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Monday August 2, 1999

In the Caribbean, Maria offers to repair Jason's heart, should he ever need repair. He smiles before he departs for Port Charles.

In his hospital room, Juan tries to convince Emily to run away with him. Emily wisely declines the young man's invitation, citing numerous dangers that might come their way. As Emily motions to leave, Juan softly kisses her goodbye.

At Chloe's wedding, Gertrude interrupts with Ned's letter to Alexis, claiming that it is proof that the groom does not truly love the bride. As Gertrude reads the letter aloud, Jax steps in to make clear that he has known about the letter all along. The foursome quickly devises a scheme and they easily explain that Ned wrote to Alexis only upon Chloe's insistence, as thanks for introducing the delighted couple. Monica complacently asks Gertrude to take her seat and the wedding proceeds as planned.

At the reception, AJ is very upset that Carly is absent. After he asks Bobbie if she has knowledge of her daughter's whereabouts, Gertrude reveals her surprise for the newlyweds-a honeymoon in Bora Bora. Chloe, however, insists that she has business in Rome and therefore, that is where she and Ned will honeymoon. Emily is the lucky recipient of Chloe's thrown bouquet.

At the penthouse, Carly cleans Sonny's wounds as he repeats, "I did it." Sonny touches Carly's hair as he asks her myriad questions concerning Lily. He describes the events of his wife's death in great detail, almost as if he were reexperiencing the haunting evening. When Sonny twitches with discomfort in an attempt to rest, Carly attempts to help him. Sonny urges her to leave the penthouse, but she refuses to depart until Francis returns. A frustrated Sonny draws similarities between the Carly and himself-how they both must struggle to confront the face that appears in the mirror each morning.

At Kelly's, Mike and Tammy discuss Sonny's recent disappearance. Tammy insists that Sonny would not leave town without saying a word to anyone, but Mike fears the worst.

After the nuptials have been completed and the reception festivities have begun to fade, Felicia and Mac agree to go their separate ways, she to the store and he to the office, but they promise to meet at home in only a few minutes. Chloe and Ned also take separate paths and agree to reconvene later. Chloe then goes to the gazebo to locate her shoes and encounters Jax. The two share a long anticipated kiss.

When Jason returns to Port Charles, he heads to Kelly's for a cup of coffee. Tammy tells him that Johnny is looking for both him and Sonny, prompting Jason to race to the penthouse. He enters and finds Carly with her hands in Sonny's hair.

A startled Felicia drops her groceries when she realizes that the man staring directly at her is none other than the presumed to be dead Cesar Faison.

Tuesday, August 3, 1999

Felicia and Mac
Felicia is walking home with groceries and she spots a man with her back to her. Slowly the man turns and we see it is Faison, Felicia drops the bag of groceries in a stunned shock state of mind, she kneels down to get them pick up and when she looks up again Faison is gone.
At home Felicia tells Mac that she was late because she dropped the sauce and had to go back to the store for more. He tells her she is rambling and she only does that when she is nervous about something so what is up. She tells him about how her mind was playing tricks or her and she thought she saw Faison. Mac goes a little nuts and says that if the man that killed his brother and sister in law is alive he has to go after him. He then calls and puts out a APB on Faison. Faison listens to the APB out of him....sips his drink and smiles.

Ned, Jax, Alexis and Chloe
Alexis shows up to see Ned. Ned ask if Alexis enjoyed his wedding. They talk about how wonderful it is that Jax and Chloe are getting involved...that will make it easier for them to have time together. They talk about the next year...being in love with each other but married to someone else.
Ned carries Chloe over the threshold while Jax takes pictures. The four of them drink toasts to everything they can think of.
Jax and Chloe are kissing in the rose garden. They talk about bad timing and then they kisses grows more passionate. Chloe breaks up the kiss and says she must be going. Aunt Gertrude wants her company and is not going to give up until she gets it. Then she tells him she can see the pain he tries to hide about Brenda. He tells her it is not really him hiding is living life knowing that a piece of him will never be there again. Losing Brenda was like having some amputanted and thinking you cannot go on and then find out you can. Chloe said she met Brenda. Then she tells him how her closest friend died when her business just started to take off...that friend was her mother, and how if you concentrate on the hurt of the loss it will ruin the memory. He says people used to tell him that time is the best healer and how upset that would make him.

