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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 3, 2000 on GH
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Monday, January 3, 2000

Helena visited Stefan and demanded that he give her an alibi for the night of Katherine's murder. When Stefan refused, Helena made a veiled threat and almost showed him the photo of Lucky alive in the bunker. Laura tried to offer Nikolas comfort over Liz and Nikolas admitted his frustration over Liz's friendship with Jason. Meanwhile, Liz told Bobbie what Jason had come to mean to her. Chloe was very content with spending time with Jax and they made love again. Chloe later told Jax that he was first man she had ever wanted to stay with. Hannah visited Sonny and pleaded with him to forgive her after admitting she loved him. Roy later blasted Hannah for jeopardizing her career by visiting Sonny. Jason and Roy refused to give the police any information about the bomb that had found at Liz's studio. Alexis was forced to leave Ned in order to help Roy and Jason at the police station. Carly was shocked when Sonny caught her after she started to faint in the elevator. Sonny and Carly were rescued from the elevator and AJ reminded Carly that she would never be able to leave their marriage.

Tuesday, January 4, 2000

Jax and Chloe arrived home from their New Year's adventure. They speculated on how they would be able to hide their feelings, got kissy and hit the couch.

Alexis at L&B records was on the phone arguing about L&B's legal obligation to provide food for whomever at a concert. Emily and Juan came rushing in, rough-housing and loud so that she was unable to hear. They immediately quieted as Helena entered. Alexis threatened to sue whoever was on the phone if they canceled the concert. Helena applauded her performance and Alexis asked her to leave, telling her that whatever she wanted, the answer was no. Juan immediately sprang to her defense, attempting to get Helena to leave. Alexis dismissed Juan and Emily and let them know that she could handle it. Helena told Alexis that she had noticed Alexis possessed some skill in legal matters and felt she could use her help. Alexis laughed in her face and asked her to repeat it again. Helena said, "I need you." Alexis told her how much she had looked forward to this day, but said in her fantasy, that Helena had groveled a lot more. She asked her to say, "Please," which she did. Then she asked her to say, "Pretty please." Helena was having no more of that and said, "Over your dead body." Alexis said that she now had friends who could arrange for it to be over HER dead body and picked up her cell phone. Helena stormed out and Alexis did a little victory dance.

Tammy was surprised to see Liz at work and asked her if she needed a place to say. Liz told her she was staying with Bobbie for now. Mike came in to explain to Tammy what had happened on New Year's. She gave him a bit of a rough time and he was in the process of explaining how Gertrude fit in with the 'big money' when Ned came in. Ned fussed at Mike for not following through and Mike gave Ned back his money and said he quit. It wasn't worth losing Tammy over. After haggling about what Mike could do with the money to give Tammy a good time and make his life better, Mike finally said that he'd do it, but only if he could tell Tammy everything. They did and Tammy thought it over and asked lots of questions about the scam. Finally, Tammy blessed the idea, but told Mike to make sure Ned paid him in cash.

Luke and Felicia ran into one another on the docks. Felicia commented that he was hung over and he told her he could use some of her hangover medicine. Felicia asked him if he remembered how to make it and he said that he remembered everything she. She told him she had lied to Mac and they compared notes on who had said what. He asked her if she still wanted him to stay away. She faltered and he said, "It's OK, I'm gone." Mac watched them secretly.

Juan got an update on Helena Cassadine from Emily along with a strong suggestion that he not mess with her again. Inside Kelly's, Emily dismissed Juan so that she could make up with Liz, which she did. They both apologized and Liz told Emily about the bomb. Taggert came in to ask Liz more questions and told her that they would need her studio for at least another 24 hours. He also apologized for being rough on her when he was talking to Jason the other day. She told him that Jason was her friend and he asked her if he was worth dying for. While they were discussing this, Nikolas walked in and walked out unseen.

Helena was seen with Ari's (this is really funny because Constance Towers, who plays Helena, was very taken with the young actor who played Ari and recently pouted about him being killed off and mused that maybe he had a twin brother) twin brother. She told him to plant the blonde wig used in Katherine's murder in with the items found in Faison's possession at the time of his arrest. After he left, she commented on what a lovely boy he was and what a shame it was that she would have to kill him too.

