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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 1, 1999 on GH
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Monday March 1, 1999

Lucky and Liz arrive at Lucky's apartment with their Chinese Food. Liz laughs when she notices that Lucky has tacked her stick figure drawing of him on the wall above the bed. He tells her that he is going to have it framed when he gets paid, but she says that, as his interior decorator, it is her job to protect him from mistakes like that. She takes the picture off the wall. Lucky tries to get it away from, but as he tackles her on the bed, she manages to crumple it up and throw it on the ground. Lucky pins her to the bed by climbing on top of her and tells her that she is in trouble now. Liz smiles up at him and says that she knows she isn't because he is the one person she is never in trouble with.

Katherine and Nikolas get hot and heavy.

Carly hopes that AJ isn't being over confident. Asking a judge for custody of Michael seems like it should work. They are Michael's biological parents, but they do have some image problems. She is a former mental patient and AJ became Michael's father in a drunken blackout. AJ reminds Carly that being a recovering alcoholic is not against the law. Jason breaks the law every day. Carly agrees, but points out that they won't be able to prove it. In court, Jason is a former mechanic going into the coffee business. The phone rings. AJ is angry that the media has once again gotten their unlisted number, but isn't disappointed to learn that there is a fire at Jason's warehouse. Carly wants to know if anyone was hurt, but AJ says that he didn't think to ask.

Jax asks Alexis if the mysterious Dr. Lastiris could be getting money from anyone besides Helena. When Alexis says no, Jax asks what he is doing with a Swiss bank account. He notices that Alexis seems distracted. She excuses herself and gets up from the table.

Taggert seems disappointed when Sonny and Jason are not very excited about the news that their warehouse is burning to the ground. He explains to the third person at the table that the warehouse and everything in it is a total loss. He goes on to explain that Sonny and Jason have lots of enemies because they are two of the biggest racketeers on the east coast. The man gets very flustered saying he didn't know any of this and makes a hasty exit. Taggert asks Sonny and Jason how much they were going to make off the deal that he just ruined. Alexis walks up and says that they were going to make about 1/3 of what she would advise them to sue Taggert and the city for.

While Sonny and Jason watch silently, Alexis tells Taggert that he deliberately intervened to the financial detriment of Sonny and Jason. Taggert insists it was purely a coincidence. Alexis says that there is no evidence against them. Taggert says he was just telling Sonny and Jason information he thought they might want. Sonny suggests that he and Jason go to the warehouse. Taggert says that he has a few questions first, but Alexis says that they don't have to answer. Taggert concedes defeat and says that he will see them at the warehouse. Alexis says that she is going too and excuses herself to go explain things to Jax. After she leaves, Sonny asks Jason if he thinks Moreno is behind the fire. Jason says that they can't say anything because of Michael. Sonny says that they will say it was an accident. The insurance company will like that better anyway.

Alexis apologizes to Jax for volunteering her legal services to Sonny and Jason. She didn't intend to, it just happened. Jax says that people around Sonny seem to say that a lot. Alexis says that justice only counts if it extends to the scum of the earth. Jax says that justice only counts if it puts a wall between him and Alexis. Alexis asks Jax if he happens to know who started the fire. Jax says that Sonny and Jason probably started it themselves. As Alexis leaves, Jax pulls out his cell phone and calls his brother.

AJ is angry when he catches Carly on the phone with Leticia checking up on Michael. He demands that Carly hang up the phone. Carly tells Leticia that she will call her back and demands to know what AJ's problem is. AJ asks why she cares about Jason anyway. Jason is a man who has terrorized her, held her a virtual prisoner, kidnapped her son. Carly tells him to worry a little more about his son. AJ says that he is. He is going to call his attorney right now and tell him about this tailor made example of how Michael isn't safe with AJ. Carly sarcastically tells him to go ahead. AJ angrily asks her if she is ever going to participate in getting their son back. Carly tells him he just isn't a lot of fun when he is like this. AJ angrily leaves the room and Carly calls for a cab.

Lucky and Liz are eating their dinner. The come across a dish that neither of them ordered and can't identify it. Liz says that maybe it's egg soup like they make in Hong Kong where they dig eggs out of the dirt. Lucky says that there isn't any dirt in Hong Kong. Everything is paved and a million stories high. Liz laughs saying that Lucky and Nikolas have done everything. Lucky says that he hasn't done everything. He may have done five or six things that Nikolas hasn't done. And Nikolas has probably done five or six things that he hasn't done. Well, make that seven. Liz asks Lucky if he is mad that she didn't tell him about Nikolas and Katherine. Lucky says that he understands. It's obvious that Nikolas didn't want anyone to know. Liz says that she feels bad for Emily and that, when she thinks about it, she almost hates Katherine. She knows it is none of her business, but she can't help thinking that Katherine should pick on someone her own size. Her relationship with Nikolas can't go anywhere. She should leave Nikolas alone and let him find somebody that he could hold hands with in public. Liz asks if she is just being mean or does Lucky think Nikolas and Katherine could really be in love. Lucky says that he doesn't think that being in love can be a secret. Even when you think it is, people can tell. Everyone knew that he and Liz were in love without them even saying anything. When you're in love, you don't want to hide it and he didn't see it in Nikolas. All he could tell was that Liz and Emily were acting strange. Liz looks a little uncomfortable as she asks Lucky if he thinks that Nikolas and Katherine's relationship is mostly for sex. When Lucky just shrugs, she starts to say something, but hesitates. Lucky asks her what she was going to say. Liz uncomfortably asks Lucky if he wishes... if he would like it better if their relationship were like that. Lucky asks her if she means does he want them to have sex.

Katherine and Nikolas have finished "making love." Katherine tries to make conversation and is disappointed when Nikolas isn't responding. Nikolas asks her why she invites him to her room for sex and then acts all wounded when he doesn't say exactly what she wants to hear. If it weren't about sex, they would be doing something else, like going to the opera. Katherine angrily gets off the bed and tells him that if he hurries, he might still be able to make the curtain.

Jerry arrives at the bar to meet Jax. Jax immediately asks Jerry if he was responsible for the Corrinthos/Morgan warehouse fire. Jerry says that he may be dense, and he doesn't care what happens to Sonny or Jason, but he isn't going to risk everything to get even. And if he did, he would do better than a measly warehouse. Jax tells Jerry that he might want to keep his innocent look a little longer, because if Jerry setting the fire occurred to him, it will occur to others as well, like the police. Mac arrives and notices Jerry and Jax.

