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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 10, 1999 on GH
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Monday May 10, 1999

On the docks, Sonny and Hannah talk. As she brushes his cheek with her hand, he smiles and then tells her that her hand is warm. The young brunette pulls away, tells Sonny that she has him all figured out, and asks if it makes him nervous. He neglects to answer and asks her why she repeatedly gives him the benefit of the doubt, even though she witnessed his partner on the docks with drugs. Hannah decides to follow Sonny's example and not answer questions so the reported mobster treats her to an icy surprise, an ice. The two enjoy their frozen fruity treats on the docks as they discuss their childhoods. Sonny admits that he was jailed as a child, for stealing ices back in Bensonhurst. Hannah then tries to convince Sonny that perhaps he would be better suited to selling ices than coffee, but he isn't enthusiastic about the proposition. When he notices that it is time for him to head back to work, he offers to walk Hannah back to her living quarters. Outside Kelly's, the two share a passionate kiss goodbye.

In the courtroom, AJ's lawyer tries to get Jason to admit that he doesn't feel anything other than hatred for his brother. When things get tense, Carly leaps to Jason's defense but is quickly silenced by the judge. During her cross-examination, Alexis asks Jason what he promised to Michael and Jason reveals that he only promised to love Michael and provide him the opportunity to be himself. He then explains that he knows that Michael trusts him and describes how Michael feels comfortable around those that he can trust, such as Bobbie and Emily. The judge adjourns the court pending a final decision. As he leaves the courtroom, Jason thanks Bobbie and Emily for their testimonies before he is confronted by a menacing AJ

Liz and Nikolas talk outside Kelly's as Faison and Lucky watch them on video. Faison offers to demonstrate that the feed is live by having one of his men ask Liz for directions to a location of Lucky's choice. After this display of power, Faison mentions Liz's rape, which prompts an angry reaction from Lucky. After Faison leaves the room, Lucky fondly remembers a special kiss that he and Liz shared.

At Laura's, Lesley and Stefan come face to face. Lesley demands an explanation as to why she was kept prisoner in the mental asylum for over a decade and Stefan explains that he was only trying to protect her from Helena's wrath. At the time, he felt that the only way to keep Lesley alive was to fake her death. He describes how he injected her with a sleeping drug that would make her appear dead after the car accident planned by Helena. Stefan reveals that although his team was able to revive Lesley after the accident, he could not restore the Webber matriarch to her previous state. Lesley is willing to concede that Stefan's medical team was top-notch, but she is unable to understand why he never let Laura know that her mother was alive. Stefan explains that had he done so, Helena would have killed Laura. Despite Lesley's vociferous anger, Stefan contends that he believed that Lesley would never recuperate. He does, however, admit that he should have contacted Laura. Lesley then accuses the Cassadine of having taken years of her life away, but Laura quickly interrupts, maintaining that the only reason that Lesley is still alive is because of Stefan's intervention. Stefan extends his condolences with regards to Lucky's death and then departs. After he is gone, Lesley and Laura discuss him. Lesley says that their affection for one another is obvious and Laura express gratitude to Stefan for having raised Nikolas, having protected her on the island, and having saved Lulu's life.

In the foyer of the Quartermaine mansion, Edward praises his family for their performances in the courtroom. As they talk, the doorbell rings and Jason enters to visit Michael. In the den, Carly admits to Bobbie that the whole custody situation is her fault and the two embrace before Bobbie leaves. Carly then goes upstairs to visit with Jason and Michael despite the pleading of Emily not to do so. She apologizes to Jason for what happened in court.

