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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 20, 1999 on GH
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Monday September 20, 1999

by Nora

Sonny and Hannah entered the penthouse and found it ransacked. Hannah was furious that the FBI would behave so shamefully, but Sonny insisted that it was standard procedure. He told Hannah that she was what had gotten him through the whole experience and expressed his gratitude to her. After making love with Sonny, Hannah asked him not to think of her so often and explained that she could not move in with him.

In Hannah's room above Kelly's, Carly tried to open the locked box. Downstairs, as Jason started off in search of Carly, Bobbie entered the restaurant. Bobbie and Jason were talking when Tammy noticed that the set of master keys was missing from the register. Bobbie caught on to Carly's scheme and went upstairs to find her. She found Carly in Hannah's room and demanded to know why Carly was interfering in the business of others. Bobbie refused to believe that Hannah had been untruthful and belittled Carly for attempting to manipulate Sonny and Jason.

At the Quartermaine mansion, AJ planned to take Carly out for a romantic dinner. Alan Jr. told his father that he and Carly had enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon and that he felt closer to his wife than ever.

Outside the gatehouse, Alexis watched Ned kiss Chloe passionately and was disturbed. Jax found her sitting at a table and inquired as to the cause of her forlorn stare. Alexis informed him of the kiss and expressed her fears that Ned and Chloe's proximity to one another could lead to an attraction. As Jax tried to dispel Alexis' undue concern, Ned spied the couple and invited his friends in for dinner. Once inside, Alexis shared details of Sonny's trial, and Ned shared details of the Brook Lynn friendship-kissing incident. Alexis was obviously ill at ease with Ned and Chloe's familiarity.

At Nikolas' cottage, Katherine declined Nikolas' marriage proposal. She claimed that she did not want to trap him into an unwilling situation, but Nikolas believed that he was not trapped -- he had asked Katherine to marry him because he truly desired to marry her. Katherine maintained that Nikolas could see the baby as often as he pleased, but that if he were to marry her, he would grow to resent her. In response, Nikolas insisted that although he could not promise to love her, he could offer a lifetime of commitment. Before departing, Katherine promised to consider Nikolas' offer.

Back downstairs at Kelly's, Bobbie shared the news of her impending marriage to Jerry with her daughter. Carly was not supportive and told her mother to share the good news with her new, lying, sneaky friend, Hannah. Appropriately enough, Hannah picked that very moment to walk through the door. Hannah was very pleasant to Bobbie before heading upstairs to bed. In her room, she checked in with the FBI and told her superiors that Sonny would lay low because he knew that he was being watched.

At the penthouse, Jason insisted that Sonny needed to be extra careful. When Jason urged Sonny to cool off with the business for a while, Sonny refused to do so.

After Alexis and Jax left the gatehouse, Chloe asked Ned if their respective love interests had appeared uncomfortable at dinner.

At Wyndemere, Katherine informed Helena of Nikolas' proposal. She outlined her strategy of stalling the marriage for a bit while she found a surrogate mother for her child. After Katherine left, Helena ensured that the flowers from "Ms. Bell" had been safely delivered to Laura in North Carolina.

Tuesday, September 21, 1999

by Nora

Ned and Chloe were talking about Jax and Alexis being close at dinner. Chloe tried to tell him that there was no need to worry.

Jax and Alexis were talking about the money in Jerry's account. They were concerned that Jerry was laundering money again. Jax told Alexis that he was worried about the Feds, since Sonny had been arrested. However, she told him that if no one knew where the money was from then the Feds would not know either. They talked about what might happen if it were laundered money and the worst-case was 20 years, but Alexis was worried that Jax would follow right behind him.

Alexis insisted that Jax talk to Jerry and find out where the money was from. She thought that he should have a talk with his father, and they should decide what to do together. They were close and holding each other as Ned walked up and saw them. He told Alexis he had some time that afternoon if she was free to get together. She lied and said she had a client, when it was really work about Jax. Ned knew she was lying because she was so bad at it.

After Ned left, Alexis commented that she hated lying to Ned, Jax debated whether or not he should get a different lawyer, but she told him no.

