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Monday August 9, 1999

At Kelly's, a wise Liz suggests that Emily prove to her parents that she is trustworthy, but the dimwitted Emily responds by considering Juan's plan to run away. After a few more wise words from Liz, Emily decides to go home and work on earning the respect of Alan and Monica.

At his penthouse, Sonny asks an adamant Hannah to leave, but she tells her lover that she wants him to help her understand his situation. Sonny admits that she deserves better, but pleads with her to relax and give him time. He insists that it is in Hannah's best interest to maintain a safe distance, but confesses that he does not want to terminate the relationship. A frustrated and reluctant Hannah finally departs after agreeing not to return until Sonny is ready for her to do so.

Mac rescues Felicia from Faison and threatens to arrest him for abduction and murder. When Faison refuses to divulge any information regarding the deaths of Robert and Anna, Felicia insists that his schemes are part of an elaborate mind game that he has been plotting for years. Faison claims that he was in South Africa when Robert and Anna died and that he had nothing to do with the ship's explosion. Felicia urges her husband not to lose his temper after being provoked by Faison's vicious taunts. Mac demands to know if his brother survived the explosion and Faison replies with a tale implying that both Robert and Anna are dead. Mac responds by hitting Faison and then arresting him.

Katherine informs a disbelieving Nikolas that she is pregnant. She then proceeds to tell her former lover that she might choose to keep the child and that he should be grateful that she even informed him of her condition. They are interrupted by a knock at the door, which Katherine answers. When Liz enters Nikolas' home, Katherine delivers several insinuating remarks about her pregnancy before leaving.

Ned and Chloe arrive at their hotel in Rome. Just as they decide to find romantic sights that might later be shared with romantic partners, Jax and Alexis enter the suite. When Ned expresses his fear that Gertrude might be lurking somewhere nearby, Jax reveals that he has rented the adjoining suite. As night falls, Ned and Jax take the sofas in their respective suites, leaving the beds to Chloe and Alexis.

Tuesday, August 10, 1999

Laura comes to see Nikolas with cookies that Lulu made. She senses something is the matter. Nikolas tells his mother that Katherine says she still feels connected to him. Laura tells him that the night that him and Liz went to Luke's she stood outside as to not let Katherine get in to spoil it for them. He thinks that was a wonderful thing to do. She tells him about going to see Lucky's place and how she blames herself for his death.
Nikolas says she should have called him, he would have gone with her to help. As his mother is leaving she tells him how he has this wonderful knack of doing the right thing so she is sure he will regarding Katherine.
Liz tells Nikolas about how she thought Katherine was provoking her at Kelly's this morning and is told that she likely was. Katherine
Katherine is at Kelly's, orders breakfast and gives Liz a hard time. When Liz leaves to talk to Emily she phones and orders a maternity dress.
Katherine goes to see Helena, tells her some of the servants are still loyal to her and then tells her she is going to have Nikolas' child. Juan at the Hospital
Tony tells Juan's father that they cannot seem to find what is causing the numbness in Juan's leg. His father talks to Juan alone and he admits he is faking to stay in Port Charles. He gets his father to promise to speak to Laura about the outreach program. When he does she tells him if he were smart he would get his son and get out of PC. After taking to Tony she realizes she cannot base everything decision she makes thinking about Lucky and then goes to see Juan and his father. She asks Juan some questions and then tells him if he is willing to try so is she, although she has some reservations
Emily is sneaking into Juan's room when Jason catches up with her. He asks her to tell him what really happened and she tells him that Juan thinks Sonny is his father and wanted to spy for him. She also tells him he is faking the leg numbness to stay in Port Charles. They go into the room and Jason tells Juan that Sonny could not come see him so he sent him instead. Sonny
Sonny is thinking about Hannah and almost calls her. Jason comes in and him and Sonny gets into it again about how Sonny has ruined Jason's life. He wants Jason out of the business so he will not get hurt.
Sonny tells Jason that he wants Hannah back and is encourage calling her.
Mike comes to visit and tries to talk to Sonny, but Sonny's mind is made up and Mike cannot get through his thick skull. He tells Mike about Juan thinking he is his father and why and how he was suppose to die not watch Lily die. Sonny is questioning Mike about what shape Juan is in...when he learns about the leg he starts to drink again, Mike tries to stop him but is yelled at to leave him alone, Mike leaves.
Jason gets back to Sonny and tells him that Juan is fine that he was faking the numbness in the leg and that he didn't see Hannah, but Tammy said she was fine, angry but fine...Sonny said that is good anger he can deal with.

