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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 24, 2000 on GH
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Monday, January 24, 2000

Laura dropped by Mac's house to tell him that she and Stefan were concerned about the connection between Helena and Faison and were worried about Nikolas. They discussed whether Luke could be involved, and Laura asserted that Luke is up to something - she could tell by a certain look in his eye. Mac recounted the events by the dock, when Faison's boat exploded, and Laura, a little defensive, said that when she saw Luke later she thought something was "a little off." Mac responded by saying that "something's been a little off ever since he took off after Felicia", which Laura apparently knew nothing about. Mac filled her in on the story of Faison's kidnapping of Felicia and Luke's subsequent imprisonment with her. Laura was amazed and distressed that she had been kept in the dark. Felicia arrived home and attempted to be hospitable, but Laura was cold and distant, making pointed remarks like "If you see Luke, tell him Laura says 'hi"." Laura left, and Felicia remarked that she seemed a little tense, to which Mac responded that no one likes to feel left out. Felicia offered various excuses for why Luke didn't tell Laura the story, but Mac just said that "it makes you wonder." Felicia became upset and stated that she just wanted to forget the while ordeal; she thought she would die and was very confused. Mac told her that he loved her and she replied that her family was the only thing that mattered. They hugged as she started to cry.

Outside, Liz was looking for a glove she'd dropped in the snow when Laura happened by. Liz found her glove, and they sat down to visit. They laughed about the movie she'd been to with Nikolas, but when the topic of Lucky was introduced the conversation turned serious. They discussed grief and healing, then talked about the fight at the Christmas party between Nikolas and Jason, the fact that Jason is now gone also, joked about buying their own motorcycle and agreed to call one another.

At her yacht, Helena directed Andreas not to allow anyone onboard and told of her plan to meet with Lucky's "supervisors." They kissed as Stefan watched from the shadows, and Helena ordered Andreas to stay on the yacht until he heard from her. Helena departed and Stefan entered a moment later to ask Andreas about Helena's destination. Andreas, about to take Helena her scarf, told Stefan that he's loyal to Helena, not to him, and Stefan agreed, pointing out that Ari was also loyal to Helena and that that is why she killed him. Andreas agreed that Ari devoted his life to "Mrs. C", and Stefan stated that she stabbed him in the back with an ice pick and left him to bleed to death. He pointed out that it takes a long time to bleed to death, and wondered if Ari were afraid, if he called out to Andreas to help him...? Andreas began to answer, then stopped himself and told Stefan to get out. Stefan argued that "You can help Ari now - you can get revenge" and wondered what would happen to Andreas when Helena was finished with him - an accident of some kind? Andreas refused to help Stefan, and Helena entered for the forgotten scarf, remarking that Andreas had made a wise choice. She dismissed Andreas, and after giving some excuse about Nikolas needing signed papers, Stefan left also.

At the "Customs Office", Sonny thanked and dismissed his men. He congratulated Roy for having passed the test, but Roy was annoyed and replied "Congratulations for what? Falling for it?" He told Sonny that he'd been honest the whole time and when Sonny asserted that "Now I know you won't fold under pressure" answered angrily "And I know I can't trust you." Sonny tried to justify his test, insisting that he was the one taking the chance and Roy suddenly agreed, took two packs of cash from the briefcase and after declaring "Call it even" left the room, leaving Sonny looking thoughtfully after him.

Taggert and Hannah were outside talking shop about Katherine Bell's murder when the topic turned to Sonny. Taggert hinted that Sonny won't be around much longer and Hannah jumped to his defense. Taggert recited Sonny's body count and asserted that someday somebody will bring Sonny down, even if it's not him - it's just a matter of time. Later, Roy met Hannah outside and refused to tell her anything about his meeting with Sonny except to admit that he'd lost his temper but hopefully didn't blow the case. Hannah hoped that he'd be off the case now, but Roy said that if he were off the case Hannah would go to jail for obstruction of justice and decided that he would apologize to Sonny instead. Hannah began to apologize to Roy for the mess they were in, but Roy calmed her, saying that at least they had a chance to live in the same town and see one another. They hugged, and he chided her for forgetting her hat.

