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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 14, 2000 on GH
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Monday, February 14, 2000

Sonny put two and two together and deduced that he is the father of Carly's baby. He went to Bobbie with his deduction, and she confirmed it. Sonny asked if he were not supposed to know, and vowed to take care of the situation as it is his responsibility. Bobbie scolded him, asking what happened to his sense of responsibility on the night he slept with Carly, and, citing Sonny's concern for respect and honor, asked what happened to respect for Carly and Jason? Sonny replied that he and Carly would be the ones to pay for their mistake, no one else, but Bobbie labeled that "a crock" and said that what was best for the baby may well break Sonny's heart. She cautioned him not to go off and do something without thinking it through first, and Sonny left.

At the diner, Tammy and Liz were just finishing up and Liz was ready to leave. Tammy asked her to stay, to help serve the crowd expected when the Valentine Dance ended, but Liz wanted to be alone. Tammy, remembering what Liz had told her about last Valentine's Day with Lucky, agreed. Mike met Liz at the door and asked her what a pretty girl like her was doing on Valentine's Day without a date, then, after Liz left, kicked himself for forgetting about Lucky. Tammy comforted him, and he proposed she close up and come out for a lobster dinner with him. She told him about the expected crowd, and he agreed to cook her a dinner to share at the diner. He served it by candlelight, and all was very cozy until Juan and Emily arrived, carrying balloons and wanting milkshakes. Mike pointed out that Tammy was eating her dinner, and suggested that they get their own shakes, then suggested to Tammy that she leave the diner in the care of Juan and Emily and go dancing with him. Tammy was hesitant at first, but then agreed and went to change her clothes. She came back down dressed in a Valentine red dress that wowed Mike and Juan. Tammy reminded Juan and Emily to lock up after everyone leaves, and then she and Mike left. Juan immediately went to the window and flipped the sign to "closed", then when Emily wondered what Taggert would think if he showed up, turned off the lights also. Emily asked if Taggert had had "the talk" with Juan, he said that he had and they chuckled about it and kissed. Emily asked about her Valentine present, and Juan mumbled around a bit, then began to sing for her and they kissed some more.

At the hospital, Jax and Chloe snuggled on the bed as she slept. Alexis and Ned arrived with flowers, and Jax proposed that they spend Valentine's Day with the person they love, consequences be damned. Ned gave Chloe her Valentine present (cashmere sweater), Alexis gave Jax his (electric socks), and Jax gave one to Alexis and Ned together (deed to an acre of rainforest). Jax repeatedly hinted that he and Chloe wanted to be alone, and eventually Ned and Alexis left. Jax and Chloe were kissing when there was a knock at the door. Jax had arranged for dinner to be flown from Milan, since Chloe had always wanted to take him there, and after she felt her way to the table and identified the foods by scent, he fed her. After dinner, Chloe stated that she felt they'd been given another chance at happiness, and she wanted to make the most of it. Jax agreed and they kissed. He produced marshmallows, and after a little protest from Chloe about setting the place on fire, made s'mores by toasting the marshmallows over the dinner candles. Chloe said she wished she could see Jax, and he assured her that she would be able to see him long before next Valentine's Day.

Alexis, in bed with Ned, made a show of looking for her Valentine gift, and Ned presented her with a ring. She agreed to wear it on her right hand for now, and they began to make love as she extended her hand over Ned's shoulder to see her ring.

Liz went to the chapel, lit candles, and talked to Lucky. She told him that she misses him all the time, and promised him that all of her, body and soul, mind and spirit is in love with him now and will never change. She vowed he would always be in her heart, then turned to leave.

