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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 6, 1999 on GH
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Monday, December 6, 1999

by Nora

Liz takes Jason to her art studio and tries to take care of him. She helps him lie down on the sofa and covers him in blankets. When she tells him that she is going to Sonny's to get antibiotics, Jason insists that she not notify Sonny of his whereabouts.

At Sonny's penthouse, Carly accuses Hannah of working for the FBI, which prompts Sonny to throw her out of the apartment. Alone with Hannah, Sonny informs her that he has know that she is a federal agent for months. He then plays the tape of Hannah with Larkin, but she continues to proclaim her love for him. She contends that she has been trying to protect him from the Feds and explains that she only gave her supervisors minimal information so that she could stay on the case. Sonny does not buy her claims and determines that she used him the same way that he has been using her. He tells her that he has been feeding her false information intentionally and insists that it hurt him to sleep with her. Crying, Hannah says that she was forced to choose between her job and Sonny and she maintains that she chose Sonny. Sonny remains unsympathetic and states that she made the wrong choice. Hannah is forced to depart when Sonny refuses to recognize her presence.

Jax returns to his penthouse and tells Alexis that he procured a lot of money in Europe. As they discuss strategy, Ned and Chloe arrive. After Jax and Chloe greet one another and Ned and Alexis do the same, Jax and Alexis leave to visit Jerry in jail.

At his club, Luke tells Bobbie that Faison set up the voice mail message from Felicia. When Bobbie expresses doubts, Luke insists that this is part of Faison's master plan to make Felicia love him. He then tells his sister about the time that Faison put a knife to Felicia's throat. Bobbie urges Luke to work with Mac, but Luke is afraid that the police might hinder his ability to effectively locate his friend. Just as Bobbie suggests that Luke get outside help, Roy walks through the door. Something breaks in another room and Luke leaves to investigate the noise. Roy explains to Bobbie that Luke called him and Bobbie urges Roy to be careful. When Luke returns, Bobbie heads off so that Luke and Roy can plan their attempt to rescue Felicia. However, once they are alone, Luke gives Roy instructions about how to run the club in his absence. The two banter sarcastically until Luke agrees to let Roy assist him. Once they begin to get serious, Luke tells Roy that the first plan is to break into the phone company and trace Faison's telephone records.

In the secret hideaway, Felicia is looking at the picture of her daughters when Faison enters the room. He professes his love for her and vows to find a way to prove it to her. He then opens the door and says that she is free to go if she so chooses. Felicia, however, decides to stay.

At the police department, Jax, Alexis, and Jerry meet with the FBI to negotiate. Alexis presents a proposal to repay the government the money that Jerry laundered, but the Feds are not interested. Jax attempts to plead guilty to collusion, but the Feds reject that offer as well. In fact, the FBI declares that no proposals will be accepted and the officials tell Jerry that he will be taken to Washington, D.C. later in the evening.

At the penthouse, Johnny tells Sonny that Jason was not at the boxcar. Sonny is furious and is screaming at Johnny when Liz arrives. She picks up the medicine and quickly departs without revealing Jason's location. After she is gone, Sonny collects Hannah's belongings and instructs Johnny to deliver them to her.

At Kelly's, Hannah asks Tammy for her old room, but Tammy refuses to rent to her. Carly enters the diner and berates the federal agent. Hannah storms out and runs directly into Taggert. Inside, Tammy receives a call from Liz, who says cryptically that she will be unable to work tomorrow. Carly overhears and interprets the call accordingly.

Alexis returns to the penthouse to tell Ned and Chloe that her proposals to save Jerry failed. Meanwhile, at the police department, Jax and Jerry say goodbye. Jerry asks his brother to look after Bobbie and Lucas and Jax agrees to do so. Bobbie arrives several moments later, but it is to late to see Jerry, who has been taken away.

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Tuesday, December 7, 1999

by Katrina

It was a typical Tuesday, so you know there wasn't much going on, unlike LAST Tuesday when EVERYTHING was going on. Anyway, Luke and Roy were trying out dorky disguises to get past the secretary at the phone company. Luke felt that if he could access the numbers that Faison called from his office at the warehouse, he might be able to come up with the person he was going to sell the diamonds to. Roy learned a lot about computers while in prison, so the plan was that Luke would divert and schmooze the person behind the computer while Roy, on some ruse, would access the computer and get the information.