Mac and Dara recapped info on Helena, Faison and the bomb. Felicia came in and asked why Mac had called her. He said he wanted to make sure her statement was complete and asked her to look it over. He said he didn't want any big surprises later on. She said that this was everything that had happened and signed it off. Both agreed that they just wanted to be a family again. Luke entered and Felicia excused herself, asking if Mac needed anything else. Luke said, "Long time, no see," and Felicia agree, so Mac caught them in a lie right there, knowing they had been on the docks earlier. After Felicia left, Mac told Luke that their stories didn't match. Luke blew it off and said that when you're kidnapped and gassed, things get subjective. He signed his statement and asked Mac if they could just let it be over now.

Gertrude talked to a bell boy who had carried in Chloe's baggage and asked if the tags had all said Milan and he confirmed they had. She stuffed money at him for checking. Mike came in to apologize to him about New Year's Eve and she threw a drink in his face and left.

Alexis walked in on Chloe and Jax in afterglow after doing it yet again. She was very embarrassed and they faked "Hello Darlings" for the hotel staff to hear. She excused herself and went to the back room. Afterwards, Jax left and she and Chloe talked about how she had never really thought about it before and why should it bother her when she and Ned cheated on them all the time? They compared notes about their husbands and both were surprised that each knew things the other didn't. They considered that they were happier with their husbands than most married people were. They hoped that when Gertrude was married that they could be back where they belonged. Chloe left to go to L&B and Alexis sat, looking sad. When Ned rang the bell and came in, she gave him a big kiss and he told her Mike was back on board.

At L&B, Chloe was on the phone to Terese and Jax came in with huge bouquet of flowers and a dopey grin. They wondered how they would hide their feelings again.

Helena asked Ari II if he had planted the wig and he told her it had gone brilliantly and gave her a hot massageRecap --->

Wednesday, January 5, 2000

Laura and Roy are at Laura's house, talking about Luke. Laura wants to know how Luke is doing and tells Roy that she's glad he and Luke are friends. She fishes a little for information about Felicia, and explains that she wants Luke to be happy, but... Roy sums it up for her: once your life seemed set, and it revolved around one person, then they moved on to something and you want to be glad about it but you're not. Bobbie arrives just as Laura leaves to pick up Lulu. She wants to know why Roy was with Jason when the bomb was found- is he working with Sonny? Roy waffles a bit, denying doing anything for Sonny other than coffee things, but then admits that he wants to "expand his role" and this news doesn't please Bobbie. She begs him "not to go that way again", but he insists that he knows what he's doing and that the situation is not the same. She says that she understands he needs money to start over, and offers him the diamond ring that he'd given her twenty years before. They talk about the letter that he'd left for her in his safe deposit box, promising that he'd always love her, and they both get teary. She puts the ring in his hand and pleads "don't go back to the life that took yours away." Roy won't accept the ring, insisting that it is hers to do with as she wishes. He asks her to trust him, she explains that she just wants him to be careful, and then she leaves.

At the penthouse, Taggert questions Sonny about the bomb, suggesting that he is responsible. Alexis is there, too, and tries to step in, but Sonny insists that he's willing to cooperate and names his biggest opponent: the FBI. Taggert gets his point, but says that if anything should happen to Sorel, Taggert will come right to Sonny. Alexis puts a stop to the exchange, saying that the meeting is over, and Taggert leaves. Alexis wonders what all the FBI talk was about, and Sonny tells her about Hannah. He asks if there is any chance he can press charges for entrapment, but when Alexis tries to ask questions about the relationship, including how they met, Sonny becomes angry. Alexis explains that she needs the information in order to answer his question and Sonny apologizes for being unpleasant. Alexis states that everyone can be unpleasant when they're hurt, and she leaves.

In the hallway, Taggert encounters Hannah as she gets off the elevator. He demands to know why she is there, and she mumbles something about bomb information, but he realizes that it is just an excuse to see Sonny and hustles her into the elevator. Once outside, he advises her to refocus, and Hannah insists that she was focused on her job - until she fell in love. Now she feels she was wrong in how she treated Sonny, and she wants him to forgive her.

