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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 29, 1999 on GH
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Monday November 29, 1999

by Nora

At the Port Charles Police Department, Bobbie visits Jerry. She apologizes for walking out on him before and he apologizes for lying to her. Jerry then asks Bobbie for another chance and offers to prove his love and trust to her. Bobbie claims that she cannot put her life on hold for him because she has a son to raise and a business to run.

In their penthouse, Alexis and Jax discuss his pending trip to Europe and Jerry's fate. They plan financial strategies before Jax leaves to visit his brother at the police department.

At Kelly's, Hannah tells Sonny that she is concerned because they seem to be spending less time together even though she has moved in with him. Sonny then snaps at her, apologizes, and leaves.

In his secret hideaway, Faison taunts Felicia by reading romantic passages of Shakespeare aloud.

Outside Kelly's, Roy invites Luke to dinner, but Luke alleges that Roy does not really want to eat; he is only at Kelly's to check up on Bobbie. The two enter the restaurant, but discover that Barbara Jean is not around. Luke is upset that Jerry mistreated his sister and wished that he would leave Bobbie be, like Roy did twenty years ago. Roy tells Luke that he is insensitive and that it might be beneficial to hit his head against cement in an attempt to elucidate the situation. Roy contends that his primary philosophy these days is that whatever makes Bobbie happy is what she should do and/or have. As the two discuss this, Bobbie enters and hears them talking about her.

Roy goes outside so that Luke and Bobbie can talk. While he is waiting for his to-go order, Hannah asks him to take a note to Sonny at the warehouse. She then tells Roy that she is in love with Sonny, but Roy claims that falling in love with a suspect is never an option. After Roy's food arrives and he leaves, Taggert sits with Ms. Scott and wants to discuss Moreno.

Inside, Bobbie and Luke argue about her welfare. Luke offers to pitch in and help when Tammy has to leave early. Bobbie throws an apron at him and angrily tells him to attend to the customers.

At Wyndemere, Helena complains about Mrs. Lansbury before telling Stefan that she put something in his scones way back when that rendered him sterile. He does not react well, but Helena laughs it off as a joke. She then asks about Nikolas, but Laura interrupts and orders Helena to stay far from her son. Laura then protests that although Stavros might be Nikolas' biological father, Stefan has been her son's father in every meaningful manner. As the three bicker, Mac enters the room. Stefan offers the commissioner what he purports is videographic evidence that Helena was mobile and on the parapet the night of Katherine's death. Evidently, there was a camera mounted on the Quartermaine crane that scanned Spoon Island every five minutes and photographed Helena behind Katherine on the parapet. Helena refutes Stefan's pretense that she murdered Ms. Bell by insisting that she was only able to take a few weak steps that fateful evening. She then accuses Stefan of poisoning her and killing Katherine. Mac is not swayed by her accusations and places her under arrest.

At the PCPD, Jerry apologizes for hurting his brother. Jax tells him to sit tight and shut up so that he can make his trip to Europe to sort things out.

On the docks, Liz unveils her portrait of Lucky with his guitar to Jason. She thanks him for his encouragement and offers him a hug as Carly watches from above. After Liz has left for class, Carly approaches Jason. She asks about his Thanksgiving and tells him that this year, she has a lot to be grateful for. When Carly asks Jason if he would like to go back, he pulls her close and hugs her. Jason tells her that he isn't sorry for what happened and that he is comfortable enough to tell her how he feels about her, but he insists that they can't act on their emotions right now. Carly professes that she can be patient and departs with a smile on her face.

On the docks, Sorrel requests that Sonny meet with Moreno later in the evening. Sonny agrees.

Chloe arrives at Jax's penthouse with luggage, apparently determined to accompany her friend to Europe. Jax, of course, tells her that she cannot go with him because it is not an adventure and this time, Chloe agrees.

At Wyndemere, Laura is distraught because Stefan lied to her about poisoning Helena. Stefan is adamant that he will not lose his love, but Laura leaves nonetheless.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Carly tells AJ that she is taking Michael somewhere and that they are not coming back.

Tuesday, November 30, 1999

Before we get down to the nubby. Nitty-gritty, some bs stuff went on. Mac found Luke and the two compared notes on Felicia's disappearance. He told Luke he'd been in Texas with the girls when Felecia had called and had missed it. They both agreed that it was odd she hadn't called on Thanksgiving and Luke brought up that Faison was also missing. Mac ordered an APB on Faison and Felicia and told Luke to be sure and contact him immediately if he heard from Felicia.

Faison tried to feed Felicia again and this time she took a bite. He asked if she approved and she dug in like a fiend. He was all dressed up and looking pretty dandy, in fact. He did, however, look kind of nervous and first-datish. He told her that roast duck was "her" favorite. Felicia asked if he was referring to Anna and he said no, but she had liked it as well. He told her he was referring to the first woman he had ever loved and killed. He went on to explain that he had been a military officer in a laboratory where she had worked as a scientist. His job was to seal off the area if there was ever an accident. Sure enough, one day the alarm went off and he did what he had to do, totally sealed the area to prevent further contamination. Too late he saw that he had sealed her into the area. He said she was begging for him to open the door and telling him that she loved him. He couldn't open the door to help her or the contaminants would escape. She died in front of him. He said the lab was never reopened and was now buried under cement. He told her he had given up on military life and become an anarchist after that. Felicia said she was sorry it had happened. Faison's cell phone rang and someone told him that Mac was looking for him. After the call, Felicia told Faison that if Mac was looking for her, he'd find her. Faison assured her that he could be untraceable at any time.