Bobbie went to visit Jerry in jail and he told her that he was definitely going to prison and that the engagement was off and asked for the ring back. She protested, (not about the ring, but about the engagement being broken) but he was having it no other way. When she left, she told him she'd be back to see him tomorrow and he told her that he didn't want that.

Emily and Juan found Chloe at Kelly's and she sent them on a mission to find a suitable office for L&B records. She gave Juan the specifications that they were looking for and sent him on his way. As they were leaving, they ran into Detective Taggert who questioned him about not being in school. He told him it was an in-service day and they went on their way. Taggert went on to talk to Tammy, asking if there had been any messages for Hannah. Taggert commented that Hannah didn't feel welcome at Kelly's any more and gave Tammy a bit of a hard time about her attitude toward Hannah, saying, 'This was her home and you were her friend." Tammy told him that one of Sonny's men had left two of Hannah's suitcases and that she could either stop and pick them up...or send a cop.

Liz came to check on Jason and she again begged him to go to a hospital. He refused. He said that he was feeling a lot better and she felt his head with her hands and said they were too cold for her to tell if his fever had broken, so she felt his forehead with her cheek. She asked him if she wanted some soup and he said he thought he could eat some, so she left to go to Kelly's to pick some up. Carly had been watching through the window in the door and came in after she left. She stoked Jason's face and he said, "That was quick," without opening his eyes.

Carly asked Jason if he was sick or what, then saw that he was shot. He asked her to leave him alone and she said she couldn't do that. She asked him who Liz was to him and told him how she had seen them dancing that night. She told Jason how sorry she was and that she'd never do it again. He said that she had done it to hurt him and he knew that she'd do things like this in the future when she felt a need to hurt him. She swore she wouldn't, that it wasn't like that, that she loved him. He said that he loved her too (actually said the words!) but that it didn't matter any more. He told her to leave and to not come back. She started to cry and told him that she knew he hated her now, but that he would forgive her, because that's what he does. She left.

Jax met Chloe at Kelly's and they discussed Jerry's case. She told him that she didn't want him going to prison for Jerry and he told her that the FBI wasn't interested anyway. He said how arrogant it was for him to think he could buy Jerry out again and told her that Alexis was working on getting Jerry out on bail, if only for a few day. Chloe said that she knew Jax had done all he could do to help and that it was killing him that he couldn't help. He agreed that it still was.

Luke and Roy found Sandra, the secretary and she was resistant to them checking out her computer. She insisted on calling the computer department for verification, but couldn't get through. Luke was able to distract her by talking about the African Violet on the desk and bluffing some indoor gardening tips to her. Meanwhile, Roy got the necessary information. Back at Luke's office, Roy and Luke noticed that there weren't many calls from Faison's office, but Luke hoped one would be the one he needed. He was hoping that if he called the person to whom Faison was going to sell the diamonds, that he would be able to get with Faison. Roy told him to call if he needed any help and left.

Dara met with Laura and Stefan and told them that Helena had accused them of poisoning her. Helena then came in and made the allegation that Laura had lured her to her office and Stefan had somehow poisoned her. After Helena was taken away, Dara told Laura and Stefan to clear with her if they had to leave town for anything. Laura mentioned that Stefan had not called Helena's bluff...that she was sure Helena had expected him to confess to poisoning her to protect Laura. He promised her that this situation would not affect her or LuLu. She scoffed at what he said and left, with Stefan looking pained.

Taggert saw Hannah on the docks and gave her the suitcases. Hannah acknowledged that Sonny had probably sent them about 20 minutes after she left. They bonded friend-style for a few minutes. Juan and Emily then came up and Taggert told them that Alan and Monica were not happy with Juan's living arrangement of having no adult to answer to. He told Juan that it looked like he'd be getting a new roommate and ribbed him a bit about it. Emily and Juan were in horror over the idea of him moving in with Taggert.

Liz arrived at Kelly's to get the soup and Nikolas gave her the third degree about where she'd been and why she had not returned his calls. She blew him off and told him she'd get back with him later.

Jerry met with Jax and Jax told him he thought he could get him out on bail. Jerry told him he had broken up with Bobbie and Jax told him how sorry he was.

Bobbie was sitting outside thinking when Jerry came up. She asked him about the goofy clothes, then said she smelled her brother all over it. She wondered aloud what about her inspired such chivalry in men she loved that they would leave her because they thought it was the right thing to do. She told him that twenty years before he had not told her he was alive because he thought it was the right thing to do and now Jerry was doing this. She said that for her, love was not something she took lightly and that a couple of weeks or a couple of decades didn't erase it.

