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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 22, 1999 on GH
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Monday, February > 22, 1999

Sonny has run into Moreno on the docks. He tells Moreno that he has no imagination. Just because he can't think of anything else to do besides break the law doesn't mean that Sonny can't. Moreno wants to know why Sonny is back. Sonny insists that he is back to run his coffee venture. Moreno says that sooner or later Sonny is going to choke on his coffee. As Sonny suggests that Moreno switch to decaf, Taggert happens upon the group. Sonny invites him to join them. Taggert suggests that Sonny and Moreno kill each other and he will look the other way.

Jax walks into the Port Charles Grill and notices Helena sitting alone. Jax walks up to Helena's table and asks if she is Helena Cassadine. Helena confirms her identity and says hello to Jax, who is surprised that she knows who he is. Helena says that she has been admiring him from across the room at social functions for quite some time and invites Jax to join her. Helena suggests that they dispense with the formalities and asks what Jax has in mind. Jax says that he was hoping that they could do business together. Alexis walks in and notices Jax and Helena together.

Felicia arrives at Bobbie's to return Lucas' glove. She notices something of Michael's and Bobbie confesses that Michael is there. Felicia asks what is going on. Bobbie explains that Jason has returned and she is babysitting while Jason runs some errands. Felicia thought that Jason had kidnapped Michael, but Bobbie tells her that, as usual, Carly lied.

Carly pretends to be ecstatic to see Jason, but he pushes her away when she tries to hug him. Carly does a complete 180 when she notices AJ walking by and starts yelling at Jason demanding to know where her baby is. He can't just run off with her son. He is her son, not Jason's.

AJ insists that Jason get away from Carly. He asks if it finally dawned on Jason that people get arrested for kidnapping. Jason said that he didn't kidnap anyone. He and Michael went out of town for a couple of days. It's called a vacation. AJ says that Carly admitted the truth and demands to know where Michael is. When Jason refuses to answer, AJ leaves to call the police.

Bobbie tells Felicia that she knew Carly was lying about Jason kidnapping Michael. Jason loves Michael too much to deprive him of his mother. She had a bad feeling about the whole thing. Things had been better between her and Carly lately, but Carly lied to her again. And she claimed she did it all for Michael. Felicia tells Bobbie that Carly is not one of her favorite people. She has hurt so many people. Bobbie agrees, but she isn't going to abandon her. She feels a little bit responsible for Carly's actions. If she had been a mother to her for her whole life, maybe things would be different. She can't give up on her.

Sonny thanks Taggert for the suggestion but says that he doesn't think violence solves anything. Taggert turns to Moreno and tells him that now is his chance to get rid of the competition. As he leaves, Moreno thanks Taggert for his selflessness, but politely declines the offer. Taggert says that the odds are on his side. Sooner or later, he is going down. Taggert tells Sonny that the fake coffee business isn't fooling him. The whole time Sonny was gone, he lay in his bed every night wondering what he could have done differently to put Jason and Sonny behind bars. He swore to himself that if he ever got another chance, he wouldn't let him get away again. Taggert's beeper goes off interrupting their conversation.

Alexis watches from afar as Helena asks Jax what kind of business he had in mind. Jax says that he has an interest in bidding on several of the Cassadine holdings, but they appear to be frozen. Helena assures Jax that the situation is temporary. The heir apparent wasn't as apparent s they thought. Jax was hoping that he could speak to someone now rather than waiting for the court to appoint someone as trustee. Helena is quite confident that he can talk to her. Jax wasn't aware that a decision had been made, but Helena assures him that it is a technicality. She tells Jax to fasten his seatbelt. This just might be his lucky day.

As Alexis continues to try to eavesdrop, Nikolas walks up and startles her. She quickly starts to go, but Nikolas stops her saying that he has a few things to discuss with her.

Alexis surprised that Nikolas wants to speak to him at all. Nikolas tells Alexis that he isn't upset that the truth of his paternity came out, but he is upset at the way she announced it. He wanted the truth to be known, but the way she did it was a deliberate attack. It wasn't necessary for her to say it in front of the entire hospital. He asks if she wanted to hurt Stefan. Alexis says that she doesn't want the truth to hurt anyone. She just wants to be considered. Nikolas suggests that she work with Stefan to get what she feels she deserves.

Helena tells Jax that she is sure that her appointment will be confirmed shortly. At that time, she will discuss all of his propositions. As she bids him farewell, she suggests that they concentrate on getting to know each other better. She walks out of the restaurant and notices Nikolas and Alexis sitting at the bar. She walks over and asks Nikolas how he is handling his new status. She is concerned because a reversal of fortune such as his can sometimes lead to mistakes in judgment, particularly in the company one keeps (while looking pointedly at Alexis). Nikolas thanks her, but tells her that he already knows who his enemies are. Helena says that she will try not to worry and suggests that he call his grandmother once in a while. The golden years can be so lonely. As she goes, Alexis comments that she is one of a kind. Nikolas says that they can certainly be grateful for that. Alexis says goodbye to Nikolas and heads off to find Jax. She asks him if they are still partners and asks what he was doing with Helena.

Bobbie tells Felicia that even now, part of her wants to back Carly. There is a pretty good argument to be made that a mother has a right to her child. She knows how much her support would mean to Carly, but she also knows that Carly would pull another stunt the first chance she got. Bobbie used to think that what Carly wanted more than anything was Jason, but now she isn't so sure. Maybe somehow she thinks she can have it all. The sad part is, that the person Michael loves the most is the person who has the least chance of remaining his parent.

