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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 5, 1999 on GH
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Monday April 5, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Nora

At Jake's, Hannah Scott introduces herself to Sonny as she waits on him. She assures him that she is okay now; she was just a little shaken up on the docks. Sonny is taken with Hannah's demeanor and tries to keep her engrossed in conversation. When she goes to get Sonny's drink from the bar, a slimy waiter tries to put the moves on her. Sonny steps to her defense and convinces the man that it would be in his best interest to leave. However, Jake informs Sonny that the waiter was her finest and that she is now short-staffed. Sonny immediately calls Luke's and has two waiters sent over, one to replace Jake's finest and one to take over for Hannah so that he can talk with her further.

At the warehouse, the police bust Moreno's men when the shipment comes in. To avoid getting caught, Jason leaps through a large glass window, but a shot from Taggert grazes his shoulder as he flees. Fortunately, Taggert does not catch a glimpse of Jason, just someone running.

On the docks, Carly watches as AJ makes his final payment with an assurance that Port Charles will never find out that he was the conspirator behind the warehouse fire.

In Lucky's apartment, Emily and Lucky chat while Liz and Nikolas go to pick up some pizza for dinner. Emily reminisces about their past, including the time that they went to Arizona to find her aunt. She says that she will really miss Lucky when he and Liz move to New York and tells him how much she values their friendship. When Liz and Nikolas return with dinner, the four chat about families, relationships, and growing up. After Emily and Nikolas leave, Liz and Lucky share a kiss.

Over at Kelly's, Bobbie pitches in to help repair some of the damage that Luke compiled while he was managing. When things get busy, she buses the tables, much to the delight of the debonnaire customer Jerry Jax. Carly enters the diner and requests that Tammy not to tell AJ that she went for a walk on the docks, pretending that he doesn't like her to be out late at night. She then places a call to Jason, indicating that there is something important that she needs to tell him. When AJ walks in and nearly catches her in the process, Carly covers and pretends that she was calling a classmate about an assignment. Before departing, they discuss Michael's custody arrangement and agree to try to get along and build a real family.

Back at Jake's, Hannah resents Sonny's maneuvering. She fears that she might get fired because it appears that she couldn't handle the difficult waiter. After telling Sonny that she doesn't need to be rescued, she returns to her job just as Jason enters the nightclub. Sonny asks Jason about the shipment and warns him not to get too close to Moreno because Taggert will try to bring them down. He also urges Jason to see a doctor to get his wound looked at, but Jason insists on visiting the Quartermaine mansion to put Michael to bed. Jason leaves Jake's and as Sonny turns to do the same, he tries to leave Hannah a very large tip, but she will not accept it.

Jason arrives at the Quartermaine mansion and is reading to Michael in the den when Carly and AJ return. AJ yells at Jason for disturbing Michael's sleeping schedule and taking advantage of the visitation agreement while Carly tries to keep the peace. She convinces AJ that it is not in his best interest to make a scene, and that they must act like they trust Jason in order for Michael to trust them. After Jason leaves, Carly holds Michael's toy giraffe close to her and notices that there is blood on its back.

At the penthouse, Taggert is waiting for Sonny when he returns. He confronts Sonny concerning the shipment bust, but Sonny is reluctant to give any information without a search warrant. He does, however, inform Taggert that he spent the evening at Jake's and offers to give the detective directions to the Quartermaine mansion if he desires to find Jason. Taggert leaves, but not before issuing a warning that Moreno will murder Sonny if he suspects that Mr. Corinthos is the informant.

Tuesday, April 6, 1999


Today's recap was provided by Jeri Villaflor.

The Grill: Laura and Stefan are sharing a meal. Laura is obsessing about the budget for the Outreach Program and her presentation to the Hospital Board. Stefan gives her some pointers (some pie charts on transparencies) and suggests that she get help from Lucky or Nikolas to make them on the computer. Stefan then drop the bomb that he plans to step down as CEO of General Hospital. Laura asks him to stay because she was looking forward to seeing him at work. She suggests that it would be nice if she could see him during the day, or have his office to use as a frustration venting room, or maybe they could eat lunch together in the cafeteria (Does Stefan even know where the cafeteria is?). Stefan agrees to stay because it is what wants him to do.

