General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 27, 1999 on GH

Mac found Faison's videotape of Luke and Felicia in a passionate embrace. Carly was not pleased about Jason's friendship with Elizabeth. Stefan realized the depth of Nikolas' feelings for Elizabeth.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 27, 1999 on GH
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Monday, December 27, 1999

A cryptic Faison told Felicia that he wouldn't say anything to Mac about her time in the bunker with Luke. Meanwhile, Mac discovered the videotape Faison had sent, and it contained the footage of Luke and Felicia's passion. Luke tried to stop thinking about Felicia. Helena dropped a bombshell on Faison and told him that she was in control of Lucky and had moved him to a new location.

Nikolas apologized to Liz for the scene he had caused at the hospital but refused to let go of his anger toward Jason. After a conversation with Bobbie, Jason decided it was time to leave Liz's studio. Carly and Sonny had another tense exchange about Jason's relationship with Liz. A worried Stefan began to comprehend the depth of Nikolas' feelings for Liz. Laura encouraged Nikolas not to give up on Liz.

Tuesday, December 28, 1999

Chloe ran into L&B, literally. She told Ned that exercise reduced stress, and he commented that she was actually early for a meeting. Chloe wanted to know what the meeting was about and told him that it had better not be about her trip around the world with Jax so that they could celebrate the millennium in four time zones. Ned looked surprised, and Chloe realized she had spilled the beans. Alexis and Jax also ran in, with Alexis complaining that Jax had made her run six blocks in heels.

Ned started asking Jax, "What are you doing with my wife," and had questions about their New Year's plans, labeling it "ridiculous." Alexis said it was pure Jax. Chloe thought it was splendid. Mike entered, and they told him it was essential that he keep Gertrude busy on New Year's Eve and handed him a fat envelope of cash. He said no go, that he already had plans with a special lady. After much coercion, he agreed that they had a deal for New Year's Eve. He left with the cash, and Chloe left to pack. Afterwards, Ned and Alexis laughed together about what amateurs Jax and Chloe were at the infidelity game.

Stefan angrily addressed his concerns about Nikolas to Liz, telling her he was afraid Nikolas would end up hurt. Liz told Stefan that she had no need for Nikolas' interference and had told him so. Stefan told her that it might be interference to her, but it was only Nikolas caring about her. He left, and Emily arrived, loaded for bear. She went off on Liz for not telling her about Jason. Liz tried to explain how her relationship with Jason had started and how much she'd needed it when she was missing Lucky so much, explaining that Jason was her safe place.

Emily was not to be calmed and yelled at Liz, saying that she had been walking on eggshells all year to not make her feel bad with Juan and had offered repeatedly to not kiss him if it bothered her. Liz tried to make her understand that it was her deal, and she was doing the best she could. Emily kept griping about it and finally, in frustration, Liz told her to stop acting like an immature little brat. Emily freaked out and told Liz that she saw how it was, that she was the kid sister, and Liz and Jason were adults. She said she guessed the four musketeers were just kid stuff, too, and left.

Roy took coffee invoices to Sonny, and Sonny asked him what was going on at the warehouse. Roy told him he wasn't interested in being a spy, but if he had anything else that needed to be done, to just ask. Sonny asked if there would be a problem, since Roy was friends with Luke, and Roy assured him that Luke knew the difference between friendship and business and that he did as well. Sonny told him he'd be in touch. After Roy left, Sonny made a phone call and asked that a trace be run on Roy DiLucca and to find out everything.

Jason sneaked around the Quartermaines' window, watching Carly hand Michael to Leticia. Carly saw him and went outside. He said he had to go, and she told him he couldn't and accused him of leaving town. She told him how much she and Michael needed him and begged him not to go. He said he had to.

Mac watched the video again but heard the girls approaching and quickly shut it off. He told them that the video was blank, and when Maxie questioned him further, he assured her he knew how to work a VCR and that the video was indeed blank. A horn sounded, and the girls scurried off to go with someone named Betty. He went back and watched the video again with a look on his face that would stop traffic.

Felicia told Luke and Bobbie she was at the hospital to see Tony. Luke wished Bobbie good luck on the taxes for Kelly's and left. Felicia stopped him and told him that she had gone to see Faison in prison. She told Luke that she was tired of lying to Mac and that she was lying by not saying anything. Luke asked her if she was going to tell him the whole truth, and she said she didn't know. She was just telling him to be ready because if Faison told him and he questioned her, she wasn't going to deny anything. He told her to do what she had to do, and she said she always did. Luke's phone rang, and Mac told him to stop by the house because he had some follow-up questions about Faison.

