kelly's. Bobbie says that she'll be okay, Jerry is coming to get her. As if on cue, Jerry arrives and greets them both. Luke offers to give the Jacks brothers advice on the Cassadine's, but Jerry continues to play it off like he and Jax aren't interested in the Cassadine holdings. Luke, in code, admitted to Jerry that he had accessed the Cassadine accounts, but Jerry still continues to act like he isn't interested. Luke leaves and shortly afterwards, Jax shows up and looks in the window and sees Jerry kissing Bobbie. He then sees a young couple in love walk by him hand in hand and can't help thinking about Brenda. Jax then leaves, but Luke returns and walks in on the same scene of Jerry and Bobbie kissing and thinks of Laura. Without interrupting them, he leaves too, unnoticed.

Lucky is at Laura's house dropping off some Valentines for Lulu. He mentions that Nikolas is coming for Lulu's tea party. Laura is thrilled to see him and lets him know that Lulu is asleep right now. She then asks him if he is sticking around for the party and he tells her that he won't be there, he has plans. He then offers to cancel his plans for the evening. Laura says that he doesn't have to, Lulu will be fine and she figured that he would have plans, but not with his mother. While Lucky helps Laura get the grab bags together for Lulu's party, he tells his mom that he wants to make this Valentine's Day so special for Liz. Lucky then talks about how Liz reacted to the Valentines Day Dance poster and he can't take last Valentines Day back, but he hopes he can do something about their future Valentines Days. Laura asks him what he has planned and Lucky tells her that it'll just be the two of them and that he bought Liz a orchid corsage for her arm. He hopes that he is just making this right for Liz. Laura says that Liz is lucky to have him. Lucky asks to use the phone, to check on his floral delivery. Laura tells him to go ahead then smiles to herself that Lucky is in love. After hanging up, Lucky finds out that there are no flowers left in Port Charles. Laura offers him some white roses that she received. Nikolas knocks on the door. He has brought 2 boxes of chocolates, one for Laura, one for Lulu. Laura offers to go upstairs and get Lulu so she can visit with her two favorite guys. Without saying, she also tells Lucky that she will take care of that other matter as well, meaning the flowers. Lulu comes downstairs and the boys both hug and tease her. Laura comes down afterwards with the white roses for Lucky. He thanks her and takes them and then tells everyone that he has to get going over to Liz's. They all bid him a nice Valentine's Day and Lucky leaves. Afterwards, Laura and Nikolas talk. She tells Nikolas how happy she is for Lucky, who is truly in love. Nikolas says that he will have to take her word on how happy it is to be in love. Laura has hopes for Nikolas too and feels that now that he'll be meeting more people, he will find the love of his life as well. Nikolas says that the only regret he ever had was choosing his own friends. He says that adjusting to not being a prince hasn't been hard. Laura then invites Nikolas to stay, but he tells her he has to be some where and will talk with her later. He then gives Lulu a kiss and leaves. After waiting and still not receiving one guest, Laura tells Lulu that she hopes the storm hasn't prevented her little friends from making it to her party. Later as they wait, Laura is talking to Lulu about the power of love and how it can make you amazingly strong, or terribly weak. She then tells her, it changes people, but is incredibly wonderful. Laura then pours tea for the both of them.

Emily offers to help an excited Liz get ready for her Valentines Day date with Lucky. As they get ready and talk, Liz smiles and hints that she has a Valentines surprise for Lucky as well. The girls continue to talk about their Valentines plans until Emily announces that it is time for her to go. Liz goes upstairs to get ready for Lucky. Later, upon arrival at the Hardy house, Lucky runs into Emily outside the house who tells him she is just leaving and for him to go inside and see his surprise. Lucky discovers from talking with Emily that Liz has prepared a romantic surprise for him and can't wait to see it. Emily leaves. Liz and Emily have Audrey's house all decorated for Valentines day. Lucky comes in, and looks around, amazed at what he sees. The place is all decorated with dozens of different colored Valentines hearts and balloons. As if right on cue, Liz comes downstairs wearing her new dress and Lucky is speechless at the site of her.

Up in Alexis' room, Jax is there and questioned Alexis' loyalty to their partnership. They talk about the Cassadine rivalry, and where the disbursements of the Cassadine holdings will take place. She asks him how his business is going. He says that he has bids in on a few companies. He says that he is spending a great deal of his cash on her scheme, and says that she had better not blow his money. Jax then asks Alexis for some reassurances that she's truly committed to their partnership. She doesn't answer him. He assumes that she is having second thoughts. There is a knock on the door. She opens it and Sonny strolls in, requesting an audience with his attorney. He looks surprised to see Jax there. Alexis tells him that she is busy. Sonny reminds her that she has an appointment with her newest client. Alexis icily reminds the retired mobster that her representation of him in Dara's office was a one-shot deal which will not be repeated. She then adds that she only did it because Dara was harassing him. She also reminds him that she told him she never wanted to see him again. Jax smugly asks Sonny to leave. Sonny ignores Jax and turns his attentions back to Alexis by saying that he doesn't remember that she gave back his 100 dollars, even though he does. Sonny then tells Alexis that if she doesn't represent him, he is afraid he will have to sue her for breach of contract. Unintimidated, Alexis tells Sonny that she can drop him as a client at any time, so go stick his threats in his ear. Sonny smiles and says that if this was the reaction he was going to get, he wouldn't have sent such nice flowers. Jax decides to leave so Sonny and Alexis can talk alone. After he is gone, Sonny tells Alexis that Jax is not a good businessman, and he is just a rich playboy who doesn't care about business, except for the fun of it. Alexis says she doesn't need his opinion about Jax and furthermore, is not interested in working for him, and does not want to see his face at her place again. Sonny persists, however, reminding Alexis of a debt she owes Jason which must now be repaid. He then adds, that she represented Tony Jones, who got squat for his crime. Alexis says that she did her best and besides, Tony paid his price to society. Sonny says that this is her chance to make amends to Jason. He then tells her that Jason is being brought up on kidnapping charges and needs the best lawyer possible and that is where she comes in. Alexis still isn't biting although Sonny continues trying to intimidate Alexis into representing Jason. Instead, Alexis advised Sonny that threatening Carly away from the Quartermaines would be Jason's best defense. Sonny thought about that while Alexis showed him the door. Later, Stefan showed up to talk and Alexis offered to call a truce with Stefan. She then told him that the court is appointing a trustee for the estate and hopes that they can work something out before it gets that far.

Meanwhile in another part of the Hotel, Nikolas paid Katherine a visit. She tells him she didn't know if he was coming. He tells her he wasn't sure he was. She then asks him if he is coming in, to which Nikolas doesn't answer.

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