Tuesday, May 11, 1999

Laura is starting job at the hospital. She shares her concerns regarding funding and participants with Audrey. Stefan assures Laura that she shouldn't worried and wanted to apologize for breaking his promise about avoiding her during work hours. He also inquires if Lesley is over the shock of seeing hi m yesterday. Laura informs Stefan that she is still concerned but that it doesn't matter because she (Laura) cannot imagine living without Stefan. Stefan and Laura check out her new office. As the look around the spend time reminiscing about her time on the island. She again worries if she will have enough participants for her outreach program. He assures her she is brilliant and they flirt shamelessly. Stefan gives her a farewell kiss and leaves her to settle into her new office. She pulls out a picture of her children and places it on her desk. As she continues to put away her belongings, she can't help herself from letting her eyes drift back to the photo. Tag shows up at Laura's office with a kid named Tripper, for program. He is a little brat. Laura tries to get through to Tripper and get him to open up to her. He says that he keeps running away because his mother is a drunk and a liar. Laura explains about his options but he is unmoved. She tries to find out what kind of things he likes and invites him to join her outreach program. He promises that he will return. After he leaves, Laura breaks down and cries. Stefan interrupts Laura while she cries. She goes on about not being able to help others if she can't help herself. Stefan tries to comfort her.

Felicia prepares Chloe for her introduction to Lila. While Felicia goes with Reginald to get Lila, Chloe stays in the foyer to wait. No sooner had Felicia left all the Quartermaine's pour into the lobby having an argument about the custody trial. No one seems to notice that Chloe is even present. They all storm away to different parts of the house and slam the doors. Ned finally notices Chloe. Ned flatters Chloe about her fashions and advertising campaigns. Ned tells Chloe not to worry about Edward. She can't believe that he is the Edward of the love letters and Ned assures her that was in fact Edward. About that time, Edward comes into the foyer bellowing for Reginald to round up the family. Upon seeing Chloe, Edward immediately becomes charming and Chloe declares that he is the Edward she knows. Chloe explains why she is there and Edward tells her that he is no longer giving money handouts to family members. Ned tells Edward that Chloe is a famous fashion designer and has no need of Edward's money. Finally, Lila and Felicia appear. Chloe is enraptured to meet Lila and Ned explains why Chloe is here. Edward is alarmed to find out that Chloe has memorized all of Lila and his letters. After Edward offers Chloe breakfast, Ned asks to hear about the letters. Edward and Lila are both very concerned about something in the letters. Chloe reads Lila's letters to all present. When Emily comes downstairs, Reginald explains that there is a visitor in the living room and Emily goes in. Lila notices Emily come into the room and introduces her to Chloe. Emily compliments her on her dresses and Ned informs Chloe that Emily is a model. Emily doesn't believe that Edward was the man that was being described in Lila's letter. Chloe asks about some of the events in the letters. Edward excuses himself and Ned follows him into the foyer. Ned tells Edward that Chloe is the best thing to happen to the Quartermaine's in years. When Ned leaves AJ comes down the stairs explaining that Carly is emotionally exhausted after the trial and is resting. Edward presses AJ to approach Carly about the prenuptial agreement. Edward then takes AJ in to meet Chloe. Upon hearing that Chloe designs wedding dresses, AJ informs her that he is getting marries. While AJ is in the family room, Carly comes into the foyer and finds the prenuptial agreement.

Hannah leaves Kelly's in the middle of a downpour. Jax sees her and thinks she is Brenda. Hannah tells Jax she isn't Brenda and he apologizes for mistake. He tells her that Brenda is dead but the body was never found. He is embarrassed and tries to explain himself. He then introduces himself and they part ways. Jax goes home to the penthouse and gazes at the picture of he and Brenda. He decides to pack up all of her things for storage. As he is working, Jerry shows up. He explains to Jerry that meeting Hannah was a message from Brenda that it was time for him to move on with his life.

As Jason talks to one of his workers on the dock, Hannah finds him. She wants to know if she reminds Jason of anyone from Sonny's past. Jason wants to know why. Hannah explains that she is trying to figure out his motives and explains about her meeting with Jax. Jason tells her about Sonny and Brenda. She pins him down about her apparent likeness to Brenda. He tries to explain that he doesn't see Brenda in her but he can't say what Sonny sees or feels. Hannah tells Jason that she doesn't want anything to do with Sonny if he only sees Brenda when he looks at her. Jason refuses to answer Hannah's questions. She tries to explains her feelings for Sonny. Jason encourages her to talk to Sonny.

