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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 15, 1999 on GH
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Monday March 15, 1999

Laura and Stefan have disembarked from the launch and are on their way to the opera. Stefan stops and tells Laura that she is beautiful. He asks her to let him look at her and Laura laughingly does a little spin to show off her dress. She comes to a dead stop when she spins around and notices Luke watching them. Luke continues on his way without a word. Once he has gone, Stefan apologizes for Laura and tells her that he would understand if she changed her mind about going to the opera. Laura says that she has not changed her mind. She walks with Stefan but glances over her shoulder in the direction Luke walked. As Laura and Stefan leave, Luke comes out of the shadows looking in the direction that they went.

Things are heating up at the cottage. Katherine pulls away from Nikolas' embrace saying that they are supposed to be christening Nikolas' very first home. She pulls a bottle of champagne out of the picnic basket. She compliments Nikolas on his new home and teases him about the lack of furnishings. Katherine raises her now full champagne glass and is about to drink a toast when Nikolas tells her that he doesn't like champagne. Katherine is surprised since she has seen him drink it before. Nikolas said that he drank it, but he didn't like it. Now that he is in his own house, he doesn't want to do or say anything that he doesn't want to. He leans over and kisses Katherine and things start to heat up again.

Lila asks Jason to please come and see Michael. She assures Jason that Michael isn't sick or hurt, he just needs him. Jason agrees to come right away. Lila hangs up the phone and informs the Q's that Jason is coming. Carly is noncommittal at the news, Emily is delighted, but Edward and AJ point out that it is violation of the court order. Lila is unconcerned and cheerfully tells them to have her arrested and then instructs Emily to have the cook prepare something for Jason to eat.

Jason puts his gun away and informs Sonny that Moreno will have to wait. Michael needs him. Sonny watches as Jason rushes out.

Edward, AJ, Carly, Emily and Monica are awaiting Jason's arrival. They all have mixed reactions, but Emily is glad. She is still concerned about the next time Michael cries and the next time and the next time. AJ says that they are giving in to Michael. He is just throwing a tantrum and they are giving him his way. Monica says that Michael is lonely and frightened and he is not throwing a tantrum. AJ agrees that Michael is lonely frightened, but that is because the Q's are strangers to Michael thanks to Jason. Edward starts issuing commands regarding Jason's visit. He insists that this is a one time thing and says that there will be legal action if it happens again. Monica counters Edward's demands with a threat to throw him out of her house if such a thing ever happens. On the side, Carly asks AJ if it really is Monica's house. AJ explains that Alan gave it to her. The upheaval is interrupted by Jason's arrival. Edward opens the door and starts to tell Jason the conditions of his "visit." When Jason hears Michael cry, he brushes past Edward and runs up the stairs to Michael. He runs into Michael's room. Michael immediately stops crying when he sees Jason.

Katherine and Nikolas are basking in the afterglow of their love making. They laugh about not having any furniture for their tryst and joke about trying out other places on the property. Katherine is surprised to hear that the landlord has agreed to let Nikolas build a stable. She asks what Stefan thinks of all of this. Nikolas says that Stefan had some reservations, but they worked it out. Katherine doesn't believe that Stefan let Nikolas go quietly. Nikolas tells Katherine that the reason he moved out was so that he wouldn't have to account to Stefan for his time. He was getting tired of making excuses to get out of the house to see Katherine.

Stefan and Laura are sitting in their box at the opera. Laura is flipping through the program, giggling periodically, while Stefan makes mundane comments about the show they are about to see. Everything he says causes Laura to laugh a little harder. He tells her that noone has ever found him this amusing. He notices Laura's opera glasses (the ones Nikolas gave to her) and asks where she got them. He comments that Nikolas used to have a pair just like them, but he lost them last year. This causes Laura to laugh even harder. She explains that Nikolas didn't lose the opera glasses, he just made that up because he didn't like going to the opera. Stefan is shocked when Laura tells him that Nikolas said he was so bored that he had a near death experience. Stefan is still amazed that Nikolas didn't enjoy Aida. Laura says that Nikolas, like most teenage boys, would feel obligated to roll their eyes at opera, and he probably wouldn't have gone without Stefan. She says that Stefan is somewhat of an operatic character. Stefan is confused by Laura's comment and says that he can't sing a note. This causes Laura to laugh even harder.

Luke is counting his money when Sonny arrives. Sonny tells Luke that Moreno has been making life miserable. It's driving him and Jason nuts not knowing where he is going to strike next. He warns Luke that Moreno probably won't strike at the club, but that there may be extra "muscle" around just in case. Luke continues to pull stacks of money out of a valise while Sonny watches. When Sonny doesn't comment, Luke tells him that the money is from his private stash. Sonny asks if it has to do with his nobody's business trip last week. Luke confirms with a smile. Sonny assures Luke that Moreno is after him and Jason and that the club is probably safe. Even so, he offers to let Luke buy him out. Luke asks why he would want to do that. He wants to take something into the next century besides a toothbrush.

