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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 8, 1999 on GH
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Monday March 8, 1999

Luke asks for 10 percent above their last transaction when negotiating with Mr. Kleig (better known to us, but not to Luke as Faison) to sell another piece of the ice princess. Faison agrees to pay the higher price. A gem of that caliber is very rare. He suggests that they would both be richer if Luke sold him the mother stone. Luke says that he and the mother stone go back a long way. It has sentimental value. Faison asks to see it, but Luke says that a look at the unattainable will only rattle a man's cage for life.

Laura and Stefan's romantic evening continues. Laura is impressed by the lengths to which Stefan has gone to create a romantic atmosphere.

Nikolas is on the docks when Helena shows up on the way to an appointment. She is overly polite as always and asks Nikolas to sustain from any unpleasantries as she is in transit. She is delighted when Nikolas asks her to wait and asks if he would like her to wait with him until the launch arrives. Helena is surprised when Nikolas informs her that he isn't waiting for the launch, he was waiting for her.

Upon their arrival in Greece, Jax and Alexis are shocked to discover a very dead Dr. Lastiris. Alexis called for an ambulance, but it's a little late. Greta, Dr. Lastiris' assistant, is stunned and can't imagine what happened. Considering that the doctor was alive an hour ago, Jax and Alexis both think that Helena got to him first.

As Jason arrives at the Q mansion with Michael, Lila comes into the foyer. When she realizes what is going on, she apologizes to Jason saying that she would have stopped it if she had known. AJ tells Lila that she would have been making a terrible mistake because Michael belongs with his family. AJ demands that Jason give him his son, but Jason hands Michael to Carly. Michael immediately starts to cry while Jason tries to explain things to him. He assures Michael that he will be fine with Carly. AJ intervenes telling Jason to say his good byes and go.

Emily asks AJ why he is trying to tell Jason how to handle this. Jason knows Michael, AJ doesn't. Edward asks whose fault that is. Emily asks AJ if he has any compassion for this baby that he supposedly loves. Emily tells Edward and AJ that they aren't acting like they have Michael's best interests at heart. Carly is in tears as she watches Jason say good bye to Michael. Jason tells Michael that he loves him and he may not be able to see him for awhile. He promises that he won't stop fighting to get him back. Edward tells him that that is enough. As soon as Jason says goodbye, Leticia takes Michael upstairs. The rest of the Q's are uncharacteristically silent as they watch Leticia go. Once Michael is out of the room, Jason warns the Q's not to fight in front of Michael again. He gets scared when he hears people yell. Emily says that Michael isn't used to meanness. Edward says that Michael will get used to the cadences of family life and tells Jason to go. He is legally barred from seeing Michael. Emily tells Jason that she hates what the Q's are doing to him and Michael. Jason tells Emily that he needs her to keep it together so she can look after Michael. Emily promises and leaves the room. Lila also leaves telling Edward that she doesn't care where he sleeps tonight as long as it isn't in their bedroom. Carly follows Emily up the stairs to help Leticia get Michael ready for bed. Jason walks over to Edward and tells him that Michael will never belong to him. That said, he leaves, with once last glance up the stairs.

Monica explains to Alan that Michael is bound to be disoriented when he moves into the Q mansion. She wants Alan to come home and help with the transition. Alan does not want to go back to the mansion. He knows his limitations and he isn't ready to take everything that comes along with living with the Q's. They are interrupted by Monica's cell phone. Emily is calling to accuse Monica of being conveniently absent when Jason had to turn Michael over to AJ. Monica is shocked and explains to Emily that she didn't know. She assures Emily that she is on her way home. As Monica leaves Kelly's, Tony arrives. He asks Alan why Monica is in such a rush. Alan explains that the courts have awarded custody of Michael to AJ. Tony smiles wanly and says that it is about time.

Helena is delighted that Nikolas wanted to see her and she invites him to join her for dinner. Nikolas tells her that he wanted to see her for strictly business purposes. They have a common interest in the Cassadine holdings. He thinks that they can hold on to their power through compromise. It will only work if everyone is willing to make concessions. He hasn't broached this with anyone else because he assumed that she would be the greatest obstacle. Helena says that if Stefan and Alexis are willing to sit down and talk, she is sure that they will be greatly surprised.

