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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 12, 1999 on GH
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Monday April 12, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Nora

In the middle of the Sahara desert, Alexis awakens to discover that Jax is missing, following the tumultuous descent of the plane into the desert. She looks fervently for Jax, and when she decides that he must be missing, she attempts to use the plane's radio to call for assistance. However, the radio is broken and she is unable to contact anyone.

At Luke's, Carly and AJ sit down to enjoy a night out. Carly is delighted that AJ appears to be enjoying himself, but she does not look very content. When AJ inquires as to why she doesn't like Luke's, Carly admits that Luke used her maternity secret against her. Shortly, Luke approaches the dining couple and gives them a bit of a difficult time. Luke and Carly share shots while AJ tries to lure Luke into admitting that Jason is violent, but fortunately Luke does not fool easily.

Outside, Laura and Stefan discuss their relationship between kisses. Stefan respects Laura's desire to wait before telling him what is really in her heart and Laura expresses her delight with their current relationship.

In a New York hotel room, Liz and Lucky are very passionate in bed. Liz asks Lucky if they need to go to the store and Lucky tells his girlfriend that he is prepared. As things get heavy, Lucky stops to ask Liz if she is okay with the situation. The two admit to each other that losing their virginity is very important and that this is not the right time for either of them. Liz is afraid that Lucky is disappointed with her, but he assures her that things are just as they should be. She admits to him that she always envisioned their first time in a familiar place, surrounded by candles and light bouncing off the walls. Lucky tells her that they are only going to have one first time and that it should be very special. The young couple decides to hit the streets instead for a night on the town.

At the Port Charles Hotel, Sonny tries to pressure Hannah into going upstairs with him. She is very upset because this is the second time that Sonny has ruined a possible job opportunity for him. He tells the young woman that he believes that if she wants to be a hooker, it might as well be with him. Hannah is distressed because she lost money that she very much needed, but Sonny offers his assistance. He says that he knows what it is like to have to do anything and everything for money.

After Luke leaves the table, AJ and Carly talk and Carly apologizes for not coming to AJ in the beginning. AJ says that he cannot immediately forgive Carly, but that every time he looks at Michael, she gets a step closer. Sonny, Jason, and Hannah walk into Luke's as Carly watches with disdain. Carly expresses her disapproval to AJ as Jason and Hannah discuss the possibility of her working at Luke's. As Hannah and Jake chat, Carly invites AJ to dance and does not hesitate to get as possible to the young Quartermaine in an attempt to make his brother jealous.

Meanwhile, Luke and Felicia talks and Luke believes that Hannah bears a remarkable resemblance to Brenda. Sonny garners Hannah a job, and tells Luke that he will pay the difference in what it takes to pay Hannah double Luke's usual salary.

Out on the streets of Manhattan, Liz and Lucky enjoy all that the city has to offer. They take photographs in a corner booth, dance in the street, and share several sweet kisses before returning to their hotel room. Once in the room, they make plans to return to New York sometime in the future. As they lie in bed, Liz in bed and Lucky on the floor, they share sweet goodnights before Liz climbs down to the floor to join her love.

Jax walks up and surprises Alexis with news that he is alive. The two believe that Helena was the cause behind the unfortunate plane crash and struggle to discover Mrs. Cassadine's ulterior motives. Jax is convinced that the secret lies in Nikolas' medical records and that the trip to the Sahara was nothing but a wild goose chase. Alexis, meanwhile, worries about keeping warm, finding water, and finding their way out of the desert. Jax decides to go take a look around Libya, but not before warning Alexis of the dangers of the scorpions that roam the Sahara. When Jax returns, Alexis tells him that she found a first aid kit in the plane, while Jax tells Alexis that he found a nearby overhang. Next, he gets to work fixing the radio so that he can get in contact with Ned and Jerry so that they might come to rescue the two plane crash victims. When Alexis expresses doubt as to the validity of Jax's plan, he assures her that their friends will find them shortly. With an abrupt shout, Alexis exclaims that she found water with excitement and the two head towards the cave.

Back at Luke's, AJ catches onto Carly and accuses her of putting on a show for Jason, which Carly adamantly denies. Felicia attempts to pay Luke for her drink, but he refuses to take her money and so she instead gives it to Sonny and asks him to let Jason keep talking to Hannah until Carly leaves. After Felicia departs, Hannah makes it clear to Sonny that her waitressing job does not entail sleeping with the mobster. Carly kisses AJ and they also leave the club, much to the delight of Luke. Luke then introduces himself to Hannah and asks if she has experience. Sonny vouches for her abilities and after Hannah sings praises of Luke's taste in music, he hires her. When Luke leaves the table, Sonny gives Hannah an all-knowing smile.

Meanwhile, Helena, dressed all in black, mourns the loss of Jax and laughs at the loss of Alexis.

Tuesday, April 13, 1999


Today's recap was provided by Jeri Villaflor.

Jerry calls Cairo looking for Jax and Alexis. Ned shows up at Jerry's apartment demanding to know where Jax and Alexis are. When Jerry says that he is going to look for them, Ned demands to go with him. Ned and Jerry argue about the best way to find them and exactly who (Alexis or Jax) is responsible for this whole mess. Jerry finally explains when Jax and Alexis were last seen. Jerry tells Ned he is leaving in two hours and if Ned isn't there, he is leaving without him. After Ned leaves, Jerry gets a phone call from Bobbie, making plans to see him later this evening.