Carly confronted Liz on the docks and Liz warned her not to even think about going to her art studio and bothering Jason, that she was not welcome there. Carly tried to get up in her face and be intimidating, calling her 'little girl'. Liz put the smack down on her saying that she knew Carly had done something to hurt him and that she wasn't going to have the chance to do it again until Jason was strong enough to fight for himself. Carly told her Jason didn't need to fight her and Liz said that he didn't, because she'd do it for him. Carly told her she had gotten rid of one little angel and she could get rid of her too. Liz smirked and said, "Oh, trust me, I'm nobody's little angel. You want a fight? You got one." She then stomped off and Carly yelled after her, 'He doesn't need you, he loves me!"

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Wednesday, December 8, 1999

by Karen Albeck

Juan and Emily are showing Chloe and Ned the empty restaurant they have found for the new home office of L&B Records. Ned is less than enthusiastic, thinking that even if it is feasible, the cost would be prohibitive, but Chloe begins to see the possibilities, and submits that it is a good location. Juan and Emily insist that the place has terrific acoustics, and press Ned to sing. At first he refuses, but then gives in, sings a few bars, and agrees that the building may work out after all.

Bobbie is visiting Alexis at her home, explaining that she went to see Jerry and that he feels he will go to jail. She wants to know if Alexis thinks there is any chance for Jerry to beat the sentence. Alexis is stating that a sentence is probable when Jax arrives. Alexis explains her plan to petition the judge, but tells Jax that even if the judge accepts, the cost could be exorbitant. He reminds her of his recent trip to Europe and assures her that he has enough money. She tells him that he will probably have to put up everything he has to bail Jerry out, and Jax replies, "Whatever it takes."

Later, Alexis and Jax go to visit Jerry in jail. She is explaining her petition when Dara enters, and they exchange a volley of snide remarks. Dara leaves; Alexis says she feels that there is a good chance Judge Webster will set bail, then she leaves Jax and Jerry alone. Jax asks Jerry his plans, but Jerry says that he is not expecting to get out on bail. Jax persists - what would he do if he did get out...marry Bobbie, go right back to laundering money? Jerry says that he would probably go back to crime, and Jax asks why. Jerry replies that the last time he was arrested he almost lost his brother, this time he lost Bobbie; but why does Jax marry a great woman like Alexis and then cheat on her with Chloe? It's the same thing - "we are who we are." Jax states that he will help Jerry get over it, but Jerry insists it won't help. Jax vows not to walk away from him.

Hannah and Mike are on the docks. Hannah is standing right on the edge, and Mike, concerned, tells her to move back. She tells him that Sonny threw her out, that he found out she's a Federal Agent. Mike is shocked, and Hannah explains that she really loves Sonny and has been trying to protect him. Mike wants to know if she told Sonny herself, and she replies that she did not, he found out some other way. Mike demands to know how long Sonny has known, and Hannah replies that he has known for about six weeks. Mike wants to know if Sonny has been pretending all that time, and, realizing what Sonny has been going through, angrily states that she has been making fools of them all; using Sonny's father against him, she betrayed his son. Mike has one question: if Sonny threw her out, why is she still here? Mike storms off, and Hannah begins to cry.

Sonny and Benny are at the penthouse awaiting a meeting with Sorel. Benny asks after Jason, and Sonny tells him that Jason won't be at the meeting. Johnny lets Sorel and one guard in. Sorel and Sonny exchange formalities, and Sorel says that he can answer any of Sonny's questions. Sonny, calm, has just one: "why shouldn't I kill you where you stand?" Sonny points out that Sorel called the meeting, the guards disappeared, the limo disappeared, Jason was shot at, and ordinarily this would call for retaliation. Sorel says that it was all Moreno's idea, and that he knew nothing of the plan, but Sonny says that that is a lie, and demands to know where the guards are. Sorel tells him that the bodies will be delivered to their families, the limo will be returned to Sonny tomorrow, and Jason took care of any retaliation when he killed Moreno. Sorel wants to know if Sonny plans to oppose him, but Sonny assures him that he plans to conduct business as usual and expects Sorel to do the same. Sorel leaves and Benny, satisfied, says that it is just like the old days. He has some documents for Sonny to look at, but Sonny replies that he can't look at them right now, he has someone to see, and exits.

