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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 3, 1999 on GH
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Monday May 3, 1999

Sonny suggested to Jason that they hold off on meeting with Moreno and remain legitimate until the custody trial was completed. A captive Lucky managed to steal Faison's cell phone and placed a call to Liz. Lucky's hopes, however, were dashed when Liz was unable to hear him on the other end of the phone. Liz had mixed emotions when she received an acceptance letter from the art academy in New York. Hannah decided to rent a room at Kelly's. AJ shocked Carly with his marriage proposal and promised her a life of security. Jason arrived at the mansion just in time to hear Carly accept AJ's proposal. Chloe was intrigued by Felicia's request to gain access to Lila's old love letters.

Tuesday, May 4, 1999

A grieving Luke and Laura packed up Lucky's room but were still unable to reach out to each other. Overcome with pain and frustration, Luke started throwing Lucky's things out the window. Later, Stefan offered comfort to a forlorn Laura. Emily refused to be a bridesmaid at Carly and AJ's wedding. Bobbie suspected that Carly had a hidden agenda where AJ was concerned. Carly considered revealing the full details of her plan to destroy AJ to Bobbie, but decided against it. Monica and Bobbie agreed not to let the problems with AJ, Carly and Jason destroy their friendship. A suspicious Katherine was intrigued by Jax's offer to pay top dollar for her ELQ stock. Edward asked Ned to protect Katherine's ELQ shares from Jax, but Ned was in no hurry to help Edward.

Wednesday, May 5, 1999

At Chloe Morgan's fashion show, Felicia and Chloe wait for the arrival of the letters. Chloe apologizes for the delivery taking so long and confesses to Felicia that it was because of her Aunt Eleanor reading Lila's letters that inspired Chloe's first design. Chloe invites Felicia to stay and talk with her more about Lila and Edward to which Felicia declines saying she must get back to her girls.

At the Port Charles Hotel, Jax meets with Ned to discuss the possibility of purchasing Katherine's ELQ stock. Ned tells Jax of Katherine's plan to impress Edward by not selling Jax her stock. He then questions Jax's true intentions - Is he going after the Cassadines? He joyfully tells Jax that Alexis has bowed out of the race for the family fortune and he must go the road alone. Ned then inquires why Jax wants ELQ stock. Jax explains that ELQ stock gives him power and leverage. Ned confides in Jax that he may soon not be in the power position of ELQ. Jax reassures Ned that even Edward must know that Ned's judgment in business is impeccable. To this, Ned furthers explains the Michael arrangement. With the custody trial next week, Michael already living in the house and AJ's proposal to Carly, anything is up in the air. With all of this in limbo, Ned promises Jax the ELQ stock in return for his votes on the board. Jax agrees immediately. Ned welcomes him back to ELQ.

In the meantime in the dining room, Alexis meets with Tony. Tony explains that interviewing him for the trial is a waste of time because only his record will be there - He has been assured that he will not be called. Jason arrives to discuss trial strategy with Alexis who feels that the odds are not good. She will need to go after Carly to cause the damage necessary to win. Jason voices his opposition and makes it clear that Carly is off limits.

As Sonny coincidentally goes to Kelly's for coffee he runs into Hannah. After talking her out of tedious moving and unpacking, Sonny invites Hannah for a tour of his coffee warehouse. As Sonny leaves Kelly's, Jerry enters. Bobbie, very pleased that Jerry behaved so well offers a muffin of praise. Jerry tells Bobbie how she has civilized him. He then invites her out for a night of dancing to Classic Oldies as a reward and break from being such a pillar of strength for everyone after Lucky's death. As Bobbie agrees, the refrigerator makes a terrible sound -- impending its demise. During the tour of the coffee warehouse, Sonny invites Hannah to ask him whatever she wants -- she wants to know everything-but he wants her to go first. Hannah explains how she was born in California - an only child-parents divorced and she lived with her father who loved football. She went to a small college in San Diego - (where she met the professor she fell for - Sonny interjects). She then moved to Port Charles. Why Port Charles, Sonny asks? It seems like a good place to start over. As they begin to leave a forklift driver narrowly misses Hannah but instead pierces a bag of coffee, slightly revealing a bag of drugs (to the audience). Jason comes in right after the commotion, on his day off. Sonny asks him to clean up the mess and leaves.