At the warehouse, Sonny and Jason are angry because the warehouse and everything in it has been totally destroyed. Nothing was saved. Not one pound of beans, not one file cabinet. Taggert walks up saying that it looks like someone was trying to send the new businessmen a message. Moreno maybe? Sonny says that he has been out of town. He hasn't kept up on these things. Taggert syas that Sonny being back in town is what made Moreno nervous. Taggert says that Sonny was supposed to be out of town and Jason was supposed to be retired, but here they are, reunited like the temptations. He thinks maybe Moreno was trying to remind them of promises made. Jason asks Sonny if he knows this guy Moreno. Sonny says that he sells watches on the street when the weather isn't bad. Taggert gets angry when Sonny and Jason plead ignorance where Moreno is concerned. Sonny and Jason could give him something that would allow them to bring Moreno in, but instead they pretend like they know nothing and next week something of Moreno's will go up in smoke. AJ arrives and demands that Michael be released from Jason's care immediately. Alexis interrupts and says that this is not the time or the place for AJ to be discussing Michael's custody. Taggert agrees. AJ and Taggert start to argue, but Alexis interrupts saying that if AJ wants to discuss Michael, he should do it with her and not her client. As AJ and Alexis continue to argue, Carly arrives. She remains hidden, but breathes a sigh of relief when she sees that Jason is unharmed.

Carly tells herself to go home and she leaves without being seen. Sonny and Jason know that Moreno is behind the fire. Jason knew that something bad like this was coming. Jason is sorry that Sonny can't retaliate because of him. Sonny says that Moreno isn't worth it. He is a bug. Who cares? Let him gloat.

Alexis asks AJ if he really needs to be there. He has expressed his concern. He knows that Michael is safe. His tactics are very obvious. He came to try to provoke his brother. AJ says that he doesn't have to do anything to make Jason look bad. The way Jason chooses to live his life does if for him. He tells her that it looks like she picked the losing team again. When Alexis asks what he means by again, AJ asks how else she would explain Ned. As AJ leaves, Sonny asks if she put a frog down his shorts. Alexis says that she imagines AJ is on his way to see his attorney. She tells Jason and Sonny that if they are in the middle of a turf war, they need to leave her out. Jason says that he doesn't know what he is in the middle of. He just knows that he didn't start it and he does not intend to continue it. He asks her to please not quit on him now. Alexis says that there is no chance of that. AJ just made the mistake of gravely irritating her. Jason says that he knew AJ wanted to him to hit him. He wouldn't have, he doesn't think. As Jason leaves, Sonny convinces Alexis to let him give her a lift back to the hotel.

Mac walks up to Jax and Jerry commenting that is so convenient for him to have both his prime suspects together. Mac says that Jax and Jerry should be careful about going around loudly wishing for bad things to happen to Sonny Corinthos. Jerry asks if he can go. Mac comments to Jax that his incendiary device expert brother seems awfully anxious to let Jax fend for himself. Jax says that he wouldn't be interested in setting Sonny's warehouse on fire. Mac agrees, but says that Jerry would be interested in doing it at Jax's request. Jerry says that he isn't Jax's trained seal. Mac suggests that Jerry or Jax call him if they know or hear anything that might interest him. After Mac leaves, Bobbie arrives. She heard about the fire and had to find him right away.

Jerry assures Bobbie that he can account for all of his time. He couldn't have set the fire. Bobbie believes him, but knows how the police think. She just wanted to make sure he was OK. Jax walks away and notices Alexis arriving with Sonny. Sonny offers to but Alexis a drink, but she assures him that it isn't necessary. Sonny tells her that she has the makings of a tremendous asset to him both personally and professionally. Alexis tells Sonny that he isn't listening to a thing she is saying. Sonny innocently asks what she means. They are interrupted by Jax's arrival. Sonny tells Alexis that he will leave her to the tender mercies of Mr. Jacks whose business with her he hopes didn't burn down since the last time he saw him. Sonny tells Jax that Alexis is a gem and that he should learn to appreciate her.

Lucky and Liz are cleaning up their dinner mess. Liz comments that Lucky isn't saying anything. Lucky says that he is thinking. Liz says that that worries her. Usually sex is one of those things that people know how they feel about. Lucky says that he knows how he feels. He's glad it's there. And he thinks about it for them, some times more than others. He guesses that she has probably been able to tell. Liz says that thinking about it and wanting it to happen are two different things. Lucky says that he knows. Liz asks Lucky if he would want it to happen if she did. She tells him to be honest. Lucky says that to be honest and possibly even embarrass himself, he is afraid of sex. Liz is so beautiful. And sometimes he feels things for her that are as loud as a headache and just about that distracting. Yes he thinks about it. He thinks about doing things, acting on it, but then he thinks about what would come after that. It would change everything. And he doesn't want it to. This is the best thing that has ever happened to him and he doesn't want anything to mess it up. And that's without even knowing how she feels. He knows that it must be pretty messed up in her head, because of the rape. Sometimes it is for him too. Liz says that she loves that he can say all those things to her. He is such a safe place for her. She never has to worry about what she says or what she does. If she wants to throw her arms around him and hold him, she doesn't have to stop and wonder if she is giving him the wrong signal. Things are just what they are between them. She guesses that worrying that sex might spoil everything kind of proves that she isn't ready. And it's really nice to not feel like there is any big rush to be ready. But still... Lucky smiles and agrees, but still...

Nikolas apologizes to Katherine for his behavior. He just doesn't know how to act around her sometimes. What they have in incredible, but there is no use pretending that things haven't changed. It's hard to know from one day to the next exactly how things have changed. He feels very lucky to have someone that he has always cared about. He asks where his shirt is. Katherine says that she put it in the armoire. Nikolas opens the armoire and finds a bathrobe with a bow. He is flattered that Katherine has given him the gift. Katherine invites Nikolas to stay that night, but Nikolas doesn't want to. She suggests that he just tell Stefan that he is staying with Lucky. Nikolas says any other night it might work out, but not tonight. He thanks Katherine for the robe and asks her to keep it there for him. Room service arrives and Katherine apologizes for presuming too much. Nikolas smiles and says that he didn't say he couldn't stay for dinner.

Carly is sitting in front of Jason's door waiting for him. She jumps up when she sees him and tells him how glad she is that he is ok. Jason assures her that he is fine and so is Michael. Carly says that none of them will be fine if AJ gets his way.

Monica is shocked to learn from AJ that Jason's warehouse has burned down. She is relieved that noone was hurt, but thinks that Jason must be disappointed. AJ says that Jason didn't even seem surprised. He wonders why criminals are burning down Jason's warehouse if he has really changed his life. Monica says that everything was fine until Sonny came back. Jason cared enough about Michael to give up a life he wouldn't have given up for anyone else. AJ says that Monica will always take Jason's side no matter what.