Wednesday, August 11, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Junice Dominguez.

In Rome
: Chloe and Jax while in disguise enjoy a day of fun.

In P.C. Jail
: Faison request a guard and Taggert walks in. Faison asks Taggert for a simple request. Meanwhile in Mac's office, Mac becomes frustrated because Interpol has lost Faison's paper. Felicia tells Mac not to let Faison get to him.

At Sonny's
: Emily visits Jason claiming she can't be at the Quartermaine House today.

At the Quartermaine House
: AJ and Carly have a party to officially announce the changing of Michael's last name. AJ proudly boasts the name of Michael Alan Quartermaine. AJ makes a toast to Michael claiming all the mistakes of the past are over. Edward and Alan are relieved Jason did not show up. Monica tries to defend Jason but Alan tells Monica "This is AJ's day." Carly leaves the party after she and Bobbie exchange words.

At Sonny's
: Emily and Jason argue about Juan. Emily asks Jason to help her with Alan and Monica. At first, Jason refuses but he tells Emily that if Monica asks him, Jason will tell Monica that Emily should be allowed to make her won decisions. With that Emily hugs Jason and leaves. Carly drops in on Jason and informs him AJ has officially changed Michael's last name.

At Mac's Offic
e: Mac agonizes over the fact that Faison is still alive. Felicia tries to console Mac when Taggert walks in. Taggert informs Mac that Faison wants to see Felicia. Mac becomes enraged. Felicia manages to calm Mac down but tells Mac she wants to see Faison.

At Kelly's
: Bobbie explains to Mike about AJ changing Michael's last name and they both discuss the mistakes they have made with their children.

At. Sonny's
: Jason tells Carly he doesn't want Michael to remember him. Carly realizes and states that Jason left them both in order to protect them. Carly tries to sway Jason's decision by telling him she can be herself with him.

At the Quartermaine House
: AJ comments to Emily, in front of Alan and Monica, about not showing up for Michael's party. Emily informs AJ that she saw no reason to celebrate. Emily and AJ get in an argument with Emily asking AJ does he know where Carly is? AJ leaves determined to find Carly. Alan immediately yells at Emily saying Juan may not be the only bad influence in her life and tells Emily not to see Jason. Monica comes to Jason's defense and informs Alan that Emily will see Jason when she wants to. Monica tells Alan she will not allow anyone to tear apart her family.

At Sonny's
: Jason tells Carly that he's happy for the year and half he's had with Michael. Jason tells Carly they can't go on as they have with her leaving and him letting her go. He tells Carly he's letting her go. Carly tells Jason she would do anything to be with him. Jason finally asks would she drag Michael through another custody battle?

At Mac's Office
: Felicia tells Mac she must see Faison in order to obtain some evidence from him. Mac tries to convince Felicia to be reasonable but Felicia stands firm.

In Rome
: Chloe and Jax share a passionate kiss.

In P.C. Jai
l: Felicia visits Faison.

At Sonny's: Carly tells Jason the she loves him and she knows the Jason loves her. Jason and Carly almost share a kiss. He opts to embrace her. Jason walks Carly to the elevator. At the elevator she almost breaks down and they both embrace each other. The elevator doors open and AJ steps out to witness the embrace.

