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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 6, 1999 on GH
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Monday September 6, 1999

Hannah entered her apartment and found Carly inside. When Hannah threatened to call the police, Carly urged her to do so and claimed that the authorities would never arrest Mrs. AJ Quartermaine. After a few snide insults and veiled threats, Carly left Hannah's room. As soon as Carly was gone, Hannah began to pack her belongings.

At the Port Charles Grill, the FBI arrested Sonny for RICO, because of involvement in organized crime. Jason telephoned Benny and instructed him to clean up the office. Also at the Grille, the always-together foursome bickered as to Sonny and Jason's true guilt. Ned departed to inform his family of the news before they learned from the media and Alexis questioned Jason for details. When Jason requested that Alexis defend Sonny, Jax became very angry. Despite Jax's ranting about Sonny's evils, Alexis agreed to meet with Jason and Sonny at the police station.

After the car accident, Jerry and Bobbie lay unconscious in the woods. Bobbie awakened and found her lover covered in blood and unresponsive. She used the car phone to call 9-1-1 and asked for assistance.

At Wyndemere, Faison visited his cohort and confidante with the antidote he had obtained in Switzerland. He injected the drug into Helena's I.V., but it had no immediate effects. Faison was mystified when Helena failed to respond to his cues, but he assured her that he would carry out their scheme as planned. After Faison left, Helena began to show signs of movement.

As Helena attempted to raise her hand, Katherine barged in the room and accused Helena of sabotaging her pregnancy. Evidently, Helena's method of reviving Katherine after her fall from the parapet had rendered Katherine unable to conceive. Katherine contemplated murdering the Cassadine matriarch, but instead condemned her to a life of misery and stormed out of the room. After the door had slammed behind Katherine, Helena managed to feebly utter, "My dear, you underestimate me."

At the Port Charles Police Station, the FBI was reluctant to cooperate with Lieutenant Taggert. Taggert explained that he was concerned that the investigation be by the book in order to guarantee that the charges stuck. Hannah, meanwhile, was worried about Sonny and wished to keep him company at the police station. Sonny, however, did not want Ms. Scott to remain.

When Hannah discovered that the FBI had filed charges against her lover, she quickly leaped to Sonny's defense and declared that he had done nothing illegal. She then requested a meeting with the FBI officials, which Sonny did not approve of. Alexis and Jason soon arrived, and Alexis demanded to speak with the arresting officers on behalf of her client, Sonny Corinthos. Taggert refused to interrupt the meeting, but after it disbanded, Alexis procured the list of charges.

At the Grille, Chloe attempted to soothe a disgruntled Jax. She reminded her friend that his wife was an educated and savvy woman, fully capable of making wise decisions. Chloe then recommended that Jax not let Sonny hurt him again. Before Jax had time to respond, he received a phone call about the car accident. He and Chloe raced out of the restaurant to find Jerry and Bobbie.

When Carly attempted to visit Sonny at his penthouse, the FBI greeted her and dragged her to the police station.

Tuesday, September 7, 1999

Jax was at the hospital, trying to get some news about Jerry. Chloe was with him and trying to help him. Tony walked out and told Jax that they needed a family signature for them to do surgery; Jerry's lungs were filling up with blood, and they had to stop it. His chances were 50/50. Chloe got Jax a chocolate bar and tried to comfort him; he told her stories about Jerry and how their mother had said the first words out of his mouth as a baby had been "never say die."

Jax was getting frustrated that he could not get any news; he expected his parents at any moment. Alexis arrived to comfort her husband as Chloe looked on. Finally Audrey called to Jax and told him that they wanted the family outside of the OR. The three of them started to go, but Chloe was stopped and told only family could go.

At the police station Carly was going off on Hannah, saying that it was Hannah's fault that Sonny had gotten arrested. She pushed and got in Hannah's face, and Hannah pushed back and got the better push. Sonny wanted Hannah to go, but she would not leave without him. Jason talked to Hannah; she said she could handle the Feds. Jason said no, she couldn't, and insisted she had to be careful as to what she said, or she could be the reason that Sonny landed in prison. The Feds told Jason that they wanted to see his tax papers and talk to him in the morning.

