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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 17, 1999 on GH
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Monday May 17, 1999

At the penthouse, Sonny hears a loud knock at his door. He opens it to find Mike, who is worried because Johnny is gone. Mike enters and inquires about Sonny's date for the evening, which obviously irritates Sonny. When Mike mentions that he is glad his son is dating again, Sonny tells him to drop it. After sampling several desserts, Mike departs, but not before encouraging his son to lower his standards.

Outside Kelly's, Hannah tells the strange man that she never wants to see him again and then enters the restaurant. Tammy sits down at a table with her friend so that she might recount her evening at Sonny's, including details of the desserts and the special kiss. Hannah admits that she doesn't think that she was right to leave Sonny, but Tammy assures her that he is a gentleman and very patient.

In a bedroom of the Brownstone, Lucas asks Bobbie why Jerry is in bed with her. Bobbie asks him to wait outside as she and Jerry dress. After Jerry concocts many ridiculous excuses, Bobbie interrupts to say that she is going to tell her son the truth. Jerry leaves so that Bobbie can have a one-on-one discussion with Lucas. She assures her son that she is not upset with him and that Jerry will never replace Tony. When Lucas asks if Bobbie and Jerry were making love, she tells him that they were and asks him to knock before he enters next time.

On the docks, Liz runs into Luke and asks if he wants company. They discuss Lucky after Luke notices that Liz is wearing Lucky's old clothing and the subway token. Liz is sad because this is the first evening that Lucky's death has seemed real. Luke tries to offer condolences, but struggles to find any glimmer of optimism. He takes the young girl home and when he drops her off outside her door, he tells her that he knows that she was the most important thing in his son's life and that he is forever indebted to her. Luke emphasizes that should she ever need his assistance, he will always be there for her. Before entering the house, Liz tells him that he has already been of great help to her.

In the dark room, Faison enters to find that Lucky has drawn a map of home. Faison presents Lucky with a chess set and says that if the boy can beat him at a game, he will win the answer to one question of his choice. After two losses, Faison praises Lucky's concentration. He offers to answer a question as incentive and Lucky asks why he is being held captive. Faison tells the boy that he is being used as bait and then leaves. Lucky, in hopes of having more questions answered, sits at the computer and practices his chess skills.

On the railroad tracks, Laura stands to approach an oncoming train. Just as the train comes dangerously near, Stefan leaps to her rescue and they jump to the side of the tracks. When Laura recovers, she doesn't remember what happened. Stefan reveals that he followed her to the boxcar and then to the tracks. He is glad to have found his love and he slowly lifts her from the ground so that he can take her home.

Inside Kelly's, Mike saunters over to the counter and tells Tammy how excited he is that Sonny is dating again. When Hannah approaches the counter to return her hair dryer, Tammy introduces her to Mike. Mike figures out that Hannah is the mystery woman and mentions her resemblance to Brenda. He then cautions her of the implications of a relationship with his son.

Elsewhere on the docks, Jerry tells his brother what happened at the Brownstone. Jerry is afraid that he hurt Lucas and feels that he should have explained his actions to the boy. He then tells Jax that he is too involved and that it is time for him to leave Port Charles. He contends that Bobbie is not right for him because she is a nurse and a mother, and that he is not pleased that he has spent so much time in the city. He reveals that he intended to profess his love for Bobbie before Lucas walked in, something that he should never do. Jax spits Jerry's own advice back at him and urges him to take the straightest path and face his greatest fear.

Stefan returns Laura to her home, where they find Lesley waiting. When Laura goes upstairs to tuck Lulu in, Lesley asks Stefan what transpired earlier in the evening. He tells the elder Webber that her daughter tripped and again apologizes for his past mistakes. Lesley thanks him for returning Laura to her home safely and realizes that he truly loves her. Stefan goes upstairs, where he comforts Laura as she describes why she went to the boxcar. He tells her that he doesn't believe that she wanted to risk her life, but that she was lost in grief.

Back at Kelly's, Tammy closes up. Before she leaves, she tells Hannah that Mike said that he thought that Sonny's date was a hit. Hannah then stands in the dark restaurant and looks out the window, towards the docks.

At his penthouse, Sonny looks out the barred windows as someone with binoculars watches him.

Tuesday, May 18, 1999


It was the 5th Anniversary of BJ's death and Felicia and Bobbie visit the grave together. As always, Lucy was there first and covered the grave with pansies, BJ's favorite flower. Felicia and Bobbie talk about BJ and the gift of life that she gave Maxie.