At the brownstone, Tony is bringing Lucas home to Bobbie. Lucas is excited to see Jerry and says that he misses him, but Bobbie replies that he isn't there today and may not be coming home at all. She explains that Jerry broke the law and may have to go to prison to make up for it. Lucas points out that Tony did something wrong and didn't have to go to prison. Tony and Bobbie explain, somewhat lamely, that Tony wasn't "thinking clearly" when he took baby Michael, but that Jerry knew what he was doing and did it deliberately. Bobbie sends Lucas out of the room, and she and Tony briefly discuss the Jerry situation. Lucas will spend another night at Tony's, and as Tony and Lucas leave, Bobbie thanks him for being supportive and understanding.

Sonny is bringing flowers to Lily's grave, and says that she always understood him; he wants to talk to her before he does any more damage. He explains that Hannah filled the emptiness inside him, made him believe in love again, he trusted Hannah and she betrayed him. At first he wanted to hurt Hannah the way she hurt him, but instead he turned on Jason because Jason is in love with someone who's not good enough for him and Sonny wanted to show Jason that she's just a tramp, or at least that's what he told himself. Sonny states that he betrayed Jason, and has no honor left now. Sonny turns and sees Juan standing there, also bringing flowers to Lily's grave. Juan places his flowers next to Sonny's at the headstone, and asks Sonny if he visits often? Sonny says he does not, just when he's got a lot on his mind. Juan asks Sonny why he's being so nice, and Sonny replies that it's because he cares about Juan. Juan is a little surprised, and Sonny goes on to explain that if he didn't care about Juan he would have let Juan work for him the first time he asked. Juan says, if that's the case, what about Jason? He's Sonny's best friend. Sonny explains that Jason is a grown man and can make up his own mind, but that Sonny wants Juan to have a good life, to have a future. Juan wants to get to know Sonny, and Sonny explains that at first he was pushing Juan away because he cared about him, but now he thinks that's a bad idea, because Juan might start to do that, too, and one day find that his life is empty. He reiterates that he never will allow Juan to work for him, but allows that maybe they can be friends. Juan agrees, stating that he thinks it's what Lily would have wanted. Sonny isn't sure about that, but it's a nice thought. Sonny agrees to give Juan a ride home, and they leave together.

Hannah and Larkin are on the docks, arguing about her actions and the Bureau's treatment of her. She becomes really angry, shouting that she wants to resign. Larkin warns her to keep her voice down or she'll blow her cover, and when she replies "what cover?" he loses his temper, too, and begins to shake Hannah, demanding to know what she told Sonny. Suddenly Taggert appears, and pulls Larkin off her. Taggert begins to tell Larkin his rights, preparing to arrest him, when Larkin tells him to look in his wallet. Taggert at first assumes it's a bribery attempt, but then sees the FBI ID and lets him go. Taggert wants to know what this has to do with Hannah when he spies her ID lying on the ground. He puts the situation together and threatens to tell Larkin's superiors about his manhandling of Agent Scott. Larkin leaves. Hannah asks Taggert not to say he's disappointed in her, and he asks if that's why Sonny kicked her out. Taggert says she's been acting for months like a woman in love, but he hopes it's not true. Hannah explains that the Bureau was wrong about Sonny - he's loving and kind and she won't apologize for loving him. Taggert replies that Sonny's smooth, and she wouldn't be the first that he's taken in. She says that she always did a good job for the Bureau and now she's going to lose everything - Sonny and her career. Taggert replies that sometimes situations get away from you, and she thanks him. He wants to know what she plans to do next, and advises her to tell her side of the story, suggesting that she say her cover was blown before she had enough time to get something on Sonny. Hannah insists that the Bureau won't buy the story, but Taggert encourages her to fight for her career.

Mike goes to the penthouse to see Sonny, but Johnny tells him that Sonny isn't home. Mike wants to leave a message for Sonny to call him, changes his mind and says he'll wait, then changes it again and leaves, saying that he'll come back later.

Ned brings Alexis to the proposed L&B headquarters and wants her opinion of it. She mistakenly thinks he wants her opinion of the lease, but he explains that he wants her opinion of the acoustics instead. She begins to tell him that she knows nothing about acoustics when he pulls out a guitar and plays a song for her, singing to her. They kiss.

Jax returns home to find Chloe asleep on the sofa. He kisses her awake and tells her that Jerry made bail and that he's not giving up on his brother although he's having a hard time believing that he can save Jerry from himself. Chloe is irritated and states that only Jerry can save himself, but Jax soothes her by saying that he's just glad that she's with him, and they kiss.