Katherine and Nikolas are having dinner. Nikolas starts to eat, but Katherine closes her eyes and looks like she is thinking. When Nikolas looks at her funny, Katherine tells him that she just made a promise to herself. She promised herself that she would never regret him or to ask him to make the same promise to her. She urges Nikolas to eat

Lucky and Liz are sitting on Lucky's bed opening their fortune cookies. Lucky opens his and reads "penguins may fly in dreams." He doesn't see how that is different than when pigs have wings. Liz opens hers and reads "smiles and laughter wait behind the next door you open." All she can think of is a math class. They laugh while Lucky opens the next one and read "sadness cannot be avoided, but it can be starved." Liz says that she gets that. She can see how that's true. Lucky asks if it's a keeper. When Liz says yes, he tapes it to the door jamb. Liz opens the next one and says that it is blank. She thinks that's creepy. Lucky doesn't think it is creepy, but Liz says maybe it means her fortune is too terrible to print. Lucky says that maybe it means her fortune is whatever she wants it to be, but Liz still looks skeptical. She laughs when Lucky says that maybe it means that her grandmother will dance on his head if he doesn't get her home in time to finish her homework. As he walks to the closet to get their coats, Liz says that maybe it means she is going to fall in love with the perfect guy and everything he says will be the perfect thing and there will be no worries, even though she is the type of person who worries about things, like sex, instead of discussing them. Lucky says he thinks that one is a keeper too and he tapes it below the other fortune. He and Liz hold hands as they walk out of the room.

Jax asks Alexis if there is any chance of finding Dr. Lastiris. Alexis says that the last she knew, the doctor was still in Greece. Jax asks where she would hide if she was the family doctor.

Monica says that she has knocked herself out trying to see both sides. She agrees that AJ deserves a chance to be a father to Michael, but AJ can't ignore the role Jason has played in Michael's life. AJ says that Jason's role was baby snatcher. Jason is a lost cause and a danger to his son and if she is in too much denial to see that then maybe she is too.

Jason can't believe that Carly went to the pier. Carly says that she saw how AJ tried to use the whole thing. She asks Jason if she sees why she did what she did. If things like fires continue to happen, he will lose Michael. He doesn't have a prayer of holding on to any legal rights. That's why she really needs to stay where she is and make nice to the Q's. She tells Jason that, no matter what, she is going to bring Michael back to him. She promises. Carly looks a little worried as she walks out the door.

Sonny is sifting through the remains of the warehouse, when Moreno arrives on the scene. Sonny asks if he is there for entertainment. Moreno says it's human nature. Everyone loves to watch a fire. He says that it is a shame. Sonny's new business never had a chance to get off the ground. Sonny tells him that anything can be rebuilt, just give it enough time. Moreno asks when there is ever enough time.

Tuesday, March 2, 1999


Wednesday, March 3, 1999

Ned is trying to convince Lila to write her story. He knows that it sounds daunting: to organize and set down on paper a lifetime of events. That is why he hired Felicia. Lila says that it is very thoughtful and Felicia is always good company. Ned says that all she would have to do is have tea with Felicia once or twice a week and reminisce. Lila says that it sounds nice, but no.

Mike is talking to Tammy at Kelly's about how good the food is. Tammy says that she can follow a recipe as well as the next person. She says that she has found all of Ruby's old recipes that were hiding in the kitchen. Bobbie told her that it was like some sort of archaeological find. Noone has ever seen them. Mike always thought that Ruby just waved her hand and the food happened. Mike says that you can tell a lot about a person by letting them make you a meal. He wants to Tammy to test that theory by letting him make her dinner. Tammy asks Mike if she will learn all about him or his local neighbor hamburger joint. Mike feigns insult and says that he is a gourmet chef. As Sonny walks in, Mike says that if Tammy doesn't believe him she can ask his son.

Carly arrives at the penthouse all worked up from her visit with Bobbie. She is ranting and raving about how Bobbie will not lie for her. When is she going to learn that a mother who invites you to Christmas dinner is not a family. All she wanted was one little favor so she could see Michael without AJ siccing the blood hounds on her every time. The most laughable part of the whole thing is that its Bobbie's fault that they are in this mess She was the main reason that Carly wanted to stay in town and fight. As far as Bobbie is concerned, they could disappear. Jason says that they still can, tonight.

Stefan and Laura are walking in the park with Lulu. Stefan is lamenting about his work at the hospital. He says that when he is finished, he would love to take Laura and Lulu to tea. Laura accepts the invitation and Stefan leaves saying that he will see them in about an hour. As Laura is bundling Lulu up to go on the swings, Lucas sees them and calls out hello. Laura happily greets Lucas and then offers a cooler greeting to Bobbie.

Bobbie sits down next to Laura on the park bench while the children play. Bobbie cautions Lucas not to push Lulu too high and asks Laura if Lulu is afraid of the swings. Laura says that she isn't, but that she will pretend to be around men. Bobbie jokingly says like mother like daughter, but Laura is not amused. Bobbie talks benignly about the weather, and then asks if that was Stefan she saw scurrying off. Laura says that she knows very well it was Stefan. Laura suggests that they skip straight to the part where Bobbie calls her all kinds of names and save them both a lot of time. Bobbie says that she would like to think that she has gotten a little more creative over the years then to call her names every time their paths cross. She says Laura makes her feel like they should be the one on the swings. Laura laughs at that, and says that she just imagined that Luke told her everything. Bobbie says that Luke hasn't told her anything but she didn't really need anyone to fill in the blanks when she heard that Stefan was Nikolas' father. She asks if there is more to tell. Laura says not really. Laura stumbles over the words, but tells Bobbie that she and Luke are separated. She says that she is sure, but she doesn't have much practice saying it out loud. She says it again, separated, separated, my husband and I are separated. She stops and says that's enough practicing for one day.

Ned tells Lila that he doesn't mean to sound dense, and he can certainly take no for an answer, but this is so unlike her. They all grew up hearing her stories of the old days and she never seemed to mind who heard when she was telling them. Lila asks Ned if there are events in his life that he would just as soon not relive. Ned says of course there are, but he is a back stabbing, cut throat, immoral, son of a she devil. Lila says that life is meant to be enjoyed, not committed to paper. She has enjoyed every moment of her life and she doesn't think that it should outlive her. She excuses herself saying that she will have dinner in her room.

Jason tells Carly that Michael will be taken away by AJ. Alexis told him that after the warehouse fire, the next time AJ and Carly ask for custody, they will get it. He says that Carly is the biological mother, and he is legal guardian. If they leave tonight, then it can't be kidnapping. Tomorrow morning may be a different story. Carly says that when the whole thing happened and Robin opened her big mouth, she was ready to pack up and go and he wanted to stay and fight. She wants to know what changed. Jason says that she found a different way to chicken out, and now there is no chance to win. He won't let the Q's take Michael if there is another way. They can keep the promises they made to Michael and raise him somewhere else. Carly says that they can, but they won't.

Sonny is having lunch with Mike, telling him about what is going on with the warehouse. Sonny tells Mike that he and Jason have decided to stay in business together. He sees that Mike isn't really listening to him and notices that Mike is more interested in watching Tammy. He asks Mike if he is going to cook dinner for Tammy, but Mike tells him to butt out. Mike gets up to go. Tammy comes back over and talks to Sonny. He says how much better she is looking these days. She agrees that her life is much better now.