Carly and AJ went upstairs to her bedroom and after some initial nervous awkwardness began kissing and tumbled onto the bed. AJ was kissing Carly, but Carly couldn't kiss AJ and he noticed and asked if she were forcing herself to do this. Carly just said that they were out of practice. AJ said that they still had some issues to resolve and wondered if this were the fastest way to get through them, but Carly replied that it was simply the most fun and tried to resume lovemaking. AJ refused to continue, and brought Jason into the argument, then said that if Carly wanted him she'd have make him believe it, and got up and left. Carly got up, got her jacket and went to Jason's where she sat on the step and mourned for him. Later, Sonny came by and saw her sitting by the fire and went into talk. Carly described what might have been, with Michael in bed upstairs and Jason with her in front of the fire, but Sonny stated that they only got what they deserved. Carly asked him to leave, but he refused, and when she began to speculate about Jason's whereabouts he said that it didn't matter where Jason was as long as it was away from them, that they destroy the people they love. He exited, leaving Carly to gaze into the fire and remark softly "By the way, Sonny, we're havin' a baby."

Tuesday, January 25, 2000

AJ wished Lila good morning and asked if she'd seen Carly. Lila told him Carly was a bit under the weather. AJ wondered if she was faking illness to avoid him. He told her that they'd had an argument the night before, just when he thought they were making progress. He told Lila it would be easier if he didn't have feelings for her or care who she saw or where she went and hoped they'd work it out. Lila said that perhaps they would. AJ said he hardly had time to work on it with the pressure Edward was putting on him and the possibility of Carly causing more scenes like at the party for the European partners.

Ned was on the phone, frustrated because a deal fell through with the L&B distributor. He was told that someone pressured the distributor to back out. Chloe came in while he was still on the phone and they discussed it after he hung up. Chloe offered to cancel her plans and convince the distributor to change his mind. He said that he could handle it and sent her on her way. He called 'George', told him the news and learned that Edward was behind the deal falling through.

Jax got to the skating pond just as Hannah was falling on her butt. He grabbed her and asked if she was OK and she said she was just uncoordinated. Jax apologized for grabbing her and she said it was her first time to skate. She said nothing was hurt but her ego. She said it took her mind off things. He told her he skydives when he's feeling down and noticed that her skates were not laced correctly. He fixed them and offered to help her skate. As she was learning, Jax mentioned that his fiancée and he used to come to this pond. Hannah asked if he meant Brenda and he said yes and that she looked like her. Hannah asked if she was like her in any other way. Jax said Brenda was a much better ice skater and Hannah told him she needed to know if Sonny had ever really loved her or was just trying to replace Brenda. Jax said he was the last person she should ask about Sonny and that she should ask him herself. She said she would if she thought she'd get a straight answer. Jax asked why it was so important to her and she said it was because she had fallen in love with Sonny, despite Jax's warnings. He said he couldn't speak for Sonny, but that one thing was for sure, Brenda was one of a kind, irreplaceable, but that Sonny might just be fool enough to try it. Hannah said that he had always treated her like she was special and loved and Jax told her that Sonny only loved himself. She asked if he ever tried to replace Brenda and he said he was too smart for that and waited until someone special enough to help him heal came along. Hannah offered him an apology for going off on him that night at the grill when he tried to warn her about Sonny. When Hannah said that she wished she knew what she could have done differently, Jax said that she sounded like Brenda and said Brenda always blamed herself when things went wrong with Sonny. Hannah said that she liked to think she had a lot of strength, but some days she didn't even want to get out of bed. Jax encouraged her by saying she had today and that took strength. Chloe arrived and was saddened as she watched Hannah and Jax talk.

Emily and Juan were at the diner with Liz doing her school work. Emily's arm was in a cast and Liz asked if it was better and said she was reconsidering going snowboarding with Nikolas after Emily's accident. When Liz mentioned that she was going to her studio after work to start a painting, Emily expressed her surprise. Liz said she wasn't going to live in fear and the only danger she was in was from Audrey. Juan lamented that at least she didn't carry handcuffs like HIS roommate. When they made googly-eyes and googly talk, Liz smiled at the two of them being so in love. Emily asked if it still bothered her and she said that she was just happy for her now. Emily fussed about how hard it was to find a place to be alone with Juan. Emily asked if Liz regretted not making love with Lucky and she said that if she had known he wouldn't have a future, she would have gone through with it. Emily had to go and told Liz if she got weirded out in her apartment, to call.