At the diner, Roy told Bobbie that the explosion had occurred because Luke had propped open the oven door with his cigar lighter. Bobbie asked him if he'd done any kitchen duty in prison and Roy told her he had and that it was better than laundry duty. Bobbie commented that this is what Jerry was facing and asked Roy if he thought it made it harder or easier to have someone waiting for him on the outside. He told her that it made it harder but better. In fact, he said Jerry'd probably feel like she was saving his life if she waited for him.

Taggert again warned Hannah about Moreno. Sonny looked on and was about to jump in the middle of it when Jason stopped him. Sonny said that was it, he was throwing Hannah out tonight. Jason said it was a good thing. Sonny told Jason about the meeting with Moreno and asked him to fill in. Jason said Moreno wouldn't like it, but Sonny pressured him to do it.

Carly told AJ she was leaving and taking Michael with her. AJ called Peggy, a maid we didn't know they had, and asked her to take Michael upstairs. Carly and AJ got into an argument about who was the better parent and tried to draw Peggy into it. AJ goaded Carly by saying that Jason didn't want her and without Michael, wouldn't accept her. She told him she'd never be without her child. He threatened her by asking with Dr. Evans at Ferncliff would think about her walking out on Michael again. She told him she hadn't walked out on Michael, she'd left him with Jason where she knew he'd been safe and had given him the best father he could have ever had. AJ pressed further by asking her if she really thought it broke Jason's heart to see her marry him, the way it had broken his heart to hand Michael over to him. He told her she could have had it all, money, power and love. She scoffed at the love part and asked why he was holding on to her when they had tried and it just hadn't worked. He insisted that she had never tried. He told her to leave, but that Michael was staying. He also said that she'd be back, crying big crocodile tears when Jason wouldn't take her and he'd have to figure out how much he'd make her grovel before he took her back. Carly told him she'd be back with lawyers and police and whatever else it took and left.

Liz was having a very bad day. She came in late to work and Bobbie admonished her, wondering why she hadn't even called. Roy offered to walk Bobbie home and she accepted. After he left, Liz saw a jar of change or something that he had left and hurried after him, dropping it in the process. She started to cry just as Jason walked in. She told Jason that her art project of Lucky had not been accepted and she was devastated. Jason told her that Lucky would have loved it and wouldn't have cared if it was accepted or not. Liz said that she would give anything to be with Lucky for just one minute. She asked Jason if he'd do something for her, put change in the jukebox and played "their song." She asked Jason to dance with her and he did, holding her close while she closed her eyes and remembered. Carly looked through the window, saw them and started to cry. After a few minutes, she left. After the song ended, Liz pulled away and thanked Jason. She said she thought that maybe for a minute she could feel as though Lucky was there, but it didn't work. She said she had to accept that Lucky was gone, but that nothing could ever make the hurt go away. She wondered why she had to keep learning that lesson over and over. Jason said that some things happen fast, but you have to get over them slow. He told her he had to leave, that he had somewhere he had to be and asked if she'd be all right. She said she would and thanked him again. He left and she started to cry.

Bobbie and Roy talked about how much she loved snow and she told him that Jerry had suggested Antarctica for their honeymoon. She said that he was like that, very extravagant and that everything was a grand gesture. She then apologized to Roy for reading him the riot act the first day she saw him on the docks for not letting her know he was alive and giving her a chance to follow her heart. She said that now she has the chance and doesn't know what to do with it. He told her this was not what he wanted to have happen at all and he was sorry it came to all this. He told her he had seen her at the Port Charles Grill before they had met on the docks and he had wished Jerry was gone, just as a gut reaction. But then he said he saw how he made her smile and wanted that for her. She assured him that she knew he never wanted bad things for her and that what had happened was Jerry's fault. She told him that it was unfair for her to talk to him about it and he told her that if it got to be unfair, he'd tell her. She then smiled and said that she had smiled that way for him as well and to always remember that.

Here is where the rubber hit the road, folks. Sonny was at the penthouse and pulled out the cassette. Just then Hannah walked in and asked if he had missed her. Then she asked what the cassette was (it's a little thing with a magnetic strip that collects sound and you put it in this big thing called a cassette player...). He told her it was for her and that he'd like for them to listen to it together. She asked how about now and he said that was great. He was just getting ready to play it when her cell phone rang and Larkin demanded to see her now. She lied and said that she had an interview and had to do some research at the library. He said he wouldn't dream of interfering with her work and as soon as she left, he played the tape.

Hannah met with Larkin and laced into him for making things difficult. He asked her, "What was difficult? Just say hasta la vista baby and leave." She told him if it wasn't done right, Sonny would smell a rat and they'd never get another agent near him. He told her that she had to get out or be pulled out and put up on charges.