The Quartermaine Mansion: AJ laments (again) the fact that his son will never love him and it is all Jason's fault. He can't stand the way that Michael turns away from him whenever he comes into the room. But decides that is better then when Michael looks through him like he doesn't even exist. Alan suggests to AJ that maybe he is reading more into Michael's reaction then is really there. Alan tries to make AJ understand that Michael doesn't know what is going on between AJ and Jason. Michael only knows that he depends on adults for everything and the adult he depends on most isn't AJ Alan goes on to apologize for being a bad father to AJ when he was younger and explains that the reason behind that is his jealousy of Monica's affair with Rick Webber. Alan thought AJ was Rick's child and even when he found out he wasn't, he still always thought of Rick when he looked at AJ Alan urged AJ not to make the same mistake and try to strike a deal with Jason regarding Michael's well-being, claiming that eventually Michael wouldn't need Jason anymore. AJ leaves to go see Jason

Sonny's Penthouse: Jason assures Sonny that he is okay after seeing the doctor. He claims that bullet didn't even nick the bone. While Sonny and Jason are meeting, Carly burst in demanding to know if Jason is okay because she saw blood At the Quartermaines' after Jason left last night. Jason assures her that he is fine and asks her to leave so that he and Sonny can get on with there meeting. Carly then drops her bombshell...she knows who torched the warehouse. AJ!!! Sonny shows her a picture of the arsonist and she confirms that he was the man AJ was meeting with on the docks. Sonny urges Jason to go to the judge with this knowledge and says that Carly could testify and then Jason would get Michael back. Carly freaks and says she can't testify. This, of course, leads to another fight between Carly and Sonny. Sonny storms out of the penthouse with the parting shot of not being able to stand being around Carly for another second. Carly gets all emotional about the fact that Jason hasn't told Sonny about her plan. Jason tells her the only reason he didn't tell Sonny was because the plan was so stupid Sonny wouldn't believe it! Carly continues to believe the real reason is because Jason is so loyal to her. Johnny announces the fact that AJ is here to see Jason. Carly escapes to hide upstairs and of course eavesdrop. AJ purposes that he and Jason stop the custody fight. AJ assures Jason that he would allow him visitation right until Michael no longer needed him and then Jason could just fade away. Jason assures AJ that there was no way that he would agree. AJ tells Jason he is being selfish and Jason tells AJ to get lost. Of course, AJ leaves in a huff. Carly comes down stairs and she and Jason talk about what an idiot AJ is. They share a hug and some jokes on the way out the door.

Luke's Club: Helena is at Luke's club demanding to know where Alexis is. Luke refuse to cooperate or tell her anything, including the fact that he has know idea where Alexis is. Luke and Helena exchange the usual barbs and insults with Helena being especially vicious about Laura and Stefan. Sonny walks in and Luke asks him how his meeting with his attorney, Alexis, went. Sonny takes the bait and says that he just left Alexis at her office. Helena knows he is lying but leaves with one of her usual sweet smiles. Sonny and Luke discuss the state of Sonny's affairs and how long he will stay clean. Sonny assures Luke he has no intentions of going back into the business. Benny calls to give Sonny a phone message from some one interested in his business. After some consideration, Sonny returns the call, not knowing he was calling Faison.

Geneva Medical Clinic: Jax disguises himself (scrubs and a lab jacket) and sneaks into the file room to steal Nikolas' medical records. He is stopped by one of Helena's goons with a gun. Alexis comes to the rescue by claiming she is there on an errand for Helena. While Alexis distract the gun tooting ogre, Jax takes the gun & pistol whips the guy. Jax & Alexis escape with Nikolas' file. Later on board the plane Alexis bemoans the fact that the file doesn't contain anything of value.

Helena makes a phone call from her boat saying that Alexis & Jax need to be stopped before they realize what they have...

Wednesday, April 7, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Dee - IL

Jax got caught by Helena's thugs trying to steal Nikolas' file. One of the men pulled a gun on Jax, Alexis arrived and told them that her and Jax was there on Helena's request. The men said that they had their orders and was prepared to shoot Jax. Alexis knocked the gun out of his hand with her briefcase and Jax retrieved the gun and hit both men o the head, knocking them unconscious. After congratulating each other on a job well done, they escaped. They boarded Jax's plane and headed back to Port Charles. Alexis displayed her fear of flying, after coaxing her to open her eyes; Jax thanked her for her quick thinking back at the warehouse. Alexis applauded his ability to move them through customs so fast. He told her now that she had her eyes open to take a look at the files and see what Helena was hiding. After perusing the files, Alexis could not find anything in them to make someone want to kill.

Helena phoned someone to express her displeasure of their handling Jax and Alexis. She told them to locate Jax and Alexis right away, before they figured out what they had in the files.

