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Monday, October 4, 1999

by Nora

At Kelly's, Jerry surprises Bobbie with a romantic dinner. The couple discusses future living arrangements, but Bobbie is reluctant to move out of the Brownstone. Jerry agrees to live wherever Bobbie wishes and the two share a kiss before leaving to meet Lucas at home.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Emily and Juan worry that Sorel might have seen them. As they discuss the situation, Chloe enters the den. Emily begs Chloe not to tell her parents that Juan is in Port Charles. Chloe agrees not to notify the Quartermaines or the police and quickly exits.

At the penthouse, Benny interrupts a passionate encounter between Sonny and Hannah. While Hannah is upstairs, Sonny demands to know why Sorel is still on the streets. Sonny becomes very upset and fears that Benny is loyal primarily to Jason instead of to him. Benny assures Mr. Corinthos that he has no problems taking orders from him and gives Sonny Puerto Rican documentation papers as Hannah listens from above. After Benny leaves, Hannah rejoins her lover downstairs. She asks Sonny if he was planning to come up to bed, but Sonny insists that he has work to finish. Moments later however, the two are again passionately involved. When Hannah hypothetically asks her lover to choose between happiness and power, Sonny is reluctant to respond.

In Jax's hotel suite, Jason tells Jax and Alexis that Jerry is laundering money for the mob. Jason explains that he witnessed Sorel transferring money to a bank in the Grand Keys and then provides paper proof that money transfers to/from Jerry's accounts are very similar to those of Moreno. Jason and Alexis leave the suite, but Jax is not alone for long because Chloe arrives to visit her friend. Chloe inquires as to the state of Jerry's accounts and Jax explains that Jerry is addicted to a game of high finance. Jax worries that he might be unable to help his brother, but Chloe does not understand how Jerry could ask so much of Jax. Jax maintains that he will do whatever possible to ensure his brother's happiness, knowing that Jerry would do the same for him.

Jason arrives at the Quartermaine mansion after receiving a pleading phone call from his sister. Emily tells her brother that she and Juan saw Sorel on the docks earlier in the day. Despite Juan's insolent manner, Jason promises to take care of the situation. He then tells the two teenagers not to leave the mansion until further instructed. Meanwhile, Carly arrives in Port Charles with proof that Hannah's "ex-boyfriend" is not who he claims to be. She roams the Quartermaine home looking for her family when Jason enters the house from the patio in an attempt to keep her from finding Emily and Juan. However, Jason departs before Carly has an opportunity to show him the yearbook photograph of Professor Bradburn.

At the airport, Roy DiLucca boards a plane for Port Charles. After he arrives in town, he rents a room from Jake and searches in a phonebook for Bobbie's number.

Tuesday, October 5, 1999

by Nora

Felicia and Luke are back in Port Charles. They are at Luke's and he gets them so cheese fries. Felicia tells Luke that he can't hide the diamonds in his safe, that is the first place Faison would look. Luke thinks for a few minutes and then says he has the perfect place....the coffee warehouse. Felicia has some cheese on her face and Luke leans down and wipes it off and goes to kiss her, she says she has to call Mac, but she cannot get Mac, no one seems to know where he is at, he is not home or has he called in. Felicia goes home to wait, she is worried that Mac figure out that she was not in Chicago or that he followed Faison and knows she was in Mexico. Luke calms her down, saying that Faison has to be back in Port Charles by now at the most Mac would only be half a day behind him, if he was following him. He offers to take her home and gets a no answer. "Are you sure?" he asks again. "I could make sure everything is okay." Again she says no and tells him she will get a cab at the corner.

Katherine and Nikolas are talking about the wedding, she is saying she is going to get the invitations delivered today, that she has invited his mother and father, Laura's mother and the Quartermaines. Nikolas reminds her about Liz, he has already invited her and she has agreed to come. I will call her and tell her that I want her to come as well, Nikolas tells her that will not be necessary.