Later Hannah and Liz were together at Kelly's as Liz was closing up. They marveled at the first snow fall and how it makes everything perfect and new.

At the penthouse, there was a knock on the door and Carly came in. I can't even do the scene justice by trying to explain it, so the best thing is if I provide the exact words and then intersplice the action:

SONNY: What the hell happened to you?
CARLY: Is she here?
SONNY: No. Why?
CARLY: I'm not in the mood to put up any kind of act for your little federal girlfriend.
SONNY: Well, who invited you here in the first place, Carly?
CARLY: Sonny, you know what? I'm sick of you. I'm so sick of you, man. You're -- You've got to be the most ungrateful man on the planet. If it weren't for me, you'd be rotting in a prison cell right now, right? For murder, racketeering - whatever it is you do. But then, we should probably ask Hannah whatever that is.
SONNY: Don't make me jump over that sofa to make you state your business, Carly.
CARLY: You think I'm afraid of you at this point in my life?
SONNY: You never were very bright.
CARLY: What do you know about Liz Webber?
SONNY: Her height? Weight? Ring size? Relatives?
CARLY: What is she to Jason? Come on.
SONNY: She's beautiful, she's not married, she's not loud, she's not ignorant.
CARLY: She's a child.
SONNY: She's in college, isn't she? Come on. Carly, you drop-kick the guy, you take away his kid and what, you're shocked that he's going to fall for somebody else?
CARLY: What do you mean, fall? What, is he in love with her?
SONNY: Um - a decent, pretty girl who actually might be good enough for him --
CARLY: Shut up, man. Just shut up. What do --
SONNY: What?
CARLY: Is he seeing her behind my back or isn't he?
SONNY: What do you call "behind your back"? You're married to his brother and all. Where did you see them together? Were they riding?
CARLY: What do you mean riding?
SONNY: Well, he takes her on his bike, you know. Now you know as much as I do. I hope it's true because you know - that he falls for her because then he could be rid of you.
CARLY: Yeah, you'd like that, wouldn't you? (She unbuttons her blouse) You'd love that.
SONNY: You betcha.
CARLY: Yeah, because then, oh, you could stop holding yourself back, right? Huh?
SONNY: Holding back?
CARLY: Oh, yeah, come on, Sonny. I know what you want. I've known what you've wanted...
SONNY: Yeah?
CARLY: ...from the minute you laid eyes on me. And you hate it. You hate it that you want a woman because we're so inferior. (She starts to cry). We're so untrustworthy, except those little angelic beauties like your mother, like Lily or Hannah - whoever else, right? Doesn't even bother you that you stand there day after day, and you look at your best friend's girl and you think about what she might look like undressed. What bothers you is - what kills you is Jason. Poor Jason. Look who he trusted -- you.
SONNY: I could say the same thing for you.
CARLY: Yeah, well, you always do, don't you?
SONNY: You know what would be the best thing I could do for Jason right now?
CARLY: What's that?
SONNY: Set him free. (Carly licks her lips)
CARLY: Yeah? I'm game.
SONNY: Of you.
CARLY: I thought you said he already was, so --
SONNY: Show him what you really are.
CARLY: Yeah well, there's nothing about me Jason doesn't know.
SONNY: Except what I know. (Sonny laughs, then smiles - big dimples, Carly laughs with him then licks her lips. He moves to kiss her haltingly, tentatively, seductively)
SONNY: But then again, could be wrong about you. (Sonny pulls back and looks at her, smiling a little. She reaches over and hooks him into this vampish, passionate kiss)

From there, we go into a weird montage while this awesome porno-type music is playing. We see Jason in the limo going to the meeting with Moreno. He is sitting with some unknown body guard that we know is going to die because we've never seen him before. Must be Darius or Leo, who are the two men Sonny told Jason to take with him to the meeting (duh! Sorry!). Then we flash to this cool scene in Sonny's bedroom where he knocks the bedside light onto the floor to make room to toss Carly around. The light explodes on the floor with a star filter effect. They romp up onto the bed then and it cuts to Jason getting out of the limo with Darius/Leo. Moreno's men greet him with a hail of gunfire and Jason dives to the ground. Then we go to a scene of Carly straddling Sonny and he rips her shirt off of her (with the literal emphasis on "rips") and it cuts to Jason getting up in the gunfire and diving over top of the limo. This then goes to Sonny rolling off on Carly and shots of both of them lying on their backs, looking very upset. The last thing we see in Jason lying motionless in the snow. *whew* I took notes and not just for the recap.

Wednesday, December 1, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Karen Albeck

Bobbie is at Jax's apartment with Alexis, saying that she is grateful for the support of all the Jacks, including the parents, but that she really needs to know if Jerry will be going to prison. Alexis says that he will be, and Bobbie wants to know what the best case scenario is. Alexis replies ten years, maybe out in four. Bobbie wonders how long she can wait for him, and starts to get worked up about the topic, and Alexis tries to calm her by saying that it isn't a good time to be asking herself these questions. Bobbie wants to know when that time will be - she was ready to marry Jerry and stay married "until one of us died", but Alexis just counsels again to give herself time. Bobbie and Alexis continue the discussion of Bobbie's feelings for Jerry and his probable imprisonment, and Bobbie says that she is mainly angry about the lies that he told her. Alexis says that she grew up in a family where everyone told lies all the time, and that something inside a person changes in that environment. Bobbie points out that Alexis chose to marry someone who tells the truth, apologizes for ranting and thanks Alexis for allowing her to vent. They hug, and Bobbie leaves.