Thursday, August 12, 1999

Bobbie cautions Laura that Juan will undoubtedly prove to be a handful as he joins the Youth Outreach program. Nikolas demands that Katherine provide proof of her pregnancy. Overruling Mac's objections, Felicia decides to accede to Faison's request for a visit. After revealing to a rattled Felicia how he's been following her for months, Faison claims he's returned to Port Charles to clear his name. Katherine refuses to comply with Nikolas' request, reminding him that her condition will become all too obvious in due time. Liz tells Laura she's afraid Katherine is deliberately refusing to get the message that Nikolas wants nothing more to do with her. A fuming AJ orders Jason to stay away from his wife. Though Carly tries to intercede, AJ continues to push his brother until Jason finally loses his cool and shoves back. Katherine enjoys having Liz "accidentally" overhear her making a prenatal appointment with her OB/GYN. Sonny calls Hannah and invites her to drop by the penthouse the following afternoon.

Friday, August 13, 1999

The Jaxtons (that would be the Jackses and the Ashtons) have arrived back at the hotel after an evening out. Ned grudgingly admits that Jax did well with the restaurant selection. Chloe thanks Ned for getting tickets to an outdoor concert with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Ned looks at Chloe and says that holding her like this reminds him of something he's been wanting to do all night long. With that, he walks over and pulls Alexis into a passionate embrace. Chloe suggests to Jax that they give Ned and Alexis some time alone together. She knows of a place where young musicians gather and play until they tire. Jax loves the idea and they make plans to leave, with no objections from Ned and Alexis.

Emily arrives at Kelly's and finds Liz sitting at the counter. She teases her about losing her job saying she looks a little down. Liz says that she wishes Lucky were there. He would know what to do. Emily offers to help since she is there and Lucky can't be. Liz asks Emily what she would do if a good friend had a problem that you knew about, but the friend didn't know you knew.

Katherine arrives at GH for an OB/GYN appointment. She asks directions and leaves just as Laura arrives to meet Nikolas.

Sonny asks Jason to call Hannah and tell her not to come over. It isn't a good idea. Jason picks up the phone and hands it to Sonny.

Felicia arrives in Mac's office asking if everything is ok. She takes on look at him and knows that something is wrong. Mac tells Felicia that he tried, but he can't charge Faison with anything. They are releasing him today.

Felicia can't believe that Mac has to let Faison go. She thinks that there must be some evidence left. Mac is just as upset as Felicia about the whole thing. He can't believe that the federal charges were mysteriously dropped. Every assumption he ever made about what Faison could get away with was completely wrong. He tells Felicia that Faison must have friends in high places. Felicia can't believe that anyone would want to help Faison. She says that it isn't the ending that they wanted, but at least it is the end. Faison used Mac to clear his name and now he can make a fresh start somewhere else. Felicia is horrified when Mac asks what is to stop Faison from starting over in Port Charles.

Liz tells Emily that she found something out by accident. She doesn't know if the other person wants her to know and she doesn't want to butt in where she shouldn't, but she is afraid that if she doesn't say something, the person will do something crazy. Emily points out that something someone doesn't want to tell you isn't necessarily something that person doesn't want you to know. The person may just be too embarrassed to say anything. Emily tells Liz about a time when she was heavy into drugs. She knew she was over the edge and that she needed help, but she never asked. Emily points out that a lot of times people are afraid to ask for help when they need it the most. Liz agrees that that is very good advice and says that she might even take it. She then tells Emily that Juan was in Kelly's earlier and said to tell anyone who might be interested that he would be on the dock. Emily teases Liz for not telling her sooner and runs off to meet Juan.

At GH, Nikolas is trying to tell Laura about Katherine's condition. Before Nikolas can get the words out, Laura launches into a speech about how glad she is that Nikolas finally saw through Katherine's act and showed her the door. She warns Nikolas that Katherine will not give up easily. When Nikolas admits that Katherine is not going away, Laura angrily says that Katherine is so self-centered. She makes everything about herself. She wouldn't be surprised if Katherine wouldn't do just about anything to keep him. She tells Nikolas not to fall prey to Katherine's emotional games. Nikolas tells Laura that it isn't that easy. Laura says that she wishes she could do something to help. Nikolas says that he wishes he would have listened to her in the first place. Laura gives Nikolas a comforting hug.