The medical examiner has arrived to take away Dr. Lastiris. He promises to have autopsy results within twelve hours. Alexis is anxious because the police have been delayed, but Jax thinks it is an opportunity to dig for information. He suggests that Alexis get to work. When Alexis asks why she has to do the digging, Jax says that one of them has to keep Gerta busy, and he thinks he is better equipped. Jax gives Alexis a cocky smile as he leaves to track down Gerta.

Monica arrives home and immediately tracks down Edward. She is furious that Edward sent her away so that he could ambush Jason. Edward reminds her that she has two sons. One is a brain damaged thug and one is a credit to them all. He asks whose side she is on. Monica says that unlike Edward she is on Michael's side. Monica says that it is inexcusable that Edward arranged for Jason to have to surrender Michael when there was noone there to support him. Edward assures her that Emily and Lila were absurdly supportive, fairly dripping with misplaced compassion. She asks Edward if he is proud of himself. AJ walks in, followed by Carly, and says that Edward isn't responsible. He did what had to be done.

Jason is alone on the docks when Tony happens along. Jason is silent while Tony tells him that he knows why Jason doesn't want to go home. There isn't anyone waiting for him now. It isn't the quiet he is afraid of. It's the prospect of facing all of those little things. He might sit down on the sofa and feel a lump behind his back and it is one of Michael's toys. He might find a plastic spoon shaped like an airplane or trip over a little boot. All the small, but significant items that he will never need again. Those tiny little reminders of another time will cut him to the bone time and time again. Even after the little things are gone, it won't get any easier. If he is feeling bad now, well welcome to a world of pain. Tony tells Jason that he has waited a long time to say this to him. It is so sweet to be able to tell him now that what goes around comes around. Jason, who has finally heard enough, turns around and punches Tony just as Sonny arrives on the docks.

Tony starts to stand up calling Jason a tough guy when Jason hits him again. Sonny walks over and tells Tony that he can go home now that he has given his little speech. As Tony leaves, Sonny asks Jason if he feels better now.

AJ tells Monica that he was only trying to spare her because he knows how ambivalent she is. Monica tells AJ that her primary concern is Michael. Rule one as a parent is that what he wants is not a primary concern. Any child psychiatrist will tell him that uprooting Michael without a transition period is not a good idea. Michael has been cutoff from the only parent that he knows. Carly asks what about her, but Monica just gives her a look and continues talking to AJ. She tells him that this is one time where going cold turkey is not a viable situation. AJ says that he is sorry that she thinks so little of him. Monica tells AJ that she loves him, but he is acting out of spite. If he really wants to do what is best for Michael, he will work something out with Jason.

Laura and Stefan has finished their meal. She declines dessert prompting Stefan to ask if she has to go. Laura assures him that she has no curfew and the babysitter is prepared to stay late. Stefan says that the later she disembarks from the launch, the less likely the prospect of encountering someone she knows. Laura says that she doesn't care who sees her. She is tired of all the secrets and she thinks that she is entitled to a life. If that life includes him, she doesn't care who knows about it.

Luke accepts a bundle of cash from Faison, who says that he is looking forward to their next transaction. Luke tells him that he thinks that this will hold him for a while. After Faison is gone, Luke makes preparations to check out of the hotel.

Tony stumbles back into Kelly's. Tammy is shocked at his appearance and asks what happened. Tony tells him that he was mugged. When Tony tells her that Jason was the one who hit him, Tammy asks what he did to provoke Jason. She can't believe that Jason would beat him up for no reason. Tony explains that Jason lost his son and he took it out on Tony. He couldn't pretend to feel sorry for Jason and in his opinion Jason got what he deserved. Tammy asks if he couldn't have kept that opinion to himself. Tony says that he didn't think, he just reacted, it was impulse. Tammy says that it was mean and self destructive and that isn't him. Tony says that it never used to be, but since his daughter died it's like someone cut a whole in his soul. Tammy tells him that that is a crock.

On the docks, Jason tells Sonny that he promised Michael he would never let this happen. He promised that he wouldn't leave him in that house. Now Michael will wake up every morning and look for Jason and he won't be there.

Emily runs into Monica and tells her how awful it was when Jason dropped off Michael. Jason looked like he was breaking inside. Emily doesn't even want to be around the rest of the family anymore, but she promised Jason that she would look after Michael. Monica assures Emily that they will look after Michael together. They will make it all right.

Edward tells AJ and Carly to pay no attention to Monica. She lapses into maudlin displays, but she will come around now that there is a baby in the house. Edward asks AJ if he wants to talk about the restructuring of ELQ, but AJ declines saying that he wants to go get his son.