Edward was griping at an unseen Reginald about his missing newspaper when Ned came in an asked why he had sabotaged the distributor's deal. Edward feigned innocence at first and Ned laid into him, telling him to back off of L&B. Edward admitted to what he had done and told Ned he'd bankrupt L&B and any other business he started. He told Ned there were still some negotiations that were beyond AJ that he needed Ned to handle with ELQ and Ned told him he should have thought of that before he gave AJ the company. Edward pooh-poohed him, saying he was still just licking his wounds and would be back at ELQ. Monica came in just then and asked what that was about. Edward had stormed off and Ned told her he was trying to get him back into ELQ. Monica said she hoped he'd said no! She reminded him that they had a deal and she wasn't going to let Alan marry Gertrude for nothing. Ned assured her he was still on their side and that ELQ never had made him happy and wouldn't now. When Alan came in, Ned left and they discussed the Gertrude plan and Monica told Alan that Edward didn't even try to hide that he wanted Ned back. Alan said that marrying Gertrude was a small price to pay to save AJ. AJ came in and they pretended to be fighting over Gertrude paying attention to Alan. AJ asked them to call a truce and said he needed medical advice because Carly was sick. Monica said that Carly didn't have anything wrong with her that being thrown out of the house wouldn't cure.

Chloe stopped into the diner to pick up two hot chocolates and ran into Felicia. They talked briefly about how things were going and Chloe asked about the home front. Felicia said that she loved Mac very much, but her feelings were all over the place. Chloe asked if Mac suspected anything and she said she didn't really know what he was feeling. Chloe suggested that she ask him. Chloe had to leave, so Felicia gave her directions to Willow Pond, where she was to meet Jax.

In her studio, Liz picked up a book and remembered special times with Jason, leading up to when he told her good-bye.

Juan sang to Emily and she promised him she wouldn't sneak any more auditions in on him.

Liz came into Kelly's for soup and a sandwich and she and Tammy talked about how close Liz had gotten to Jason. Liz talked about how much she missed him and Tammy told her Jason had done her a favor by leaving and making her safer. As she was leaving, Sorel stopped herRecap --->

Wednesday, January 26, 2000

Jax helped Hannah not fall a little while longer and as they shared a laugh when she fell and he caught her, Chloe turned to leave. Jax called after her and she came over to talk to them. Hannah explained about Jax helping her with her skating and Chloe pretended to be looking for Ned. She left and Jax took Hannah around one more time, then walked her back to town.

Monica told Alan he looked irresistible and she coached him on how to talk to Gertrude. He said that he was afraid he had lost his touch and she reminded him that he'd been seducing women behind her back for years. He said it wasn't the same when he was seducing women in front of her back. They kissed and she scurried away so as not to be seen. Gertrude came in almost immediately and Alan acted pleasantly surprised to see her and suggested they eat together. She was all aflutter at the idea. Alan told her that Monica was trying to take over as chief of staff and that she never allowed him to be a man. Gertrude was sympathetic and said some women liked to keep their men down to feel more powerful. Alan confided that Monica was a tyrant and was so competitive with him that it was unbearable, that he only stayed with her for the children. Gertrude told him that the children are grown and he should look for a woman who made him her first priority. Just then, Edward walked in. He tried to ward Alan off of Gertrude by diverting him with a false meeting, but Alan was having nothing of it. When he tried to join them, Gertrude declined and told him that she and Alan were discussing a medical problem of a personal nature. Edward reminded Alan that Monica often came there for lunch and then excused himself.