AJ informs Jason that the police are on their way. Monica walks in and is thrilled to see Jason. She is not so thrilled when she learns that AJ has called the police. Taggert arrives commenting on the return of the baby snatcher. Jason explains that he and Michael took a trip and now they are back. Carly made a mistake. Carly is reluctant to confirm or deny. Taggert tells her that before she answers she should know that kidnapping will be difficult to prove since Jason has been the custodial parent since Michael was born. AJ asks about the blood test and happily shows Jason and Taggert the new and improved court order. Jason crumples up the court order and informs AJ that there will never be a blood test.

AJ asks Jason if he thinks they are bluffing. Jason says that he isn't letting anyone stick Michael with needles to prove something everyone already knows. Jason admits that AJ is Michael's biological father. Monica says that she is proud of Jason. His actions prove that he is acting in Michael's best interests. AJ says that he and Carly want to see their son. Jason says that Carly can see Michael, but AJ can't. AJ is outraged, but Taggert confirms that Jason can keep Michael away temporarily since Jason's name is on Michael's birth certificate. Jason offers to take Carly to Michael, but AJ doesn't want her to go. Taggert offers to remove Jason from the premises, but Monica says no. After Taggert leaves, Jason offers to take Carly to Bobbie's, but Carly says that she will have AJ drive her. AJ tells Jason that this is the last time he will keep him away from his son. After Jason leaves, Carly tells AJ that it doesn't do any good to antagonize Jason. They should just be glad that Michael is back. AJ agrees that Carly is right. He can't wait to see his son.

Felicia asks Bobbie who, in her heart, would make the best parent for Michael. Bobbie admits that it is Jason, but that would mean turning against Carly. That is something she doesn't want to do. If this goes to court, she would have to testify. Bobbie hopes that she can have a good relationship with Carly some day. Felicia hopes that Bobbie can have that relationship, but tells her to be careful.

Nikolas is sitting alone at a table in the Port Charles Grill while Alexis and Jax continue their conversation. Jax understands that Alexis grew up in an environment of distrust, but if he has to explain himself to her every day, than this working relationship is over. Alexis says that if he can't tell her what is going on than he is right. This working relationship is over. Jax admits that he was talking to Helena to fish for information about who is going to be the Cassadine trustee. Helena says that it will be her. Alexis sensed that Helena knew something at GH when they found at that Nikolas wasn't the heir. She was too subdued. Alexis is sure that Helena has the inside track on something. They need to find out what it is. Sonny arrives to inform Alexis that Jason is on his way to Bobbie's with Carly and AJ in hot pursuit. When Alexis rushes off to join them, Jax tells Sonny that he will use anything, even a baby.

Katherine arrives and joins Nikolas, thanking him for agreeing to see her. She wanted to see him because she feels guilty, about GH. The bachelor auction generated a lot of good will and she feels bad that they have done nothing to capitalize on it. Nikolas says that he would be willing to work with her again. The AIDS wing is something important to him. He suggests that they eat lunch and discuss some plans.

Jax suggests that the only reason Sonny hired Alexis as Jason's attorney is because she was working with Jax. Sonny assures him that it had nothing to do with him. Alexis is smart and tough and knows all of the players. Tony arrives and interrupts Jax and Sonny. He was hoping to give Jax an update on the research he has been funding. He starts talking about the disorder, which Sonny correctly assumes is the same disorder that plagued Brenda's mother. He laughs and says that Jax is trying to ease his guilt for letting Brenda die.

Alan arrives at Kelly's for breakfast and is delighted to see Tammy running the place. He asks what changed her mind. Tammy laughs and says that it was of a fifth of outstanding whiskey. She explains that she was stranded at Luke's during the storm and that Luke and Felicia convinced her to give Kelly's a try. She thanks Alan saying that it never would have happened without him. She offers him the daily special, on the house, and goes into the kitchen to prepare it for him. Monica arrives in search of Alan. She tells him that Jason is back and that Carly made up the whole kidnapping story. Alan is glad that Michael is safe, but if Jason took him without Carly's permission, than it was kidnapping.

Alexis arrives at Bobbie's first and lets Bobbie know that Carly, AJ and Jason are all on their way. Jason arrives and is surprised to see Alexis. Jason explains that AJ called the police, Taggert showed up and said that Michael had to take the blood test. Alexis suggests that Jason take the blood test as say that it is the first he knew that he might not be the father. She is furious when Jason says that he already told AJ he was the father. Jason says that he didn't want Michael to have to take a blood test. Alexis says that if he wants her help, he can't make anymore decisions without her. Bobbie agrees. Custody battles can be ugly, and AJ and Carly will definitely fight dirty. The door bell rings and Carly brushes past Bobbie saying that she is there to see Michael. Jason picks Michael up out of his play pen and hands him to Carly telling Michael that his Mommy missed him. Carly holds Michael tight and says that Daddy is right, she did miss him.

Tony explains to Sonny that Brenda's mother had an episode resulting from her condition that caused her to run the car off the road. Sonny knows, but thinks that Brenda should never have been in the car in the first place. Tony leaves, suggesting that Jax give him a call for an update.

Katherine brushes an eye lash off of Nikolas' face asking if he wants to make a wish. When he declines, she makes her own wish and then apologizes for touching him. She just couldn't resist. Nikolas seems to be having the same problem. When he heard her tell Helena that she was using him to get back at Stefan, he vowed to not let himself be put in that position again. But if there was ever anything real between them in the first place, he is willing to find out. Katherine says that all she ever wanted was an opportunity to prove herself.

Jax says that Brenda's mother inherited her madness, but Sonny drove Brenda to hers. Sonny says that Brenda died because Jax let her get in that car. Brenda died because Jax wasn't paying attention. He is spoiled and easily bored. He gets a toy and he doesn't know how to value it. He let someone drive that car over a cliff and then he goes on with his life being golden boy. As Sonny leaves, he tells Jax to enjoy it.