At the penthouse, Sonny is trying to convince Jason to make his excuses to Hannah. Jason says that he has had enough of that, citing having to explain to Brenda why Sonny left her at the altar. He would do almost anything for Sonny, but he isn't going to hurt someone who loves him again. As they continue to argue, Johnny announces Hannah's arrival. An exasperated Sonny looks at Jason and tells Johnny to send her in. Hannah walks in and senses immediately that all is not well.

Noticing Jason, Hannah asks if this is a bad time. Sonny says that Jason was just leaving. Taking his cue from Sonny, Jason excuses himself. Sonny politely tells Hannah that she looks nice. He offers her something to eat or drink. Hannah says that she lives over a diner and she didn't come there to eat. Hannah asks Sonny to stop treating her like company. Sonny says that he knows the last few days have been hard on her. Hannah says that they have been hard on her too. She is angry because she thinks that she could have been more helpful with him than sitting across town waiting for the phone to ring. She tells Sonny that she didn't come there to hound him. She missed him.

At Kelly's, Liz walks outside to serve a customer and sees Nikolas sitting very forlornly at a nearby table. She stops to chat (I love Liz, but does this girl take more breaks or what?). She asks Nikolas why he looks so blue and he says he is just frustrated by his job hunting efforts. Liz says that she saw his old boss yesterday. Liz tells Liz to let someone else wait on Katherine from now on. She shouldn't have to deal with her. Liz says that that would be fine with her, but Katherine makes herself pretty hard to ignore. Nikolas assures Liz that his connection with Katherine is over and she has nothing to do with their friendship. He asks Liz to promise him that their friendship won't change no matter what Katherine pulls. Liz asks Nikolas if he thinks Katherine is going to try something.

In Rome, Alexis is feeling a little guilty for abandoning Jax and Chloe. She thinks that they won't know what to do with themselves. Ned teasingly accuses her of acting like a real wife. He tells her that Jax probably feels a little guilty himself for monopolizing Alexis' time and is trying to do them a favor by letting them spend time together. And Chloe is so grateful that she would do almost anything for them. Alexis agrees and she and Ned start to kiss.

Meanwhile, Jax angrily hangs up the phone in his suite. He is annoyed with his brother and Chloe asks if he wants to forgo their plans for the evening. Jax smiles and says that she isn't getting out of it that easily and excuses himself to change. As he leaves, Chloe asks if Jerry speaks German too. Jax is a little confused by the question, but says that Jerry can make himself a nuisance in almost any language. After he is gone, Chloe pulls a small book out of the drawer next to the bed. She flips through it and smiles to herself.

Jax comes back into the room in his "disguise" to find Chloe reading a German dictionary. She has figured out that yesterday he told the American tourists that he wanted to dance in the fountain with her, naked. He feigns innocence and asks why he would say that. Chloe teasingly asks Jax if he has heard scandalous things about her that were written in a Milanese fashion magazine. Jax takes a step closer to Chloe asks if there are any to be read. Chloe takes a step back and responds by asking if he has heard unseemly rumors about her liking to liven up a boring party. Jax starts to walk closer and asks her to tell him more. Chloe keeps walking backwards as Jax steps closer to her and says that maybe he has come to the conclusion that since she can't stand to keep shoes on her feet, that the same applies for all other clothes. Chloe has backed up to the wall and is trapped by Jax who leans in to suggestively say that he thinks that he would remember that. Chloe ducks under Jax arm and escapes as she says that maybe Jax is the one who would like to be naked in a fountain. She is an open minded woman, but she does have one favor to ask. She would like get a disposable waterproof camera first.

Ned and Alexis are in the bedroom of their suite. Alexis says that they have always taken being alone for granted. Most couples do, as if the time were owed to them. They never thought there was any sense of urgency. It didn't matter because they knew there would be another time. But someday, there won't be another time. They will have seen each other for the last time and they will never have known that. Ned pulls Alexis in for a kiss and they fall back on the bed, locked in a passionate embrace.