Bobbie asks Tammy for a favor. She wants Tammy to come to Carly's wedding shower. Luke interrupts and explains that Bobbie is desperate for guests because Carly has no friends. Tammy declines the shower invitation due to a previous engagement. Luke continues to give Bobbie a hard time about the shower. Bobbie joking tells Luke that if she can't round up any guests she is going to make him come. Luke is horrified and tells Bobbie to come to her senses and forget about this shower. She says that she can't because Carly is her daughter and she loves her. Luke warns that Carly will suck Bobbie dry emotionally if she isn't careful. He encourages her to figure out how far she will go and be sure to stick with it. Bobbie asks him if that is what he did with Lucky. Luke is annoyed that Bobbie would compare Lucky and Carly but he takes her point. Luke suggests that Bobbie could hire actors to play Carly friends. Bobbie decides she will invite her friends to come. Luke says that if Felicia comes, he too will show up.

Next time on General Hospital   Felicia overhears Lila and Edward discussing the letters.
  Hannah goes to see Sonny about her questions.
  Carly confront AJ about the prenuptial agreement.
  Katherine approaches Jax about his offer.

Wednesday, May 12, 1999

Sonny's Penthouse
Hannah arrives to angrily confront Sonny about her resemblance to Brenda and Lilly. Sonny coyly asks where desert is then realizes something is up and inquires to what may be wrong. Hannah tells Sonny how she was mistaken for a woman named Brenda by a man who was at one time Brenda's fiancé. He didn't appear to be all that crazy and was amazed at how similar she looked to his dead love. Hannah then asks Sonny why he didn't tell her that she looked like Brenda. Sonny replies that he didn't say that because she doesn't. She is dark and thin and petite like Brenda but so are a lot of other women. Hannah adds: including your wife? -- that's how Jason described her. Sonny agrees Lilly had those same characteristics. So who do I remind you of -- your fiancée,' your wife, or am I just the type that you go for?

Jax's Penthouse
Jax and Jerry discuss how they may be able to get a better deal out of Katherine since she is so angry about the Quartermaine's threats. As Jerry walks around he notices that all of Brenda's things are gone. Jax explains that there is no need to live in a shrine. Jerry suggests floor to ceiling pictures of himself in various poses to warm the place up. As Katherine arrives Jax and Jerry play the typical banter of ignorance about each other's business. Katherine cuts right through the niceties and asks Jax if his offer still stands. Katherine however, has some adjustments to make : 1/2 the stock for the full price. Jerry responds that this is highway robbery. Katherine explains that with the knowledge that Jax is going to make the stock so much more valuable with his interest in the docks project -- she would be a fool to let go all of her holdings. Jax agrees but explains that without him the docks are in AJ's control and that is virtually worthless. He offers 1/2 the price for 1/2 the stock. Katherine hastily agrees.

The Quartermaine Mansion
As Monica and Allen discuss how they can escape dinner with the family, they overhear laughter in the parlor only to find Chloe telling some of the stories about Edward and Lila's past together. Emily explains to her parents who Chloe is and why she is here as well as about the infamous love letters. The topic over where Chloe is going to spend the night arises to which everyone joyfully argues over. Lila, Emily and Monica are all to happy to have Chloe stay at the house so they can relive the past and learn more about their exciting cousin. Edward, on the other hand, points out how nice the Port Charles Hotel is and how he is sure she would find it much more comfortable. Chloe politely compliments that she has heard wonderful things about the PCH, but that she would love to stay at the house. Felicia agrees to this arrangement as long as Chloe promises to stay with her tomorrow. As Felicia prepares to leave, she and Chloe discuss how wonderful the whole affair has turned out to be. Chloe thanks Felicia for allowing her this incredible opportunity to meet the Quartermaines and then notices something is wrong with how Felicia looks -- she is missing her bag. Felicia slips back into the parlor to retrieve her purse to find Edward and Lila talking secretly. Edward is concerned that something will come out of the letters and that Chloe has them memorized does not comfort him. Felicia slips back out unnoticed.

As V and Ned are arranging for a nice romantic dinner for Alexis and Ned, Bobbie comes over to invite V to Carly's bridal shower. V is reluctant in that she doesn't actually know Carly. Ned pipes in that -- that really is probably a pre-qualification. Bobbiee shoots Ned a dirty look and asks V to please come.