Emily and Juan were making out like crazy at the L&B office and she pulled back, concerned that someone might walk in. He suggested they go to his room and they hurried off to Juan's Love Palace. Juan apologized for the room being so small. They looked at a photo album, then started making out like little bandits. Just as they were starting to get way overheated, Taggert burst in asking about a sweatshirt Juan had borrowed. All parties were embarrassed and Taggert said it was time to establish some ground rules. He sent Emily packing with a promise that he wouldn't tell her parents. Juan walked her home and he told Juan they'd be talking when he returned.

Alexis and Ned pretended to have a business meeting and watched Alan's lunch with Gertrude. As they watched Alan charm her, Alexis said that she felt guilty coercing Alan into marrying Gertrude. Ned balked and said it was the least he could do since Ned had married Katherine to keep Alan out of jail. Alexis mentioned how tedious the "business" meetings were getting and Ned assured her it would all be over soon. He suggested that they leave separately, so they said good-bye and as soon as Ned left, Helena sat down in front of Alexis. She demanded that Alexis tell her what she knew and Alexis bluffed that she knew her every dirty little secret and was not afraid of her any more. Helena said that she must not know how she did business, then.

Sorel tried to pressure Liz into going with him and she refused, saying Jason didn't even live there any more. Sorel told her that her friendship with him was common knowledge and that it would be in her best interest to tell him if she'd heard from him. Just then, Tammy burst out the door with a baseball bat and ordered them off. She told Sorel that Liz was friends with Sonny and he'd come down on Sorel like the wrath of God. Sorel wisecracked at her about speaking for Sonny and Tammy told them that if they didn't get lost, she'd start swinging. They left and Liz and Tammy collapsed on each other, with Tammy telling Liz that they were NOT all right at all. Inside, Tammy told Liz that Sorel wouldn't give up and would keep hassling her. She explained that she had seen him at his worst when Moreno was in control of the town and he sent Sorel out to hassle the hookers. She said Sorel had nearly beaten her to death. Just then, Nikolas walked in and asked if it was a private conversation. Liz covered by saying that she was talking to Tammy about what color to paint the studio. Nikolas offered to drive her to the paint store and she told him her shift was just starting. He let her know the offer was open and left. Tammy asked her if she was going to go talk to Sonny or just go back to the studio. Liz called Sonny and found he wasn't in, so she left a message for him to call her as soon as possible. Tammy made her promise not to go back to the studio until she talked to Sonny.

Bobbie ran into Roy on the docks and they had a deep conversation about choices and what they could cost you. He commented that sometimes you put up with bad things that you think you can handle until you meet someone and want a future, then you can't bring yourself to tell her that there's no chance because the choices you made before you laid eyes on her took away the future. Bobbie told him that he didn't need what Sonny had to offer him. Hadn't he hurt himself and her enough with the mob? Roy told her that she didn't even know him any more...that he wasn't the same man she loved 20 years ago. Bobbie insisted that she did know him, even if she didn't know all the details. She said she could tell he was hurting and wished he would let her help. Roy told her he had to get going to work and asked her if they could still get together to look at the pictures. She said they could and he said he'd call her.

Lila and Edward discussed Alan's "affair" with Gertrude. Edward said he was not going to allow the family to go into turmoil because Alan couldn't keep his pants on. Monica walked in just then, looking for the mail. Lila excused herself to go to her book meeting and Monica asked what they were saying about Alan's pants. Edward hedged by saying he was talking about their competition for the Chief of Staff position. Monica played along that she was going to the Grill for lunch and enjoyed watching Edward go into a tizzie. He was in the process of telling her to make amends with Alan and she was telling him not to tell her how to run her marriage when Alan walked in. They staged a very convincing fight about the hospital again and after Monica left, Alan told Edward to butt out, that he deserved a chance to feel like a man. As Edward was telling Alan he was acting like a lovesick teenager, Emily walked in. When she left, Edward was prompted to ask Alan if he had considered how this would all affect his children. Alan said that even though Edward didn't know it, everything he did was for his children.

At L&B, Chloe was happy when Jax arrived. He surprised her with hot chocolate to replace the ones that got cold when they had planned to go skating. He apologized that their hike in the woods hadn't worked out. She said she didn't know he and Hannah were friends and he said Hannah was just going through a hard time. Jax asked her if she was jealous and she said she wasn't...just because her heart stopped when she say him with her arms around her and there was a big picture of Hannah on the floor with an X on it. Chloe wondered what was happening to her. Jax assured her that however crazy she was feeling, that he was right along there with her. They talked about how they felt about one another and Jax told her that it would be over as soon as Alan married Gertrude.

