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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 13, 1999 on GH
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Monday, September 13, 1999

by Nora

In the hospital, Bobbie worries when Jerry goes into seizures.

At the PCPD, Jason assures Sonny that Benny has taken care of things and that the books are clear. When Jason doubts Hannah, Sonny maintains that Carly is not a reliable source of information. Sonny then expresses his confidence that bail will be posted in the morning and that he will be able to leave the police station.

At the FBI headquarters, Hannah demands to know why she was not informed prior to Sonny's arrest. Her superiors advise her that they are not certain of her objectivity. Hannah admits that her approach has been unorthodox, but claims that she was on the brink of discovering all of Sonny's secrets before Agent Larkin stepped in and ruined her progress. Agent Larkin (a.k.a. the ex-boyfriend) then becomes angry and asserts that her physical relationship with Mr. Corinthos compromises the investigation. Hannah is then told to follow FBI procedure to the letter or else she will be pulled off the case immediately.

On the docks, Luke refuses to complete his deal with Faison. When Felicia tells Faison that she will never again be a go-between, Faison questions the validity of her assertion, claiming that she is already caught between her husband and Luke. Faison then threatens Luke before quickly disappearing. After the enemy has departed, Luke explains to Felicia that he is using the diamonds as protection, but that the jewels are not in his direct possession, but instead in a bank in Mexico. Felicia leaps at the opportunity to join Luke in another adventure and offers to watch his back while he smuggles the diamonds into the U.S.

In the gatehouse, Jax tries to comfort Alexis as Ned and Chloe take Brook Lynn to bed. They are interrupted by Bobbie's phone call to inform Jax of Jerry's status. Jax and Alexis race to the hospital, where Bobbie explains that the doctors are worried about cerebral swelling. The next 24 hours of Jerry's life are critical. When Jax asks about the circumstances prior to the seizure, Bobbie tells him that she agreed to marry his brother. Alexis delights at the news and welcomes Bobbie to the family. When Jax is ashamed of the way he has treated his brother in the past, Alexis instructs him to focus on his love for Jerry and how much time they will have together in the future.

After changing out of her somber suit, Hannah visits Sonny in jail. She tells him that he is all that she needs, but her lover assures her that it will all be over tomorrow. When Sonny senses that something is troubling Hannah, he asks for details. The question is left hanging when the two lean in for a kiss.

Tuesday, September 14, 1999

by Nora

Juan arrives at the gatehouse to request a favor from Ned. When Juan probes Ned for details about Miguel and how he got his start in the music industry, Ned shows him the video that Miguel made with Brenda many years ago. Ned explains that he has always known about Juan's parentage and offers to help Juan contact his father. Juan declines the offer, but says that he'll keep it in mind for the future. The young man then departs, but before he leaves he asks Ned to say goodbye to Emily for him.

At the hospital, Chloe consoles Jax with juice and snacks, but Jax is worried that Jerry might not recover. Jax also reveals that his brother's brush with death reminds him of Brenda's death and how there were so many things he should have said when he still had the chance. He then expresses sorrow that he was unable to save his wife and worries that the same might be true with Jerry.

At the PCPD, Hannah meets with Sonny. She is very angry that his bail was denied, but Sonny believes that he should not have misled her - he is considered a flight risk. For every ten reasons that Hannah maintains should keep Sonny out of jail, Sonny mentions ten reasons why he should still be inside bars. He then convinces Hannah to go home and some lunch. Before she can leave the police department, however, she encounters Juan. She pleads with him not to be too harsh with Sonny.

Inside Jerry's room, Bobbie urges her lover to awaken. When she leaves for a break, Jax takes the opportunity to apologize for letting his brother down. He says the things to Jerry that he mentioned to Chloe that he regretted not mentioning previously.

Outside Kelly's, Carly runs into Hannah. The two, of course, bicker to no end. When things start to get physical, Jason appears and stops Hannah from lunging at Carly. Jason defends Carly's actions to Hannah, who becomes upset with both of them and enters the restaurant. Jason then asks Carly about Bobbie's medical condition and Carly replies, "Everything I touch gets ruined." Jason dissuades her of her theory and after he promises not to trust Hannah, Carly goes to the hospital to be with her mother.

When Juan visits Sonny at the police department, he informs the jailbird that he is leaving for Puerto Rico today. Sonny urges him to respect the father that loves him and take advantage of the life that he currently has. When Juan probes for details about Miguel and Brenda, Sonny tells him that today is the anniversary of Brenda's death.