As they share an after dinner drink, Laura tells Stefan that she isn't ready to have a skywriter emblazen their names, but... Stefan laughs and tells her to let him know when she is ready. He suggests that they start smaller. The opera Carmen is opening soon. He asks is he might have the honor of escorting her.

Laura smiles and tells Stefan that he doesn't waste any time. Stefan tells her that there is no pressure, she can think about it, take her time and let him know. Laura says that she has considered it and her answer is yes, she will go.

Alexis has donned rubber gloves and is rifling through Dr. Lastiris desk when she discovers Nikolas' file. As she is about to look through the contents, she hears Jax loudly greeting the police inspector. She puts the file back where she found it and hastily tries to remove her gloves before the inspector walks in. The inspector asks Alexis and Jax to come to headquarters to answer questions. Jax hands Alexis her purse behind her back so she can conceal the gloves and they follow the Inspector out of Dr. Lastiris' office, leaving the file behind.

Tammy tells Tony that he doesn't have a whole in his sole. He cares too much about people for that to be true. Where would Alan be without him? He has a little boy, he messed up. What is he going to do about it? Does kicking Jason Morgan when he is down and out really make him feel better? Tony says no and asks if they can end the lesson now. Tammy says ok, but on one condition. She asks Tony to walk her home. Tony happily agrees.

AJ and Carly have finally gotten Michael down for the night. AJ asks if it always takes so long. When Carly says no, AJ says that it must just be that everything is new. He thinks that river systems in central Africa is an inappropriate topic for a child's book. He thinks that the sound of his voice, not the contents of the book is what put Michael to sleep. Carly suggests that tomorrow they go to a children's bookstore and select some books that AJ would like to read to Michael. And she has to tell him that she thinks he did an incredible job with Michael. Carly really thinks that Michael is going to love it at the Q's. She can feel it. AJ thanks her for saying that and they hug.

Jason arrives home with Sonny. He is reluctant to go into his penthouse now that Michael is gone. As he starts to walk in Sonny invites him to stay at his place for the night. Jason declines saying that this is where he lives. It's gonna be like this every night and he had better get used to it how it is. Sonny leaves Jason alone. Jason wanders aimlessly around the penthouse sadly taking in the emptiness.

Tuesday, March 9, 1999

Stefan was stunned by Nikolas' decision to move out of Wyndemere. Alexis was disappointed to discover that Dr. Lastiris' files were missing, and she and Jax realized that Helena might be behind the doctor's death. Liz and Lucky decided to help Nikolas find a new place to live. Felicia then suggested that Nikolas move into Brenda's cottage. Tony confessed to Felicia that he wasn't proud of his recent behavior. The Quartermaine's breakfast was interrupted by Michael's cries. Carly attempted to comfort Michael but was unsuccessful. Carly then demanded that AJ call Jason to help calm Michael. AJ stood his ground and refused to let Jason anywhere near Michael. A distraught Emily begged Jason to run away with Michael. Jason calmed Emily and told her that going on the run wouldn't be best for anyone.

Wednesday, March 10, 1999

Nikolas tells Stefan he is moving out. Stefan says he cannot, Wyndemere is his home. Mack walks in to find Felicia working on her manuscript. He teases her a bit but reassures her that her writing is very good. Felicia is still feeling blue because Lila did not agree to put her memoirs in print. Tony is at the diner waiting for Alan to arrive.

AJ is at a loss as to how to stop Michael from crying. Ned takes this opportunity to heckle him. AJ blames Michaels' behavior on Jason saying that he spoiled and catered to him during his first year of life. Ned corrects AJ by saying Michael is scared and alone and needs his father, Jason. Hearing this was like a knife through AJ's heart. Jason is miserable at the penthouse without Michael. Sonny tries to distract him with work but to no avail. Jason insists he must find his own way of dealing with this problem. Jason tells him of Emily's' visit and her readiness to help him see Michael. Even if it meant helping him take Michael and run. He admitted to Sonny that he couldn't think straight without Michael. He has never felt such a strong pull on his emotions.

Edward complains loudly about Michael's' crying. AJ and Ned argue about the CEO seat at ELQ. Ned infers AJ is using Michael to cement his place at ELQ. AJ quickly reminds Ned about his decision to put ELQ over his own daughter.