Monica and Alan entered and saw Emily writing. They commented about homework. Emily told them to leave her alone. Alan told her that her attitude sucked. She told them that they were thrilled that she was miserable and would never understand that she loved Juan. She showed them what she was doing -- it was not homework, but hearts with love for Juan.

Emily and Reginald talked about being in love with a person that was hundreds of miles away. She was worried that she would forget Juan or he would forget her. She asked Reginald to get her if Juan ever called, so she and Juan could talk. Just then, the phone rang. Reginald went to pick it, up but Monica stopped him. There was no one on the other end. Reginald left, and Monica tried to talk to Emily, but was only given a hard time.

Emily made the comment that she understood why Jason had left the house after his accident. She said it was because they were trying to turn him into something he was not. She said she would always love Juan.

Liz and Emily discussed different ways that she could get to Juan without anyone knowing it. She could get AJ's secretary to book a ticket, or Reginald could do it though the household account. The cover was that Emily was going to spend a few days with Liz so she would not be all alone.

Meanwhile Juan was trying to do the same thing -- get to Emily.

Mac was upset at Taggert for the surveillance losing track of Faison.

Felicia entered and calmed Mac down a bit. She told him she had to go on another business trip, to Chicago. However, she was actually going to Mexico with Luke to help him smuggle the diamonds. She left, and the D.A. walked in. Mac was after her to know what the FBI had on Sonny, but she didn't know. The FBI was keeping it private.

Bobbie stopped to see Luke, who was upset that the IRS had audited him because of Sonny. He said he was going to fire Claude every day until he actually left. Bobbie said that she was going to marry Jerry. Luke gave her a hard time, but Bobbie just laughed and told him that he was taking it a lot better than she thought he would. She told him that she had almost given up, but she intended to build a life with Jerry. Luke was glad that she had not set a wedding date yet. Felicia arrived and was very happy for Bobbie's engagement.

Luke and Felicia discussed plans to go to Mexico. She told him she could leave in a day or so, and that she had told Mac that she was going to Chicago. He questioned if she really wanted to do it, but she explained that the diamonds were the only thing that they had to hold over Faison's head and that she had to do something because Mac was turning into a different person. After Luke convinced her that he could speak Spanish, she left. Luke turned on a tape recorder, trying to learn Spanish.

Wednesday, September 22, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Beth Knowles.

Laura returned home because she was worried about Nikolas. She had received some flowers from Katherine with a note congratulating her as a grandmother. She asked if Katherine was pregnant. When Nikolas said yes, she warned him that Katherine was a manipulator in the worst way, and he should make very sure that she was pregnant and it was his child.

Liz stopped by to see Nikolas. She was upset after seeing Katherine. He told her that he had asked Katherine to marry him. She told him that Katherine was taking all his goodness and using it against him, and he owed it to Lucky's memory to not throw his life away

Laura told Nikolas that he had been through an awful lot the previous few months, and Katherine had not gotten pregnant by accident. She added that Katherine was very good at getting a reaction out of Nikolas. He told her that he had asked Katherine to marry him to keep her in Port Charles. He knew what it was like to grow up believing a parent had left, and he was not going to let that happen to his child. Laura told him she would support any decision he made; she would not let Katherine get between them.

Katherine was visiting Helena and telling her how she was going to marry Nikolas, then have a miscarriage, and then when they tried again, they would find out she could not have children. She said she could tell how happy Helena was for her.

At Kelly's, Katherine ran into Liz and was tormenting her about Nikolas. She told Liz that Nikolas had asked her to marry him. Liz knew Katherine was just trying to upset her, but Katherine said no; she really didn't know what to do.

Liz said Katherine had turned to the right person. She said she'd tell Katherine exactly what she should do. Liz said to leave Port Charles that day, return after the baby was born, give the child to Nikolas, then leave again for good.

Still at Kelly's, Katherine was on the phone, looking for Chloe to design her wedding dress. Laura walked up, and Katherine tried to be nice to her, but Laura would have none of it. Katherine denied sending the flowers, but Laura did not believe it. She said that if Nikolas could not get rid of Katherine in his life, Laura would do it for him.

Mike went to the penthouse, looking for Sonny. Jason had a meeting but said Mike could stay and wait if he wanted. Mike felt like he had failed Sonny as a father again. Jason said that Sonny would miss Mike if he were not around; even though Sonny would yell at Mike and tell him to get out, he still wanted his father there.

