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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 21, 1999 on GH
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Monday, June 21, 1999

At the Nurses Ball, Emily's moving video is shown, featuring clips of HIV positive teens, as well as Mac, Bobbie, and Felicia. Lucy, sporting a wild pink gown and a tall hairstyle, praises the teenagers for their courage and determination.

After the video, the crowd mingles. Amanda Barrington offers Carly a membership to the charity guild as Sonny asks Juan for the waiter.

Backstage, Amy mistakenly slips the tape of Bobbie and Jerry's lovemaking session into the vcr as Lucy and Kat bicker. The co-hosts then perform I am a W-o-m-a-n, Woman.

Outside, Bobbie gives Jerry a backrub as the two discuss the significance of the evening. Inside, Lucy and Kat's number has ended and the crowd watches the video of Bobbie and Jerry making love. When the couple returns to the Ball, all is silent until a mortified Carly drags Bobbie away, just as Jax pulls his brother aside. Carly pleads with her mother to sneak out a back entrance, but Bobbie refuses to be ashamed and promises to deliver another stunning performance.

In the hotel lobby, Alan examines the baby, which evidently belongs to Janelle's sister (Janelle is a character from Port Charles). He tells Tammy that they have to contact the police, but Tammy resists the idea. She caves, however, after a bit more persuasion from Alan.

Backstage, Eve and Kat discuss their plan to unclothe Lucy.

Tony, Mac, Bobbie, Felicia, Mike, Eve, and others perform Jump, Jive, and Wail with Tony singing lead vocals. Not only does Bobbie go through with her performance, but she even turns cartwheels over Mike in a spectacular dance number, also featuring flips from Felicia. After the dance, Felicia catches Mac, Kevin, and Taggert making a pool as to whether or not Lucy will remain dressed.

Bobbie and Jerry agree that they are not sorry about the contents of the video. In fact, Jerry wants a personal copy.

The next act is Emily and Ned singing Forever Young and emphasizing hope. After the performance, Emily tells Juan that Sonny and Hannah will likely leave through the kitchen following the conclusion of the Ball.

Outside, Jason tells Carly that she worries too much. She admits that she cares about what other people think of her and realizes that she shouldn't try to impress the likes of Amanda Barrington. Jason tries to comfort Carly and make clear her strengths before AJ appears.

During the finale of the Nurses Ball, Lucy is mystified as her friends evidently perform a number other than what she was expecting. When she goes backstage to change ensembles, Katherine and Eve push her onstage wearing only her underwear.

Backstage after the number, Lucy cannot find anything to wear so Kat delivers the final moving speech, closing the evening.

Emily tells Jason that she told Juan that Sonny and Hannah would exit through the kitchen, prompting Jason to run to thwart potential danger. When Jason enters the kitchen, he immediately spies Juan and grabs him, but Sonny stops Jason when he notices that Juan is wearing Lily's cross.

Tuesday, June 22, 1999


Trapped Elevator
While Simon and V were leaving the elevator stopped and they were trapped. As they wait to be rescued Simon and V sit and talk. She confesses to him that she hit him over the head in Monte Carlo with a bottle of champagne. He tells her that he knew and that he would not stop something like a bump on the head get in the way of true love. Simon asks if he is ever going to see V again. She tells him that she is ashamed of how she treated him in Monte Carlo and since they came back from there. They grow closer and closer by the second. The elevator gets fixed and opens up just in time for Jax and Chloe to see they kissing.

Carly & Crew
Alan, Edward, AJ & Carly get home from the Nurses' ball and talk to Lila for a bit before heading to bed. Carly apologizes to Lila, thinking that people are going to laugh at the Quartermaines because of the tape of Bobbie that was played at the Nurses Ball. Upstairs Carly is taking off her jewelry as AJ comes in. She supports him about tomorrow being the first day as CEO of the company. AJ thinks she is wonderful to be thinking of him when she is so upset. AJ tells Carly that from the first time he saw her he saw himself, someone that didn't fit in no matter how hard she tried. Says that even when she was scheming against him he was cheering for her, that he has the wife that he wants, he says when he say his future he saw what they have now. He tells her that together they can do anything. AJ and Carly kiss and he starts to undress her, asks if she wants him to stop and she says no. Jason is watching them from the window. Carly gets up, leaving AJ in her bed and goes and sits on a chair. She looks at AJ then at a picture of her and Jason.