As Ned is walking into The Port Charles Grill, we see Helena giving a man instructions to do things quickly and quietly and warning him that Stefan might interfere (we aren't sure what she was talking about). At this point Ned interrupts and demands to know where they (Jax and Alexis) are. Of course, Helena feigns innocence. Helena boast to Ned that since she is the trustee of the Cassadine estate she doesn't have time to keep track of people. Ned threatens to personally see her bankrupt if she doesn't tell him what he wants to know. Helena doesn't give an inch. Ned leaves with the final threat, "Don't say I didn't warn you." As, Ned is leaving the restaurant, V shows up with information about when Jax left Cairo, and the fact she was sure that his flight plan was fake. V demands to go with him to look for Jax and Alexis. Ned refuses and walks away leaving V to chase after him.

In the desert, Jax is trying to fix the radio while Alexis acts hysterical. Jax tries to humor her but after a while his patience runs thin. Jax tells her he understands that she was raised where hysteria and fear were the norm but in the Jax family they lived by the creed, "A Jax is never stranded" and tells her to please calm down and relax. Alexis goes back to the helicopter to look for something to eat. When she comes back empty-handed she begins to get hysterical again. Jax makes the off-handed comment that he thought Helena's plan to kill them was a good one. That only makes Alexis get more nutty.

At the Quartermaine Mansion, Jason is playing with Michael in the living room. Carly comes in with Latisia and sends Michael off on his walk to the duck pond. With Michael barely out of the room Carly attacks. "Who was that slut you were with last night?" When that doesn't get a true response from Jason, Carly starts in on the whining, "I had a horrible night. I had to go out with AJ I had to be harassed by Luke. You were flirting with another women." Still, no real response from Jason. Carly then deduces that Jason must be jealous. Jason, more or less, laughs in her face. He tries to explain to Carly that he was just helping Hannah out because she was new in town. Jason tries to soothes Carly ruffled feathers. Carly assures Jason that Hannah could only be jerking his chain and tells him he should be wary of female strangers. Jason laughs at this and says that no one could jerk his chain as badly as Carly herself does. Carly then gets all sappy and reminisces about when she was the new girl in town and she and Jason didn't need any words to communicate. He reminds her that they reason they didn't need any words is because the sex didn't mean anything. Latisia returns with Michael. While Jason plays on the floor with Michael, Carly tries to probe into Jason's plans for the evening. He insinuates that he will be at Luke's. After Jason leaves to give Michael his treat, Carly calls AJ and flirts her way into going back to Luke's tonight.

Hannah shows up at Luke's to start work. Of course, Sonny is there meet her. She explains once again that she only wants a job from him nothing else. He agrees with her. Sonny offers to give her a tour of the place but insists that she stop calling him Mr. Corinthos and start calling him Sonny. As Sonny and Luke look on, Hannah is being trained. Luke decides to test Hannah's expertise as a bartender by ordering a "pin-cushion." When she brings the drink back, Luke compliments Hannah on her speed and at how good the drink is considering there is no such drink as a "pin cushion." Hannah says, "Well, now there is." Luke assures Sonny she will fit in just fine at Luke's. Sonny and Luke discuss Moreno and how he is now a desperate man. Luke asks Sonny if he should be worried. Luke then asks Hannah how she and Sonny met. She tells him the mugger story. Luke comments that it was a good thing Sonny didn't hesitate in the face of a problem or things might not have turned out so well.

Audrey complements Tony on a correct diagnosis and how lucky the hospital is to have him. He thanks her and moves along. Lucky and Liz walk in and see how happy Audrey is. Liz starts to get hysterical trying to figure out what she is going to say to Audrey. Lucky suggests they walk around the block to cool off, so that Liz doesn't make the situation worse. Before they can get to the elevator, Audrey sees them and asks how their trip was. After Liz explains, Audrey assures her that she understands about missing the train. She thanks Liz for calling and leaving a message but assures Liz that she wasn't worried because Liz was with Lucky. Audrey does want to know how Liz liked the school and what else they did on their trip. Audrey then walks Liz to her final therapy session with Gail.

While Lucky waits, Tony comes up to talk to him. Tony talks about how much he misses Lucas and is afraid that he will have no place in Lucas' life. Lucky assures him that Lucas will understand in time and accept him as a human being. Tony brings up how much time Lucky and Liz spend together. Lucky tells Tony how special Liz is to him and that if Tony ever needs a testimonial to either Lucas or Bobbie, he would be only to glad to do it.

As Tony leaves, Lucky sees Nikolas getting off the elevator. Nikolas wants to know all about the trip to New York. Lucky tells him about missing the train. He also tells Nikolas that he and Liz did not take their relationship to the next level. They also talk about the problems in Nikolas' life. Nikolas thinks part of his problem is that all the things that use to be taken care of for him are now decisions that he has to make. Lucky assures him that he is only suffering from "EPS", ex-prince syndrome and assures him that he always has his money to fall back on. They make plans to take LuLu to ice skating lessons on Thursday and then go to Liz's dinner at Kelly's.

Liz and Lucky return to his room above the bike garage with ribs from Eli's. Liz lights candles and talk about the reason for her meal at Kelly's. They kiss and sit down to dig into the ribs. Liz tells Lucky about her session with Gail. She assures Lucky that even if she doesn't go to art school she will be okay because she has Lucky. Liz wants Lucky to know that she will never love anyone the way that she loves him. Lucky tells her that because he has her everything else in life is just a bonus.