Mack can't stop thinking that there is more to the warehouse fire than meets the eye. Felicia fantasizes about writing Lilas' memoirs. She is eager to learn about Lila and Edwards' courtship and what keeps them together. Mack interrupts her by telling her how lucky he feels that she is his wife and the two share a tender moment.

Nikolas informs Stefan that he is moving away from Spoon Island. Stefan appears to take it in stride but quickly lets his displeasure rise to the surface. He asks if this sudden change of address is to accommodate his affair with Katherine. Nikolas states he wants his freedom. Helena is not a threat to him. He no longer needs protection. While he has enjoyed living with Stefan and will miss him this is his decision. His love and respect for his father has nothing to do with it. With this being said Nikolas takes his exit.

When Alan arrives at the diner he inquires about Tony's bruises. Tony covers by saying he walked into something in the dark. Alan doesn't by his story but remains quiet. They begin to discuss the custody battle between AJ and Jason. Tony eagerly and with good reason warns Alan about the curse of Carly. Alan is sympathetic with AJ's problem. He remembers all too well what happened when AJ and Jason were children. He will back AJ 100%. Alan then offers Tony his support in his on going custody battle over Lucas.

Ned and AJ square off at the Quartermaine mansion. Michael's continuing cries fill the air. Everyone is on edge. AJ tells Ned his only concern is the CEO seat. That his decision to leave his own daughter (Brook Lynn) for ELQ is the reason he doesn't want Michael in the house. He doesn't want to be reminded of his past mistake. Ned continues to taunt him. He tells AJ that if his son grows up in the mansion he will be either a pathetic substance abuser or a ruthless power hungry cynic. Ned goes further by comparing the accident AJ caused with Michael. He says that instead of it being Jason in the front seat it is Michael. Only now AJ is too drunk with power to see the tree.

Jason conveys to Sonny how he felt after his accident. He fears Michael is experiencing this same type of disorientation. Strangers leaning over him, wanting to care for him and not knowing any of them. Wondering where Jason is and why he let him down. Sonny blames Carly. Jason regrets giving Michael to the Q's.

Back at the mansion, AJ looks to Lila for advice. Lila tells him he would not like her advice. She warns him it would mean doing the hardest thing he ever had to do. AJ abruptly leaves.

Sonny tries to allay Jason's' fears, but it is falling on deaf ears. Sonny questions Jason's' decision to give Michael to the Q's. He reminds him that it was in Michaels' best interest. Jason always put Michael's needs first and he should not beat himself up for it.

AJ shows up at the diner and Tony offers his support. AJ appreciates this gesture. When Tony leaves Alan listens intently as AJ laments. Edward is outraged that Michael is still crying. Lila offers a suggestion in which Edward quickly rebuffs. Lila in turn calls Felicia and agrees to her writing her memoirs. Edward overhears this and is very upset. Sonny tells Jason the best way to get a chance to see Michael is to stay clean.

Ned goes to meet V clad in Quartermaine garb much to V's chagrin. She had instructed him to dress casually. Jake the proprietor of the establishment was not impressed by his attire. She quickly rebuffed him and offered his services to a more suitable place. Ned erupts in song and wins her over. He is hired as Eddie Maine, but not with a suit.

AJ tells Alan he hates Jason for what he has done. His father advises him to be patient. He goes onto say how proud of him he is for all his progress. This is a tender moment between father and son. AJ is very touched.

Sonny tells Jason not to blow it in the eyes of the court. As Sonny looks on Jason states that he will keep his promise to Michael and find a way to be with him. This greatly worries Sonny.

Thursday, March 11, 1999

Bobbie and Luke sign the official papers for the diner. She asked where he's been but in usual fashion Luke is evasive. Bobbie tells him she wouldn't blame him if he had revenge on his agenda considering how Laura and Stefan have been acting.

Felicia meets Mack at the diner. Tammy wants to work on the book but Felicia tells her it has to be put on hold so she can work on Lila's memoirs. Tammy is very understanding.

AJ and Carly argue about Michael's continual crying. He wants Carly to remember she is his mother and he will get use to her and him. Ned enters ready to antagonize them.

Sonny asks Jason where he had been all night. Jason is still agonizing over losing Michael, so he rode his bike to clear his head. Sonny tells him that since Moreno is leaning on them it's time to lean back.

Felicia is thrilled to be writing Lila's memoirs and shares it with an unenthusiastic Mack. He doesn't feel it will be juicy enough. Felicia feels honored to be the author.