Liz is next to arrive at the penthouse. She knocks at Jason's door, but when she gets no answer, turns to Sonny's door and knocks there. He answers the door himself, and Liz questions him about Jason. Sonny assures her that he is fine, just out of town on business. Liz continues to fish for information, but Sonny is not forthcoming, so after she asks him to ask Jason to call her, she leaves.

Outside Liz's studio, Nikolas stands looking up at the building. Stefan arrives, and Nikolas tells him about the bomb. Stefan is horrified and angry that Nikolas could have been killed, but Nikolas explains that he is concerned for Liz - she's in danger and just won't see it. Stefan reiterates his desire to protect Nikolas, then departs.

Luke and LuLu are sitting together on a bench in the park when Felicia arrives with Georgie. The children go off to swing on the swings and Luke and Felicia exchange awkward small talk. She tells him that she misses seeing him and they agree that they both forgot that she was a wife and mother. Felicia states sadly that she's selfish, and Luke is being reassuring when Laura arrives and interrupts the tender moment. Everyone is dismayed at her arrival, and she apologizes for interrupting as Felicia gathers Georgie and they leave. Laura sends Lulu to swing for another five minutes, and she and Luke chat aimlessly until the subject of the divorce comes up. It will be final in six months - will Luke celebrate? Laura wonders. Luke is offended, and she apologizes; they decide that they don't know how to act, but that they will make it up as they go along. After all, what's the worst that can happen? "We get divorced," they sadly say together.

Mac, at the police station, is watching the videotape of Luke and Felicia. Dara enters and gives him the list of the contents of Faison's hideaway, then leaves him alone to review it. Later, he excitedly calls her back into the room when he discovers that the list refers to a blond wig, and he makes the association with Helena and with Katherine Bell's murder.

Thursday, January 6, 2000

At the Quartermaine residence, AJ enters to find Carly lounging on the sofa with a catalogue. He asks if she shouldn't be helping Reginald organize the upcoming ELQ party for the European investors, and when she refuses, pressures her to attend and begins once again to threaten her with the loss of her son. They argue for a bit, swapping insults, and Carly leaves the room. AJ is just picking up the phone when Edward enters, loaded for bear. Apparently AJ has bungled an important union negotiation and now a dock strike is looming. Edward rants about the poor job AJ has done and how much he wishes Ned were still at the helm, and is stating that the only thing AJ has going for him is Carly, when Monica enters. She leaps to AJ's defense, but Edward still threatens to remove AJ as CEO. Alan enters the fray, also defending AJ, but to no avail - AJ exits as Edward states that he will do the negotiating himself. Alan and Monica proceed to argue about the ramifications of AJ losing ELQ, and the influence of Carly.

At the diner, a very well dressed Mike stops to see Tammy on his way to meet Gertrude, and he makes a date with her for later. Proceeding to the park, he encounters Gertrude out walking and begs her to forgive him and see him again. Gertrude is adamant in her refusal at first, but is beginning to weaken when Tammy happens past. Mike catches sight of her, and as Gertrude relents and decides to allow Mike to escort her to the ELQ party, Mike decides that he can't see Gertrude again after all. He explains that she helped clarify his feelings for Tammy, and she is quite insulted, declaring "Out of my way, you horrible little man!" and leaves in a huff.