Jason was talking to Carly at the station when she got the call that her mother was in the hospital. She rushed to be by Bobbie's side. When she got to the hospital, she saw Jax and Chloe and started in on Jax, saying how his brother was likely okay and her mother was fighting for her life. Chloe broke in and told Carly that it was the other way around. Carly told Jax she was sorry and went to find Bobbie.

Carly sat with Bobbie, saying how much she loved her and how she understood that Bobbie loved her and was on her side, maybe because she was a mother herself. AJ arrived, and they stepped outside the room to talk. She thanked him for calling her. He said he was hoping that they could have gone there together and asked where she had been. She made up an excuse and then he asked if she was ready to go home. She told him she wanted to sit with Bobbie some more and he said that was fine. Carly sat at Bobbie's bedside with her head on the pillow beside her mom's.

Felicia found out about the accident and went to the hospital. She ran into Chloe and got the rundown on who had been hurt and how badly. She left to see Bobbie. Later, Felicia was talking to her grandmother, checking on the girls. As she was putting her phone away, it rang and was Luke. She told him there was some stuff that he had to know, but the first thing was that Bobbie had been in an accident.

Taggert was a little upset that Mac had known Sonny was going to be arrested for a week but had not told him. They talked about maybe getting Sonny a deal so that they could get Faison. Dana said she would see what the Feds had to say.

Alexis was talking with Sonny in private. He asked her when she had become his lawyer. She said she was sorry and he could get someone else if he wanted to. He said no because she was the best. Mac walked in and told Alexis about Jerry being in surgery in the hospital. He said everything was on hold, so she could get out of there and go. She left for the hospital.

Taggert entered and took Sonny to his cell. Jason and Hannah looked on. The last shot of the show was Sonny in the cell in prison clothes, looking through the bars.

Faison was looking to see if Luke had made the drop. Faison was talking to a stranger. He said that when Spencer made the drop to keep him there. He did not want Luke back in Port Charles until he was ready for him.

Wednesday, September 8, 1999


Today's recap was provided by Beth Knowles.

Helena was moving around, and Stefan walked in and noticed that she had moved. He called for the nurse, who entered and told him that they were moving Helena around more for the circulation. Nikolas arrived, and they left him alone with his grandmother. He got on her about how she was probably happy that Katherine was pregnant with his child; he couldn't figure out her reasoning, but that was fine. He also told her that he was proud to be Stefan's son because his father was nothing like her.

Stefan talked to Nikolas outside and tried to get him to say what was bothering him. Nikolas said that he could not tell Stefan, although he wanted to, because if he did, Stefan was going to try to take control and fix everything. After giving his word that he would let Nikolas handle it, Stefan learned that Katherine was pregnant. Of course Stefan freaked out; Nikolas asked what he would do if it were his child. Even though he hated the woman, Stefan had to admit he would do his duty to the child no matter what. Nikolas admitted that was how he felt also.

Stefan went in to see his mother and confronted her, asking if she was happy, since Katherine was pregnant and it was all Helena's fault. After Stefan left, Helena said no, she was not happy. She also said she had not done it, but she could undo it.

Faison was worried about Luke being back in Port Charles. Luke was in the room with Bobbie, because he had rushed right back after hearing about her accident. Bobbie stirred and was happy to see him. He told her that Carly had been there all night. She asked him how he had found out about her, and he told her that their guardian angel had told him, meaning Felicia.

Luke asked what had happened. Bobbie told him that it had all been her fault; they had been driving up to his cabin, and she had kissed him. When he tried to kiss her, a deer was right there. He had swerved to miss it and lost control of the car. Luke told her it was not her fault; it had been an accident. Bobbie asked about Jerry and was told he was not good. Of course she wanted to go see him.