Tammy sits down at Sonny's table. She says that she likes it here, it was getting scary on the streets thanks to Moreno. Sonny says that he is glad that it brought her in from the cold. Tammy jokingly says whoopee, she is saved. Sonny jokes that he can save her from his father's cooking too if she wants. Tammy tells Sonny to leave Mike alone. He is a really nice man. Sonny tells Tammy that she knows a buddy of his, Luke Spencer. Tammy says that it really is a small world. She just spent an evening snowed in with Luke at his club. When Sonny looks at her questioningly, Tammy assures him that all they did was get drunk and there was a chaperone present. She asks if Luke is a good friend. When Sonny says that Luke is a friend for life, she says that she doesn't like to tell tales, but Luke is in a world of hurt.

Bobbie asks if Laura is expecting her to gloat. She would, but it's not true. She says that she always thought Luke and Laura would torture each other in to eternity. She and Laura may not have been each other's biggest fans, but there was never any doubt in her mind that Luke loves her with all his heart and soul. Or that she loves Luke. Laura says that that hasn't changed. Bobbie says that from where Luke stands, everything else has. Laura says that they really shouldn't do this. Bobbie agrees, but says there is just one thing she would really like to know. She asks Laura why she always does this to herself. Why does she hang on until the last possible minute, and then some, to do what needs to be done? She understands when Nikolas came into being that she was stuck on that island married to that horrible Stavros and Stefan was standing under an olive tree looking at her with those eyes. But Laura being Laura had to wait and see how long she coul hold out until she tells Luke the truth. Why does she wait until the house is burning down before dialing 911? Laura asks if it would have made a difference when Luke found out. She doesn't think that Luke will ever be able to accept that fact that Nikolas exists. Bobbie says that Laura is doing it again. Enough ancient history. Bobbie asks what she is going to do now that the house that Luke build is burning down. Laura says that Luke Spencer does not build houses. Luke is a man who doesn't believe in anything. He believes that nothing will ever last. She hung in there past the point of when he told her there was nothing to hang in for. She still is. Because she is the woman that Luke Spencer built. She met him when she was 17. She lived the life that Luke Spencer built. She raised the children that Luke Spencer built. She thinks it is all absurd now. Bobbie says that she can't believe she is going to say this, but she asks Laura if it is time that she started to try to build a life for herself without Luke.

In the Q's study, Ned is on the phone arranging to meet Felicia at Kelly's. Edward comes in, complaining about having to do Ned's job over in Europe. Ned says that his job isn't his job anymore, it's AJ. There is where Edward will find his warm welcome. Ned says that he guesses that he had better go back to his office and clean out his desk, type his letter of resignation. Edward tells him to hold his horses.

At the penthouse, Carly tells Jason that she warned him that he might lose Michael temporarily in order for them to be together in the end. Jason angrily asks Carly what she is going to tell Michael about why Jason isn't around? Michael can't understand it's a plan. Carly tells Jason to calm down. She isn't his enemy. Her plan may not be the simplest plan, but it plan has worked so far. How would leaving the country be any better? Is that what they really want for Michael? They can't raise Michael, no matter where they go; the Q's will find them. She asks when they are going to tell Michael that he is not Jason's son. She talks about finding out that she was adopted. When she found out, she burned every picture in the house and moved out as soon as she could. She couldn't even receive the love her adopted mother was trying to give her because she was too caught up in the lies. She doesn't want that for Michael. She asks Jason to promise her not to leave with Michael.

Jason says that if Carly won't go away, she knows that he can't. Before Michael was born, she asked him to take care of him. He wouldn't be doing that if he stole him away in the middle of the night and took him where his mother couldn't find him. It might be better if he did, but he won't. Jason tells Carly that he knows her. She won't hate AJ forever. She will have anything she wants, anytime she wants. She will have chauffers and servants. She isn't going to want to leave and that is her business. But then Michael will be trapped and that is his business. Carly admits that she could get used to life at the Q's, even Monica and Emily, but she really does want what is best for Michael and that is Jason. She asks if he thinks she is destined to be a horrible mother. Before she met him, she was never not trying to work the situation. She was always trying to scam someone. But with him, she is just herself. He saw right through her and he didn't care. She doesn't have to fake it with him, she can just be Carly. She doesn't have to pretend to be someone better like she did with Tony. It didn't work, why would she sign up for a lifetime of it? She notices that Jason isn't listening and asks what he is thinking about. Jason says that he is thinking about how to help Michael through what's going to happen.

Ned asks Edward if he missed something in the fine print. What were Edward's exact words to AJ? When he brings Michael into the house... Edward says that he can't recollect the specific terminology. Ned asks Edward if he is starting to think that the relocation of one-year-old not might not be worth the sabotage, the total collapse of ELQ. Edward tells Ned that it is just possible that he could hold on to his job. AJ comes in and announces that his attorney thinks he may be able to bring Michael home tomorrow. He suggests that Ned start clearing out his office. Ned says that he was just telling Edward the same thing. As Ned leaves, AJ comments that he seems awfully happy for someone who is about to lose his job.

Sonny has finished his meal and compliments Tammy on the food. As he leaves, he runs into Felicia. She is pleased to see him. She had heard from Robin who asked how he was doing. Now she can tell her that he is doing well. Sonny says that Jason isn't doing so hot. Felicia tells him that Robin didn't ask about Jason. She says that she is sorry to hear about the fire. Sonny says that coffee beans can be replaced. Felicia comments that disasters do tend to put things in perspective. As Sonny leaves, she promises to tell Robin that he said hello.

Bobbie tells Laura that if all else fails, she could always fake her own death. Laura has a lot of experience in that department. Bobbie then apologizes for the cheap shot and asks if there is anything she can do. They could share sitters or make dinner together a couple of nights a week for the kids. Lulu could sleepover every once in a while. Laura laughs and says poor Bobbie. She finally got what Bobbie always thought she deserved, and Bobbie is too good hearted to enjoy it. Bobbie laughs with her, but then gets serious again. She is afraid that Laura is going to go from the frying pan into the fire. The knocking Laura hears on her door is not opportunity. It is a man who has been fixated on her since Nikolas was conceived. She has never been the object of anyone's obsessions, but she knows how charming Stefan can be when he wants something and he definitely wants Laura. The question is, does Laura want Stefan? Laura evades answering the question by saying that Stefan has been very kind and attentive. She doesn't have to tell Bobbie that he has some pretty amazing attributes. Laura says that he is compassionate, understanding, gentle. Bobbie reminds her what she said recently about how ruthless and deadly Stefan can be, and how fool hardy it could be to trust him. She cares about Laura and doesn't want to see her end up like Leslie. Stefan arrives commenting that Laura hasn't lacked for company.

Bobbie tells Lucas that it is time to go. Bobbie is slightly amused when Stefan tells her that Mrs. Lansbury served them chili. It wasn't as good as what she served him the night of the storm. Laura looks surprised, but Stefan explains that he was stranded at Kelly's during the storm. Bobbie says that she would have let him freeze to death, but he asked so nicely. After Bobbie and Lucas leave, Laura asks Stefan about the chili. Stefan says that Bobbie served him the chili along with a few well seasoned opinions. He assumes that she received a generous helping of the same. Laura says that it could have been worse. Stefan says that when Barbara is not working hold heartedly at being unpleasant, she is not unpleasant. Laura reminds him that he married her. He must have had better reasons than that. Laura looks shocked when Stefan says that he married Barbara to get to her.