Carly, Jason and Sonny
Carly is trying to help Sonny. Jason comes in. She tells Jason she just stayed to help Sonny cause Sonny would not let her call anyone. Jason holds her while she cried. Sonny scared her, but she knows he did not mean to, she said he would be fine and the next minute be throwing things at her.
She had been there for hours but is not sure she was making things better or worse. Carly says Sonny made her see how his wife died. Now she sees him as a totally different way. She didn't think anyone could hurt more than she did, or make as many mistakes as she has in her life, she slept with the wrong person...AJ and had his son...just because Jason was not there.
Carly says that she needs Jason not to be mad at recognize the fact that everything she has done has been because she loves him and for him never to leave her again. Sonny comes back and ask her why the hell are you still here. She said she came to see Jason remember she told him that...he says well see him outside. She tells Jason how much she missed him outside and that it has to be hard on Sonny to know that she now has seen that side of him. He says it should of been him not her there for Sonny and he knows what it is like and that she was really brave.
When he goes back inside Sonny says I thought you would of left with her.
Sonny tells Jason to go tell Juan how great it is to be his son. He breaks another glass and says leave it that we are animals and should live like animals. He cannot fix this, nothing he can do. Jason could be anything and he made him into him. Jason says NO...that Sonny was the only one that treated him like a man, the only one that believed in him and he would never change that. Jason goes to make them something to eat and Sonny cries in his hands.
AJ asks Carly where she has been, that he was worried she missed the wedding. She says she is sorry but she cannot get into it right now. He asks if she is in some kind of trouble and she tells him no...just really tired.
Sonny is saying that Carly tried to fix him something to eat but he was afraid she would poison it. He calls Carly brave. Jason calls Mike and tells him that Sonny is at the penthouse with him and that he is fine.
Hannah want to go see him but Mike convinces her to leave Sonny alone for a bit. Sonny doesn't want Hannah to know anything about this.

Wednesday, August 4, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Junice Dominguez.

At Kelly's
: Laura questions Felicia about how she and Luke ended up trapped in a crypt. Nikolas and Liz make plans to go see the musical group BOY ZONE at Luke's.

At the Quartermaine House
: Alan and Monica allow Emily to go to Luke's and see the show. Carly asks Bobbie to cover for her. Bobbie is a bit hesitant but Carly explains she was helping out a friend when AJ walks in. Carly tells AJ that she was helping a friend and to let it go at that. Bobbie comes to Carly's aid and tells AJ, she and Carly have to do inventory.

At the Penthouse
: Hannah tries to see Sonny but Jason stops her from gaining entrance. When Hannah leaves cursing the both of them Jason walks back into the penthouse. Sonny asks if Hannah was gone and Jason replies "Yes." At Kelly's
: Felicia explains to Laura that an old man closed the door of the crypt on purpose. At that moment the phone rings and Felicia answers. After she hangs up, Felicia tells Laura that it was Catherine looking for Nikolas. At the Penthouse
: Carly visits Jason and offers her help with Sonny. She tells Jason he doesn't have to help Sonny alone. Carly ask Jason who helps him when he needs it.

At the hospital
: Emily visits Juan and sneaks him out to go see BOY ZONE at Luke's.

At Kelly's
: Hannah tells Tammy what happened at the penthouse. Hannah explains to Tammy that she feels like a whore. Tammy tries to make Hannah feel better by explaining Sonny might be trying to protect her. As Felicia walks out to her car she hears a car alarm go off and sees Faison lurking in the shadows by her car. Faison slowly leaves the scene. At Luke's
: Nikolas explains to Emily the he and Catherine have broken up. Emily joyously shouts her approval.

Outside of Luke's
: Catherine is just about to enter when Laura confronts her. Catherine and Laura have words. Catherine tells Laura that was not around for Nikolas when he was growing up, so why is Laura trying to interfere when he's a grown man. Catherine explains Nikolas is a man and he can make up his own mind. At that point, a Luke's bouncer comes out and Laura forbids Catherine entrance to the club.