The Quartermaine Mansion
Carly is overlooking the prenuptial agreement when AJ comes in to invite Carly to come meet his new found cousin. He excitedly explains that Chloe is a designer and that she also designs wedding gowns. Carly hand the prenup to AJ and sais she doesn't think she will be needing a gown if he expects her to sing this. AJ tries to blame the document on his grandfather saying that almost none of the Q's marriages have not ended in divorce. Carly is infuriated. If this was all Edward's plan, why didn't AJ tell his grandfather that they didn't want a prenup. Carly lividly yells at AJ that he has no intention of seeing this marriage work. His plan from the beginning was to marry Carly, get custody of Michael, and send her back to Fern Cliff. AJ tries to defend himself by saying that he has too much respect for himself to enact such a plan and that maybe Carly's refusal to sign the prenup means she has no intention of the marriage working out. AJ claims that the prenup is just legal and has nothing to do with the two of them unless she is planning on divorcing him.

Alexis comes in apologizing for being late as Ned is playing his guitar. She was preparing Jason's appeal in the event it was necessary. Ned tells Alexis about Chloe and the love letters. They discuss how love letters are now a symbol of a time gone by -- that people just don't allow themselves to be so honest with each other anymore. Ned explains that as he listened to the words of his crotchety old grandfather, it made him think of all the things that he had been too afraid to say in the past. Ned begins to tell Alexis how much she means to him -- how blessed he is to be in her presence and how she makes him feel comfortable in his own skin for the first time in his life. As he stares into her eyes he tells her how much he loves her.

Luke is sitting at his desk when Felicia knocks. Go away, he grumbles. Felicia pleasantly pipes up, I did and now I'm back. She asks if he has committed any felonies since she was gone and says that she came to check up on him and to tell him he was right. Luke is happy to see her and is always thrilled to hear that he was right about something, but about what?

Sonny's Penthouse
Sonny asks Hannah if she thinks he's psycho? Does every petite brunette look the same to him? Sonny tells her she is welcome to back off if she is feeling uncomfortable. Hannah takes this as a controlling statement and reassures Sonny that she doesn't need permission to back off. What she want to know is - Is he still in love with Brenda? Sonny explains: When you love someone with your whole heart, it never ends. Not a day goes by that he doesn't think about the good times he had with Lilly or Brenda. He tells her that he and Brenda were not together when she died. That was his choice at first -- but it soon became hers as well. Sonny asks if they eat now? Hannah is embarrassed by her confrontation. She feels bad that she didn't dress for dinner -- or bring desert.

The Quartermaine Mansion
as Carly and AJ continue to argue about the prenup, Bobbiee interrupts to ask if Chloe can come to the shower? Carly is surprised to hear about the shower and admits to Bobbie that there may not be a wedding. "Can you believe they want me to sign a prenup?" Carly naively asks. "Is the Pope Catholic?" Bobbiee rebuts. What did Carly expect? Everyone knows that she went after Tony for his money. Carly angrily refutes this and says that she never said that Bobbiee interrupts her tirade and explains that she knows it was to get back at her but the rest of the world doesn't. She calms down and tries to explain that the Quartermaines guard their money with their life. She then accuses Carly of not marrying AJ for love. Carly exclaims that Love is the reason she is getting married if she gets married at all.

Alexis is obviously uncomfortable in this situation. She tells Ned that she has only told two men in her life that she loved them - her brother and her nephew. Neither of which want anything to do with her right now. If she hadn't already told Ned that she loved him it was because she didn't want to scare him away but since he mentioned it -- "I do love you, Ned Ashton" Alexis quickly gets up to leave mumbling that she can say all of this much clearer in a letter - Ned grabs her and they embrace.

Felicia and Luke discuss the possibilities that the Quartermaines are hiding somehting that may be revealed in the letters. Luke is not surprised - Edward didn't get where he was without stepping on a few dead bodies. Whatever it is - Lila wants it hidden as much as Edward. They continue to ponder what the secret may be.