At the hospital, Carly brings Bobbie lunch and tells her mother that she loves her. When Bobbie cries about Jerry, Carly embraces her. Inside the hospital room, Jerry opens his eyes (and mouth) at Jax's taunting.

Jason goes to the PCPD to console Sonny and help him cope with the anniversary of Brenda's death. Sonny grabs Jason and instructs him to get him out of jail.

In her room at Kelly's, Hannah looks longingly at a photograph of Sonny and herself.

Wednesday, September 15, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Beth Knowles.

Jerry is awake and talking to the doctor with Bobbie and Jax. The two of them are going to make sure that he follows the doctor's orders. The love that Bobbie and Jax has for Jerry is showing so much in their actions. Jax leaves as Bobbie watches Jerry through the window. Later she tells Amy that she is worried because he has been sleeping all day, Amy tells her that she will feel better if she got closer and that sleep is what the doctor wanted him to do.

Ned and Chloe are talking about how wonderful Brook Lynn is and how wonderful Chloe is with her. Ned said he can write songs, or a love letter that will bring a tale to your eye, but a fairy tale no way. They talk about Lois and the reason that they split up was because she did not want Brook Lynn raise with the Quartermaines, which he could not blame her.

Jax and Alexis show up to celebrate the fact that Jerry is going to be okay. Jax gets a phone call and learns that there is some money in one of Jerry's accounts that should not be there. He tells Alexis but not Chloe and ask Alexis to keep it to herself, she makes it a legal consultation so no one can question her about it. Alexis asks Ned how the visit is going with Brook Lynn. He thinks it is going great but only because Chloe is so great with her. But don't worry she will love you for you Alexis. They kiss as Chloe and Jax are outside trying to catch the delivery man for an item he forgot and ended up kissing as well.

Emily is back and is talking to Ned. She hated everything in camp except for archery, which she like because she was the best, even better than the boys. He tells her that he has Brook Lynn for a couple of weeks and she thinks that is great. They talk about how Chloe and Brook Lynn are together, she tells him that she will stop by later to see her. She asks about Juan and he tells her that he left to go home today. She calls Tammy and gets it confirmed that Juan is indeed gone. Next is Monica and Alan, the three of them argue about Juan and Emily asks if she is still on house arrest, when told no she leaves and goes down to the docks where her and Juan had their first kiss and thinks about him. Juan comes up behind her and they hug, the flight is later tonight. The two get caught up with the news and each other. As they are kissing Juan's father comes, it is time to go, No Emily cannot go to the airport say your good byes now. Juan leaves and Emily cries.

Monica is looking at a picture of the three children and Alan tries to tell her not to second guess herself. She tells him that not only is she second guessing herself on the choices that they have made with the children but also on the promise to Paige, Emily's real mother, to raise her child, when they are so mixed up.

Liz is waiting for Nikolas to help him get his mind of Katherine and take him to a movie, he says that he has invited Katherine over that it would have to be later. She agrees only if she can drive his jag again, they joke about him buying her one of her own so she is not always after him to let him drive his. Katherine arrives and Liz leaves, she congratulates her on the baby as she leaves. Katherine and Nikolas are having a cup of tea and talking about the baby when Stefan shows up to look at an injured horse.

Stefan and Katherine have words and Nikolas breaks it up saying this is not good for the baby. Stefan leaves saying he will call next time before he comes over. Liz comes back and Nikolas asks her if she would turn his study into a nursery for his child. Katherine is trying on maternity clothes.

Stefan is in Helena's room holding a pillow, you can tell he is really upset. He is telling his mother about the monster, Katherine, that he thinks his mother created. He says she should of let her die, and how he cannot do anything because he gave Nikolas his word. Nikolas will never be free of her now. After he leaves Helena gets up and says to herself so you made Nikolas a promise, when are you going to learn that words mean nothing when action has to be taken, if Katherine proves to be a problem then she has to be eliminated.

Thursday, September 16, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Julie Roughy

Alexis confronts Stefan about making bad moves against her through her "new" "family." Stefan tells her that she is ridiculous, because he wouldn't work with Jerry Jax if he's the last man on earth. Then Stefan told her that he can't believe how loyal she is being to the Jax family because they are a bunch of thieves. She replied to Stefan's opinions as, The Jaxes have been more of a family to her then any of the Cassadines have ever been. She also can't believe how much Stefan has turned into a TRUE Cassadine.