Sonny & Juan
Jason rushed to make sure Sonny was ok after Emily told him she told a busboy that Sonny was leaving through the kitchen. Jason rushes the busboy but Sonny notices the necklace he was wearing. He tells Jason to hold up, goes over touches the necklace and asks where it came from, that it belonged to his wife, then he says Jaun under his breath. He asks who are you and is told you said Juan. Sonny asks him why should he believe him. Juan tries to get Sonny to believe it really is him, but gets upset that Sonny is not believing him, breaks the necklace from his neck and throws it at Sonny's feet as he leaves. Back at his place Sonny calls and gives orders to find Juan in Puerto Rico. Hannah is there and Sonny confides in her the story of Juan. When Lily (Sonny's Wife) was 14 she had a son. He father made her give it up for adoption, but Lily could not let him go, she found him to make sure he was ok, became his friend and kept in touch with him. She never told him that she was really his mother. At the same time Juan knocks on Emily's bedroom window and wants to talk to her. She lets him in to explain. He tells her that he doesn't know much about Sonny, all he knows is that Sonny is his father. Juan is telling Emily that he read a letter that told his adoptive parents that Lily would come and they were to send her away and not let her have any contact with the child. It took him a long time to figure out that he was that child and that Lily was his mother. He says that Lily just stopped being there and soon after that Sonny came, gave his the necklace and a phone number and told him to call if he was ever in trouble or needed anything. Emily tells Juan that he was just using her to get information. She tells him to give Sonny another chance, he leaves the way he came, through the window. Sonny tells Hannah that he doesn't want this kid to be Lily's son. That Lily is dead because of him. He says he wants Juan to be free and clear of him when he grows up. That if this is Juan all he needs is a safe trip home and a warning to stay away from Sonny. Hannah tries to comfort him and they start to make love.

Jax & Chloe
Jax makes the comment to Chloe that AJ's has only been in charge for 3 hours and allready the place is falling apart (talking about the elevator). Jax is on the phone trying to get the elevator fixed. Chloe and him are growing closing by the minute. They start talking about cell phones, he says she should get one and she tells him that his is like an extension of his family dinner table. He teases her that he is pennyless but later tells her that he recovered from the financial troubles and is fine. The two of them continue to grow closer each sharing some more about themselves with the other. She tells him that she could use him, that she never planned to wake up one day and be a corporation. They dance again and just as they are about to kiss the elevator opens.

Jason & Emily
Jason brings Emily home and she is telling him how awful she is feeling. That she cause so many problems tonight. Jason gives her some money to go buy Carly a nice present that girls would like. Emily asks if she should buy Sonny a present too since she feels bad about him as well. He smiles and tells her no, that he would speak to Sonny.

Wednesday, June 23, 1999

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Sonny's Penthouse
Sonny dreams about Lily's walk to the car the night she died. He sees her holding a baby boy (probably what would have been their son - or a young Juan). He watches the car explode and awakes screaming. Hannah tries to comfort Sonny and get him to talk about the dream but to no avail. Sonny says that is over and that he is going to get someone to take her home. He has things he has to do. He tries to explain that he has to keep Juan safe. He isn't even sure if this is Lily's son. This may be an imposter and the real Juan may be kidnapped. And if this is the real Juan the only way he will be safe is if he is kept far away from Sonny. Hannah again tries to console him and is stopped. Sonny says that this is between him and someone who isn't here anymore. He leaves. When he returns, Hannah is waiting for him. Benny comes in and tells Sonny that Juan had disappeared from his home over two weeks ago. He shows him a photo and it matches Juan. Sonny explains to Hannah that the last time he saw Juan, Juan didn't even know that Lilly was his mother. He didn't know that Miguel was his father much less that Hernandez Rivera was his grandfather nor how he died. Now Sonny needed to fin out what Juan knows. The sooner he gets to the bottom of this the safer Juan will be.

Tammy catches Juan going through the garbage. She invites him in to eat and he refuses - he doesn't take charity. Again Tammy comes out and Juan is still there. She tells him that there is plenty of work he can do at Kelly's if he's interested. Juan hesitates then comes in and asks if he should work then eat or the other way around? As Juan is eating Tammy explains that she understands what it's like to be a runaway. Juan says that it's not running away when they don't want you back. Tony comes in and gets some coffee. He introduces himself to Juan and chats with Tammy. Tony leaves and Juan gets up to leave. Tammy stops him. She asks where he is staying? She offers him a room upstairs for helping out at Kelly's.