Bobbie tells Luke about her conversation with Laura. She tells him she was sympathetic at first but now she's a little angry. Luke tries to make Bobbie understand that he doesn't blame anyone. She offers her support whenever he needs it.

Sonny wants Jason to stay away from Moreno and any involvement with him. Jason wants to fight back but Sonny tells him it would not be good for his custody case. Jason says it doesn't matter because even though he remained clean it didn't stop the courts from taking Michael. Sonny is insistent that Jason stays clean.

Ned picks at AJ's parenting skills or lack thereof. He queries if AJ is ever coming back ELQ. AJ blows him off.

Jason tries to convince Sonny to let him help with Moreno. Carly stops by to tell Jason about Michael. Sonny leaves at the sight of Carly. She tries to get Jason's sympathy.

Luke tells Bobbie his army keeps sleeping with his enemy, the Cassadines. He's taking time off from the war. Bobbie is aware of Jerry's involvement with Alexis and Jax. Luke is not pleased to hear this.

Felicia begins her interview with Lila. Edward interrupts and refuses to leave. Emily and Liz chat on the docks. Liz is taking photos of Wyndemere for her art academy submission. They have girl talk about Lucky and their relationship.

Mike stops in to see Tammy and compliments her endlessly. She is interested in a new place to stay. Mike offers a room above his motorcycle shop. Sonny comes in and tries to sabotage Mike's plans. It doesn't seem to work. Mike is obviously smitten with Tammy. Sonny tells Mike he may be in trouble.

Luke and Jerry have a verbal dance. Luke wonders if he has told Bobbie about his dealings with Stefan. Bobbie says he has. He issues Jerry a warning and leaves. Jerry wonders how much of his business she shared with her brother since he seems to know so much.

Lila forces Edward out of the room so Felicia and her can begin in private. Liz tells Emily about her pictures and how much she enjoys painting Lucky. She does reveal her skepticism about getting into the art academy. Emily assures her she has talent. Even though Lucky advised her to encourage Liz, Emily states she would have done it anyway.

Sonny tells Mike Moreno is behind the slow down on the rebuilding of the warehouse. Mike is to keep an eye out for him. Sonny knows that if Moreno makes another move on Jason he can kiss Michael goodbye forever.

Carly complains about how miserable Michael is feeling. Jason tells her to tell Michael Daddy loves you Michael. Up to the sky and around the world. He always told him that when no one else was around. He instructs Carly to do this until she is sure Michael has heard her. Carly then implies that all his crying could benefit them in the long run. Jason angrily tells her to never use Michael's pain to get what she wants. She looks on in shock and what appears to be disdain. Jason reprimands her and threatens her to never do that again. She sheepishly apologizes. They lay blame on each other. Jason says all that matters now is to fix things for Michael. Carly is told to stay close to Michael no matter what, and to not appear to be afraid. She tries to comfort Jason by saying that in time they will be together again just the three of them. Jason coldly hands her the magazine and says nothing as she prepares to leave. This coldness is not left unnoticed by Carly.

Emily tells Liz what's happening at the Q's mansion. She feels guilty for leaving Michael at the house. Liz tells her not to feel guilt. She only needed a break.

Sonny scoffs the idea of Mike becoming his partner. Mike realizes Sonny still does not trust him, and walks out.

Bobbie informs Jerry it was not through her that Luke gained his knowledge. She can be trusted. Jerry apologizes. They want to have honesty between them. The two get cozy. Jerry reveals he has not been completely honest with her. A package is then delivered to her. Jerry teases her and says the package contains special pastries from Vienna. They share the pastries and a kiss.

Tammy asks Luke if she can rent a room upstairs. Luke agrees. AJ comes back to check on Michael. The psychiatric evaluation is the following day and Carly is worried. AJ buys the lie completely. AJ thinks since Michael is now sleeping that he is adjusting. A loud cry from the baby monitor dispels this wish.

Jason tells Sonny he is going to the docks to find out about Moreno's next drug shipment. Sonny advises against it. Jason leaves anyway. Sonny finds himself in a place he dislikes.

And it angers him.

