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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 18, 1999 on GH
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Monday October 18, 1999

by Nora

On the docks, Jason questions Hannah about the night of Sonny's arrest. Hannah tells Jason that he does not need to protect Sonny from her.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Juan's father argues with Monica and Alan about parenting strategy until Taggert interrupts. Juan begs his father to permit him to remain in Port Charles and promises to stay away from Sonny. Juan maintains that he can stay in town, go to school, and build an admirable future. Mr. Santiago reluctantly agrees to meet with school officials and Ned to discuss his son's living, working, and educational arrangements.

At the Port Charles Grill, Roy watches as Bobbie and Jerry embrace. Elsewhere in the Grille, Alexis speculates about the possibilities of claiming her portion of the Cassadine fortune in order to help Jax bail out his brother. Ned, Chloe, and Jax balk at the proposition of putting her life in danger working with the Cassadines. Chloe then offers an alternative suggestion: she, Alexis, and Ned can pool their assets and give the accumulation to Jax.

In Hannah's room above Kelly's, Carly finds the agent's gun. When Sonny knocks on the door to pick up his girlfriend for dinner, Carly sneaks out the window and down the fire escape. Hannah returns and enters her room to change her clothes before departing for the restaurant. After Hannah has donned a slinky black dress, Sonny asks her if she would mind dining with Mike. She agrees and the three have dinner together downstairs at Kelly's. Following a conversation about messy kitchens, Hannah and Mike plan to prepare a messy meal for Sonny.

Luke returns to his office to find Felicia asleep in a chair. He brushes her neck with his hand to awaken her. Once she is awake, Felicia chastises her friend for turning off his cell phone. She then hypothesizes that perhaps Faison is responsible for Ari's death and that he is plotting to frame them for the murder or else turn them in to the FBI for failure to report the crime. Luke claims that Felicia is harboring guilt about not having been forthcoming with her husband regarding their relationship. She agrees and expresses remorse about keeping secrets. She then leaves to meet Mac at home for dinner.

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Juan sneaks in a side door to kiss Emily goodnight.

In a hurry, Carly runs smack into Jason on the docks. Jason informs his friend that she was right about Hannah and that Hannah lied to him earlier in the evening. Carly then, at Jason's request, recounts her version of the night of Sonny's arrest. Jason is determined to get proof of Hannah's schemes before confronting Sonny, but Carly claims to already have proof as she shows Jason the gun she took from Hannah's room. Although Jason criticizes Carly for breaking into Hannah's apartment, he records the serial number of the weapon before departing to return the gun to its hiding place above Kelly's.

Tuesday, October 19, 1999

Jason and Carly discussed what they should do about Hannah and Jason reminded Carly that they don't know why Hannah and the "Professor" are lying. Sonny continued his campaign to get Hannah to move in with him and while they were in Kelly's talking, Jason slipped into Hannah's room to return the gun. When he got the strong box open, he found the cell phone and pushed retire. Larkin immediately answered and Jason hung up.

Tony visited Luke and thanked him for putting in a good word for him with Bobbie. He told Luke that Bobbie had agreed to let him watch Lucas while she was honeymooning with Jerry. There conversation turned to the subject of marriage and a cynical Luke asked Tony to him one example of matrimonial bliss. Ironically, Tony immediately said, "Mac and Felicia" and assured Luke that their marriage was

Felicia, meanwhile, thought about her marriage as she talked to Lila after bring her a copy of the completed memoirs (mem-whahs) for her to read. When asked about her feelings for Elliott, Lila commented to Felicia that, "It's possible to talk yourself into love" but that sometimes it just happens and you can't reason your way out of it.

Laura fretted to Stefan about what would happen when Mac questioned him. Stefan reassured her that she had to trust him completely. He flashed back on hearing Mrs. Landsbury saying that she heard a scream, saw Katherine fall and then saw a blonde woman behind her. He them remembered seeing Laura leaning over the rail immediately after the fall.