Tony stooped by Felicia's to discuss the fact that AJ wanted him to testify at Michael's custody hearing. AJ wants Tony to say that Jason is mentally incapable of being a parent to Michael due to his accident. Felicia asked Tony what his medical opinion was. Tony replied that Jason is brain damaged and has no context for emotions and is incapable of bonding with a child and can't make decisions with regards to Michael's welfare. Felicia said she could only go by what she sees and that Jason was a great father to Michael, but if Tony believes what he is saying, there shouldn't be any problem. Tony replied that Bobbi was the problem. If he helps AJ get his son back, then he would lose his son permanently. Tony feels that things have improved with Bobbi. After all, Bobbi offered unsolicited information about Lucas to Tony and he feels that this is a positive step. Tony doesn't want to provoke Bobbi. Felicia agreed. Tony says that AJ might have him subpoenaed and he would testify in a heartbeat if it weren't for Bobbi. Felicia told him that as long as he stuck to medical facts, Bobbi couldn't hold that against him. Tony told Felicia that it helped talking to her, he could see things more clearly now.

Monica and Alan had a discussion about the custody hearing. Alan said he was glad to be home for AJ; that AJ needed him to be on his side. Monica asked why did there have to be sides; "what child suffered from too much love? "Michael" replied Alan. Alan thinks that AJ feels he'll never have a relationship with Michael as long as Jason is around. Alan agrees. Alan said he tried to be a good father to AJ but he jealously of Rick got in the way. This is the same situation with AJ and Jason. Monica disagreed, she said that history does not repeat itself. AJ can't deny that Jason loves Michael and there should be some middle ground. Alan said that no middle ground existed. When the custody hearing occurs, Monica would have to pick a side. Monica said she had no intention of choosing between her sons. She refused to discuss it any further, saying she was just happy that Alan was home. They should just take things one day at a time.

Lucky and Liz boxed up her application and drawing for Art school. Liz was reluctant to send it by mail so Lucky suggested that they personally take the package to NY. He said there were two drawbacks to that plan, one was Audrey and the other was the celebration he had planned. Liz said they could celebrate when they got back from NY. Lucky then said he wanted some Eli's barbecue. Liz said when they got to NY they would have to find a rib place for Lucky since that was all he wanted to eat. She worried about how they would live once they got to NY, but Lucky told her not to worry, he would look after their expenses. After pigging out on ribs, Lucky and Liz discussed places they would visit and eat at in NY. Liz told Lucky not to get excited until she got accepted into Art school, he told her he wasn't worried, she had talent. Liz then asked Lucky to help her with the dishes. While doing the dishes, Lucky and Liz end up having a water fight, the front of her blouse becomes soaked. While drying her off, they began kissing. After a while, Lucky pulls away and says he doesn't want to scare her. Liz assured him she was okay, but said it was getting late and it was time for her to go home. Lucky agreed.

Katherine offered Nikolas a Public Relations job at Deception; complete with his own office. Nikolas thought that the office was too much and that he wasn't qualified enough for the job. Katherine said that she was the boss and could do what she wanted and reward people based on merit. Nikolas replied that he hadn't done anything. Katherine told him to think of the office as an early reward for his would be contribution. Nikolas felt that there were others who deserved it and said that maybe he should start in the mailroom. He asked Katherine was she offering him the job because they were lovers. Katherine said that she didn't get where she was by handing out favors to handsome men. She said she was a damn good businesswoman and she has no intention of taking frivolous risks. She believes that Nikolas can do the job, but there is a position in the mailroom if he wanted it. Nikolas decided to take the job and they began to make love on top of the desk.

Felicia and Bobbi arrange for the two of them and Jerry and Mac to have dinner. Mac is not thrilled. When Bobbi and Jerry arrive, Mac refused to take the bottle of wine from Jerry. Felicia takes the wine and pours them all a drink. Everyone is uncomfortable. Felicia and Bobbi come up with the idea that Jerry and Mac should both present the reasons why they hate each other and her and Bobbi could judge to see if they were right or wrong. Mac replied that he could hate whomever he wanted, Jerry agreed. Bobbi said the problem is just a petty grievance that happened a long time ago and may not be worth their aggravation. Mac and Jerry agree to discuss the problem. Jerry went first. He said that when he met Mac, Mac was a mercenary who specialized in demolition. Mac taught Jerry a lot and earned his trust. But as soon as he started to trust Mac, he asked Mac to do a job for his little brother (Jax) and Mac blew up Jax's wife. Since then, Mac has harbored a grudge. When Jax came to town, the new and improved Mac used his position as police commissioner to harass Jax and turned Jax over to the Feds for money laundering , even though he knew Jax was innocent. And to make matters worse, Mac had Jax arrested on the day of Brenda's funeral. Felicia interjected, that the FBI arrested Jax, Mac just gathered the evidence against Jerry.

