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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 13, 1999 on GH
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Monday, December 13, 1999

by Nora

Roy and Luke enter Luke's club to plot their plan for finding Felicia. Roy is hesitant to break into buildings and encourages Luke to cooperate with the police, but Luke claims that the police slow him down. Luke then tells Roy the plans for finding Ms. Scorpio and they agree to meet in three hours to discuss their progress.

On the docks, Carly tells Hannah that Sonny was sleeping with other women while they were having an affair. She also informs Agent Scott that Sonny took no enjoy in their relationship and insinuates that he was with her the night of the last snowstorm. Hannah refutes Carly's accusations and becomes so provoked that she lunges at Carly. As the two fight, Taggert appears and stops things before they go too far. Taggert breaks them up and orders Carly to leave. Carly does depart, but not before telling Hannah that Taggert is only interested in putting Sonny behind bars, not in being her friend. After Carly is gone, Hannah questions the lieutenant about Sonny, asking if he is using her to get to Corinthos. Taggert assures her that he is not and insists that he is truly interested in pursuing a friendship with her. When the police officer maintains that Sonny isn't worth her agonizing, Hannah avows that he could never know what Sonny is worth to her and stalks off.

At Jax's penthouse, Sonny tells Jax that he will help him, but reminds Jax that he is participating in a life of crime. The two disagree about many things, including Sonny's treatment of Brenda, but they eventually reach an agreement. Sonny will make Jerry disappear if Jax agrees to be in his debt and owe him a favor, which Jax does. Sonny and Jax decide to work together in Brenda's honor, although Jax is reluctant to believe that Sonny's behavior would please Brenda.

In the art studio, Nikolas confronts Liz and Jason. When Liz won't answer his questions, Nikolas attacks Jason, pushing him into a wall. Liz becomes very angry and demands to know what Nikolas' motivations are. Nikolas responds unkindly, rubbing Lucky's death in her face and accusing Liz of moving on too quickly. In an effort to get Nikolas to leave, Liz tells him that she is sleeping with Jason and throws the young Cassadine out, claiming that she and Jason were about to make love when he entered the studio. After Nikolas has left, Liz is worried about Jason's health because Nikolas' anger resulted in a reopening of Jason's wound. As she bandages her friend, Jason confesses that he feels bad for intruding on her life and offers to call Sonny and have him bring help. Liz contends that Jason does not truly desire to leave the studio and he reluctantly agrees. The two then share a few laughs and talk about the things that they have in common. Jason reveals that he watches Liz paint when she thinks that he is sleeping and tells her that she talks and sings to herself, which causes Liz to laugh.

At General Hospital, Tony runs into Bobbie and they are discussing Lucas when Carly interrupts. Bobbie can tell that Carly is distressed about something, but Carly quickly changes the subject, asking about Jerry. Bobbie tells her daughter that she broke off her engagement with Jerry, but admits that she is unsure if she made the right decision. Carly is confident that Bobbie did the right thing, but becomes emotional when discussing how sometimes people must do things that hurt others. Bobbie again asks Carly if she is doing okay and Carly reveals that she hurt Jason in a way that he might never be able to forgive. Despite Carly's declaration that Jason does not love her anymore, Bobbie tells her daughter that Jason will always love her and that he will eventually forgive her.

Somewhere, Luke bribes a man to provide a bit of information about Faison's spending habits. He manages to locate the boutique where Faison purchased Felicia's elegant wardrobe.

Jerry arrives at Jax's penthouse and his brother informs him of the plan. Jax tells Jerry that he has been working with Sonny and that he has constructed an arrangement that will permit Jerry to disappear permanently. Jax professes his love for his brother and explains that this is in his brother's best interest, because he knows that Jerry would never be satisfied with life in a jail cell. Jax departs, giving Jerry a chance to compose his thoughts.

At the hospital, Nikolas goes to visit his mother. Laura is concerned that the anniversary of Stavros' death might be difficult for Nikolas, which is obviously is. Nikolas inquires about Stavros' behaviors, asking he if resembles his father in any manner. Laura assures him that he does not and reminds her son that he has the ability to change the Cassadine legacy, that he can turn the family into a loving and caring body.

In the secret hideaway, Felicia threatens to slit Faison's throat with the piece of glass if he will not release her. Faison taunts her and urges her to kill him, but Felicia cannot follow through. Instead, she kicks him and tries to run out of the room, but Faison catches her and locks her up again. He tells his captive that she will stay with him as long as he likes.

Bobbie arrives at Jax's penthouse after receiving a phone call from Jerry. Jerry again asks his ex-fiancée if she loves him, and although Bobbie admits that she does, she still refuses to marry him. Jerry pleads with Bobbie to run away with him and begin a new life, but Bobbie turns him down, insisting that her life will always be in Port Charles.

Back at his club, Luke shows Roy a videotape that he found at the boutique. The tape was obviously left by Faison and shows Felicia in the hideaway. Luke deduces that Faison meant for him to find the video and argues that Faison has set up an intricate procedure that Luke must follow if he ever wishes to find Felicia.

On the docks, Sonny runs into Carly. Sonny insists that Jason will never forgive either one of them, but Carly refuses to believe him. She claims that she wants to restore her relationship with Jason, but tells Sonny that he does not want to do so and that is the difference between the two of them.

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Tuesday, December 14, 1999

by Katrina

Roy and Luke discussed how they could possibly use the info of where the nightgown was purchased to find Felicia. Luke hoped that if he could access the computer in the store, he might be able to find a billing address or at least some kind of information. He admitted that it was a long shot, but was better than no shot at all. Luke went into the store and pretended that he wanted to purchase the same gown and asked that the clerk wrap it as a gift. While she was in the back, he looked at the computer screen and hastily jotted down some information.

Meanwhile, Faison came in to bring Felicia her breakfast and she was still restrained in her muffy-cuffies and had a pretty bad attitude. He told her that she was not being restrained to prevent escape, but as a punishment for her bad behavior and to make her appreciate her freedom. He fed her a few bites of whatever food he brought her and then showed her the beautiful array of gowns he had purchased for her to wear. He selected one and gave it to her to put on after removing her cuffs. He turned to leave and she asked what they would do next. He said that was entirely up to her and left. She threw the dress at the door.

