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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 25, 1999 on GH
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Monday, October 25, 1999

by Nora

In the warehouse, Jason tells Carly that Hannah's gun is registered to the FBI. Carly then hypothesizes that Professor Bradburn must be a FBI agent and that that is why Sonny was arrested. Jason telephones Benny to arrange an emergency meeting to discuss how to keep Sonny safe from the federal authorities. After Jason hangs up the phone, he instructs Carly not to say anything to Sonny about Hannah's sketchy operations. He claims that Sonny will need more proof of Hannah's betrayal before he will believe them. As the two wait for Carly's cab, Jason thanks Carly for pursuing her distrust for Sonny's girlfriend. After Carly has left, Benny appears and Jason informs him that the gun that was traced was Hannah's. Benny vows to keep the shipments clean and not to even as much as hint to Sonny that something is amiss.

At Kelly's, Liz is concerned that Nikolas is upset with her because he saw her on the docks with Jason earlier. Liz then expresses her sympathy for Stefan's situation, but Nikolas admits that he believes that his father is not guilty. Nikolas claims that Stefan would never strike out in anger and contends that his father is protecting his mother, who could possibly be the true guilty party.

In Faison's office, Luke rummages through the drawers in search of something incriminating, but he is forced to make a hasty retreat when Faison returns. Luke listens from the hall as Faison takes a phone call from one of his henchmen regarding Lucky. Faison also discusses the situation regarding the whereabouts of the diamonds before proclaiming his hatred for the Spencers. He then pulls a photograph of Felicia from a drawer and stares at it intently as Luke slowly opens a door behind him. Luke grabs Faison by the throat and proceeds to choke him.

At the Port Charles Grill, Hannah and Sonny enjoy a romantic dinner as Agent Larkin peers at them from behind a corner. Sonny surprises his lover with a key to his penthouse and urges her to use it whenever she chooses.

At Jax's, Jerry apologizes for bursting in on his brother kissing Chloe. Chloe quickly leaves so that Jax can have a frank discussion with Jerry. Jerry is livid that Jax would be unfaithful to Alexis and even more upset that he would be so reckless as to get caught. Jax refuses to discuss his marriage with his brother and demands to know why Jerry is visiting Jax's apartment when he is supposed to be out of town. The two argue for several minutes before Chloe's Aunt Gertrude, who has recently returned from Paris, interrupts them. Jerry spouts an impromptu explanation for the birthday cake on the table and the balloons floating around the room, maintaining that they are in celebration of an old friend. Gertrude appears to believe the Jax brothers and departs. Jerry soon follows, leaving Jax with a promise not to tell anyone that he saw his brother with Chloe. Several minutes later, Chloe returns to Jax's apartment, having cleverly escaped her aunt using different elevators.

On the docks, Bobbie is furious that Roy has been alive for the past twenty years but didn't reveal himself to her. She searches his body for scars from his wounds from the assassination attempt and is shocked when she finds them just where they would have been. Roy explains to Bobbie that his memories of her have kept him going throughout the years and the two share a hug. He then tells Bobbie that after his hit on Senator Williams, he agreed to testify against Frank Smith in exchange for a twenty-year sentence and a new identity. He traveled the federal penitentiary system, gaining a new identity at each prison. Five years ago, the FBI came to him and told him that Frank Smith had died and that he could resume his original identity and serve out the remainder of his sentence. Roy promises his one-time love that he would have loved to have contacted her, but that such communication was never possible. Bobbie recounts her first love for him and how happy she was to have shared such a beautiful love with him in the past until it was marred by his criminal activity. When Roy discusses his different identities of the past, Bobbie relates her last twenty years and the five marriages that have occurred in that time span. She tells Roy about her current romance with Jerry Jacks and leaves to meet Jerry for their planned rendezvous. When Bobbie meets Jerry outside Kelly's a few minutes later, she appears a bit scatterbrained, but leaves with Jerry nonetheless.

Tuesday, October 26, 1999

As Sonny walked Hannah home after their date, he pressured her to come home with him or let him stay. She told him that she needed some time to think after receiving his key. She promised to come to the penthouse the next morning and make him breakfast in bed.

AJ cornered Carly as soon as she got home and demanded she tell him where she had been. She told him she had been at Kelly's and he told her he had called Kelly's and Tammy had told him he hadn't seen her all night. She told him she'd been sitting outside then had gone shopping at Wyndam's, but he didn't believe her. She told him that she didn't have to account to him for her time and he said, "The hell you don't." He told her he wouldn't be played for a fool and questioned her actions of the past few weeks, including going back and forth on whether or not to attend the opera. As they argued, Carly cleverly turned the tide and made him look like a jerk by pointing out how much she had changed her life to be a good wife to him. She told him that if she felt like sharing her day with him, she would. AJ told her that she sounded like Emily at her most defiant and Carly said, "What, that makes you like my authority figure? I won't live that way." AJ reminded her that she still had not told him where she had been.