Back at the Port Charles Hotel, Alexis joins Ned and Jax at the bar. Jax inquires when Alexis had planned to tell him about her plans of not pursuing the Cassadine fortune. Alexis rebuts -- when you told me about your meeting with Stefan. After some brief bantering, Jax excuses himself. Ned tells Alexis that he is planning to double cross AJ and Edward. As Alexis inquires to how this double cross is going to take place, Katherine enters. Ned invites Alexis to watch but she declines and makes arrangements to meet Ned upstairs for a a more private lunch later. Ned approaches Katherine to lay the groundwork for getting Jax his stock back only to find her as cocky as ever. He tells her that she is a sellout for trying to force the Quartermain's hand and that all of her pleasantries with Edward were a ploy on both of their parts. Ned threatens to feed Katherine to the woodchipper by destroying her company if she doesn't sell her stock back to the family at face value. Katherine says that if Ned speaks for Edward and they intend on making such threats they will see she doesn't give into threats. Ned puts the icing on the cake "Mark your calendar - 6 months" Deception would be ruined.

After Chloe receives flowers for Jackie Collins the letters arrive. They are kept in this beautiful antique box which Felicia opens. As Felicia begins to read the letter of the garden party aloud, Chloe recites it from memory. Felicia's eyes fill with tears as she exclaims that she can't catch her breath. Felicia thanks Chloe for the letters and promises to return them as soon as she finishes. She explains to Chloe that she never thought writing Lila's memoirs would effect her so much but that the story has bbegun to inhabit her. She promises to email Chloe when she return to Port Charles. Chloe asks for her to send pictures of her family. She feels so close to Felicia. Chloe then asks if she may fly back to Port Charles with her. As the refrigerator takes its seemingly last breath, Jerry offers to fix it. Reluctantly, Bobbie agrees only to find Jerry soon after surrounded by parts and the refrigerator totally dismantled. He asks for her assistance as a ploy to begin kissing her. As the smooching is going on in the kitchen, Tony enters in the front door of Kelly's. Although no one can be seen, he hears rumbles in the back and goes to check them out. He walks in on Bobbie and Jerry kissing on the floor. Without being noticed he makes his departure. Bobbie flirts with Jerry telling him he knows more about heat than refrigeration and lures him upstairs to a vacant room to make love. Fresh from her brush with disaster, Hannah continues to jab at Sonny about who he really is. She asks why if she made the mess in the warhorse -- why Jason was asked to clean it up? Sonny tells Hannah that Jason is going through a lot with his son's custody battle and needs to be kept busy. Hannah inquires to who the mother is and is stunned to find out it's Carly. Hannah thanks Sonny for the tour and reminds him bout the dinner he promised. They agree on next week.

Back in the warehouse, workers move the bags of coffee. As Jason is cleaning up the damaged bag, he discovers the drugs. Jason casually has the workers go work somewhere else as he stashes the drugs in his jacket and begins to open other bags to search for more drugs. Just as he begins, Taggert's voice is heard ordering them to open up. Jason has enough time to hide behind some coffee before Taggert busts into the warehouse.

Thursday, May 6

Friday, May 7, 1999

Carly has arrived for the custody hearing and is alone with AJ who assures her that it is a private hearing. It won't be anything like Tony's trial. Besides, she is practically a Q now. She will be fine. AJ also assures Carly that after today, Jason won't be able to bother her or their son ever again. Edward chimes in saying that the hearing is just a formality since Jason is locked up. No judge on earth is going to grant him visitation, much less custody. Michael will soon be theirs permanently.

At the police department, Alexis is speaking to Dara about Jason's release. Dara says that they have every right to hold Jason until the search of the warehouse is completed. Alexis asks if they can speak privately and Dara agrees.

Meanwhile, Jason quietly explains to Sonny that Moreno planted the drugs, but that he was able to slip the evidence to Carly before being arrested, but that Hannah saw him.

Alexis asks Dara to leave her client out of their personal battles. Dara tells Alexis that if she has complaints, she can file them with the court. As the two women continue to argue, Taggert arrives followed by Justus. When Taggert reports that no evidence was found, Alexis demands that Jason be released. Dara says that she still needs time to look over the evidence report and perhaps order another search. This infuriates Alexis who turns to Justus and asks if he is going to allow Dara to use her personal vendetta against Alexis to hold Jason. Justus assures Alexis that he has no reason to question Dara's motives. Sonny jumps in and offers to take Jason's place in jail, but Taggert and Dara tell him that Jason isn't going anywhere.

Nikolas is at the Spencer house reading to Lulu. As he continues to read the fairy tale about two brothers, Lulu interrupts and asks when Lucky is coming home. Laura overhears Lulu comments just as she comes down the stairs.

Luke is outside Kelly's placing a phone call to "Herr Krieg", otherwise known as Faison, in regards to a possible business deal. Faison, who is in his control room, is pleased to hear from Luke. As he hangs up the phone he is watching Lucky on one of the monitors. He laughs as he watches Lucky try to reprogram the automatic door with the computer computer. He smiles evilly and says that he never imagined that the Spencer's could be so entertaining.