At L&B/Chloe Morgan Designs, Juan and Emily are showing Liz around when Chloe enters laden with design paraphernalia. Juan and Emily take the books and packages to another room, leaving Chloe to chat with Liz. The phones begin to ring and Liz pitches in as secretary, prompting Chloe and the newly arrived Ned to offer her a job. Liz is enthusiastic, and the offer is left open. Juan and Chloe go to check a problem in the back room, and Emily takes the opportunity to ask if Liz is still angry about Emily's overreaction about Jason. Liz assures her that she is not, and exits. Ned comes in, and Emily pitches her "new star" to him. Next, she persuades Juan to sing her a song while Ned hides and listens, but he is discovered when the phone rings and he has to answer it. Ned compliments Juan on his voice, but warns him of the pitfalls and hard work entailed in a singing career. After Ned leaves, Juan expresses his annoyance at the "audition" to Emily, and explains in no uncertain terms that he has no interest in becoming a singer. Alone, Ned and Chloe are discussing Juan's potential and Ned's past glories as Eddie Maine when Mike enters, wanting to resign again. He explains about Tammy, and Chloe is supportive, but Ned rants about breach of contract and negligence. Mike returns the money as Chloe explains that Mike has been helpful in uncovering Gertrude's vulnerabilities. Mike leaves, and Ned and Chloe discuss their increasing motivation for marrying Gertrude off. Ned comes up with a solution, which he will show Chloe at the ELQ party.

At Sonny's, Jason arrives on coffee business, and Sonny tells him about Liz's visit and that she was worried about him. Jason is explaining how he helps her when he stops in mid-sentence with a realization. He goes to the diner to see her, and she is delighted at his return. She tells him that she can move back into the studio soon, and admits that she has not yet told Audrey about the bomb. Jason tells her that she is in danger whenever he's around, and the only solution is for her not to be around him any more. She argues that she's willing to take the chance since the only time she doesn't hurt over Lucky is when she's with Jason, but Jason counters that while he can understand how she hates to be told what to do, he can't put her in danger again. He explains that he didn't want it to be this way, but it's done, and she begins to cry. Jason apologizes, but Liz runs in to the diner.

At the Police Department, Hannah gives Mac the bomb info she has collected, but argues that while he believes the bomb was intended for Sonny, she is sure it was meant for Jason. Mac advises her to bury her feelings for Sonny, and Hannah exits thoughtfully. Dara comes in to tell Mac that the strand of hair from the wig found at Faison's hideaway matches the ones taken from Wyndemere, and he informs her that he has subpoenaed bank records to look for a link between Faison and Helena.

Helena meets Ari's twin in the park and he tells her that the PCPD is investigating the bank records. Helena predicts that Mac will soon find the link between her and Faison, and gloats that she will then have Faison precisely where she wants him. Meanwhile, Mac has discovered the link and concludes that Faison is a mercenary, in Port Charles to do a job - but what job was Helena paying him to do?

Back at the diner, Mike arrives to visit with Tammy. She tells him that seeing him in the park was purely chance, that she was not following him. He says that he had hoped she was following him, and tells her that he quit the Gertrude assignment. In the kitchen, Liz drops a load of dishes in the sink and cries. Meanwhile, Jason is in the park remembering his last conversation with her, when she told him that she "thought you were different... thought you understood."

Back at the Quartermaines', Carly discovers Sonny waiting in the hallway and demands to know what he's doing there. Sonny explains that he is Edward's guest, and Carly takes the opportunity to ask him about Jason. Sonny tries to tell her that Jason has not forgiven him either, but she jumps in and explains that at least Sonny can see Jason and talk to him, whereas she is under "house arrest" with AJ holding her child hostage and threatening her with Ferncliff. Sonny surprises her by saying that he thought she had more guts than that and advising her that "you are only a victim if you let yourself be." Edward arrives and Carly informs him that she has taken the liberty of inviting Sonny to the ELQ party. Edward declares "over my dead body" and is hurling insults at Sonny when Lila arrives. She invites Sonny herself and he accepts. Lila and Edward exit, leaving Sonny to ask Carly if she invited him just to get back at Edward, or if she has some crazy plan, and Carly admits to a plan.

Friday, January 7, 2000

Preparations were underway for the annual ELQ party for the European investors. Sonny told Jonny to bring the car around and commented that the Quartermaines are alway so happy to see him, he didn't want to make them wait. As he left on the elevator to go to the car, Hannah slipped from down the hall and tried to open his door.