Tony goes to Laura's to share his grief and to help Laura with her guilt over Lucky and Tripper's deaths. He tries to convince her that she has no need to feel guilty. After Tony leaves, Stefan stops by to check on Laura and ends up staying for a tea party with Lesley Lu. It warms Laura's heart and she joins in the fun.

Bobbie and Lucas show up at Kelly's and Bobbie asks Tammy if she can watch Lucas for a few minutes. After Bobbie leaves, Tony shows up and Lucas is ecstatic. They sit together while Lucas eats some cookies. of course, in the way of children, Lucas tells Tony about finding Jerry and Bobbie in bed together. Soon after, Bobbie returns and receives a dark, menacing flare from Tony.

Mike goes to Jason and asks that he help keep Sonny and Hannah apart. Mike is convinced that Sonny is only drawn to Hannah because she is a cross between Lilly and Brenda. After Mike leaves Jason, he goes to Luke's to find Sonny. He walks in when Hannah and Sonny are making goo-goo eyes at each other. Mike tries to talk to Sonny about his relationship with Hannah but that only makes Sonny angry. Sonny tells Mike to mind his own business and storms out of the club. We see that someone is once again watching Sonny through binoculars.

AJ convinces Carly to move up the wedding date. They will be marries in one week in the Quartermaine Mansion. Carly makes it clear that she has no intention of signing the prenuptial agreement and AJ says that is fine by him.

Jason shows up to pick up Michael and has a confrontation in the hall with AJ. Jason tries to find a middle ground with AJ and compromise but AJ just becomes belligerent and tells Jason he doesn't want to have anything to do with him. As Jason waits, Reginald and Leticia ask Jason if it is okay if she stays with Reggie at the mansion when Jason has Michael. Jason agrees due to the budding romance he sees between the two. Carly brings Michael down and sends him off with his Daddy saying she wishes she could go to and that she loves them both.

Wednesday, May 19, 1999

Jason's Penthouse
Jason happily welcomes Michael back home. Within moments of their arrival, Hannah drops by after Sonny is not home. She comments on how happy Jason looks to have Michael back and Jason tells her that the penthouse has seemed empty without him. Jason realizes that Hannah wants something from him and calls her on it. She tells him about her conversation with Sonny - How she accused him of seeing Brenda in her and how quickly he refuted the notion. She explained that she felt better about the situation until she ran into Mike at Kelly's. Mike had told her to stay away from Sonny - that the resemblance to Brenda was too much of a coincidence. Then at Luke's Mike had come into to talk to Sonny and Sonny had reacted by being very cold to Hannah. Jason tells Hannah that Sonny is complicated but she is doing fine. Jason then receives a call from the warehouse about a shipment coming in early. Hannah offers to watch Michael while Jason goes to sign for the coffee. She assures Jason that she is great with babies and that she will be fine until he gets back.

Luke sits at one of his table wearing dark glasses and smoking one of his famous cigarettes. He is obviously recovering from a long night when Sonny comes in. Sonny explains that he set up last night when Luke was out and had planned on doing the same tonight. Luke says he doesn't need any favors and that he will set up just like every other night. He is then greeted by Helena. "Most people get pink elephants - I get the black widow" he cleverly announces. Helena offers her condolences and then tells Luke he now knows what she went through after he killed Stavros. Luke angrily begins to react but she interrupts. She is planning to make a donation in Lucky's name to the General Hospital Outreach Program. Luke says no. Helena argues that Laura may disagree since she is running the program. She jabs that she can always get Stefan to feel Laura out about the situation -- he doe shave so many opportunities. Sonny pipes up that if the Outreach program need financial backing he will offer them the funds. Luke tells both Helena and Sonny to put their blood money where it belongs but to leave his sons name out of it. Helena departs telling Luke that outside of his grief he is becoming tedious.

The Quartermaine Mansion
Lila and Felicia discuss Lila's memoirs. Lila remembers Edward as the most romantic young man she had ever encountered. She knew that he was the love of her life. They begin to discuss the letters when Lila offers to read through them and sort out the letters that Felicia will find the most useful. Felicia coyly responds that she doesn't want to be cheated out of one word of those loving letters.