At Luke's club, Bobbie arrived and wistfully watched the couples dancing. Roy came up to her, and she asked if Luke had returned, but Roy said that he had not. He got Bobbie some wine and joined her at a table, where she admitted that she'd told Sonny the truth. Roy said that since Sonny had asked her point blank, she had no choice but to tell him. Bobbie said she'd given him a lecture on responsibility, and Roy chuckled that he bet Sonny'd loved that. Bobbie wondered if she'd done the right thing, and worried that maybe she'd just lost her daughter, and Roy tried to reassure her. Bobbie said that Carly doesn't know what lies cost, and regretted that she hadn't known the truth twenty years before, that secrets shouldn't be kept. Roy was stating that one shouldn't let that get in the way of love, when the power went out, leaving the club lit only by candles. Roy and Bobbie quickly concluded that Luke had failed to pay the utility company, and Roy apologized to the crowd, announcing that he would now have to close up for the evening. The crowd exited, and Bobbie remained to help Roy clean up. Roy asked if she recalled Valentine's Day at the Campus Disco, and she said that she did. Roy said that all he really remembers is her red dress, and they reminisced about how she kept trying to get his attention by dancing with her brother, and he admitted that he'd made a lot of mistakes. After they finished cleaning up, Roy produced a portable stereo, commented that it may take him a while but he catches on eventually, and asked Bobbie if she'd like to dance. She replied that she thought he'd never ask, and they began to dance.

All the Quartermaines were gathered in the living room following dinner. Edward gave Lila her present (candy and music they'd danced to years before), Monica showed off her roses and the necklace Alan had given her. Edward asked if he couldn't have given her a full string of pearls instead of only five, but when Alan explained the significance - five years of being cancer-free - all agreed it was a lovely gift. AJ gave Carly her gift of a charm bracelet, and she commented that they'd have years together to add charms. The doorbell rang, and Edward instructed "no guests!" and proposed a toast, to "all the Quartermaines here and all the Quartermaines to come." Sonny appeared in the room just then, having let himself in, and everyone was horrified and jumped all over him, but he insisted he just wanted to speak to Carly. AJ demanded to know why Sonny would want to speak to his wife, and he replied "Why? Because she's pregnant with my child." At first there was shocked silence, then the Quartermaines all began to speak at once, largely defending Carly who said that there must be a misunderstanding. Sonny apologized to Lila, then turned to Carly and said "Tell me it's not my kid." She replied "The baby's got nothing to do with you." Sonny began to explain that she didn't sleep with her husband (AJ jumped in here) and Jason wouldn't have her (Carly screamed at him to get out) and Edward suggested that Jason had put him up to this. Sonny, angry, said he'd demand a blood test, and Edward instructed AJ to call the attorney, but Sonny turned to Carly and said that they don't need a blood test, they all know what the result will prove. After a moment of silence, Carly agreed that there was no need for a blood test, and quietly admitted that the baby is Sonny's. Alan and Monica immediately began to trash Carly, and AJ demanded to know how many times she'd slept with Sonny. Sonny told him once, but AJ didn't believe him. Monica guessed that that was why Jason had left, and Sonny said that all he cares about is the child, he just wants to be part of the child's life. Edward suggested that perhaps it was a lie, and when Sonny questioned why he'd do that, explained that it would prove that AJ wasn't the father of the baby. AJ said that he'd "never thought the baby was mine, and neither did any of you - not really." He said that he'd been looking forward to raising Jason's child, but that there was no way he'd raise Sonny's, then turned on Carly, called her a tramp who wasn't good enough for him, and told her to get out. Carly said that there was no way she'd leave without Michael, but AJ replied "No way." Alan then suggested that maybe tossing Carly out wasn't the best idea, and when Monica retorted "Are you on drugs again?" calmly replied "Well, what would have happened if I'd thrown you out the first time you slept with somebody? Or the second? Or the third?" As Edward insisted that they had to consider Michael's needs, all the Quartermaines began to argue amongst themselves, Sonny commented that his child would not be brought up like this, and neither should Michael. All resumed arguing again until Lila spoke up. She said that Mr. Corinthos and Carly needed a moment, then instructed Sonny to leave afterward. Sonny apologized again to Lila, and all the Quartermaines exited, arguing once more. Alone, Carly told Sonny that he didn't have to do that, and he told her just to "take care of that baby." She began to protest that she'd never hurt the baby, but Sonny told her not to say anything, promised her that he'd be back, and left.