Laura explains to Lulu that Lucky went to Heaven and that is why they can't see him anymore. Nikolas continues to read, but is interrupted by the doorbell. Lulu jumps up to answer the door and is delighted to see Liz. She jumps into her arms and gives her a big hug. As Liz walks in carrying Lulu, Nikolas tells her that she is just in time for a story. Liz says that she bets they are reading the one about the two princes. It's her favorite too. She turns to Laura and says that she hopes it's OK that she just stopped by. She just thought that maybe if she stopped by there first, she would be able to keep it together at work. Laura assures her that she is welcome any time. Liz says that being around the people that love Lucky makes her feel closer to him. Lulu tells Liz that Lucky went to Heaven. Liz sets Lulu down and kneels in front of her. She tells Lulu that Lucky did go to Heaven. He would be with them if he could, but Heaven is where he needs to be right now. Lucky misses them all very much, but he wants them to remember how much fun they had. She reminds Lulu how much fun she had when Lucky took her ice skating. She tells Lulu that they may not be able to see him right now, but she knows that Lucky is in her heart, and in Lulu's. Lulu points to her chest and asks if Lucky is right there. Liz tells her yes and gathers her up for a big hug. She looks sadly at Laura over Lulu's shoulder. Laura is on the couch fighting back tears of her own.

At the courthouse, Bobbie asks where Alexis and Jason are. Monica explains that Alexis is probably trying to get Jason released. Bobbie thinks it is so unfair and Monica agrees. It is also unnecessary. If only AJ would have been willing to compromise, this could have all been over months ago. Bobbie is surprised by Tony's arrival and asks why he is there. Tony asks if she can say subpoena. With that he marches over to AJ, Edward and Alan and tells them that they lied to him. AJ apologizes to Alan for lying to him and explains to Alan and Tony that he needed the testimony of the doctor that treated Jason. Tony tells AJ that he has no idea what this is going to cost him. He can't even begin to imagine. AJ assures Tony that he will be great. After Tony walks away, AJ tells Alan that he is sorry. He tries to mitigate the damage by telling Alan that Tony probably won't even have to testify since Jason most likely won't even show up. The judge arrives and calls the room to order and asks where Mr. Morgan is. AJ's attorney immediately makes a motion for summary judgment since Jason is in jail, but is interrupted by Ned who explains that Alexis and Jason have been unavoidably detained. As he asks the judge to please just wait a few minutes longer, Alexis arrives with Jason in tow. She apologizes for being late. The judge brushes off her apology and begins the hearing.

Tammy serves Luke a sandwich that he didn't and asks him when he last ate. She tells him it's on the house. Luke asks her if her boss knows she is giving food away. Tammy says that she doesn't think he minds because she is a really good friend of his. Luke says that he hears that she is a damn good friend of his. Luke sees Sonny walk in and asks Tammy if she can wrap up his sandwich to go. Luke asks Sonny about the warehouse raid. Sonny explains that Moreno set them up. The cops got an anonymous tip. Luke tells Sonny again to kill Moreno.

Sonny says that if he doesn't retaliate now, Moreno will believe that he is legitimate Luke asks if Sonny thinks that Moreno will really leave him alone. Sonny says that he might, but Luke doesn't buy it. He tells Sonny that next time Moreno gets serious, he is on his own. Sonny says that he understands. Tammy arrives with Luke's sandwich and Luke leaves. Hannah arrives and sees Sonny. She gives him a big smile.

In the courthouse, AJ's attorney is explaining that Michael is essentially the victim of a year long kidnapping. On the stand, Alan says with certainty that AJ would be the better father. He is the most determined person Alan has ever known. He has never given up on his family or himself. He found his own way into alcoholism recovery without any help. He has made a lot of mistakes, but he is trying to make them right. Monica, agrees that AJ should have custody as the biological father, but when prompted by the judge, admits that Jason is the emotional father. Jason has taken care of Michael since the day he was born. He stayed with him in the hospital and risked his life to rescue him. He has provided a caring and loving home. He even changed his life so he could be a better father to Michael. Jason loves Michael without reservation and she knows that Michael loves him. AJ should have custody, but Jason should be allowed to visit any time he wants.