As Chloe is busy telling stories of her travels and visits with royalty, Edward burst in to announce the ELQ board meeting and the critical juncture it is in with the addition of Jax as well as Sonny and Jason to the board. He tells those that cannot attend to give their proxies to him and he will vote how they should. AJ and Carly interrupt to announce their wedding -- one week from tomorrow. After some uncomfortable silence, Alan and Edward congratulate them. Monica on the other hand, doesn't understand what the rush is for. They just got engaged -- why not enjoy that for a while? How do they have enough time to plan a wedding? AJ explains that it's being taken care of and Chloe says she has already begun sketches of the dress. Carly announces that Lila is graciously throwing them an engagement party that they are all invited to attend.

Port Charles Grill
Alexis and Jax chat about the custody case. Jax congratulates Alexis - regardless of the fact that he hates Jason and Sonny, Jax knows that it was Alexis skill as an attorney that saved her client. Alexis congratulates Jax on his new acquired ELQ stock and tells him that it will only bring him trouble but of course that's what he wants.

Sonny is angry at being compared to Helena. He yells at Luke that tif their partnership is over that's fine but when he puts him in the same category as Helena that means we are enemies and that's new to him. Luke explains that when people are around Sonny they get hurt. That's fine for the people who recognize it but Luke wants no part of Sonny's game that he's playing through. Sonny tells Luke that he will bring the papers for Luke to sign and that's that. Luke says that is not enough. I want you to do business the old fashion way. Sonny tells Luke that he has no intention of going back to his former way of life and that he will not be forced to do so. If he has to lose Luke's friendship because of it -- that's what will have to happen.

The Quartermaine Mansion
Edward and Monica argue over AJ and Carly's impending nuptials. Edward tells Monica that she is not behaving properly -- she should be more encouraging to AJ. Monica blames Edward for the entire mess. Felicia is about to leave when she overhears Edward and Monica arguing. Edward catches her eavesdropping and berates her for being so rude asking if this is part of her undercover work. Felicia apogees profusely and leaves. Edward calls his friend Pete, the judge, to ask for an unscheduled visit to Jason's by a court appointed officer. Lila overhears the conversation and demands to speak with the judge. Lila makes it clear that Michael is safe at Jason's' and no visits are necessary.

Jason's Penthouse
Sonny comes to Jason's penthouse and is surprised to find Hannah there. He tells Hannah that Jason doesn't trust Michael with anyone and usually will not leave him. Hannah explains about the shipment at the warehouse and that Michael had just gone down for a nap when the call came. As Hannah goes upstairs to find Michael's giraffe, Sonny and Michael play with the blocks. Hannah comes downstairs to see this loving illustration of affection from Sonny.

Port Charles Grill
As Jax finishes business with an old friend, Ned stops by. He offers to share information with Jax as well as inform him of the upcoming board meeting. Ned gives Jax a copy of the agenda with the proposals marked how Ned intends Jax to vote. Jax cleverly says he will take Ned's suggestions under advisement. Somewhat peeved, Ned explains to Jax that he is more than aware that he is in a vulnerable position however, Jax wants ELQ to flourish so that he can make Money himself and that will only happen as long as Ned is in charge. The Quartermaine Mansion
As Edward is finishing a phone call, Reginald and Leticia come in from a walk together. Edward balls them out for cavorting together and tells Leticia that when Michael is not home she is to be ironing creases in his pants. Reginald explains that they are both on a break. Edward exclaims that breaks are no longer allowed and that if the two of them pull something like this again they will be fired. Chloe hears all of this as she comes downstairs. She confronts Edward in front of Reginald and Leticia and tells him that his behavior is unacceptable and that he is acting outside his bounds. Edward is astonished and livid that Chloe would scorn him in the presence of the help. He tells her that he has no intention of trying to live up to the fantasies that she has made up from some old love letters. Chloe responds that they are at an impasse then because she has no intentions of lowering her standards of him. As they both leave, Lila wheels around the corner -- obviously having overheard the entire conversation.

Alexis' Penthouse
Alexis is busy reading a love letter that Ned has written her when he arrives. He sees the letter and offers to leave so she can finish. Alexis grabs him and informs him that he is not going anywhere. She asks Ned to read the letter to her. He begins to recite it -- leaving out some parts that she catches him on and interjecting some new pockets of love that she knows were not originally written. He tells her how much he loves her and how she has opened his heart.