Monica tells Alan that Jason admitted he wasn't Michael's father. That proves that he might consider some sort of compromise. Alan disagrees saying that the only reason Jason came back is because he knew he was going to get caught sooner or later. He has no intention of cooperating. Monica admires Alan's support of AJ, but says that Jason isn't necessarily wrong on every account. They need to stick together if they want to get through this as a family. Alan says that maybe harmony in the Quartermaine family can start now. As they join hands across the table, Tammy walks out of the kitchen with Alan's breakfast. When she sees Alan and Monica together, she goes back into the kitchen.

Carly is talking to Michael asking if he had a good time with his Daddy. Bobbie sarcastically asks if that is Daddy the kidnapper or Daddy who has been a wonderful father to her son. Carly says that now isn't really the time and Alexis tells Jason that she needs some time alone with him. As Jason leans down to say goodbye to Michael, Carly says that the only thing that matters is making sure Michael doesn't get hurt. Jason says that he has been trying to do that from the beginning. After Jason leaves, Carly tells Michael that Daddy doesn't understand Mommy's plan yet, but when she has a chance to explain everything, she knows he will.

Tuesday, February 23, 1999


Katherine meets with Helena who offers her a deal. Through Katherine, Helena can monitor Stefan's activities and help to preserve her relationship with Nikolas. Helena threatens Katherine by saying a refusal would be devastating. Katherine tries to break whatever alliance they have had by telling her that Helena doesn't need her anymore. Stefan is out of being head of the family and controlling the dynasty, Nikolas is out from under Stefan's thumb and the path to the Cassadine fortune has been cleared for Helena. She has always acted like a queen and not a pawn, which is what she has been for Helena, until now. Katherine says she is starting over and will not be Helena's pawn. Helena threatens Katherine again using the demise of Alexis' mother as an example of what could happen to Katherine if she doesn't cooperate. Katherine calls her on it because she has the one thing that Helena truly wants: Nikolas. And she can either open the door to Nikolas or nail it shut. Katherine leaves a fuming Helena. Helena makes a phone call to what we assume is her financial advisor and makes a few money transfers. While she is on the line, another call comes in. Jax is calling to see if Helena is still confident of becoming the controller of the Cassadine fortune. She assures him that she is confident of many things, including this. They flirt back and forth with each other and agree to meet.

Tony has Stefan meet him at the Port Charles Grill. He fills him in on what he witness earlier between Katherine and Nikolas. He tells Stefan that it looked like they had more than business on the table and how he watched Katherine stroke Nikolas' cheek. Although it's been a while since he has been in a relationship with a woman, he can still recognize lust in a woman's eyes and actions and Katherine was lusting after Nikolas. Tony just thought Stefan should know, after all that he has done for Tony by giving him his job back at GH. Stefan thanks him for the information. Stefan makes a trip upstairs to see Katherine. Katherine is dressed in a peignoir, expecting the knock to be Nikolas' and is disappointed to find Stefan at her door. Stefan picks up on all of this and wants to know of Katherine's intentions with Nikolas. Are her intentions genuine? Katherine confirms that her and Nikolas have resumed a relationship. She admits she doesn't know where it is going but they will have a grand time figuring it out. But Stefan tells her he doesn't see the two of them having much of a future together. She is not the love of Nikolas' life, only an unfortunate liaison that he will look back on with regret when his real life begins. Stefan tells her it's all a delusion. And what's going to happen when her delusion ends? Is Nikolas going to be another Cassadine marked for revenge? Katherine counters that she now understands just how much Stefan fears her. He fears losing Nikolas to her. Can't Stefan see how happy Nikolas is now that he knows the truth, something she has always supplied Nikolas with. He's happy not having to be a Cassadine prince. He now has his independence. Stefan shoots back that Nikolas will never have his independence until he is free of Katherine.

AJ finds Carly in the parlor at the Q mansion. He tells her that he is meeting with his attorney to file temporary custody papers and wants her to attend. They must present a strong case against Jason and they need Carly to tell how violent and controlling Jason was. She needs to tell the attorney how Michael being with Jason is in danger. Carly doesn't want to drag Jason through the mud. If they bring up Jason's past, he can do the same with them and they don't want to go there. AJ agrees. He leaves for the attorney's without Carly.

Alexis runs into Jax on the docks. He gives her a hard time of not being devoted to their takeover business. Alexis assures him that she has other business to take care of, but the Cassadine takeover is her highest priority. She leaves to meet Jason.

Sonny goes over to Jason's penthouse to talk about the custody case. He tries to gauge how Jason will handle not getting custody of Michael. He badgers Jason about Carly and her motives. He warns Jason that the custody suit is going to be war with the Quartermaines. Alexis arrives and tells Jason that she has been busy putting out a couple of fires. She has temporarily blocked a "temporary custody" order that AJ filed that morning, but they have already submitted an appeal. Alexis says Jason is working almost impossible odds of winning full custody. They have a slight chance of winning. Judges nowadays tend to lean toward the "best" parent not who is the biological parent. Jason is encouraged but Sonny is not. Alexis leaves and Sonny tells Jason about his run in with Moreno on the docks earlier. Moreno doesn't believe they are opening a legit coffee business and anticipates trouble. This is cement Sonny's point about Jason proving to the court that he is no longer in the business. Everyone believed that Jason was "clean" until Sonny came back into town. He thinks they should sever ties: business and friendship. Jason says no. He is the better parent that the Q's. If he walked away from Sonny, he would be like a Quartermaine, no loyalty, and no honor. This is not the kind of father he told Michael he would be.