Sonny and Luke drink a toast. Luke asks Sonny what is really up. Sonny told him that the coffee warehouse was legit and he never doubted it. Sonny asks Luke what would happen if Moreno has to be removed. Luke says that he should do it, if there is no other way to go. He could just say no. Sonny agrees that he could just walk away, but the old ties are still there. Your word can be broken, but those ties cannot.

Stefan is mesmerized by Laura who is mesmerized by the opera. As she watches, Laura reaches over and gently takes Stefan's hand in her own.

Nikolas has just finished giving Katherine the grand tour of his new house. They talk about Robin, since it used to her home, and Katherine asks if he has heard from Robin. Nikolas says that Robin sent him a funny cartoon about Parisians, it wouldn't translate very well. Katherine comments that it will be fun to furnish his new home and offers her assistance. She could recommend a decorator, not that he needs one. She suggests a trip to New York, or London or Milan. They can check out the cutting edge showrooms. Nikolas says that it is just a simple cottage in the woods. Katherine asks if he doesn't want to take a trip with her. Before he can answer, there is a knock on the door. Liz has arrived with Nikolas' first piece of furniture, a lamp. She walks in talking excitedly, but stops short when she notices Katherine sitting on the window seat.

Jason is at the Q's with Michael. He tells Michael that he needs to get some sleep. He carries Michael around the nursery pointing out the toys, telling him that he is going to have a lot of fun playing with them all. He tells Michael that everything in the room is all his. He knows why Michael hates it, because he does too.

Downstairs, Edward tells AJ that Jason's visit is a very bad precedent. Monica says that they should think of it as an opportunity to work something out. Michael needs both of them. For Michael's sake, he and Jason should try to put aside their differences. AJ refuses to reward Jason's lie by giving him a place in Michael's life. Emily asks why AJ can't think of what Michael needs. AJ says that Jason is not the solution. Jason is the reason that Michael is afraid of them. And that is the way it is going to be until he is no longer a stranger to his own son. The room grows eerily silent as Jason walks in carrying Michael.

Edward warns Jason not to even think of leaving with Michael. Jason tells Michael that these are the Q's. He already know Emily. She is the one who tells the truth and the one he trusts to watch over him. He carries the baby over to Lila and explains that she is his great grandmother. He tells Michael that Lila loves him. He then carries Michael over to Monica and tells him that Monica is his mother. Jason points to Edward and tells him that he probably has him figured out by now. He then walks over to AJ and tells Michael that AJ will never hurt him. AJ speaks to Michael saying that "Uncle" Jason is a bad man. He robs and kills people for a living. He tells Michael that Jason stole him before he was even born. After tonight, he will never see him again, if he has anything to do with it. Jason ignores AJ and asks Carly if she will go upstairs with him to help read Michael to sleep. Carly agrees, in the interest of maintaining family harmony, and follows Jason out of the room.

Nikolas explains to Katherine that Lucky and Liz have been like a big brother and sister through everything. Katherine makes a comment about how sweet it is of Lucky and Liz to help out. Liz says that it is completely selfish, she just loves to shop. Nikolas jokes that Liz and Katherine have that in common. Katherine sweetly asks if he meant shopping or selfishness. Nikolas laughs uncomfortably. Liz quickly explains that she loves poking around garage sales and flea markets. The stuff you find has so much more character than upscale, boring stuff imported from places like Europe. Noticing Katherine's not so amused look, she says no offense to Europe or anything. Getting more uncomfortable by the minute Liz says that she just came by to drop off the lamp and if she hurries, she can catch the bus back. Nikolas can't believe that Liz came all the way on the bus with the lamp. Liz assures him that it was no problem and jokes that she could have sold the lamp on the bus and made a profit. Katherine says that she was just leaving and begrudgingly offers Liz a ride back into town. Liz declines saying that she didn't mean to interrupt anything and she really should have called first. Katherine insists that it is no problem, but Nikolas tells her that he will give Liz a ride into town. After Katherine leaves, Liz apologizes again once Katherine is gone, but Nikolas stops her. Liz is ready to leave immediately, but Nikolas tells her that she can't go until, as his interior decorator, she shows him where to put his lamp.

The opera is over. Laura thanks Stefan and tells him that she thought it was magnificent. Stefan says that the opera strikes some people, their son included apparently, as unrealistic. Laura says that she loved it and she thanks Stefan again for brining her. Stefan assures her that the pleasure was all his.

