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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 5, 1999 on GH
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Monday, July 5, 1999

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After finding two skulls in the Quartermaine crypt, Luke suggested to Felicia that the second skull might belong to someone who was placed in the crypt after being murdered. On the plane to Las Vegas, Jax offered Chloe the chance to back out of marrying Ned. Chloe decided to stick with the plan, but panicked when her Aunt Gertrude suddenly arrived at the marriage chapel and claimed that her quickie wedding to Ned violated the codicil of the will. A clever Jax quickly covered and claimed that he was marrying Alexis and that Ned and Chloe were there as witnesses. Jax and Alexis were then forced to go through with the ceremony after Gertrude insisted on staying to watch. Sonny became outraged when he saw a mysterious man grab Hannah outside of Kelly's. Sonny attacked the man, but Tammy diffused the tense situation.

Tuesday, July 6, 1999

Ned and Chloe announce their engagement to the rest of the Quartermaine clan. Outraged, Edward reminds Ned why marrying a cousin is out of the question but Chloe informs him that she and her betrothed are not related by blood. Meanwhile, AJ bitterly accuses Ned of trying to upstage him in his first week as CEO. Juan invokes Sonny's name to protect himself from his latest victims after they strenuously object to being scammed out of a chunk of cash. Faison learns that Helena is scheduled to be released from the hospital by the end of the day. Bobbie suggests to Laura that Stefan's apparent devotion to his stricken mother seems extremely odd in light of their long and stormy history. Concerned to hear that Juan is linked to Sonny, Tony urges the boy to turn away from trouble and join the hospital's Outreach program instead. Liz advises an excited Emily to take things slow with the new guy in her life. Chloe's step-aunt arrives in Port Charles and tells the Quartermaines why Herbert's niece is in such a rush to get down the aisle. Bobbie quietly reminds Liz that she's overdue for her next HIV test. Jax and Alexis are forced to defend the quickie wedding they went through in Vegas.

Wednesday, July 7, 1999

Today's recap was provided by ABC Daytime

Chloe offered to call off her wedding to Ned, but Jax and Alexis assured her that they would find a way to dissolve their marriage. Tammy gave Hannah some insight into Sonny's troubled past. Lila confided her fears about Ned and Chloe's engagement to Carly. Juan convinced Emily to use Jason's name to get in to the 98 Degrees concert at Jake's. Jason and Carly struggled with their emotions as they played pool and danced at Jake's. Carly then left the club before Emily arrived. Sonny got a warning to expect trouble from Moreno.

Thursday, July 8

Friday, July 9, 1999

Luke is in his office searching for something when Felicia arrives. She asks Luke if Tony is there yet and is disappointed to learn that he isn't. They are both anxious to hear what Tony has to say about the skulls they found in the Quartermaine crypt. Felicia is also nervous about having the skulls in the first place. It makes her feel like a criminal. Felicia is delighted when Tony arrives and demands to know what he found out even though she is sure it's nothing. Tony smiles and tells that he wouldn't be so sure.

Alexis and Jax have arrived at the Port Charles Grill for a dinner engagement with Chloe's Aunt Gertrude. They are the first to arrive and start planning their "fight" before the rest of the dinner guests arrive. They argue good-naturedly about who should be the bad guy and finally decide to stick to their original plan. Jax insists that they have to make it realistic and tells Alexis with a smile that none of the things he is about to say are remotely true. Alexis laughs and says that there is noone else she would rather be divorcing.

At the Q's, Ned and Chloe are preparing to leave for the dinner at the Port Charles Grill, Ned teases Chloe about being late. Chloe says that as he long as he is married to her, he should get used to being late for everything. Lila comes into the room right as Chloe finishes speaking and asks exactly how long that will be. She demands to know the truth about Ned and Chloe's engagement.

Carly is in the garden at the Q's when Jason sneaks up on her. She is surprised to see him and asks if something happened. Jason says no, that he was just looking for her. Carly says that if he was looking for her than something must be wrong. Jason calmly tells Carly that he has to break a promise he made to her. Carly tells him that she finds that hard to believe since he doesn't make many promises. In fact, the only one she remembers him making to her is that he would wait for her and Michael.