Katherine visits with Helena, she is telling her that after the wedding, at the reception she will get Laura to start having a fight with her and that will cause her to lose the baby, and that is something that Nikolas will never be able to forgive his mother for.

Stefan visits Laura, he wants to go for a walk with her. She is just leaving a not for her mom and Lulu when Nikolas comes to the door. He tells them about the wedding and they say that they will be there. He is going to set up a trust fund for the baby and Stefan asks if he wants him to go help, the answer is sure. He waits for his father outside and Stefan kisses Laura bye telling her that this is where Katherine is gonna try to get her hands on the family fortune. Carly sees Hannah getting ready to go for her run. She stops and tells her that it is time they settle things between them. Hannah tells her that all she did was get Jason to believe her, that Sonny will not even let her cross his doorsteps anymore. Hannah goes for her run and meets up with the other agent, he tells her that by Friday they will have all the proof they need on Sonny, but will not tell him anything more. Carly runs into Jason spilling a glass of water on him, she tries to show him the proof she has on Hannah but he will have none of it.

Sonny is telling Hannah that the FBI has nothing on him and that on Friday his lawyer will be getting them to drop the charges because of that fact.

The only thing that keeps bothering him about it is why they bothered to arrest him when they didn't have anything on him, it is as if they are not telling everything they know. Jason comes by and Hannah asks him again what is the matter, he tells her nothing he just has to talk to Sonny. She leaves and Jason tells him that Emily and Juan saw Sewell on the docks.

Juan is hiding out at the Quartermaines and Emily knows that they are to stay inside for their own safety. Well lets make sure that Juan understands that, and they go off to the Quartermaines. Sonny is talking to Juan and Edward and Alan come in and having a fit that Sonny is in their home talking to Emily. Juan gets out on the patio, but is still listening. Alan throws the fact that he kept his wife safe real well, he watched her get her head blown off. Sonny doesn't argue with them, just tells them to have the labor deal worked out by the end of the week or they will have another slow down. He leaves and goes around to talk to Juan. Sonny tells Juan he is sorry he had to hear that and Juan apologizes as well for how he was treated. Sonny tells Juan that his mother would want him to be safe. After Sonny leaves Juan tells Emily that he cannot figure Sonny out, sometimes it seems like he can't stand the site of his face and other times it feels like he loves him.

Faison is on the phone with a contact to buy the diamonds. He is looking at them and realizes they are not real. He gets off the phone and losses his cool, throwing things against the wall saying DAMM YOU SPENCER. A man visits Helena, his name is Arorie (not sure of the spelling), as soon as Stefan leaves them along they kiss. She gives him a letter...tells him to get the rest of the information out of the safe. I know what you want me to do he says. They kiss again and he leaves. Later he arrives at Laura and tells her that he works for Helena and that she wanted her to have this.

She does not understand but takes the package and goes inside locking the doors behind her. She opens the package and first reads the letter from Helena telling her that she left instructions to give this package to Laura with her servant in case anything happened to her. The letter goes on to say that the procedure that saved Katherine's life also made her barren. She cannot have children. Oh My God says Laura, she is not pregnant, she has been faking this whole time.

Wednesday, October 6, 1999

Chloe and Emily have a short conversation and then Emily goes out on the terrace to be with Juan. While Jax calls Chloe to go for a horseback ride, Monica comes by looking for Emily. Chloe gives her to phone telling her that Jax wants to talk to her. He covers well and asks Monica for help in getting Jerry and Bobbie a wedding gift. While she is talking to Jax, Chloe warns Emily and Juan.

Emily tells Juan that it has to be the house, it turns everyone that stays there into Quartermaines. He is acting just like them sneaky and suspicious. Jason is talking to Bobbie and notices she made an error in her bookwork, she tells him it is understandable today would have been BJ's thirteen birthday. She gets him a coffee and he does her bookwork. Bobbie tells him how much Monica and Alan used to brag about him going to be such a good doctor, but they never said how good he was with numbers, likely so his grandfather wouldn't put him to work.