Luke left to get a wheelchair and some help. Amy arrived and was taking Bobbie to see Jerry when Monica stopped them, saying she would take her. Bobbie said not to make her fight about it, and asked how Monica would feel if it were Alan. Monica said that Jerry was in bad shape, and Bobbie would want a friend to prepare her. Bobbie swallowed, and they left to see Jerry.

Alexis tried to get Jax to go home and get some sleep, but he would not. He thanked her for getting his parents to go to a hotel though. He said that she had been there all night, and she could go if she wanted to. She said she was his wife, and asked if he had forgotten. She insisted that nothing was more important that that. They were watching Jerry with their arms wrapped around each other when Chloe showed up with juice for them. They talked about Alexis being Sonny's lawyer, and she left for the police station.

Jax and Chloe were talking, she was still trying to make him feel better and to get something in his stomach. Bobbie arrived. She told them it was her fault and explained what had happened. Jax told her to never say she was sorry for kissing his brother and that she was the best thing that had ever happened to Jerry.

Bobbie went in and sat with Jerry. She was telling him stories, and sharing memories. Monica returned and was a bit upset that Bobbie was still there, but Chloe felt that Bobbie and Jerry were the best medicine for each other. Monica walked into the room. Bobbie convinced Monica to let her stay. Bobbie was telling Jerry some more memories when she heard "Bob." Jerry looked at her and told her she was beautiful -- and that the next time, she would drive. Jax and Chloe hugged and kissed while watching.

Felicia entered Bobbie's room and found Luke. She told him who Faison really was, and Luke flipped. She reminded him of how smart Robert was and how much help Robert had had, and he had still ended up dead. She told him Faison had used Anna to get to Robert, like he was using Felicia to get to Mac, the girls to get to her, and Laura to get to Luke. Luke thanked her for not telling Mac and protecting her.

However, Luke said that there were things that could be done if someone were willing to do them. He could not believe that there was no evidence when Faison had blown up a whole cruise ship, but she told him it had disappeared. She calmed him down some before he went looking for Faison. Luke was about to place a call when Faison turned to see him. The two of them stood motionlessly looking at each other... neither saying a word.

Thursday, September 9, 1999

Jerry was awake and was upset that he had hurt Bobbie. She told him that it was her fault and not to worry because she was fine. She explained that she was just in the wheelchair so she could get to see him. She gave him a hug when he asked, and over her shoulder, he saw Jax and Chloe hugging and kissing.

Jax went in to see his brother, and Jerry asked, "Haven't you got anything better to do than to interrupt my nap?" They talked about how worried Jax and everyone else had been. Jerry asked why Jax had been kissing Chloe. Jax that she, as well as Ned, Alexis, and their parents were there most of the time, worried and waiting to see about Jerry. Jax and Chloe went to Kelly's for some refreshments and ended up kissing at the table.

Jason and Juan were sitting in Kelly's. Jason was telling Juan about Sonny getting arrested and being in jail. Juan couldn't figure out why Sonny would worry about how he had found out. Hannah walked over and was upset. Juan asked her why she was picking a fight with everyone, and she responded that he should finally know how it felt. Juan still could not understand why Sonny had sent Jason to tell him. Jason explained that was the way Sonny was. He treated everyone with respect, even if they didn't deserve it.

Mike went to see Sonny in jail and was concerned about him. He knew how much Sonny hated being locked up. He wanted to know what the charge was and if Sonny thought he could beat it.

Sonny's next visitor was Juan. He wanted to know if Sonny was getting what he deserved in the way of his mother. Sonny said that it had nothing to do with Lily, that it had to do with the business he was in and the one that Juan wanted to follow him in. He said that Juan was someone that he kept track of because Juan was Lily's son. Juan asked why Sonny had Jason tell him that Sonny was in jail.

The last visitor of the day for Sonny was Hannah. They held hands, and Sonny explained that the arraignment was the next step. He would know what the charge was then, and would get bail, denied bail, or the charges dropped.