Bobbie shows up at Jerry's apartment. Jerry explains that he has to leave to find Jax and Alexis. He promises to be careful. Lucas asks to go with Jerry. Jerry tells him that his mission is to stay and take care of Bobbie. Jerry leaves with a hug for Lucas and a kiss for Bobbie. V, Ned and Jerry leave.

To Alexis' surprise, Jax finds the bug in the radio. Jax tells her to get rid of her nagging doubts because they were going to save themselves.

Carly and AJ show up at Luke's. Sonny and Luke share a laugh about the two of them. Luke sends Hannah over to take their order. Carly, of course, is an absolute witch to Hannah. So, Hannah pawns them off to another waitress and goes over to Jason's table. Carly watches evilly as Hannah and Jason chat. A pacifier falls out of Jason's pocket and Hannah is curious. Jason tells her it belongs to his son. She tells him she loves children and on her way back to work tells him she would love to meet his son. Sonny walks up as Hannah leaves. With a smirk, Jason informs Sonny that he doesn't think Hannah likes Sonny very much.

Wednesday, April 14, 1999

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Thursday, April 15

While waiting to be rescued, Alexis wonders if they'll ever be found. Jax reassures her that Jerry is looking for them, just in the wrong place, but he'll remedy that when he fixes the radio. Alexis tells Jax if his hands are cold, he can take his turn now using the blanket. He tells her he's alright, but she tells him that if he doesn't get some sleep, he's going to go cross-eyed and won't be able to see anything. He finally relents and lays down with her for body heat. She tells him that his virtue is safe with her. Jax and Alexis huddle together under their one blanket and wait for the sun to rise. Later, Jax gets back up and starts working some more on the radio. Alexis tells him that he has enough parts lying around for three radios. Jax says he's glad it's not just him, he thought he was going cross-eyed. Alexis tells him that she told him so and then tries to give him the blanket again to keep warm while he's working on the radio. He refuses it and says that it wouldn't do any good to have her shrivel up. Alexis hears the wind howling outside and tells Jax that it is really beginning to pick up. Jax continues working on the radio with the sunlight fading away making it harder for him to see what he is doing. Alexis tells Jax that no one is going to be looking for them in this kind of weather, and then when it's over, whatever is left of the helicopter is going to be covered with sand, and no one will be able to see it from the air. Jax tells her that she has a pretty keen grasp on the situation. They could have broken ribs, cracked skulls, typhoid fever, intestinal parasites, all kinds of stuff. Alexis apologizes and Jax asks her why is she apologizing for, after all the trip was his idea. She tells him the idea was her idea. Helena killed her mother, so as soon as she got the chance, she stepped up and asked her to kill her too. She then asks what was so damn important about becoming a real Cassadine? She certainly wasn't missing anything. She made a great life for herself, had a great career and now she has met the perfect man and says that he is perfect because he understands her and no one has ever understood her before or her place in her family or what it's like to have to be rational all the time, even though she feels just as crazy as everybody else. Jax asks her isn't that what she and Ned call gatekeeping? Alexis tells him that she had a life that worked, and she gave it up for what? For recognition from her mother's murderer so she could snatch all the family millions away from her? She then apologizes to Jax again and says she thinks she may have gotten them killed for nothing. Jax tells her he doesn't know about her, but he's not dead yet. Number two, as a fellow victim of fictional upbringing, he can't quite believe she wants hers back. Alexis tells him that everything about him is relentless. He is relentlessly upbeat and relentlessly sure of everything. The radio starts kicking in juice and Alexis asks Jax what is that noise? Jax tells her the radio is breathing. Reception's not too good and the cave doesn't help and neither does the storm. Alexis is surprised and asks him how is it working. He jokingly tells her that it made it's first squawk in protest that Ned is the perfect man. Although Jax was able to fix the broken radio from the helicopter, he and Alexis were still stranded in the desert.

V and Ned are wandering around an airport. V has been listening to emergency frequencies, hoping to hear from Jax. She can see that Ned is tired and tells him that she will go up in the rescue helicopter next time. However, Jerry prepares to make another flight over the coastline when the first search proves fruitless, and tells her that she would only be wasting their time. He says that he will check the coastline next. He calls Bobbie for reassurance. They talk about Lucas and tells each other how much they miss one another. Bobbie gives him the confidence he needs to look for his brother and Alexis and after hanging up, Jerry is on his way. Meanwhile still waiting around the airport, V is looking on the computer still trying to see if she can trace the lost ones whereabouts. Ned complains that they cannot survive for the 48 hours this sandstorm is supposed to last. V tries to convince him that Jax will find shelter for them and they'll be okay. This doesn't make Ned feel any better and he is also ticked that they let Jerry go up to look and not him. Later, Jerry returns back at the airport and tells them for a minute he didn't think he was going to make it. Ned tells him that he thought they were going to shoot him, because they closed the airport hours ago. V chimes in by telling Jerry that Ned managed to convince them that he wasn't a security threat. Jerry thanks Ned and offers to buy him a drink. Ned tells him that the storm's not going away and they said it'll be another 48 hours. Jerry tells him two days is nothing to his little brother.