Jason leaves and on the docks he stops to watch AJ and Michael. AJ is showing Michael the crane he brought for ELQ. He tells him that one day ELQ will be his and that Carly will realize that she loves him more than anyone else and they will be the family they deserve. They leave and Jason runs to pick up Michael's hat that got left behind. Liz has been watching Jason and can see his pain. They talk about their past and about Robin. Then they go for a bike drive.

Katherine asks Liz to sit down with her and Nikolas. She wants to start over. Liz sits down and is given a wedding invitation. She tells Nikolas that she will support him any way she can as a friend.

Tony goes to see Bobbie, thanks her for the flowers on BJ's grave. She tells him that no matter what BJ will always be her daughter and she will always cherish the family they were. He tells her that every time he has gone to the cemetery he did exactly the same thing, as well as today...but today he feels different, there is no anger. He wishes her all the happiness she deserves with Jerry and she tells him it is great to have him back and he deserves happiness also and she will be pulling for him. Jerry comes in and Tony leaves, he tells her that if he had know it was BJ's birthday he would have went to the cemetery with her. Juan's father is talking to Monica. She calls Emily in and they beg her to tell them where Juan is. All she will tell them is that she does not where he is at this moment but she knows that he loves his father and doesn't want to hurt him.

Felicia tells Mac she was waiting for him and they get caught up on the last few days. She tells him her trip was boring, he said short and safe just like he likes her trips. He tells her about following Faison to Texas and then losing him. Just then Taggert brings in Faison who wants to report a thief. They goad each other and Mac tells him that it doesn't matter who the criminal is, he would put them behind bars. He starts to talk to Felicia but Mac steps in front of him and tells him to leave his wife alone and to leave. Faison wants to use you against me like he used Anna against Robert. "But they had secrets and he could do that. He can't do that against us because we have no secrets."

Thursday, October 7, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Beth Knowles.

Nikolas is at Kelly's looking for Liz, she is not in. Stefan comes up behind him and asks if he will do. They sit and talk. Stefan has to go on another trip but will be back for his wedding. Nikolas makes the statement that if it was Lucky marrying Liz he would be over the moon, but he will settle for raising his child. Stefan tells him he is going to make a great father. Katherine is on the docks looking out at the island. Stefan comes up behind her. She tells him that she always knew she would be a Cassadine.

Stefan tells her, Nikolas doesn't love you, why put yourself through that again. Nikolas is not consumed by another women. He will time. I have seen the good in you Katherine, give Nikolas the gift of time, how much do you love my son, enough to give him his freedom? You talk a good line but I am marrying Nikolas tomorrow.

Laura is looking at the documents that Helena had given here. Lesley comes down and asks why she hadn't slept, her bed was never slept in. She shows the documents to Lesley, you are a doctor, tell me is this is true. Lesley reads everything and then says it could be or it could not be, would have to examine Katherine to be sure. Lesley tells her to go confront Katherine before the wedding, then follow her gut. Do you want me to go with you?

No, I will go alone, before the wedding. Bobbie visits Luke and asks what is wrong, he is usually cheery when he comes back from one of his mystery trips. Can I do anything she asks? Yes, tell me you have come to your senses and are not going to marry Jerry Jacks. He tells her Marriage is a ball and chain. No it is not. Close enough he says. "Even your wacko daughter agrees with me on this one." Bobbie laughs. I don't expect you to dance at my wedding, but you better be there. Oh no don't tell me you have set a date. November 19 she says. What is the matter with spring...long engagements, 5 years...after I am dead. Bobbie laughs. Jerry comes in and sees Bobbie...oh good he says, I thought I was walking into a trap. You don't have to do this, it is not required says Bobbie. She then leaves the men alone. Luke asks Jerry, give me one reason why I should be happy my sister is crazy about you? Jerry says he loves Bobbie and will not put her in danger. Jerry tells him weather they make peace or not, he is going to marry Bobbie. Luke tells him he talks a damn good game. Bobbie is not a game says Jerry.