Ned arrives with a tray - he's got wine, caviar and other goodies. He was hoping to surprise her in bed, but Alexis explains that Bobbie was just there. They discuss Bobbie and the Jerry situation, and Ned says that he's in prison, too - "the Gertrude Morgan Penitentiary." They flirt and wind up snuggling on the sofa. Later, in bed, Alexis is wondering if they're taking too many risks with something so very precious - their relationship - but Ned reassures her that they are just doing a favor for a friend and that it will only be a few months more. She remains unconvinced, but Ned is certain all will be well.

On the docks, Larkin explains to Hannah that the Bureau has nixed her gradual phase out and that he has orders to bring her in immediately. Hannah storms into the Bureau chief's office and demands to know if he's deliberately trying to blow her cover. He says that she has no cover to be blown, and hands her a one way ticket to Anchorage, to leave in one hour. She'll find everything she needs in the two bags he has by his desk. She says that Sonny will know something is wrong and will hire people to track her down, but the Bureau chief says he has that covered and hands her a "Dear Sonny" letter that they have prepared - all it needs is her signature. Hannah is protesting that all her belongings are still at Sonny's as Roy enters. Hannah insists that Sonny will never accept the letter as authentic, and Roy sides with her, saying that she should return to Sonny's long enough to stage a legitimate break-up, and that he will watch out for her. The chief reluctantly agrees, warning that if Sonny gets wind of anything at all the chief will charge Hannah with obstruction. Just then another agent comes in and says that they've "lost Moreno." Roy says that he'll do some checking around, wishes Hannah luck, and exits. Hannah tears up the letter and exits also.

We are shown a slow motion replay of yesterday's events - Sonny and Carly kissing, tearing off clothes, falling into bed, intercut with scenes of the ambush, Jason sliding across the hood of a car, lying in the snow.

Shoes are seen walking around the car next to which Jason is lying. It's Sorel and Moreno, and they half-jokingly discuss Jason's merits as "lieutenant" - his valor and unflagging loyalty to Sonny. Just as they prepare to finish him off, Jason suddenly rolls over and pulls his own gun, shooting Moreno, and rushes away in a hail of bullets pursued by Moreno's other gunmen. Moreno is lying slumped against the wall, obviously badly wounded. Sorel walks over to him, gun drawn, and tells him that it has been a pleasure working for him and that he's learned a lot, but that "in this business there are limited opportunities for growth. We have to make the most of our opportunities, and I'm sure that in my position, you would do the same." Sorel prepares to shoot Moreno.

Sonny and Carly are in bed at Sonny's, both clutching their heads in the "what have I done" posture. Sonny tells Carly she can leave any time, and she laughs, snidely remarking "I'm excused?" They go back and forth a bit, and Sonny remarks "People like us, we light a match and the whole house burns." Carly wants a shower, but after telling her that it won't help, Sonny instructs her to just leave the dirty towel on the floor. He, wearing a robe, prepares to leave the room, and Carly wants to know where he's going, but he answers only "Does it matter? I need a drink."

Jason comes in as Sonny is pouring his drink. Without really looking at Jason, who is moving slowly and looks pretty rough, Sonny asks if the meeting went down as planned, and Jason answers that the meeting went wrong. Just then Carly comes down the stairs dressed in Sonny's shirt, saying that she can't find the towel. She stops dead when she sees Jason - Sonny is silent, Jason stricken, Carly horrified. Jason looks slowly from Sonny to Carly and turns to go. Carly goes to stop him, but Sonny grabs her and they struggle. She calls him a bastard and accuses him of setting her up so that Jason would see them together. He tells her "Don't flatter yourself - you're a whore." She tells him to go to hell and he quietly replies "Don't you get it? That's where we both belong." Carly is very distraught, pacing and saying that she'll make Jason understand, but Sonny says that Jason already understands. She says that Sonny is sick and twisted, and if he cared at all about Jason he wouldn't have let him walk out like that, but Sonny, still quiet, replies that Carly said it all when she appeared naked in his shirt, and that Jason "knows who you are now. Do you?" She goes slowly back upstairs, leaving Sonny sitting on the sofa, nodding knowingly over and over.

Juan and Emily are outside the diner, discussing the cold weather and the snow. They kiss. Emily sneaks a snowball and puts it down Juan's back, and they have a snowball fight that ends in a tender moment with him bending over her. They then go inside the diner where Emily dries Juan's hair with a towel, and they chat and flirt. She wants him to sing to her, but he refuses. He will dance, though, and goes to the jukebox and puts on a slow song. They are making some small talk and dancing very close when there is a knock at the door - it's Taggert. He wants to know if the Quartermaines know that Emily is there, and it comes out that they do not. Is Tammy upstairs? Juan doesn't know - in fact, they have no permission to be there, dancing, and no adults know where they are. Taggert says that Juan is going to need closer supervision, and as soon as he works out the details he'll fill Juan in. In the meantime, Taggert will take Emily home, and Juan is to wash the dishes and put away the towel. Taggert and Emily leave, as Juan watches from the door.