Tony saw Monica at the hospital and welcomed her back from her conference in London. After they exchanged pleasantries, Tony remarked that it would be good for her to be out from under all the administrative duties of acting as Chief of Staff since Alan was coming back. She was surprised to hear this and asked Tony to tell her when Alan had filed the papers to return since he had not mentioned it to her and they had talked about twice a day while she was gone. Tony told her it had been about two weeks and cautioned her not to go to hard on Alan, that he had probably intended to tell her in person. It is also worth noting that Monica has died her hair the whitest of platinum blonde while she was gone.

Hannah ran into Taggert at the Police Department and told him that the FBI had summoned her there. She voiced concern at being asked to be at the PCPD rather than the FBI headquarters and feared that meant she might be arrested for obstruction of justice. Taggert tried to reassure her. Mac, Larkin and the FBI boss came in and told Hannah that she was being reinstated as an agent and assigned the job of liaison between the FBI and the PCPD in an effort to thwart the rise in organized crime activity in Port Charles. She was told that Agent Larkin would be assisting her and that she was to work under Mac. Larkin had a fit and said that it was a bad move and that her attachment to Sonny put her at risk of being an informant to him. The boss jumped into him and told him that the decision had been made and that was that. Hannah was, however, informed that contact of any kind with Sonny would identify her as a risk and that she would immediately be brought up on charges of obstructing justice. Hannah accepted the position.

Later, she lamented to Taggert that she had taken a job that she knew was destined to fail because it required that she have no contact with Sonny. Like it or not, she was still in love with him. Taggert offered that he would take care of Sonny if Hannah wanted to watch and report back on Moreno. She agreed that it was a good idea. He told her that this was her chance to prove herself as he saw Sonny approaching. She looked at Sonny and walked past him. Sonny ignored him. Taggert hailed Sonny and told him that Hannah would be staying in town and about her new job. He heckled Sonny about organized crime for a while and Sonny let Taggert know under no uncertain terms that whatever Hannah did was of no concern to him.

Jax met Sonny on the docks and Sonny told him that Jerry's departure was all arranged. He and Jax haggled about the details: Jax wanted them and Sonny didn't want to give them. They discussed which of them was taking the greatest risk. After Jax was skeptical about Sonny's means for about the fifth time, Sonny reminded him who had come to whom for help. Jax told him he'd have Jerry on the docks to leave in two hours.

Alan looked over some paperwork for the hospital muttering, "What was Monica thinking?" just as Edward and Gertrude walked into the living room. Edward proceed to excuse them to another room, but Gertrude insisted on inviting Alan to join them and then flirted with him like she has been. They discussed Chloe and Ned's 'phony' marriage and Alan told them he thought their campaign to disprove the marriage was an effort in futility. Edward took a phone call in the other room just as Monica came in and confronted Alan about his bid to return as Chief of Staff and not telling her about it. Gertrude interceded and Monica told her off and threw her out. Alan admonished her and told her she was being rude. They bantered about the Chief of Staff issue and about Alan turning to clay whenever any woman spoke to him. AJ came into the living room just then, as did Edward, complaining that AJ had screwed up a deal resulting in the biggest loss ELQ had experienced all year. He fussed about how Ned would have handled the situation better and said he couldn't wait until the marriage was proved to be a sham, L&B records collapsed and Ned was forced to come back as CEO. Alan and Monica forbid him from ousting AJ as CEO after all his hard work. Edward stormed out and AJ told his parents that he wasn't worried about Edward's rantings, that it was in his job description to listen to him. Alan and Monica congratulated him on his attitude and he left. Alan commented that Monica had actually agreed with him regarding AJ and they ended up in a passionate kiss.

Stefan and Alexis waited in Mac's office after he and Dara summoned Alexis, Stefan and Laura to appear. Mac entered and was called out immediately on urgent business. Dara and shortly after, Helena entered and Dara explained to them that the blood tests she had subpoenaed had been inconclusive and that due to lack of evidence, the case against Stefan and Laura was being closed. Helena expressed her anger at not finding justice and said it distressed her that when she came to the DA for help, they were turning their back on her. Dara assured her that they were giving her plenty of attention and felt that they had enough evidence to get a conviction against her for the murder of Katherine Bell. Helena left and Stefan questioned the strength of her case against Helena. She told him that Mac seemed to feel there was sufficient evidence, but that nothing was ever a sure thing. She said that she knew, for example, that he had poisoned Helena, but didn't have enough evidence to prove it. She told Laura and Stefan that they would need to be available to testify at the trial and left. Laura asked Stefan if that was it, if they were free to go (evidently she hadn't been paying attention). She told Stefan that she loved him, but that there were things about him that scared her and she wasn't sure what to do about it.

At the hospital, Tony congratulated Lucas on keeping his blood sugars down. Lucas asked Bobbie if he could have a video game he'd been wanting. Lucas yelled, "Jerry!" and ran to Jerry and jumped in his arms. Jerry explained to him that he was going to have to go away and said that he had come to say good-bye. Lucas begged him not to go, but Jerry said he had to and told them both good-bye. He told Bobbie the pier he was leaving from and kissed them good-bye. A few minutes later, Audrey asked Bobbie if she wanted her to relieve her and Bobbie said there was somewhere she needed to be and hurriedly left.

Jerry stood on the docks with Jax preparing to leave and hoping that Bobbie would show up. He and Jax said a tearful good-bye and Jerry got in the speedboat and left. Alexis came up as Jerry was leaving and gave Jax a hug. She said that she had a feeling that something had just happened that she shouldn't know about and they left together.