General Hospital
Laura comes in for a session with Gail and runs into Bobbie. She tells her how things are in the country and how stefan is taking care of her then leaves for her session. Amy brings by the paper and shows Bobbie how she made the society page with her escapades with Jerry. Tony comes to the nurse's station and asks if Bobbie is reading her reviews? Bobbie tries to explain that the video camera accidentally turned on. Tony jabs that things like that seem to happening a lot to she and Jerry lately. He tells her how he had stumbled in on the two of them at Kelly's. And how Lucas had told him about their explanation the day he had walked in on them. Bobbie becomes very defensive and says that Tony better not be gearing up to use any of this in a custody battle. Tony assures her that he is not. He is going to prove to her and the world that he is a good father and he can't do that by tearing other people down. Tony runs into Laura, whose appointment had been cancelled. Tony tells her that she was the only one who helped him when BJ died and that he would like to do the same for her. She tells him how she wants to get back to work and begin helping people again, to be a positive influence on someone's life. Jerry brings Bobbie a bouquet of flowers. He apologizes for the boardroom incident. They agree to stop beating themselves up over it. Bobbie tells him how she could have lost her job over this but Audrey was great about it. Jerry asks about Tony and begins berating him. She tells him that Tony has agreed not to do anything in regards to the custody agreement. Jerry is not convinced but lets it go.

Quartermaine Mansion
Alexis comes to check on Ned after the appointment of AJ as CEO. She tells him that this is his liberation and kisses him. AJ comes in and asks if that is a consolation kiss for the loser. He says that Ned never missed an opportunity to insult him but that it never broke him. Ned smugly laughs and tells AJ that he is now the captain of the Titanic. ELQ is an unsinkable company and AJ is going to run it into an iceberg. Ned gives his letter of resignation to Edward. AJ mentions the conversation that he and Alexis had on New Years about the weak taking over. Alexis tells him that as a family underdog, part of her wants to root for him to succeed. But on the other hand, he has nothing to ensure the success of the family business except to bring a baby into the house and even then only as part time. Alan walks in and begins to defend AJ. Edward shows Alan the letter of resignation. Ned prophesizes to all of them that ELQ will begin falling apart and Edward will come running to him to save it- and the answer is NO. As of now, he is through with this family. Ned and Alexis leave. Alan says to ignore Ned, those are the words of a drowning man. Edward excuses himself to go announce AJ's appointment some important contacts. Edward then talks to Ned out in the foyer. He tries to calm him down and says that maybe Ned should take some vacation time. Or maybe he should just avoid coming into the office at all but he should still be part of ELQ for when he needs him. Ned makes it clear that he will not be plying savior any longer. Edward leaves in a tiff. Ned makes his last phone all as CEO and begins to get overwhelmed. He asks Alexis to remind him what happened here today when the company is falling and he wants to save it. Alexis calms him down. She tells him that they will find their way together. Alan and AJ discuss his appointment. Alan tells him how proud he is of him and how successful he knows he will be. AJ says that he finally understands what it takes to win in this family - he had to overcome himself.

Outside Kelly's
Luke and Felicia talk about the grave they discovered at Oyster Bay. Luke tells Felicia that he has done some research and the baby is not Lila and Edwards's. The baby belonged to Reginald senior and his wife Lucinda. Felicia tells Luke that she can't do this anymore. She promised Lila that she could be trusted and since then she has broken into her home, stolen from her and lied. She cannot continue with this. Luke understands and says that he can respect that. She will not do one more thing to hurt Lila. Felicia says that they just got caught up in a mystery and that it is a mystery that Lila wants to keep hidden. Luke asks if she can really go without knowing what's in those letters? He cannot, so he will continue on his own. Felicia tries to convince Luke that since it was she that brought him aboard and that she was quitting he must also. Luke disagrees. He explains that he had agreed to not harm Lila when they were working as a team but now that he is on his own he cannot make such promises. He may be inclined to take everything he learns right into the Quartermaine mansion and reveal it all. It was only Felicia that was able to temper him. Felicia agrees to continue with the project as long as Luke promises to protect Lila.