Luke tells Sonny that he is about as good a friend as a man can have. He is loyal, smart and good company. And he doesn't judge. His problem is that he is a sucker for fate. He is like some depressed character in an old viking movie. He hears thunder and thinks the gods are angry instead of where he put his umbrella. Luke can't believe that Sonny would think that he would give up a perfect partnership just because Moreno is still a threat. Some people, unlike he and Sonny can actually move on. The only reason Sonny thinks that he can't walk away is because he never has. If he wants to walk away, all he has to do is empty his pockets and his head and take nothing with him except his comb and his driver's license. Sonny stands up and thanks Luke for the advice. As he leaves, he tells Luke not to forget his toothbrush.

Carly is relieved when Jason finally manages to get Michael to sleep. Carly thanks Jason for coming. Jason tells Carly that she has to do for Michael what he used to. She has to be him. He knows she thinks she can't do it, but she can. She can't be afraid because Michael will sense it and fear is contagious. When Michael is afraid, she should just kick everyone out of the room and hold him. It doesn't matter what she says as long as she says it without being afraid. Jason assures Carly that if Michael hears the sound of her being his Mom and loving him, he will accept her comfort. As she watches Michael sleep, Carly tearfully tells Jason that she doesn't know why she thought she could handle the Q's. She is so out of her league. These people have their daggers out all of the time. She turns around as she is talking and discovers that Jason is gone.

Laura and Stefan have arrived on Laura's doorstep. Laura says that it is strange. They have a child together, but this is their first date. She invites Stefan in for a drink. Stefan stumbles over his answer prompting to asks if he is all right. Stefan says that he is trying to decide if this is the happiest moment of his life and wonders why she has come to him now in this place, on this porch. Laura laughs and gives him a tender kiss.

Luke is alone in his office at the club. He wanders around aimlessly while sipping his drink. He stops and asks himself what is out there.

Liz and Nikolas have found the perfect place for the lamp. Liz tells Nikolas that she has organized a shopping trip for the four of them (Lucky, Liz, Emily and Nikolas) for tomorrow. She apologizes for not checking with him first. Nikolas says that he loves it that she, Lucky and Emily feel comfortable enough with him to plan things and assume that he will be OK with it. It means a lot to him that she can take his friendship for granted. He wants Lucky, Emily and Liz to always feel like they can count on him. He assures Liz that his door is always open to them. Liz looks over Nikolas' shoulder at the remains of Nikolas and Katherine's picnic and lets out an uncomfortable laugh. When Nikolas realizes what Liz is staring at, he laughs too and says that while they are always welcome his door may be locked sometimes, but it will never stay locked.

AJ, Monica, Edward and Emily are sitting in the Q's living room cautiously enjoying the silence. Emily points out that they are sitting around waiting for Michael to cry and that when he does, they still won't be able to do anything to help. AJ tells Emily that Michael is fine, he is with his mother. Emily gives AJ a dirty look as she leaves the room.

Carly is still in Michael's room watching him sleep. She tells the sleeping baby that he gave the Q's hell and says good for him, but now he should let her take over.

Jason arrives back at his penthouse. He resumes his position in the chair in the corner and stares off into space.

Tuesday, March 16, 1999

Jason overheard Moreno's plans for his next drug shipment. Jason then turned to Justus to help destroy Moreno. Later, Mac, Taggert and several other officers busted Moreno and his drug shipment. Justus then held a press conference announcing the drug bust. Sonny admitted to Mike that he was happy being back in Port Charles. AJ accused Monica of taking Jason's side where Michael was concerned. Monica called Bobbie and asked for help in calming Michael. Later, Monica confessed that she wanted Alan to move back home and Bobbie advised Monica on how to reconnect with Alan. Taggert began to feel neglected when Dara continued to work on her campaign for District Attorney. Mac continued to investigate the fire at Sonny and Jason's warehouse and wondered if the Quartermaines were involved. Ned questioned Jax about his and Alexis' plan and warned Jax that he wouldn't sit back and watch Alexis put herself in danger.

Wednesday, March 17, 1999

AJ worries about the upcoming psychiatric visit with Jason and Michael. Monica tries to convey that she wants to support both of her sons. She tells AJ that since he wants support from his father then she will go get Alan and bring him home. AJ apologizes.

Alan is fast asleep on Tammy's couch. He feels very rested, however he apologizes profusely for the inconvenience. Tammy tells Alan he is welcome on her couch anytime.

Jax runs into Mac as he leaves Kellys' and congratulates him on the Moreno drug bust. A little tension seems to run between them. Mac firmly suggest to Jax that he keeps his streets clean. Jax does not appear to heed this warning.

Mac goes into the diner to speak with Justus. Justus assumes he is there to thank him for his help in the bust. Mac tells Justus that his involvement was for personal gain. Mac is also quick to mention that while Justus was trying to win votes he endangered his men on the force. He has no use for a District Attorney who is so careless with the lives of his people.