It was then Mac's turn. Mac admitted that he was a mercenary. He said that when Jerry hired him, Jerry left out pertinent information about the jobs. Case in point, Miranda. Mac said that Jerry hired him to blow up Jax's building. And he was told by Jax that the building was empty, but it wasn't. This is because neither brother bothered to check the building. The reality was that Miranda did not die, but Mac had to live with the guilt for years thinking that he killed her. "Now can anyone call that petty?" asked Mac. In addition Mac said that he did not harass Jax when he came to town, he got to know him and came to the realization that Jax was a decent guy, unlike his brother. It wasn't until Jerry hit town that the assassination attempts, warehouse bombing and money laundering started. When Mac had evidence against Jerry, he had no choice but to turn it over to the FBI and they arrested the Jax family.

Bobbi and Felicia said the jury was hung, both men had good reasons for hating each other. But it was in the past. Both men said there were no statutes of limitation on grudges. Bobbi and Felicia agreed and said they would call the dinner off. But it was a shame that Felicia went to through so much trouble making a great lasagna. Mac and Jerry said there was no reason they all couldn't have dinner together. Mac made a toast to the ladies and told Felicia that both him and Jerry knew that Bobbi and Felicia had set him and Jerry up.

Thursday, April 8, 1999

Felicia is at Kelly's with a very 40's looking hair style when Mac arrives. As he kisses her hello he comments that she changed her hair. He loves it, but it looks like somebody else. It's her, but it doesn't look like her. As her continues to try to dig himself out of the hole he has dug, he asks to start over and tells her that her hair looks great and stops there. Felicia asks if she looks like she just stepped out of the 40's. Mac says that she does and asks if that is what she wants. Felicia says that it all goes under the heading of research. If she is going to write Lila's memoirs, she needs to understand the world Lila lived in so she wore hairpins today. Mac tells Felicia that he loves it when she gets carried away with enthusiasm. Felicia is annoyed by Mac's comment and asks if he is trying to irritate her.

At the Port Charles Grill, Alexis explains to Jax that the doctor she asked to analyze Nikolas' medical records is completely reliable and untraceable. Jax thinks that Alexis is being over confident considering that Helena has managed to trace their every move so far, but Alexis assures him that the doctor is very trustworthy. Jax points out that what is in the file won't matter unless they can prove that Helena was aware of the contents. Alexis agrees that it is a long shot, but says that it is all they have at the moment. Jax says not quite and asks if Alexis is interested in going to North Africa.

Lucky is sitting alone at another table at the Port Charles Grill when Nikolas arrives to join him. He thanks Lucky for agreeing to meet him there since it is closer to work and asks what is up. Lucky explains that Liz finished her art school submissions and that they are going to deliver them to the art school personally. He asks Nikolas if he can borrow his car.

Liz and Emily arrive at GH looking for Audrey. Bobbie explains that Audrey will be in a meeting for about another half hour. Liz says that she can wait and asks Bobbie to let Audrey know she is there. As Emily and Liz walk to the waiting room, Liz thanks Emily for coming with her. They want to go shopping, but Liz points out that it doesn't make much sense to go shopping for a new outfit unless her Grandmother lets her go to New York. Emily is confident that Audrey will say yes, but Liz isn't so sure. Audrey is pretty strict about letting her be alone with Lucky. Emily is confused because Liz and Lucky are alone together all the time. Liz explains that Audrey thinks Liz and Lucky are getting too serious. Emily nods in understanding and says that her mother has had the big "you're not ready for sex" talk with her. Liz says that she and Audrey have had the talk two or three times and she always agreed with her. But things have changed since then. She thinks she is a lot closer to being ready.

AJ patiently explains to Tony that he will subpoena him if he refuses to testify. He apologizes saying that he is fighting for his son and he will do whatever it takes.

At the penthouse, Sonny is doing paperwork when Carly arrives. He tells her that Jason is across the hall, but Carly says that she came to see him.

Sonny tells Carly that whatever she is selling, he isn't buying. Carly says that she knows that Sonny hates her and she almost admires him for that. She would hate anyone who did what Sonny thinks she did to Jason. But he doesn't know the whole story. Jason didn't tell him because he wouldn't betray her like that. Everything she has done has been for Jason. She knows how much Jason and Michael love each other and she wouldn't want anyone but Jason to be Michael's father. Unfortunately, AJ has some legal rights so she had to come up with a creative idea of how to keep Michael safe from AJ. She accused Jason of kidnapping Michael because she wanted the Q's to trust her. Once they start to, she can get AJ to marry her and she will live with him for a little while and then she is going to ruin him. When he is destroyed and broken, she will file for sole custody and bring Michael back to Jason. AJ won't ever be able to come near Michael again. Carly asks Sonny if he can see now that they are on the same side. Sonny tells Carly that this is the second time she has come to him behind Jason's back and there won't be a third.