Bobbie, at the brownstone, hears someone at the door and thinks it's Lucas returning for a forgotten item. It's not -it's Jerry. He's out, but will still be going to jail. Bobbie explains that she doesn't want him to stay with her any more because of Lucas and his feelings for Jerry. She wants him to keep his distance, but tells him to take care of himself. Jerry has a suitcase with him and goes to pack his belongings. He turns, apologizes, and goes upstairs. Bobbie softly replies that she's sorry, too, and begins to cry.

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Thursday, December 9, 1999

by Karen Albeck

At the hideaway, Felicia, wearing a ball gown, vows to get out "today." Faison enters, looking elegant as usual. He has a tape with him, and begins to play a waltz. Felicia hesitates, she is afraid, but then they begin to dance.

Mac is speaking to someone he has not seen in years, since he quit associating with mercenaries. He shows a picture of Faison, and demands "Find him."

Sonny and Benny are at Sonny's penthouse, planning how to sort out the "Moreno mess." Benny wonders why Jason isn't handling the problem, since he is more familiar with both the docks and the Moreno business, but Sonny says that they need to plan on doing without Jason for a while. Mike enters, apologizing to Benny for needing to speak with his son alone, but Benny is just leaving anyway. Mike wants to know how Sonny could go on with business as usual after discovering that Hannah is an FBI agent and explains that he feels like a fool, being taken in first by Hannah, then by Sonny pretending that he loved her. Sonny explains that if he could make Mike believe that he loved Hannah, she'd believe it, too. Mike tells Sonny that he saw Hannah, she's brokenhearted; maybe it wasn't all an act, but Sonny doesn't believe it. He says that one thing is true: "She's an FBI agent doing her job."

Liz goes to her studio and is frightened to find that Jason is not where she left him. He comes in after a minute or two, and tells her that he was just down the hall washing up (there's running water in the studio, but no hot water). As Liz heats up some soup for him on the hot plate, he tells her that he wants to get out and that she shouldn't be involved.

Carly and Michael are at General Hospital to see Michael's doctor. The doctor tells Carly that Michael is in perfect health, but he's surprised that AJ missed the appointment. Carly makes an excuse about AJ being busy at work, and the doctor leaves after consulting briefly with Audrey. Carly hands Michael off to a nurse and goes to speak to Audrey. They exchange pleasantries, and Carly says she is planning to repaint Michael's nursery - does Audrey think that the artistic Liz might have time to help her? Audrey says that Liz is very busy, working twenty hours a day on some "project." Just then AJ enters, and he is quite annoyed with Carly, accusing her of deliberately changing the time of the appointment so as to make him look bad for missing it. They spar verbally until Alan appears, giving him a chance to chat politely with Carly before she leaves. Looking after his departing wife, AJ tells Alan that he is learning about perseverance. Alan then goes to speak to Audrey, who is pleased that he may be returning as Chief of Staff. Enter Emily and Juan, who needs to hand in to Audrey some paperwork from his job at the outreach program. Alan takes a couple digs at Juan about his father, forcing Juan to defend him, and Emily and Juan leave in a huff. Alan states that Juan is just using the outreach program, and vows not to let him or Sonny hurt Emily.

Carly arrives at Liz's studio, and watches unseen from the door as Liz feeds Jason the soup and chats with him. She hides when Liz leaves to go to work at Kelly's, then pulls the fire alarm outside the studio door.

Juan and Emily, outside now, try to explain to one another why parents act the way they do. Juan tells Emily about going to Lily's grave and seeing Sonny there, and expresses the hope that he and Sonny can become friends. Emily warns him not to get his hopes up, and they kiss.

Taggert meets Hannah outside, and she tells him of her plan to meet with her boss at the Bureau office. Taggert encourages her, she thanks him for being a good friend, and he says that if she can fight for Sonny, she can fight for herself. She goes to the Bureau office to confront her boss, and Larkin is there. Hannah states that Larkin has done such a poor job that he's made it so no one from the Bureau will ever get close to Sonny again, and that he blew her cover. Larkin, defending himself, says that Hannah is in love with Sonny and that she told him all sorts of FBI secrets. Hannah counters by insisting that Larkin made the incriminating tape that Sonny heard. The Chief, tiring of all the squabbling, says that Sonny used the Bureau for his own purposes, to take down Moreno, and that he is launching an internal investigation of Hannah. In the meantime, she's suspended and must hand in her badge. She gives it to him and leaves, sagging against the doorway once she's out in the hall. Later, she once again encounters Taggert outside, and when he asks how the meeting went, she explains that she has been suspended. She and Taggert hug, as Sonny watches from a doorway.