Sonny and Jason enjoy the fruits of their labor. Sonny says that they now have friends in high places. Jason is ready to uncover more information on Moreno's dealings. Sonny advises against this because of his upcoming custody hearing. He tries to explain how he can be connected to this because Justus was his lawyer. He thinks Moreno will come gunning for Jason. Jason is only concerned with seeing Michael and ignores anything else Sonny says.

AJ paces back and forth in the doctor's office. He is there early to attempt to clarify things where Jason is concerned. The psychiatrist is fully aware of the situation and won't allow AJ to disparage Jason. The decision will be hers to make. A.J is frustrated.

Alan has coffee with Tammy and discusses AJ with her. She tells him she thinks he is ready to go home. Alan has his doubts. Tammy recants the wonderful things he has done for her. Seemingly convinced, he prepares to go back to the clinic. Tammy tells him he is welcome to use her shower.

Justus suggest to Mac that they will be working closely together. Mac is displeased with his tactics. Taggert appears on Sonny's doorstep. He wants to know when he became so fond of Justus. So much so that he wants him to be District Attorney. Sonny scoffs at this idea. The exchange hostile verbal banter. Taggert gives Sonny a blow by blow of the turn of events. Implying that Jason is simply an enforcer for Sonny. He may be as dumb as they come but he was able to get information on the shipment. Something no one else had been able to do. Taggert was impressed with the strategy, but said that Sonny and Jason used the police force to do their dirty work. Sonny is not moved.

Mac startles Felicia on the docks. She was pretending to be Lila.

Jason reaches the psychiatrist office and AJ tries to convince him not to see Michael. It only makes matters worse for the baby. Jason tells AJ he is Michael's father and goes in to see him.

Monica pops up at Tammy's' doorstep. She tries to tell her Alan is there but is interrupted. Monica is shocked to see Alan clad in a bathrobe coming from Tammy's bedroom. Monica assumes the worst and leaves before an explanation can be given. Alan is furious. Tammy tries to convince Alan to go after Monica but it falls on deaf ears.

Felicia tells Mac about her talks with Lila. She tries to help him visualize P.C. years ago in England. All is lost on Mac.

Taggert wonders why Sonny is so eager to rid himself of Moreno. He then mentions how unfortunate it was for a good cop to become Sonny's' stepfather. This brought him an untimely death with a bullet to the heart. Taggert blames this on him. Sonny is angered by Taggerts' words. He accuses his stepfather of being a crooked cop and a wife beater. He also states the night of his death he has witnesses placing him at a party. Taggert says he didn't tell him he wasn't smart. He was guilty. Shouting now Taggert blames him for killing the closest thing to a father he ever had and defaming his name. He calls Sonny an animal. He promises to take him down. Sonny delivers a subtle threat. He orders Taggert to leave before he calls his lawyer. They stare each other down. After Taggert leaves Sonny displays quiet rage.

Jerry tells Jax he still has not found Helena. The doctor questions Jason on Michaels' behavior, and his habits. They discuss Carly and her actions. She questions what loving Michael means to him. Jason tells her he will give Michael everything he needs. He will love and protect him and never leave him. Jason then has to turn Michael over to AJ after the meeting. As soon as AJ takes him, Michael begins to cry.

Edward talks with Justus and prematurely congratulates him. Edward is pleased. Justus thinks they may have a future again. Moreno calls and threatens Justus for his betrayal. Jerry tells Jax he isn't making much progress in finding Helena. He tells his brother to be careful. Jax is not worried. Bobbie runs into Monica and she tells her what she thinks transpired between Tammy and Alan. Tammy tries to explain things to Monica but she won't hear any of it. When Monica leaves Tammy tells Bobbie what really happened. The two conspire to get Alan and Monica back together again.

Tony runs into Alan on the dock and he tells him what happened. Tammy and Bobbie both place misleading phone calls to Alan and Monica. AJ recants the office visit to Edward. He feels sure he will lose Michael to Jason. Edward tries to reassure him. Sonny tells Jason Taggert is to them. He asks about his visit with Michael. Jason says he tried to make it fun for Michael. A sadness looms over Jason's face.

Thursday, March 18, 1999

Lucky and Liz arrive at Nikolas' cottage loaded down with art supplies. Lucky asks where he should put everything, but Liz says first she has to decide where to put him. Lucky asks if she really needs him. Lucky doesn't understand why Liz can't just paint from one of the many sketches she has already done. Liz insists that painting from a sketch won't be the same. She wants to paint Lucky sitting in the bay window because the light is so warm. She pulls up a chair and Lucky reluctantly sits down. She tells Lucky that if they hear Nikolas come home he can get up and pretend he is looking over her shoulder so Nikolas won't know he was posing. Still pouting, Lucky says that he also doesn't like sitting in one position for so long because he gets all cramped up. He reluctantly agrees to pose when Liz says that if he does cramp up, she will make it all better. When Lucky asks how, Liz smiles secretly and says that she has her ways. As long as he promises to suffer in silence until she is done.