At Mac's, Luke told him that he figured he wanted an explanation for the bump on the head. Mac said he was more concerned about Felicia and what had happened to her when she had been kidnapped. Luke said he should ask Felicia when she was ready to discuss it. Mac said he was ready to discuss it and was asking Luke. Luke replied that Faison was even more twisted than they'd thought and informed him about the sleeping gas, the fake vent, and Faison's fiancée, and how they'd thought at any minute they were going to die. He said that Felicia had taken a bullet, and he was sorry he hadn't been able to protect her from it.

Mac reminded Luke that Felicia had been there because of him, and Luke said he knew. Mac asked if it was over, and Luke said that Mac had caught the bad guy and saved the day, so it was. Luke said Mac had done good work. Mac asked if Luke hadn't realized that he'd do anything to save his wife, and Luke said, "Yeah," that he got that.

Monica looked sadly at the "Jason" ornament on the tree then picked up a photo in a frame and held it. A.J. walked in, and she said quickly that she guessed the holidays were getting to her. A.J. said that he realized that four years before on that day, her real son had been alive and on his way to medical school while A.J. had probably been drunk somewhere. Monica told A.J. that he hadn't killed Jason, and A.J. went on about how Jason had never gone home that night after getting in the car with him. Monica said that Jason had recovered and moved on.

A.J., of course, took it personally and ranted about how he'd moved on, too, and had a wife, son, and job and was sober. Monica asked why he couldn't let go of Carly if he was so evolved and said it was crazy that he was still staying married to Carly just to keep her from Jason. A.J. yelled that Carly was the wife he wanted, just as Carly walked in. He said that he was the husband Carly wanted and asked Carly if that wasn't true. Carly asked if they had seen Michael's new dump truck and avoided the question.

Monica said that A.J. deserved something better and that he wasn't going to get it until he let Carly go, so "for God's sake," he should work something out with her. She stormed out, and Carly said that at least she and Monica agreed on something. A.J .told Carly that it was the anniversary of the accident, and she said, "So, today is the day that you gave me Jason, the only man I'll ever love." He replied, "But not the man you married."

There was a knock on the door, and Johnny let Jason into Sonny's penthouse. He started to speak, and Jason told him not to say anything. Jason curtly informed Johnny that he was moving back into his own penthouse and would be starting back to work. Sonny asked him if he meant the warehouse, and Jason said no, he was talking about the territory and asked Sonny if he had a problem with that.

Felicia arrived home, and Mac asked her if all was well. She assured him it was and said she wanted to talk to him if they could sit down. She told him that she had been to see Faison, and Mac said she shouldn't have gone alone. He asked if Faison had threatened her to try to keep her from testifying. She told him she was sorry she had gone and asked him what he wanted for dinner. He said she shouldn't cook and suggested they go out -- to Luke's.

She balked, and Mac watched her reaction closely. She got a pained look and said she'd rather eat in and order something healthy. He told her to go upstairs, and he'd order from the Port Charles Grille. They exchanged "I love yous," and she went upstairs.

Emily burst into the ELQ offices, where Juan was picking up. She asked him if she was an immature brat, and he assured her she was the wisest person he knew. He assured her that Liz was dead wrong.

Roy told Agent Ford that he had been able to get nothing on Sonny but had been hinting strongly about work. He pointed out that Agent Scott had not made it easy for him. Ford said it should be easy for him to get in, being a friend of Luke's, and Roy told him that Luke and Sonny were not tight anymore and that it might actually make it more difficult. Ford said that he believed in Roy, that Roy had incentive, and that he'd much rather put Corinthos behind bars than Roy.

Jax went to the hospital and asked Bobbie if Stefan was around so he could arrange his annual donation. He asked her if she had made it through Christmas okay, and she said she hadn't really had a choice and told him Stefan was in his office. On his way, Jax ran into Chloe, who was wrapped in feather boas she had taken with her to play dress-up at the children's ward for their Millennium Party. He asked her if she needed help, and she said she could manage until the millennium.