Sonny's Penthouse
Hannah compliments Sonny's cooking and implies that he couldn't have prepared the dinner because his kitchen was to tidy. He teases her that he should be the one to be suspicious -- she's the one who showed up without desert. She defends herself saying that she came under the impression that she wouldn't be staying long -- next time she would be prepared with desert and the proper attire. Sonny gingerly caresses her face and kisses her hand. As Hannah begins to leave she thanks Sonny, strokes his hair and departs.

The Quartermaine Mansion
Carly and Bobbiee talk about the shower. Bobbiee tells Carly that V will be coming. Carly asks who is V? She is noticeable upset and asks if anyone she actually knows will be attending. Bobbiee announces that Monica will be there -- as Monica and Emily enter the room. Monica reluctantly agrees. Bobbiee cordially invites Emily who says she'd rather shove cocktail forks in both eyes. Lila sits in the parlor rereading her old love letters as Edward watches from the doorway. Lila stops -- looking concerned that something she read may be construed as damaging.

Thursday, May 13

Laura was rocked by the unexpected news that Tripper, the young boy she was counseling, had been killed. Later, Liz told Laura about Lucky's happy life on the street and Laura went to Lucky's boxcar. Liz accused Nikolas of trying to distract her from her grief over Lucky. A forlorn Liz finally admitted that she might need therapy to help her cope with losing Lucky. Liz was grateful when Taggert returned Lucky's subway token to her. After seeing Nikolas with Liz, a jealous Katherine reminded Nikolas of his commitment to Deception. Edward fumed when Jax informed him that he now owned a percentage of ELQ. Carly wondered why Bobbie had thrown her a bridal shower when most of the guests didn't even know her. Carly's shower took a turn for the worse when all of Carly's wedding presents turned out to be gifts for Michael. Emily, however, gave Carly a sexy piece of lingerie and said she wanted AJ to "get his money's worth." Carly then lost her cool and blasted Emily and the Quartermaines and stormed out. A furious Carly went to Jason for support, but Jason correctly guessed that Carly was most upset by the pre-nuptial agreement. Sonny and Hannah set a date for dessert.

Friday, May 14, 1999

At the courthouse, the judge begins to explain his decision. As he announces that primary custody is awarded to AJ and Carly, Edward jumps up shouting gleefully that they did it while Alexis leans over to a very unhappy Jason and tells him that they will appeal. There are ways to fight this.

Hannah is confused when she and Sonny arrive at his penthouse. He told her to dress up so assumed that he was taking her out for the promised dessert. She is pleasantly surprised when she walks in and sees a wide variety of extremely delectable looking desserts laid out on the table. Sonny smiles that adorable smile and asks Hannah if she sees anything she likes.

Luke walks into Kelly's and is waiting for a cup of coffee when Lesley arrives to pick up her to go order. She greets Luke with a hug. She tells Luke that he looks terrible and that so does Laura. Laura needs him and he needs her.

Laura is at the boxcar with a flashlight. She steps up into the boxcar and shines the light onto the walls. She looks around sadly noticing all of Liz's artwork. She sits down in the middle of the car and starts to cry.

Chaos ensues in the courtroom until the judge demands order. He threatens to fine Edward for contempt if he can't control his outbursts. The judge goes on to explain that it is clear to him that it is in Michael's best interests to also maintain contact with Jason. As such, he is awarding partial custody to Jason. He warns the family to settle future disputes amongst themselves. AJ is not happy with the decision, and Alan tries to console him. Emily happily hugs Jason who thanks her for everything she did.

Lesley tells Luke that she knows about the problems between him and Laura, but she asks what about the love. The strength of the bond between them. He and Laura need that right now. They are going through the worst pain of their lives. She doesn't understand why they aren't helping each other. They are the only two people in the world who know what it is like to lose their child. Not a child, but his and Laura's. Lesley starts to cry as she tells Luke that she doesn't know how to help Laura, but he does. She begs Luke to go to Laura, hold her and let her cry in his arms. The created Lucky together. They need to mourn him the same way. Luke disagrees. Grief plus grief equals more grief. If you put him and Laura in the same room right now all you get is what is left of their marriage after Lucky. And that is nothing. He doesn't know about Laura, but he is sick to death of what is used to be. He doesn't want to, but he has to find a way to get on with his life without his son. Laura can't help him do that. Lesley asks Luke why he is still wearing his wedding ring if there is no future between him and Laura. Luke says that maybe it is out of habit and maybe it's time to break it. There is nothing left between him and Laura. Lesley angrily says that this should not have happened and Luke agrees. He walks out leaving a tearful Lesley alone.