Luke asks Jason to come clean about Sonny and tell him what is going on, because he don't want to go down with him. Jason says he cant, and that they will no more in court tomorrow. Sonny will be ok as long as the FBI don't come up with anything more. Then Luke begs Jason to get out while he can, and not go down with Sonny. Jason refuses and says that he is standing by his best friend no matter what the consequences may be.

Makes a call to her doctor and tells him to get a surrogate mother fast, because time is crucial, and money is no option.

Bobbie told Felicia that her and Jerry are going to get married. Felicia wished her to have a perfect wedding and she wants to help with all the plans.

AJ took Carly to the docks to show her a new crane he bought for ELQ. Carly pretended to be so proud that AJ is being such a great CEO. In return AJ gave Carly a necklace for being such a wonderful and supporting wife, he told her he wouldn't be able to do this without her and Michael. While Jason sat in the background and heard everything.

Carly went up to Jason and told him how she is being such a good wife, and trying to be supportive, but she thinks everything is just stupid (his crane). They talked about Sonny and if Jason is going to get in trouble, and she said that he could blame everything on her (because she is Legally insane) and that she would do anything to defend him. Then she told him how much she misses him and how much Michael misses his "REAL" father, and Jason asked her not to say stuff like that and she said that she is only speaking the truth. Then she gave Jason a picture of her and Michael in the garden.

Felicia asks Luke to make a deal with Mac and turn in Faison (with the diamonds) and Mac will grant Luke immunity. Luke says NO WAY and that he will eliminate Faison in his own way.

Liz says that she don't trust or like Katherine and that she can't be the one who decorates the baby's nursery. Nikolas says he's disappointed but understands.

Katherine tells Nikolas that she is moving to California. he says that the baby doesn't need to be around Stefan or Laura, when she comes back, because of all the turmoil between them and Katherine. She says that it will be better for the baby, and that Nikolas is more than welcome to visit anytime. Nikolas gets mad and says he wants to be a father not a visitor and he doesn't want her to move away with his baby. She says sorry and then takes off.

Friday, September 17, 1999

Jax arrives at the gatehouse with a HUGE teddy bear. He leaves it outside and goes in to speak with Chloe who is alone in the living room. He notices that she is sewing and teases her about being a big designer, but still sewing by hand. She laughs and explains that she is working on something for a very special customer, Brook Lynne. Jax asks if her very special client could use a very special friend. When he produces the teddy bear, Chloe says that Brook Lynn will love it. He asks Chloe why she is alone and Chloe points out that he is early, but she doesn't mind. Jax is glad because he needs some advice. He needs to buy a thank you gift for a special young lady, but it's a bit of a delicate situation. The lady is married to another man. Chloe agrees that the situation is delicate. It could get you killed in some countries. Jax says that he can't stop thinking about this woman. He asks what a woman like that might want. Chloe says that she will have to think about it for a moment. Jax tells her to take all the time she wants and then pulls her into a kiss.

Nikolas is visiting Katherine at Wyndemere. Stefan arrives looking for Nikolas. He wants to speak with him regarding his disagreement with Katherine the other day. Nikolas says that no explanation is necessary. He understands the friction between Stefan and Katherine, but he is hoping that it will change. There is a baby on the way and they all need to try to get along. Stefan says that he intends to make every effort to avoid Katherine. Nikolas says that that may be difficult. Stefan is not pleased when Nikolas reveals that he has given it a lot of thought and he plans on asking Katherine to marry him.

Mac visits Sonny in jail. Needless to say, Sonny is not thrilled to see him. Mac tells Sonny that the only way he is going to get out of jail is if he lets him help.

Dressed in her FBI attire, Hannah is leaving Kelly's when Carly arrives. Hannah warns Carly to stay away from Sonny's hearing today because he already has enough problems. Carly has tends to cause a scene wherever she goes and today needs to be about Sonny. Carly asks Hannah what the hell business of hers is it anyway.