Wednesday, December 29, 1999

At Laura's house, Roy arrived with his suitcase, ready to move in. It was a little awkward, and they chatted about how strange they felt, how little stuff he had with him, and whether or not his moving in would bother Luke -- Roy thought it would not. He asked if the separation had been hard on Laura, and she said that it had and that it appeared to have been easy for Luke to move on. Roy explained that it had not been easy for Luke, but that people dealt with things differently. He suggested that "it isn't so much what we should try to forget as what we choose to remember." Laura agreed, dried her eyes, and got him the keys, after which Roy left for work.

Felicia was at the Quartermaines', on the phone with Chloe. They confirmed that the Café Matisse was the new digs for Chloe Morgan Designs and made an appointment to meet later. Lila entered, and Felicia apologized for being out of touch, but she was obviously upset, and Lila encouraged her to put the book aside for the moment and confide her troubles. Felicia gave an abbreviated version of the kidnapping, and Lila suggested that Felicia's "heart is trying to tell you something. Go now, and listen."

Mac was at the police station, viewing the tape, as Taggert took Faison in. Mac dismissed Taggert and put the tape on again so that he and Faison could watch it together. After a few moments, he turned it off and stated that he was sure it was "a phony," but Faison asserted that it was, indeed, genuine. Mac said that Faison had "a sick need to destroy things, but [he was] running out of playing field" and would soon be going to prison for the rest of his life. Faison played with Mac a little, questioning how he could be so sure, suggesting that all Mac's anger was really directed at Luke or Felicia.

Mac explained that Faison was obsessed with Felicia and was trying to set Mac up to destroy his own marriage through jealousy. Faison countered that Felicia had had no trouble rejecting his advances, so he asked why she hadn't turned Luke away also. He asked how Felicia had explained the video, and seeing that he'd hit a nerve, went on to taunt Mac about watching the video over and over alone. Mac could stand no more and had Faison removed, just as Felicia entered, and Faison managed to ask, "How's your arm, sweetheart?" as he was hauled away.

Felicia was concerned that Faison had upset Mac, but he insisted that she was the one he was concerned about. Mac fell all over himself, being supportive, and insisted that in order to really help Felicia, he needed to know exactly what had happened every minute of her captivity. Felicia said that she didn't know what to tell him other that what she'd already said. Mac persisted, explaining that when Faison had been obsessed with Anna, he'd killed her and the man she'd loved -- Robert Scorpio. Since he was obsessed with Felicia, Mac wanted to know why Faison had pulled Luke into the ordeal instead of the one Felicia loved -- Mac.

Felicia dismissed the entire subject, stating that she was tired of playing games; she wanted Mac to let go and stop worrying -- she was fine, and he should get back to work. Mac remembered to ask why she had stopped by in the first place, and she said it was just to tell him that she loved him. They kissed, and both left.

Liz was at her studio, working on a painting, when Bobbie arrived to check on Jason. Liz explained that Jason's wound had healed, so he had returned to the penthouse. Bobbie was relieved and suggested that Liz was free to return to Audrey's, but Liz said she needed "to be in charge of [her] own life" and would not be returning to her grandmother's house. Bobbie warned Liz to be careful, as Jason was a dangerous man. She drew the distinction between a bad man and a dangerous man and said that Liz should feel free to call her if she needed to.

At the penthouse, Carly arrived with Michael. Jason was not thrilled to see them -- he didn't want to see Carly at all and felt that it confused Michael to see him. Carly insisted that Michael was not confused and that she wanted him to see his father on his birthday. Jason presented Michael with his gift -- a very fancy toy motorcycle -- then saw them to the elevator and told Carly, "Never again."

The next to arrive at the penthouse was Emily, who encountered Jason at the elevator. She was very annoyed about the way she'd found out about Jason's supposed affair with Liz and demanded to know why no one ever told her anything. Jason explained that there was no affair and that Nikolas was wrong in his assumptions. He then soothed Emily, who felt like an idiot and said she owed Liz an apology. Jason and Emily exchanged hugs and love, and she left for Michael's birthday party at the Quartermaine residence.

Carly met Liz outside and demanded to know if she was on her way to Jason's to throw herself at him. Carly told Liz once again that Jason didn't want Liz and that she should go back to wherever she was from. Liz countered with the assertion that Jason trusted her, whereas he'd sent Carly away. She told Carly to back off and walked away, leaving Carly standing there silently.