As soon as AJ leaves, Carly immediately grabs her fur coat and tries to sneak out through the patio french doors but Ned stops her. She explains that she just wants to go for a walk. Ned sees right through that! He tells her that whatever angle she is working on AJ, she has his permission and his admiration.

Ned leaves and is walking along the docks when Alexis rushes by. He stops her and fills her in on his exchange with Carly. Figured she ought to know that Carly is up to something since she is representing Jason. Alexis appreciates the information but says she has to go on to a meeting pertaining to the Jax/Cassadine deal. Ned tries to persuade Alexis to have lunch instead but Alexis tells him that she is already late. She tells Ned that he may not have all of her time, but he does have all of her heart. Ned enters the Port Charles Grill and sees Jax at a table. He pulls up a chair and Jax informs him that he is waiting for someone. Ned says that he knows, he just ran into Alexis. Jax tells him it's not Alexis he's meeting. Ned warns Jax that Alexis could get hurt in this Cassadine/Jax deal.

Alexis sneaks onto Helena's yacht while Helena is out meeting Jax. She starts rummaging through Helena's desk and personal effects. Meanwhile, before Helena meets with Jax, she realizes that she left the prospectus for Jax back on the boat and will have to return to retrieve it.

Carly shows up at the penthouse. Before she can go into Jason's, Sonny intercepts her. They exchange heated words. Sonny asks her what she's peddling today - honesty? Carly fires back about being honest with Jason about Sonny propositioning her! Right then Jason opens the door. She tells Jason it's true, but Jason cuts her off. They go into the penthouse. He asks her if she is going to doublecross him again like Sonny says.

Wednesday, February 24, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Renee Mundy

In the restaurant Ned wonders aloud to Jax if a countdown is on and how it will affect Alexis. Meanwhile Alexis is fingering through Helena's private files. Helena is on the docks berating one of her flunkies, when out of the corner of her eye she spies Lucky, Nikolas and LuLu approaching. She deftly Switches gears and feigns sweetness and concern for their benefit. Helena walks over to them to make small talk. Nikolas greets her icily. She offers them a lift but Nikolas firmly tells her not to approach his brother or sister again without his express permission. Helena gracefully takes her cue and exits. Nikolas warns Lesley Lu about Helena.

Back at the diner AJ rushes in to speak with Alan and in the process is very rude to Tammy. Alan instructs AJ to treat Tammy better in the future. AJ apologizes but goes on to say that the court decided to leave Michael with Jason.

Carly is attempting to explain things to Jason. She insists that Jason is the only person with which she can be really honest. He is the only one who really "gets" her. Jason fires back "Maybe I did but not anymore." He demands to know why she didn't follow him as planned and instead went to the Quartemaines and accused him of kidnapping. She claims it was to ensure that Michael would have a life with the two of them. Carly paints a picture of how awful it would be if they had to be on the run and never trust anyone. She tells Jason she didn't want to leave their friends and family behind. Through this sickening display she manages to insult Sonny and Emily. Jason looks in anger. She even plays the Bobbie card. She goes further and says she doesn't want to take him away from the very life he Robin did. All these things were going through her mind when AJ showed up with another court order for a blood test. She claims they can fight the Quartermaines and win. Jason wonders what could they possibly win by telling everyone he steals babies.

At the restaurant Ned is pressuring Jax to tell him what's going on. Jax reveals nothing. Helena enters to meet with Jax. Alexis found what she was looking for but is startled by Helena's henchman. Some fast-talking gets her out the door with information intact. Nikolas and Lucky try to soothe LuLu's disappointment over her ice skating debut as Luke approaches. They chat briefly then Nikolas takes Lulu back home.

Alan listens in disbelief as AJ tells him the courts left Michael with Jason because it would be less disruptive for the child. Alan offers his help to AJ He tells his father of all the people who might serve as character

witnesses for Jason: Bobbie, Emily, and Mike. AJ worries that Monica may also jump on the Jason bandwagon. He fears this would sink his case. Alan assures him Monica will be on his side. As they leave AJ apologizes to Tammy and thanks her for all she did to help Alan when he was on Courtland Street.

Carly continues to tell Jason what she did is for the best. She is only pretending to be on the Q's side. Since Jason is legally Michael's father he can't be charged with kidnapping. She says she knew this all along. She didn't. Jason tells her it doesn't matter what she does because Michael will still end up at the mansion. He will take Michael and leave before he allows that to happen. She blames this attitude on Sonny and declares Jason would never take her son from her. She drops the bomb: She will have to marry AJ before the three of them can be together as a family. Jason looks at her in shock. She attempts to explain that by marrying AJ it won't entitle him to anything. It entitles her to do whatever is necessary to ensure her son doesn't grow up like AJ A freak in her words. She says they can't win in a battle against the Q's. She is a mental patient. He is a criminal. She insists the plan will work because AJ hates Jason more than he hates Carly. He is jealous of Jason. Carly believes AJ still has a thing for her. Jason points out that this is probably not true now since she drugged him and threw him in an alley. She goes on to say that Edward will insist that his great grandson be legitimate. Carly says when AJ thinks he has won she will make her move and file for divorce and sole custody. She will then be a rich woman and the three of them can be together, in a year or less. Jason tells her this is the dumbest idea he has ever heard.

Helena and Jax talk over drinks with Ned and Alexis looking on. Ned asks Alexis what she is doing. Lucky talks to Luke about Nikolas. He still tries to persuade Luke to give him a chance. Mike and Tammy discuss Michael and Jason when Tammy is recognized by one of her old johns. He tries to "spend" time with her but is rescued by Mike. She wonders if he overheard anything but he feigns ignorance. Lucky tells Luke how happy he is with Liz. Luke approves. The closeness they once shared is within reach once again.