Tuesday, February 15, 2000

Edward consoled AJ in the Quartermaine living room about the situation with Carly. AJ misread Edward's concern and assured him he had not been drinking. Edward asked him delicately if there was ANY chance the baby could be his and AJ bitterly admitted other than a few nights previously, he and Carly hadn't been together in months. Edward acknowledged that Carly's behavior was despicable and wondered aloud if she had been unfaithful with anyone else. AJ said that it was anyone's guess. Edward then suggested that perhaps the whole thing about it being Sonny's baby was a ruse. When AJ asked to what end, Edward went on to say that Carly knew the Quartermaines would fight for a baby that was AJ's or Jason's, but not for a Corinthos baby, then she could leave and take both babies with her. AJ didn't thing Carly would align herself with Sonny (but would sleep with him, I guess). Edward warned him nevertheless to not trust those two. AJ said he wished Edward was right, but he was certain Sonny was the baby's father...and that meant Carly had to go. Edward cautioned him to consider all the ramifications of divorcing Carly. AJ couldn't find any and Edward suggested that she might win custody of Michael. AJ scoffed at that and Edward reminded him that cheating only proved her to be a bad wife, not a bad mother. AJ brought up the fact that she was having a baby with a known criminal and that would prove she was not taking Michael into a good environment. Edward countered that in actuality, Sonny had never even been convicted of so much as a traffic ticket and that his persona was of a wealthy businessman who gave millions away to charity. AJ pulled out his last card and reminded Edward that Carly had a history of mental illness...that she had abandoned her baby to Jason and no judge in the world would award her custody under those circumstances. "Unless Corinthos buys her one," Edward said. "That's how I would handle it." Concerned, AJ asked his grandfather for advice. Edward suggested that things remain just as they are. Carly stays and they raise the baby as a Quartermaine. After all, AJ was willing to take her back when he thought she had slept with Jason.

Alan and Monica came in just then and admonished Edward for badgering AJ. AJ came to Edward's defense and said that Edward had been helping him a great deal in sorting things out. After Edward left, AJ apologized to his parents for not listening when they were telling him what a bad influence Carly would be. Monica said that it was simple now, all he had to do is call a lawyer and get a divorce. Alan felt it wouldn't be that simple and reminded Monica that when she tried to sue her for custody of AJ, it got complicated. Monica asked if he had any other suggestions and he said that any decisions would be made by AJ, but that they should try to learn from their own history. Monica asked if he was suggesting AJ kill her. Alan shot her a look and brought up that Monica had nothing but disdain for Jason, but over time she came to love him. He said he hoped that was what would happen with Carly's baby and AJ. Both AJ and Monica balked at the idea and AJ said there was no way he'd raise Sonny's bastard. Alan suggested that Michael had already had so much upheaval that it would destroy him to lose his mother. AJ said he had too much to think about right now and needed some time, then left for his room. Afterward, Monica crawled all over Alan for even suggesting that AJ and Carly stay together, saying if AJ took his advice, she'd never forgive him.

Nikolas went to L&B to see Alexis and apologize to her for his behavior when she told him that Stefan was not his father. He said that most of his anger was selfish, that he had enjoyed not being a prince. She pointed out that although he had meetings and such, he didn't even take over the estate until he turned 25 and should have some fun in the meantime. He said he had really enjoyed working in public relations and she offered to talk to Ned about him working for L&B. Helena interrupted their talk and the three bantered back and forth for a while, with Nikolas asking Helena to leave, Helena trying to convince him that she was working for his best interests and Alexis only commenting occasionally. Finally, Helena left with a reminder that she and Alexis were far from finished. Nikolas asked Alexis what that was about and Alexis told him that Helena liked to threaten her. He suggested that she tell him the next time it happened and that, since he had some influence with Helena, he would try to stop it. Alexis told him she loved him and he told her he loved her too and asked her to let him know what Ned said about the job, then they said good-bye.

Stefan took Laura to a beautiful piece of land and told her that he owned it and planned to build a house there for the two of them. As he described the house he envisioned, Laura agreed that would be wonderful, but reluctantly told him that she wasn't sure she was ready for marriage. After all, she wasn't even divorced yet! Stefan assured her the house would take months to build, that she had time. Laura asked what would happen if she wasn't ready then either, would that be the end of their relationship? Stefan said that he would never regret waiting for her. When he asked if it was still Luke standing between them, she said it was her, that she needed to be sure that her love was strong enough to last a lifetime.