Faison bargained for his life as Luke choked him, saying that Luke needed him now more than ever. Luke said that wasn't good enough as Faison dropped to the floor unconscious.

Roy went to see Luke, but Luke was busy choking Faison at his office. After waiting for a while, Roy left. Felicia came in and questioned Claude about Luke's whereabouts and was waiting in his office when Luke returned. She gave him a big hug that lasted way, way too long. She then told Luke that she didn't like being the go-between that Faison was using to hurt him and that if she had to choose between his life and their relationship that she would have to stop caring about him. Luke said it didn't work that way for him. Luke told Felicia how a part of him had died with Lucky, but that she had brought him back. He said he was trying to redefine his life and that she was a very big part of that and he can't just turn his feelings off. She told him she didn't want him to get hurt and he said that no one could hurt him but himself. Mac called on Felicia's cell phone and invited her out to dinner at Luke's. She resisted and suggested they go elsewhere, but he insisted and met her there.

Hannah told Tammy that Sonny had given her a key to the penthouse and Tammy commented on how much Sonny must trust her to do that. Tammy reminisced about when she worked for Sonny and how she hadn't known what a good and tender heart Sonny had until he'd taken in Stone. She then told Hannah to be sure and take care of him. She swore she'd never hurt him if she could help it. Taggert came in later and he and Hannah had a cup of cocoa together. She tried to analyze him. He told her that he never stopped being a cop and that he had a problem with people who break the law. She went into a speech about the phrase "throw the book at him" and said that was the trouble with the law, it was about a book, not about people. He said that it sounded like she had give it a lot of thought and she backed down, saying she was just a curious person. She asked him if he had a first name and he told her Marcus. He warned her to remember it because she was going to need it and told her that she couldn't see it now because she was in love, but that around Sonny, innocent people get hurt. Later, as Carly left the diner to go meet Larkin, Jason followed her.

Back at the penthouse, Benny told Sonny about a problem with a shipment and Sonny crawled all over him for not telling him sooner. Sonny was really acting on his paranoia that people are thinking Jason can run things better than he can. This was aggravated when Mike came in and asked to speak with Jason and hedging when Sonny asked him what it was about. Mike told him he would just leave a message for Jason and Sonny (getting more agitated) told Mike to just leave the message with him or did Mike not trust him to give the message to Jason?. Sonny got defensive and wanted to know why Mike wanted to talk to Jason and not him and Mike finally admitted that he had taken a beating at the track and needed to borrow some money. He knew Jason would loan it to him and Sonny wouldn't. After a bit more bantering, Sonny opened up a little to Mike and told him how much he depended on him and Jason to let him unload and vent on them and still come back. As he left, Sonny offered Mike money for gas and Mike declined.

As Carly looked out the window and cried, Lila came tooling up in her wheelchair, asking her if she wanted to be alone. Carly told her how much she hated winter at the Quartermaines, how the snow covered all the roses and the white grounds made you feel so trapped. Lila asked her if she wanted to get away and Carly answered, "What would I?" She went on to say that she had all she'd ever wanted, all she'd dreamed of when she was a little girl: nice house, nice clothes, nice jewels. Lila told her she understood perfectly. Carly observed that Lila was a lot like Jason and that she was a lot like Edward with her planning and scheming. Still crying, she told Lila, "[Edward] has hurt you a lot." Lila replied, "From time to time." Carly went on to say, "He didn't mean to. He just knew you'd understand, forgive him and try again. But what if that feeling never comes back and this is all there is?" Lila countered, "But dear, I'm married to the man I love."

Later, AJ went to Carly and apologized for his behavior, saying he just didn't want to lose her. Carly told him sadly that she wasn't going anywhere. He said he was going upstairs to bed and looked at her hopefully. She said she was staying downstairs for a while.

Sonny called Hannah (she's #1 on the speed dial from the looks of things) while she was out, said she must be in the shower and left his breakfast order on her machine ( I have a feeling we're going to hear that tape played a few thousand times).

Luke went to the safe (which says UM IBM RICH on it, which sounds like Tonto-speak from a bad Lone Ranger movie) and just as he was opening it, Faison showed up with a gun. You could tell Faison had had exactly enough of Luke because he was using that freaky John Malcovich voice that he talks in when he's really pissed off. Holding the gun on him, he ordered Luke to take him to the diamonds. As they were walking out the back alley of the club, Luke in front, Luke heard Faison fall and turned to see Roy standing over his body, having beaned Faison and knocked him out (for the second time in an episode - bad night for Faison). Luke's eyes widened and in true Luke fashion, he said, "What took you so long?"