Felicia angrily tells Mac that cheerleaders have enthusiasm and putting her in that category is like patting her on the head and saying isn't that sweet. Mac says that all he meant was that he admires the way she throws herself into her projects. Felicia says that he certainly didn't like the way she threw herself into the Courtland Street project. Mac says that she was risking her life. He loves the way this book is turning out, but he would appreciate it if she would keep her action in her head. Felicia says that Mac probably thinks Lila didn't have any adventures in her youth. Mac says that Lila is a wonderful person, but he doesn't consider taking high tea much of an adventure. Felicia says that Lila was courageous, impulsive and completely self reliant. Felicia is thrilled when Mac says that that sounds like someone he married. She thinks that is the nicest thing Mac has ever said to her. She is not amused when Mac reaches over and pats her hand.

At GH, Liz tells Emily that the first time Audrey asked her if she was having sex with Lucky she almost laughed in her face. She was so frozen after the rape and Lucky was just her friend, not her boyfriend. And even when that started to change and she realized that she loved him and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, sex still seemed so far off. She knew it would happen someday. Maybe when they moved to Manhattan or when they got married, but that has changed. She has always enjoyed kissing Lucky, but lately when he is holding her, she just wants it to keep on going. Kiss him longer or in a different way. It's as if the part of her that fell asleep after she got raped has finally woken up. She thinks she is ready for a little more than just kidding. Emily asks if Lucky feels the same way. Liz smiles and says that she thinks he does.

At the Port Charles Grill, Nikolas tells Lucky that his jag is in the shop, but he is sure that he could get Stefan to loan Lucky his car. Lucky politely declines and says that they will take the bus. Nikolas asks if Liz is excited. Lucky says that she is trying to keep a lid on it, but he can tell that she is happy with the way her projects turned out. She has so much talent. This school is exactly what she needs. Nikolas asks if they know where they are going to live. Lucky says that they are going to wait until Liz gets accepted before they start looking for apartments. Nikolas says that he is going to miss them. He knows they aren't leaving tomorrow, but he has gotten used to having them around. Lucky tells him that he will be so busy with his new job that he won't even know they're gone. Nikolas confides to Lucky that his new job is sort of bittersweet. He likes it, but he knows that the only reason he got it is because he is sleeping with Katherine. Katherine is just trying to make a way for him and her intentions are good, but he still isn't sure that he should have taken the job.

Jax explains to Alexis that Jerry did some digging and discovered that Helena went to Cairo the last two time she disappeared. Jax wants to know why. Alexis says that Helena's trip to Cairo are probably a decoy. Jax says that the medical file could be the decoy and whatever is in Cairo could be the real story. Either way, he wants to know for sure.

Alexis is all for being thorough, but complains about not even being unpacked from the last trip. Jax says that she doesn't have to go if she doesn't want to...Alexis says that she will go. If Jax is that determined, so is she. Jax tells her to meet him back at the hotel in twenty minutes. Alexis says that she needs at least two hours to say goodbye to Ned. Jax smiles and shakes his head. As Alexis prepares to leave, she asks if it is too much to hope that they are taking a commercial airline. Jax smiles wickedly and asks where the fun would be in that. Alexis gets up with a sigh and leaves to say goodbye to Ned.

Lucky tells Nikolas that he wasn't going to say anything, but since Nikolas brought it up...He asks if Nikolas have ever considered that Katherine is only using him to get back at Stefan. Nikolas admits that he thinks about it all the time. He has even accused Katherine of it more than once, but she only denies it. It's so complicated and every time they try to sort it out, they just end up having sex. He isn't even sure which part of his feelings for Katherine are real and which part are just caught up in wanting her. What Lucky has with Liz is much simpler. They just love each other and that's all. Lucky says that it isn't always simple.

At GH, Liz tells Emily that she knows that Lucky would never pressure her, but the other night in Lucky's room when they were kissing, instead of pulling apart like they usually do, they just kept on going. When they finally pulled apart, she was so out of breath. Emily asks if she was afraid. Liz says that she was, but it was a good kind of fear like the kind right before you get on a roller coaster. Nervous inside, but completely alive. Emily asks what happened. Liz explains that she told Lucky that it was time for her to go home. But she can't stop thinking about what could have happened if she had stayed. She's not even sure if she is ready for what could have happened. She doesn't want to lead Lucky on, but she isn't sure she is ready to make love to him either. As they girls continue their talk, Luke arrives and greets them cheerfully. Emily and Liz are surprised by his arrival and look at him guiltily.