Thursday, June 24

Ned was in the gatehouse singing a song about being free of the Q's. In walks Alexis and V. They start dancing, but Ned stops playing when he notices them there. V goes on about Ned devoting all his time to music now. Ned said that he wouldn't do that. V, of course, doesn't listen. V leaves to go listen to a new band. Ned tells Alexis that he has several out of town business offers and what would she do stay or leave. She told him that when she thinks of the future he is always there with her. Ned said he was the same way, but was not good with the "M" word. They agree to let it go for now and never assume what the other one is thinking. Alexis also suggested that Ned should go in business with Jax. He just laughed.

Laura went back to work and of course Stefan tried to talk her out of it. But she told him that she was staying. Gail brought her a 16 yr. old girl for the program. The girl had just lost her father and didn't want to live with the pain. Laura told her about Lucky and they really bonded. The girl wants to come back to see her. Mean while Stefan jumps Gail when he learns of the session. He tells her she doesn't know what she is doing. Gail was very stunned.

Faison comes to see Luke about moving the diamonds for him. Luke said he would, but in his own time. He said somewhere around Sept. Faison was not very happy. When he meets up with Helena on the docks, he told her that Luke was full of himself. Helena said not to worry about it, just do has she says. Felicia goes to Lila and tells her that she broke into the Oyster Bay house. Lila told her that she knew and didn't like finding out second hand. Lila said they would still work on the book, but she didn't have the time today. She gave Felicia a box of things to look at. Felicia went straight to Luke with them. She told him that she was honest with Lila, but doesn't think Lila was honest with her. They found a picture in the box of Lila, Edward and Elliott. They were surprised to notice how much Edward and Elliott looked alike. After Felicia leaves, Luke studies the letters. All of them where signed "Love Edward", but the one found half burnt in Oyster Bay. It was signed "Love E." Luke is very interested.

Jax and Chloe spend the day boating and end up at the boathouse to have lunch. Just has they were about to kiss up walks Edward yelling for Jax to get off his property. He then tells Chloe she must call her manager. When she gets off the phone she is upset. Jax asked what was wrong. Chloe said she was a breath away from losing her one dream.

Friday, June 25, 1999

Luke is alone in his office looking contemplative when Felicia breezes in chattering about Lila and her memoirs. She stops when she notices that Luke looks sad and apologizes for barging right in and not even thinking that he might not want to help. Luke assures her that she is welcome. It just kind of hits him sometimes. He thinks he's doing ok and then he realizes that he will never see his son again.

At GH, Laura has arrived for work, with Stefan. He leaves her to attend a meeting with promises that he will pick her up later. Laura greets Bobbie at the nurses station and picks up some case files. Bobbie tells Laura that she is looking well. Laura thanks her for the compliment and tells her that Gail Baldwin has been so helpful and that her stay in the county certainly hasn't hurt. She laughs as she tells Bobbie that she thinks that letting Stefan and Nikolas take Lulu riding was a huge mistake because now Lulu wants a pony. Bobbie can relate since Jerry bought Lucas a pony. At first she wasn't sure about it, but she decided that it would be a good learning experience for Lucas and it has been.

Meanwhile, a mysterious is on a pay phone speaking to Helena and reporting on Laura's movements. Helena thinks it is serendipitous that Laura is there and Stefan is not. She orders the man to keep her posted and hangs up.

Jason arrives at Sonny's. Sonny shows him a picture of Juan, who Jason recognizes as the kid from the Nurses Ball. He asks Jason to keep an eye out for him. He explains that Juan is Lily's son and says that he is going to find him and send him home.

On the docks, Juan is being chased by a man who thinks that Juan stole his wallet. The man catches Juan and starts to beat him up. Tony happens upon the scene and breaks things up. He sends the man on his way with threats to call the police. He recognizes Juan from Kelly's and tells him that if he gives him the man's wallet, he will make sure the man gets it back.

At the gatehouse, Alexis is horrified by the archaic terms of Chloe's uncle's will. She thinks the terms are barbaric and she can't find a single loophole. Chloe is sketching, but stops to interject that complying with the terms of the will is out of the question. Jax arrives asking for an update. Chloe says that she knows that there aren't any loopholes. She had a whole team of expensive attorneys go over it. When her uncle makes a plan, it is ironclad. Alexis agrees that the language in the will is very clear and if she doesn't meet his 18th century demands, she is going to lose her company. Jax says that he may have a solution. Chloe, Ned and Alexis look at him expectantly.