Carly tells Hannah that she is on to her. Hannah tells Carly that she is pathetic and starts to walk away. Before she gets far, Carly tells her that pretty soon everyone else may be buying her act, but she knows that Hannah is only using Sonny. Otherwise she wouldn't be in a dark alley with her ex-boyfriend. Hannah calls Carly a hypocrite and tells her that she is just as bad. She accuses Carly of using Sonny to get to Jason. Carly says that Sonny is her friend and Hannah can be sure that she will be in the courtroom today to support him. Hannah says that Sonny doesn't need the help of a mental case. Jason arrives as the women are arguing and asks what the problem is now. Hannah tells Jason to that Carly plans on being in court today. She suggests that Jason explain to Carly all the reasons why that is a bad idea. As Hannah walks away, Carly yells after her that the suit isn't fooling anyone. She looks exactly like what she is, a lying little slut. Jason tells Carly that her fights with Hannah are not going to solve anything. Carly insists that Hannah is making a fool of everyone in Port Charles. She has been lying through her come hither lashes since the day she arrived and one day, Jason is going to figure that out. Hannah doesn't want her in court because she is afraid that Carly will tell him that she saw her with her ex-boyfriend. She tells Jason that she isn't going to let him go into the courtroom without her.

Mac explains to Sonny that the FBI has him in their cross hairs and the only way he can get them off his back is to give them someone that they want more. Mac tells Sonny that Faison is a jewel fence and he is pretty sure that he has contacted Sonny. Mac asks Sonny to set up a meeting with Faison. If he agrees, Mac will broker a deal for Sonny with the FBI. Sonny says that he would love to help, but he has never met Faison. Alexis arrives while Sonny and Mac are talking. She chastises Mac for speaking to her client without his attorney present. Mac leaves, but not before warning Sonny that if won't help get Faison, Mac will do everything he can to keep Sonny in jail for as long as possible. Once Mac is gone, Alexis asks Sonny about Faison. Sonny says that Faison is a jewel fence, but he doesn't know him. Alexis says that if there is a possibility that they could get a deal on the table, they should consider it. It may be the only way she can get him released.

Stefan pulls Nikolas outside of Helena's room so they can speak in private. He says that he should have expected Nikolas to follow what he perceives to be the most honorable course of action despite the consequences to his life. He understands that Nikolas is trying to act responsibly and he admires that , but surely Nikolas must see that this will only make matters worse. Nikolas says that he wants to raise his child as his and without all the confusion he had. He wants to be present in his child's life and with Katherine that means marrying her. Even though he doesn't love her or respect her, he can't let her be the major influence in his child's life. This is the honorable thing to do. Stefan is not surprised that Nikolas is trying to do the right thing, but he thinks that Nikolas is too young to throw his life away. He deserves more.

Nikolas tells Stefan that Katherine is going to move away and he doesn't want his child to be shuttled back and forth across the country. Unless he moves to California with Katherine, marriage is the way it has to be. Stefan wishes that Nikolas could learn from his mistakes. He never would have left Nikolas to be raised by Helena, but in retrospect, he would have done things differently. Nikolas is repeating his mistakes, but he still has time to change that. Being trapped in a loveless marriage is not the lesson he wants to teach his child. Stefan cautions Nikolas not to act to quickly. Nikolas' desire is to do what is right and that makes him proud. Once Nikolas is gone, Stefan turns to Helena's room. He looks in the door and tells Helena that he imagines this is worse than even she wanted. Once Stefan walks away, Helena sits up in bed and says that Stefan's hands may be tied in this matter, but fortunately for Nikolas, hers are not.

At the gatehouse, Jax and Chloe are putting the finishing touches on Brook Lynn's princess costume. Chloe's asks Jax why he isn't off doing business somewhere. She is pleased when he says that he wanted to spend some time with her before their respective spouses joined them for dinner. Chloe smiles and asks how his "marriage" is going. Jax says that it was going fine until his wife decided to defend Sonny. He explains that Alexis is working on Sonny's court appearance today, and personally he hopes that she fails miserable. How is that for husbandly support? He asks Chloe how her "marriage" is going. Chloe says that her husband is in love with another woman, but the sex is still good. Jax gives her a look and Chloe changes the subject asking about the gift for his young lady friend. They playfully debate over options for the gift until Chloe suggests that Jax do what makes him happy because that will make the woman happy as well. Jax says that he will give it a shot. He leans over to kiss her. Just as they start to get passionate, Ned arrives with Brook Lynn.

Carly tells Jason that she knows that he is afraid that he might be arrested as well. She knows that the only reason he is still free is because the FBI thinks they might be able to use him against Sonny. She knows that Jason won't lie and she wants to help. This could be Sonny's last shot at bail. And the FBI could present new evidence against Sonny or even Jason. That is why she needs to be there. To do everything she can to keep that from happening.