Carly tells Sonny that she knew he would twist anything she said to use against her. Jason cares about him so much and she thought the least she could do is try to explain for his sake. If Sonny is determined to hate her, that's fine. As Carly starts to leave, Sonny asks if she is deluded enough to think that Jason believes all of her crap. Carly insists that Jason believes her and trusts her. Sonny says that Jason thinks he owes her because she is Michael's mother. For Michael's sake, Jason refuses to fight. Sonny says that he doesn't owe Carly a damn thing except payback for using Jason. Carly angrily says that using Jason is Sonny's game. Sonny is the one who stays in his safe penthouse while he sends Jason out on the streets to get shot at and hassled by cops. Sonny is the user. Sonny calmly, but coldly tells Carly that she shouldn't have crossed him. He told her that before. Carly says that she isn't afraid of him. Sonny tells her that she should be. Carly says oh yeah and raises her hand to slap Sonny. Sonny grabs Carly's hand and holds her arms down. As they continue to struggle, Jason arrives.

Jason tells Sonny to let Carly go. Sonny releases Carly and tells Jason that it is time to cut the tramp loose. Carly tells Jason that she wanted to explain their plan to Sonny. Jason tells Carly that she shouldn't have come. What's going on with them has nothing to do with Sonny. Carly says that Sonny hates her and she doesn't want him to turn Jason against her. Sonny tells Carly that Jason can see for himself that she is nothing but a pimp for her own kid. Jason calmly tells Sonny not to insult Carly in front of him. Then he turns to Carly and tells her not to pull something like this again. This has nothing to do with something. Carly leaves, but tearfully tells Jason that everything she is doing is for the three of them. After she goes, Sonny begs Jason to tell him that he is working Carly and that he doesn't believe a word that comes out of her mouth.

At Kelly's Tony meets with Alan to ask him to call AJ off. Tony agrees that Jason shouldn't raise Michael, but he really doesn't want to get involved in the trial. Any neurosurgeon can testify, but AJ is insistent that Tony testify. Tony explains to Alan that if he has to testify against Jason in the custody hearing it will make Bobbie angry and hurt his chances in his own custody battle for Lucas.

Lucky tells Nikolas that he loves Liz and for a long time that was enough, but now he is starting to want her too. After everything she has been through, he doesn't want to frighten her. Nikolas tells Lucky not to punch him and then reaches into his wallet and slides a condom across the table to a very embarrassed Lucky. Nikolas says that he isn't making any assumptions and he isn't trying to insult Lucky and Liz, but he knows from experience that sometimes feeling can cloud you judgment and you end up doing the exact opposite of what you said you were going to do. For example, when Katherine showed him his office at Deception, he made a big point of telling her that he wanted to be treated like any other employee. The next thing he knew, they couldn't stop themselves. He doesn't know if anything like that will ever happen with Lucky and Liz, but if they find themselves wanting each other, it's best to be safe. Lucky reluctantly takes the condom and tells Nikolas that he can always quit his job. Nikolas laughs and says that he doesn't want to. He keeps going back. He leaves, telling Lucky to have fun in New York.

Luke apologizes for interrupting. Liz says that he wasn't and tells him that she is glad she ran into him. She wanted to ask him something. She was hoping that he would agree to close Kelly's early on Thursday, because it is normally so slow, so she can cook dinner for a couple of friends. Luke asks who the friends are and doesn't even blink when Liz tells him that she was going to invite Lucky, Emily and Nikolas. Luke only says that it sounds nice and gives Liz permission to use Kelly's. After he leaves, Emily tells Liz that she can't believe how calm Luke was when she mentioned Nikolas' name. Liz explains that Luke is trying because he knows how close Lucky and Nikolas have become. Audrey arrives saying that Bobbie told her that Liz was looking for her. Liz says that she has something to ask her. She tells Audrey that before she asks she wants her to remember that this is really, really important to her.

At the nurses station, Luke tells Bobbie that he has hired an accountant for Kelly's. Bobbie laughs when he tells her that he hired Sonny's man. Not only can he balance the books, but he can give them two sets!

Bobbie says that she would be more comfortable with a different accountant. She doesn't want Kelly's to end up as a front. Luke says that he doesn't care as long as they find an accountant. Bobbie agrees to ask her accountant and then laughs when she realizes that Luke conned her into taking responsibility for the taxes. Luke acts shocked, but has a smile on his face. Bobbie tells him that he is acting more like himself. Luke says that he was on the docks the other day and he heard Ruby and he listened. She told him that when a thing doesn't work, drop it and find something that does. Bobbie asks when he started listening to good advice. Luke says that when enough people tell you the same thing, eventually you start to listen.