Felicia arrived at Chloe Morgan Designs to congratulate Chloe on her merger and her new workspace, and she gave Chloe a gift -- a little pyramid to help Chloe "concentrate her energies." They chatted a bit about Lucy Coe, Lucy's wedding, and Felicia's wedding reception with Mac, which had been held in the building Chloe was using. Felicia went on with her reminiscences, slowly going from happy memories to a sad "that was then, this is now" thing, and Chloe wondered what was going on.

Felicia tried to explain. She said Luke, with whom she'd shared very little history, had been adrift after Lucky's death, and she'd wanted to help him. It had begun when she'd enlisted his help in solving a mystery with Lila's book, and after a while, she'd become "the reason he gets out of bed in the morning." Chloe asked if Felicia was in love with Luke, and she vehemently denied it, stating that she loved Mac and her family. Felicia cried, and she and Chloe hugged.

At the Quartermaines', Carly admitted to A.J. that she had taken Michael to see Jason, and A.J. was not pleased. As Alan and Monica entered with Michael, he said that she had just raised the stakes and that it was his turn. Emily entered with her gift -- an L&B T-shirt -- and the Quartermaines started to squabble about what Michael should be when he grew up. Carly stopped it, and Lila suggested that they cut the cake. They blew out Michael's candle, while Jason sat alone in his penthouse, softly saying, "Happy birthday, Michael."

Outside, Bobbie and Roy literally bumped into one another. Roy told Bobbie about his move into Laura's house, and Bobbie told him about Taggert living at the brownstone. Bobbie explained that she was on her way to her grandson's birthday party, and Roy insisted that there was no way she looked old enough to be anyone's grandmother. They went their separate ways as Liz walked by. When no one was around, Sorel and one of his men appeared from their hiding place. The man wanted to know if he should "do it now," but Sorel insisted that they stick to their plan -- and do it the following day.

Thursday, December 30, 1999

Chloe and Jax were in Jax's airplane, making mutual declarations of affection, when Chloe decided that going to Times Square was too dangerous -- Mike was planning to take Gertrude there, also, and they might run into one another. Jax was skeptical of that but willingly changed his plans when Chloe said that she just wanted to go someplace where they could be alone. They arrived at the undisclosed location, and it was a beautiful suite -- big bed, lots of candles, and a private garden. Chloe wished Jax a happy new year, and he replied, "Happy us." They danced then made love and later went out on the terrace to dance in the rain.

Meanwhile, back at the Grille, Ned was on the phone with Alexis, who was waiting for him in bed. He wasn't able to be with her right away, as he had to make sure the plan with Mike and Gertrude was going well. Mike arrived in snazzy formal wear, and he and Ned went over the plan. Gertrude arrived a minute later, and she and Mike exchanged greetings and compliments. She was having second thoughts about the trip to Times Square, though, because of the "Y2K brouhaha," and when she asked Mike to dine at the Grille, he agreed.

At Kelly's Diner, Tammy explained to Bobbie that her date had a "last-minute business meeting," and Bobbie was alone, too -- Lucas was at a sleepover, and Jerry was gone. They had both planned to open the diner but, seeing that there was no one around, decided to get dressed up and go to the Port Charles Grille for dinner together instead. Taggert arrived to pick up Hannah just as Bobbie was leaving.

A minute later, Luke was looking in the window of the empty diner, hoping to see Bobbie. She was already gone, but Laura and Lulu happened by just then. They chatted about New Year's Eve, and Luke said that the new millennium was a good time to lay low and reflect. Lulu wanted to know what a millennium was, and as Luke explained that it was "1000 years -- a whole lot of history," he and Laura exchanged long looks.

All was going well with Gertrude and Mike when Sonny arrived and decided to join them. Gertrude had no idea that Mike had a son, and Sonny had no idea that Mike was a "real estate developer." It was all terribly awkward, although amusing to Sonny, until he saw Taggert and Hannah arrive. Sonny quickly left.

Edward arrived at the Grille next and asked after Chloe. Ned said she was in Milan on business. Edward pressured Ned to join the Quartermaine party, and Ned reluctantly agreed. The rest of the party arrived, dressed to the teeth. Soon after being seated, Emily mentioned the subject of Jason, ostensibly to find out if Lila was going to visit him again that year, but really to be so obnoxious that she and Juan could get placed at a separate table. It worked, and Juan congratulated her on her sneakiness. A.J. arrived next and stated that Carly wouldn't be joining them -- she was headed for home, supposedly because Michael was getting sick with something.