After hanging up with Jerry, Bobbie tells Tammy she is getting ready to go pick up Lucas. Tammy thanks Bobbie for dropping off the paychecks. Bobbie says no problem and then heads out. As she is heading out, Sonny is coming in and the two of them exchange greetings. Bobbie leaves and Sonny orders a coffee to go. Mike is also at Kelly's, and tells Tammy to put Sonny's coffee on his tab. Sonny sits down at Mike's table. Mike says it's his turn and asks Sonny if he can come over and cook dinner for him tonight. Fending off yet another dinner invitation from his dad, Sonny continues to rebuff Mike's on-going attempts to bond with him and tells his dad that he is busy. Mike says busy doing what? Sonny gives him one of those "excuse me" looks and Mike tells Sonny that he's his father and asks what's wrong with him asking? Sonny says nothing which aggravates Mike who tells Sonny that he could tell him if he could, but he can't. Sonny is still silent, which frustrates Mike even more. Mike says, it's no problem Mr. Merchant, he gets the picture. Sonny breaks his silence by asking if a man isn't allowed to have some privacy every once in a while. Mike says, you're allowed to do whatever you want, Mr. Legitimate. Sonny asks him what is this "mister" stuff? Mike says he's the one that keeps forgetting what the boundaries are here, and tells Sonny to enjoy his night. He then adds, try not to get shot, will you. He gets up from the table and Sonny asks him to wait, but Mike leaves out of Kelly's hurt again by his son.

Carly is holding and playing with Michael when Jason shows up. Jason says hello and Carly tells him that Michael has been waiting for him. He takes Michael in his arms and Carly says, Mommy is okay, but nobody is like Da Da. Leticia comes in with Michael's stroller and Jason wonders what is up. Carly tells Leticia to go ahead and take Michael down to the lake and Jason will join her down there momentarily. Sensing confusion, she begins to say something, but Carly stops her before she does and ushers her out the door with Michael. Once they are alone, Jason tells Carly that this makes no senses, her and him alone in a room together, and she supposedly hates him or she's afraid of him? He then asks her how would she explain that to somebody walking in right now. Jason raises his voice and tells Carly that this is her stupid plan, pay attention to it. Carly apologizes and tells him she just wanted to warn him. Jason says, about what? Carly says, this Hannah person and then tells Jason that she has figured out that Hannah is just trying to use him. Carly then tells Jason that it's a typical guy thing to do. (You pay attention to some woman you hardly know to get back at somebody else.) Jason tells her no, that's what she always does. Carly tells him that Hannah knows she has a better shot with him than she does with Sonny because he's like a clam. He's got this shell on that's not penetrable, and even if it was, is it worth it anyway. Whereas he's (meaning Jason) kind, generous, and giving more so than maybe he should be for his own good. Jason tells her not to worry about it, because if this Hannah makes her move and he spends a fortune on her, there will still be plenty left for Carly to spend. Carly says that really mean and tells him just because she doesn't want to get hurt doesn't mean she's after his money. Jason then asks her how was having a conversation with Hannah about Michael going to hurt him? Carly then tells Jason that she is sure that Hannah told him she just loves kids, right? Jason tells her if she's worried about him being hurt or being used, don't be, because thanks to her, he knows what it looks like and he'll see it coming. Carly tells him he's just saying that and really doesn't mean that. Jason just walks out and heads down to the lake to be with Michael. She then starts throwing things and almost hits AJ as he is coming into the room. She apologizes and says that Jason just makes her furious sometimes. He asks her where is Jason and she tells him he is down by the lake with Leticia. AJ tells her that he is going away for a couple of days to Maryland on business. She says that it's a vote of confidence for him from Edward. He hopes she can manage without him.

Laura is pleased to find both of her sons playing happily with their kid sister when she comes downstairs. They all greet her and tells her that they are getting ready to take Lesley Lu skating. Lucky tells Nikolas he needs to talk to his mother alone for a minute. Nikolas takes Lulu outside. After Nikolas heads out with Lesley Lu, Lucky gave Laura a present. Laura was touched when Lucky gave her a painting from Liz. Lucky then told Laura that he had never stopped loving her and they grew closer. Lucky thanks his tearful mother for giving him the gift of love. She says that he picked a hell of a year to grow up on her. He says that she gave him a brother, a wonderful little sister and now he has Liz in his life and he knows none of it could be possible if she hadn't taught him about love. He regrets not having Nikolas around when they were younger, saying he probably could have taught him a few things. Nikolas comes back in, calling for Lucky. Laura stops him for a moment. She tells him how proud she is of him, and what a gift to her life he has been. They hold each other close. Laura is crying, Lucky has tears welling in his eyes. He says that he will see her at Kelly's and then leaves.