Back at the hospital, Nikolas arrives and he and Laura hug in greeting. They are there to get the results of the DNA test that will prove his parentage once and for all. The results aren't in yet, but Nikolas says that they don't matter. Laura agrees, and says that in Stefan's heart Nikolas is his son, and that Stefan loves them both. Enter Stefan, with Helena right on his heels. She exchanges barbs with Stefan, and informs Nikolas that she will be charging Stefan and Laura with assault and attempted murder. Tony arrives with the test results, and Helena, after a couple deliciously snide remarks, departs. The test results prove conclusively that Nikolas is not Stefan's son, and as a tear slides down Nikolas' cheek, Tony turns to leave. Dara is there, however, and wants to know about Helena's toxicology report. She informs Tony that he may need to testify in court as to the results, and Tony states that, while he won't swear to it in court, in his opinion Helena was poisoned. He and Dara leave. Nikolas says that poisoning is a classic Cassadine maneuver, and Laura tells him that he has the chance, as prince, to change all that.

Mac is also at the hospital, talking to Maxie on the phone. Maxie wants some Christmas cookie cutters that were forgotten at home, and Mac promised that he'll send them and that Felicia will call her very soon.

Luke and Roy are at the office of billionaire Leon Goodson. Luke, with an extremely phony Swiss accent, is showing Goodson Faison's diamonds, and while he spins a tale about how he acquired them and how certainly he has the papers for them, Roy plants a bug under the phone. When Luke and Roy leave, ostensibly to retrieve the rest of the diamonds, they overhear Goodson call Faison and report that they have tried to sell him Faison's diamonds. Luke hears the waltz playing and hears Felicia's voice in the background, but Roy steadies him by reminding him that the important thing is that Faison took the bait. Later, Luke and Roy return to Goodson's office and show him the rest of the diamonds, in with which they have hidden a tracking device. Goodson leaves to "get the cash" and Luke and Roy position themselves behind the doors. Faison enters with gun drawn, but Roy comes up behind him and takes it away from him. Luke takes the gun and demands to know where Felicia is, but Faison only smiles and gives him videotape. Luke makes Faison play the tape, which shows Felicia in the big white bed. Faison comments that she loves to waltz, and Luke goes for his throat, but Faison informs Luke that his staff will kill her if he's not back in two hours. Luke releases Faison, who gathers his diamonds and leaves, telling Luke he can keep the tape. After he has gone, Roy remarks that "we should have killed him when we had the chance." Luke takes the tape and goes to the surveillance van to check for a signal.

Back in the hideaway, Felicia clutches the photo of her girls and cries, then, wrapping a cloth around the picture, breaks the glass. She takes the biggest shard, wraps part of it in a tissue and holds it like a knife.

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Friday, December 10, 1999

by Jodi White

Felicia is in her prison staring at her makeshift knife when Faison arrives. She quickly hides the piece of glass behind her back and greets Faison warmly. She tells him that she hasn't been able to get their dance out of her head. She asks him to dance with her and Faison readily agrees. She begins to dance with him, holding the knife behind his back. She brings the knife up to his neck and thanks him for the dance, but says that she has to be leaving now. Faison replies that she isn't going anywhere. Felicia says that she is leaving today. She pretends to wipe the glass clean as her little fantasy ends.

Mac meets Bobbie at the hospital. She is concerned about Felicia and wants to know if Mac has heard anything. Mac wonders why Bobbie is so concerned and demands to know what Luke has told her.

Luke and Roy are attempting to follow Faison using the tracking device. They talk together about how easily Faison took the bait. As Luke watches the screen of the tracking device he says, "c'mon Faison, lead us to Felicia."

Chloe arrives at Jax's for a surprise visit. Jax is delighted to see her, but tells her that he has something he has to do right now. Chloe understands and leaves saying that she will see him later. Just as Chloe leaves, Jax receives a phone call. It is not good news and he angrily tells the person on the other end of the line that he will find someone else to help him.

Carly rushes off after pulling the fire alarm in the building that houses Liz's art studio. Jason opens the door to peek out and sees nothing. He goes back inside and pulls the shade on the door. Carly is watching around the corner to see what he does. She looks disappointed when Jason does not come out again.

Sonny happens along just as Taggert is giving Hannah a comforting hug.