Carly tells Jason that he can't let Alexis give up on the issue of visitation. Jason says that Alexis gets that. Since he has been Michael's care taker since he was born, he should have a chance. Carly is glad because AJ hates Jason. There is no motivator like revenge is a great motivator. AJ is going to do whatever he can to make sure that Jason never lays eyes on Michael again. Jason says that there is no way that AJ can make it look like it is bad for Michael to see him. Carly says that AJ may be able to because she signed a statement saying that she was terrified that Jason was going to hurt her. It never actually says that Jason did anything wrong. When it comes up in court, Alexis should just say that it proves that Carly is unbalanced. Jason is stunned that Carly said that he would hurt her. Carly says that she lied. She is a complete and total flake. And that is what he should say. Have Alexis get her up on the stand and make her admit that Jason never touched her. Better yet, have Alexis ask her if he ever threw her out of bed. Jason can't believe that Carly wants him to call her a liar in court. Carly says that she wants him to pull out all of the stops. She has done a million outrageous things. He can use them all. Use whatever it takes. Carly says that judges leave children with mothers worse than her all the time. Jason still can't believe what he is hearing. Before they can discuss it further, they hear Michael on the monitor. Carly asks if she can go see him since it will probably be the last time for a while.

Laura is still stunned by Stefan's revelation that he married Bobbie to get to her. She wants to know if Stefan was trying to make her jealous. Stefan says that he did it to make Luke angry. He had every reason to believe that Luke would not accept the marriage and would be consumed with the desire for revenge. Ultimately his behavior would drive Laura away. Laura can't believe that Stefan would try to destroy her marriage. She angrily starts to walk away, but Stefan asks her to wait. He says that his arrival in Port Charles with Nikolas set events in motion which forced Laura to see Luke as he is. And it forced Luke to confront the truth about Laura. Her complexity as a woman, her affections as a mother, her divided loyalties. These things all existed. He didn't create them, but he did expose them. His one goal was to simply have Laura there with him. To have another chance with her. Laura asks what happens if she doesn't choose him. Stefan says that at least he will know that it was her decision and not imposed by Luke or circumstances. He turns to go, but Laura reminds him that he invited them tea. She says that she and Lesley Lu were looking forward to it and asks if he is a man of his word. Stefan says that he is.

Felicia is surprised to learn from Ned that Lila does not want her memoirs written. Ned can only assume that Lila thought a writing project was too overwhelming. Felicia thinks that that doesn't sound like Lila. She doesn't usually back down from a challenge. Ned says that he got the feeling that behind Lila's resistance was more resistance, but she didn't care to discuss it.

AJ accuses Edward of trying to welch on their deal. Edward denies it, but AJ doesn't believe him. He is the eldest son of the eldest son and he will claim his birthright. All he cares about right now is the safe guarding of his son's security. He wants his son in his home where he should have been all along. Edward laughs his devilish laugh and says that AJ finally sounds like a man to be reckoned with. But they can't forget Carly. Her cooperation cannot be taken for granted. Waving the threat of Ferncliff is going to have diminishing rewards. AJ says that he has understands. He hates threatening Carly, and wants her to be happy there too. Edward says that the best way to make sure Michael stays with his rightful family is to make sure Carly feels like part of the family.

Carly is playing with Michael, singing him a silly song. Carly says that if something goes wrong and Jason doesn't get visitation rights, she and Leticia will sneak him into Michael's room at the mansion. She tells Michael to remember Jason as Daddy, and Mommy, and home, and they will all be back together soonRecap --->

Thursday, March 4, 1999

Luke opens his safe and takes out some money. He checks his watch and then rushes to pack a bag. Felicia arrives with a copy of the transcript of her interview with Luke and notices his bag. She asks if he is leaving. Luke says that he is going to Switzerland.

Katherine is wandering around her suite in a bathrobe. She stops at the bed and watches a sleeping Nikolas for a moment. She wakes him with kisses on his arm and offers him breakfast. Nikolas confirms that he is hungry and pulls Katherine down for a more passionate kiss. They are interrupted by the phone. Nikolas reluctantly answers knowing it will be Stefan. Stefan wants to know why Nikolas didn't come home last night. He was concerned. Nikolas says that he told Mrs. Lansbury that he was staying in town. Stefan says that leaving word is not sufficient. He would prefer an explanation. Nikolas said that it was late and he was busy. He asks if there is anything else. Stefan says not at the moment.

As Alexis arrives in the PC Hotel lobby apologizing to Jax for missing breakfast, we see that Stefan is also at the hotel. Jax tells Alexis that he hopes Morgan is paying her well since he seems to be taking up all of her time. Alexis thanks Jax for being so understanding and asks if he has had any luck locating Dr. Lastiris. Jax says that he has made some calls to Greece and that he has people working on it. So far, no result. He is the Greek doctor who delivered Nikolas Cassadine and he has a Swiss bank account. If he is alive, they will find him. Jax's cell phone rings. He answers and hands it to Alexis with a smile saying that it is for her. She looks surprised but says hello. She is even more surprised when the caller on the other end of the line identifies himself as the mysterious Dr. Lasitiris.

Bobbie arrives at Jason's penthouse asking to visit Michael. Jason tells her that Michael is asleep but invites her in. Bobbie asks if everything is all right. She heard about the fire. Jason tells Bobbie that the Q's heard about the fire as well and they are petitioning for emergency custody of Michael.

Carly is at the Q's arrangements for a car. AJ walks in the room and asks if she is going to visit Jason. Carly confesses that she has signed up for an interior decorating class at PCU. AJ asks if it is something she would like to do professionally. Carly says maybe. She wants Michael to be proud of her. AJ assures her that Michael will be proud because she has done the right thing by getting him away from Jason. Carly inquires about the custody petition. AJ says that the decision is expected to come down this morning and he is pretty sure they are going to win. Carly says that Michael is going to love it there. The only bad thing will be putting up with Jason when he comes to visit. AJ says that he doesn't think it will be an issue.

Alexis is shocked that Dr. Lasitiris is on the phone. The doctor explains that he received a message from Jasper Jacks telling him that it was critical that he call him immediately. Alexis explains that she works with Mr. Jacks and that she is an attorney for the Cassadine family. The line of inheritance is in question and she needs some information about Nikolas Cassadine, particularly the circumstances surrounding his birth. The doctor tells her that Nikolas was healthy and the birth was routine. Other than that he doesn't remember anything. Alexis asks if he has any records that would help. The doctor insists again that the birth was routine and abruptly hangs up saying he has an office full of patients. Alexis tells Jax that the doctor is hiding something. Jax suggests that they go to Greece and catch the good doctor off guard. He wants to leave this afternoon, but Alexis says that she can't.