Hannah is busy setting up the tables and things and Luke is asking Hannah how she is doing. She says that the music's hot, customers are cool. She hasn't had any hassles since that first night and then asks him if he remember the couple that was sitting over at one of the tables. Luke tells her yeah, it was Alan Quartermaine Jr. and his lovely niece. He then adds that some families have black sheep, some have white trash, they have Carly. Luke gives Hannah a tip and tells her if she can manage to aggravate Carly more than Carly aggravates her when she comes in here, then she won't have to wait six months for a big raise. They laugh together and Felicia comes in. Hannah goes to finish her work. Luke tells Felicia he can't sleep nights because all he can think of are these 50-year old blues tunes that she needs to know for her education. Felicia tells him he's going to have to try some warm milk, because she only came by to say farewell. She tells him about taking the girls to Texas to visit her Grandmother. They talk about Texas and Felicia can't wait to visit. Luke gives her a tape full of some blues tunes for her to listen to while she's out there. She thanks him and tells him they'll talk when she gets back and leaves. Hannah comes back out and tells Luke that the receipt came for the liquor delivery. He tells her he'll give it Sonny so that he can do his books for him. She is surprised to find out Sonny is the type to be doing bookkeeping. Luke says that Sonny is a man of many talents. She says, such as, can you be more specific. He says not without a reason and wonders why she's asking. Hannah starts complaining about how Sonny has made saving her a project. First he saved her from a mugger, rescued her from a guy who was hassling her at Jake's and Jake didn't even object to it. She then tells Luke that Jake told her to go sit down with Mr. Corinthos and entertain him. Then after she left Jake's -- Luke cuts her off and tells her if she's going to tell the story, tell it truthful. He then says, after you were given the heave-ho from Jake's for skimming the till. A stunned Hannah tells him if he knows that much information, then he probably knows that she accepted a job for an escort service and on her first date, again Sonny appears. Tells the client to leave, so the guy leaves without any argument once again. Then Sonny gets her this job. She then tells Luke it's nice and everything and she likes it, but she just thinks Sonny's a big man that nobody wants to argue with, and she's wondering if she's getting herself into something that she's going to regret. Luke tells her that she knows everything she needs to know about Sonny Corinthos to be a waitress at Luke's. If she's got a mind to be anything other than that, she's got to have this conversation with him.

Mac and Felicia shared a tender goodbye as Felicia prepared to take Maxie and Georgie to Texas. Mac is helping Felicia pack up. He wonders what he is going to do without her and the girls there. She says that he will be fine. He says that he is so used to her being there, he can't remember what being single is like. Felicia tells him he'll be so caught up in work that he won't notice they're not there. They kiss each other passionately and she and the girls leave for Texas.

Liz hosts a private dinner at Kelly's for Lucky, Nikolas and Emily and the foursome celebrated their friendship. The teens are all sitting down to a private dinner. Liz has served them dinner, but smells something else. Lucky admits her bought some ribs. The others also confess they bought something as well. They all laugh and Liz tells them not to worry, they aren't eating her cooking tonight. As the eat, the make plans for the future, to meet once a week just to hang out. Nikolas says that its all up to Emily. She doesn't understand, so he tells her that Lucky and Liz are going to be together forever. Lucky and Liz both acknowledge that. Nikolas says that he and Lucky are brothers, so all Emily has to do is stay friends with Nikolas, even if he gets on her nerves sometimes and makes her want to scream. She beams, but agrees that he is right. Liz tells them about the apartment she and Lucky picked out. As she explains what it looks like and how the neighborhood is, Emily tells her that is exactly the kind of place she pictured for them. Emily then decides that they need to make a pact. She says they have to feed each other, saying "Friends Forever." They all laugh, but all do it.

Bobbie is now at Luke's, waiting on Carly. He shows her to a table and tells her that it ought to be far enough away from the bar, if she's meeting Carly. He then adds that he's cleaned up enough broken glass for the decade. Bobbie tells him they're not going to fight. She's going to grit her teeth and they're going to make up. As Carly comes in, Luke tells Bobbie that Carly is a felony looking for a parking place. Carly approaches the table and Luke says hi. Carly says, you're in my seat. Luke says, really, your seat. He then tells her that he bought this seat, but will allow her to use it temporarily, but for her to watch what she says to her mother, or it'll be more temporary than she could possibly imagine. He then tells Bobbie he'll send someone over to take their order. Carly says as long as it isn't the waitress, meaning Hannah. Carly starts bitching about Luke and how he blackmailed her etc. Bobbie wonders why she decided to meet at Luke's then.

Meanwhile at another table, Hannah goes to wait on Sonny when Jason comes in. Hannah smiles at him and asks if he wants a table for one. Jason sits with Sonny and Hannah then asks him what he wants to drink. Carly witnesses all of this and sees red when she spots Hannah chatting with Jason again at the blues club. Bobbie asks Carly if she is sure she doesn't want to go anywhere else. Carly tries to act nonchalantly like she isn't bothered by it and says no. Back at Sonny's table, Jason tells Sonny that they are ready to start shipping coffee tomorrow. Sonny says that he thinks being a pillar of the business community is going to have its perks. Back at Bobbie & Carly's table, Carly tells Bobbie even though Bobbie doesn't think she knows what she is doing, she does know what she is doing, and Bobbie is the one who told her to go on with life. Bobbie says, yes, she did tells her to go on, but she didn't have to cut Jason's heart out. Carly asks Bobbie how would she feel if she was criticized for being too tough on Tony? Bobbie tells Carly is she did that, she would call Dr. Evans at Ferncliff and ask him to fluff the pillows in Carly's room. Carly tells Bobbie not to make fun of her psychiatric problems. Bobbie tells her she doesn't have any psychiatric problems. At least none that she was sent there for and none that she was cured of. Carly tells Bobbie that she knows Bobbie likes the view from that high horse she's on, but can she just quit it, please. She then admits that she shot the man who took her baby, whereas Bobbie thanked the people who took hers. Bobbie says, "Bingo" she was waiting for that. It's been how many minutes since Carly walked in the door. Meanwhile back at Sonny's table, Hannah is serving Sonny's coffee, but trips. Jason helps her up. Carly seethed when she misread Jason and Hannah's friendship as being something more. Carly says, that's it, and then tells Bobbie that Hannah did that on purpose. Bobbie can't believe that Carly is jealous after all she has done to Jason. She hopes that Jason would marry the girl, just to be happy. Carly can't believe that she would take Hannah's side and Bobbie tells Carly that she now realizes that she was only invited over to Luke's to be a spy on Jason. Bobbie then tells Carly that she is on her own. Carly half hearing Bobbie gets up from the table and asks to speak to Hannah outside. The two women then step outside. Sonny and Jason are busy talking and don't see the women leave. Luke comes over and tells Jason that his psycho blond and Sonny's klepto waitress just stepped outside and he doesn't think they're talking knitting. Sonny and Jason give each other a "Now What" look.