Jason's Penthouse
Jason comes home and finds all three playing with the giraffes. Hannah tells Jason that the house needs babyproofing. Jason explains that he was unsure that he would get Michael back and would now love some recommendations. She tells him that the sharp corners have to go and that a soft comfy couch and chair would be good. Just like Jason, he tells her to go ahead and do it -- handing her a wad of money. He tells her the only requirement is that it has to be good for Michael. Hannah calls some furniture stores and makes arrangements to go pick out the furniture. Jason offers to pay her for her services to which Hannah declines. She says that this is fun and she won't accept money for having fun. Since Hannah did such a god job with Michael, Jason asks her if she would be interested in helping him watch the baby. Hannah agrees to be the back up help whenever Jason needs her.

Felicia shows up at Luke's to tell him about the strange occurrences at the Quartermaine's. She explains how since Chloe's arrival, Edward's mood has become monstrous. At first Luke doesn't think she has anything -- just because your life starts with poetry doesn't mean things won't change -- but Felicia knows there is something there. She daydreams of herself as Lila and Luke as Edward. Luke offers to help Felicia find out the truth about the Quartermaine's and kisses her hand just as he had done in her dream.

The Quartermaine Mansion
Carly looks over Chloe's dress sketches and asks Edward's opinion to which one he likes best. He tells her any will look lovely on her and asks about the prenuptial agreement. Carly begins to act vague and says they are so confusing she's not sure she understands them. Edward tells her they are just a bunch of legal things and that she really doesn't have to waste her time reading them and just to sign. AJ enters to have Edward explain that Carly has agreed to the Prenuptial after he represents it to her. Edward then leaves the two alone. AJ is surprised to hear that Carly has agreed. Carly explains that she didn't agree she just didn't give Edward a hard time about it because she knows how hard it is for AJ when she does. AJ tells her that she has only made things more complicated by not being forthright. Carly offers to put off the wedding until the matter can be resolved to which AJ says it's not that important and they need to start planning the honeymoon.

Thursday, May 20

Friday, May 21, 1999

Bobbie and Jerry arrive at the Q's just after AJ and Carly have made their big entrance. Carly is clearly thrilled so to Bobbie and greets her with a big hug. Bobbie compliments Carly's dress while Carly explains that it is one of Chloe's designs. AJ tells Bobbie that he intends to make Carly and Michael very happy. As they continue to talk, Edward interrupts to make the first toast of the evening to AJ and Carly. He starts a couple of times and can't think of anything to say so he just says to AJ and Carly.

Jason thanks Hannah for watching Michael today. He knows that she had her hands full with redecorating the apartment. Hannah is concerned that Jason won't like what she's done, but Sonny assures her, with a sly smile, that he knows she has great taste.

At Luke's, Felicia is alone in Luke's office waiting for him to change when the phone starts to ring. She finally answers it when Luke doesn't make an appearance. She says hello, but there is no response on the other end.

Faison is shocked to hear Felicia's voice and still doesn't say anything. He regains his composure when he finally hears Luke's voice. He apologizes to Luke and says that he will have to postpone their transaction. As he hangs up the phone, he turns and watches Lucky on the monitor.

Luke hangs up the phone and tells Felicia that he has changed his mind about going to the party. He was doing his tie and it started to feel like a noose. He realized that he would go anywhere to watch his darling niece hang, but when the Q's are thrown into the mix, he starts to feel sick. Felicia begs him to reconsider. She tells him that it will be different because he will be under cover. Besides, she needs for him to watch Edward and see how he acts when Lila's memoirs come up. Luke is still reluctant and says that Edward will take on look at Felicia's cute little face and cute little figure and, if he has any sense at all, he will act like a dirty old man. Luke remains unconvinced, but Felicia tells him that sometimes, all you can do is just go through the motions whether you like it or not because it is the only way back and you're too numb to do anything else. Luke reluctantly agrees to go and a delighted Felicia drags him out the door.

Sonny assures Hannah that Jason was happy with her decorating. Hannah is still uncertain. She thinks Jason was just being nice. He didn't seem too excited when he saw it. Sonny says that if Jason said that he liked it, he meant it. Hannah says that Jason hardly knows her and he trusted her with thousands of dollars. It's just hard to believe. She is doing so many things she has never done before. Like the things Sonny has her doing.

At the Q's, Edward tracks down Chloe and tries to apologize for his behavior at the board meeting. Katherine interrupts with a snide comment about Edward's intentions. Chloe graciously tells Katherine that she is a big admirer of Deception's products. Katherine not so graciously says that she has never worn one of Chloe's gowns, but if they can make even Carly look good she may have to try one. Chloe excuses herself saying that Carly is a beautiful woman and would look good in anything. After she leaves Katherine sarcastically tells Edward that she may have sprung the rabbit from the trap. Edward asks Katherine if she really likes to work against him. Katherine smiles knowing that Edward is referring to her sale of ELQ stock to Jax. Edward tells her that Jax will not be loyal to her like he always has. And she really shouldn't be so concerned with Nikolas's loyalty either. Katherine says that she would never dream of criticizing the workings of ELQ. She knows that he has had a big upset and it has left him cross. She suggests that they leave it at that.