At the Spencer's, Nikolas offers to take Lulu to her friends house and offers Liz a ride to work. Nikolas takes Lulu upstairs to get her coat leaving Laura and Liz alone. Laura thanks Liz for helping Lulu deal with Lucky's death. Liz says that she wasn't sure that she said the right thing, but Laura tells her that it was perfect. Liz asks Laura if Lulu understand that Lucky isn't coming back. Laura says that she thinks Lulu may have gotten it this time. Liz tells Laura that the other day she almost flunked a test and ran out of the room to find Lucky. She got all the way to her locker before she realized... He is everywhere. In the halls, in the classrooms. Laura nods in understanding and says that Lucky is all over the house for her. Everywhere she looks, all she sees is empty space where Lucky used to be. Liz says that she feels closer to Lucky when she is around Laura. Laura tells Liz that seeing her reminds her how happy Lucky was. She suggests that they talk about something else so that she isn't crying when Lulu comes back. Liz agrees and tells Laura that Lucky would be proud of them.

In his cell/room, Lucky continues to try to break the code on the door. He is finally successful and grabs his coat to make a run for it, but is stopped in the hall by Faison. Faison tells Lucky that he does extraordinary work, but reminds him that he has no travel plans.

Faison tells Lucky to feel free to go. If he hurries, perhaps he can make it past the guard with the stun gun. However, he assures Lucky that if he does make it back to Port Charles, he won't be able to locate Liz. That's ok though. Lucky is a handsome boy, he is sure that he will be able to find someone else. Lucky walks back into the room in defeat. Faison says that teenagers are all the same. Never listening, always wanting things their own way. Poor parents. That is why they have to keep an eye on them. Lucky says that he checked the place for video cameras. Faison chastises him for not keeping up with technology and assures Lucky that he is being watched twenty-four hours a day. Something to keep in mind when he tries to come up with escape plan B. Faison tells Lucky that he will clarify what will happen if Lucky tries to escape again. He whips out his cell phone and asks the person on the other end of the line to please locate Liz Webber. Lucky angrily tells Faison to leave Liz the hell alone. Faison tells Lucky that he disappoints him. He thought Lucky would enjoy another glimpse of his lost love.

At the Spencer's, Liz is helping Lulu put on her sweater. Liz and Lulu leave with Nikolas. Alone again, Laura looks around the empty house sadly.

On the docks, Sonny tells Hannah that they will discuss the incident with Jason one time and one time only. Hannah asks if he is referring to the drugs that she saw Jason hand to his crazy girlfriend. Sonny assures Hannah that Carly is not Jason's girlfriend and asks how she knows it was drugs. Hannah says that she saw and she didn't say anything to the cops. She wanted to give Sonny a chance to explain. Sonny says that he doesn't explain.

At the courthouse, Carly is on the stand. She tells the judge that Jason scared her from the beginning. He was so possessive with Michael. She should never have let Jason take care of him in the first place. Once she realized it, she was afraid to tell AJ for fear of what Jason would do. On the cross examination, Alexis asks Carly if Jason has ever hurt her physically in any way. When Carly says no, Alexis asks if Jason has ever threatened her. When Carly says no again, Alexis asks how Jason could intimidate her if he has never hurt her or threatened her. Carly says that it is the way Jason looks at her and just stares. He never does anything. Alexis suggests that the intimidation is only in Carly's mind since Jason has never done anything to her. AJ takes the stand next and tells his side of the story. He says that he was devastated when he learned that he had a son and that he had missed the first year of his life. That is time he will never be able to replace. He wants to give Michael a chance to love him. He wants Michael to know that he can give him a better life than Jason ever can. He wants to set a good example. He wants to help Michael reach his full potential. He and Carly are going to be married soon and they are good parents. He is Michael's father. He wants Michael to be raised by him. Tony takes the stand and explains the nature of Jason's injury. Jason sustained irreversible damage to his frontal lobe. He is physically incapable of feeling any emotion, empathy, love or compassion. His personality is learned. He mimics what he sees. He also has an adrenaline imbalance that can trigger uncontrollable rage at the slightest provocation, yet he cannot experience fear. He can't perceive danger for himself or anyone else. AJ's attorney asks Tony if Jason, in his opinion, is capable of raising a child.

When prompted for an answer, Tony reluctantly says that Jason Morgan is mentally incapable of living in society much less raising a child. He advised the Quartermaine's to institutionalize him, but they refused. He thinks that Jason should not be allowed anywhere near Michael.

On the stand, Bobbie explains why she thinks Michael should be with Jason, despite Carly siding with AJ. Carly knows that Jason is right for Michael. That is why she trusted him when Michael was an infant. She has spent a lot of time with Jason and Michael and she has never seen anyone take better care of a baby. Jason is the kind of father she wishes everyone could have and the kind of parent she wishes that she was. Jason loves Michael freely and would do anything to protect him. Jason is the only father that Michael has every known and the only father that Michael will ever need.