Hannah met Sonny on the dock they walked past one another without acknowledgement. Bobbie hurried up and asked Hannah how long she had been there and if she'd see anyone leave. Hannah said that she thought she had heard a speedboat take off, said good-bye and left. Bobbie sat down on a bench, looking sad. Roy walked past and asked her what she was doing. She said she was watching a boat leave and he asked which one. She told him it was so far away that it was just a little speck. He said he'd leave her to it then and left. Bobbie started to cry.

Luke stormed into the room where Felicia had been held. It was empty, but still white and fluffy. The dresses and gowns were still in the closet and the furry restraints were in place. He called for her and began to search the room. As he was checking the mattress for clues, Mac yelled "Freeze" and pulled a gun on him. He demanded to know all that Luke knew about Faison and Felicia and Luke tried to tell him he didn't know anything. Mac called in a SWAT team to search all the buildings in the area. He then ordered Taggert to arrest Luke for tampering with a crime scene, which he does.

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Wednesday, December 15, 1999

by Karen Albeck

It's Christmas at the Quartermaine residence, and everyone is arguing about everything, including the decorations. Later, as Carly decorates the tree, she tells Michael how she had thought they'd be celebrating the holiday with Jason this year, but she's still confident that if they're not with him this year, they certainly will be next year, or maybe the year after that. Edward enters - he approves of how Carly is decorating the tree and takes a moment to chat with Michael before calling Leticia to take him away. Edward encourages Carly to go to a business lunch with AJ, but Carly isn't having any of it. Edward persists in talking up AJ, trying to persuade Carly that AJ and ELQ both need her. Edward then leaves Carly to her tree decorating. AJ enters, reminding Carly of the business lunch and insisting that she attend with him, but she won't go. She wants to talk about the divorce, and they proceed to bicker. Carly decides that she'll put a good face on it in front of the family, she'll decorate the tree, but she won't help out with ELQ business, and AJ retaliates by telling her that she may only see Michael in the Quartermaine house. He threatens that if she takes Michael off the property she'll regret it. Later, Lila is with Carly and Michael as Carly puts the finishing touches on the tree, and suggests pointedly that "sometimes it's a good idea to know when to stop." Carly finds the gold ID tag that she had given Jason, and Lila explains that Jason gave it to her to remember him. Carly puts it on the tree as Monica and Alan enter, exclaiming over the beautiful job Carly has done on the Christmas tree.

Roy is at Luke's club, trying to sort out the business financial records, when Bobbie enters. They exchange quips about writing cigars off as office expenses, but Bobbie really came to find out about Luke. Roy shuffles a bit but finally admits that Luke is in jail. Bobbie puts the pieces together about how Luke wound up there - by refusing to cooperate with Mac - and Roy reluctantly confirms her supposition. Bobbie scolds Roy, insisting that if Luke, Roy and Mac would just work together they might have Felicia back by now. Finally, Bobbie volunteers to take care of Luke's bail, and, leaving, asks rhetorically "Why does every man I care about end up in jail?"

At the jail, Taggert and Mac watch as Luke sleeps. Taggert leaves to call Interpol, and Mac gives the cot a kick, waking Luke. Luke immediately asks if Mac has found Felicia, but Mac replies that he thinks Felicia is just a pawn in Luke's plan to get to Faison. Mac starts to get rough with Luke, demanding to know where Felicia is, but Luke appears now to be more interested in coffee. Mac settles down a little, asking Luke again where Faison and Felicia are, but Luke replies that with a 24-hour lead, they could be anywhere. Luke wants Mac to let him out so he can continue to search for Felicia, and Mac begins to consider it, but when Luke insists that while he's willing to give Mac information, he works strictly alone, Mac decides against the plan. Luke tells Mac that when Faison was stalking Felicia, she didn't tell Mac because she was protecting him: "is this what it's going to get her?." Mac and Luke exchange long looks, and Mac releases him.

At Luke's club, Roy is still there doing the books when Luke enters. He asks if Roy has had any calls from Felicia, but there have been none. Luke points out that "thanks to the cops, Faison has got Felicia, the diamonds, and a 24-hour lead. He could be anywhere." Later, Luke decides that Faison is probably in Switzerland, and feels that if he goes there he can gain access to Faison's bank account information. Roy is ready to go along, but Luke insists that he stay in Port Charles and keep an eye on things there.

Juan, Emily and Ned are at the new headquarters for L&B Records. Ned sends Juan and Emily out for cleaning supplies while Chloe conducts business over the phone. After her call, she is enthusiastic about the merger of Chloe Morgan Designs with L&B. Enter Alexis, and she and Ned kiss while Chloe, once again on the phone, argues about buttons. Alexis explains that she is worried about Jax, and Chloe hurriedly signs the lease and rushes off to comfort him, leaving Ned and Alexis to resume kissing. Later, Juan and Emily are alone at L&B HQ. Juan has big plans for how he'll one day be the one running L&B Records, and then he and Emily indulge in horseplay with cleaning supplies.

At Jax's, Bobbie arrives and reports that Jerry called her. She wants to know if Jax got a chance to say goodbye to his brother, and tells him that Jerry asked her and Lucas to accompany him. Jax thinks that Jerry was better for the time he had with Bobbie, and assures her that she's still part of the Jacks family. She begins to cry, and Jax looks like he's fighting tears, too. Later, after Bobbie has gone, Chloe arrives bearing muffins and coffee. Chloe thinks Jerry took Jax's money and ran, but despite Jax casual reply that "we'll just make some more", she feels so sorry that he has to go through all this. Jax explains how Jerry took care of him when he was a boy, tells her about some of their youthful escapades, and how he always missed Jerry until recently in Port Charles when he got to see him every day. It's hard for him to believe Jerry's really gone again.

At the brownstone, Bobbie is lugging a big box of Jerry's belongings out when Roy arrives. He wants to tell her that Luke is out of jail, and she immediately guesses that Luke is once again off after Felicia. She explains that she is trying to get all of Jerry's gear out of the house before Lucas comes home, and tells Roy that Jerry jumped bail but cautions him not to repeat the "rumor." Bobbie expresses her frustration and upset at not having Felicia around, but thanks Roy for telling her about Luke. Roy promises to call her if he hears anything else. As Roy is leaving, Bobbie tells him the story of how she and Jerry met, and they are both amused and friendly toward one another. Close together and serious once more, Roy is concerned about whether she will be all right alone, and briefly considers skipping work, but she assures him she will be fine and he leaves.