Friday, March 12

Michael's cries continued to disrupt the Quartermaine household. Edward tells Emily that she should get to school. Emily says that she is going to help Leticia. Edward is complaining about the incompetence of Leticia. Emily complains to him about how Jason isn't allowed there. Monica calls it inhumane about how they just let Michael cry. AJ and Carly come down and join the others in the living room. They tell everyone that they have to go to the court shrink today. AJ hopes that they will retain custody. Ned comes home and doesn't waist any time taking potshots at AJ about how unhappy Michael is. Emily says that AJ and Carly need someone there who actually has a clue as to what Michael does need. Carly tells Emily contrary to what Emily thinks, she loves her baby boy. Emily and Carly snarl at each other and exchange sarcastic remarks, while the rest of the Quartermaines chime in with their two cents' worth. Carly yells at Emily, wondering who appointed her princess of the manner and asks Emily doesn't she think that it hurts her to hear Michael cry? AJ pulls Carly aside and tells her that its okay if Michael cries, it will show the judge the brainwashing that Jason has done. Emily and Monica leave the room and Ned insults AJ and Carly as they prepared to meet with the court appointed psychiatrist. AJ tells Ned that he really doesn't care what Ned thinks and he and Carly get Michael and leave for their appointment.

Jason comes home and opens the door to find Sonny inside waiting for him. Jason tells Sonny that he did some work last night that'll pay off. He has figured out how to get Moreno. Jason then told Sonny about his plan to take down Moreno. Sonny refused to let Jason get involved so as not to jeopardize Jason's custody fight for Michael. Jason told Sonny, about how the judge will be prejudicial against him. He won't be able to separate Jason from Sonny and the mob business, therefore he wants to stop Moreno, but he is going to have to stay clean. He then tells Sonny that Moreno is expecting a drug shipment next week and he is going to this meeting, to be a fly on the wall. Sonny says the hell you are, and once again tries to dissuade Jason from taking on Moreno in any way, shape, or form until Michael is safely back where he belongs. Jason tells Sonny that he is the best person to listen in on Moreno's operation. Sonny tells Jason he may get caught, besides they aren't even sure if Moreno set the warehouse fire and it all comes down to who set the fire? Sonny then tells Jason that there are two names unaccounted for on that list. Jason still thinks he can handle the job as the two men debate on whether or not Jason should be involved in the situation or not.

Tammy comes into Kelly's with her belongings so that she can take over Ruby's old apartment over Kelly's. Tammy frets that Luke has taken over her kitchen when she sees him there. Luke reassures her, that he is only there to open up the apartment for her. Upon returning to Port Charles, Jax and Alexis come into Kelly's. Luke greets them as Natasha and Lurch. Already aware of where they have been, Luke jokingly asks them if they have brought him anything good, like Helena's head on a stick. Jax and Alexis asked for Luke's help regarding Helena. When Luke agreed to help anyway he can, they quizzed Luke about Helena's modus operandi. Luke can't believe that they are looking for information on how and why Helena would have Dr. Lastiris killed. They explain how they wanted to get their hands on a certain file which vanished from the office of the late Dr. Lastiris. Luke asks them about the scene at the late doctor's office when they arrived, and if there was any evidence at all. Alexis gives him the whole story and tells him about finding the file and then stashing it when the Inspector showed up. She also tells Luke about returning to the office to retrieve the file and finding that the office was cleaned out entirely and the file was gone and when they contacted the Inspector for further details about the doctor's death, they was offered a police escort to the airport so they could get out of the country. Luke asks them what they wanted to know. Alexis tells Luke that the file contained information about Nikolas' birth, and how it disappeared. Luke says that Helena must have seen them coming, and their phone call was the doctor's death warrant. When Alexis thinks Luke isn't being supportive enough, Luke tells her that he'll be happy to see her walk off with the whole Cassadine fortune. Alexis tells him that she's not going to end up with anything unless she stays two steps ahead of Helena and Stefan. Alexis then asks Luke if he thinks Helena killed the doctor. Luke tells her if the doctor's throat wasn't slit or if he wasn't poisoned or butchered, then Helena didn't do it personally, but it doesn't rule out her having someone else to do it. He then tells them if Helena did it, she would have left her mark. Jax and Alexis get ready to leave after Luke can provide them with no more help. Luke does however warn Alexis to watch her throat and for Jax to watch his guts concerning Helena's wrath.