Felicia comes in and Jerry leaves. She tells Luke that they are going to be blackmailed by Faison. Telling him about what happened the day before in Mac's office. Luke says don't give Faison that power over you, it was you that told me how good he is at mind games, don't let him play them on you.

Even if he told Mac...Mac would ask you and believe you when you said no. That is the problem says Felicia, Mac trusts me and I am suppose to be someone who deserves that trust. Anytime you want you can walk out that door and never look back. Can you stop. I don't have to stop, I have no complications. I can't stop any easier than you can, lets just go forward and get Faison.

Back at Kelly's Jerry tells Bobbie that it went well with Luke. She is glad, he is a little overprotective. Jax and Alexis are outside, she tells him you have to talk to Jerry. He says yes I will...but not now...look at can I interrupt that? Jax goes to visit Sonny. This situation with Jerry, can you make it go away? All I did was follow the paper trail, the feds will be able to do the same. Is too late, if you came to me before I might have been able to help. But even if you could you wouldn't right says Jax. Sonny says Jerry is in to deep to get out, he is going down. Could you if it was your brother. No says Sonny. Hannah comes in and Jax leaves. They kiss and they make dinner plans...she asks about why Jax was here...he tells her it was business and the less she knows the better. She leaves for some vanilla. On the dock she pays a bum to make a call and warn Sonny and Jason. She comes back.....the phone rings, she makes sure Sonny answers it, it is the tip and Sonny has to go. She starts to go through his desk, then stops and goes into the kitchen.

Friday, October 8, 1999

At Wyndemere, Helena's bed is empty and Helena is standing in front of the window. She smiles and says to herself, "what a perfect day for a wedding that will never take place."

Katherine breezes into Wyndemere commenting on what a gorgeous day it is. She notices the flowers and says that they are perfect. She tells Stefan that she appreciates the fact that he hasn't tried to interfere with the wedding. Not that she thought that he would. She knows that he only wants Nikolas to be happy. This marriage and this child will do just that.

Roy is walking along the docks. He stops to stare at Wyndemere when Jake arrives. She notices that Roy is looking at Spoon Island and asks if someone lives there now. Jake is surprised that he knows anything about Port Charles. She thought he was new in town. Roy smiles when Jake tells him that Spoon Island used to be a "date" spot. She notices the smile and laughs when she realizes that he utilized the island a time or two himself when he was young. Jake also tells Roy that Kelly's is still around, but under new management.

Jerry surprises Bobbie at Kelly's. She teasingly chastises him for his public display of affection. Jerry tries to kiss her again, but Bobbie laughs and says that she is saved by the bell when Jerry's cell phone starts to ring. She walks away as Jerry answers the phone. Jax is calling asking Jerry to come to his place to discuss business. Jerry tells Bobbie he has to leave and that he will see her later. As he leaves, Hannah comes downstairs all dressed up in her business suit. Bobbie asks if she has a job interview and Hannah explains that she is going to Sonny's pretrial hearing.

Jason rushes into Sonny's penthouse. Sonny is surprised to see him dressed in casual clothes. Jason shows Sonny the diamonds that he found in the warehouse. (See Luke, Felicia told you that the warehouse was a terrible hiding place!). He thinks that Moreno planted the diamonds to try to frame Sonny. Sonny doesn't think that Moreno would spend that much just to frame him. As they continue to discuss the diamonds, Alexis arrives. She tells Sonny that there has been a new development.

Alexis is delighted to inform Sonny and Jason that the FBI apparently was bluffing. Whatever they had or thought they had must have changed because the charges against Sonny have been dropped. Sonny is delighted! Alexis does caution Jason and Sonny that the FBI still has whatever they had before and that they will continue to dig. She also agrees to continue to represent Jason and Sonny. Once Alexis is gone, Sonny calls Luke and demands to see him right now.

At Jax's (and may I just say WOW does that man look good in blue!) Chloe attempts to reassure Jax that he is doing the right thing by telling Jerry that he knows about his continued dealings with the mob. Jax is angry at Jerry for putting his business ahead of his family. Chloe says that she would like to give Jerry a piece of her mind as well. She tells Jax that he is a good brother and gives him a comforting hug.