Outside of Luke's, Carly gets in Hannah's face, telling her to stay away from Jason. Hannah says she knows that she just waited on Carly and her boyfriend the other night. Carly tells her not to make assumptions of the men she has dinner with. Hannah tells her it wasn't so much the dinner. It was the way Carly was throwing her pelvis at him on the dance floor. She then tells Carly if Jason is taken, he'll tell her himself. Carly says, I'm telling you. Hannah tells her being stalked by a paranoid wacko isn't the same thing. Carly then slaps Hannah, and is stunned when Hannah slaps her equally hard right back..........

Friday, April 16, 1999

If you have managed to avoid spoilers for today's show, be prepared! It was incredibly sad. I had trouble writing this recap without crying. In fact, just watching the show was torture!

Jason and Sonny manage to pull Hannah and Carly apart while the two woman continue to throw insults and threats at each other. As Sonny is leading Hannah back into the club Carly yells that if Hannah doesn't keep her stupid little hands off of her man she is going to die. After Sonny and Hannah are gone, Jason looks at Carly in disbelief and asks her what she just called him.

Laura and Stefan are laughing together about Nikolas wearing a turban from one of Lucky's old Halloween costumes. Stefan can't believe it, but Laura says that he is missing the point. What was so wonderful about it was the way her children were together. Lucky and Nikolas were acting like they had spent their entire lives together and there was never anything between them but love and respect. And Lesley Lu was acting like she always had her two brothers with her. She had to pinch herself to make sure what she was seeing was real. She notices Stefan's look and says that she knows he doesn't like Lucky, but... Stefan stops her and tells her that he and Lucky just had a bad start. He doesn't understand why Lucky had to treat her so badly. Laura says that it isn't Stefan's place to judge that. Anyway, she felt like she lost her family, but now she feels like she gained a new one. As difficult as everything was for her and Lucky, she feels like they are both better people because of everything that has happened.

At Kelly's, Liz and Lucky are cleaning up after their dinner. Liz instructs Lucky to put the left over salad into a container and she will take it home to her grandmother and watch her faint. Gram won't believe it. She thinks Liz gets all of her nutrients from sugar free gum. Lucky asks Liz if she is mad that they all brought takeout food because they were afraid she would burn the meal. Liz laughs and asks Lucky if he really thought she didn't know. Lucky asks if Emily told her. Liz says that when you walk into a room and people stop whispering, you kind of get the hint that something is going on. Besides, he can't hide anything from her. She can look at him and know exactly what he is thinking. Lucky asks what he is thinking right now. Liz looks at him for a second and says that he is thinking that Nikolas is shaping up to be a pretty cool brother, but he wishes that he wouldn't have taken the last of the pretzels because ever since their New York trip, pretzels are his favorite breakfast food and he had his eye on it for the morning. Lucky says that he occasionally thinks about something besides food. Liz says that he thought it at some point, but she knows all about safety precautions. With that she walks into the dining room and pulls out some pretzels that she had kept hidden. She and Lucky start to playfully wrestle for the pretzels when Luke wanders by and stops to watch them through the window.

As Luke starts to walk away, Lucky opens the door to Kelly's and invites him in. Luke is reluctant to interrupt, but Lucky insists. He wants Luke to come in. Luke says that he tries to only go where he isn't wanted, but he guesses he can make an exception. Once inside, Liz excuses herself to finish cleaning the kitchen, leaving Luke and Lucky alone. Luke notices Lucky's necklace (the subway token that Liz gave him) and says that it is very cool. Lucky explains that Liz gave it to him and that they are planning to move to New York when Liz gets into art school. Luke is slightly surprised at the news, but is very happy for Lucky. Lucky found the real deal the first time out of the chute. Lucky asks if Luke could do it all again, knowing what he knows now... Luke asks what he knows. He'd be afraid to do it again anyway. He might really screw it up again and try to raise Lucky. Lucky laughs and tells Luke that he has more to do with who he is and who he is going to be the rest of his life than anyone. In fact, he didn't know who he was separate from Luke until his only choice was finding out, but he's back. And a lot has changed, but he found new things to call the best in Luke. They aren't pictures in his head this time. They're real. Lulu needs that too. What he and Luke had. He knows because of him, cause of all the stuff he said to Luke, the way he made him hurt, that Luke thinks that that he is sparing Lulu something worse by keeping his distance, but Lulu would be the loser and it would be his fault and he can't handle that. Lulu loves Luke and she misses him. She thinks that Luke is the strongest, the best, the... and someday, she will realize, just like he did, that even if he isn't, how bad can a guy with his record collection be?

Inside the club Sonny sits Hannah down at a table so she can have time to cool off. She says that she can't afford to get fired, but Sonny reminds her that he is the owner. She rhetorically asks what she is doing in this town. The men are obnoxious, the women are screaming maniacs. She thinks maybe she should just quit her job after all. Sonny tells her that there are safer of ways than waving a red flag in front of Caroline "Carly" Benson to get his attention. Hannah looks at him like she can't believe his arrogance in assuming that the thing with Carly was about him.