Luke and Faison faced off on the dock. Luke let Faison know that he knew who Faison was. It was clear that it did not go over well. He asked Luke where his diamonds were and was told that one could not deliver diamonds to a dead man. Luke added that if he wasn't dead already, he could be soon. Luke accused Faison of killing his best friend and making contact with Laura. Luke said Faison would pay. Luke said to tell him some stories and then go back to the realm of the dead.

Felicia hugged Luke and told him she was very glad he was okay. She asked if he had found Faison. He said he had talked to Faison, and he was not happy that his timetable had gotten broken. Later, Felecia went to see Luke again in his office and asked him what his business with Faison was. He tried to skirt around the issue, but after she promised that she would not tell Mac, he told her he had five millions dollars worth of diamonds.

Felicia begged Luke not to push Faison because Faison liked to play with his prey. Luke thought he had the upper hand because he had the diamonds. Faison was really upset, but he thought he had the upper hand because he had Spencer's son.

Friday, September 10, 1999

At the gatehouse, Jax arrived with a delicacy flown in directly from Hong Kong just for Chloe. She was delighted with the surprise. Jax was equally delighted to learn that Ned was gone for a while, visiting Brook Lynn.

Luke tracked Bobbie down at the hospital where she was sitting with Jerry. Bobbie was anxious to tell Luke about Faison, but he told her that Felicia had already filled him in. Bobbie wanted to know what Luke was going to do. Faison was "as lethal as they come." Luke told Bobbie that her brother was no walk in the park either.

At Kelly's, Carly rushed up with apologies to Jason for being late. Jason, who was sitting at a table outside, just shook his head and asked Carly why she had to meet with him. Carly told him that Hannah had a gun.

At the jail, Hannah arrived to visit Sonny. Hannah was not happy to see Sonny in handcuffs. She asked the guard why, since Sonny was supposed to be released that day. The guard just shook his head and said that he hadn't heard anything about Sonny being released. Once they were alone, Hannah told Sonny that she didn't know if she could take "another day of this."

Sonny told Hannah that he loved that she cared, but also told her to take it easy. The Feds were just flexing their muscles. They wouldn't be able to keep him. Hannah said that she had a plan. She wanted to surprise him, but she couldn't wait. She wanted to take him to a spa in Northern California.

Sonny said thanks, but no thanks. Hannah tried to convince him by telling him how romantic it would be. He could have whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted it. Alexis arrived with a very serious look on her face. She informed Sonny and Hannah that Sonny wasn't going anywhere for a while.

Jason asked Carly where she had dreamed up that Hannah had a gun. Carly told Jason that she had seen the gun before she saw Hannah at the police station. That was why she had gone to the penthouse in the first place. She had wanted to warn Sonny.

Jason was not happy when he found out that Carly had seen the gun when she "broke in" to Hannah's apartment. He told Carly that she was starting to give him a headache...again. Carly just wanted to know why Hannah had a gun. Jason asked Carly, as a favor to him, to give the Hannah thing up. She didn't need to help. She needed to leave it alone.

Bobbie was concerned that Luke was trying to "handle" Faison on his own. Luke said that just because he didn't trust cops didn't mean he was going to go it alone. He asked Bobbie to be careful. Faison apparently liked to torture his prey by using the women in their lives. He asked Bobbie to just let him know if she even saw Faison. Bobbie willingly agreed, but wanted to know who was going to watch Luke's back. Luke said that he could take care of himself.

Bobbie told Luke that she was worried. He had never been up against someone like Cesar Faison before. Luke said that life was full of risks. Bobbie said that she and Luke had suffered some major losses. She wasn't ready to go there again. Luke said that "living in fear ain't living."

Bobbie told Luke how she had felt after her car accident. She said that when she saw Jerry's face, he had been so deathly still that her heart had almost stopped. All she had been able to think was, "Oh God, please don't let another person I love die right in front of my eyes." Luke pulled her into a tight hug as she started to cry.