Jax isn't sure that they can save the company, but he thinks they could easily get investors to start a new company. Or she could join up with a design house. Chloe thanks Jax, but says that her uncle's will is very clear. If she leaves her company, her name remains. She would never be able to design as Chloe Morgan again. And she doesn't want to have to answer to anyone else. She wouldn't be able to design freely if she had to answer to investors. She doesn't want to lose her creative focus. Jax points out that fashion is a business and business means compromise. Chloe understands Jax's point, but says that creativity is about being true to yourself. Ned understands because he writes songs from his heart, not based on what he thinks other people will like. Chloe says that the assembly line way of doing things would positively stifle her. Alexis says that if she doesn't go along with the philistine will, she will lose her company. Chloe says that she is willing to lose her company and start all over if that is what she has to do to keep creative control. Jax says that they shouldn't give up yet. There has to be a solution. They just haven't found it yet.

Juan insists that he didn't steal the man's wallet and Tony gives him the benefit of the doubt. He convinces Juan to accompany him to the free clinic so he can check out his injuries. Tony assures Juan that he just wants to make sure he is ok physically and promises not to call the police.

At Sonny's penthouse, Sonny tells Jason that he didn't want to believe that Juan was who he said he was. Lily only wanted Juan to be happy and Sonny wants to give Juan that. Sonny admits that he acted all wrong when Juan showed up. Sonny notices that Jason seems distracted and asks if there is a problem. Jason says that he has come to hate AJ and he doesn't want Michael to pick up on it. He tells Sonny how he saw Carly and AJ together. He didn't think it would bother him, but it did.

Luke tells Felicia that he taught his son, and he learned from him and he fought with him, but he didn't realize how much time they spent just hanging out. Luke fondly remembers the times he and Lucky were together. They agreed on everything. They liked the same music, neither of them really cared about cleaning up around the house. They used to eat whatever was leftover from the night before for breakfast and that was good enough. The time he spent with Lucky was the easiest time of his life. The best thing about Lucky was that he was an original thinker. He wasn't just smart. He had a fresh take on things and a clear view that was all his own. Luke is really proud of that. He was looking forward to learning from Lucky for a long time to come.

Felicia thinks Luke would like to spend some time alone, but Luke asks her to stay. If he spends too much time alone with his thoughts he gets bitter and angry. Felicia says that Lucky wouldn't like that. Luke says that Lucky liked people to take the high road. He doesn't know how that happened. It must have been Laura's influence. He tells Felicia that she has been helping him to do that. He wants her to know that it matters. Felicia says that she fights that interesting since he never agrees with her. Luke says that he does agree with her, he just keeps it to himself. He asks her to please stay and she agrees. They start digging through the photographs.

Tony rushes into GH with apologies to Bobbie for being late. Bobbie tells him that the clinic called to let him know that Juan slipped away from the clinic. Tony is disappointed that Juan didn't stick around. He was hoping he could get him into Laura's outreach program. Tony says that he is going to talk to Tammy about him. He changes the subject and asks about Lucas. Bobbie says that Lucas misses Lucky, but that he is doing ok. Tony tells Bobbie that he understands that she has only been trying to act in the best interests of Lucas and he is going to do the same thing. He isn't going to use the Nurses Ball incident against her. He doesn't want their fighting to drive Lucas out into the streets when he is a teenager.

As Bobbie and Tony walk away, Helena arrives asking for directions to Laura's office. The receptionist points her in the right direction but says that Laura is in a meeting. Helena says that she is only too happy to wait.

Jason is at the warehouse handling the coffee shipment when Carly arrives. Carly teases him about sounding so authoritative. Jason asks Carly why she is there. Carly replies that she just wanted to say thank you.

Hannah arrives at Sonny's with a Juan update. She tells Sonny that he stayed at Kelly's the night before last. Sonny thanks her for the info and says that he isn't really worried because his men are out searching. Hannah notices that Sonny is staring at a picture and asks if it is of Juan. Sonny tells her that he is looking at a picture of Lily. He was looking for a resemblance. He tells Hannah that he promised to protect Lily and he failed. He isn't going to fail again.

Hannah looks at Lily's picture and says that Juan has the same eyes. Sonny says that Juan also has an attitude. He will do whatever is necessary to make sure that Juan is safe and happy, but it won't be in Port Charles. If Juan is looking for a friend, he isn't it. He's taken in kids before and tried to help them. One is dead and the other's life was nearly wrecked. He can't do that kind of damage again.