Felicia asks if Luke is going all the way to Switzerland just to pick up some cash. She asks if he has ever heard of an ATM. Luke says that he has a very high yield investment in Switzerland. Felicia says that she heard that he recently had a large amount of money slip through his hands. It was funny once, but if he does it again...Luke assures her that what he is doing has nothing to do with the Cassadines, at least as far as they know. When Felicia asks what he means, Luke says that when a guy goes out of his way to save the world from maniacal forces he thinks he ought to be paid for it. Felicia thinks it must be so wonderful to go off an adventure whenever you feel like it. Luke asks if she is feeling the pull. Felicia says sometimes. She is very happy with her life and she has a new outlet. She got her first paying job as a writer, but it fell threw. She explains that Ned wanted her to write Lila's memoirs, but neither of them counted on Lila not wanting her memoirs to be written. Luke laughs and says that he can't blame Lila. There have to be a lot of skeletons' in that family closet. Lila probably thinks that memoirs are a pretty dangerous thing.

Lucky arrives at Kelly's and greets Tammy. She asks where the rest of the crew is and Lucky explains that Emily and Liz are finishing up a test and will be there soon. Tammy asks Lucky to try out her clam chowder. She made it using Ruby's recipe, but she doesn't want to release it to the general public without testing it on someone first. Lucky agrees and sits down at the counter, but says that first he wants to thank her for being so cool the other day. Tammy asks if he means about not letting on to Liz how he broke her heart to be with Liz. Lucky says that he wouldn't want Liz to hear it from her. Tammy assures him that Liz won't hear it from her, but she is sure that if Liz knew it would probably put a smile on her face. Lucky tells her that so many things became clear to him when he left her that day. How he felt about Liz, how he felt about sex and why for him and Liz, waiting is the right thing to do. He actually does need to thank Tammy for that. Tammy says that he doesn't. Having him turn her down was one of the sweetest moments of her former career. They agree that they are even. Tammy tells Lucky that seeing him and Liz together just makes perfect sense to her. They have what the whole world is looking for. Lucky asks if it is that obvious. Tammy says that it is written right across their faces. Love isn't something that comes around very often. She hopes he appreciates it. Lucky says he does, more and more each day. Bobbie asks Jason when the judge will make a decision. Jason tells her it will be this morning. Bobbie tries to be encouraging, but Jason knows that the warehouse fire was the last straw. It just proves that Michael isn't safe with him. Bobbie tells Jason about Lucas being adopted and how the adoption turned out to be illegal and his birth mother came and took him away. If there was something she could do to make this easier she would. Jason says that it isn't him, it's Michael. He promised him he would never leave him.

Carly asks AJ if he thinks that a judge would try to keep Jason from seeing Michael at all. AJ says that they can hope. Carly says that that would be great. The three of them together without Jason around to mess it up. AJ says that he has done everything he can and that it could happen. He asks if Carly wants to come along to the court house. Carly declines when AJ says that Jason might be there. She doesn't want to see him. AJ offers Carly a ride to PCU, but she reminds him that she already called a cab. Carly thanks him for doing so well with everything. AJ says that he did it all for their son.

Alexis explains to Jax that she has to be at Michael's custody hearing. Jax is not happy that Alexis is once again being side tracked by other business, namely Jason Morgan. One of the reasons he agreed to be her partner on this project is because he saw how important it was to her. If Jason Morgan is just as important, there is no chance that they will be successful. Alexis angrily tells Jax that the only reason he agreed to be her partner is because he thought there might be some money to be made. .Alexis tells Jax that if he is having doubts, he can feel free to back out. He knew she had some baggage coming into this. Jax says that family baggage is one thing, but Sonny Corrinthos is a deal breaker. Alexis says that she is trying to keep a child with the father he loves. Jax says that he will live with it for now. Alexis excuses herself as her beeper goes off saying that she is due in court. Jax says that he will go to Greece without her. Alexis wants him to wait until tomorrow, but he says that he will meet her in the lobby at 3pm. They don't want to give Dr. Lasitiris to have time to bury whatever information he may have for good.

Stefan arrives at the PC Hotel and runs into Nikolas just as he is leaving. Nikolas accuses Stefan of having him followed, but Stefan assures him that he has a meeting with his bankers. Stefan asks if Nikolas was visiting Katherine. Nikolas asks if he has a problem with that.

Felicia tells Luke that she was surprised at how disappointed she was when Lila said no. Luke says that Lila is a master at protecting her clan. Maybe she figures the fewer people who know the ins and outs of the Q's, the better. Felicia thinks that Lila is a wonderful story and she would love to have the opportunity to tell it. Luke suggests that she go see Lila and tell her everything she just told Luke. Felicia is afraid that she would look like a pest, but Luke says that Lila can handle it. The worst thing that can happen is that Lila still says no. Felicia leaves resolving to go see Lila and Luke resumes his rush to get ready for his trip.

Tony arrives at Kelly's. He starts shooting his mouth off about the coffee warehouse fire and the fact that Jason and Sonny weren't fooling anyone with their supposed legitimate business. Mike overhears and defends Jason and Sonny. He insists that the fire was an accident. Tony accuses Jason of being a thug and a kidnapper and Tony and Mike start to argue, but Tammy steps in and tells them to stop. She tells Tony that he is her friend and she would like to keep it that way. The way she sees it, he doesn't have any right to call anyone a kidnapper. Tony says that he has every right because he was once a brilliant brain surgeon until Jason Morgan wrecked his hand. Tony goes on to say that Jason accused him of kidnapping Michael and then did the same exact thing. Jason is the biggest hypocrite he has ever seen.

Bobbie insists to Jason that he is Michael's father no matter what the courts say. Jason thanks her for trying to help, but knows that it doesn't look good for him. Bobbie says that she has to get going and asks if Michael will be awake soon. Jason tells her that she can go check on him. Bobbie goes upstairs leaving Jason alone in the living room. Carly comes breezing through the penthouse door complaining about what she had to do to get away from the Q's and all because her dear mother wouldn't help her. Bobbie is coming down the stairs and overhears Carly's comment. She tells Carly that she didn't want to lie for her because she does enough of that on her own.

Carly says that she didn't come to defend herself to Bobbie, she just wants to see her son. She asks if Bobbie is going to be there long. Bobbie says that she was just leaving, but she has a few things to say first. Carly says that she thinks that Bobbie has said them all. She is a liar, and she is wicked, she only thinks about herself, she is disloyal. She asks Bobbie if there is anything else. Bobbie says that she is dangerous to her child. Carly says that she will go home and add that to her list. As Bobbie and Carly continue to argue, Jason reminds them that this isn't going to help Michael. If he ends up with the Q's, he will hear enough fighting. That's why they have to help him. Bobbie agrees with Jason. Carly leaves asking Jason to tell Michael that his mother loves him. After she leaves, Bobbie says that maybe she should have stayed upstairs and pretended she wasn't there. Jason says that if she stays on his side, she can be wherever she wants.