Bobbie assured Luke that she was okay and thanked him for listening. Luke said, "Anytime." Bobbie changed the subject and told Luke that he would be proud of how good she was at calming Felicia down. She was a little surprised at how pleased Luke was to learn that Felicia missed him and was worried about him. Luke played it down, saying that it was great to have friends, but the look on Bobbie's face said that she wasn't completely buying his act. Bobbie pointed out that Luke and Felicia had grown very close. Luke didn't deny it, but changed the subject by asking Bobbie to join him for breakfast. Bobbie thanked him, but said that she wanted to stay with Jerry in case he woke up.

Stefan concluded a business meeting with the manager of the Cassadine Trust. He was not very happy to be joined by Katherine once the banker left. Stefan said that he was on his way out, but Katherine wanted to discuss Nikolas. She asked Stefan if he knew that she and Nikolas were on the verge of getting back together. Stefan said that he was sure that Katherine was making every attempt. Katherine suggested that they try to get along, since reconciliation between her and Nikolas was inevitable. Stefan asked what twisted delusion Katherine was harboring. Before Katherine could reply, Nikolas arrived and demanded to know what was going on.

Sonny was not happy to learn that it was perfectly legal for him to remain locked up. Alexis assured him that she was doing the best she could to get him released. She suggested that Sonny work with her. The FBI believed that they had sufficient evidence to prove the racketeering charge. Sonny insisted that the Feds were bluffing. Alexis suggested that maybe someone had sold him out, but he assured her that he was on top of all of his people. The guard arrived to take Sonny back to his cell. Once he was gone, Hannah begged Alexis to get Sonny out.

Carly still wanted to tell Sonny the truth, but Jason told her no. She was carrying a message that Sonny didn't want to hear. No matter what, it would blow up in her face. Sonny would not be grateful; he would be mad. Carly pointed out that Jason had not disagreed with her that Hannah was trouble. Jason said that he didn't know one way or another, but if Hannah were trouble, Sonny would find out on his own.

Jason told Carly to let it go and made her promise. Carly finally agreed to let it go, for the moment. Once Jason left, Carly went into Kelly's and stole the keys to Hannah's apartment from the cash register. Just as she was about to walk upstairs, AJ arrived and saw her. He asked where she was going.

Carly made up a story about helping Bobbie out, since she was still recovering from her accident. AJ teased her about "playing the super," but Carly pretended that she was really doing it out of concern for Bobbie. AJ told her that he thought she was being sweet, but wanted to know how long she would be. He told her that they had received a dinner invitation from Carlton Saunders, who was very charmed by his wife.

Carly completely switched gears and said that she had better hurry if she was going to be ready in time. AJ was surprised at how quickly she switched gears, but Carly told him that she was just prioritizing. Clearly was pleased with her answer, and AJ left with Carly's promise that she would be right there. Before following AJ out the door, Carly returned the keys to the cash register drawer.

Stefan assured Nikolas that, in deference to Nikolas' request not to interfere, Stefan had not sought Katherine out. Katherine was extremely pleased that her "pregnancy" secret had been revealed. Nikolas explained that he had told Stefan about the baby. Stefan was quick to add that Katherine's tiresome maneuvering was not necessary. Katherine sweetly said that she was not maneuvering; she was just trying to be friendly. She didn't want her child to be raised in the same kind of strained environment that Nikolas had been raised in.

Nikolas started to protest, but Stefan cut him off and told Katherine that he had promised he wouldn't interfere, but he would not pretend that he was happy about her holding his son hostage. Katherine insisted that there were no hostages. Stefan said that there were two: Nikolas and the child that Katherine had deliberately conceived. Nikolas interrupted to tell Stefan that his comments were inappropriate. Stefan said that the only thing left to do was take his leave. Once he was gone, Nikolas invited Katherine to join him for brunch.

At the gatehouse, Chloe and Jax had finished their food and were ready to eat their fortune cookies. Chloe read her fortune and teased Jax that he had stuffed it himself. Jax opened his fortune cookie and pretended to read it. He told Chloe that his fortune was a complicated set of instructions and asked her to bear with him. His fortune instructed him to lean forward ten inches, extend his hand, hold the chin of the person in front of him, and to indulge in a long-awaited kiss.