Katherine walks into the hall and is not happy to discover Nikolas with Liz and Emily. The threesome is having a grand time eating their dinners while sitting on the stairs. Liz and Emily are throwing grapes in the air while Nikolas tries to catch them in his mouth.

Katherine continues to eavesdrop while Emily begs Nikolas to take them away in his Jag. He says that she would get into trouble if she left now, but Emily doesn't think so. She has been so good. Liz agrees that Emily has the Q's trained not to expect much. Nikolas jokingly asks why he didn't think of that. Liz says that he has his own place and asks who he would have to train? Unless he means...She stops, but Nikolas prods her to tell him what she was going to say. As Liz insists that she didn't mean anything, Katherine makes her presence known. Nikolas jumps up and offers to get Katherine a plate, but she declines the offer. She tells Nikolas that they can leave now and thanks Liz and Emily for entertaining him. Liz assures Katherine that Nikolas entertained them. On that note, Katherine leaves with Nikolas in tow.

Once they are gone, Emily laments that they have lost their escape. Jax returns from his visit with Lila and makes small talk with Emily and Liz. Emily warns Jax to avoid Edward, but Jax tells her it is too late. Edward already caught him in Lila's room and threw him out. He doesn't know how Lila puts up with Edward. There is no explaining love.

Sonny asks Hannah why he gets the feeling he is about to be blamed for something. Hannah explains that she is used to making her own way. All of the sudden she has a new life and Sonny made it all happen. She isn't complaining, it's just that it is disorienting. One day she has nothing but her purse and the next minute she has him. Actually she isn't even sure she has him. One minute he is kissing her and the next he is treating her like a stranger. Sonny tells her that she isn't the only one who is disoriented. Sonny carresses Hannah's hair and pulls her close. He leans in and kisses her. Hannah is helpless to resist and the kiss turns passionate.

At the Q's, Emily and Liz decide to sneak up to Emily's room, but run into Carly on her way back down the stairs. Carly graciously thanks Liz for coming. She tells Liz that she was very moved by what she said at Lucky's memorial service. She doesn't know Liz very well, but she will never forget what she said. Emily is furious with Carly and tells her that she has no right to speak on behalf of any of the Spencer's especially to Liz. Liz tries to make Emily be quiet, but there is no stopping Emily. Carly starts to insist that she was only trying to be nice, but Emily leaves dragging an embarrassed Liz with her. Liz politely thanks Carly as Emily drags her up the stairs.

Carly is alone in the foyer when she hears a knock on the door. When the ever absent Reginald fails to appear she exasperatedly opens the door herself. She is not happy to see Luke and Felicia. She tells Luke that she happens to know that his name was not on the guest list. Felicia explains that her name is and that Luke is her guest. Carly sarcastically reminds them that they are married to other people which causes Luke and Felicia to laugh hysterically. Luke assures Carly that he is only there as the proud uncle. Carly asks how a sweet woman like Bobbie ended up related to trash like him. Luke smiles and says that thousands have asked that question, but noone has come up with an answer. He then excuses himself and asks Felicia if she would like to join the party. After they go, Carly goes into the library to regain her composure.

Edward comes down the stairs and runs into AJ who is looking for Carly. He asks AJ how he is doing on the prenuptial front. AJ says that Carly is coming around. Neither man is aware that Carly can overhear what they are saying. AJ goes on to reassure Edward that by the time the wedding rolls around, Carly will sign anything to become Mrs. Quartermaine. As they leave, a tearful Carly walks out the front door.

In Emily's room, Emily apologizes to Liz for Carly's comments. It's bad enough that Liz is missing Lucky every day, but then everyone else has to remind her that they miss him too. Liz says that it is really all right. Emily insists that it isn't fair to her. Liz asks Emily what about her. She misses Lucky too. She apologizes for not being more supportive to Emily. Emily assures her that she is being supportive just by coming to this party. She will always miss Lucky. Not in the same way as Liz, but she will miss him. She thinks that she yelled at Carly more for herself than Liz. Which only proves that she really is turning into a Quartermaine. Liz laughs at that and promises Emily that she will never let that happen.