Carly tells Jason that he knows what he means to her. Someone has to look after him if he won't do it himself. She warned him that that little tramp Hannah was after him. Jason asks how she expects to pull off conning AJ into marrying her if she intends to smack every waitress that bumps into him.

Jason asks Carly who she is to tell him that he can't follow around whatever waitress he wants. Carly says that she is the woman who volunteered to marry his psychological wreck of a brother so that he can be with her and Michael. So they can be a family like they were meant to be. If Jason feels like she should keep her mouth shut when some cheap piece of tail with dollar signs in her eyes tries to snap him up, then it is a good thing they are having this conversation now. She can adjust accordingly if she has too. She has AJ right where she wants him. Carly tells Jason that she and Michael don't have to come back to him. They'll be fine. She can think of a lot worse ways to live out her long and loveless life than counting her millions and getting in the face of high society. Why should she knock herself out for someone who doesn't even like her. Jason angrily asks if he has to make a list of all the crap she has put him through. If he didn't like her, why would he stand there and keep his mouth shut? Does she know how much easier his life would be if he didn't like her? If she wants thanks well than thanks Carly for double crossing him, thanks Carly for leaving him alone with Michael when she couldn't cope and then giving Michael to the people that she made him promise not to let near him, and thank you Carly for telling the police and anyone who would listen that he was a kidnapper and a violent criminal and thank you Carly for dropkicking everything in his life that was none of her business. Carly tells Jason that if that is how he really feels, then he is welcome to all the cocktail waitresses he wants. She and Michael will be just fine. She starts to walk away, but stops and turns around when Jason doesn't come after her.

Hannah laughs in Sonny's face and tells him that the truth of the matter is that, while she should hand his head for pointing out that she likes being noticed by him, if he hadn't noticed her she would have been raped or mugged or unemployed. She almost has to be grateful for all of the therapy he didn't get. Sonny asks if being a gentlemen is something they try to cure you of these days. Hannah says holding the door is ok, but rescuing a girl from a date he knows nothing about borders on obsessive compulsive disorder. Sonny nods in understanding saying that she wanted him to let nature and her escort service take it's course. Hannah agrees that Sonny is right that she is glad she didn't have to find out where the date may have gone.

At Kelly's, Lucky asks Luke if he has to go. He apologizes if he ticked Luke off. Luke laughs and says that he never considered himself father material. The whole idea of role modeling was something that just terrified him. Fatherhood to him was always a job that too many guys had that had no qualifications. He just didn't want to be another one of those guys. He didn't want to perpetuate all the misery and the mistakes, but one thing leads to another and there Lucky was. And it wasn't a job, it was a kick. An incredible kick. Lucky was always good company. He let Luke do what he does, and he does what he does. If Lucky tells him that he had something to do with the development of a man he holds in the highest regard, that is a blessing. Lucky may be taller, but he is Luke's hero. Lucky is the role model of the family. (OK, I admit I'm crying, but knowing what comes next, I can't help it!). A little choked up, Lucky asks how much longer Luke thinks he can keep that taller thing going. Luke laughs and tells Lucky to leave him a little dignity. He yells for Liz to come from the kitchen and take this big lug off his hands. He can't hang out there. He has places to go and people to see. Lucky tells Luke to take care. Luke hugs Lucky and tells him that he is proud of him. He tells Liz that if she ever gets tired of Lucky she can just put him on the subway so he can use the token she gave him and Luke will pick him up. Liz says that the token has been tampered with and she doesn't think Lucky will be able to use it. Luke says that he guesses Liz is just stuck with Lucky then. On that note, Luke leaves. Liz walks up behind Lucky and wraps her arms around him. She says that Lucky heard Luke. It's official, she is stuck with him. Lucky takes Liz's hand and says that he can't help it, he loves Luke.

Carly tells Jason that he could have at least pretended that she could walk away or he could have come after her. Jason asks Carly why she complicates things so much that there is no recognizing it anymore. Carly says that that is how the boy/girl thing works. Jason says that he likes Carly. Why? That is a hard one to answer. He likes her and that's it. They are friends. The times that he needed her she was there. She hid him in her room once. Besides, she is always worried about him getting shot or being dead. It doesn't mean that he thinks her plan will work. Her plan is not only stupid, but if by some amazing coincidence she called every shot right and the plan might accidentally work, she would flip out over nothing at the last minute and everything would be a catastrophe again. Carly agrees that that sounds like her. Jason tells her to please calm down for his sake and Michael's sake. Carly says that if Jason can say that he likes her, she guesses that she can try to calm down.

At Luke's, Hannah confesses to Sonny that she asked Luke about him. Sonny tells her where he came from and how he came to Port Charles. He says that once there, he stayed and branched out into various areas that he doesn't discuss. Hannah asks who cares.

At Kelly's, Lucky tells Liz that he never thought he would say it and mean it, but he isn't mad at his Dad anymore. Liz says that Lucky forgave Luke. Lucky says that whatever his Dad did, it wasn't to him. Now he is ashamed when he thinks of how he was to his Mom and Dad. He was heartless. His parents tried to explain, but he didn't want to understand. He tried to think it through, but the more he thought about it, the worse it seemed. He hated his parents. Then everything changed. God gave him an angel named Liz and everything changed. His parents had what he and Liz had. They loved each other. They thought it was never going to end, but it did. That was a big enough price to pay. He is through with the hate. They're his parents. He loves them. He tells Liz that she did that for him. Lucky stands up and walks over to the juke box. He selects the song that he and Liz danced to on Valentine's day (God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You). He and Liz share a romantic dance in the middle of a candlelit Kelly's. (Yes I am crying again. I just want to make it through this recap without shorting out my keyboard!)