Wednesday, October 27, 1999

Ned and Chloe come to visit Jax and Alexis. Ned and Alexis are in each other arms in a matter of minutes. Ned and Alexis go off to the service elevator, Jax tells them that Jerry caught him and Chloe and they have to be more careful and go out and make an appearance as happily married people now that Ned is back. They talk about leaving and decide it is best to stay and not just look like an appearance.

Nikolas comes to see his father. He does not believe that Stefan killed Katherine. He asks when Laura told him that Katherine was not pregnant. "You are lying to protect my mother. You will do anything to protect Laura." Laura comes in to find the two of them arguing. She tells him not to blame his father, that he loves him. Laura is going on and on about how Stefan protects people. Nikolas agrees that he does protect everyone he loves. He wants to go, tells Stefan that he has to go home, he can't stay there. Afterwards Stefan tells Laura he has no intention of losing his son or her. Laura asks Mac why she has to go in and make another statement, she has told them everything she knows. She is told that her story and Sefan's story does not match. Mac tells Laura that he is trying to have a night out with his wife. Laura says "really, I would hate to disrupt that." She sits down with them and gives Mac a hard time, then she leaves. They get back to the club and is telling Roy that he only has blues, Roy asks what kind of blues is that and Luke goes out to see what is going on.

Roy tells him it is a shame not to even meet them. They are so beautiful, and the crowd does seem to dig them. Emily brings over the girls and introduces them. They said they were with BB King and they win Luke over. Luke introduces them again and we hear another song.

Roy knocks out Faison. Luke turns around and see Roy, he says how can you be here, you have been dead for twenty years. He tells Luke everything to convince him that it is really him. Luke is finally convinced and they hug. He asks about Faison. Roy says we got to get him outta here, and Luke says what do you mean we? Roy tells him where he was for the last twenty years. Just like old times says Luke.

Luke and Roy are in the car, Luke ask if Roy hears someone kicking to get out of the trunk. They talk about old times. Luke tells him that if he did the job things would have been different, he would not of missed. Luke says he was the one that finally shot Frank Smith. Roy asks where they are going and Luke says he is in a mood for a hanging. They are at lookout point still talking about old times. Roy comments that he forgot you can actually smell trees. Luke welcomes him home.

Luke opens the trunk and we see Faison still passed out, he offers Roy a beer. They are deciding what to do with Faison and Roy ask him who is this guy. Roy says if he was really going to kill him he would have to leave. They decide to just dump him and Luke gives Roy Faison's wallet and shoes.

Roy tells him that he has always wanted to drive a caddy and Luke says this is your lucky night, home James. Emily and Juan comes in, Juan is nervous, Emily tells him not to that they were invited here. Claude wants Emily to convince Luke to let the girls play. They go back to the office to talk to Luke. He is not there. Ned, Jax, Chloe and Alexis come in. Ned asks what the country group is doing here, that Luke has a blues only policy. He wishes them luck to convince Luke. The two couples sit down together and they are tormenting each other.

Emily gets up on stage and introducing the girls, Shadaisy. Taggert walks in and sees Juan as soon as the group is done the song. Emily tells him that Reginald dropped them off and will be picking them up. Taggert gives Juan a bit of a hard time but allows them to stay.

Thursday, October 28, 1999

Bobbie burst into Luke's office to tell him that Roy was alive but didn't see that Roy was standing directly behind her in the office.

Nikolas asked Laura and Stefan if he had done the right thing by burying Katherine at Serenity and they assured him she would have been pleased. The three then briefly discussed the memorial service we didn't see so that we would know that there was one. Nikolas then snidely remarked that his mother and father didn't know how to handle themselves when a woman that they hated was dead. He said that they couldn't even be honest with each other about it. After he stormed out, Stefan assured Laura that Nikolas was only speaking out of grief and confusion. Laura wondered aloud what he meant by the remark he made, then slowly realized that Stefan thought she had killed Katherine. She adamantly insisted she was innocent. Stefan suggested that perhaps Helena was not as immobile as they thought. All the while, Helena listened in on their conversation.

Meanwhile, Juan, Emily and Liz were at Kelly's also discussing the memorial. Emily made no bones about the fact that she had no love for Katherine. Juan commented that he couldn't imagine a person (Stefan) coming to the memorial service of someone he had killed. Liz said, "Well, he did the last time" and the two girls filled him in on Katherine's previous death.

Mike ran into Sonny at Kelly's and asked if Hannah would be there. They bantered back and forth, Sonny did the obligatory asking of Mike to leave, so Mike had a seat at his table. Sonny suggested that Mike get something going with Tammy and Mike said that he was 'making her want him'. Sonny asked how long he'd been doing this and Mike answered, "Since the Nurses Ball." Sonny remarked that four months was a long time. Mike switched the subject around to Hannah and got Sonny to admit that she really made him happy.