Ned and Jax disagree over Alexis' dealings with Jax. Ned is concerned with her safety. She confides in Ned. Alan and Monica discuss AJ She is relieved he doesn't have temporary custody. Alan is displeased. Jason tells Carly she will be making a mistake marrying AJ Legally he will have too much power. Jason tells her even if everything goes her way, in which he has yet to see, this will be a disaster. Jason tells her the best thing would be for the two of them to go for custody. They both know this won't happen. Carly continues to insist they do this her way. It's too late to turn back now. If it doesn't work she knows Jason will save her like always.

She breaks down in tears and tries to allay Jason's fears that Michael will be out of his life. She tells Jason she loves him and leaves. Jason looks very doubtful.

Helena discovers Alexis has been on the yacht and burns a piece of paper with a name and number on it. At the restaurant Ned, Jax and Alexis discuss what Alexis uncovered. Alan implores Monica to give AJ a chance and to give him a chance to really be a father to AJ for the first time. Carly sneaks back into the mansion, and plays AJ like a fiddle. He falls for all her lies. She tells him she will give him a signed affidavit about Jason's mistreatment of her. AJ is very pleased. What a fool.

Thursday, February 25, 1999

Ned is playing his guitar when Alexis comes into the room. She pushes him back onto the couch and starts to kiss him passionately. Ned wishes her a good morning and tells her that he is glad he was able to persuade her to spend the night. He thought he was going to have to lock her in. After she snuck onto Helena's yacht, he couldn't let her out of his sight. Alexis tells Ned that she thinks he is adorable and they resume their passionate kissing.

Felicia and Mac are at a table in Kelly's discussing Felicia's novel. Felicia insists that if V doesn't like the book, she isn't going to keep writing it. Bobbie arrives and chats with them while she waits for Tony to arrive. They have agreed to meet there to discuss the upcoming court hearing. Meanwhile, Liz is picking up an order at the counter when Lucky arrives. He asks Liz if she will get a break soon. When Liz says that she has one coming up, Lucky tells her to meet him on the docks. He has a surprise for her. Lucky leaves and Liz goes back to work. As Liz returns to the counter, Tammy is asking Bobbie if she can rearrange the kitchen. Bobbie asks Liz to help Tammy, right now. Liz, who was obviously hoping for a break so she could go meet Lucky, reluctantly agrees and follows Tammy into the kitchen with an annoyed look on her face. As Liz and Tammy head into the kitchen, Tony arrives commenting that he finally caught Bobbie without her body guard.

Luke is in his office at the club doing paperwork when Sonny arrives. He asks Luke how long it has been since he has been home. Luke says that home doesn't exist anymore.

Stefan arrives at Laura's with apologies for not calling first. She invites him in and he tells her that he has been trying to come up with excuses to see her. But it appears that he doesn't need them now. Stefan explains that it isn't as if he doesn't have anything else to occupy his time. With Nikolas no longer the heir, Helena and Alexis are circling like sharks. It's just that his mind strays to her, wondering how she is. On Valentine's Day he wanted to call the florist and have every flower in the city delivered to her. Laura tells Stefan about Lesley Lu's Valentine's Day party. She didn't invite him because she wasn't sure how the other Mothers would respond. Stefan said that he didn't send the flowers because he didn't know how she would respond. Laura laughs and says that he is always calculating. She asks Stefan if he remembers the time she convinced him to jump of the cliff. He laughs as he remembers them stepping off and thinking that it was insane. Indisputable evidence that of all the perils around him, none is more dangerous than his feelings for her.

Luke tells Sonny that he and his wife have come to the end of the road. The fire is still there, but the marriage has burned out. Sonny asks who ended it. Luke says that it depends on who you ask. Laura says that he walked out on her, but he doesn't feel like he walked out on her. He feels like he was shot out of a cannon. One day, he turned around and the wife he trusted for years told him that she has this secret life that he can't be a part of. Because it involves a kid and a lover. All those years. What really is so amazing is why the third corner of this triangle has to be Stefan Cassadine. Sonny speculates that it was because Stefan was Laura's safe harbor when she was captive on the island. Luke disagrees. This is going on now, today. If Laura hasn't slept with Stefan yet, she will, because she wants to.

Bobbie asks Tony to kindly stay out of her private life. Tony says that he would love to, but he can't. Her slimy boyfriend harasses him, and he lives under the same roof as Lucas. Mac intervenes asking Tony if he remembers their conversation in his office. Bobbie tells Mac that it is ok, she agreed to this meeting. Tony suggests that they get this meeting over with since the police commissioner is taking notes. He asks Bobbie which date would work for the hearing. When she says that Tuesday will work, He tells her that he plans on asking for unsupervised visits with his son. Bobbie says that she is standing her ground. Tony leaves saying that he has his rights and he will get them on Tuesday

Mac suggests that Felicia talk to Tammy about her novel, but Felicia is reluctant because Tammy is so close to it. Besides she is too nice. She wouldn't be critical enough. Mac wants to read it, but Felicia won't let him unless V says that it is perfect. Mac says that nothing is perfect, well almost nothing. With that he walks over and gives Felicia a kiss.

Alexis is enjoying some French Toast while Ned continues to chastise her for sneaking on to Helena's yacht. He didn't like sitting around at the Grille worrying about her. Ned asks Alexis if there is more to this than just getting the Cassadine money. Alexis confesses that she wants the respect that Stavros Cassadine's daughter deserves. Ned wants to know if it is worth risking her life when Helena and the rest of the Cassadines will never give her that respect.