Seeing Taggert looking forlornly into his cup of coffee, Hannah asked him what he was looking for. He smiled and said he was looking for his sanity, which he had lost when he asked Juan to move in. He then told her that he had caught Emily and Juan in his bedroom together. He commented on how happy she looked and she told him she'd had a really great day.

Helena told Andreas that she wanted Lucky moved immediately and Alexis neutralized because she knew too much.

Thursday, January 27, 2000

Alexis was at L&B when Helena came in. They traded the customary barbs, then Helena explained that now that Nikolas is the undisputed heir, she's concerned that Stefan could turn on him at any moment, and she wants Nikolas to know that he can depend on her and Alexis. Alexis guessed that Helena is scared by what she believes Alexis knows, and Ned arrived in time to hear Helena threaten her. Ned and Helena sniped at one another, and Helena wondered aloud how "a little mouse" like Alexis could inspire such ardent and loyal defense. Ned offered to get Jax and attack the Cassadine empire (Jax to raid, Ned to pillage), and Helena commented that she is beginning to understand why Alexis is so confident, but warned her not to overestimate her new power. Alexis responded by calling Helena an "old bat", and Helena replied "You're toast, Alexis" and swooped out. After Helena's departure, Alexis explained to Ned that she is bluffing about knowing all of Helena's secrets, and Ned advised her to ease up a bit for her own safety. Later, Alexis and Ned were going over the distribution deal that Edward torpedoed, talking about the record business generally, and Ned suggested that what they really need is some new talent. AJ entered, making snide remarks and gloating about L&B's problems. Alexis leapt to the defense, and she and Ned taunted AJ about ELQ and Carly. AJ left, and Alexis and Ned agreed "You scare off my family, and I'll scare off yours."

Roy arrived at Sonny's penthouse and was shown in by Johnny. Sonny inquired whether there was something wrong at the warehouse, but Roy explained that he would still like to work for Sonny, and apologized for losing his temper. Sonny accepted the apology, but was curious as to what made Roy change his mind. Roy explained that he realized that Sonny's careful attention to detail could work to his benefit by keeping him out of trouble and heading off a return to jail. Sonny pointed out that there are no guarantees and that he can't always control what happens. Roy said that he can accept Sonny's test of loyalty, but he can't accept someone lying to his face, and Sonny agreed that while he can respect that, honesty and love work both ways. Sonny asked Roy if he could be reached at Laura's, Roy told him to try Luke's club first, as he is usually there, and Sonny agreed to be in touch. Later, Sonny was on the phone explaining to Carlo that there is no way he can come to Puerto Rico immediately, when Liz arrived. She told Sonny about how Sorel cornered her outside Kelly's and thought she'd know where Jason was. Sonny asked her if she did know, but she insisted that she did not. She then told him the story of the encounter in detail, including Tammy and the baseball bat, and Sonny promised that he would not allow Sorel to hurt either of them. Sonny stepped into the hall and instructed Johnny to have Liz protected at all times and to schedule a meeting with Sorel immediately. He returned to Liz and they discussed where she could live - the studio was deemed too dangerous, Jason's penthouse unacceptable, and a return to Audrey's an affront to Jason's memory. They finally agreed that she would stay at Kelly's, and Sonny cautioned her that her life would not be her own for a while, but promised to deal with the situation as quickly as possible.