Hannah and Larkin are walking outside the diner, having the usual talk about Hannah leaving the case. Larkin exits just as Roy appears. Hannah explains that she loves Sonny, but Roy insists to her that she has to let go. She tells him that every moment with Sonny counts, and Roy replies "Do you think he's just going to forgive you once he understands how bad you feel about it?" He tells her that he knows she's waiting for a miracle that will allow her to remain with Sonny, but that that's not going to happen. She has to choose whether to end it with Sonny immediately or to throw her career away. Hannah walks away.

At Sonny's, Carly appears again, dressed this time. She says she changed the sheets and towels and everything is the way it was before - "It never happened." Carly says that Jason loves her and Sonny and that they both love Jason; no matter how screwed up she and Sonny get, Jason will understand and forgive them after he gets over being angry. Sonny replies that there is no reason for Jason to give them the time of day - she's a "two bit tramp", and he's worse than she is. Carly states that Sonny can leave it that way with Jason if he wants to, but that she's going to find him and turn it around. Sonny offers her money, "to make it official", but she turns him down, telling him he's going to need his money, as it's all he has, and that he's right about being worse than she is - he's the lowest. Carly leaves.

Roy is walking on the docks, snow falling all around. He sees the bullet holes in the wall, finds a bullet on the ground and sees blood in the snow.

Hannah arrives at Sonny's (he's finally dressed). She speaks some nonsense about the library and her research, and asks him if he wants to come to bed, but he refuses. She kisses him goodnight, and we see that he can barely tolerate her touch.

Carly checks in to a hotel, and we see her standing on the balcony in the snow.

Jason is walking slowly in the park in the snow, stumbling, standing still and holding his side. He is wounded.

Thursday, December 2, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Karen Albeck

At the hospital, it's Bobbie's first day back to work after the wedding disaster. Luke has brought her to work, and she thanks him for being there for her, for being her protector, and for managing to refrain from saying "I told you so." Luke assures her that she is strong and will be over the upset in a few days. Laura comes by the desk and tells Bobbie that she heard about the wedding, is sorry and that if there is anything Laura can do for her she shouldn't hesitate to ask. Bobbie drifts away and Luke and Laura spend a few minutes chatting about the ice fishing trip he took with Lulu. Laura exits and Bobbie returns, remarking that ice fishing with Lulu must have been cute. Luke agrees that it was, and invites Bobbie along the next time. Luke then leaves to go to his club and check for messages. A bit later, Laura returns and bumps into Bobbie, who drops the file she was carrying. They pick it up, and Laura asks if it is Bobbie's first day back to work. Bobbie admits that it is, and Laura says that she thinks Bobbie may be rushing things a bit, that it is important for Bobbie to take some time until she feels better. Bobbie explains that the problem isn't that Jerry was arrested, it's that he lied to her and that she had no idea - it was like she didn't really know him at all. Just then Stefan gets off the elevator, and he and Laura exchange long looks.

Bobbie next encounters Tony, with whom Lucas has been staying. Tony says that Lucas has been asking about Jerry, but that he just explained that he didn't have the details and that Lucas should speak to Bobbie about it. Bobbie is grateful for Tony's handling of the matter, and Tony says that as much as he disapproves of Jerry, Jerry has always been good to Lucas and he doesn't want to interfere with that.

Stefan explains to Laura that he's not proud of what he did, but that there were reasons. Laura asks why he had to lie to her, she'd begged him to tell her the truth and he didn't give her the opportunity to accept or reject his plan. Stefan explains that he did it because he was afraid of losing her love, and points out that Laura has done some similar things in her past. Laura agrees that she has done some things like that, but that she'd paid dearly for them. She needs some time away from him. Stefan agrees to it, but states that his feelings for Laura will never change.

At Faisan's hideaway, Felicia is sitting on the bed when Faisan arrives with her breakfast tray. He thanks her for a lovely evening, for listening to his story, and says that she is the only one who knows his history, but that this is necessary if they are to be together - she'll need to know everything, to accept him with his flaws and his past. Felicia begins to take a bite of the blueberry pancakes, then pauses. Faisan asks if she would like him to take a bite first, but she announces that she trusts him. He notices then that he forgot her tea, and goes to get it. Felicia gazes after him thoughtfully. Later, when he returns, he has a gift for her. It's a photo of her children, which at first is pleasing to her until it dawns on her that it's a recent photo apparently taken in Texas where the children are staying. She demands to know how he got the photo, and he explains that he sent someone to take the picture. Felicia is livid, shouting that if he ever gets near her children again she will rip his heart out. Faisan begins to be angry, too, explaining that he was only trying to please her, but that obviously there has been a setback in their relationship. He then gathers himself and says pronounces that she needs some time alone, and leaves the room. Felicia begins to cry, clutching the picture.