Hannah met Larkin and the two of them argued over who had more greatly compromised the case against Sonny. Larkin told her that the only way she could salvage her career was to get Sonny behind bars.

Carly showed up at Jason's just as he was getting ready to leave to go break into Larkin's room. She insisted on going with him and convinced him that he needed her there and was the only person he could trust to have as back up. Jason picked the lock at Larkin's and slipped inside while Carly stood guard. Almost immediately, Larkin showed up and Carly distracted him with a bluff about having information he needed. Jason looked through Larkin's desk and found a file, his badge and a cassette tape. He took a page from the file and the cassette. Back at the penthouse, Carly and Jason listened to the tape which was of Hannah saying that she was going to bust Sonny. (The "jumping on my bust" line was in there...ha! Love that one) Jason showed Carly the page with meeting times on it. Carly told Jason that there was no way they could show this all to Sonny, that it would kill him Jason insisted that he had to be told.

Roy told Luke and Bobbie that he was working in the coffee warehouse and they told him Sonny is mob and that Roy should tell Sonny about his past and testifying against Frank Smith before Sonny finds out from someone else. He left to speak with Sonny, who told him that all that mattered to him in an employee was showing up on time and loyalty. Back at the office, Luke said, "Jerry who?" But Bobbie insisted that Roy is part of her past and she is going through with her wedding plans. She accused Luke of trying to win her for Roy to make up for the 20 years he served in prison for Luke.

Hannah showed up at Kelly's after Sonny left and talked with Mike, who went on and on about how happy she makes Sonny. A guilt-ridden Hannah told Mike that there was something she had not told Sonny, that she was not who they think she is. Mike strongly suggested that she tell Sonny immediately before he finds out elsewhere because that is something he would not forgive.

Emily, Juan and Liz were laughing and dancing at Kelly's diner when Nikolas walked in and freaked out, saying they were dancing on Katherine's grave. He stormed out and they followed. Liz was clear with him that they had not gone to the memorial service to honor Katherine, but to honor him. When Liz came back into the diner, there was a white rose on the counter.

Hannah ran into Sonny and started to tell him the truth but they were interrupted by Roy with some emergency coffee business. Sonny told her to go to the penthouse and wait for him there and they'd talk later.

Roy and Laura ran into each other at Kelly's and she apologized for throwing Luke's keys out of the car window 20 years ago, causing Luke to miss the hit that Roy made, sending Roy to jail.

Sorrel approached Sonny, again apologizing about the Juan beating and offering a proposal to make amends.

Friday, October 29, 1999

Jax, Alexis, Chloe and Ned all checked into a health spa under false names to get away from it all. While Alexis and Ned went for a mud bath, Jax bribed Chloe's masseuse to let him take over the massage. As things progressively heated up, they moved onto the bed and were about to make love when Gertrude started to open the door.

Bobbie talked to Felicia about Roy's return, but later, couldn't bring herself to tell Jerry. Luke joined them and told Felicia all the details of their connection to Roy. Later, after Bobbie left, Luke speculated that twenty years could really change a person and he wasn't sure how it had changed Roy, but to him, it felt the same as it had before. He told her that Roy felt like his brother. Roy popped into the office long enough to be introduced to Felicia and tell Luke he had spoken to Sonny. After he left, Luke filled Felicia in on what had transpired with Faison. Felicia was a bit peeved that it had all happened while she was in the club and she had not known. The conversation drifted to their relationship and they were just about to do some heavy talking when Faison interrupted, having a real attitude about being dumped.

Carly continued trying to convince Jason not to tell Sonny about Hannah, but Jason was insistent that he could not be dishonest with his friend. Later, Jason gently tells Sonny that Hannah is the leak that gave information to the Feds and that she herself is an agent. Sonny was tentative, but slowly came to believe what Jason was telling him and was devastated. After Jason left, he listened to the tape of Hannah's voice vowing to put him behind bars. While he was listening to the tape, Hannah knocked at the door, ready to tell Sonny the truth about who she is. Sonny answered the door with a big smile and told her he thought she'd never get there. Meanwhile, Carly told Hannah that she had spoken to "Professor Bradburn" and that she had been to his home. Hannah confirmed this with Larkin who reassured her that though she bore watching, Carly was only a pest, not a threat. Hannah told him she was moving in with Sonny.

Roy and Laura talked at Kelly's and she told him she had always felt she had caused his death by throwing Luke's keys out of the car. He reassured her he didn't feel that way at all. She was hurt when she learned that Luke had not told him that they had married and had children. She told him how much he would have liked Lucky, that he was a lot like Luke.

Carly came to Jason's penthouse while he was sitting on the floor in pain over what he had just told Sonny. She said that she must be getting smarter or something, because she knew she shouldn't be there. She started to leave and Jason pulled her into his arms.

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