Chloe smiled as Jax did exactly as his fortune instructed. The arrival of Ned and Brook Lynn interrupted the kiss. Chloe and Brook Lynn took to each other immediately. Jax looked on adoringly as Chloe teased the little girl about being a beautiful princess and started to make all kinds of fun plans for her visit.

Chloe took Brook Lynn upstairs to "get reacquainted with" her room. As Ned explained to Jax the complicated circumstances that had resulted in Brook Lynn staying for a while, Alexis arrived looking haggard and worn. She was ready to flop down on the couch when an excited Brook Lynn raced down the stairs, followed closely by a laughing Chloe. Alexis barely had time to regain her composure before Ned introduced her to his daughter. Alexis tried to talk to the little girl and complimented her on her lacy socks. Brook Lynn clearly was not taking to her.

Over brunch, Katherine told Nikolas about how much she had been napping since she was "pregnant" and about her cravings for certain foods. She had even started looking for a house. She asked Nikolas to help her. Nikolas agreed and asked if she had thought about names. Katherine said that she had and asked to hear his top three first. Nikolas told Katherine that his top three name choices for the baby were Constantine, Justinian, and Ebenezer.

Katherine laughed when she realized that he was only teasing and asked what name he would choose for a girl. Nikolas said Lucas Lorenzo. He smiled and said not for a girl, of course, but he was serious about the name. He would like to honor his brother. Katherine commented on how much fun it was to talk about their baby. She wondered if they would ever be like they had been before. Nikolas diplomatically told Katherine that they would be fine, as parents.

At GH, Bobbie continued to maintain her vigil at Jerry's bedside. Jerry wakened and was delighted to find Bobbie there. Bobbie was shocked when Jerry asked her to marry him.

Faison was lurking on the docks when Felicia arrived. Faison asked Felicia to help him to influence Luke. He asked Felicia to deliver a message to Luke. Felicia and Faison were both surprised when Luke walked up behind Faison and said to deliver the message himself.

Faison said that he was glad Luke was there. It would save him a trip. He believed that Luke had something that belonged to him. If it were not returned to him in a timely fashion, he would have to deprive Luke of something he treasured as well.

Bobbie was flattered at the proposal, but told Jerry that she wouldn't hold him to it. Trauma patients often became delirious. Jerry insisted that he was fully aware of what he was doing and what he wanted. Bobbie wanted to know about the timing. Jerry said that she was his soul, and he loved her. It had taken him eons to get here. He wanted to be held to his proposal for better or worse. He wanted to grow old with her.

Bobbie finally accepted Jerry's proposal and leaned over to seal the deal with a passionate kiss. She pulled away, and they laughed together as they imagined the reactions of their families. As they continued to talk, Jerry suddenly stiffened and started to convulse. Bobbie ran to the door and screamed for a doctor.

At the gatehouse, Alexis was still making zero headway with Brook Lynn. The little girl wouldn't respond to any of Alexis' attempts at conversation. Chloe stepped in with a tiara for the princess to try to relieve some of the strain of the moment. Brook Lynn happily accepted the pretend crown from Chloe and whirled around to model her "princess look" for her daddy.

At the police station, Sonny told Jason that he wasn't going anywhere soon. He admitted to Jason that he thought he was finished with all of it: the guards, the cops, the waiting. Jason assured Sonny that the FBI had nothing. Sonny said that that was what he had been trying to tell Hannah. He hadn't been prepared because it was not supposed to be happening.

Sonny told Jason that someone had screwed up and hadn't told them. Jason said that he had gone over everything with Benny, and everything had checked out. Nothing was missing. No one was where they weren't supposed to be. Sonny angrily said that he wasn't going down.

A professionally dressed woman was walking down a hallway in an office building. In one of the offices, the two FBI agents who had arrested Sonny were talking. The woman walked into the office and slammed the door. The two men greeted her as Agent Scott. The woman, who was revealed to be Hannah, demanded to know "why the hell" they had stepped on her bust.

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