In Mac's office, Luke arrives asking why Mac wants to see him. Mac demands to know what Luke and Felicia were doing in Mexico.

At the Quartermaines', Alan, AJ, Chloe, Lila, Ned and Edward are gathering for breakfast. Lila greets Chloe and they chat; Edward explains that he invited Chloe to please Lila. Gertrude arrives, thanking Edward for facilitating the meeting, and Ned and Chloe prepare to leave but Gertrude's next words stop them - it won't work to plan to sell Chloe Morgan designs. Chloe smugly states that she already has two offers, but Gertrude elaborates - she doesn't mean that it isn't possible, simply that it isn't legal. She's got an injunction to stop the sale. Ned says that he will have Alexis look at the injunction, and Edward explains to Gertrude that it is just a ploy by Ned and Chloe to get the company away from her. Gertrude states that thus far she has been behaving like a lady, but that she, too, can fight dirty if needs be, and that she will prove that Ned and Chloe'' marriage is a sham. Lila scolds all of them for their unseemly behavior and leaves. Gertrude makes a comment, and Edward defends Lila. Alan apologizes to Gertrude for Edward's behavior, offers to walk her to her car and they leave together. Chloe tells Edward that it hurts that he is conspiring against her, but Edward counters that it is his duty to protect Lila's side of the family. AJ and Ned bicker about ELQ - Ned says that Edward's plan is to see L&B bankrupt so that Ned will return to rescue ELQ from Junior, but AJ insists that ELQ has never been in better shape. Chloe and Ned leave together.

At Alexis' suite, Ned shows her the injunction that is to prevent the sale of Chloe's company. Alexis says she thought Chloe was planning to sell her company anyway, and Chloe replies that she changed her mind. Alexis says that while she isn't angry, she knows Jax wouldn't like it. Chloe explains that if Gertrude is planning to prove that her marriage to Ned is a fake, she has to fight back. She can't stand it anymore - she hates her Aunt Gertrude. Alexis says she needs to go over Uncle Herbert's will once more, and does so while Chloe and Ned bicker. Alexis interrupts - she's found a way to beat Aunt Gertrude! Gertrude has to remarry, then she has no claim. They need to find Aunt Gertrude a husband!

Carly then enters from the garden. Edward tells her that Amanda Barrington has been calling for her all morning, then takes a good look at her and asks where in blazes has she been all night? Carly stammers, but AJ leaps in and provides the alibi - she was with poor, distraught Bobbie. Edward appears to accept this, is glad that she's home, and exits. Carly thanks AJ for covering for her. AJ informs Carly that the housekeeper told Edward that Carly was leaving him, but that Edward doesn't know Carly spent the night with Jason. Carly insists that she was not with Jason; she was in a hotel room alone, thinking about her life. AJ guesses that Jason didn't want Carly in his life once he saw that she didn't have Michael with her, and he pushes the point, mocking her. Carly says that Jason would never treat her that way, because he's good and strong and kind and smart and..."Spare me", says AJ. All he wants to know is if Carly is back. She says that she is, and AJ says "Welcome home, honey", kisses her cheek, and goes off laughing.

Later, Carly makes a phone call to Jason, but of course he doesn't pick up. She begs him to call her, to give her a chance to explain; they've always gotten through their problems together in the past, they'll get through this one, too. Edward comes in as she hangs up, and tells her he doesn't want her to leave AJ. Carly says it is all Edward's fault because he's the one who convinced AJ to pursue Carly and Michael, that AJ just did these things to make Edward happy. Edward says she's a true Quartermaine - blame others, and think of yourself first. These qualities can't be learned, but must be inborn. He goes onto say that Carly should be patient with AJ, and that as AJ grows in confidence as a result, she might even find herself falling in love with her husband. Later, Carly tells Michael that it might take just a little longer than they had planned to get home to Daddy, because Mommy did something to make him mad, but she knows he'll forgive her.

At Sonny's penthouse Hannah is just getting up. She points out that Sonny never came to bed, but he brushes her off, explaining that he just has a lot on his mind. Just then Benny enters - he wants to speak to Sonny alone.. Benny informs Sonny that the limo driver, the Men, the guards have all disappeared, and that he fears Jason may be dead. Sonny says that he isn't dead, he came by last night but didn't say anything about any trouble. Benny tells Sonny that Moreno seems to have disappeared and Sorel is acting like he's in charge. Benny begins to advise Sonny not to get rid of Hannah just yet as it would invite trouble for him, but Sonny cuts him off, asking if Benny knows his business better than he does. Benny backpedals, and Sonny tells him to keep his advice to himself. Benny leaves. Hannah comes back in just as Sonny is leaving the room. She tells him that she just wants to help with whatever is wrong. He says he just wants to go upstairs, but she pushes - she goes to hug him, telling him that "one day we'll have everything." Sonny snaps "no!" and pushes her away. She wants to know why he's so upset, but he just mumbles that it's nothing.