Ned remembers that he and Alexis used to one up each other when comparing families. He remembers that he conceded defeat when she told him how her father tried to freeze the world. Their families are hardly cut from the same cloth. His relatives actually care about him. One or two may even love him. With his family, his life is never on the line. With the possible exception of Junior, noone is out to kill him. Alexis asks him if he wants her to live in terror. She did that and Helena treated her like a bond servant. Alexis says that it is empowering to threaten the mighty Cassadines. Alexis is shocked to learn from Ned that Helena's yacht has left port and that she did not leave a course with the harbor master. Alexis is touched that Ned spied for her. Ned tells Alexis that she gives him what noone else can. She is his refuge from all the craziness. He knows that he is the same for her. He gets that that is why she went to Jax to fight her family. Alexis wants to keep him as his safe haven.

Sonny points out to Luke that he doesn't know if Laura has been unfaithful. Luke asks if he should wait for video taped testimony. Sonny says that if Laura hasn't done the deed, Luke's attitude is going to drive her to it. Luke needs to weigh out what he is going to gain versus what he is going to lose. Luke thinks it is too late. He has no choices. He can't go forward and he can't go back. He has been stuck for months. He can't define who he is without his wife. After twenty years, he still loves her. But the love is getting all mixed up with anger and betrayal. If it reaches hate, he could do serious damage and he doesn't want it to. Sonny asks if Luke has a plan to start a life without Laura. Has he thought of life without her?

Stefan tells Laura that it isn't moments from their past, but what has transpired recently that he has been thinking about. Like the night at Wyndemere when she wanted to make love. Laura thanks Stefan for not giving into her that night. Stefan says that he told her he would wait and he will. Stefan asks if they can see each other once in a while. Laura says spending time with him would be wonderful. It would be nice to feel wanted again, but maybe that isn't what is best right now. Maybe she should turn around and face whatever she has been trying to escape. She is still trying to figure it out. She has made a mess of everything, again, and she doesn't want to do that anymore. Nikolas came back into her life, and she is grateful, but that one day changed everything between her and Luke. At that moment she knew the house of cards that she built her life on was going to fall. Knowing that and having him there loving her...She is concerned that she is reaching out to Stefan in an attempt to build another house of cards. Maybe she needs somebody to fix because she is just afraid to fix herself. Until she does that, she is going to keep going around the same block over and over and hurting the same people over and over. Spending time with him would never be simple. She doesn't want to hurt anyone ever again. Stefan takes her hand and caresses it. He tells her that it feels the same to him as it did when they were lovers. But it isn't the same. Fear is a deceptive guide. He believes that she does know what she wants. As he continues to caress her hand he asks if she feels it when he touches her.

Laura pulls her hand away saying that this isn't going to help. Stefan asks if she doesn't want him to know how she feels when he touches her or that she doesn't know. Laura says that she doesn't want to hurt him. Not to mention that his family is in the middle of a civil war and she has Lesley Lu to think about. Stefan points out that once the estate is settled there will no longer be a war, but he does think it is wise to be cautious until then. He offers to provide security for Laura and Lulu, but Laura declines. He asks Laura not to protect him, but to protect herself. He wants her to be certain what she wants. What he sees is not repetition, it is new. Luke isn't dead. He knows exactly where she is and how to reach her. He left her voluntarily. Their son is practically a man. He didn't come to visit Laura in secret. Everyone knows. This year, he has held her in the cold rain and felt her shiver in his arms. She has let him hold her when she cried and she has kissed him. Not because of something that happened years ago, but because she wants him. As they stand there now, she wants him. They can ignore all that or they can build on it. Stefan asks if she is willing to give them a chance. Laura says that she is. Stefan reaches up to caress her face.

Luke says that it isn't like he and Laura haven't been apart before. He even thought she was dead once. Since Lulu was born, their marriage has pretty much been long distance. Sonny asks why Luke is in Port Charles. Luke says that maybe Port Charles is like the Bermuda Triangle. Once you settle there you're lost to the world. Sonny says that he is there because this is where he lost track of his life. Luke says that he is there for his children. He is proud of Lucky. They've made some progress. He is worried about Lulu. She is getting sucked into the Laura/Nikolas thing. He doesn't trust Laura to prevent Lulu from becoming like the Cassadines. He needs to check on her more often. He's her Dad and she loves him, but she hugs hum like she used to hug the neighbors. Sonny says that he has no sympathy for Luke where Lulu is concerned. He will only lose her if he lets it happen. He needs to stay in her life. He can't let Stefan teach her about the world. Luke says that he can't live life looking over his shoulder.

Liz arrives on the docks just in time to meet Lucky. She is dying of curiosity. Lucky hands her an application for the Art School. He explains that he got two so she can use this one as a rough draft. It isn't what she expected, but she sits down with a smile and starts to fill it out. We learn that he middle name is Imogene. Lucky stops her, laughing, as he asks her why he never knew her middle name was Imogene. Liz asks "Lorenzo" if he has a problem with it. Lucky says that he likes Lorenzo. Liz says that he won't when she gets finished with him if he ever calls her Imogene. After the name, things go down hill. Grade point average isn't exactly Liz's strong point, except for art, which is a 4.0, so she decides to skip that one. Then she comes to extra curricula activities. She jokingly lists her activities as kissing Lucky, waitressing and painting murals for her boyfriend. Lucky says that she went undercover in the world of high fashion modeling. Liz decides to leave that blank for now too. Then she gets to honor societies. She was an honorary member of her friends club in fourth grade. Now she is getting depressed. Lucky says that means she is getting the hang of being an artist. Besides, what artists that she knows actually belong to clubs. Since she can't come up with anything else, Lucky suggests that she write under "additional comments" that she didn't have time to go to clubs and be a cheerleader because she was too busy living her life. Liz likes that answer and decides to write it down.