Emily explains that the Q's really do love Michael, at least the idea of Michael and the idea of love. Michael is only a baby and can't understand that to the Q's, love is lying and cheating and blackmailing. She tells the court that Michael is miserable when Jason isn't around. The Q's have so much, she doesn't understand why they can't give Michael what he needs the most, Jason.

Once Emily is finished, Alexis calls Jason to the stand. As he is sworn in, he stares directly at Carly.

Laura is in tears again as she looks at old pictures of Lucky. She is interrupted by the arrival of Stefan. He notices that she looks exhausted. She says that she keeps dreaming about Lucky. She dreamed about the first time he saw show. She shows Stefan the pictures she was looking at and explains that she had been planning to put the pictures in a photo album and give them to Lucky for graduation, but that she never got around to it. She holds one up and comments on how young Lucky looked. He was such a little boy. He was almost a man this year. She meant to take pictures of him with Liz and Lulu when they were playing in all of the snow from that big storm. As she continues to ramble, Stefan takes her into his arms and hugs her.

On the wharf, Sonny tells Hannah that he doesn't discuss business with her and that she doesn't need to get involved. She has no place in this and neither do drugs. Drugs have never been a part of anything he has done. What she saw with Jason was a setup. Hannah wants to know who set Jason up, but Sonny won't say. Hannah is angry. She was the only person who saw Jason hand Carly the drugs and she kept her mouth shut. She can't believe this is the thanks she gets. She tells Sonny that she ought to just walk away now. Sonny turns to her and tells her that she won't.

Hannah tells Sonny that she never thought that he was a drug dealer and is surprised when Sonny simply agrees with her. She asks where the warnings to stay away from him are. Sonny tells her that all of his warnings haven't done any good so he decided not to bother anymore. Hannah asks where Jason went. Sonny explains that Jason had to go to Michael's custody hearing. He tells Hannah how he felt when he found out he was going to be a father. When Lily told him, everything in his life changed. Up until then, he did what he had to do, but after he found out, everything up to that point didn't matter. He was getting a chance and the privilege to love and protect his kid and to honor and love his wife. To take care of them and give them everything he had. For twenty-four hours, he had a reason to be here.

AJ's attorney asks Jason about his recent arrest. Alexis interrupts to ask if this is necessary, but the judge tells Jason to answer. Jason explains that he was arrested not for suspicion of drug trafficking, but for obstruction of government administration. While Jason is talking, Bobbie notices Tony leaving and gets up to follow him out.

Outside the courtroom, Bobbie wastes no time in telling Tony what she thinks of his testimony. Tony insists that he told the truth. Bobbie does not agree. Tony crossed the line between medical fact and his personal bias against Jason. He didn't tell the truth. He is still the same mean, destructive man who stole Michael from his mother and he does not deserve to be around any child including Lucas. With that, Bobbie leaves Tony and returns to the courtroom.

Jason explains that Michael needs to feel safe and to know that he is there. AJ's attorney asks Jason how he can know what Michael needs when he can't feel what Michael feels or imagine what his life is like. Jason only wants Michael because he belongs to his brother. Jason says that he doesn't have a brother. AJ's attorney tells Jason that he stole Michael because he hates Michael and that he is incapable of feeling anything except that hatred. As the attorney continues to badger Jason, Carly jumps up and demands that he stop.

Stefan tries to coax Laura into taking a walk. He thinks it might help her sleep. She might be able to find comfort in her dreams about Lucky. She tells Stefan that she can't find comfort in her dreams if she has to wake up. She knows that she has to be strong for her other two children. Stefan agrees that her children need her, and so does he. He asks her to reconsider the walk and she reluctantly agrees. As Stefan helps Laura with her coat, Laura's mother returns. She is understandably shocked when she sees Stefan standing in Laura's living room.

Faison sets down his cell phone and instructs Lucky to watch the screen. Lucky sees the outside of Kelly's. Faison asks if he recognizes the location. Is the lovely Liz employed there? As Lucky continues to watch, Liz arrives with Nikolas. Faison says that she really is lovely. At Kelly's, Liz assures Nikolas that she thinks she can make it through one shift. Back in Lucky's cell, Faison says that Liz is hauntingly sad, but alive. He picks up his cell phone and says go ahead. He hangs up the phone and tells Lucky to watch the door. On the screen, a man walks out of Kelly's talking on a cell phone and bumps into Liz. Faison tells Lucky that the man could have easily had a knife or a gun. He tells Lucky to imagine his sweet love lying dead on the ground if he makes it through the door again.

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