Felicia is in her new cell, demanding to be let out. She can be seen in the door's window, but cannot be heard from the outside. Faison enters and apologizes for the conditions. Felicia correctly guesses that Luke got close to finding her, and Faison confirms that that was what necessitated their move, but then tells her that Luke has been locked up by Mac: "the logic of the small town policeman always escapes me." He has brought her an apple, but she refuses it, and after telling her that she must begin to appreciate what she has, he turns to go. He pauses at the door and asks her not to pound at the window - it brings back terrible memories (alluding to the woman who died in the research facility). Faison leaves, and Felicia lies on the floor in the fetal position, sobbing.

At the club, Luke is getting ready to leave for Switzerland, checking possible passport identities for himself and Felicia. The phone rings, and it is Faison, explaining how Luke just missed Felicia; "What is that mundane turn of phrase...something about two ships?" Luke is angry, but Faison just wants to toy with him. At the hideout, Felicia remembers Faison's story about the first woman he loved, whom he killed at the research facility. She looks up to see his face in the door window, and concludes that he will kill her, too.

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Thursday, December 16, 1999

by Karen Albeck

Felicia and Faison are in Felicia's cell, and she is telling him that she fully expects to die there, but takes some comfort in the fact that he will die also. He is unconcerned, and proceeds to explain that all this would have been unnecessary had she simply realized from the outset that he was the only man able to make her happy. He assures her that "her hero" will come to rescue her shortly, but who will it be? Luke or Mac? he teases.

At the club, Luke is putting bullets in a gun as Roy watches. Roy wants to accompany Luke on his mission to save Felicia, but Luke explains again that Faison explicitly told him to come alone or he would kill her. Mac enters as Luke says this, and Roy mumbles something about the gun being his, but Mac says he isn't there to check gun permits. Roy exits, and Mac explains that he knows Faison has been in touch with Luke. Mac is planning to go with Luke, but Luke asks if Mac is trying to get Felicia killed - Faison is insane and may do anything. Mac is insisting that he knows the risks as the phone rings - it's Faison, whistling again. He taunts Luke a little, then tells him where to meet him. Later, as Luke goes to the assigned spot, he sees a shabby man huddled in the snow. Just then the phone rings again, and it's Faison demanding to know about the bum - is it Mac in disguise? Luke says that it is not, and gives the man money, removing his hat as he does so, so that Faison's camera can see that it is not Mac. As Luke goes back to the phone, we see Mac hiding around the corner.

Stefan encounters Helena walking outside, and turns down her demand for help at her trial. Helena insists that she could be an asset to Stefan, and asks him once again to testify on her behalf, explaining that the charges against her would then be dropped. Stefan replies that "that will happen immediately after the streets are pave in gold", and advises her to look for him on the witness stand. After he leaves, Helena considers aloud that one hint that Lucky is still alive and Laura would be lost to Stefan forever.

Jason is still at Liz's studio, and Carly is watching from outside the door as he rises and moves around in obvious pain. She leaves.

At Kelly's Diner, Laura comes in with a box of Lucky's things for Bobbie to give to Lucas. She explains that she is ready to rent out Lucky's room, and after chatting for a minute, she leaves. Taggert comes in to ask Bobbie if she still has the two-bedroom apartment available at the brownstone. She does, but she's reluctant to rent to Taggert, considering her friends, relatives and associates. Taggert pushes, explaining that he feels she'd be a good influence on Juan, and she relents, agreeing to a two-month trial lease. Roy and Bobbie make small talk about Lucas, then he goes off also as Carly enters. Carly tells Bobbie, very quietly, that Jason has been shot, and she is not happy to discover that not only does Bobbie already know this, but also she saw Jason and didn't see fit to tell Carly about it. Carly gets to the point, though - Jason seems to be in bad shape, and she wants Bobbie to come look at him.

Laura is outside the diner when she gets a cell phone call from Stefan. He feels that Nikolas is troubled, and wants to know if she knows anything about it, but while she, too, has noticed, she doesn't know any details. He tells her he still loves her and Nikolas, and explains that he is planning to invite Nikolas to dinner that evening. She misses him, too, and they hang up a little wistfully. Laura goes back into the diner to retrieve her forgotten gloves, and sees Roy, who asks if she got his letter about the room. She's a little confused, but they sort it out - he's interested in renting a room, and she has one to let since the big house is too much for just herself and her daughter. He's worried that she won't be comfortable with an ex-con as a tenant, but she's more concerned that he is friends with Luke. They set each other's minds to rest about these concerns, and decide to look at the room with no hard feelings whatever the decision.

Outside the diner, Taggert meets Juan and they discuss the proposed living arrangement. Taggert says that Juan must move in with him or go back to Puerto Rico, although Juan is unhappy with the "24 hour police surveillance." Taggert explains that Juan is looking at the thing the wrong way and that it would be to Juan's benefit to please Alan in this move. Emily arrives, and Taggert asks if she is there to help Juan pack. Taggert leaves, and when Emily questions the move, Juan passes it off as his idea as a way to placate Alan.

As Liz is leaving the diner, Sonny is waiting. He asks her about Jason, but she tells him that Jason just wants to be left alone. Sonny persists - does Jason need medicine? A doctor? Is he in pain? Liz explains that Jason is in pain, but not just physical pain - something seems to have happened that is causing him emotional distress. Sonny acknowledges this, but refuses to explain what happened. He offers her money to help cover Jason's expenses, but she turns him down and leaves. Mike arrives, and tells Sonny that he is worried about Jason. Sonny blows him off, and as Mike leaves he reminds him that Jason was the one watching his back, and warns him to be careful. Down the street, Sorel cautions another man that "it must look like and accident" and the man assures Sorel that it will.