Sonny tells Hannah that keeping her in his life was something he never lost sight of. He can be stubborn and selfish, he knows. Maybe he shouldn't expect it, but he was hoping that she would wait for him, no questions asked. Hannah says that she tried to tell herself all of those things, but she couldn't. She didn't like being told that she wasn't allowed to see his pain. If he isn't ready to share the bad with the good, she will just have to wait until he can. Hannah takes Sonny's hand and gives it a comforting squeeze.

Nikolas says that he doesn't care about what Katherine does and tells Liz that she shouldn't either. Everything in his life does not have to be about Katherine. This one colossal, humiliating mistake that everyone knew was a mistake but him. He just wants one place, one person in his life that isn't about Katherine. Liz agrees that he should be able to have that. Nikolas says that he knows he is being impossible. Frustrated, Nikolas tells Liz that he will catch her later and rushes off. Liz calls after him to no avail.

Sonny asks Hannah to catch him up on what he missed. Hannah says that she was worried and so was Mike. She tells Sonny that she just realized how much she missed him. She walks over and pulls him into a kiss. Sonny goes willingly.

Nikolas has gone to the boxcar. He steps up and looks around, noticing Liz's artwork on the walls.

At the PCPD, Faison is being released. Taggert escorts him into Mac's office where Mac tells him he is free to go. Faison says that he saw it coming, but he can let bygones be bygones. He won't hold this against Mac. He is just very happy that they cleared things up so fast. Mac comments on how Faison made all of the other charges disappear. He suggests that Faison take his new found freedom somewhere else. Faison says that he like Port Charles. Mac tells Taggert to give Faison his belongings and get him the hell out of his office. Taggert dumps the contents of a manila envelope onto the table. Felicia sees her sunglasses. She tells Faison that they belong to her.

Faison says that he doesn't see how they can be hers. Felicia looks again and says that she is positive. She reminds Mac of the day of Chloe's wedding. She lost them at Kelly's. Faison explains that that is where he found them, but if they are Felicia's, she should have them back. Felicia says that she doesn't want them. Faison thanks them for the civility. He asks for a cab and Taggert ushers him out. Once he is gone, Felicia picks up a paperweight and starts to smash her sunglasses. Mac pulls her into a hug and she cries in frustration on his shoulder.

At GH, Katherine has concluded her doctor's appointment and is talking to the doctor about her concern for privacy. The doctor leaves after assuring Katherine everything would be strictly confidential. As Katherine turns to leave, Laura walks up and gives her a look to kill!

At the boxcar, Nikolas wanders around the boxcar. He talks to himself, looking for guidance from Lucky's spirit. He says that he can feel Lucky there. He didn't think that he would be able to, but he can. He never realized how much he had started to depend on Lucky. He thought that he would always have his brother. He sits down on the wooden crate and tearfully confesses to Lucky that Katherine is pregnant. At least she says that she is and he can't deny that it could be true. In a few months he could be somebody's father. He hardly knew how to a brother until it was almost too late. People who used to be Prince's aren't very good at real life. Laura, Liz, everyone is running around worried about him and his mistakes. He should be taking care of them. That's the way he promised it would be. He wonders why he doesn't know what to do. Lucky would know. He asks why Lucky isn't there to tell him.

In her room, Liz is sitting on her bed holding her sketchpad. She rips up what looks like a rough sketch of a pregnant woman and throws it across the room. She then turns back to the sketch she was working on. It is a picture of her, Lucky and a child. She picks up a red pencil and angrily starts to color in flames lapping at their feet.

Sonny and Hannah pull out of their kiss. Hannah asks what is off limits. She isn't trying to get heavy, but now that she has been allowed back in, she wonders if the kitchen is open to her as well. She wants to cook for Sonny. Sonny is reluctant and asks if they can just take it one step at a time. Hannah says that they have to eat. She just wants to throw something together. Sonny finally agrees.

Ned and Alexis are basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

Jax and Alexis have arrived home from their evening out and are stunned to see Aunt Gertrude bribing a maid as they get off the elevator. While Aunt Gertrude thanks the maid for helping her "surprise" her niece, Jax and Chloe hide behind a potted plant.

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