At Sonny's penthouse, Sonny describes each of the desserts to Hannah who can't choose because they all look so good. Sonny tells her that there is no hurry. Anticipation is half the pleasure. Hannah says that he may be the kind of person who takes his time opening a present, but she would rather rip the paper off as quickly as possible. Tearing the paper off of a present on Christmas morning without thinking is one thing, but it may not be the best way to live her life. She is trying to cultivate caution. She is afraid of getting in too fast and too deep. She tells Sonny about a relationship she had where she couldn't get out. There was nothing she could do to stop it except disappear so that is what she did.

Hannah asks Sonny how she makes her tell him things she had no intention of discussing. Sonny says that she must trust him. Hannah tells him that now he knows why she is cautious. She never again wants to fall into the trap she was in before. Sonny removes his coat, saying that it is hot, and asks Hannah if she would like some brandy. He then asks her if she has decided what she would like first. Hannah insists that she still can't decide so Sonny tells her to close her eyes and he will surprise her. He feeds her a strawberry dipped in whipped cream which she loves. They were her favorite when she was a kid. He asks if she is ready for the next one and feeds her crème brulé. He feeds her a few more desserts, each of which she savors. He then asks her if she is ready for the next one and leans in to kiss her passionately. Hannah eagerly savors the taste of this particular "dessert."

Alone at the boxcar, Laura is crying silent tears while she imagines the future Lucky might have had. Lucky and Liz's wedding, the birth of their first child, future Christmases with their children...(Very touching flash forwards here. I know I'm crying! Especially since they will probably be the last new Lucky and Liz scenes for a long, long time!) Laura's face is filled with anguish as she cries for the life Lucky will never have.

Laura removes the friendship bracelet from her wrist and while holding it, tearfully begs Lucky to forgive her. She suddenly stands up like she has heard or noticed something and steps down from the boxcar, leaving her flashlight behind. A train whistle is heard in the distance.

At Kelly's, Jerry has tracked Bobbie down. She tells him the results of the custody hearing and then begs Penny to cover for her at Kelly's so she can go celebrate with Jerry. Penny (who may be qualified for sainthood since she has now covered for Liz and Bobbie in one day) is happy to oblige and Bobbie and Jerry leave together.

At the Q's, Edward is ranting and raving about the outcome of the custody trial. He blames AJ for rushing the hearing. If he could have waited, this may have turned out differently. He is concerned with AJ's judgment and isn't sure he deserves to be CEO. At that comment, AJ explodes. He fulfilled his end of the bargain. Michael is under the Q's roof. He demands that Edward live up to his end of the bargain. If not, Edward is the one who will not be seeing Michael. Surprised at the forcefulness of AJ's outburst, Edward promises to begin making arrangements for the transition immediately.

Things are getting steamy at the penthouse as Sonny and Hannah continue their makeout session. (Now that's my kind of dessert!) As they continue to kiss passionately, Hannah gently pushes Sonny back onto the couch and slowly lies down with him.

Things at the penthouse continue to heat up as Sonny pulls down the zipper on Hannah's dress and she starts to unbutton his shirt. Hannah sits up suddenly saying that things are moving too fast. She assures Sonny that it isn't him, it's her. She wants this too much. Sonny asks why and kisses her again. She tells him between kisses that he makes it hard to think clearly. Hannah stands up and walks away from the couch. Sonny stands up and walks over to stand behind her. He tells her, in a breathless voice, that he will have Johnny take her home. If that is what she wants. Hannah gathers up her things while Sonny opens the door and gives instructions to Johnny. Hannah leaves with a last longing look at Sonny who watches as the elevator doors close. (Just a side note...Wow does Sonny look hot when he is all disheveled with unquenched passion in his eyes. JMHO of course!)