Roy and Larkin meet up on the street. Larkin demands an update on the case against Sonny, but Roy won't even talk to him, telling him that he won't allow Larkin to blow the case for him the way he did for Hannah, and warning Larkin to stay away from him.

At Liz's house, Nikolas arrives and explains that while he doesn't want to fight, he must warn her about her involvement with Jason. Audrey overhears him say that Liz is "sleeping with a man who is using you." As Liz is telling Nikolas that he has gone too far, Audrey enters and asks him to sit down, but he politely refuses and leaves. Audrey proceeds to question Liz about what she overheard, but Liz insists that she is mistaken; Audrey is not to worry, she is just painting.

Outside on the docks, Nikolas is considering his conversation with Liz when Stefan appears. They briefly discuss Helena and the trial, the dinner invitation, and how difficult it can be to protect some people. Stefan relates the issue to trying to protect Nikolas, but Nikolas explains that he was referring to Liz. Stefan questions whether she really needs protecting, and Nikolas responds by going on about what a wonderful person she is. Stefan counsels him to be patient.

Carly and Bobbie arrive at the studio, but when they knock, Jason just tells Carly to go away. She points out that she has brought Bobbie, and Jason reluctantly lets them in. Bobbie inspects the wound and changes the dressing, pronouncing it a little better, but instructs Jason to call her if it opens up again. Bobbie leaves, and Jason wants Carly to go, too, but she refuses. He insists, explaining that it hurts him to think of her with Sonny, but still she refuses to go; she wants to help him, to explain, to apologize. They go back and forth a couple times, and as Carly is insisting that Jason cares about her and she must be with him, Liz enters and demands to know what Carly is doing there after she told her to stay away.

Roy, Sonny and a worker are on the loading docks. Sonny is explaining about a shipment when Roy shouts for Sonny to "look out!" and we see a loaded pallet falling towards him.

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Friday, December 17, 1999

by Jodi White

Chloe enters Jax's apartment saying that this thing with Gertrude has got to stop! She tells Ned and Alexis that she nearly tripped over one of Gertrude's spies. The threesome discusses their latest plan to get Gertrude off of their backs. They are all concerned about Jax's reaction to their plan. Jax arrives and the group immediately clams up. Jax asks what they were talking about and they make up a lame excuse about how they were discussing the L&B/Chloe Morgan designs merger.

Mike arrives at Kelly's looking for Jason. Mike explains that he is a little short of cash and was hoping Jason could help out. Tammy tells him that she has no idea where Jason is. And she guess that his cash shortage means that they will be putting off their dinner date a little longer. Mike says that she is a class lady and he just wants to be able to treat her right. Tammy tells him that by the time he has the cash to take her to dinner, she will an old, classy lady.

Hannah walks into the courtyard at Kelly's. She looks in the window and then stops. She looks off in the distance thoughtfully while she remembers a time when she and Sonny made love (must have been a Monday or a Friday, ha ha!). She also remembers when she told Sonny that she loved him and when he told her goodbye and that she was nothing to him or anyone. Taggert arrives, interrupting her thoughts. She says hello and tells Taggert that she really misses living at Kelly's. Tammy won't have anything to do with her since she found out that Hannah was with the FBI. Taggert offers to talk to Tammy for her and rushes in to talk to her before Hannah can stop him.

At the coffee warehouse, Roy pushes Sonny out of the way just in time to save him from being crushed by a falling pallet of coffee beans. The foreman makes sure that everyone is ok and then demands to know what happens. Roy looks around and walks over to Sonny. He tells him that this was no accident.

Liz arrives at the studio and is not happy to see Carly. She asks Carly what it is going to take to get through to her. This is her studio. Jason is her guest and Carly is not welcome. Carly tells Liz that she is in way over her head. Liz tells Carly to tell that to her husband. Carly ignores that comment and tells Liz that Jason needs help. Liz says that Jason needs rest and quiet. And that means Carly has to go. Now. Carly says that she isn't leaving because Jason doesn't want her to. She turns to Jason and asks him to tell Liz that he doesn't want her to leave.

While Mac watches from his hiding place, Luke is on the phone with Faison. Faison tells Luke that he knows that Mac is with him. He tells Luke to get rid of Mac or the game ends right there and Felicia dies. Luke sets down the receiver of the payphone and goes to talk to Mac. He tells Mac that he needs to be unarmed. Mac says fine, they will just leave his gun there. As Mac turns to walk away, Luke bonks him on the head with the butt of the gun, knocking him unconscious.

Luke goes back to the phone and tells Faison that he is alone. Faison is pleased and tells Luke where the next contact point is. After hanging up the phone, Faison goes into Felicia's cell and informs her that it appears that her partner is coming for her after all. He hopes Luke makes it in time for her sake. Meanwhile, Luke checks on Mac, who is still unconscious, and rushes off to the next checkpoint with apologies to Mac.

Jason stands up and tells Carly that he asked her to go and he meant it. Liz says that that is good enough for her. She tells Carly that she wants her gone because Jason needs his rest and he obviously doesn't want Carly around. Uh oh, Liz has done it now. Carly is NOT happy! She turns to Liz in total cat fight mode ready to defend her man. She angrily tells Liz to stop because she doesn't know squat about anything. She is just a little girl scout. She just wants to put Jason up on a pedestal, worship him for a little while...Jason tells Carly to stop, but both women ignore him. Liz tells Carly that all she is is someone else's wife. Carly tells Liz that she didn't love her little boyfriend very much. If she did, she wouldn't disrespect her like she this. Liz knows that Lucky was her cousin. She obviously didn't care about her own boyfriend and that is why she is trying to steal Jason. (ok, that was a major tactical error on Carly's part if you ask me) Liz tells Carly that she really does live up to her reputation. Jason steps in when Carly lunges for Liz. He tells Carly that she is leaving and demands that she go NOW. Carly finally leaves (this girl can not take a hint!) Once Carly is gone, Jason apologizes to Liz. He tells her that he should be the one to leave.