Jason is lying in the snow as Liz strolls past. She sees the body, tentatively rolls it over, and is horrified to see that it is Jason. She calls his name, checks his pulse and begins slapping his face gently to try to rouse him. He opens his eyes, and asks for help. Liz sits him up and discovers that he is bleeding. He slumps over, but Liz once again sets him up, then with great difficulty gets him to his feet. She manages to get him to the boxcar, where she covers him with her coat. She wants to go get help for him, but he won't let her - no police, and she shouldn't be involved either. He asks her to fetch the first aid kit, and she leaves.

Back at Sonny's, there is a knock at the door and Johnny announces that Liz is there to see Sonny. Curious, Sonny tells Johnny to let her in. She tells him that she has news about Jason, but, apologizing to Hannah, would like to speak to Sonny privately. Hannah says that's fine, she was just leaving. Liz tells Sonny that Jason has been shot, that he's in the boxcar and she's afraid he's dying. She explains that she found him in the snow, he has a wound in his side, and he needs a doctor but won't let her get one. Sonny grabs his coat and tells Liz to tell him where the boxcar is so he can help Jason - he'll drop her off first, as Jason is right in that she can't be involved.

At the boxcar, Sonny wakes Jason, seeing his injury. Sonny asks why Jason didn't tell him last night that he'd been shot, but Jason replies "Just when was I supposed to mention it?"

Friday, December 3, 1999

Mac tells Luke that he tailed Faison to El Paso. He lost him at the border, but he asked the local authorities to send him arrest records just in case. He never looked at the arrest sheets until this morning. And guess what? Faison was smart enough to keep his nose out of trouble, but Hiram and Orphey Goodlove were not. They were arrested for a myriad of offenses and it was noted that they tried to bribe the guard with a five carat diamond. He demands to know how Luke got his hands on a diamond like that.

Hannah is entering Kelly's when Larkin comes up behind her. She tells him to leave her alone and walks into to Kelly's. Larkin follows her which makes Hannah angrier. Larkin tells Hannah that she just doesn't get it. He then grabs her and pulls her into a passionate kiss. While Hannah struggles to get away from Larkin, Tammy arrives. She is shocked to see what looks like Hannah kissing Larkin.

At the Q's, Carly is telling Michael that everything is going to work out. AJ enters the room accompanied by the court psychiatrist who is there to do a follow up on their family.

Liz arrives at GH in frantic search of Bobbie. She runs into Nikolas who helps her search for Bobbie. Once they find her, Liz takes Bobbie aside and says that she needs her. It's an emergency.

At the boxcar, Jason tells Sonny that he thinks the bleeding is subsiding. He still refuses to go to the doctor. He tells Sonny that Liz went to get a first aid kit. He tells Sonny that he will be ok. Sonny asks Jason if he would rather die than accept help from him.

Jason shrugs off Sonny's help. Sonny tells Jason that last night he found out what he really is and what Carly really is. Sonny tells him that he doesn't have to hate him because he already hates himself. Jason tells Sonny to never speak to him about it again.

Luke feigns innocence to Mac and asks where he would get that kind of diamond. Mac tells Luke that he thinks that Luke is helping Faison import the stolen diamonds. He is furious that Luke has put Felicia in danger. While they are arguing, a handcuffed Helena arrives (looking very sporty in her prison blues!). Mac tells Luke that they aren't finished. As Luke leaves, Helena asks if he was there to confess to killing Katherine Bell not once, but twice. Stefan finds Nikolas at the hospital and asks if he is ready. Nikolas says that he is. They are preparing to take the paternity test.

Alan arrives at the hospital and comes across Tony. He tells Tony that he is at the hospital to fill out the paper work to get himself reinstated as Chief of Staff.

Liz frantically asks Bobbie to just come with her. Jason could be dying. She promises to explain on the way. Bobbie agrees and they leave together.

At the Q's, the psychiatrist tells AJ and Carly that Michael seems to be adjusting well. Carly is surprised to learn from the doctor that AJ requested the visit. AJ and Carly trade very polite and well veiled insults over the visit, which the doctor does not catch. She asks why Michael does not see Jason any more. AJ explains that is just seemed to work better that way and that Michael is much happier. The doctor excuses herself saying that she has another appointment. Once she is gone, Carly angrily tells AJ that he is not taking her child away from her!

Dara explains to Mac that Helena is about to be questioned. She knows that he wanted to sit in. Helena objects saying that there is a conflict of interest since Mac used to be romantically linked to the victim. Mac angrily tells Helena that he will convict her. Helena assures Mac that she will be free soon unless Mac plans to frame her. His evidence will be thrown out Helena is quite confident. Dara sends Helena to the interrogation room ahead of her and stays to talk to Mac. She reminds him that he can't say things like that to Helena. Mac tells her to just get the job done right this time.

Nikolas is very nervous about the results of the paternity test. He tells Stefan that, no matter what, Stefan will always be his father. Laura arrives and greets them both with a reassuring hug. The doctor arrives to tell Nikolas and Stefan that he is ready to do the test. Stefan sends Nikolas ahead and stays behind to thank Laura for being there.