Stefan went to the police station for questioning and bantered back and forth with Mac. Mac pressured Stefan for further information and finally revealed that he had an eyewitness that could place Laura on the parapet with Katherine. Stefan countered that it was impossible because she had been in the library with him at the time of the fall. When Mac revealed that his witness was the caterer, Stefan said there was no way the caterer could have seen onto the parapet from where he was and that it was too dark for anyone to see who was there anyway. As Mac became more aggressive in his quest for information, Stefan informed him that he wanted to speak to his lawyer before they continued.

Laura went to see Luke to warn him that if Stefan was prosecuted, that she could again be asked to testify and that more details of their marriage could be revealed. Her attempt at helping Luke backfired and they ended up arguing (again). Laura wondered aloud how they got from finishing each other's sentences to not being able to communicate. Felicia interrupted their argument and Laura left.

Sonny and Hannah started to enter her room while Jason was still inside, but Carly caught them in time and distracted them in the hallway by apologizing to Hannah for her behavior and giving the couple a pair of tickets to the opera, Carmen. Hannah said that if Carly was willing to make peace, she would as well, but refused to shake Carly's hand. Jason went out the window and as soon as they entered the room, Hannah and Sonny started undressing each other (big surprise). In bed, Hannah again asked Sonny to retire from the business and he refused, saying that he'd tried retiring and it didn't suit him.

Jason and Carly met outside Kelly's and he told her about the call on the cell phone. She left and Sonny showed up and thanked Jason for getting Carly to apologize. Hannah called Larkin and he told her that Friday was the last day, that she had to come up with something on Sonny, that it was showtime.

Carly scrambled to replace the Quartermaine opera tickets she had given to Sonny and Hannah, then spoke with Roy for a few minutes.

Felicia gave Luke Taggert's mother's hangover remedy and rubbed his temples for him as they wondered when someone would ever find Ari.

Stefan's lawyer arrived and despite his objections, Stefan confessed to pushing Katherine just as Laura walked in and overheard.

Wednesday, October 20, 1999

Chloe and Jax are in disguise so they can spend some time with each other. They are on a walking tour and find a broken fountain. They sit and talk about the day they tossed coins in the fountain. Chloe tells Jax that she wants to help, that this is not like the last time Jerry was in trouble, he has friends now. He lists a lot of her favorite things and she is amazed that he knows and remembers that much about her. They kiss and it starts to pour raining. They make a wish and toss coins into the rain water in the fountain.

Juan introduces Hannah to his father. He gets her to tell his dad how great Kelly's is to live. Hannah leaves. His dad tells him that maybe he spoke to soon yesterday about letting Juan stay. Taggert comes by and asks if Juan has convinced his father to let him stay. His dad tries to get him to come back home, but Juan says he will do anything to stay here. Taggert joins them on Juan's dad request. He tells them the horrors about Cortland Street. He backs Juan, saying he has a job and a place to leave, is not like the kids. He is still not sure, wants to someone to check him out, Taggert offers himself for the job. The offer will be considered. His dad leaves and Juan asks Taggert why he is doing this. He tells him that most kids would be honored to have a dad like that. Juan says I am not going home. That it was Lucky Spencer said, he didn't need to die, he needed someone to watch his back and no one did, he is not going to let that happen to anyone else if he can help it.

Emily comes in and sees Taggert and Juan together. She says Oh my god, whatever it is he didn't do it. Taggert leaves them alone and Juan tells Emily that he is may get to stay. Emily says if he wanted a cop to look after him he should ask someone else because Taggert hates Jason. She is afraid that Taggert could use Juan to hurt Sonny or Jason. He tells her that being with her would be worth putting up with anything, including putting up with Taggert. They talk about being together.

Juan's father comes to see Sonny and see Hannah. He tells Sonny that Juan is determined to remain in Port Charles, he wants Sonny's word he will not go near Juan if he is allowed to stay. Sonny tells him the best thing he can do for Juan is to take him home, but he would make sure that everyone knows that Juan has no connection to him.

His Juan comes back and finds Emily and Juan together. He apologizes to her for last night. Then he thanks her for helping Juan. He tells them he will allow him to stay in Port Charles if he goes back to school, works, lives at Kelly's and if Emily's parents are ok with this.