Sonny was horrified to discover that not only was he in the elevator with Carly, but the elevator was stuck. Sonny pushed buttons while Carly yelled for help, but neither approach worked. Carly said that "if we don't get out, your face is going to be the first one I see in the new millennium" and Sonny replied, "Well, it doesn't make my century either." Carly decided to take the opportunity to pester Sonny about Jason -- why he had forgiven Sonny and not her, when after all, it had all been Sonny's fault.

Sonny didn't want any of that, but Carly pushed and pushed until he snapped, "Enough now, enough!" It slowly dawned on Carly that Sonny was claustrophobic, and when she teased him about being locked in a closet as a child, he completely lost it. She was frightened by his outburst, apologized, and tried to soothe him, but he remained panicky.

Mike was still weaving tall tales for Gertrude when Bobbie and Tammy arrived at the Grille. Tammy took one look at Mike, who had just turned to order more Champagne, and his "business meeting" and lost her appetite. She and Bobbie left the restaurant, and Mike decided to cut the evening with Gertrude short. He made some excuse about a business meeting in Manhattan and rushed out, promising to make it up to her.

Edward saw Gertrude as she was leaving and called her over to his table. She told Edward and Ned about Mike's sudden departure and allowed Edward to convince her to join the Quartermaine party, much to Ned's consternation. Lila entered the Grille, saying that she wanted to ring in the New Year with Edward. Ned greeted her then departed.

Mike arrived at Kelly's and found the diner closed up and dark. He banged on the door, calling Tammy's name, and kept it up until she, dressed in a robe, gave up and let him in. She was very upset and angry and demanded that he leave immediately. Mike apologized, swore that the "business meeting" had really been just that, and promised to explain another time. He begged her not to spoil the evening. At first she wasn't having any of it, but she gradually relented, and he offered her a sparkly hat.

Jason and Liz arrived back at the studio after a motorcycle ride that Liz was still gushing over. As they passed by, Sorel and his man appeared from their hiding place. They had placed a bomb underneath Liz's table, set to go off in 15:00 minutes. Liz offered Jason some soup, but he turned her down. After they wished each other a happy new year, Jason left. Liz dropped her glove, and the clock read 14:35.

Jason, outside, saw Sorel's man crouching, watching Liz's building. Jason demanded to know what the man was doing, and the two began to fight. Roy appeared and held the man while Jason hit him, demanding again to know why he was looking at Liz's building. Then they switched, and Jason held him while Roy hit and questioned him. The man blurted out that there was a bomb under Liz's table, and they threw him aside and rushed back to her studio -- 5:00 remained on the timer. Jason got Liz out of the building while Roy tried to defuse the bomb with only 3:06 remaining.

Outside, Jason gave Liz his coat and tried to call 9-1-1 on the cell phone, but the line was busy. Inside the studio, Roy rushed to get a tool, was uncertain as to which wire to cut, chose one -- and the bomb was defused, with one second to spare.

In the street outside the studio, Bobbie happened upon Jason and Liz. Liz explained about the bomb, and Bobbie was set to rush in to try to help Roy, but just then he walked out. Bobbie ran to him, saying, "How could you risk dying on me again?" Later, Taggert, Hannah, Jason, Bobbie, Liz, and Roy were all outside the studio building together, and Taggert wanted to know how they'd known there had been a bomb inside.

Roy mumbled something about a psychic flash and gave an equally smart-aleck answer to the next question -- how he'd known the expert way to defuse a bomb: he'd had a lot of time to read in prison. Hannah left, Taggert took Roy and Jason in for questioning, and Liz went to stay with Bobbie for a few days.

The music played "As Time Goes By." Mike and Tammy danced in the diner, wearing their shiny hats and sharing a kiss. A.J. watched as Sonny and Carly emerged from the elevator. Alan and Monica shared a hug and a kiss. Edward and Lila exchanged fond looks. Emily and Juan shared a kiss. Luke sat alone at his club. Laura was with Stefan. Alexis pretended to be asleep as Ned entered then woke to kiss him. Chloe and Jax danced in the rain.

Friday, December 31, 1999

General Hospital will be pre-empted so that ABC News can provide coverage of the millennium celebrations around the world. On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, allow me to extend to you wishes for a safe, happy, and healthy New Year. Thank you for your patronage over the past five years --- and we look forward to seeing you in 2000!

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