Bobbie laughed when Carly asked her for the key to Hannah's room again. She gave Carly a lecture on how she had to let Jason go and make a life with her husband.

Carly ran into Jason on the docks. He thought she was looking for him, but she said she had gone to look at the "stupid crane" that AJ was so happy about.

Carly was worried about Sonny. She saw how he took other people's hurt and turned it on himself, and she did not want him to hurt again. Jason told her that if she were right about Hannah that it would hurt Sonny badly. Hannah was his way back to what he'd had with Brenda and lost, but he also admitted one couldn't warn someone about someone that they cared about.

Chloe asked Jax what was wrong. He made a joke about it, then told her it was nothing; he was just preoccupied. Alexis arrived, and Jax told Chloe that Alexis was working on something for him that was important. He said Alexis had to keep him up-to-date. Chloe left, and Jax and Alexis talked.

Jax asked what was the worst that would happen if Jerry were laundering money again. She told him 20 years, but was more concerned that Jax was going to follow right behind his brother. Jax was planning to talk to his father, who would actually arrive at any moment. John walked in, and Alexis left. Jax told his father what was going on and asked if John had been laundering money again with Jerry. The answer was no. John advised that Jax had dynamite in his hands and to handle it with care.

Bobbie was talking to Jerry. She was down because of Carly -- in love with one brother and married to the other. Jason had been Carly's first real love. Jerry said that Bobbie couldn't fix it for her daughter. Carly had made her bed and had to lie in it.

Bobbie ran into Tony and thanked him for taking care of Lucas when she had not been able to. Then she told him about her engagement to Jerry. He wished them the best. She said never to worry about Lucas, because Tony was Lucas' father, and nothing would change that.

Jax went to see Jerry in the hospital and found Bobbie and Jerry kissing. Bobbie left the brothers alone to talk. Jax told Jerry to just concentrate on getting well; Jax would take care of Jerry's business. Jax tried to steer the conversation to what he wanted to talk about, but Jerry had other things on his mind. He asked Jax to be his best man. Jerry said that getting Jax's love and respect back meant everything to him.

Bobbie walked in, and Jax left to find Alexis. He told her he could not ask Jerry about the money -- Jerry was just too happy at that moment. He told her that his father was clean.

Thursday, September 23, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Amanda Costikyan Jones .

Luke skulked out of the bushes, and stood and watched Laura and Lulu in the park. He walked over and scooped up Lulu. He and Laura shared an electric look. However, Luke was distracted when he saw Faison chilling out in a chair a few yards away.

Faison waved, and Lulu waved back. Luke pulled down her hand and passed her back to her mother so he could go over and threaten Faison's life. Faison unconvincingly claimed that his presence in the park was just a coincidence. Luke was flustered; Faison wasn't. He said a calm, patronizing goodbye and left.

Luke asked Laura whether Faison had done that before and told her to get in touch with him immediately if she ever spotted Faison again. She pointed out that Luke was not all that easy to get in touch with. He gave her a new cell phone number and admitted he'd be gone again the next day for about a week. He told Laura very sincerely that she looked beautiful, and she thanked him, also very sincerely. They traded some very breathy, charged pleasantries. They didn't exchange any real information -- they were clearly thinking about Stefan and Felicia -- and he broke the extreme tension by going over to whisk up Lulu again.

Sonny and Jason were on the docks. Jason warned Sonny to watch out for Luke's mood, because Luke was really pissed about the IRS thing. Alexis walked up to meet with her client, and Jason left. Alexis asked Sonny whether he had ever stopped to notice himself becoming the very thing he swore he wouldn't -- in reference to her own sudden transformation into a mob lawyer. She told Sonny she was there to ask him for something. "I'm sure this happens to you all the time, the law-abiding coming to you for favors," she said, but she was obviously very nervous about it. She told him she needed him to find out whether Jerry was laundering money.

Sonny got angry that Alexis was ashamed of defending him but not of helping out the sleazy Jacks brothers. She said Jerry might not have done anything wrong, got mad, and started to leave. Sonny stopped her and told her he'd look into it. She made him promise not to tell anyone -- or he'd lose his lawyer -- and then told him what she and Jax knew so far, about the unexplained two million dollars in Jerry's account.