Chloe, Ned and Alexis tell Jax all about their plan to marry Gertrude off. Jax thinks it's a great idea, but wants to know who the lucky groom is. Ned, Alexis and Chloe explain that they were considering approaching Mike Corbin. They think he could pull off the con. They are all shocked when Jax says that he loves the idea of Sonny's father working for them.

At the warehouse, the crane operator nervously explains to Sonny that the winch froze and that he couldn't do anything. He apologizes profusely, but Sonny tells him it's fine. Sonny thanks Roy for the save and then offers to buy him a cup of coffee (you'd think they'd be sick of coffee wouldn't you?). Sonny tells Roy that he has some explaining to do.

Mike arrives at Jax's with more than a little trepidation. The gang is way too happy to see him so Mike asks them to just get to the point. They explain that they have a job for him and they are willing to pay him $100,000. Mike is understandably skeptical, but they all assure him that he is the perfect man for the job. Mike wonders what they think he is capable of, but he is pretty sure that there is nothing he can do for them that is worth that much money. Jax says that all he has to do is get married.

At Kelly's, Sonny tells Roy that he already knew that the incident at the warehouse was not an accident. He is curious to know how Roy knew and why he didn't warn him before hand. Roy says that he didn't know until a split second before it happened. He goes on to explain that the new shipment wasn't due until tomorrow. It wasn't really necessary to move all that stuff around today. Roy explains that he also noticed that the crane was over loaded and that the pallet was positioned right over Sonny's head. Sonny asks Roy why he didn't just shove him out of the way and leave it at that. Roy says that he thinks that he might be working the wrong end of Sonny's business.

Liz tells Jason to forget it. He is not leaving. Jason tells her that Carly is not going to let up and it isn't fair. She already lied to Nikolas about them sleeping together and he doesn't want her to have to lie anymore. And he definitely doesn't want her to have to take on Carly. Liz insists that Jason stay. She already lied to Nikolas. Why let it be for nothing. And she can handle Carly if she has to. She knows that she can't make him stay, but he is her friend. And if he disappears, all she is going to do is worry about him. Besides, she kind of likes having him around. Liz laughs in relief when Jason suggests getting a padlock for the door. She gets him settled back on the couch and says that she is going to get him something to eat. She asks him to promise that he will be there when she gets back. Jason promises and Liz leaves with instructions for him to rest.

On his cell phone, Faison tells Luke that he made it to the checkpoint with three seconds to spare. He tells Luke where his next checkpoint is and tells him that Felicia will be waiting for him. After he hangs up, he says that he will also be waiting. He puts the phone in his pocket and goes into Felicia's cell. He tells her that this will soon be over, at least for one of them. Felicia tearfully tells Faison that he has won. She tells him that she will do anything as long as he promises not to hurt Luke.

Faison paces silently around the cell pondering what Felicia has offered. Felicia demands to know if they have a deal. Faison asks Felicia if she is willing to give up her kids, her husband and Luke. Felicia says that she said that she would go with him. Faison tells her that it is too late. She had her chance. And what did he get for his heart felt attempts to show her that he loves her? He got attempts to kill him, false promises... This sudden urge to change her mind must have something to do with Luke. He demands that Felicia admit it that she is willing to give up everything for Luke. He then tells her that that is infidelity. And there are still some places in this world where infidelity is punishable by death. Felicia demands to know what Faison wants from her. Faison replies that there is only one thing he wants from her. And he is arriving any minute.

Sonny tells Roy that he would have thought that twenty years in prison would have been enough. Roy says that he is just a guy who doesn't want to be moving coffee bags around for the rest of his whole life. Sonny says that he will think about it. He then gives Roy money. A bonus for saving his life. Roy thanks him and leaves Kelly's. Sonny prepares to follow, but stops when Hannah arrives. He walks past her without saying a word while Hannah watches him go with a sad look on her face.

The mixed marrieds tell Mike the details of their plan. They tell him that they will supply everything. They will provide him with an expense account to cover everything. The $100K is above and beyond any expenses. All he has to do is get Gertrude to marry him. Mike wants to know why it is so important to marry Getrude off. Ned explains that Gertrude is trying to take Chloe's company and a marriage would take her out of the running. Mike asks what Gertrude is like. The foursome is temporarily at a loss for words (at least words that are complimentary!), but manages to come up with determined, lively... Mike says that he gets the picture and thanks, but no thanks. He starts to leave, but Chloe stops him saying that she thinks she knows of a way to convince him.

Chloe tells Mike that she knows that they are asking a lot, but they approached him because they truly believe that he is the right man for the job. They aren't even sure that Gertrude will like him. All they are asking for is one dinner. She tells him that they will pay him $1,000 up front. If he doesn't think it will work out than he walks away $1,000 richer and with no further obligation. Mike agrees and they tell him that they will contact him with the details.

At Kelly's, Taggert tries to play mediator for Hannah and Tammy. He explains to Tammy that Hannah was just doing her job. Tammy says that she never scammed anyone and she certainly never lied to anyone who was decent to her. Taggert asks Tammy to simply judge Hannah for who she is not what her job requires her to do. He asks Tammy if it would kill her to give Hannah a little slack and let her move back into Kelly's. Before Tammy can answer, Taggert's beeper goes off. He leaves telling Tammy and Hannah to work it out. Hannah starts to go, but Tammy stops her. She tells Hannah that someone gave her a break once when she didn't deserve it so maybe now it's time to return the favor. She tells Hannah that she can move back into her room, but not to expect service with a smile.

Sonny arrives at his penthouse to find Carly waiting for him. Sonny agrees to see Carly but tells her to make it quick and make it different. Carly tells Sonny that Jason is in trouble. He was shot and now he is relying on a teenager to take care of him. And it's probably their fault. Sonny tells Carly that Jason knows to ask for help if he needs it. Carly is not pleased with that answer at all! Sonny tells her that he listened to what she had to say. Carly tells him to trying hearing it next time.