Taggert asks Sonny if there is a problem. Sonny tells him not any more and walks away. Hannah starts to follow him, but Taggert tells her that it probably isn't a good idea. It will only make things worse. Hannah reluctantly agrees and decides not to go after Sonny. Taggert's pager goes off and he has to go. Hannah walks away, going the opposite direction of Sonny.

At Liz's art studio, the fire department has arrived and is making everyone leave the building. Carly tries to find out if Jason has left, but the fireman makes her leave. He then breaks down the door of Liz's studio with an axe and makes Jason leave as well.

Chloe arrives at the Port Charles Grill to meet Alexis and Ned for dinner. She is concerned about Jax, but agrees with Ned and Alexis that the more urgent problem is Aunt Gertrude. They decide that they need to proceed with caution. Gertrude can't know that they are planning to set her up. On cue, Edward and Gertrude arrive at the restaurant. They exchange small talk with Ned, Alexis and Chloe and then continue on to their own table. AJ and Alan arrive shortly thereafter (busy day at the Grille!) and Gertrude notices Alan right away. She stands up and waves her napkin to get his attention. Ned, Alexis and Chloe look on with interest as Gertrude practically throws herself at Alan.

Gertrude invites Alan and AJ to join them, but Edward nixes that plan saying that he and Gertrude have business to discuss. Gertrude is insistent, however, and Alan and AJ finally agree.

Chloe points out that Alan is already married. Ned says that that may not be a problem.

Jax's business meeting is not going as well as he had hoped. The man he is meeting with tells him that he can't help him because it is too risky. Jax thanks him and shows him to the door. Once the man is gone, Jax picks up the phone and makes a call. He asks the person on the other end of the line to please come to his house as soon as possible. It's urgent.

Bobbie assures Mac that Luke would never do anything to hurt Felicia. She thinks it would be better if he and Luke tried to work together. Mac reminds Bobbie of all of Luke and Felicia's recent exploits. He vows to find Felicia and take care of Faison for good.

Faison arrives at Felicia's prison for real this time. Felicia tries to coax him into a dance, but he is a little preoccupied with his diamonds. He is looking at each one carefully and ignoring everything Felicia is saying. Before Felicia has a chance to threaten Faison with the knife, he discovers the tracking device. He rushes out of the room leaving Felicia in tears. Meanwhile, Luke and Roy notice that the tracking device is on the move again and frantically rush to keep up. As Luke and Roy try to keep up, Felicia tearfully hopes to herself that Luke will be ok and begs him to find her.

Jason gingerly makes his way down to the docks and tries to sit inconspicuously on a bench. Carly finds him and asks if he is ok. She pretends that she knows nothing about the fire alarm and offers to help. She says that she wants to take care of him. Jason accuses her of pulling the alarm and she can't deny it. He angrily asks what it is going to take to make her quit. He asks her what he is going to have to do.

Carly tells Jason that she can't quit and she won't, ever. She says that she loves him and deep down she knows that he still needs her. She messes up and she is a lot of trouble. She knows that she is a selfish person, but she knows that his life is better because she is in it. She apologizes for making such a mess of things with the fire alarm. She just wanted him to run out and then she could take care of him. She didn't know this was going to happen. Jason says that he doesn't care what she wants to happen. Carly tries to convince Jason to let her take him to Bobbies. She can't just leave him out here. Liz walks up as Jason and Carly are talking. She stays back while Jason tells Carly that it is her fault that he is outside in the first place. He asks her if she realizes what she has done. He could be in danger because of her. His woudn could start bleeding again and then he would have to go to the hospital. The cops could be waiting for him and all because she won't leave him alone. Carly says that she can get him out of here. Jason replies that he would rather be any place than with her. Carly tells Jason that she only wanted to keep him safe. Jason tells Carly that he doesn't care what she wants. He asks if she can get that. He isn't going anywhere with her. He tells her to stay the hell away from him. Carly finally gives in and leaves. Liz rushes up as Jason tries to stand up. She puts her arm around him to help him walk just as the fire department tells everyone that they can go back into the building. Jason drapes his arm over Liz's shoulder for support just as Nikolas walks. Nikolas does not look happy as he watches Liz and Jason walking away with their arms around each other.

At the Port Charles Grill, Alan is touting AJ's praises as ELQ's CEO to Gertrude. Gertrude comments that they are such a wonderful family. And Monica and Alan make such a lovely couple. A happy marriage is so nice to see.