Ned walks into the living room and catches Alexis reading something. He teases her that she is spying on Jax, but Alexis says that she is reading a manuscript by Felicia Scorpio and it is really good. She explains that it is about a prostitute. Ned starts to read over Alexis' shoulder as they wonder where Felicia came up with the idea. He thinks maybe Felicia can help him with the last verse of the song he was working on. Alexis promises not to bother him, but Ned says that is impossible. He kisses her then picks up his guitar to continue working on his song while Alexis keeps reading Felicia's novel.

V arrives at Kelly's with a copy of Felicia's novel in hand. She sits down and tells Felicia that she had a few problems. Felicia is horrified when V hands her the novel with sticky notes EVERYWHERE. Felicia is expecting the worst when she tells V to give it to her straight. V tells Felicia, that aside from the NUMEROUS grammatical and spelling errors, which she has kindly marked with all the sticky notes, her novel rocks. Felicia is ecstatic that V liked her novel and they continue to laugh and talk about specific parts of the story.

V assures Felicia that her novel is great and tells her to get rid of her inferiority complex. V makes Felicia promise to finish the book. Felicia rushes over to Tammy and tells her that V loved her book. Tammy agrees to talk to Felicia on her next break. V promises to correct

Ned is singing his song for Alexis (it's a very cool song).

    A healing rain is falling down on me
    Deep inside my soul and I never felt so free
    I'd never change a single thing that I've been through
    Cause every turn along the road led me here to you
    I've never been so ready to open my heart
    To give all my faith and trust
    I've never been so sure of anything before
    You're everything I've been dreaming of
    No, I've never been so ready for love
    You're everything I've been dreaming of,
    No I've never been so ready for love.
As he finishes, Alexis is amazed at how beautiful the song is. She can't believe he just did that. Ned says that she is so good for him.

After looking over the application to the Art Academy, Liz is discouraged because she has nothing to list under any of the accomplishments like clubs or other activities. She says that she will never get in. She is nothing. Lucky refuses to let it get her down. He asks if her Mom never told her that most of the great accomplishments were considered impossible. Liz says that her mother told her that Sarah could get into anything she put her mind to and Liz could get into anything she's not supposed to. Lucky insists that what will get her in is her talent. She does things with a pencil and paper that other people can't even try. She saw more in ten minutes of sketching him then he sees in the mirror. She has a poet's eye and it comes through in her work. All she has to do is show the Art school her work and they will be begging her to come. Liz knows that Lucky really believes that and is happy for the encouragement. She gives Lucky a hug.

Sonny warns Luke to beef up security. He tells him about his run in with Moreno. Luke says that he wants Sonny and Jason hanging around as much as possible. Business is never better then when people are trying to kill them. Sonny laughs and says that it is going to be a good year.

Stefan was able to get tickets to the ballet for himself, Laura and Lesley Lu. He and Laura each take one of Lesley Lu's hands and they leave together, like one big happy family. As they go, we see a picture of Lucky, Luke and Lesley Lu together in the background.

Friday, February 26

Nikolas runs into Katherine on the docks. They discuss their fund-raising venture and decide to go discuss it further over lunch. Lucky and Liz spot a giggling Katherine clinging to Nikolas as they stroll along the docks. When Lucky wonders aloud if his brother has become intimate with Stefan's former fiancée, Liz hesitantly owns up to how she's known for some time that Nikolas and Katherine were lovers. Lucky was startled to discover that Liz knew that Nikolas and Katherine were having an affair. Liz also feels him in on the fact that Emily also knows about Katherine and Nikolas. Lucky asks her if that is why they have been acting funny around each other lately and Liz tells him that Emily walked in on Nikolas and Katherine making love at her own birthday party. She then tells Lucky that they are over it now, but it is still weird to see Nikolas and Katherine together. Lucky agrees and comments on Katherine being old enough to be Nikolas's mother. Liz tells Lucky she has to get to work so he walks her over to Kelly's Diner.

After Liz and Lucky are gone. Mac meets up with Taggert so they can discuss the Corinthos-Moreno situation. Taggert tells Mac that something is about to go down with Moreno and he is going to make his move against Sonny. He tells Mac if that happens and Sonny decides to retaliate, they might be able to get Sonny on a conspiracy to commit murder charge. Taggert then tells Mac if a mob war breaks out and Moreno gets killed, then they can arrest Jason and Sonny both. Mac says that there are too many holes in that theory. Taggert doesn't see that and Mac tells him that Jason is going to stay clean because of the custody battle. He then tells Taggert to concentrate on Moreno.

In the Port Charles Grill, Jax meets up with Alexis to discuss Cassadine business. As they continue to collect information on the Cassadine family's buried secrets. Jax tells Alexis his plan to track down Helena's financial records. While Alexis shares her information on with him on one of Nikolas's doctors. The two of them laugh, eat and strategize over their plot to take over Cassadine Industries.

Across the ways at another table, Nikolas and Katherine have arrived and are discussing their fund-raising while having lunch. Katherine offered to pay Nikolas for his help at the hospital by offering Nikolas a full time job with high pay and some special fringe benefits, but Nikolas refused to accept any money. Katherine asks him why not since she knows he's not the prince any more, he could stand to earn some money. Nikolas tells her he'll think about it. Meanwhile, Ned and Emily are also dining at the Grill and talking about the Jason, Carly situation. While Ned talks his head off about the family and the AJ versus Jason situation, Emily is pained to spot Nikolas wining and dining Katherine at the Grill. Ned and Emily decide to leave at the same time as Katherine and Nikolas. They all stop and make small talk. Ned makes a comment about how well Nikolas and Emily get along. After Katherine and Nikolas say their goodbyes. Ned stops Emily and reminds her that things can always be worse at home, Katherine could still be living there. Emily smiles and definitely agrees.