Chloe is hiding out when Edward once again tracks her down. She is relieved when Felicia interrupts to introduce her to Luke. Edward is not happy to be interrupted, particularly by Luke. Chloe offers to get them a glass of champagne. After she leaves, Edward tells Felicia that he thinks she is taking advantage of her role as Lila's confidant. Bringing Luke into this house is a perfect example. Felicia offers to go talk to Lila, but Edward insists that that isn't necessary. Luke asks if he offends Edward's poetic sensibilities. Edward angrily tells Luke that the letters were not meant for public viewing. The letters are merely relics of another time. There is nothing wrong with them except Felicia's mistaken idea that she has the right to broadcast them to the world at large. As Edward storms off in a huff, Luke tells Felicia that the old coot is definitely worried.

Sonny and Hannah continue to get hot and heavy on the couch. Hannah removes Sonny's shirt and Sonny starts to return the favor when there is a knock on the door. Sonny tells the person to go away, but the person insists that it is important. Sonny pulls away from Hannah apologetically saying that it must be important. Hannah repairs her clothing and excuses herself saying that Jason may need her to watch Michael. Sonny walks Hannah to the door and gives her one last longing look as she heads over to Jason's. He then motions his men to join him inside.

Sonny is very agitated when he is told that a bomb was discovered in his car. If Moreno wants to go to war, they have to be ready. He starts issuing orders immediately.

At the Q's Luke tells Felicia that the most obvious move now is to get the letters. Felicia says that she will just ask Lila, but Luke thinks that that is a bad idea. Lila is too loyal to Edward after all of these years. Edward is already suspicious. They certainly don't want him to hire a private detective to follow them around. He tells Felicia that he will come up with something else. He asks her if she wants to get some air and they go out on the terrace. Just as they leave, Bobbie and Jerry come into the room looking for Luke. When they don' t find them Bobbie and Jerry find something else to occupy their time.

In the hall, Ned tells Jax that he picked the right board meeting to miss. Jax is surprised to hear about Lila giving her niece Chloe her proxy. Jax laughs and says that that is why he normally avoids family run businesses like the plague.

Chloe has once again managed to lose Edward, or so she thinks. Just when she thinks she is safe, Edward tracks her down. He starts to talk to her again about how to vote Lila's proxy, but Ned interrupts telling Edward to leave Chloe alone. AJ interrupts Ned and accuses him of being the knight in shining armor again. As Alan and Monica join the fray, a full blown Q argument ensues and Chloe, now forgotten, sneaks away again.

A distraught Chloe seeks shelter in the Gazebo after breaking a heel and being caught in the rain. As she starts to complain to herself about her predicament, she turns around and sees a smiling Jax standing in the Gazebo behind her holding a glass of champagne.

Inside the mansion, Alan apologizes to AJ for the argument with Ned and Edward. AJ says that he is always appreciative when someone stands up for him. The Q's fight. That's just the way it is and they have to learn to live with it. He just wants to be able to give Michael a good life. Alan assures AJ that he can do anything he wants if he sets his mind to it.

Meanwhile, Carly has arrived at Jason's and is greeted by Johnny who compliments her appearance. She starts to ramble about her dress being a designer original and then stops and says that she just wanted to visit Michael. She walks into Jason's apartment and is furious when she discovers Hannah holding Michael.

At Sonny's, his men report that there was only one bomb on his car. No others were found anywhere. The bomb was removed successfully and looks to be the type Moreno favors. Sonny knows that he will have to strike back, but insists that Jason not be involved.

At Luke's, Felicia is still reluctant to go along with Luke's plan to get the letters. Lila trusts her. She should just ask for them. Luke says that she could ask, but she probably wouldn't get all of the letters. Felicia doesn't understand why Edward is so concerned with her seeing the letters. Even if Lila wouldn't give them to her, Chloe practically has them memorized. Luke says that Chloe may not know what to look for, but obviously Edward thinks that Luke or Felicia would. He tells Felicia that he is only trying to help. If she wants him to back off he will.

Faison is watching on the monitor while Lucky practices his chess game. He comments on Lucky's moves as he watches and tells him to use his head. Meanwhile, a frustrated Lucky angrily sweeps the chess pieces onto the floor and throws the chair across the room. As he continues to slam things around, Faison says that the rashness of youth is so frustrating to watch. On the other hand, he knew that she would be joining him, if he was patient enough. As he finishes speaking, an elderly looking hand with a large ring begins to caress his shoulder.

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