Alexis tells Sonny that if the FBI is fighting this hard to keep him behind bars, they must have something. They must be preparing a witness. Hannah arrives, interrupting their discussion. Alexis tells her that they aren't finished, but Sonny wants to talk to Hannah. He tells Alexis that there is no point in speculating. If the FBI has something, they will find out soon enough. He tells her that his only goal is to get out on bail, no matter how high that bail may be. Alexis leaves with an exasperated sigh and Hannah sits down to talk to Sonny. She tells him that she can't bear the thought of him behind bars for one more night. She just wanted to come and tell him that she will be in the courtroom cheering him on today.

Hannah admits that she is nervous and Sonny teases her telling her that she has no confidence in him. Hannah says that she has lost confidence in the system (kind of a hypocritical comment from someone who IS the system don't you think?) Sonny asks Hannah ... The bailiff arrives to take Sonny away. Hannah looks upset as she watches him leave. Alexis comes back and tells Hannah that they need to leave as well. On her way out, Hannah asks Alexis what Sonny's chances are. Alexis looks grim as she replies that they aren't good.

Carly insists that she can help if Jason will let her. She could be a character witness. Jason says that she would be a great character witness as she explained what a great person Jason was for taking care of her son while she was in an institution for the criminally insane. Carly says that she isn't helpless. She can do something to help. Jason tells Carly that it means a lot to him that she is willing to fight for him and Sonny, but she isn't going to help by showing up in court. She might even hurt herself or Michael. If AJ finds out, he would go ballistic. Carly says that she doesn't care. If they lock him up for something, she doesn't want him to go through it alone. She can't just wait around. She has to do something. Jason promises to ask for her help is he needs it as long as Carly promises not to show up in court. Carly reluctantly agrees and wishes Jason luck as he goes.

Chloe explains to Brook Lynn that what she saw when she walked in was someone kissing her friend. Ned tries to explain the difference between friendship kisses and other kinds of kisses. Jax looks less than thrilled when Ned demonstrates with Chloe that the way Daddy and his wife kiss is different than when Chloe and Jax kissed. Brook Lynn seems satisfied with the explanation, particularly when Chloe tells her that the kiss was her way of thanking Jax for helping her make a special princess costume. Brook is thrilled with the present, but not as thrilled when Jax shows her the teddy bear he brought, explaining that it is a gift from Alexis.

Brook Lynn is excitedly pulling Chloe upstairs so that she can try on her princess dress. Ned takes Jax outside and yells at him for kissing Chloe when they had agreed to stay with their respective wives until Brook Lynn was gone. Ned says that he doesn't want to lie to his daughter. He wants her to be able to trust him. Jax points out that this whole thing is a lie. Ned says that he doesn't know what he is supposed to do. He asks Jax to please stay away from Chloe while Brook Lynn is there. Jax agrees and suggests that they cancel their group dinner plans for the evening. Jax tells Ned that it is clear to everyone that he loves Brook Lynn. And it is equally clear how much Brook Lynn loves and adores him.

At Kelly's, Carly is trying, unsuccessfully, to distract Tammy long enough so that she can steal the keys from the cash register again. Much to Carly's chagrin, Tammy seems to have everything she asks for right under the counter. A timer in the kitchen finally calls Tammy away long enough for Carly to get the keys and sneak upstairs to Hannah's apartment.

Katherine arrives at Nikolas' cottage. She tells him that she never wanted to hurt him, she just wants to do what is right for the baby. She is afraid that constant confrontations with Stefan will not be good. She really thinks that moving to California is the best solution. Nikolas says that he has a better solution. He asks Katherine to marry him.

A now mobile Helena, pretends to be Katherine and orders yellow roses to be delivered to Laura. The card should read, "congratulations on your impending grandmother-hood", love Katherine Bell.

Ned is delighted with his new "princess" Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn whispers something in Ned's ear. Ned explains to Chloe that Brook Lynn wants her Daddy to give Chloe a special thank you kiss. Alexis arrives just as Ned and Chloe are complying with Brook Lynn's request. She looks shocked as she sees them kissing through the window.

Sonny and Hannah arrive home together at Sonny's penthouse. An FBI agent tries to stop them as they get off the elevator, but Sonny tells him that he made bail. Sonny and Hannah are horrified when they see that the penthouse has been completely trashed.

Jason goes to Kelly's looking for Carly. After speaking with Tammy, who tells him that Carly was there earlier, he gets suspicious and asks Tammy if he can go upstairs and check something out. Tammy looks a little confused but tells Jason to go ahead.

Meanwhile, Carly is snooping her little heart out in Hannah's apartment. She has just come across the mysterious box that Hannah is always locking and hiding away.

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