Sonny asked Alexis what Jax would think about him helping with the little problem. She made Sonny promise again not to tell anyone, including Jax, and also not to use whatever he found against Jax. Sonny was reluctant but teasingly said the thrill of torturing Jax was "probably not worth losing one of the best attorneys I ever had." She coolly thanked him and left.

Luke, having left the park, arrived and sat down beside Sonny on a bench. Luke said, "Hey, partner." Sonny said that was the last thing he thought Luke would call him that day. Luke said he thought it was the last time, and he was going to miss it. The partnership had lasted five years; it was as old as Lulu, "but not as pretty," Luke said. Luke ran down the list of all the drive-bys, audits, and such that had haunted him since Sonny had become his partner. But what irked him, he said, was not all that stuff but the fact that Sonny had left him in the dark again. He gave Sonny a form and told him to sign it: "Let's put this sick puppy out of its misery."

Sonny signed the papers and handed them back to Luke. They were both bummed. Sonny also seemed to be a little annoyed: "I'd have fallen on a few swords for you." Luke said Sonny had done a lot to help him -- for example, when he was trying to get Laura and her mother away from Stefan Cassadine. Sonny said, "Uh, could you maybe think of another example?" and they both chuckled. Luke gave Sonny a check for his half of the club, which Sonny seemed to have forgotten he had coming.

Sonny said, "So that's it?" Luke asked, "You want flowers?" Sonny said he thought they had more than a business relationship, and Luke said they'd find out. Sonny said as a P.S. that Mac was still bugging him about Faison, although Sonny knew nothing about him. He warned Luke it had to mean Faison was trouble and told Luke he still had Luke's back if Luke needed him. "Well," said Luke, "the crazy thing about this whole deal is that I still don't know anybody I would rather have watch my back." Sonny nodded. "But," Luke continued, "I think you ought to put your full attention on the FBI," and he walked away. Sonny looked resigned.

Back at the park, Stefan showed up. Stefan was mad at Laura for not telling him that Faison was menacing her. She was mad at him back, for not telling her about Kat's "pregnancy."

Stefan defended himself, saying he hadn't told her because Nik hadn't wanted him to, and their father/son bond was strained already. Laura apologized to Stefan. She told Stefan she had overreacted because the situation reminded her of the last time she had returned home from North Carolina, when Nik had been shot and Lucky had moved out. She said the Faison thing was no big deal. She told him about the flowers and card she thought Kat had sent to her and complained about how she wanted the homecoming to be all about mushy love stuff for her and Stefan, instead of about passionate loathing for Kat. Both Stefan and Laura mentioned the possibility of killing Katherine during their conversation -- Stefan mentioned poison; Laura said, "I feel like I could kill her with my bare hands!"

Bobbie and Liz were at Kelly's. Bobbie was about to tell Liz about the wedding when Jerry popped up behind her, reading the paper at a table. Bobbie chided him gently for leaving the hospital. The phone rang, and Liz answered. It was Emily, in a hat and dark glasses at the airport, taking off on her illicit trip to Puerto Rico. Liz fretted a little and told Emily to call when she got there. They hung up, and Juan appeared and said to Liz, "Guess who's back!"

Liz was horrified. She told Juan what was going on and hurriedly called the airport. At the airport, they paged Emily, but she was wearing her headphones and couldn't hear the page.

Bobbie and Jerry were talking mushy love talk. Then they started making out in an extremely passionate manner, right at their table in Kelly's.

At the airport, Jason approached Emily. She yelled at him about how he couldn't stop her from going. He let her yell for a while before he pointed out Juan and Liz standing across the room. She ran over for a giddy embrace.

Juan reprimanded Emily: "Don't you know there are crazy people on planes?" He said if she'd gone to his house, looking like that, he'd have had to run away anyway. She said it was a disguise, explaining, "I didn't want to look too beautiful." He said, "Guess what? You failed," and they kissed some more. Liz said to Jason, "You look like you just ate something really rank." Jason asked, "Why did she have to pick him?"