Felicia was just leaving the diner as Mac happened by. After some preliminary chat about Scott Baldwin's trial, Mac asked Felicia to meet him for dinner and she agreed until he proposed going to Luke's club. Felicia tried to beg off with a headache, but Mac would not accept the excuse, wondering why she was resisting his invitation, and she agreed to meet him in an hour. Later, at the club, Felicia arrived first and chatted with Roy, who was tending bar. She asked if he'd seen Luke, but Roy said that if Luke called anyone it would probably be her. Laura entered in time to hear Felicia say wistfully "I just wish Luke would call me" and demanded to know just why Luke would be calling her, reminding her that she'd said she wouldn't be in touch with him anymore. Laura pointed out that Felicia had been spending every spare moment at the club, and wondered if she planned "to sit on that barstool until Luke comes back." Laura said that Mac had told her all about the Faison escapade, and Felicia rallied with a remark about who had asked whom for a divorce; Laura snidely commented that Felicia had been there to pick up the pieces of Luke's broken heart. Mac arrived in time to hear Felicia say that she'll see Luke whenever she wants to whether Laura likes it or not. He said he was "sorry to interrupt, but I have a date with my wife" and Laura smugly mumbled "That's a novel idea" as Mac took Felicia to their table. Laura told Roy that Lulu had put their garage door opener in his coat pocket, and after he found and returned it, she left. At the table, Felicia tried to justify her behavior with Laura, but when Mac questioned her about her relationship with Luke, she smoothed things over and placated him. Back at the bar, Hannah arrived to ask Roy if he'd apologized to Sonny. He stated that he had, and Hannah begged him not to hurt Sonny. Roy pointed out that he didn't want to hurt anybody, but that what happens to her is all he cares about and the chips will fall where they may.

Carly was sitting on a bench at the docks when AJ approached and asked "Waiting for Jason?" They proceeded to argue about Jason and her lingering feelings for him, with AJ pointing out that if Jason had really loved her and Michael, he wouldn't have gone off and that he's not going to come to the rescue now. Carly said that she was just sitting there minding her own business, getting her mind right, and that "You get mad when I defend myself and when I don't, you attack me." She doesn't see how they can make the marriage work if he behaves like that, and advised him to go think it over. AJ agreed to do so and exited. Carly went to a phone and called an abortion clinic, giving her name as Caroline Morgan again. Tony happened by in time to overhear, and they began to argue about her behavior past and present and his right as a doctor to tell her what to do. Carly insisted that she knows what she's doing, and Tony departed saying "I hope you're right, for the sake of that poor defenseless baby." Later, Carly went to the clinic where she discussed her case with the counselor. The counselor wanted her to consider all her options and strongly suggested that she have a support person to confide in, but Carly was adamant about wanting the abortion, insisting that she had no options to consider and vowing to go through with it alone. The appointment was made for 5:00 the following day.

Helena met Stefan outside on the docks, and Helena told him to "muzzle his attack dog", referring to Alexis. Helena said that Alexis is beginning to annoy her, and suggested that Stefan put her up to it. Stefan asked Helena why he would do such a thing, and Helena replied that that's just what she was wondering. He asked her if she were frightened, but she denied it and insisted that Alexis was insignificant, her real concern was protecting Nikolas. She conjectured that when Stefan looks at Nikolas he sees Stavros, whom he hated. Stefan replied that he never hated his brother but rather pitied him, and can only love Nikolas, whom he'd raised as his own son. Helena insisted that he doesn't love Nikolas and never has. She can see Stefan for the weak ineffectual man that he is, perhaps Alexis can, too, but Nikolas cannot and therefore he is in danger. Stefan dismissed her speech as nonsense and left.

Later, Stefan encountered Andreas laden with boxes and bags, and said that he could "see Madame has been shopping again." Andreas was reluctant to speak with Stefan, concerned that Helena would discover them, but eventually admitted that she was planning to leave town. Stefan pressed him for details, but he refused to say anymore, fearing that Helena would arrive any minute. Stefan told him that Ari would have been proud of him, and promised to keep in touch. Shortly after Stefan had gone, Helena arrived and kissed Andreas in greeting. She commented that Alexis knows something about Lucky, and therefore must be eliminated. Andreas asked if "Madame means to kill her?" and Helena replied "Tomorrow."

Friday, January 28, 2000

Chloe and Alexis meet at the docks. Both are dressed incognito. Alexis says to Chloe, "Don't I know you?" Chloe responds that perhaps they have met at some lawyer meeting. Chloe says she will be playing one today after all. Chloe thanks Alexis for the use of her coat and her husband. Alexis reminder her that the coat she wants back.