Mike tells Tony that Jason took in a pregnant woman and gave the baby his name and became his father. Tony snatched a baby out of a hotel lobby and kept him in a cabin in the woods. There is no comparison between the two. Tony says that he tried to save Michael's life. Tammy tells Mike and Tony to take it outside if they are going to keep arguing. She is running a respectable business. Mike apologizes and leaves saying he doesn't want to stay and argue with a raving lunatic. Tony says that he was wrong to get in the middle of that. Most of the time he thinks that the key to getting his life back is to have Lucas again, but sometimes he just can't forget that he will never perform surgery again. Tony tells Tammy that he wanted to be a doctor since he was five years old. He picked the brain as his specialty because it is the most challenging. He spent his whole life studying to be a brain surgeon. And it was taken away from him like that. Tammy pats Tony's hand in a comforting gesture.

Nikolas tells Stefan that he let him know he wouldn't be home. He feels that that is his only obligation. Stefan has no objection to Nikolas spending the evening away from Wyndemere. It's not what he was doing but who he was doing it with. Nikolas says that he is sorry that Stefan doesn't approve. Stefan says that disapprove doesn't even scratch the surface. He demands that the liaison with Katherine end. Katherine is Helena's pawn and she is using Nikolas. Stefan insists that even if Katherine is sincere, Nikolas shouldn't waste himself on someone so unsuitable. Nikolas doesn't think that Katherine is unsuitable. Stefan says that there is no future with Katherine and she will hurt him in ways he can't imagine. Nikolas says that he understands the risk and he is willing to take it. He doesn't think that there is anything else to discuss.

Alexis arrives at the penthouse. As Jason anxiously answers her knock, she says that she has bad news. The judge not only granted AJ and Carly temporary custody, he denied Jason visitation rights until after the final custody hearing. Alexis assures Jason that she will petition for the earliest possible date. Jason is stunned at the news. Everyone told him the best way to keep Michael was to stay clean. And now he loses Michael because someone else started a fire. Alexis says that the judge had no choice. Jason says that Michael has a lot of people who love him, but when he wakes up in the morning, Jason is the person he wants to see. Alexis apologizes to Jason saying that she did the best that she could, but that he has to surrender Michael by 6PM tomorrow. She tells Jason that, although she implied that running away was an option before, if he runs now, he will be on the run for the rest of his life. She is a good lawyer and Jason is a good father. She can prove that. They haven't lost yet so don't give up hope.

Emily and Liz arrive at Kelly's lamenting about the test they just finished taking. They want to drown themselves in bowls of ice cream, but Lucky suggests a movie. They think it's a great idea and Emily wonders if they should invite Nikolas. Liz says that Nikolas is probably busy with family stuff and suggests that just the three of them go and invite Nikolas next time. Emily is about to agree when Nikolas arrives. He joins them at their table and asks Lucky if the space on his floor is still available. Emily asks Nikolas if he got into another fight with his father. Nikolas says that he and his father don't fight. They discuss what his father expects and what he has no intention of doing. Emily asks if he is going to move out. Nikolas says that he doesn't have a choice. If he stays, Stefan will keep trying to control everything he does. Lucky says that the floor in his apartment is still available, but thinks that, if Nikolas is serious about making a break for it, he should think about getting a place of his own.

Jax is about to go when Alexis arrives demanding that he not leave without her. She is still concerned that it isn't a good idea, but Jax thinks that it can only help in taking over Cassadine industries. Bobbie runs into Stefan at the PC Hotel. She politely inquires if he has been to the Grille. Stefan rudely tells her that he has more important things on his mind than food. Bobbie says that she will remember that the next time he needs refuge from the storm. Stefan apologizes for being rude saying that he had a difficult morning.

Knowing that he rarely worries about business, Bobbie asks if Nikolas is ok. Stefan says that according to Nikolas, everything is great as long as Stefan doesn't interfere in his life. Bobbie says that it sounds like Nikolas is being a teenager. She would be worried if he wasn't testing his boundaries. Stefan insists that Nikolas is not a typical teenager. Bobbie says that maybe it's time he became one. She understands Stefan's concern, but if Stefan doesn't give Nikolas a little more space, the gap between them will only widen. If he insists that Nikolas do things his way, he risks losing him forever.

Nikolas says that when he moved away before, he knew it was temporary. He had a position and responsibilities to fulfill. The way things are now, he can't think of one good reason to go back. Lucky says that it was the same for him. Sooner or later you realize it's your life. Emily suggests that they help Nikolas look for a new place to live. Lucky says that the only thing left is to tell Stefan.

AJ arrives at the Q mansion. He gleefully tells Carly that they won. And she doesn't need to be concerned about Jason coming to visit. The judge denied any visitation until the final custody hearing. It could not have worked out any better. Jason will probably be completely cut out of Michael's life for good. Carly acts ecstatic for AJ's benefit, but looks very sad once he leaves the room.

Jason is playing with Michael at the penthouse. He tells him that a lot of what he teaches him comes from Sonny. Sonny taught him what honor means, that if you break your word, you're nothing. That is why you should never make promise you can't keep. He promised Michael that he would never live in that house and he promised Carly that he would help her keep Michael. Now he is going to break his word.

Friday, March 5

Laura comes into Kelly's. Tony sees her and calls her over. They talk about missing Ruby and the fact that she's not at Kelly's anymore. Tammy comes up to their table to take their order and Tony introduces Tammy to Laura. Upon being introduced to Laura, Tammy says that she must be Luke's wife, and cheerfully informs her new acquaintance she's heard lots about her from Luke. Laura is surprised and Tammy tells Laura how Luke would talk about her all the time. Tammy returns behind the counter and Laura tells Tony that he must see more of Luke than she does. He tells her that he sees Luke occasionally. They then talk about Tony's new job at GH and about the court date for his visitation with Lucas. She says that she can't fathom all that he has gone through. Seeing how sympathetic Laura is to his cause, Tony asks Laura if she'll be a character witness. Laura agreed to be a character witness for Tony at his hearing regarding Lucas. She tells him that she wouldn't have a problem telling the court what he has meant to her and her family. Touched by her words and her belief in him, Tony tells Laura every time he sees her, he always feels lucky to know such a woman. She laughs in embarrassment and Tony tells her he has to get going, but will stay in touch. After he leaves, Tammy comes back over and sits down. She tells Laura she wants to talk to her about Luke. Laura can't imagine what she wants to talk about and Tammy tells her that Luke is not only her boss. She then tells Laura about her former profession and about all the help Luke gave to her. She also tells Laura about knowing Lucky and that they are good friends. Laura was surprised by how well Tammy knew her family. Tammy tells Laura that she is glad to have had the opportunity to finally meet her and returns back behind the counter. Shortly afterwards, Sonny shows up at Kelly's and he and Laura greet each other. Sonny sits down so he and Laura can play catch up. They laugh about how she used to hate him. The subject then turns to Luke and Sonny tells her as a friend, can he point out what she has gotten wrong now? Laura tells Sonny about how people are reluctant to talk about her separation from Luke. Sonny listens, but decides to keep his opinions to himself. Laura tells him that she has to go now, she has dinner plans at Wyndemere. She then admits that it's the first time that she has admitted to seeing someone and that she's relieved she can now be honest about her relationship with Stefan. Sonny tells her to take care and Laura leaves.