Stefan tells Katherine that she is a theatrical designer. She has created the perfect setting for a farce. He asks Katherine to leave Wyndemere and set Nikolas free. He asks if she really thinks that a marriage to Nikolas will make her happy. Katherine angrily tells Stefan that it is a little late for him to suddenly be concerned with her happiness. She puts on an award winning performance of pretending that she has a pain in her stomach and then accuses of Stefan of upsetting her and the baby. She tells him that she needs to stay away from him in order to keep her baby safe. She says that she has to get dressed and leaves to get ready for the wedding. Once she has gone, Nikolas comes in and asks Stefan if Katherine has arrived. Stefan explains that she has gone upstairs to get dressed. He then asks Nikolas to please not go through with the wedding.

Stefan tells Nikolas that when he was a child, he thought often of Nikolas' wedding day. He always thought that the circumstances would be different. He knows that Nikolas has already made his choice, but he always imagined Nikolas' wedding taking place in the chapel on their island. He gives Nikolas a signet ring, explaining that the ring was a gift from his own grandfather for his 21st birthday. Stefan tells Nikolas that he would like him to have it. Nikolas emotionally tells Stefan that he is honored to have the ring. Stefan replies that he is honored to have Nikolas as his son. He hates what Katherine is forcing Nikolas to do, but he admires Nikolas' honor in trying to do the right thing. Laura arrives with her mother and Lesley Lu, who is delighted at the prospect of being a flower girl. As Nikolas hugs Laura in greeting, he looks over her shoulder and sees that Liz has arrived for the wedding.

Katherine is dressed in her wedding gown. She is in Helena's room taunting her about the upcoming nuptials. She whirls around in her wedding dress and wanders to the window. She gleefully shouts out that today is the day she finally frees Nikolas from the bonds of the Cassadine family.

Sonny looks at the diamonds and says that Luke had better have a damn good explanation. The least he could have done was warn them. Jason points out that they might owe Luke a warning about Jerry's mob dealings since he is about to marry Luke's sister. Bobbie and Lucas don't deserve to be mixed up with the mob. Luke arrives angrily brushing aside the guard at the door. He demands to know why Sonny summoned him. Sonny shows him the diamond and asks if it looks familiar. Luke admits that he stashed the diamonds in the warehouse.

Carly follows Hannah to Kelly's. After Hannah goes inside, Carly peers in the window and then turns to walk away. Hannah comes outside and asks Carly is she is looking for someone.

Carly tells Hannah that she is there to visit Bobbie. She was peeking in the window to make sure that Hannah wasn't there. Hannah doesn't buy Carly's story for a minute. She tells Carly that she is thinking about moving just so she doesn't have to see her anymore. Carly suggests Alaska. Hannah gives her a sarcastic smile and goes back into Kelly's.

Sonny calmly explains to Luke that if the FBI found the diamonds in the warehouse, things could have looked pretty bad. He asks Luke if maybe he could have come up with a better place to hide the diamonds. Luke explains that Faison is looking for the diamonds and he knew that Faison would not look for them in Sonny's warehouse. He tells Sonny that if it is a problem, he will move the diamonds. Jason tells Luke that he already moved the diamonds. He can't tell him where, but he can take him there. Sonny assures Luke that the diamonds will be safe where they are. Luke thanks them, but says that he will just keep them out of it. Jason says that he will take Luke to the diamonds immediately. Sonny cautions Luke that keeping the diamonds from Faison can only make things worse. Luke says that he knows, but says that this thing with Faison is kind of a grudge match. He wishes Sonny luck when he hears that the charges have been dropped and then leaves with Jason to get his diamonds.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas comes down the stairs laughing. He tells Liz that Lesley Lu banished him from the room so that she could get ready for the wedding. Liz laughs with him and says that Lulu just wants to make an entrance. She tells Nikolas that the little girl is so excited about the wedding. She couldn't stop talking about it in the car. Nikolas smiles sadly and says that at least one person is happy, well two if you count Katherine. They laugh together, but then Nikolas gets serious. He asks Liz if she will still be a part of his life once he is married.