Liz defended Juan; Jason chided Liz for helping Emily run away to Puerto Rico. Liz pointed out that if Jason were really all that mad, he would have called Monica, instead of telling Liz and Juan to jump in the coffee truck and driving them to the airport. Emily and Juan walked over and thanked Jason for the ride, and then Emily asked Jason if Juan could stay with him -- he needed, she said, "a safehouse." Jason appropriately asked, "A what?"

Jason pointed out that Juan's father was Juan's problem. Juan was belligerent to Jason. Jason said he and Juan would have no problems unless Juan made trouble for Emily. Liz said Juan could stay in her extra bedroom for the night, since her grandmother was out of town. Jason went to get the truck, and Emily told Liz to go with him: "He listens to you." Liz was astonished and asked, "He does?" Emily said, "Well, maybe he doesn't listen to you, but he likes you." Liz said okay and went after Jason.

Later, Emily and Juan walked into Kelly's, which was empty. She explained that Tammy usually went upstairs between lunch and dinner. Emily and Juan sauntered into the kitchen so she could make him a sandwich.

Outside, Jason and Liz said their goodbyes, and Kat showed up after Jason was gone. She and Liz traded insults. Kat told Liz she was going to order Nik to distance himself from Liz. Then Kat pranced off.

Hannah was at Sonny's, rifling through his wallet. She took out a piece of paper and stuffed it in her purse, then pretended she was just putting on lipstick as Sonny walked in the door. They kissed hello. She went back to the lipstick. He asked why she would want to look more beautiful.

Hannah figured out that Sonny was depressed and asked him why; he told her about Luke dissolving their partnership. "We might have dissolved even more than that," he said. She was sorry. "Did I ever tell you that Luke was the first friend I ever made when I came to Port Charles?" he asked. He sullenly questioned, "What does a grown man need with friends?" Hannah offered sex to help him forget his problems.

Post-sex, Sonny was asleep in bed; Hannah was awake. She had haunting flashbacks of her superior telling her to collect evidence against Sonny. She got out of bed and apparently put the piece of paper back in Sonny's wallet. She crawled back in bed and stroked Sonny's face.

Luke was alone on the docks, eating chips. Felicia approached. They bantered. Apparently she was the one who had bought him the new cell phone, and she was calling it every hour to make sure he hadn't thrown it away. Felicia told Luke she had talked to her contact in Mexico, who was going to help them for free, as a favor. Luke was uncomfortable with that, saying, "If he can't be bought, I don't do business with him."

Felicia told Luke she and her grandmother had known the guy forever. He said friendship was a bad basis for business, adding, "In cash we trust!" She said he was wrong -- people always did more for people they loved; Luke, for example, always did. He said even he got wise to people eventually, such as Sonny. The line of conversation got him agitated, and they changed the subject.

Felicia was eating Luke's chips. They announced they were leaving the next day. Felicia reached out to shake on it and called him "partner." He told her not to use that word unless she really meant it. She said she always meant it, and they shook and shared a meaningful glance.

Friday, September 24, 1999

At Kelly's, Jax arrived and was surprised to see Chloe there. Chloe explained that Ned was taking Brook Lynn home, and the little girl had wanted her favorite pancakes before she left. She invited Jax to join them, but he declined saying that he didn't want to intrude on a family moment. He asked if Brook Lynn was sorry to leave. Chloe said that she was, but had promised to visit again soon.

Jax said that Brook Lynn was very lucky to have such a magical stepmother in the house. Chloe said that Ned was also wonderful with his daughter. Jax said that Ned shared that gift with Chloe. It was nice that the spouses had found something in common besides an address and matching beds. Chloe said that Alexis should be able to spend more time with Ned since Brook Lynn was gone. Jax said that, unfortunately, he and Alexis were steeped in a project, and she probably wouldn't have a lot of spare time.

Chloe looked a little concerned at Jax's comment about him and Alexis doing a "project" together. Jax confessed that it was mostly Alexis' project, but he was sure that she would rather be playing with Ned, and he would certainly rather be...Jax's sentence was cut off by Ned's arrival with Brook Lynn. Ned noticed Jax and asked why Alexis wasn't with him. He had left her a message.