Tony tells Alan that his relationship with Bobbie is better than it has been in months, but if he has to testify, that will all change. Alan asks if he can't just limit his testimony to the facts. Tony says that he would like to believe that he could, but after everything that has happened, he isn't sure that he could control himself in front of a captive audience. Alan understands and tells Tony that after everything he has done to help him get his life back, that he can consider it done. He will talk to AJ.

Sonny tells Jason that he is clear on what he thinks he owes Carly, but she doesn't deserve that kind of consideration. Jason should be protecting Michael from Carly. Jason would have Michael full time if that slut hadn't sold him out. Jason says that he understands why Sonny hates Carly, but he is asking him to back off. This is his problem and he has to solve it. He hates defending Carly to Sonny. It would be better if Sonny left it alone. Sonny says that he will do his best, but Jason better make sure that Carly stays clear. Jason says that whatever way it turns out, he has to handle it for himself. He then tells Sonny that he is going to Jake's to shoot some pool and is shocked when Sonny says that he wants to come along.

Carly and AJ arrive at the Port Charles Grill for dinner. Carly orders champagne and AJ orders sparkling water. After the waiter leaves Carly tells AJ that she could get used to the way the world treats her when she is with him. People are nice to Jason because they are afraid of him, but people are nice to AJ because they respect him. AJ is clearly flattered by Carly's comments.

Helena tells an unseen man (most likely Faison) that she will pay his exorbitant fee again. But, it must be done exactly as they discussed.

Jax thanks the bellhop for his special order of cookies when Alexis arrives for their trip to Cairo. She teases him about his sweet tooth as they prepare to leave. Noting his nonchalant attitude, she asks if this is all a game to him. Jax says of course and tells her that it's a good thing for her that he is very good at games.

In the Grille, Carly has once again been forced to eat fish while she looks across the table longingly at AJ's steak. She thanks AJ for suggesting the swordfish. AJ tells Carly that he talked to Tony again about testifying. He doesn't want to hurt Tony, but he thinks it will help Michael. Carly can't believe that she ever thought she loved Tony. AJ says that in retrospect it seemed more like she was trying to please Tony. Carly agrees with AJ's assessment saying she thought that was her place in the world at the time. AJ tells her that her place now is with Michael and the Q's. Hopefully someday she will feel like she belongs there too.

Lucky is pacing outside of Kelly's waiting for Liz. She arrives carrying a shopping bag and apologizing for being late. She hands Lucky a package and tells him to open it. He pulls out a shirt saying he likes it but wonders what it is for. Liz says that she thought he might like something new to wear to Manhattan. Lucky can't believe that Audrey said yes. Liz jumps up and down with excitement. She throws her arms around Lucky's neck saying that she can't believe that they are going to New York, just the two of them. Lucky's smile shows that he is equally excited.

At Jake's, Sonny is beating Jason at pool. He tells Jason that he got a call from the coffee grower and he is ready to go back into business. Jason thinks they should be cautious. Moreno might still want to retaliate for the interrupted drug shipments. Sonny tells Jason that he cut it way too close last time. He shouldn't be taking those kinds of chances. He and Jason need to make it clear that they are coffee merchants only. Jake walks up and strikes up a conversation. She thanks Sonny for helping out the other night. She also tells him that she fired Hannah for stealing. Sonny is not pleased with the news and wants to know where Hannah is, but Jake doesn't know. Jason offers to find her. Sonny doesn't answer.

Friday, April 9

Stefan tells Laura that the GH board was very impressed with her ideas and her desire towards the youth in the community and requested that he offer her the position of Director of The Hospital Youth Outreach program. Before accepting the position, Laura made Stefan swear that he didn't have nothing to do with her getting the job. Stefan told her that she had his word and then pulled out a document to show her that she had won the position on her own merit with all the work she had did at Ward House. Laura accepted the job at General Hospital and was delighted that she had gotten it on her own without Stefan's help. They then talked about the work she would be doing with the outreach program and Laura admitted to Stefan that she was once a runaway. He was stunned and then admitted that there were times when he wished he could have run away himself. Laura then tells Stefan that she hopes to do a good job. Stefan complimented her and told her she would do just fine. She told him as long as he kept on believing in her she felt that she would. Later Stefan and Laura took a walk around the gardens of Spoon Island.

Felicia comes in made up to look like Lila back in the days and gets Luke's opinion. Luke tells her she looks very Carole Lombardish. Felicia explains to an approving Luke why she's decided to wear the appropriate hairstyle and clothing for inspiration as she pens Lila's memories of the '40's. She then admits that she wanted to feel like a young Lila. He pours her a drink and they chat and Felicia tells Luke she has a favor to asks of him. Felicia asks to borrow a few LP's from Luke's famous collection, but Luke informed her that he never parted with his babies unless he was with them, a Spencer rule. Felicia promised to take care of them, but Luke told her that no one takes care of your albums as well as you do and it's a lesson he learned a long time ago.