Luke is laying out his diamond cutting tools. He takes out the Ice Princess diamond and says "You are mine, you cold hearted princess." Luke then chips off a piece of the diamond and leaves to go meet his fence.

Jax and Alexis head to Athens to pay a surprise call on Dr. Lastiris. He wakes her up before they land in Athens. He picks up the phone, and suggests that they call Dr. Lastiris to find out what he knows and if what he knows will help them get Helena, it would be worth it. Alexis agrees and makes the phone call. Dr. Lastiris picks up and she asks him about Nikolas's birth, and says that Helena asked her to call him. He says that he doesn't remember anything, and hangs up when she mentions coming to his house to talk. Certain Helena knows more than she's telling, Jax and Alexis speculate about the possible dark secrets to which Dr. Lastiris may be privy. Alexis tells Jax that Dr. Lastiris is mortally terrified of Helena and he must know something and she thinks she knows what. Alexis says that Dr. Lastiris was frightened of something. When Nikolas was born, a paternity test was done, and the results passed only to Helena. Why keep it a secret? More convinced that there was more going on, Jax and Alexis believed that Dr. Lastiris might have important information about Nikolas and Jax suggest that they should go visit the office first, and search his files.

Jax and Alexis head over to Dr. Lastiris' office. They decide to sneak in, but find that the door is unlocked. Jax calls out Hello! They meet up with a woman in the office who asks them what there business is here. They tell her they are here to see Dr. Lastiris. The woman tells them that he isn't here and he has hired her to clean out his office by burning some old files. Realizing they can't get to what they are trying to find while the woman is there, they decide to leave and come back later. Jax and Alexis head back over to the office. When they arrive at Dr. Lastiris' office, however, they are shocked to find him dead.

Monica stops by the penthouse to visit Jason and offer her support. Jason tells her that he has until 6:00pm to bring Michael over to the Quartermaines. Monica tells him that she can't stop thinking about how devastating this is for him, and how lonely he must be feeling. She informs him that she knows about the court order, and how custody will probably be granted to AJ and Carly, but admits that she can't get behind them and can see the situation through his eyes. She then tells him that she knows that not telling AJ about his son was wrong, but that's not Jason's fault, it's Carly's. Jason is touched by her support. Monica tells him no matter what happens, his place in Michael's life is to be respected and he has to be part of Michael's life. She then tells him she will do anything he wants to make that happen. Jason thanks her, he knows she means it, because she is his mother, and that she loves him. Monica looks surprised and is caught off guard when he refers to her as his mother. Jason explains that he finally understands how much pain his leaving caused her because when you have a kid and you love him, it doesn't stop, even if he is not with you, even if he forgets you. As a shocked Monica listens, Jason tells her that he is glad that he left her house, but he knows now what he did. After the accident happened, he turned away from her, because he didn't remember her being his mother, but she did remember. Jason then tells Monica how sorry he is for the way he's hurt her, because he knows that she and Alan only wanted him back. Deeply touched by his words, Monica tells him that love is just love and she better go before she makes a fool of herself. He asks her if she is sorry he is her son. Monica tells him no, she will always love him. She looks at him and Jason opens his arms to her and tells her it's okay. A weeping Monica takes the invitation and rushes to embrace her son for the first time in more than two years. She hugs him tight with tears running down her face. After they are done embracing, she turns to go. Jason asks her to remember that whatever he does, it's for Michael's sake. She tells him he can count on her for that and leaves. A heartbroken Jason prepares to get Michael ready to return to the Quartermaines.

Stefan is lighting candles and setting up a romantic mood, for his dinner with Laura. Laura arrives and Stefan smiles at her when he sees her. He then tells her how beautiful she looks tonight. She thanks him and admits to having taken a little extra time getting ready for tonight. Stefan tells her that her attitude is different. She asks him different how. He tells her that she seems happy to be here. She tells him that she is. The two of them then settle in for a nice quiet romantic evening.

Edward, AJ and Carly knew that Jason would be bringing Michael to the Quartermaine mansion, but Edward and AJ worked to keep the news from Monica. An anxious AJ and Edward pace around the house, awaiting Jason's arrival with Michael. AJ tells a pleased Edward he has a private investigator watching Jason to make sure he doesn't try to escape with Michael again. He says if Jason tries to flee, he can throw Jason in jail just to get Michael. Edward tells AJ that he is no longer the same little family weakling. AJ says simply that fatherhood changes a person. When Edward asks about Emily, AJ tells him that he gave Emily money to go out for the afternoon. Edward says when Jason brings the baby to the door and Monica finds out that the judge has denied Jason any visitation, she will raise a big stink, and will not be on their side. He then adds that Alan and Monica are just getting their lives back together, and they will need their support.

Meanwhile In The Study, Felicia is there talking with Lila. A persistent Felicia tried to convince Lila to have her memoirs written. Lila tells Felicia that her refusal has nothing to do with Felicia personally. Felicia says that she simply wants to talk about the memoirs and promises that it would be a painless project, because she has a plan. Edward eavesdrops behind a door, as Felicia attempts to persuade Lila to let her write the story of her life. Lila tells Felicia that the future matters to the family too. As if on cue, Edward comes out, asks if he heard the "M" word, Memoirs? Felicia tells him yes he did hear the word memoirs and says that she has taken no offense at Lila's refusal. She then tells Lila she'll let her think about it further and decides to leave. After she is gone, Edward says that he thought that Lila had the matter settled with Ned. He then tells her that he has made plans for them for the evening. Lila tells him she would rather not see him act abominably.

Back In The Living Room, AJ comes into the living room and tells Carly he has gotten a present for Michael, but will let her open it. He jokes that it can be re-wrapped. Carly has a hard time hiding the fact that AJ has won, but decides to try to play cheerful and opens up the gift. It turns out to be a spun silk blanket for the bed that has been monogrammed for Michael Quartermaine. Carly thinks Michael will like it very much. AJ admits to not being able to sleep lately with all the excitement of Michael's arrival. He says what is done is done, and tonight is the start of a new life for them. Emily returned home and AJ and Edward are surprised to see her, thinking she had gone out that afternoon. When she asks them what is going on, they admit that they have gotten custody of Michael. She asks how Carly could have let them do this and can't believe it. She then calls out for Monica, but gets no answer. An angry Emily tells them that the police will never touch Michael. Someone knocks at the door. It turns out to be Johnny with Leticia. Carly brings her in and introduces her to Edward. Edward only asks, "where is my great grandson?" AJ asks her too, where is his son? Jason is still outside. Emily goes to the door, with sadness on her face and witnesses Jason arriving at the mansion with Michael. At the appointed hour, a sorrowful Jason appears at the Quartermaine mansion with Michael in his arms. Jason then arrives at the front door carrying Michel. Carly smiles at him, but Jason just stands there silently, holding Michael regretting what he has to do........

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