At Luke's
: Emily introduces the group BOY ZONE and they perform their hit Single, "No Matter What."

At the Quartermaine House
: Alan and Monica share an intimate moment only to be interrupted by AJ When Monica leaves, AJ tells Alan that he doesn't believe Carly's excuse for not attending the wedding. Alan defends Carly and tells AJ not to make the same mistakes he had done with Monica.

Outside of Luke's: Catherine witnesses a playful moment between Liz and Nikolas and silently seethes. At the hospital
: Amy catches Juan and Emily in his room. Amy promises not to tell Alan and Monica. Amy also tells them that Juan will be released the day after tomorrow.

At Kelly's
: Hannah phones Sonny. Sonny picks up the phone. She desperately tries to make him speak but he hangs up the phone on her. Bobbie walks Felicia to her car. Felicia looks around and sees nothing. As she drives away, Faison steps out of the shadows and watches her depart.

Thursday, August 5

Today's recap was provided by Beth.

Laura at the hospital
Amy and Laura are talking about dating. Amy is thinking about joining a singles club, she is worried about a date for New Year. Laura laughs that it is only August.
Felicia tells Laura that she has heard from Luke, all she has is a voice mail no address or phone number and maybe it is better he is away because he always feels better when he is on the road. She tells Felicia that if he calls again to tell him that maybe he should call his daughter, that she misses her father.
Laura and Tony talk about Laura's feeling for Luke. She is upset that Luke called Felicia instead of Bobbie or LuLu or her. Her brain knows the relationship is over but her heart doesn't and sometimes it blindsides her.
They come to the conclusion that a relationship between two people will never be completely over. Then Tony gets paged to the ER for Juan.

Emily and Juan
Emily is visiting Juan in the hospital. They talk about staying together.
He tells her he will find a way back to her. Monica comes in just as they are about to kiss and gets upset that Emily is even there. Mac comes in and thanks Emily for coming down, Monica gives him a bit of a hard time and he tells her it is regular police procedure.
Mac tells Juan that this is the last time he has to tell his side of the story. Mac says that the farther away for Sonny and Jason he gets the better off he is. To call if he remembers anything. Juan tells Emily that he only cares what she thinks. But he can't figure his Dad (Sonny) out, with one hand he pushes him away and with the other he takes care of him.
Emily tells him she thinks he was really brave on how he tried to prove himself to Sonny. He tells her that he never used her, she said yes you did at the Nurses Ball, he said yes then, but he thought his Dad would be happy to see him and then it would be her that made that happen. They go to kiss again and Monica walks in and stops them again.
Monica tries to talk to Emily, but Emily is hurting. Emily tells her that she won, so can she please spare her the lecture and to leave her alone.
Juan is leaving and makes them stop so he can say bye to Emily one more time. As he is walking toward her he falls to the floor with pain in his leg. They rush him to the ER for tests. Emily yells at her mother to take care of him and says what happens if you hate him so much you miss something. Monica tells her that won't happen.
Tony says they want to keep Juan for awhile to run some tests. Emily goes into Juan's room all worried for him. He stands up and says he is fine, that was just so that he could stay with her. He asks her to be his girlfriend. She tells him she is not sure if she wants to kiss him or to punch his lights out, she ends up kissing him.

Nikolas and Liz
Liz gets to the dinner to find Nikolas covering for her. The cook has taken off again and they are alone, she is worried cause she told Tammy that she would never try to cook again and when people come in they will want food. Nick says to leave it to him, the next customer is his, then in goes Detective Taggert. Taggert is waiting for his order and asking Liz how she is doing. She tells him what is happening at the dinner and she is not real sure what Nikolas is going to bring him. Then Nikolas arrives with a sandwich and hands it to Taggert. He says he wants to taste before he pays...when he does he says it is a great sandwich and pays and leaves. Liz wants to know how he did that, she spots the receipt in his pocket, chases him around to get it and finds it is from the restaurant around the corner, he paid six dollars for the sandwich he just sold to Taggert for five.
Liz is giving Nikolas a hard time about buying the sandwich and selling it to Taggert. He puts some money in the jukebox and gets to dancing with a mop, then she takes the mops place. Katherine watches then through the window and then leaves. All of a sudden Liz has memories of Lucky and stops. Nikolas makes Liz a float and the talk about the past and Lucky.
Nikolas says he is sorry and she tells him no, that he has been wonderful and to please not stop what he is doing because he is making it better.
We are shown Katherine leaving and then in her room with an early pregnancy test.