Jax said that Alexis probably hadn't gotten the message because she was still preoccupied with Sonny's case. Chloe reminded Ned that Brook Lynn wanted to ride the Ferris wheel and suggested that they leave. Ned and Brook Lynn walked away while Chloe hung back to talk to Jax. Things were clearly strained between them, since each thought the other was falling for their spouse. Jax told Chloe he would see her. Chloe said whenever.

Emily sneaked Juan into the Quartermaine mansion. As they were discussing how to go about hiding Juan, Alan called out to Emily. She shoved Juan into the living room and closed the door just as Alan entered the foyer. Alan offered her a lift on his way to the clinic, but Emily said that she was going to stay home. Alan started to go into the living room, and Emily tried to stop him, saying that he was going to be late. Alan said he was on his way out the door; he just needed a file.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Juan had overheard Alan say that he was heading into the room and looked around for a place to hide. He discovered that Reggie was standing there, watching him. Reggie asked Juan if he had ever wanted to be able to disappear.

At the airport, Felicia was saying goodbye to Mac. She told him that he was wonderful and kissed him while Luke lurked in the background.

At the penthouse, Sonny told Jason to arrange a transfer of funds because they were low on operating capital. Jason thought that they should wait until things cooled down with the FBI, but Sonny insisted that it was business as usual. Jason was not happy when Sonny said that Hannah was upstairs. He clearly thought that it was a bad idea for them to be discussing "business" with her around, even if she wasn't in the same room.

After Jason left to talk to Benny about the transfer, Hannah arrived downstairs. Hannah told Sonny that it wasn't working for her and she had to leave. It was her fault. She loved him so much that she had been lying to herself. She couldn't handle the constant danger and being watched all the time. Sonny said that he had warned her.

Hannah said that she knew Sonny had warned her, but she hadn't listened. She was afraid to stick around and see him go to prison. She knew he was going to be fine, but she still had a knot in her chest. She couldn't deal with his life. Sonny told her that he was sorry she had forgotten to lie.

Emily successfully distracted Alan by asking his advice about a color for Monica's Christmas present. Alan obliged, but still insisted on getting his file. Emily said that the file was not in the living room. Alan demanded to know what was in the living room that he couldn't see. Reggie stepped out saying that Alan couldn't go into the living room because he had just oiled all the furniture. He suggested that Alan return in an hour.

Alan angrily insisted on going into the living room, so Reggie finally let him in. Alan retrieved his file from the desk, and Juan was nowhere in sight. Once Alan left, Emily went into the living room and discovered Reggie sitting on the couch with Juan hiding on the floor. Emily and Juan thanked Reggie profusely for his help.

Emily asked Reggie where in the house she could hide Juan. Reggie suggested the room next to the third floor linen closet. No one had been in there for at least three years. Emily was delighted with the plan. Juan was impressed with Emily's sneakiness and thanked her with a kiss.

Felicia promised to call Mac, and Mac promised not to let Faison make him crazy. He promised that he was running the case by the book, strictly according to the law. He gave Felicia one final goodbye kiss and told her to have a safe trip. As she sadly watched him go, Luke sneaked up and sat down beside her. Felicia was feeling guilty for lying to Mac because he was being so understanding. Seeing her distress, Luke suggested that they call off the trip.

Felicia told Luke that he was the one who was supposed to keep her going, not talk her into backing out. Luke said that she seemed to be deeply conflicted at the moment because she didn't like lying to Mac. Felicia said that she was doing it for Mac. Faison had Mac on the edge. If she didn't do something, Faison would give him one final shove.

Luke pointed out that Mac was pretty capable of taking care of himself. Felicia said that Mac was frustrated and ready to explode. She had to try to stop it. The thing with Luke was the only way she knew how. Luke said that the "thing" with him wasn't ironclad. It was only phase one of a multi-phase plan. Phase one was to get the diamonds back. The rest would be devised it evolved. Faison was easily thrown and was really bothered by not knowing where the diamonds were.

Felicia said that they wanted to throw Faison. They waned him to be caught in his own trap. She asked Luke how Faison would react when the tables were turned. Luke smiled and told Felicia that she was diabolical. Felicia said only when her loved ones were threatened. Luke told Felicia that they were both lethal when their loved ones were threatened.