Tony comes into Kelly's and goes to the counter. He and Tammy chitchat and he asks her about her suitcase. She says that she is not leaving town, just Courtland Street. Luke comes up and offers to watch the counter while Tammy unpacks. Tammy takes Luke up on his offer and heads upstairs. Tony and Luke chitchat and Tony tells Luke that he asked Lucky to be a character witness for him. Luke doesn't want to talk about Tony and Bobbie's custody case and Tony tells Luke that all he wants is peace. Tony has to leave and tells Luke to take care and exits. Tammy comes downstairs and thanks Luke for the apartment. They make small talk and the subject changes to Laura. Tammy mentions meeting her in the diner a few days ago. Luke tells Tammy that he doesn't want to talk about Laura and Tammy leaves it alone.

Helena shows up at someone's place and encounters a man misting various flowers and plants. Helena comes in and asks the man where the person she is looking for is at. The man tells her that he is not there. Helena says that she will be expecting a report later this evening and leaves. Helena returns later and encounters the same man. He tells her that it's done and hands it to her. It's the file that Alexis found with Nikolas's name on it. Helena is pleased to have her hands on the file about Nikolas that Dr. Lastiris had been murdered for.

As Nikolas moves into the cottage, Laura drops by with a housewarming gift and confides how she and Stefan will be stepping out together that evening for a night at the opera. Pleased with the news that his parents have begun dating, Nikolas presents Laura with a pair of opera glasses and urges her to enjoy herself. She thanks him profusely as she leaves. He hopes she has fun tonight. Later on, Katherine shows up at the cottage with a large picnic basket. Surprised to see her, Nikolas wonders how she found him. She tells him that she has her ways and wonders why he didn't tell her he was moving. Nikolas explains about Stefan and needing his privacy. They sit on the floor and pull out the items in the basket. They discuss Laura and Stefan and Nikolas fills Katherine in on his parents closeness. Still a touchy subject with her, Katherine changes the subject and she and Nikolas begin kissing each other passionately.

Carly and AJ nervously report for their first session with the court-appointed psychiatrist. Trying to impress the shrink with their parenting prowess, AJ and Carly stumble through the session. Carly talks some about Michael's birth, and how she had Jason sign for the emergency surgery for Michael during her postpartum depression. She says that she left Michael with Jason because she trusted him. AJ says that he would have helped. She tries to defend herself, and was forced to backpedal after she praised Jason in front of the psychiatrist, but AJ steps in, also trying to defend himself and Carly. The doctor asks how sudden fatherhood feels. AJ says that it's wonderful, and he knows he can guide and give Michael all he needs to succeed in life. The psychiatrist tells them that it has been an interesting meeting, but her next visit will be with Jason and Michael. She then tells them that she will be making a home visit to see how Michael is fitting into the Quartermaine household. They are disconcerted to learn that the doctor's visit will be unannounced when she comes to see Michael in his new environment. She thanks them for coming and then goes into the other room to retrieve Michael for them. Alone in the room, they both wonder what she was writing down about them, and Carly wonders what she will write down when she sees Michael and Jason together. When the doctor brings Michael out, all three leave for home.

Emily is talking to Lila when Edward comes in yelling, asking how it went. They all shush him, saying that Michael just went to sleep. AJ says that it was interesting. Edward says that he can't see why the doctor had any problem with them, both parents are there, in a nice house. They tell them about the unannounced visit to see how Michael is adjusting to his new environment. Emily sarcastically talks about how exciting the home visit can be. Edward says that they have to start preparing now, and step one is to fire Leticia. Reginald threatens to quit if Edward dares to fire Leticia. Monica comes in, asks what is going on. Lila says that they are all ignoring the obvious, that Jason is the only one who Michael wants. AJ is hurt by her comment and Lila tells him that Michael is not adjusting, he is grieving and if the situation doesn't become better, he will work himself sick by continuing to cry all the time. Weary of her family's endless squabbling, Lila shocks the Quartermaines when she takes matters into her own hands by taking the bull by the horns. She calls Jason and invites him to the mansion to visit Michael.

Ned meets up with Alexis on the docks. He kisses her deeply, and says that he missed her. He asks about the trip to Greece. She only says that the doctor was tightlipped. Ned tells her about the latest on the baby Michael situation. They agree to make plans for later and leave. Shortly afterwards, Laura and Stefan arrive on the docks. Stefan tells her how beautiful she looks and they kiss each other passionately. Stefan then turns Laura around so he can take a look at her in her full length gown. She giggles as she spins around so Stefan can admire her, but then stops abruptly when she sees Luke standing there. Stefan comes up beside Laura and the two of them are speechless as Luke stares at them in shock..........

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