Apparently it is passion day on GH because now Jerry and Bobbie are getting ready to do the deed. Jerry carries Bobbie into her bedroom. She assures Jerry that they have the house to themselves since Lucas is spending the night somewhere and they fall back onto her bed locked in a passionate embrace. Let the love making begin!

Monica arrives home and finds a discouraged AJ in the hall. He tells her that Jason is upstairs if she wants to talk to him. Monica says that she has already spoken to Jason. AJ is angry that Monica even cares after what Jason said in court. He reminds Monica that Jason denied any relation to them. Jason played her so well. He used her to get her to take his side. Monica reminds AJ that when Jason left the house, he didn't know what love was through no fault of his own. He didn't understand a lot of things after the accident. He didn't kidnap Michael. He did something for a friend. Jason had no idea how he would come to feel for Michael or what it would do to AJ. AJ can't believe what he is hearing. He still thinks that it is Jason's fault that Michael will never think of him as his father.

Alone on the docks, Luke hears Lucky's voice telling him that Lesley was right. He and Laura are the only ones who can help each other through this. Luke turns and sees Lucky standing there (not really of course, just Luke's imagination). Luke tells Lucky that the last time he saw Laura, he threw away everything that reminded her of Lucky. His clothes, his computer. Laura had to beg him to let her hang on to the blanket Lucky used to carry around. The best thing he can do for Laura right now is to leave her alone. Lucky says that Laura shouldn't be alone right now and neither should Luke. Luke angrily tells Lucky that he shouldn't be dead. Every time he looks at Laura all he sees is what is gone. And he can guarantee that Laura sees the same thing when she looks at him. Besides, he thought it was all about getting on with is life. In fact, he thinks Lucky is the one who told him that. He is just trying to honor Lucky by moving on. Lucky tells Luke to keep moving and not look back. Luke agrees that he can't look back and suddenly, Lucky is gone.

At the Q's, Carly gives the engagement ring back to AJ and tells him she won't hold him to a proposal that he made just so that they could have full custody of Michael. AJ tells her that he proposed because she is Michael's mother and he wants the three of them to have a life together. They are a family. He asks Carly if she thinks of him as Michael's father. Carly says that of course he is Michael's father. AJ says that they can have a life together if that is what she wants. Carly says that she wants Michael to have both of his parents. AJ points out that there is only one way for that to happen. Carly asks if he is sure. AJ says that he has never been so sure of anything in his life. He slides the ring back on Carly's finger and pulls her in for a kiss.

Meanwhile, Jason is helping Michael walk down the stairs. Jason explains to Michael about his new living arrangements. He gathers up Michael's toys and wanders off to find a snack.

At Bobbie's, Jerry and Bobbie are lying in bed cuddling after their lovemaking. Bobbie asks why tonight feels so special. Jerry says that she is happy and so is he. Jerry tells Bobbie that she has changed his life. Bobbie teasingly asks if he is leaving her. Jerry says not a chance. As they talk and laugh together, things start to get romantic again. They start to kiss passionately, but are interrupted by Lucas who is looking for his baseball cards.

At the penthouse, Sonny finishes his brandy and starts to pour another, but stops when he notices Hannah's untouched glass. He sets down the decanter and picks up Hannah's glass instead.

At Kelly's, Hannah waves goodbye to Johnny and turns to walk inside. She is stopped by a strange man who asks her where she is going in such a hurry.

On the docks, Luke remembers he and Laura dancing together in the diner in Canada. As the memory fades, he slowly removes his wedding ring and brings it up to his mouth. He stands and walks over to the edge of the dock and then throws the ring into the water.

Laura is sobbing openly as she walks unsteadily along the railroad tracks. She stumbles and falls. She lays on the ground in a crumpled heap sobbing and begging God to help her. A train whistle is heard in the distance, but continues to grow louder. Laura stands and turns. She appears frozen in her tracks as she sees the light of the oncoming train. .

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