At Liz's art studio, Jason is asleep on the couch. He wakes up when Audrey lets herself in and says "Oh my God." (guess that padlock idea really was a good one. This place is like a revolving door.) Jason looks up and sees Audrey. Knowing that this is just more trouble for Liz, he lays his head back on the couch and closes his eyes in resignation.

Ned sends Mike off warning him to trust noone. Once he is gone, the gang celebrates their victory. They all congratulate Chloe for her quick thinking. Ned and Alexis go off to "celebrate" alone. Alone at last, Jax tells Chloe that she was quite impressive. Chloe says that she was highly motivated.

Understandably misinterpreting the situation, especially after accidentally overhearing Nikolas and Liz's earlier discussion, Audrey informs Jason that Liz is barely 18 years old and that she has hardly gotten over Lucky's death. Jason tries to protests saying that Audrey has misunderstood. Liz arrives just as Audrey is telling Jason that she doesn't want him anywhere near her granddaughter. Liz informs her grandmother that she isn't going to let her send Jason away.

Carly tells Sonny that she tried to talk to Jason, but he can't seem to forgive her. Regardless, Jason still needs help. She begs Sonny to give Jason the help he needs. Sonny says that he tried, but Jason doesn't want his help. Jason is his best friend. Jason has never done him wrong. And how does he repay him for everything he has done? He twisted a knife in Jason's gut and heart. He can't go back to Jason knowing how he has hurt him. Carly says that they can't let a little waitress take care of him. Sonny tells Carly that Jason doesn't want them in his life. They have both lost him. Carly says that they may be the only two people who know how each other is feeling.

Luke arrives in Felicia's cell just as Faison had planned. Before Felicia can warn him, Faison has Luke at gun point.

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Friday, December 10, 1999

by Jodi White

Felicia is in her prison staring at her makeshift knife when Faison arrives. She quickly hides the piece of glass behind her back and greets Faison warmly. She tells him that she hasn't been able to get their dance out of her head. She asks him to dance with her and Faison readily agrees. She begins to dance with him, holding the knife behind his back. She brings the knife up to his neck and thanks him for the dance, but says that she has to be leaving now. Faison replies that she isn't going anywhere. Felicia says that she is leaving today. She pretends to wipe the glass clean as her little fantasy ends.

Mac meets Bobbie at the hospital. She is concerned about Felicia and wants to know if Mac has heard anything. Mac wonders why Bobbie is so concerned and demands to know what Luke has told her.

Luke and Roy are attempting to follow Faison using the tracking device. They talk together about how easily Faison took the bait. As Luke watches the screen of the tracking device he says, "c'mon Faison, lead us to Felicia."

Chloe arrives at Jax's for a surprise visit. Jax is delighted to see her, but tells her that he has something he has to do right now. Chloe understands and leaves saying that she will see him later. Just as Chloe leaves, Jax receives a phone call. It is not good news and he angrily tells the person on the other end of the line that he will find someone else to help him.

Carly rushes off after pulling the fire alarm in the building that houses Liz's art studio. Jason opens the door to peek out and sees nothing. He goes back inside and pulls the shade on the door. Carly is watching around the corner to see what he does. She looks disappointed when Jason does not come out again.

Sonny happens along just as Taggert is giving Hannah a comforting hug.

Taggert asks Sonny if there is a problem. Sonny tells him not any more and walks away. Hannah starts to follow him, but Taggert tells her that it probably isn't a good idea. It will only make things worse. Hannah reluctantly agrees and decides not to go after Sonny. Taggert's pager goes off and he has to go. Hannah walks away, going the opposite direction of Sonny.

At Liz's art studio, the fire department has arrived and is making everyone leave the building. Carly tries to find out if Jason has left, but the fireman makes her leave. He then breaks down the door of Liz's studio with an axe and makes Jason leave as well.

Chloe arrives at the Port Charles Grill to meet Alexis and Ned for dinner. She is concerned about Jax, but agrees with Ned and Alexis that the more urgent problem is Aunt Gertrude. They decide that they need to proceed with caution. Gertrude can't know that they are planning to set her up. On cue, Edward and Gertrude arrive at the restaurant. They exchange small talk with Ned, Alexis and Chloe and then continue on to their own table. AJ and Alan arrive shortly thereafter (busy day at the Grille!) and Gertrude notices Alan right away. She stands up and waves her napkin to get his attention. Ned, Alexis and Chloe look on with interest as Gertrude practically throws herself at Alan.

Gertrude invites Alan and AJ to join them, but Edward nixes that plan saying that he and Gertrude have business to discuss. Gertrude is insistent, however, and Alan and AJ finally agree.

Chloe points out that Alan is already married. Ned says that that may not be a problem.

Jax's business meeting is not going as well as he had hoped. The man he is meeting with tells him that he can't help him because it is too risky. Jax thanks him and shows him to the door. Once the man is gone, Jax picks up the phone and makes a call. He asks the person on the other end of the line to please come to his house as soon as possible. It's urgent.

Bobbie assures Mac that Luke would never do anything to hurt Felicia. She thinks it would be better if he and Luke tried to work together. Mac reminds Bobbie of all of Luke and Felicia's recent exploits. He vows to find Felicia and take care of Faison for good.

Faison arrives at Felicia's prison for real this time. Felicia tries to coax him into a dance, but he is a little preoccupied with his diamonds. He is looking at each one carefully and ignoring everything Felicia is saying. Before Felicia has a chance to threaten Faison with the knife, he discovers the tracking device. He rushes out of the room leaving Felicia in tears. Meanwhile, Luke and Roy notice that the tracking device is on the move again and frantically rush to keep up. As Luke and Roy try to keep up, Felicia tearfully hopes to herself that Luke will be ok and begs him to find her.

Jason gingerly makes his way down to the docks and tries to sit inconspicuously on a bench. Carly finds him and asks if he is ok. She pretends that she knows nothing about the fire alarm and offers to help. She says that she wants to take care of him. Jason accuses her of pulling the alarm and she can't deny it. He angrily asks what it is going to take to make her quit. He asks her what he is going to have to do.