At Kelly's, Laura arrived to talk to Liz. Liz confessed to Laura that she was worried about Nikolas. Laura said that she already knew everything, including Nikolas' proposal of marriage. Liz asked Laura if she was the only one who thought that marriage was the worst possible mistake that Nikolas could make. Laura assured Liz that it wasn't just her. Liz sarcastically asked Laura to guess who had given her the news. Laura said that she was sure that Katherine hadn't been able to contain herself.

Liz said that Katherine had given her the happy announcement packaged with a plea for advice, even though she couldn't stand her. Liz told Laura that she had told Nikolas he was going to ruin his life, and as a result, he was mad at her. Laura assured Liz that Nikolas valued her friendship too much to stay mad. Liz said that friendship with Nikolas wasn't the point. The point was stopping Nikolas from ruining his life. She was hoping that Laura could talk some sense into him.

Nikolas arrived at Katherine's to get an answer to his marriage proposal. Katherine pretended that she had given it a lot of serious thought, but had reached the conclusion that a marriage between them could work. Her answer was yes.

At the Quartermaines', AJ walked in complaining about his job. He asked Carly if she had learned anything in nursing school to help take care of all his aches and pains. Carly said that if he had to rely on her bedside manner, he was in trouble. AJ said that he'd noticed. Carly asked what that was supposed to mean. AJ said that it was just a commentary on the previous few nights. Carly said that he had just seemed very tired.

AJ said that he was getting sick and tired of Edward dismissing him. He was tired of not being appreciated. He wanted to take Carly on a trip. Carly made all kinds of excuses, and AJ had a response for every one. Carly told AJ that she had a life and things that meant something to her.

AJ said that he thought that their marriage should be at the top of Carly's list, and he didn't think that it was. Carly sarcastically asked if he thought that because she didn't stop in her tracks when he snapped his fingers. AJ told Carly that she couldn't even pencil him into her bed for a night. He hadn't married her as a social convenience, and he hoped that was not what she'd had in mind.

At the penthouse, Sonny told Hannah that she was running scared. He promised that he wouldn't hurt her. Hannah said that she believed him, but she still had to go. Sonny pleaded with her to stay, but Hannah said that she was out of time -- one more night with him, and she wouldn't be able to leave. Sonny tried to kiss her, but Hannah pulled away. She told him that she loved him. Whatever he believed, the love was real. Hannah turned and walked out the door, leaving Sonny to wonder what had just happened.

At the Quartermaines', Chloe told Ned that Jax seemed to have a lot on his mind. Ned asked if she had that nagging suspicion deep down. Chloe pointed out that Alexis was an exceptional woman, and she and Jax had been spending a lot of time together. It was only natural that she would feel something. Ned asked what Alexis could possibly see in Jax. He thought about what he had just said and told Chloe not to answer that.

Chloe suggested that Ned just ask Alexis what was going on. As they continued their discussion, Jax and Alexis arrived. Ned pulled Alexis into the living room so that they could be alone. He looked at her and then, before she could speak, he pulled her into a passionate kiss, which Alexis willingly returned. He pulled away and said that he did have to ask her something. Looking a little dazed, Alexis asked what he had just been saying. Taking the hint, Ned pulled her into another passionate kiss.

In the foyer, Jax teased Chloe about having three whole days without Ned. Chloe said that she was planning to use the time wisely, starting with a long horseback ride through the woods. She joked about getting stranded, and Jax told her to be careful or he might have to join her. Chloe coyly told him that was the general idea. Jax told her that unfortunately, he had a business matter that he had to attend to. Chloe wrongly thought that he didn't want to spend time with her and quietly said that they could do it another time.

At Katherine's, Nikolas and Katherine started to make wedding plans. Katherine wanted something simple at the county courthouse, but Nikolas wouldn't hear of it. He wanted to make sure that there were proper wedding pictures to show their child. He insisted that the wedding be held at Wyndemere. Katherine pretended that she was concerned about how Stefan and Laura would react, but reluctantly agreed to do the wedding Nikolas' way. Nikolas kissed her goodbye and left. Once he was gone, Katherine popped open a mini bottle of champagne and toasted the success of her plan.