Ned and V come in and sit at one of the tables and Ned fondly recalls for V how playing at the blues club was the highlight of his career as "Eddie Maine." V then asks Ned if he had heard from Alexis. Ned tells her not since she went running off with Jax. He then voiced his displeasure of the danger Jax may be getting Alexis into. V assured Ned that Alexis would be safe with Jax. V then excused herself to go talk to Luke and Felicia for a moment. She approached Luke and Felicia at the bar and told Luke that she loved his place and it was the first time she has been. He told her that he hoped he would see her in Luke's more often. V then tells Luke that is the reason she came over to talk to him. She mentions wanting to book Ned again for a gig at Luke's. However, Ned being in close earshot heard her and came over and told Luke and V that he has decided to turned down V's offer to book him at Luke's. He then tells them that he knows the question wasn't asked, but it will save them both face. He then tells V to come along and they go back to their table. Luke tells Felicia he is glad that happened because he doesn't know if he would have been able to turn down a sultry redhead. Felicia asks Luke if he likes Ned's music. Luke tells her he does, it's just that Luke's Place is a blues club and Ned would bring in a different crowd with his type of people. Felicia agrees. Meanwhile back at Ned and V's table, V chastises Ned for pulling that stunt and asks him why he did it after he said playing at Luke's was the highlight of his career, so why wouldn't he want to repeat it. Ned tells her because he is not Eddie Maine and doesn't want to be again. V tells he she knows that, but Ned cuts her off, apologizes, and then wonders why Alexis hasn't called him yet. V assures Ned again that Jax will keep Alexis safe. Ned pays the check and they leave.

Jax and a highly nervous Alexis follow Helena's helicopter in a chopper of their own as they head towards Cairo. They each talked about each other's families and the similarities. Alexis didn't see it and told Jax that his family swindled each other, while hers killed each other. While following Helena, Jax and Alexis became alarmed when their helicopter suddenly experienced mechanical difficulties. Jax and Alexis then run into trouble and are forced to ditch the helicopter.

A nervous Jason comes by and asks Sonny if he knows what he's going to say to the coffee distributor that they'll be meeting. Sonny tells him everything's going to be fine. Jason thinks Sonny for doing this and helping him to try to win Michael back. Sonny told Jason that if their legitimate coffee business failed, and Jason still lost Michael, then he would consider going back to his former life. Jason understood and agreed and then the two men left for their meeting.

While conducting business with Jason and a coffee distributor, Sonny is distracted by the sight of Hannah dining with one of Moreno's lieutenants. As Jason is conducting the business with the distributor, he notices that Sonny's mind is not entirely on their deal. Jason ends up making the deal with Sonny chiming in his two cents at the last minute. The distributor thanks them and Sonny apologizes about what happened the last time they did business. The distributor leaves and Jason asks Sonny who is still distracted by Hannah, where the hell was he just now. Sonny asks Jason to turn around and tell him what he sees. Jason tells Sonny he sees the girl from Jake's having dinner with one of Moreno's lieutenants. Sonny tells Jason he suspects Hannah was working as an escort and did not want to be in the guys company. Jason asks him how can he tell that and Sonny tells him he can tell from her body language. Jason tells Sonny that if he is worried about Moreno's man being in their territory then don't, because they don't have any territory and he doesn't think the girl wants to be rescued. Sonny ignores Jason and goes over to Hannah's table. The man asks Sonny what does he want and Sonny tells him that he wants him to leave the lady. The man tells Sonny that he is not running things any more. Jason comes over and wants to know what the problem is. Sonny tells him to escort the man out. Hannah pleads with the man not to make a scene and the man gets up to leave, while Jason follows him out. Hannah became angry and told Sonny she didn't need him to rescue her. After running off her dinner companion, Sonny offers Hannah double her usual fee if she'll go upstairs with him right there and then.

Lucky and Liz enjoy their first day in New York City, but Liz and Lucky also missed the bus back to Port Charles and Liz is worried that her Grams won't understand. She calls and leaves a message and then she and Lucky settle in. Over supper in their shared hotel room, Lucky told Liz about the time he visited Tammy when she was still practicing her original profession and explained that their conversation had made him realize how much he loved Liz. In New York City, the sexual tension between Liz and Lucky grew when they were forced to share the same hotel room. Liz and Lucky then told each other how much they loved one another. They then kissed each other and fell on the bed and seemed to be on the brink of lovemaking.

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