Helena and Andreas are on the docks and Helena asks Andreas if he has made the necessary "arrangements." Andreas is unsure and questions why Helena doesn't rely on an expert. Helena says Alexis should be terminated. Andreas reasons with Helena that Alexis has never even mentioned Lucky Spencer. Helena mocks Andreas and that he must be squeamish. Andreas reassures her is only concern is for Helena. Helena reiterates to Andreas that they must act quickly because Lucky will be in a new home soon.

Roy is at Luke's tallying up receipts when the owner pops back in. Roy questions him immediately if he turned anything up on Lucky. Luke is disappointed and says all he found were Faison's contacts and a chalet, nothing concrete to tell Luke that Lucky is alive. Roy wonders aloud if this isn't Faison's final head-trip. Luke says it could be, but he still hears this nagging voice that his boy could be alive. Luke further confides to Roy that when he and Laura went to the morgue, they didn't have much to identify except a coin around Lucky's neck. He asks Roy if it doesn't seem possible that Faison could have planted that. Roy asks Luke why Faison would do it and what is in it for him. Luke says it has never made sense to him that his boy died in a fire caused by candles burning. He discloses to Roy that Lucky was running con games at 6 when they lived in Istanbul. Luke says that if there is even a shred of a chance he must pursue it. Roy wants to know if he will tell Laura. Luke says she isn't strong enough. Roy tells his buddy that his ex is stronger than he thinks. Luke tells Roy nobody knows his wife the way he does. Nobody. Felicia enters Luke's, sees his things and gets excited he is back. Someone approaches and she thinks it is Luke. Roy enters and Felicia has difficulty hiding her disappointment. Roy tells her he knows she is there for her scarf. Felicia uncomfortably says her dignity too. Roy tells her that he feels Luke could use a friend right now. Felicia tries to get more information, but Luke won't budge. She offers to help with the receipts and Roy says fine. She goes on to say that she will greet Luke in person.

Later, Tammy & Felicia are at Kelly's and Felicia is catching Tammy up on her bookwriting efforts. Tammy says there is a lot more work and research involved than she knew. Felicia confides that she would like to have Tammy look over her manuscript. Tammy says she would love to. She is an authority. She has read Gone with the Wind 9 times. Mike gave her the book for Xmas and she would be happy to read Felicia's work and give her any feedback. Liz comes in and Sonny is there. He wants a few minutes of her time. He tells her that Francis, one of his bodyguards, will be watching her until he gets a handle on this Sorel thing. He wants Liz to play it safe. He doesn't want her getting hurt because of him. Sonny thanks Tammy and tells her he heard she wields a mean bat. He also tells Tammy that bodyguards will be watching both of them. He asks Tammy to let him know if anyone harasses them. Before Sonny leaves he tells Liz to act like Francis isn't there and go about her normal business. He is sending Sorel a message. Liz tells Sonny she isn't scared and that if Sonny needs any brownies, he knows who to call. Sonny tells Francis on his way out that he is to watch Liz at any costs. Luke enters Kelly's and is pleased to see Liz behind the counter. Liz tells him his sister is saving lives today, not slinging hash. He wonders who the goon is outside and sees the worry and Liz's face. She tells Liz that Jason left and this is some damage control. Luke exits Kelly's and tells Francis he wants to see Sonny now. Francis says he will get his boss. Laura comes across Luke in front of Kelly's and is glad to see he is home. Luke says thanks and wants to know how Lulu is. She is fine and would be thrilled to see her dad Laura says. Laura says she too is fine and better now that Luke is home. She says she was worried because she heard from Mac about his captivity with Felicia. Laura was worried Luke's recent trip had to do with Faison. She asks Luke if he found anything and he said it was a longshot. They are glad to see each other and say their good-byes. Sonny arrives at Kelly's and Luke demands to know how it is that when he left Liz was fine and now she has a bodyguard! Sonny guarantees that Liz will not be in danger. Sonny tells Luke if he has an alternative that he needs to do what he needs to do. Before Luke leaves he calls Liz over in front of Sonny and asks her to promise that she will do what Sonny says. Liz tells him she will listen to Sonny. Luke tells Sonny that Liz has a piece of his son's heart and she must be kept safe. Sonny says he understands.