Meanwhile, the blushing bride to be continues to taunt Helena. As she goes on and on about how wonderful her life with Nikolas will be, Laura arrives. She angrily calls Katherine a lying bitch.

Katherine sweetly asks Laura if they really need to have this discussion in the "sick room." Laura suggests that they go out on the parapet if Katherine is so concerned about Helena's well being. Helena's turns her head and smile evilly as she watches the women leave the room. Once on the parapet, Laura shows Katherine the medical file she received from Helena. She tells Katherine that her pregnancy is a lie and that she is infertile. Katherine asks Laura how gullible Laura thinks she is. Like she would really believe that Laura would have the files from Helena. She offers to call her own doctor if Laura would like. Laura laughs and says that Katherine must have paid her doctor a fortune to forge the documents Katherine showed her. Laura explains that Helena arranged to have the medical file delivered to her. Obviously Helena was as sickened at the thought of Katherine manipulating Nikolas as Laura is. Katherine dares Laura to tell Nikolas and Stefan what she thinks she knows, but she cautions her to beware of the consequences. Nikolas will want to know how Laura got the information. Nikolas already hates Helena. This will only make him hate her more. Katherine can't believe that Laura actually believes that Helena couldn't forge the documents that Laura has. Helena wants Laura to show the documents to Nikolas. It is Helena's last revenge against her. When Nikolas realizes that Laura is wrong, she will lose him forever, just like she lost Lucky. Laura tells Katherine that she is making a big mistake threatening her. Katherine tells her that it is just a reality check. Katherine assures Laura that Nikolas is going to be her husband and no forgery from Helena is going to prevent that. If Laura plans to see more of Nikolas in the future, she better get an attitude adjustment. She dismisses Laura by asking her if she has a ceremony to prepare for.

Nikolas offers Liz something to drink, which Liz politely declines. She asks Nikolas to look at her. She wants to know if he really thinks that she will only be his friend if she approves of everything he does. Does he really think that she would forget about the four musketeers and everything he did to help Lucky catch her rapist? Does he think that she could ever forget how good he has been to her since Lucky died? She tells him that he is one of the best friends she has ever had and she is too selfish to give that up. She promises to be his friend no matter how hard Katherine makes it. She notices his ring and comments on how beautiful it is. Nikolas explains that it was a gift from Stefan. He says that the ring and Liz's promise to always be his friend are the only wedding presents he needs.

Hannah is sitting on the docks when Larkin arrives. She assures him that they are alone and demands to know what happened to Sonny's pretrial hearing. She wants to know why the charges against Sonny were dropped. Larkin tells her that the evidence didn't pan out. Hannah says that at least it is over. Larkin says that it isn't over. Now that the charges have been dropped, Sonny will be more brazen. And Hannah will be right there, the loyal girlfriend. Watching and listening to everything that goes on. As Hannah and Larkin talk, Carly sneaks up and tries to listen to their conversation.

Roy arrives at Kelly's. He peers in the window and sees Bobbie. He stares intently at her as she dreamily sniffs a flower.

Jerry arrives at Jax's. He is in a great mood and starts extolling the virtues of love. He asks if Jax can make his business snappy. Jax is happy to oblige. He bluntly asks Jerry if he is laundering money again.

Hannah arrives at Sonny's. She congratulates him on the charges being dropped. She is so happy that he is free because that means that they are free to be together and that is all she wants.

The FBI man is finishing a call on his cell phone, when Carly interrupts. She asks if she can borrow the phone to make a call. Or better yet, can he tell her what is going on between him and Hannah Scott.

Evening has come and Katherine is standing on the parapet dreaming aloud about becoming Mrs. Nikolas Cassadine. She senses someone else and turns. She screams in fright as the person (we can only see black gloves and what looked like a flash of long blonde hair) grabs Katherine and throws her over the railing.

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