Delighted by V's glowing review of her first few chapters, Felicia re-interviews Tammy to obtain additional reference material to complete the rest of her book. Luke comes in and asks how it is going. Felicia tells him it's going fine and hopes he doesn't mind her interviewing Tammy while she is working. Luke tells her he doesn't mind if she sits here every day all day interviewing whoever. She brings a certain unassuming beauty to the place. Felicia thanks him and then asks Luke if he can supply her with the john's point of view for her story about a prostitute. Luke is amused, but nevertheless, helps her out. Luke gives her lots of help for her book. Felicia is grateful and tells them both that she has to get going. After she leaves, Luke asks Tammy how she is doing with running the place here. She tells him it is coming along fine and thanks him for encouraging her to do this. She then tells him he is an okay kind of guy. He returns the complement and tells her she is okay too. Liz shows up to do her shift. She works through it quickly and then meets up with Lucky later. Outside of Kelly's, the two decide to go have dinner and leave for a romantic evening.

Carly is on the phone calling someone, she tells to meet her down by the Gatehouse. AJ walks in and she hangs up the phone. He asks her if that was for him and she tells him no. He tells her he was expecting to hear from one of his attorneys about getting custody of Michael. Carly tries to hide the fact that she is happy Michael is not with them and tells AJ that she wants Michael to be with his real family as much as he does. Sensing that Carly is playing games, AJ warned Carly that he would send her back to Ferncliff if she decided to switch her allegiance back to Jason. Carly assures AJ that he doesn't have to threaten her and she wants Michael to be here with them. She then tells him that she is going to go see Michael and will be back later. After she is gone, AJ makes some phone calls.

AT JASON'S PENTHOUSE (Formerly Justus')
Desperate to talk some sense into his young friend, Sonny again warns Jason that Carly is a loaded gun pointed straight at his head. AJ tells Sonny that he doesn't have to warn him about Carly, he is well aware of her games, but the most important thing to him is protecting Michael. Sonny again tells Jason that he thinks Jason should take Michael and disappear, but Jason is determined to stay and fight. Sonny warned Jason not to trust Carly. Jason then tells Sonny he is going to take Michael out for a walk and will be back later. While he is gone, Carly goes to Jason's penthouse to see Michael but is irked to find only Sonny in residence. The two of them argue and Sonny warns Carly she's made an enemy for life in him. Jason and Leticia return with Michael and Carly immediately tells Jason that Sonny just threatened her. Jason tells Carly he doesn't want to hear it and gives Michael to Leticia to take upstairs. Carly tries to explain, but Jason cuts her off and tells her that she is not going to be able to turn him against Sonny. He then tells her that she hates Sonny and Sonny hates her and if they want to fight and argue that's their business, but he is not going to be in the middle of it. Carly then reiterated to Jason the importance of following her plan. Sonny makes a off the wall comment and Carly yells at him to stay the hell out of her business. Sonny leaves and tells Jason he'll see him at their meeting later on. Once Sonny is gone, Carly tries again to badmouth Sonny in front of Jason, but Jason refuses to talk about her feelings toward Sonny. He then asks her what is really bothering her. She tells him that she has been going crazy not seeing Michael and needed to come over to visit the both of them, so that she would know what she is fighting for. Carly tries to play on Jason's sympathy by claiming that AJ has repeated his threat to send her back to Ferncliff, but Jason tells her that it is her own fault. Carly tells him once she has sole custody of Michael there is nothing AJ can do to them and AJ deserves everything he gets. Jason doesn't agree and tells Carly even if AJ does decide to marry her, she may end up liking the guy and where will that leave Michael. Carly says that won't happen, because all she has to do is remember AJ standing there with the court order in his hands threatening to send her back to Ferncliff. They then talk about how bad things would be for Michael to live with the Q's. She reminds Jason about the time he stopped someone from raping her, and how she begged him not to beat the guy to a pulp and he told her that the idea is to make the guy not get up. Well, AJ will be so beat up by the time this is over; he won't be able to get up either. Jason tells her that her idea is stupid, like shooting Tony in a crowded courtroom. Jason says that he has the possibility of visitation, or partial custody even and for her not to worry. Jason goes upstairs to get Michael and the three of them visit. Carly asks him about the meeting with Sonny and is it safe? Jason doesn't answer her and Carly tells Jason she is asking because AJ is hinting that Jason's line of work is not safe for Michael and pleads with him not to get shot at. Jason tells her it will be okay. Carly gets ready to leave and tells Michael that she is going to miss him, but knows that this is the best place for him.

Carly is back and AJ asks how Michael is doing. She tells him Michael is fine. AJ then hints that it won't be too much longer for her to be apart from Michael. With Jason's job being what it is, it won't be long till they get custody. Carly tells him she is glad to hear that and they hug, but the look on her face that AJ doesn't see is that of someone who has their own agenda.

Up in Katherine's room, Nikolas and Katherine continue to discuss their venture. The conversation turns to them and Nikolas and Katherine were unable to resist their attraction and began to make love.

Meanwhile, back down in the Port Charles Grill, while Ned waits for Alexis to wrap up her meeting with Jax, he runs into Felicia at the bar. He says that he was hooked on her novel and offered Felicia a job writing Lila's memoirs. He wants Lila to tell her life story. Felicia can't believe that he wants her to be Lila's biographer. She says that she would love to do it and she can't think of a story she would rather tell than Lila's.

At another table in the restaurant, Sonny and Jason are meeting with one of their investors and trying to convince him to sign on so that he can receive his coffee from them. As they are just about to finalize the deal, Taggert cheerfully walks up and reports to Sonny that his coffee warehouse is in the process of burning down to the ground...... .

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