Felicia and Faison
Felicia is at the hospital and calls to see if she can talk to Mac. When she hangs up the phone she sees Faison again in the elevator. She runs down the stairs trying to beat the elevator. She stops someone that looks like Faison from the back but soon realizes that it is not him, picks up the real Faison's trial again and follows him.
Felicia follows to this warehouse or boat house/shed of some sort and the door shuts and locks behind her. She turns around and there is Faison, he says that he is flattered by her attention.

Alan comes back with a package for Edward it is Lila's anniversary present. The ticket from when they first met he had bronzed. Alan tells his father that no matter how crazy things got at home he always knew how much Edward loves Lila. He says how can he ever tell the women that shown him love day and day and stayed by his side when any other women would of left him, just how much she means to him. Lila was at the door and heard and speaks just did dear, then asks if that present is for her.

Friday, August 6, 1999

Alexis and Jax are on their respective phones conducting business when Chloe and Ned arrive. As Ned rushes to hug Alexis, Jax teasingly asks why the happy couple isn't in Rome on their honeymoon.

Liz is alone in front of Nikolas' house waiting for him to come home. When he finally arrives, she teases him about the bus being a more efficient means of transportation. As his decorator, she gives him a wrapped package. She tells him that this time it isn't a purchase. It's a gift, on one condition.

Meanwhile, Katherine is anxiously awaiting the results of a home pregnancy test. She picks up the test and smiles when she sees the results

Juan is lying in his hospital bed staring longingly at the friendship bracelet Emily gave him when Hannah arrives. Juan thinks Hannah is there for Sonny and is surprised when Hannah confesses that she hasn't seen Sonny either.

Sonny is looking even more haggard with a very scruffy beard. He asks Jason who was on the phone and is angry when Jason says that it was Mike. He doesn't believe Jason and starts grilling him about what Mike wanted. Jason admits that Mike was concerned about how Sonny has been treating Hannah. Mike is used to Sonny pushing him away, but Hannah isn't. Sonny angry says that Hannah can't be around him.

Uh Oh, the creepy music again! Faison must be near. And this time, he has Felicia cornered! He calmly tells her that it's been a while since he's seen her. Her name was Jones then. Felicia demands to know what he wants. Faison feigns innocence and says that Felicia is the one who has been following him.

At Kelly's, Taggert tells Mac that the tail lost Felicia at Water St. The officer thought that she might have been following someone. Mac and Taggert rush off to find Felicia.

Faison tells Felicia that he has no intention of detaining her. Felicia points out the locked door, but Faison is quick to offer the key. When Felicia hesitates to take it from him he says that he thought she wanted to leave. Felicia tells Faison that she has learned from experience not to take anything from him. Faison laughs slightly at the thought of a key being dangerous and goes to unlock the door himself. As he opens it, he tells her that it was very nice to see her again. He also tells her to say hello to her husband. When Felicia still doesn't leave Faison asks why. Felicia says that if she leaves, he will disappear again and she wants some answers. He was supposed to be dead. If he is alive, then where are Robert and Anna. She wants to know.

Juan thanks Hannah for coming to see him. She doesn't really know him. The only thing they have in common is Sonny. Hannah says that the only reason Sonny hasn't been back is because he really wants the best for Juan. Juan has no idea how much Sonny has agonized over him. Sonny just wants him to be safe and he doesn't think that includes him. Juan says that that doesn't make any sense and Hannah can't help but agree.