Juan and Emily go to see Sonny. He gives them a hard time about not staying at the Quartermaines like he said. He is really harsh on Emily, Juan is really upset and never wants to see him again, Juan leaves and Emily tells Sonny he could of least said he did it because he cares so much, she is told not to go there.

Jason and Sonny are talking on the docks. Hannah comes by and interrupts them. Hannah thanks Jason for helping them with Carly. He tells them to enjoy the opera and then leaves. She wonders if Jason will ever feel comfortable around her again.

Jason and Benny are talking outside Kelly's. Emily and Juan come out and tell them the good news about Juan. Benny and Jason are talking about the tracing of the gun. He says to make sure you report to me and no one else.

Hannah comes by and is worried that Sonny forgot a meeting with them. She asks Jason to come by for a coffee, she really wants them to be friends again. She leaves them to finish their business.

The nurse is checking out Helena. She leaves and Helena gets up and uses the phone to check on Stefan. She gets ups and leaves the room. She has the perfect outfit for Stefan's sentencing. She hears a noise and gets back in bed quickly, Faison comes in to see her. He tells her that he is going to have to deal with Luke but not to worry cause they still have his son. He fixes her bed, kisses her on the forehead and tells her he will see her soon. After he leaves Helena says that he annoys her and she does not need people that annoy her.

Stefan confesses to Katherine and Laura comes in and says he is lying. Mac asks Laura what really happened. She says the two of them were in the study. But Stefan would not stop; he gives Mac a complete statement that he pushed Katherine. Mac tells him it is a nice story but none of the evidence backs him up. Mac tells them if they are going to lie to him at least get their stories straight. Stefan says again how he killed Katherine; just then Nikolas comes in, looks at his father and says you killed her. Nikolas says that Katherine and his father argued before, she enraged him. Mac says he will have to book Stefan but he wants to talk to Laura first. Stefan sends the lawyer away and Nikolas asks if he pushed Katherine, answer is yes, then it was murder says Nikolas. He says he didn't mean to hurt him.

Nikolas tells him not to worry he will support him. You are my son, I would do anything to protect you.

Mac tells Laura that she is holding out on him and now is not the time.

She changed after the first fall. She was faking a pregnancy. Mac gets a file and they go back inside to talk to Stefan. Mac tells them that Aurie is dead. Laura tells them that he is the one that dropped off Katherine's medical records to her. No one has anything else to say. Taggert comes in and arrests Stefan for Katherine's murder.

Thursday, October 21, 1999

Jax and Alexis discussed her decision to defend Stefan and reclaim her part of the Cassadine estate. Jax argued against it, concerned about his wife dealing again with her dangerous family. Alexis told Jax that she would do anything to help him help Jerry.

Jerry met with Sorrel, who told Jerry Moreno wanted him to launder another $2 million. Jerry told him he would do it, but the inconvenience would cost them an additional 3%. Francis was listening in for Jason and phoned him about the interchange. Jason told Francis to bring Sorrel to Sonny.

Hannah and Mike showed up at Sonny's with groceries to cook a rack of lamb dinner for him. Sonny reminded Hannah that they had opera tickets, compliments of Carly, but Hannah talked him into staying home for the night.

Carly continued hustling to get replacement opera tickets and AJ (remember him?) walked in on the phone call. She pretended it was the charity guild and tried to talk him out of attending the opera. He argued that the opera was important because a number of major hitters, business-wise, would be there and he needed to schmooze with them. She cozied up to him and told him she wanted time alone with him, the schmuck fell for it and told her he would arrange for them to spend the night in an inn he knew of.

Bobbie and Jason discussed Carly at Kelly's. She warned him that Carly would be by for a visit soon and told him that she thought Carly's campaign against Hannah was an excuse to draw Jason closer to him. Jason told her that he was getting used to Carly and learning that she wasn't going to go away.