Jax and Chloe are at their getaway. Chloe wants validation that she looks like Alexis. Jax says the sparkle in her eye is pure Chloe. Good answer. Chloe wonders if it is just her or if it indeed is hot in the room and takes his sweater off. Jax lifts her up and puts her on the bed. After they have made love, Chloe confides in Jax that she wishes she could stop the clock. Jax tells her that they won't have long to wait and that they will have their time. Chloe and Jax begin to say their goodnights back on the docks. Chloe tells Jax she is going to stop at the nearby bakery to get some pastries for her and Ned. Helena is in her car at a distance with the engine on. Chloe is wearing what she had on earlier: a hooded sweater that hides her face rather well. Chloe starts for the street and Helena steps on the gas, lunging towards Chloe. Just as Chloe looks up at the oncoming car, Helena seems to realize it isn't Alexis. She hits her and Chloe falls unconscious to the ground. Jax yells for Chloe and starts yelling to anyone to call 911.

Carly is at GH to see Bobbie. Bobbie says she had heard from Lila that Carly was sick. She wonders aloud if Carly should be out. Carly says it is important she say to Bobbie what she needs to say. She tells her that she is so sorry for making Bobbie feel like a criminal for giving her up when she was a baby. Bobbie immediately wants to know what happened to bring Carly to this realization. Bobbie asks, "Have you been crying?" Carly reassures her Mom that she wants her to know she realizes what a hard decision Bobbie was faced with and she is sorry she wasn't more understanding. Bobbie tells Carly she knows how frustrating it can be to be a mom and that toddler's are a lot of work. Carly tells her mom that Michael is the best thing that ever happened to her and she wouldn't give him up for anything. Carly leaves with Bobbie telling her how much she loves her. Carly tells her she knows that Bobbie always has. Bobbie feels helpless and tells Carly so. Carly comforts her mom and tells her she has been a great help.

Stefan sees Laura in the hospital corridor and questions her about Luke? Does she know where he went or why? Laura wants to know why Stefan is desperate to find Luke. Stefan tells her he has uncovered a connection between Faison and Helena. He thinks that Nikolas could be in danger. Laura tells Stefan he must promise not to do anything to harm Luke. He is the father of her children. She corrects herself he is the father of her child. Stefan comforts Laura and tells her he has nothing to gain by hurting Luke.

Sonny comes across Carly sitting on the docks. He tells her she is going to freeze. They discuss for a few moments how they both meant something to Jason and how he saw something good in both of them. Carly says that maybe Jason was right. Sonny tells her no he wasn't. Carly insults Sonny by saying that he can continue to hate himself, but she won't. She says she will never forget the look in Jason's eyes when he walked in on them.

Carly shows up at the clinic for her scheduled procedure. She flashes back to when she first saw Michael in the incubator with tubes all around him, to Jason and Bobbie encouraging her to be with her son and to herself with Jason, holding Michael at his christening.

Back at GH, Bobbie seems distracted and drops a stack of charts on the floor just as Tony comes up. She tells Tony she is worried about Carly and that Jason has left. She says she is genuinely worried for Carly's health. Tony tells her Carly is fine and will land on her feet. Bobbie asks him how he knows Carly is fine and he reluctantly admits that he saw her at the clinic. Bobbie badgers him to tell her what Carly was there for, reminding him that she would find out anyway, so he might as well tell her. Finally, Tony tells her Carly is pregnant. He asks Bobbie to please not tell Carly he told her (like anyone else knows). Bobbie replays the conversation in her mind she had with Carly earlier, remembering Carly saying she knew how hard it must have been for Bobbie to give her up. Bobbie gets the number to the clinic. As the phone rings at the clinic, Carly gets up to go the bathroom. Bobbie tells the receptionist she is looking for a referral patient who should be listed as Caroline "Carly" Benson. The woman replies no one is there by that name. Bobbie asks her to check Roberts or Morgan. The woman says she has a Caroline Morgan. Bobbie thanks her and hangs up. When Carly returns from the restroom her name is calledRecap --->

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