At Jax's penthouse, Alexis sadly wishes Ned goodbye. She tells him to have fun on his honeymoon. Ned is just as sad to be leaving. He is sure that Rome won't be any fun without her. Alexis assures Ned that she is fine. He should have fun. Ned tells Alexis that he thinks Jax may be right. This whole marriage of convenience thing may turn out to be a huge fiasco. Alexis points out that Jax created part of the mess by stepping up to marry her in Las Vegas. She tries to comfort Ned by saying that once Aunt Gertrude calms down, things should get easier. Meanwhile, Jax is making a list of places in Rome that Chloe must see. Chloe laughs when Jax tells her that he found the best gelato in Rome when he got into a car accident in front of the restaurant. They thought he was hurt so they brought him food. Chloe tells of a similar experience she had when she drove through the window of a shoe shop in London. Ned and Chloe leave while Jax and Alexis watch them go with very long faces.

Nikolas is confused by the condition of Liz's gift. He can only hang it up if she says that he can. He doesn't understand, but agrees and opens the gift. He is delighted when he sees a painting of Lulu in the garden at Stefan's country home. Once Liz sees Nikolas' reaction to the painting, she readily agrees to let him keep it. She just wanted to watch him open it to make sure that he really liked it before she let him keep it. As Nikolas thanks Liz profusely, Laura arrives. She also loves the painting. Liz excuses herself saying that she has to go back to work after agreeing to let Nikolas take her to a movie as a way to say thank you. Once Liz is gone, Laura comments that Liz must care about Nikolas a lot to give him such a wonderful gift. She also notes that Nikolas seems very fond of Liz. Nikolas agrees that Liz is the best.

Sonny apologizes to Jason for yelling at him. Jason says that it doesn't bother him. He's used to it. Sonny says that Hannah isn't used to it. That's why he can't see her right now. And Juan. He goes to work for Moreno and they beat him up. Sonny says that he is in a dark place and he doesn't want Hannah to see that. Jason says that he gets that Sonny is trying to protect Hannah and Juan, but what if Hannah doesn't get that? What if she just gives up and goes back to San Diego?

Faison tells Felicia that he never imagined that he would have been the subject of so much speculation. Felicia informs him that he is known to Interpol as a jewelry fence called "The Gardener." She should have recognized his voice, but she thought he was dead. She should have remembered his fondness for orchids. She demands to know what he has done with Robert and Anna. Faison says that he hasn't heard from them in years. Another man may have been offended after all he did for them. But they were always free spirits. Felicia says that he was on the boat with Robert and Anna, off the coast of Venezuela. There were pictures. Faison says that that isn't possible. Felicia angrily says that she gets that he faked his death. She wants to know if he faked the deaths of Robert and Anna as well. Faison asks why he would go to the trouble. They deserved to die. Robert for his single-minded persecution of him, and Anna for having the bad taste to choose Robert. If Felicia says that they died in an explosion, that's fine by him. All he can add is good riddance. Felicia says that Faison killed Anna and Robert and he deserves to pay for that and every other evil thing he has ever done.

At Nikolas' cottage, Nikolas has hung Liz's painting and is very pleased with the effect. Laura agrees that the painting is wonderful. Nikolas explains to Laura that the paintings in the house where he grew up were so impersonal. Laura laughs and says that she remembers. The paintings were more about hanging on to tradition. Nikolas says that Liz's painting shows that she seems to be getting more of a sense of herself despite what happened. Laura says that Nikolas has been a very good friend to Liz. She thinks that Lucky would be grateful. Nikolas says that he and Liz were already friends. It's not as if he has had to make any special effort. Laura says that under different circumstances, Liz is the kind of girl she would like for Nikolas to be with. Nikolas is quick to disagree. He can't speak for different circumstances, but Liz is the girl who is in love with Lucky. She still is. Laura agrees and thinks that it will take Liz a long time to heal. She just doesn't want to see Nikolas get hurt again after everything that's happened with Katherine. Nikolas laughs and says that he is sure he will get hurt again some day. There isn't much Laura can do to prevent that, but it won't be by Liz. He assures Laura that he feels nothing but friendship for Liz. To Liz, he is Lucky's brother and nothing more. He's pretty clear on that. (As a die hard Lucky and Liz fan, I can't help but interject here...And Don't You Forget It Nikolas!!!)