Emily and Juan approached Monica and Alan and told them about Mr. Santiago agreeing to allow Juan to stay in Port Charles (seein' as how his face is in the opening montage and all) provided they too gave their consent to the idea. Both balked at first, insisting that he return home, but Juan and Emily pointed out that they had several chances to run away together, but instead worked to get Juan a place to live, enrolled in school, a decent job and a guardian. Monica caved in first and argued the point to Alan, who agreed only reluctantly, saying he couldn't fight against this on his own. He then told the two that if they betrayed his trust, he would personally put Juan on the Quartermaine jet and push him out somewhere over Puerto Rico.

Mac spoke to Stefan (looking quite dapper in his prison denims) and tried to get him to withdraw his plea and give up Laura. He said he knew Laura had done it because the caterer had seen a blonde woman on the parapet with Katherine and that since Laura has a history of blacking out in moments of intense emotion, she could probably get off with a light sentence. Stefan stonewalled and said he wanted his attorney with him before he said any more. Mac then said, "Fine, send Ms. Davis in." Mac left them alone and Alexis told him that if he didn't let her help him, he'd be going to jail for a long, long time. Stefan reminded her that the last time they spoke, she told him she loathed him and never wanted to speak to him again. Why, then, should he place his fate in her hands. She then encouraged him to use her guilt to his advantage because that's what Cassadines do, use each other. He admitted that he couldn't argue with that and she went off to arrange his bail, LEAVING HIM ALONE IN THE POLICE COMMISSIONER'S OFFICE. Since when are prisoners unguarded? He called Mrs. Lansbury, told her he'd be coming home and asked her to check on Helena and make sure all was as he had left it.

Carly showed up at Kelly's and Bobbie encouraged her to leave Jason alone and get on with her life if she really loved him. Carly countered by again telling Bobbie she was selling out by marrying Jerry and settling for a cheap imitation of what she once had.

Jason and Sonny discussed what to do about Sorrel with Juan being back in town. Francis brought Sorrel in and Sonny got all cool and tough guy on him. He told Sorrel that if anything happened to Juan or Emily, he would "eliminate the problem." Sorrel said that Moreno would welcome the opportunity to work more closely with Sonny and that he would be more than happy to arrange a meeting. Sonny blew him out and told Francis to escort Sorrel out. Jason told Sonny that Sorrel would be a problem.

Chloe visited Jax and told him that she had decided not to go to Brook Lynn's birthday party because she didn't want the little girl to get attached to her, then lose her when the marriage was over. Jax comforted her and praised her for being so considerate. Chloe told Jax she could 'get ridiculous' over him and it was, well, ridiculous.

AJ told Edward they would not be going to the opera and Edward fussed at him for missing the business opportunity. AJ was adamant that his wife came first.

Jason got the opera tickets back for Carly and she was very grateful. Jason told Carly that he owed her for the tip off about Hannah and that the fact that there was no info yet about the gun was not good, that it indicated that she probably was dangerous for Sonny.

Hannah showed up at Sonny's to cook dinner and snooped in Sonny's desk while he was in the kitchen. He came in and busted her red handed, but she wiggled out of it by saying she was looking for his phone book to call Mike and find out why he was late. He told her to never look in his desk again.

A red-haired woman that I didn't recognize got out of bed, drank some coffee and did Riverdance, then I realized it was a Folger's commercial.

Jerry suggested to Bobbie that they have a "practice" honeymoon and she agreed.

Friday, October 22, 1999

Roy was devastated when he overheard Bobbie and Carly discussing Bobbie's upcoming wedding. Later, Roy and an overwhelmed Bobbie came face to face for the first time since his return to Port Charles. After sharing a passionate kiss, Bobbie gave Roy an angry punch in the jaw! Hannah received an ultimatum from her bosses at the FBI and learned that she had one week to come up with something against Sonny. Meanwhile, Jason and Carly came closer to discovering the truth about Hannah. Luke vowed to take down Faison after Felicia admitted the extent of his harassment. Later, Luke broke into Faison's office and almost discovered some photos of Lucky. Jax and Chloe were caught off guard after Jerry found them in a compromising position.

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