Ned arrives home and finds Emily sitting on his couch. She is reading Felicia's novel and is obviously upset. She asks Ned if Alan is having an affair with Tammy.

Tony wants to answer Tammy's distress call to keep Alan from getting into more trouble with Monica. Alan thinks that he should go since he is the one Tammy called. Tony asks if Alan is willing to pound the last nail in his marriage coffin by going to Kelly's. Alan reluctantly agrees to let Tony go in his place.

Tammy and Bobbie are plotting together to get Monica and Alan back together when Felicia arrives. She can tell that Bobbie and Tammy are up to something and she convinces them to spill it. Tammy explains how Monica got the wrong idea when she came over and found Alan at Tammy's apartment. Bobbie and Tammy tell Felicia how they called Alan and Monica separately and lured them to Kelly's with pleas for medical assistance. Felicia is impressed with the plan and hopes it works out. She thinks it is virtually foolproof. She does wonder why Monica wasn't suspicious of Bobbie, who is an accomplished nurse, asking for medical help. Bobbie laughs and says that doctors never ask for advice from a nurse. Bobbie and Tammy think their plan can't miss.

Liz thinks that she is putting too much pressure on herself for everything to be perfect. She wonders if maybe she should wait until next year to apply. Lucky asks why since she has already made the first cut. Liz says that she obviously isn't the type of student they had in mind. They asked her to select three pieces of her artwork in any medium to submit. Like she is supposed to have all this artwork just lying around. Lucky says that most of the people that apply are probably older then her. The school is interested in her future and her talent not how much art per square inch she has piled up. He knows she has talent or he wouldn't be sitting there like a stuffed moose head posing for her. Liz says that there talent and then there is talent. She knows she can do things with brushes and paint that others can't, but what does that mean. There are fashion photographers and there are people running around taking pictures of everyone at the prom. Which one is she? Lucky asks who can answer that. Not some art school. Maybe if the prom lady switched places with the fashion photographer, she would be just as good. It's what is inside that counts. Liz says that she guesses, but she does know that whatever she paints now, she will hate in five years. Lucky says that that is all the more reason to stop worrying and paint before Nikolas comes home. It's better to be doomed and done than doomed and not done. Liz agrees with a smile and goes back to her painting.

Ned tells Emily that she is reading a novel, which means it isn't true. Emily thinks that the novel is true and that Alan is really having an affair. That is why he won't come home. Ned points out that in Alan's drugged out days, he was hardly passions play thing. Emily asks Ned to please not sugar coat things like Carly and AJ and Grandfather. It makes her want to burn down the mansion with everyone in it. Ned assures Emily that he thinks that Alan, even on drugs, is always Alan. That means he has to help. In this case, Tammy was the victim. Emily puts two and two together and realizes that Tammy is the same Tammy that now runs Kelly's. Ned goes on to say that maybe Alan does have feelings for Tammy, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't love Monica madly. That's just the way Monica and Alan are. Emily doesn't understand why Alan and Monica can't be in love in a beautiful way like Lucky and Liz. Ned points out that Lucky and Liz haven't been in love that long. And there is no one way to be in love. As gruesome as it may appear to the rest of them, she should have faith in Monica and Alan because they always work things out.

Tony has arrived at Kelly's to help Tammy. Felicia and Bobbie insist that Tammy isn't there. When Tammy walks into the dining room, Tony figures out that something is going on. The three women all start to explain at once about how they are trying to patch things up between Alan and Monica but Tony stops them and pulls out his cell phone. He calls the clinic and asks for Alan. The ladies think he is going to rat them out and protest, but Tony asks Alan to come to Kelly's to treat Tammy. He explains that he got paged and won't be able to go. After he hangs up, Bobbie, Felicia and Tammy thank him profusely for his help.

Emily agrees with Ned that the past few weeks at the Q's have been awful. Michael keeps crying and Edward keeps ordering him to stop, like that will work. Carly sweeps around the house like a Katherine Bell in training and AJ is so full of himself. He really thinks it is ok to boss everyone around. Ned says that that is why he lives in the gatehouse. He has an extra bedroom if she is interested. Emily declines his offer of a place to stay because she wants to keep an eye on Michael. Ned tells her to make sure that she doesn't let herself get lost in the drama. V arrives as Emily leaves. She asks if Ned is ready to rehearse. Ned says he will be ready if he can overcome the urge to shoot Alan and Monica where they stand.