Liz asked Laura if there was any way Laura could make Nikolas rethink the situation. Laura said that she would love to take Nikolas by the shoulders and shake him, but if she did, it would probably drive Nikolas further away, which was exactly what Katherine wanted. Liz agreed that it was exactly what Katherine wanted. She berated herself for falling right into Katherine's trap. She told Laura that Katherine probably felt very powerful when Liz had walked in on her and Nikolas. Laura looked horrified as Liz explained how Katherine had arranged for Liz to walk in while Katherine and Nikolas were being intimate. Liz thought that it was awfully convenient that it was the last time Katherine and Nikolas had been together and supposedly when Katherine had become pregnant.

Laura asked if Liz thought Katherine was faking. Liz said that she had at first, but it was pretty hard to fake a pregnancy. Laura said that it was the oldest trick in the book. Liz asked how anyone could fake a pregnancy in the modern day and age. Laura said that it was a little outrageous. Liz said that sounded like Katherine. Subtlety was not her style. Liz had never known anyone who acted so obvious and got away with so much. Laura assured Liz that Katherine hadn't gotten away with anything yet. She told Liz that if Katherine were lying, Laura would deal with her.

Carly arrived at Sonny's. He was less than thrilled to see her and told her to make it brief. Carly said that she had a message for him. His girlfriend was taking him for a ride, and she had proof.

Sonny asked to see Carly's proof. Carly told him about catching Hannah in the alley with her ex-boyfriend. Sonny said that Hannah had already told him about it. He asked Carly what they had been doing in the alley. He asked what they had been saying. Carly confessed that she had been unable to hear, but that Hannah had freaked out when she saw Carly.

Carly further told Sonny how she had searched Hannah's room and found the locked box. Sonny angrily asked if that was it. Carly said that she just thought he deserved to know the truth. Sonny was furious that Carly had been stalking Hannah. He angrily asked her what kind of payback she should get.

Meanwhile, Agent Scott -- Hannah -- requested a meeting with her superiors, immediately.

Ned and Alexis shared more kisses and exchanged "I love yous." Jax interrupted when he warned them that Edward was heading in with Brook Lynn. Edward was charming with his granddaughter as he told her how much he had enjoyed her visit and wished her goodbye. Everyone was a little shocked to see that side of Edward.

Chloe and Ned rushed off with Brook Lynn in tow. Once they were gone, Edward was back to his usual gruff self and told Jax and Alexis to get out. As they were leaving, Monica and Alan arrived home. They wanted to know why Edward had called them there. Edward told them that if they were better parents, they would know. He yelled for Emily, who ran in. She asked what was wrong. Edward said that she already knew. Emily looked horrified when Edward told her that she could tell her parents or he would.

Thinking Edward was referring to Juan being there, Emily feigned innocence. She was noticeably relieved when Edward said that the problem was the dissolution of family ties. Brook Lynn was a stranger in their house, and Emily was well on the way. It was too late to worry about Jason, but it wasn't too late to save Emily from abject misery and emotional estrangement.

AJ arrived just in time to hear Edward's comment about Emily and started to throw in his two cents worth. A classic Quartermaine argument ensued. As everyone was shouting, Juan appeared at the top of the stairs to see what was going on. The doorbell rang, and Edward started to shout for Reginald and then turned back to the argument. The doorbell rang again, and AJ finally answered it just as Reggie walked in to the foyer. He was so delighted to see Leticia that he fainted and fell backwards in Edward's arms.

At the airport, Felicia and Luke were preparing to leave. Luke handed Felicia her fake passport and other ID. She laughed at the name, and Luke held up his ID, saying that he was proud to be her husband. Faison was watching from around a corner as Felicia and Luke boarded the plane.

Katherine was drinking her champagne when she heard a knock on the door. She quickly stashed the drink and opened the door. When she saw Laura standing there, she said that she really didn't have time right then. Laura marched in anyway and accused Katherine of not really being pregnant.

Hannah told her FBI superior that there had been a major development in the Corinthos case.

Carly tried to apologize for upsetting Sonny, but he was furious with her for chasing Hannah away. He told Carly that she was a sick tramp. That made Carly mad, and they started to argue. Sonny roughly grabbed Carly's arm, and she demanded that he let her go. They were screaming at each other as Jason rushed in and pulled Sonny away from Carly.

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