Meanwhile, Tony asks Alan if anyone outside the hospital ever knew about his addiction. Alan says that he doesn't think so. Alan asks Tony what he thinks about this reinstatement. Tony says that he would love to see it, but is concerned about Monica's reaction. Alan is sure that Monica will be thrilled!

Carly tells AJ that she is through and she is taking Michael. AJ tells her to go ahead and try. She is a pyshco case. She has abandoned her son on more than one occasion and now she wants to move him in with her mother who almost married a criminal. Carly walks out of the room without saying a word. As she goes, AJ yells after her that he will see her at dinner.

At Kelly's, Tammy demands that Hannah tell Sonny about her encounter with Larkin. Tammy says that she does not want to be the one to be keeping a secret from Sonny. Hannah insists that there is nothing going on between her and Larkin. She tells Tammy that she and Larkin are being paid to spy on Sonny.

Sonny is trying to take Jason out of the boxcar when Liz and Bobbie arrive. They push Sonny aside and immediately start to work on Jason. Bobbie reluctantly tells Sonny, at his insistence, that she will not report this.

Bobbie is cutting Jason's shirt to allow better access to his bullet wound. Liz and Sonny watch as Bobbie works on Jason. Liz promises Sonny that Bobbie is the only one she told. Sonny tells Liz that she cannot tell anyone or she will endanger Jason's life. He tells Liz that she can't come back to the boxcar. Liz says that she can't promise that. She explains that Lucky used to live there and Sonny nods in understanding. Meanwhile, Bobbie has finished bandaging Jason's wound and wants to take him to the hospital. Sonny says and no and Jason asks to speak to Sonny alone. Jason tells Sonny what happened. Sonny tells Jason that he is going to get him to a safe house. He steps out of the boxcar and Liz and Bobbie rush back in to tend to Jason.

Tammy demands to know who is paying Hannah to watch Sonny. Hannah explains that she was told that Sonny was a terrible person. But instead, she discovered a wonderful man who she fell in love with. Tammy tells Hannah that if she loves Sonny, she has to tell him everything. Hannah says that she has tried. Tammy tells her to try harder!

Laura arrives at Kelly's to meet her mother. Leslie is sorry that Laura has to be reminded of the whole Starvros era once again. Laura says that they have all pretty much accepted it now. Leslie asks Laura what is going on with her and Stefan.

Ned and Chloe arrive at the Q's to meet with Lila. While they wait, they toss names of potential husbands for Gertrude. They come up with Mike. They think they can make Gertrude believe that he is rich and they are pretty sure that Mike will go along with the plan. They are very pleased with themselves when a very angry Edward arrives with Gertrude in tow.

Gertrude is very distressed that she has been barred from a proper suite in the hotel. Chloe apologizes saying that they will rectify the situation immediately. She also apologizes for the fight they had earlier. She tells Gertrude that she feels very bad that she misunderstood her motivations. She lays on the flattery telling Gertrude that she is still an attractive and vital woman and that she deserves to be loved. Gertrude looks suspicious, but is clearly pleased with the compliment.

Laura tells Leslie that she realizes that Stefan can lie to her convincingly. She knows how Leslie feels about him, but she kind of hoped that Stefan was different with her. She asks Leslie if there is something about her that invites lies.

Hannah tells Tammy that if she tells Sonny the truth, it will be over. Tammy says that if she wants to have any chance with Sonny, she has to tell him today. Hannah knows that Tammy is right and resolves to tell Sonny the truth immediately.

Liz and Bobbie are getting Jason ready to move. Jason tells them that they have to leave or Sonny's people won't be able to come. He thanks them for saving his life. They reluctantly leave Jason alone in the boxcar.

Sonny arrives at the penthouse and finds Carly waiting for him. She begs him for news of Jason. She wants to find him and explain.

Luke is in his office when Bobbie arrives. She tells him that she has had quite a day. She just can't tell him about it. Luke asks if she heard from Felicia. Bobbie says that she hasn't. Then Luke replays the message Felicia supposedly left for him. Bobbie doesn't think that it sounds odd, but Luke says that he is sure that Felicia did not leave the message.

At the Q's Gertrude continues to gush over Alan. She, Alan and Edward finally leave together while Ned and Chloe remain to wait for Lila. Once Ned and Chloe are alone they discuss the possibility of Alan being the new love in Gertrude's life. Chloe doesn' think it is such a good idea, but Ned thinks they deserve each other! While they are talking, Jax calls Chloe on her cell phone. He says that he has just arrived back in Port Charles and wants to see her and Ned at his penthouse as soon as possible. Aside from missing her, he has some important news.

At the boxcar, Jason is trying to step down and walk, but is having trouble. Liz arrives and asks if he is going somewhere. Jason says that he is going to check into his hotel and take care of himself. He doesn't want help from Sonny's people. He tells Liz that she doesn't listen very well. Liz says that she knows of a place where he can hide. She asks him if he will let her help him. Jason says that he doesn't have much choice. Liz puts her arm around his waist and helps him walk away from the boxcar.

Sonny refuses to tell Carly anything about Jason. As they argue, Hannah arrives. Carly turns to her and says that this is all her fault. Hannah looks confused, but Carly turns to her and says, "Little Federal Agent Scott."

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