Mac showed up at Luke's club and tried to pressure Roy into telling him where Luke had gone and, more importantly, with whom. Roy stonewalled, then told Mac that he could take him to the station if he wanted, but what it came down to was that he had no idea where Luke was or if Felicia was with him. Mac angrily told Roy to give Luke the message that Felicia's family needed her home, NOW.

Luke and Felicia got to the bunker in Lybia where Lucky had been held captive, but were too late. He had already been moved. Luke found a shirt and breathed in the smell of it, knowing it had been Lucky's. He also found a chess set that was scattered and knew it also had belonged to his son. Luke berated himself for accepting the idea that Lucky was dead so easily. He said that he had known from the beginning in his heart that something was wrong. His son was a light sleeper and would have gotten out! They bantered around ideas for why Stefan might have taken Lucky, including winning Laura's undivided attention for Nikolas.

Edward stopped Alan as he was leaving for work and apologize to him for hurting AJ by encouraging his relationship with Carly. Alan said that he wished he could stay and enjoy this, but he had to get to the hospital, but assured his father that AJ was responsible for his own choices. He did concede that Edward's meddling had screwed him up so badly he didn't know which end was up and left. Immediately afterward, Emily came into the living room to ask Edward more questions about Mary Mae. Edward chastised her for being out late and she told him it was the Valentine's Dance and she had permission. They talked about Mary Mae and Bradley and Edward expressed his admiration for the entire family, telling Emily that they put people first rather than money and encouraging her to emulate them. He said he regretted not being able to spend more time with Bradley and that it didn't matter to him that he was half-black. He said the decision to raise Bradley as Dan Ward's son was a wise one and resulted in the incredible man that Bradley became. Emily said she had all she needed and thanked Edward. He reminded her he wanted to read her report when she was finished.

Roy was working at the club when Hannah came in and asked if they could talk. He told her the staff could walk in at any minute and she told him it would be short, then announced that she was thinking of quitting the FBI. He questioned her motives in quitting and she said it was because partly because of Sonny and also because the FBI had forced her to use him in the case as well. He asked if she thought Sonny would forgive her if she did this and she said no, that she loved him but she wasn't going to chase him any more. He said he hated to see her quit after all the sacrifices she'd made to get to where she is, but admitted that if she quit, she'd be doing herself a favor. She asked him if he was disappointed in her and he said only if she was disappointed. He told her how proud he was of all she had achieved. The both agreed that it was really hard to pick up the pieces and move on after love died.

Emily and AJ had a heart to heart and he told her about Carly's baby. Emily was astonished and blurted out that this must be why Jason left town. AJ was crushed that Emily seemed only to be interested in Jason's feelings. She reassured him and expressed her hatred for Carly. Emily went upstairs and Monica came in to go on the record with AJ saying that she thought Edward and Alan were dead wrong about him staying with Carly He said he had Michael to consider and didn't know what he was going to do. When Alan came in saying he had come home to check on AJ, AJ said he was uncomfortable having people hover over him and that he was going to the office. Monica and Alan berated one another for their individual treatment of AJ, with Monica voicing concern that AJ would fall apart and Alan saying she was selling him short.

Taggert came into the diner and questioned Liz about Sorel. She blew him off and he reminded her that she was in danger and didn't know it. She encouraged him to let handle it and back off. Dara came in to pick up and order and told Taggert they needed to go over his testimony for a trial. While they were talking, Hannah came in and he invited her to go to Luke's with him later. She agreed and said she would love to catch up with some of her friends who work there. As they were laughing together, Dara looked on jealously. At Luke's Hannah greeted her friend and then she and Taggert found a table. He got a phone call and took it outside and a guy from the bar came to sit with Hannah. She told him the seat was taken and he asked, "By the black guy" and suggested that she was now trading up. She gave him a disgusted look and left.

Lila told Edward she knew something was troubling him and he said he was thinking about the high cost of adultery and how everyone is hurt by it. He said he remembered how he had cheated on her and that the difference was that she had come back and he knew Jason wouldn't.

Emily ran into the diner to tell Liz why Jason had really left town. Liz told her friend there must be some mistake, but Emily assured her it was true that Carly was carrying Sonny's child.

At L&B, Stefan asked to speak to Alexis and she told him that Helena had tried to kill her and had hit her friend, Chloe instead. Stefan asked what had provoked her attack and Alexis told her she had pretended to know something she didn't and that whatever Helena was up to must be pretty Stefan said it was, swore her to secrecy and told her about Lucky.