Carly thanks Jason for coming to find her at the Nurses Ball. It was really nice. She tells Jason that AJ was surprisingly nice also. He was really trying to help. She has every reason to hate AJ, but sometimes he can be really nice. Like he cares. It can be sort of confusing. Jason says that he understands. He knows this girl who blackmailed him and than asked him for help and then did everything she could to stand in his way. She even went behind his back and told the cops he was a kidnapper. Carly feigns shock and asks if he ever hated her. Jason smiles and asks if she really wants him to think about that. Carly says that she really did hate AJ, but since they've been married, he's been really nice. She then blurts out that she slept with him.

Laura is finishing with a patient at the hospital. When the boy leaves, Laura turns to read his file. Helena arrives unexpectedly. She comments how reassuring it is to see Laura back to work so soon after her collapse. And guiding young boys. Who is that supposed to help?

Laura says that she is not in the same frame of mind that she was. She asks Helena to leave or she will have to call security. Helena wonders how GH could ever allow someone as unstable as her to work with children. Look what she did with her own children. She left her firstborn with a family she despises. And her second born she drove out into the streets to die. God knows what will happen to Lulu if Laura isn't stopped. For Lulu's sake she should be taken away. Laura calls security and than angrily tells Helena to leave. Helena continues to taunt Laura and tells her that nothing burns like the truth. Laura may tell herself that she can protect Lulu, but she will still lose her in the end. Lulu will see through her sham as a mother in the end. Just as Lucky did and just as Nikolas will. That is what she deserves for the murder of Stavros and Mikos. She isn't a mother. She is a monster. Laura angrily tells Helena that she is the monster. She has been torturing Laura for years. She is warning Helena that if she tries to touch either of her children, she will kill her.

Sonny tells Hannah that he took Stone in and tried to help him, but it wasn't enough. And he tried to help Jason, but it didn't work. Jason was just a kid like Juan is now. He's learned that you have to draw the line where a child is concerned. Hannah tells Sonny that he is being to hard on himself. It isn't his job to make sure Juan is happy. He is trying to help him and that is all he can do. As Sonny and Hannah share a tender kiss, Sonny's men arrive with Juan in tow. Sonny sees Juan and demands to know who beat him up.

Alexis advises Chloe to file a lawsuit. She will at least get to keep her company while the suit is pending. Chloe explains that her attorneys already tried that and failed. Ned asks if she would agree to have backers who didn't want any input. He suggests that he and Jax invest. Jax agrees. Chloe suggested they go into business together. Chloe says thanks, but no thanks. She doesn't want their charity. Jax assures her that it wouldn't be charity. It would be an investment. Somewhere down the line, they would sell the company back to her. Chloe says that she knows that they both mean well, but this isn't about money to her. It is about her dream.

She designs for the sheer joy of it. She has been fortunate that her uncle's money has allowed her to do this. It wouldn't be fair to ask someone else to take that risk. When there are investors, there are always strings attached. Ned says that there are always strings so why not be attached to him and Jax. Chloe insists that she will find a way to do what she loves on her terms. Alexis asks if she has considered complying with the outrageous terms of the will. Chloe says that she would love to, but when she gets married it will be for love. Jax asks what marriage has to do with it. Chloe explains that she has to be happily married within a month to comply with the terms of the will.

At the warehouse, Carly is upset that Jason has taken the news of her and AJ sleeping together so casually. Jason sends everyone home and tells Carly to go ahead and say her piece. Carly explains that she slept with AJ because she couldn't put him off anymore. She gave him what he wanted and it didn't mean anything. She could find a way to stop if he wanted her to. She asks if he wants her to.

Juan is hostile when Sonny tries to find out what happened. He is also rude to Hannah who tries to give him an ice pack for his eye. Hannah decides to leave them alone for a while. Once Hannah is gone Sonny chastises Juan for taking his anger out on Hannah. Sonny asks how bad Juan is hurt and Juan asks Sonny why he cares.

Luke and Felicia are still sifting through Lila's photos. Felicia is amazed at the similarities between Edward and Elliot. Luke and Felicia figure out by the dates on the letters and the post mark on the burned letter that Edward could not have written the burned one. The charred letter was signed "E" instead of Edward and was postmarked from an Army Base before Edward supposedly joined up.

Stefan arrives at the hospital to pick up Laura and is distressed to learn from the receptionist that Helena is visiting. He rushes to Laura's office and discovers Helena motionless on the floor with Laura leaning over her.

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