Bobbie makes Tammy and Tony hide in the kitchen while they wait for Monica and Alan to arrive. As she and Felicia chat about Felicia's novel, Monica arrives. Monica says that Luke must be the only person in the world who needs a cardiologist to treat a burn. Bobbie assures Monica that she is the only doctor at GH that Luke respects. Felicia leaves while Bobbie tells an elaborate tale to Monica about how Luke tripped and stuck his arm in the deep fryer. Meanwhile, Felicia is walking outside of Kelly's and spots Luke who is about to walk in. Horrified, she rushes over and tackles an astonished Luke to keep him from going into Kelly's (I must say this was one of the funniest GH moments in a LONG time. I'm still laughing!) Inside, Bobbie convinces Monica to go see Luke who she says is resting in Tammy's apartment. Alan arrives moments later and Bobbie sends him up to Tammy's apartment saying that Tammy's ankle is killing her. Monica and Alan are not happy to discover one another in the apartment, but before they can leave, Tony, Bobbie and Tammy close the door and chain it shut.

Monica is furious with Bobbie for setting her up. Monica tells Alan that it was degrading enough to find him in Tammy's apartment. Alan tells Monica that he doesn't want to hear any more of her accusations. How could he possibly feel like a burning hunk of love when he is married to a castrating... Monica says that he can't possibly blame their marriage for putting a damper on his sex life. Alan says that she is jumping to conclusions about him sleeping around when she is the one that does that. Monica wants to know how this revolting mess came to be about her. Alan says let me count the ways and starts to list off all of Monica's affairs. Rick Webber. Sean Donely. Phillipe. (to which Monica says what? Then Oh Yeah!). Ned, who Alan finds particularly galling and of course, Mr. Charm Pierce Dorman, may he never rest in peace. Monica says look who is talking. She asks Alan if he is ready for a trip down memory lane. While they continue to fight, the three conspirators are downstairs discussing whether or not their plan will succeed. Tony thinks that there should be yelling, but than there should not that much yelling and than some X-rated sounds. Bobbie excuses herself for a minute when she sees Justus walk in. He asks for a radio so he can listen to the poll results. Bobbie happily provides one then rushes off to monitor the "situation" upstairs. While Justus is pouring a cup of coffee, Taggert arrives and turns off the radio. Justus says that he was listening to it. Taggert accuses Justus of using the drug bust to steal the DA job from the woman who actually earned it. Back in Tammy's apartment, Monica and Alan continue to dredge up each other's past transgressions. Alan points out that he only slept with two other woman. It is common knowledge that Monica is a slut. At least he is discreet. Monica asks if he was being discreet when he brought home his illegitimate child or when he killed Ray Conway while defending Rhonda Wexlers rather dubious honor. Alan says that he never got sued for sexual harrassament. He never imprisoned and tortured an ex-lover. Monica says that he dropped a building on one. Alan says that it wasn't only a roof and half of it was intended for her. His dream is a spanish tile roof with a lot of heavy slate.

On the docks, Felicia explains to Luke why she tackled him (and I'm still laughing about it). Luke is good natured about it and laughs at how insane the plan to get Monica and Alan back together is. Only his sister would think of something so insane. If a man sees something crawling across the floor to it's death, he wants to put a bullet in its head. A woman wants to hook it up to a bunch of tubes and prolong the agony as long as possible. Felicia says not all woman. Luke says if she knows of a female Kevorkian out there when it comes to marriage, he would like to meet her, maybe even marry her. Felicia says it's too bad that she is already married.

Luke refuses to believe that Felicia is a cynic. Felicia tells Luke that sometimes a marriage can't be saved. No matter how much you love, no matter how much effort you put into it, no matter how certain you were that it would never end. Sometimes it just does. That is what happened to her when she realized that Frisco loved her, but loved his job more. She had to get out of the marriage before there weren't any good things to remember. Sometimes love doesn't last, but that doesn't mean that it wasn't real.

Lucky notices the lamp and asks if it is the one Liz picked out. Liz says yes and Lucky asks if Nikolas liked it. Liz says that she doesn't think that Nikolas liked her timing. She explains that when she brought it over Katherine Bell was there. She and Nikolas were having a picnic on the floor. Liz starts to ask Lucky if he ever wishes, does he ever think about... Lucky stops her and says no to anything that involves him, a picnic, the floor and Katherine Bell or any combination therefore. Liz asks if he ever looks at Nikolas and wonders what it would be like to be with someone who is older, more experienced. Lucky says that between him and Nikolas, he is the lucky one. Don't get him wrong, he can see what would appeal to Nikolas about his current situation, but Katherine isn't who Nikolas is going to end up with. What could be better than finding that person right out of the gate like he did? Liz tells Lucky not to move and walks over to where he is sitting. She puts her hands on either side of his face like she is going to readjust his position and then kisses him. She smiles and tells him that she loves him.