AJ was thrilled with how fantastic Carly looked in her formal gown for the party. He apologized for being tough on her lately and she told him that if she wanted the perfect corporate wife, she was here. He emphasized that this was the most important night of his life as far as ELQ was concerned and that all he needed was to get Mueller and L'Argent under the ELQ umbrella and the European profits would triple and quadruple in a year. Edward came in griping about the caterers and was also stunned by Carly's appearance. He asked AJ if he knew how lucky he was and AJ agreed. Edward left and AJ threatened Carly with Ferncliff if she took advantage of the activity of the night to slip away with Michael. Monica and Alan came in and Alan commented on how wonderful the flowers and Carly looked. Monica allowed that she had the perfect wife act down pat. Alan asked if she couldn't at least give Carly a small compliment and that worked its way into a full scale Alan-Monica argument about who loved AJ most and what he needed. He finally got them to stop fighting and Carly slipped away with a promise that she wouldn't leave the property.

The fab four were readying to go to the party and Ned called a "Gertrude Conference." He told them that since Mike bailed, they had to find a new husband for Gertrude and nominated Alan. The other four balked, saying they had vetoed that idea earlier because he's already married. Ned talked them into the idea with Alexis slipping in that Ned had previously had an affair with Monica, much to Chloe and Jax's surprise and delight.

Mac and Dara went to see Faison and they bantered back and forth to basically no end. Helena ran into Luke and Roy on the docks. Luke teased her about how she'd look in a prison jumpsuit and there was the usual back and forth baiting. Luke asked her why she didn't think she'd go to prison for killing Katherine and Helena said she felt...lucky. Afterwards, Luke caught Roy up on the Cassadine/Spencer feud.

Laura and Bobbie had been playing in the snow with Lucas and Lulu. They stomped into the house frozen and Laura commented on how Bobbie immediately looked around for Roy. They talked about the first love connection that never breaks. Afterwards, Bobbie suggested that she take the kids ice skating next time and Laura said that would be nice as Bobbie left.

Luke ran into Liz and she commented on his smuggled Cuban cigars. They began to talk about Lucky and how his loss just hits hard sometimes. Liz told him about a friend she had that made her forget for a while. Luke said that was good and Liz told him her friend wasn't around any more. Liz told him that Lucky would have been proud of him.

Helena told the prison guard to leave and dropped by to see Faison. She enlightened him about the evidence against him in Katherine Bell's murder and he became enraged. Helena told him to calm down or else she wouldn't be able to help him escape. He asked her why he should believe her and she said because he had no choice.

Stefan arrived to take Laura out and she told him that Lulu was sick and she couldn't go. He persisted, then said they could stay in. When she hesitated, he questioned what their relationship would be. Laura let him know that she wasn't sure and that she had to get past the way he looked into her eyes and lied to her. Discouraged, Stefan left.

At the party, everyone mingled with everyone, but Carly was nowhere to be found. The European investors arrived and were charmed by Chloe, Ned, Jax and Alexis. Gertrude also showed up, much to everyone's dismay (except Edward, of course). She took the time to insult Monica and butter up Alan.

Later, Alan was cornered by the fab four and they laid out their plan to him: divorce Monica, marry Gerturde and Ned would refuse to go back to ELQ as CEO, saving AJ's job. He refused and said they were nuts. When the other three were discouraged, Ned asked if he was the only one here who could close a deal.

Sonny showed up and was treated badly by Edward and AJ (big surprise). He went up to the investors and introduced himself. Lila came in and was delighted to see Sonny, holding court with him and Jax.

Helena met with Andreas (a.k.a Ari II) on the docks and told him to go to the site where Lucky was being held and tell his supervisors that she'd be arriving shortly. She also asked for a progress report of all the instructions they were giving him.

Luke showed at Laura's saying he had a date to ice fish with Lulu. Laura told him she was sick and he went up to visit her.

Larkin cornered Roy and badgered him for not giving the department anything on Sonny. Roy told him there wasn't anything to give yet. Larkin reminded him that busting Jerry Jacks had not paid off his debt to the FBI. Bobbie showed up and asked what was going on.

Carly came down the stairs dressed like a hooker, whistled between her fingers and said, "Listen up, everybody. Glad y'all could make it. Anybody asks, I'm Mrs. AJ Quartermaine.

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