Hannah and Sonny arrive back at Kelly's after a day on the lake. Hannah has to change for work and Sonny says that he will wait so he can give her a ride to work. After Hannah goes upstairs, Sonny strikes up a conversation with Tammy who teases him about looking so relaxed and thanks him for repairing the window so quickly. Sonny does not look happy when Tammy goes on to say that she was worried that there might be trouble with the guy following Hannah since he'd been around a few times. He is surprised because Hannah told him she hadn't seen the guy except the night that Sonny threw him through the window.

Tammy explains to Sonny that Hannah seemed to know the guy so she didn't think anything was wrong. She then excuses herself because she has somewhere to go. Once he is alone, Sonny remembers when Hannah told him that she didn't know why the guy was back or why he is in Port Charles. Hannah interrupts his thoughts saying that she is ready to go. Sonny offers to buy her dinner since she has a little time before her shift starts and Hannah happily agrees.

In Luke's office, Tony explains to Luke and Felicia that one of the skulls belongs to an adult male, approximately 60 years old. He can't tell the cause of death. There are no obvious indentations or anything else on the skull. The other skull belongs to a younger adult male, probably in his early twenties. Tony points out an indentation on the skull and says that it was caused by a blow to the head that punctured the skull and injured the brain. It was probably the cause of death. It could have been a fall, but the nature of the indentation pretty much precludes an accident. Luke thanks Tony and he goes. Felicia insists that she and Luke return the skulls immediately.

Chloe and Ned explain to Lila the circumstances of their engagement, including the role her Aunt Gertrude is playing. Lila agrees to keep their secret, even from Edward. She confides to the pair that she has kept many secrets over the years. Chloe is relieved that Lila knows the truth. She hated lying to her.

Carly tells Jason that Lila is teaching her all about roses. She never thought she would enjoy something like gardening, but she really does. As Carly continues to prattle on, Jason interrupts her. He tells Carly that the other promise he made was to protect Michael from anything that would hurt him. What he didn't know then, was that the thing that would hurt Michael most was him.

Carly wants to know who put the idea in Jason's head that he could hurt Michael. Jason says that he has done the wrong thing and now he has to undo it. He is giving him up. Carly wants to know what that means. Jason says that he isn't going to see Michael anymore. Carly says that Jason would never hurt Michael like that. Jason tells Carly that Michael doesn't have a home right now. Michael loves him, but he knows that everything is different. Carly tells Jason that he is just upset right now. Jason says that he is upset and it has to stop. Giving up Michael is the easiest way. He grows angrier as Carly continues to protest and says that someone has to quit and that someone should be him. It makes the most sense that he be the one to quit. Carly tells Jason that he knew that this was going to be hard, but he only has to wait a little while until they can be a family. Jason tells Carly that she did good, but AJ isn't going away. He is going to be Michael's family forever.

Sonny and Hannah have finished their meal and are discussing the difference between summer nights on the East coast versus the West coast. She tells Sonny that she is happy in Port Charles. Sonny expresses concern that Hannah will want to move on since her old boyfriend has been hassling her, but Hannah assures him that he took care of that when he threw the man through the window. She says that there is no way the man will come back for her. Sonny says that it must have been a shock since the man showed up out of nowhere after...he casually asks how long it has been since she has seen him.

Ned and Chloe arrive at the Port Charles Grill and are chastised by Jax for being so late. Chloe apologizes saying that it is her fault, but Ned tells her not to bother. Jax is always late. Besides, Jax had his too good for him wife to keep him company. Alexis smiles at Ned's comment and says that she and Jax had their first fight. It was about what to fight about. They couldn't agree so they decided to stick with their original plan. Gertrude arrives and Jax and Alexis immediately start to disagree as Gertrude watches on in silence. Their fight is interrupted by the VERY unexpected arrival of Jax's parents.

Jax's father introduces himself to a stunned Alexis. Jax's mother chastises Jax for getting married in secret AGAIN, even though he promised he wouldn't. Jax's father says that he isn't surprised in the least. Crash a chopper in the dessert with someone and you get to see what she's made of. Jax covers quickly by saying that they wanted to keep their marriage a surprise, but Jerry obviously ruined that by spilling the beans. The Jacks' are delighted that Jax is happily married. Jax and Alexis look very uncomfortable when they end up having dinner with Jax's parents and Ned and Chloe politely excuse themselves.