Justus tells Taggert that the last thing he wants to do is tick off his new boss. Taggert says that the last thing he wants to do is work for a mob mouthpiece. He knows what went down. Corrinthos and Morgan want Moreno to hurt for the warehouse fire, but they have to stay clean because of the custody thing. So they sniffed out Moreno's next drug deal and tipped off the right people. They helped themselves, but they didn't do Justus any favors. Looks to him like the chances of Justus living out his term are slim to none. Taggert leaves and immediately runs into Dara. He warns her not to go into Kelly's unless she wants to run into Mr. Ward.

Monica demands that Bobbie let her out immediately or she won't be responsible for Tammy's belongings. Alan and Monica are both frustrated because they can't find a way out of Tammy's apartment. Tammy and Bobbie were very thorough in making sure there was no escape. Fed up and angry, Monica and Alan start arguing again. Monica still thinks that Alan is having an affair with Tammy. Alan says that Tammy is his only friend thanks to Monica. If he turned to Tammy it was to get the things that Monica couldn't provide, like compassion. Alan and Monica's argument continues to escalate while Tammy, Bobbie and Tony listen at the top of the stairs. They are starting to look a little concerned that maybe their plan isn't working out the way they had hoped. Tammy asks if these are the X-Rated sounds Tony was referring to. Tony says that they should be coming up.

Trying to put things in perspective, V asks Ned if it is possible that he and Emily are jumping to the wrong conclusion about Monica and Alan based on prior conduct. Ned agrees that it could be and says that he basically told Emily the same thing. He isn't sure she believed it and he isn't even sure he believes it. He says when the inevitable order to burn the Q's at the stake eventually goes out, he will be leading the way with the matches. V says that he will be leading the campfire songs and hands him his guitar so that he can start rehearsing.

As Liz puts down her paintbrush, Lucky asks if she is finished. When Liz says yes, for today Lucky asks how she did. Lucky is surprised when Liz says that she thinks she did all right. For her, that's like declaring herself a genius. Liz laughs and says that it is safe to say she is in a good mood. Lucky asks when they get to the part where she loosens him up from his hours of posing. Liz says right now, she just wants to put some music on. Thinking he is getting a back rub, Lucky lays on the floor while Liz turns on the stereo. She turns around and asks why Lucky is on the floor. He asks where she wants him. She says on his feet. He is confused and asks how she is going to give him a standing backrub. Liz asks if she looks like a masseuse and starts doing aerobic moves. Lucky laughs as she watches her, but won't join in until she grabs his arms and starts moving them for him. They laugh together as they continue to dance.

Dara admits to Taggert that of course she is disappointed that she lost the DA election. Taggert asks if she wanted to be DA or just get close enough to say she could have. Dara says that she hates to see a proud, strong, beautiful man turn into a bitter one. Taggert tells her not to watch and holds the door open for as she walks into Kelly's. Dara goes into Kelly's and congratulates Justus on his win. Justus plays it down saying that he didn't really earn anything. He won the election because of circumstances and timing. He assures Dara that he will try to uphold his oath of office. He asks her to keep him honest. He also asks her to stand with him when he makes his acceptance speech. Dara agrees and they shake hands across the table.

Monica reminds Alan of all she has done to keep him out of trouble with the review board. Alan tells Monica to put a sock in it. She couldn't wait to get her hands on the chief of staff job. She has been jealous of his accomplishments for years. Monica tells Alan that she should have left him the first time he tried to kill her. Alan tells Monica that he should have killed her the first time he tried to kill her. He doesn't know what sick, needy, neurotic part of his brain thought she was the best part of his life. Everything wretched that has ever happened to him is because of her. Monica says that he is more detached from reality off drugs than he was on them. He alienated himself by being a lousy father and husband. If there is a shortage of friends in his life than it is because nobody can him including her. She says that she wants a divorce. Alan says that she won't get one because he is divorcing her first. As they continue to argue, Tony, Bobbie and Tammy comment that they aren't hearing a progression. Tammy says that there really isn't anything in the apartment that she cares about, except a vase her grandmother gave her. The three look more concerned as they hear the sound of glass breaking in the apartment.

Luke tells Felicia that he finds it interesting that they have lived in the same town on and off for a long time, but that there is a lot that he doesn't know about her. As he lights a cigar, Luke notices that Felicia has a funny look on her face. She explains that the cigar is bothering her. Luke teases her telling her that he had to go all the way to Europe to get this cigar (Cuba is closed after all). He says that he was there recently and that he ran into a fellow who gave him these. He good naturedly throws the cigar away since it bothers Felicia. Felicia says she guesses that it reminds her of something she doesn't want to remember.