Sonny tells Hannah that it is her turn to tell him about her. Hannah says that she went to school to be a special ed teacher. She had a professor that she had great powers of empathy. Sonny asks if that was a pickup line she had never heard before. Hannah says that she was so na´ve. She didn't know that there were men who didn't wear their wedding rings. She could have let him have it his way. Be his favorite student. Letting him give her a "A" for sleeping with him instead of doing the class work. She did it the hard way. She broke it off when she found out he was married with three daughters and he flunked her. She thinks he still blames her for his divorce. He shouldn't have made her mad. He shouldn't have tried to control her. Nobody does that to her. Sonny tells Hannah that he will take her home.

Lucky and Liz have arrived at the Liz's house where they have snuck into Liz's bedroom. Liz reminds Lucky that he has a makeup test tomorrow and then asks if he wants to meet her at the art supply store afterwards. Then they can go to an estate sale that she read about. Just to browse, who knows, maybe they will find something absolutely perfect. Lucky teases her about buying stuff for their place in New York that they don't have yet. Liz smiles and tells Lucky that he has to be patient with her. Planning even five minutes ahead is new to her. She thinks that why she used to smoke so that she would have something to look forward to. It wasn't like someone was going to call her and ask her out. And even if they did, she probably would have just said no with some sarcastic remark. Now here she is having an ordinary day that has been filled with lots of wonderful things. Sending the watercolor to Laura, having dinner with Nikolas and Emily, watching Lucky mend things with his Dad. She used to tell people to get a life which really meant to leave her alone, but now she got a life of her own. Lucky literally picked her up off of the ground and gave it to her. Lucky reaches up to caress Liz's face causing Liz to ask if there is something on it. Lucky says that he just wanted to touch her. Liz leans into his hand while Lucky tells her that art supplies and estate sales are great, but first things first, she has pretzels and he wants them. Liz laughs and they make plans to meet at Kelly's before school. She says that she can't miss French so he can't be late. She tells him to go right home and go to sleep. He promises that he will and climbs out of her window. As he starts to leave, Liz calls him back. She kneels in front of the window and tells Lucky that she loves him. Lucky reaches up to touch her face tells her that she is so beautiful. He pulls her in for a kiss and tells her that he loves her too. He gets up to go, but stops to turn around and give her a playful wink. Liz watches adoringly from the window as he leaves. (Yes I am crying AGAIN)

Liz is asleep in bed when she is awakened by the ringing phone. She sleepily answers and smiles when she hears Lucky's voice on the other end of the line. Lucky asks if he woke her up already. Liz says almost. She asks if he shouldn't be sleeping too, but Lucky says that he wasn't tired. He says that he thought he would read something real boring like the notes for his test tomorrow. He tells her that he is lighting on of her candles because it is warm and smells good and it lights up a room just like her. Liz says that that is so sweet and asks Lucky to light another one for her. Lucky asks if she is in dreamland. Liz says that she was in dreamland all day. Lucky tells Liz to go to sleep (for those of you who aren't Lucky and Liz fanatics, that is a line from the song that he wrote for her). They say goodnight and hang up. They both lay down in their respective bed and start to fall asleep.

At the Spencer home, Nikolas is babysitting Lulu when Luke arrives. He explains that Laura is out, but Luke cheerfully says that he is there to see his daughter. Nikolas diplomatically excuses himself to go find a book leaving Luke alone with Lulu. Luke tells Lulu that Lucky said that she missed him and he tells her that he misses her too.

At Wyndemere, Laura and Stefan are finishing their meal while Laura compliments the dessert. Stefan says that that is a coincidence because they just happen to have reservations at a restaurant that makes the same dessert, in Paris.

Jason has escorted Carly back to the Q's and she is getting ready to sneak back into the mansion. Before she leaves, she tells Jason that she knows that she overreacted. She gets crazy like that because she is so afraid that her plan will actually work and when it is all over, Jason won't be there waiting for her and Michael. She knows that she makes Jason so mad and she makes promises all the time, but Jason never makes them back. Jason assures Carly that he is in for the long haul and she doesn't have to smack waitresses around to convince him. Carly tearfully says that she is sorry. The stakes are so high. She hugs Jason and thanks him. Then she leans up and kisses him passionately. Jason willingly kisses her back.

At Luke's, Hannah is offended that Sonny has assumed that she will let him take her home. Sonny apologizes for seemingly trying to control her and Hannah agrees to let Sonny take her home. As they wait for Sonny's car, Sonny notices the red mark on Hannah's cheek. He comments that Carly got her pretty good and reaches up to gently touch her cheek. He asks if it is tender. Hannah looks surprised at his touch.

In Liz's bedroom, Liz is asleep and dreaming of all of the dances that she and Lucky have shared. At Luke's club when he sang to her and asked her to be "his girl", at the No Name, he waltz in the garden at Wyndemere, on Valentine's day...her dream is interrupted by the sound of sirens. She sits up suddenly like she was having a nightmare. She slowly lies back down and tries to go back to sleep.

Meanwhile, a fire is raging at the bike shop. Sirens scream in the distance as we see Lucky's room engulfed in flames. There is someone lying on the bed, but we do not see a face, only the back of a head which looks like Lucky.

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