Felicia and Luke arranged to take a chopper to Switzerland, reasoning that because their money was there, Luke could break into their accounts and find a money trail that would lead them to Lucky.

Wednesday, February 16, 2000

Alexis was stunned when Stefan told her about seeing Lucky. He asked her to put together an airtight case against Helena for kidnapping Lucky that even the PCPD couldn't bungle up. After a while, she agreed that they would bring Helena down together, provided Stefan would tell Laura everything. Stefan convinced her that if he told Laura about Lucky, it could get her hopes up for nothing.

The man in the bar continued to harass Hannah about being with Taggert until Roy threw him out and Taggert threatened to arrest him. Afterwards, Hannah was dismayed when Taggert told her he encountered that sort of thing all the time. He said he was too light skinned for blacks and too dark for whites. Hannah confided to Taggert that she was considering leaving the bureau. She told him it wasn't about Sonny, but about wanting a life that didn't involve spying on people and having fake jobs and fake identities all the time. He told her he thought it was fine that she was trying to find herself, but encouraged her to think about it a little longer.

Liz and Emily where discussing Carly's pregnancy when Sonny walked in all smiles. Emily let go on him with a piece of her mind for betraying his friend by sleeping with Carly. Sonny apologized and Emily told him his words were worth nothing. Mike overheard Emily's tirade and after Sonny walked out, told Emily that what she said could not possibly be true. Emily assured him it was. Mike immediately left to go find Sonny.

Carly stormed into the Brownstone and let Bobbie have it for betraying her to Sonny. Bobbie tried to explain her actions, but Carly was on transmit and not receive. She told Bobbie she had ruined her life, as well as the lives of her children. She tried to show Bobbie how many lives were not destroyed and ended by storming back out the door and telling Bobbie she never wanted to see her again.

Mike came to Sonny's penthouse and Sonny immediately launched into him, telling his father that it was true, he got Carly pregnant, that it was a huge mistake and he'd screwed up, that he was trash. Mike assured him he just wanted to see if there was anything he could do to help. While they were talking, Edward came in and asked to speak to Sonny. Sonny sent Johnny/Francis away and asked Mike to leave. Edward tried to convince Sonny to allow the baby to be raised as a Quartermaine and Sonny was having nothing of it. No way was he going to let his child be raised as the black sheep of the family. Edward tried to persuade Sonny that the Quartermaine life would be much better for any child than the life of a gangster, but Sonny ordered him out of the penthouse with a promise that it would never happen and an invitation for Edward to go to hell.

Bobbie came into Luke's and sought some comfort from Roy, who assured her that Carly would be back, that Bobbie was a bridge Carly couldn't afford to burn. Bobbie wasn't convinced. Roy poured her a glass of wine and they talked about old times. She admitted to him that the issue with Carly's baby had shown her that she didn't want her grandchildren raised around the mob lifestyle...or her own!

Lila was waiting for Carly when she returned from Bobbie and Carly told she knew what she was thinking, that she was trash and had hurt people Lila loved. Lila asked her only one question: Is this Jason's baby. Carly said she wished it was, but that Sonny was the father. Lila sighed heavily. Carly said she had to figure out what was going to be best for her children. Lila said, "Now's your chance" and left just as AJ walked in. AJ insulted Carly as usual and informed her that it was his choice as to whether she stayed or left. She told him there was no way he would ever take Michael from her and he applauded her for talking a good game, but said she was all out of aces. Monica came in and started lambasting Carly, telling her the gravy train had stopped and letting her know what a tramp she was. Alan came in and told Monica that enough was enough, but when Carly thanked him, he made it clear she was the lowest of the low and he was absolutely not on her side. He told her that when she had come to the house, because of her track record, they had set their expectations of her quite low, but that she had given new meaning to the phrase, "bottom of the pit." She asked if he considered himself a paragon of virtue and said that at least she wasn't a drug addict, whereupon Monica promptly jumped down her throat and began the name calling brigade again. This led into their assurance that Carly would never get custody of Michael, perhaps not even visitation. AJ asked them to let him speak to Carly alone, which they did. After they left, he told her she could stay at the mansion if she wanted. He asked what she would do for money and that she was certainly going to get no alimony. He asked her how she would afford two custody battles, one with him and one with Sonny and told her if she stayed, she'd be fighting from a position of strength. She said she could stay there and raise her baby with people who hate her and it and he said he and his family were not monsters...that they would become attached. She asked if she as supposed to count on that and he told her she had no choice. She agreed to stay and that she had no other choice. He said, "Good" and left her standing alone in the living room.