Ned, Alexis and Chloe agree that they can't break up Monica and Alan just to find Gertrude a husband. They decide that they need someone who will be in on the plan with them. They can't think of anyone, but they know that Gertrude's husband is out there. They just have to find him.

Jerry arrives at the Grill to meet Bobbie. He is glad that Bobbie wanted to see him. Bobbie tells Jerry that she will always care about him. That is why this is so difficult.

Mac tells Taggert that he is putting him back on the Faison case. Taggert says that he has been tracking Faison on his own, but if Faison took Felicia, he didn't leave a trace. Mac's cell phone starts to ring and he agrees to accept a call from the NYPD. He is pleased to hear that a metro cop in Manhattan thinks he may have spotted Faison. He tells them to pick Faison up if they can.

Sonny arrives at Jax's penthouse. Jax thanks him for coming. Sonny says that this had better be good. Jax opens a suitcase to display a large amount of cash. He tells Sonny that he needs his expertise and he is willing to pay for it.

Bobbie tells Jerry that she loves him and that she has been thinking a lot. She reminds him of the day when he asked her not to wait for him. Jerry points out that he was sitting in a jail cell at the time. Bobbie tells him that he was right. Jerry says that he can't stop thinking about Paris with her. He describes a very romantic scenario which Bobbie thinks sounds wonderful. He says that he could have had all of those things and her for the rest of his life, but he let it all go for no reason. He tells Bobbie that she was the high point. With her was the first time he felt loved. Not for being fun or rich, but just for being the guy that Bobbie is in love with. That was all he had to be and he couldn't do it. He wishes he could. Bobbie says that she wishes that too. Jerry says that he may not be much, but he is better because of her. Bobbie says that she wishes they could have gone after their dreams together. She wishes that they could have built a life together. Jerry tells her that she can still do those things without him. Bobbie hands Jerry her engagement ring and kisses him goodbye.

At Jax's, Sonny says that Jax must want something real bad. Jax explains to Sonny that he wants to get Jerry out of the country. He will pay Sonny any amount of money to make it happen.

Taggert asks Mac if he is really planning on manufacturing evidence against Faison. Mac says that he will do whatever it takes. Taggert tells Mac that he is giving Faison all the power. He is allowing Faison to make him do things he wouldn't normally do. Taggert reminds Mac that he has always told everyone to go by the book. Mac says that he tried to go by the book and it didn't work. Now his children are in hiding and his wife is missing. He wants justice.

Luke and Roy have arrived at the point where the tracking signal stopped. They get out of the car and cautiously look around. All they can find is a homeless person asleep in the snow. They search his pockets and find nothing and then finally discover the tracking device in his bottle of whiskey. They are very frustrated when they realize that Faison has once again gotten the best of them.

Hannah is standing on the docks when Carly arrives. Carly taunts her about Sonny, but Hannah doesn't react. Then Carly tells Hannah that she wasn't even out the door before Sonny moved on to something better. Suddenly, Hannah is interested. She demands to know what Carly means.

Sonny asks Jax what he would ever need from him. Jax tells Sonny that they are alike in some ways. He may not need him now, but he may need him someday. He never imagined that he would need Sonny, but things happen. Sonny asks Jax if he has any idea what it means to owe him. Jax assures Sonny that he will pay him back when the time comes.

Jason is slumped over on the couch in Liz's art studio. As gently as she can, Liz sits him up so that she can check his wound. She carefully removes the bandage so that she can assess the damage and change the dressing. (Oh my, a very nice, albeit gratuitous, view of Jason's chest, for those who are interested!) As she leans over him to examine the wound, Nikolas who has followed them to her studio, pushes open the door a little to see what is going on. Having completely misinterpreted the situation, Nikolas angrily pushes open the door and yells at Jason to get the hell away from Liz.

Luke and Roy discuss what went wrong. They are sure that Faison didn't know about the tracking device at first. They deduce that Faison must have discovered the device and that Felicia must be near where they stopped the first time. She could be near where they stopped the first time, or they could be gone. Luke says that they have to find her.

Faison comes back to Felicia to inform her that Luke has been taken care of. Now they can dance in peace forever. As she starts to cry, Faison asks her to dance with him. He is sure that that will make her feel better. Felicia agrees and starts to dance, holding the piece of glass behind Faison's neck just like in her fantasy. She pulls the glass up to Faison's throat and thanks him for the dance. Unfortunately, she really must be leaving now.

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