Sonny asks Hannah how her old beau knew how to find her. Hannah says that she made a stupid mistake by requesting her transcripts from her old college where the man is a professor. Sonny gently persist in his questioning, but Hannah evades any answers by saying that she is tired and doesn't want to discuss it anymore. It's a closed chapter in her life. She says that she really has to get to work.

In the Q's garden, Carly tells Jason that he is talking crazy and he just needs a break from her. Jason says that he doesn't need a break. She isn't listening to him. Carly tearfully tells him that he isn't saying anything worth listening to. Jason insists that as long as he has a legal tie to Michael, AJ isn't going to quit,. This is a contest to him. Eventually, AJ will win. He has enough power and money and attorneys. The law will always say that he wins. Carly is close to hysterical and insists that Jason is Michael's father. Jason says that legally, that isn't true. He doesn't want Michael's father to crash and burn. He has to do the right thing. He has to get all three of them out of it. Carly refuses to believe that Jason would do that to her or Michael. She says that she is sorry. She didn't know why she thought she could ask so much of him. Maybe because he already has her heart. She says that she is going to go inside and tell Michael that his Daddy loves him and that he will see him tomorrow. She walks away with tears streaming down her face while Jason watches helplessly.

Luke and Felicia have snuck back in to the Quartermaine crypt to replace the skulls. They are hilarious together as they try to break open the plot.

At the Port Charles Grill, the Jacks' are regaling Alexis with stories of Jax when he was young. They are so pleased that Jax has found happiness with Alexis. They hope she will think of them as her family from now on. Lady Jane says that they have imposed on the newlyweds long enough and she and Mr. Jacks prepare to retire to their hotel suite. They invite Alexis and Jax to join them for breakfast. Once they are gone, Jax demands an explanation from Jerry who insists that his intentions were innocent. He just thought it was nice that the Jax family had something to celebrate. Once Jerry is gone, Jax and Alexis turn to each other and say that they need a new plan.

Ned and Chloe arrive back at the Q's. Chloe insists that the sham cannot continue. Jax and Alexis have been trapped and they need to be sprung. Ned calmly points out that Jax and Alexis knew what they were getting into. It is somewhat comical that so many things have gone wrong, but it will not last. Jax's parents will go home. Gertrude will go home. In a few weeks, they will all be able to resume their normally calm lives. Chloe gives Ned a kiss on the cheek and tells him he is the best. Ned leaves and Chloe starts to make her way upstairs, but is surprised by Edward. He cheerily admits that he was trying to eavesdrop, but couldn't and asks Chloe to tell him what is going on.

Chloe sticks to her story that she is marrying men for love, but Edward still thinks she is doing it to satisfy the terms of her uncle's will. He says that Chloe should have come to him first. ELQ would have been able to back her in a whole new design company. Chloe says that she happens to adore of Ned and she would have some hesitation to become an ELQ employee after seeing how loyalty and professionalism are rewarded. As they continue to argue, Carly walks in the front door with apologies for interrupting. Right after Carly arrives, the doorbell rings. Edward is less than thrilled to see Jason who announces that he is there to say goodbye to Michael.

Jax tells Alexis that this whole mess with his parents is his fault for not confiding in Jerry right away. Alexis says that she understands, but Jax tells her that she really doesn't. He is making the same excuses that his parents always make. He cut himself off from his parents because they didn't meet his high moral standards. He is such a hypocrite. Alexis says that that isn't true. Jax says that his family was always so happy. He hates to disillusion them. He asks Alexis if they can let his family have this one visit and Alexis readily agrees. She has never been a part of anything like the Jax family before. She wouldn't mind a taste of it. Jax smiles and teasingly says that he is really glad he married her.

Luke and Felicia have successfully replaced the skulls. Luke says that they can leave, but Felicia says in a minute. When she starts to pray, Luke excuses himself saying that his atheism is kicking in. Once Felicia finishes her prayer, she and Luke start to leave, but the door slams shut locking them into the crypt.

Hannah arrives back at Kelly's after her shift at Luke's. She is startled when the light by the armchair goes on. She angrily turns around and starts to tell the person that she thought she told him to leave her alone. She stops short when she sees that the person is Sonny. He calmly stands up and asks her who she was talking to because she never told him to leave her alone.

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