Carly tells Jason that she can't quit and she won't, ever. She says that she loves him and deep down she knows that he still needs her. She messes up and she is a lot of trouble. She knows that she is a selfish person, but she knows that his life is better because she is in it. She apologizes for making such a mess of things with the fire alarm. She just wanted him to run out and then she could take care of him. She didn't know this was going to happen. Jason says that he doesn't care what she wants to happen. Carly tries to convince Jason to let her take him to Bobbies. She can't just leave him out here. Liz walks up as Jason and Carly are talking. She stays back while Jason tells Carly that it is her fault that he is outside in the first place. He asks her if she realizes what she has done. He could be in danger because of her. His woudn could start bleeding again and then he would have to go to the hospital. The cops could be waiting for him and all because she won't leave him alone. Carly says that she can get him out of here. Jason replies that he would rather be any place than with her. Carly tells Jason that she only wanted to keep him safe. Jason tells Carly that he doesn't care what she wants. He asks if she can get that. He isn't going anywhere with her. He tells her to stay the hell away from him. Carly finally gives in and leaves. Liz rushes up as Jason tries to stand up. She puts her arm around him to help him walk just as the fire department tells everyone that they can go back into the building. Jason drapes his arm over Liz's shoulder for support just as Nikolas walks. Nikolas does not look happy as he watches Liz and Jason walking away with their arms around each other.

At the Port Charles Grill, Alan is touting AJ's praises as ELQ's CEO to Gertrude. Gertrude comments that they are such a wonderful family. And Monica and Alan make such a lovely couple. A happy marriage is so nice to see.

Ned, Alexis and Chloe agree that they can't break up Monica and Alan just to find Gertrude a husband. They decide that they need someone who will be in on the plan with them. They can't think of anyone, but they know that Gertrude's husband is out there. They just have to find him.

Jerry arrives at the Grill to meet Bobbie. He is glad that Bobbie wanted to see him. Bobbie tells Jerry that she will always care about him. That is why this is so difficult.

Mac tells Taggert that he is putting him back on the Faison case. Taggert says that he has been tracking Faison on his own, but if Faison took Felicia, he didn't leave a trace. Mac's cell phone starts to ring and he agrees to accept a call from the NYPD. He is pleased to hear that a metro cop in Manhattan thinks he may have spotted Faison. He tells them to pick Faison up if they can.

Sonny arrives at Jax's penthouse. Jax thanks him for coming. Sonny says that this had better be good. Jax opens a suitcase to display a large amount of cash. He tells Sonny that he needs his expertise and he is willing to pay for it.

Bobbie tells Jerry that she loves him and that she has been thinking a lot. She reminds him of the day when he asked her not to wait for him. Jerry points out that he was sitting in a jail cell at the time. Bobbie tells him that he was right. Jerry says that he can't stop thinking about Paris with her. He describes a very romantic scenario which Bobbie thinks sounds wonderful. He says that he could have had all of those things and her for the rest of his life, but he let it all go for no reason. He tells Bobbie that she was the high point. With her was the first time he felt loved. Not for being fun or rich, but just for being the guy that Bobbie is in love with. That was all he had to be and he couldn't do it. He wishes he could. Bobbie says that she wishes that too. Jerry says that he may not be much, but he is better because of her. Bobbie says that she wishes they could have gone after their dreams together. She wishes that they could have built a life together. Jerry tells her that she can still do those things without him. Bobbie hands Jerry her engagement ring and kisses him goodbye.

At Jax's, Sonny says that Jax must want something real bad. Jax explains to Sonny that he wants to get Jerry out of the country. He will pay Sonny any amount of money to make it happen.

Taggert asks Mac if he is really planning on manufacturing evidence against Faison. Mac says that he will do whatever it takes. Taggert tells Mac that he is giving Faison all the power. He is allowing Faison to make him do things he wouldn't normally do. Taggert reminds Mac that he has always told everyone to go by the book. Mac says that he tried to go by the book and it didn't work. Now his children are in hiding and his wife is missing. He wants justice.

Luke and Roy have arrived at the point where the tracking signal stopped. They get out of the car and cautiously look around. All they can find is a homeless person asleep in the snow. They search his pockets and find nothing and then finally discover the tracking device in his bottle of whiskey. They are very frustrated when they realize that Faison has once again gotten the best of them.

Hannah is standing on the docks when Carly arrives. Carly taunts her about Sonny, but Hannah doesn't react. Then Carly tells Hannah that she wasn't even out the door before Sonny moved on to something better. Suddenly, Hannah is interested. She demands to know what Carly means.

Sonny asks Jax what he would ever need from him. Jax tells Sonny that they are alike in some ways. He may not need him now, but he may need him someday. He never imagined that he would need Sonny, but things happen. Sonny asks Jax if he has any idea what it means to owe him. Jax assures Sonny that he will pay him back when the time comes.

Jason is slumped over on the couch in Liz's art studio. As gently as she can, Liz sits him up so that she can check his wound. She carefully removes the bandage so that she can assess the damage and change the dressing. (Oh my, a very nice, albeit gratuitous, view of Jason's chest, for those who are interested!) As she leans over him to examine the wound, Nikolas who has followed them to her studio, pushes open the door a little to see what is going on. Having completely misinterpreted the situation, Nikolas angrily pushes open the door and yells at Jason to get the hell away from Liz.

Luke and Roy discuss what went wrong. They are sure that Faison didn't know about the tracking device at first. They deduce that Faison must have discovered the device and that Felicia must be near where they stopped the first time. She could be near where they stopped the first time, or they could be gone. Luke says that they have to find her.

Faison comes back to Felicia to inform her that Luke has been taken care of. Now they can dance in peace forever. As she starts to cry, Faison asks her to dance with him. He is sure that that will make her feel better. Felicia agrees and starts to dance, holding the piece of glass behind Faison's neck just like in her fantasy. She pulls the glass up to Faison's throat and thanks him for the dance. Unfortunately, she really must be leaving now.

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