Sonny tells Jason that he doesn't want to be the one who hurts Hannah. He refuses. Jason asks Sonny to at least tell Hannah what he has told him. If she is like most people, she would probably rather have a choice. Sonny says that he doesn't want to lose Hannah, but he doesn't want her to run in terror from him either. They are interrupted by the arrival of Benny. Sonny is irritated that Benny is there and demands that he tell him what he came to say. Benny announces that Carlos is in town. Sonny has a very important meeting with him this afternoon. Sonny becomes enraged when Benny tells him that there is no way they can reschedule. As Benny continues to try to convince Sonny, Jason says that he will go. Sonny tells Jason no and tells Benny to give him five minutes. Once Benny has gone, he asks Jason what he thinks he is doing.

At Kelly's, Hannah tells Mike about Juan's leg and says that his spirits are ok, except when Sonny's name comes up. Juan feels like Sonny has abandoned him. While Mike and Hannah are talking, Juan's father arrives looking for Tammy. He wants to collect Juan's things and settle the bill. Tammy is happy to oblige, but explains that the bill has already been taken care of by Sonny. Juan's father angrily tells Tammy that he will not allow Sonny to pay for anything. Tammy is surprised at Mr. Santiago's outburst and starts to defend Sonny. Mr. Santiago stops her saying that it is Sonny's fault that Juan was beaten up. Mike can't help but overhear Mr. Santiago's tirade. He stands up and angrily asks if Mr. Santiago said the same thing to Sonny. When Mr. Santiago says that he did, Mike tells him that he is a fool.

Mr. Santiago and Mike continue to argue, Tammy tries to play peacekeeper showing Mr. Santiago to Juan's room. Mike is angry because Mr. Santiago is blaming Sonny for what happened to Juan. Sonny would have done anything for Lily's son. Sonny beats himself up bad enough without help from other people.

Sonny wants to know why Jason is doing this. Jason got out, he should stay out. Jason says that noone ever really believed that he was out. Carlos probably doesn't either. Carlos knows him. Someone has to go and it's better that it's him. He tells Sonny that he will tell Benny that he is going. He will handle everything. He will tell Carlos that Sonny couldn't make it because his wife's kid is in the hospital. Too tired to argue any longer, Sonny tells Jason to do what he wants.

Faison says that it could be argued that she isn't a guest since she is here without an invitation. Felicia tells Faison that Mac will never let him out of Port Charles. Faison asks why he would want to leave. He has come to miss Port Charles. That is why he has returned. Felicia tells him to enjoy the sights while he can because he will soon be in prison. Faison says that he was blameless all along and he is looking forward to clearing his name once and for all. And of course he has looked forward to renewing their acquaintance. She is even more lovely than when he saw her the first time, all of those years ago.

Jax and Alexis are comparing schedules trying to come up with a free evening to have dinner. Alexis confesses that this has been harder than she thought it would be. Jax agrees that it has been more difficult. He teasingly says that he can't have his wife pining over another man. She needs a distraction.

Alexis insists that she is fine. She gave Ned and Chloe her blessing. Jax says that that was very big of her, but he has never subscribed to the idea that virtue is it's own award. Her virtue has just earned her enough frequent flier miles for a round trip airfare. Alexis laughs saying that Jax's round trips have a way of turning into one way tickets. Jax says that he owes her a honeymoon and they will leave tonight. Alexis asks where they are going and Jax says "where else?"

Katherine arrives at Nikolas'. As he opens the door she says that she knows he doesn't want to see her so she will be brief. Nikolas is stunned when Katherine announces that she is pregnant.

Sonny is alone when Hannah arrives. She demands that Johnny let her see him. Johnny tries to ask Sonny if he wants to see her, but Hannah brushes past him and tells Sonny that if he doesn't want to see her he will have to tell her himself.

Faison says that it was one of fate's more grotesque jokes that the most beautiful and unforgettable women marry into the Scorpio family. Choose to join their lives with men who are unworthy of them. Poor Anna, in the end her bad judgment killed her. It's an weight in his heart to think of Felicia making the same needless error. To think of such beauty and fire being snuffed out so senselessly. As Faison finishes speaking, Mac bursts onto the scene. He tells Faison that whatever sick game he is playing is over.

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