A cigar just like the one Luke was smoking is burning in an ash tray. Newspaper clippings of a younger Robin and Felicia are strewn across a table.

Friday, March 19

AJ complains to Carly about how much more agitated Michael has become since he saw Jason at the psychiatrist's office. Carly is well aware of that and tells AJ that Michael feels comfortable with Jason. AJ senses Carly is pleased with the fact that Michael is not responding to him and calls her on it. The two of them argue over Michael and Jason, and AJ decides to get some air and leaves. In another part of the house, Emily expresses her concerns about Alan to Edward. Edward thinks Emily is making more out of the situation than what is there and tells her that Alan and Monica need time. A frustrated Emily tells Edward that she thinks they are running out of time and then blurted out to Edward that she thought Alan was having an affair. She then tells Edward she is going over to see Alan and find out what is going on. After she leaves, Edward happens to eavesdrop on Carly making plans to go see Jason. She calls a cab to come get her and then hangs up. As Carly gets ready to leave, she gets advice from an unlikely source and turns around to find Edward standing behind her. They talk about AJ and all of the things Carly has done to him in the past. Edward tells her it is in the past and the family that she has been yearning for is within her reach. As Carly listens, Edward shocked Carly by suggesting that she and AJ present a united front in order to help Michael. Carly later took Edward's advice to heart and decided to make a move on AJ.

Finally realizing that they are too exhausted to keep yelling, Alan and Monica begin quietly hashing through some of their many marital problems. They discuss the affairs they've had and didn't have. Monica's breast cancer and Alan's addiction, plus how neither one of them seem to want to burden the other with their problems. After Alan explains to Monica that he has never slept with Tammy and she is his friend, Monica tells Alan that they some how never learned to be friends. They then decide to go their separate ways with no hard feelings. Alan then gave Monica a goodbye kiss. The kiss ignited the love and passion they felt for one another and then they both fell into each other's arm locked in a passionate kiss.

Meanwhile downstairs in the diner, when silence finally reigns in the apartment above Kelly's, Bobbie and Tammy hope it's a positive sign that Alan and Monica have kissed and made up. Luke is there having coffee and can't believe Bobbie and Tammy's matchmaking scheme. Felicia and Tony show up to find out how the progress in going and Luke can't believe that they are roped up into this deal as well. Have given up on his own marriage, Luke tells the others if the Doc Quartermaine's want to cash in their marriage certificate, there is nothing they can do about it. Felicia tells Luke that Monica and Alan are in love and deserve a second chance. Bobbie tells her brother that in his present state of mind, he's probably not the best one around for advice. Luke agrees and decides to leave. Shortly after Luke is gone, Emily shows up looking for Alan. She asks Bobbie if her parents are upstairs to which Bobbie acknowledges. Emily then marches up there before Bobbie and the others have a chance to stop her.

Jax and Alexis meet up on the docs to compare notes on what each one has turned up on the connection between Helena and the late, unlamented Dr. Lastiris. Alexis speculates that Helena has known from the first that Nikolas was never the true heir to the Cassadine throne. Jax agrees with her theory. Alexis tells Jax that she is going to try to find out just what was it that was so threatening to Helena that it cost Dr. Lastiris his life. Jerry shows up on the docks and lets them both know that Helena's yacht has been spotted and she should be pulling up to shore soon. Alexis tells Jax that she is going to go start on what they talked about and leaves. Alone, a worried Jerry cautions his kid brother not to risk going to Helena's yacht alone but Jax turns a deaf ear to his warning and tells Jerry that Helena thinks he is cute and is interested in the challenge. Seeing that there is going to be no stopping Jax, Jerry tells his brother to watch his back. Jax takes note and decides to go meet Helena when she docks.

Jax shows up to visit Helena and plays like he has missed her. Helena plays along right back and gives Jax news about the Cassadine estate. When Jax asks her what news does she have to share, Helena tells Jax that she has been appointed trustee of the Cassadine estate and has taken sole control of the family fortune. Therefore any business with Cassadine Industries has to go through her. Never one to show his poker face, Jax sits there across from her amused.

Alexis shows up at Laura's house for questions about Nikolas' birth. Not at all pleased to see her, Laura asks Alexis what does she want. Alexis questions Laura about the past, but didn't get anywhere with finding out more information between Helena's connection to Dr. Lastiris. Laura then threw Alexis out after she attempted to question her about Dr. Lastiris and Helena and told her that any information she knew, she would share with Stefan and not Alexis. Alexis left, but not before warning Laura to watch her back concerning Helena. Later, while on her way to see Stefan, Laura realized that Lesley Lu missed her daddy, Laura gently tries to explain Luke's absence to her small daughter and why Luke won't be living with them any more. As she and Lesley Lu prepare to leave, Laura receives a visitor and was surprised to find Luke standing at her door.........

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