Juan came into the diner, wondering why Emily had stood him up for ice skating. She told him what had happened. Emily became even more upset when Juan asked if Sonny gave any kind of explanation and said that there is always two sides to every story. She felt Juan was taking Sonny's side and stormed off. Juan asked her what this was really about and after some talking, they realized how worried she was that Juan would cheat on her. He promised her that would never happen.

Tammy served Tony a double order of oyster stew (loaded with cream) and noticed that he seemed distracted and sad. Tony said that he'd had a tough two years and that being a consult on Chloe's surgery had really made him miss his career and want it back. Tammy asked him what it would take for him to operate again and he said possibly surgery and physical therapy, but he was afraid of getting excited about the possibility and then being let down. Tammy encouraged him, saying he'd be no worse off than he is now for trying and if he didn't take a swing, he'd never hit the ball.

Alexis told Ned about Stefan stopping by and the request he made of her. She told him she was planning to help him and he was dismayed and concerned for her safety. She reminded him that she had a personal stake in sending Helena to prison and he cautioned her to be very careful and to please let him help if she felt herself sinking into the Cassadine madness. She promised she wouldRecap --->

Thursday, February 17, 2000

In her hospital room, Chloe talked to Jax about her plan to go home. She said that she can't stand being cooped up there, she is not afraid, and she wants to get on with her life. Jax vowed to be with her every step of the way, and they kissed. Gertrude showed up outside the door, but Amy intercepted her before she entered the room, saying that Mr. Jacks was already inside and Tony was on his way to examine Chloe. Gertrude wondered why Jax was there rather than Ned, but just then Tony arrived and went inside the room. Chloe told Tony her plan to go home, and Tony examined her eyes then agreed to her release, but cautioned her that the swelling hadn't gone down so she'll need to rest and come to the hospital for checkups. He said he'd be in touch with rehab so she could learn the skills she'd need, and they could talk about possible surgery later. Jax asked if her sight could still return on its own, and Tony said flatly that there was "a chance", then he left the room. Chloe said that she could tell from Tony's voice that he doesn't believe she'll see again, and began to cry. Jax assured her that she just needed time to heal, but Chloe told him that she's upset about losing her design business and scared about the future in general, despite what she'd told him earlier. Jax went to see about her release, and Ned entered her room. He said he'd heard about her release, and asked if she were really ready. Jax returned with Amy and a wheelchair, and they all agreed Chloe could ride with both handsome men pushing.

Laura stopped by Mac's house and they discussed the Felicia-Luke situation. Mac told her that he'd figured out that Felicia's "researching Lila's memoirs" is just a cover story for being with Luke, and Laura told him in reply that Felicia must have a good reason for being with Luke, since she knows Felicia loves Mac. Mac asked if it bothered her that Luke and Felicia were together, and when Laura gave him the "we're separated, he can do what he wants" answer, asked if she were sure about that. Laura mumbled something about running late, and left.

Nikolas told Stefan about his PR job at L&B, and Stefan was less than enthusiastic. Nikolas explained that he didn't want the responsibility of running the Cassadine empire, but Stefan insisted that he's the heir and needs to begin behaving as such. Stefan said that he was going to Nova Scotia on business today, but that they'd continue the discussion upon his return, and Nikolas agreed, warning that he would not feel differently then.

At the Port Charles Grill, Edward joined Ned at a table. He asked if Ned were dodging his phone calls, but Ned explained that Chloe is in the hospital and he assumed Edward just wanted him for the party for the new baby. Edward soberly said that the party had been canceled, and Ned jumped to the conclusion that something had happened with the pregnancy, but Edward replied that Carly and the baby were fine, then confided that the baby is Sonny's. Ned wondered how AJ could contemplate raising another man's child, and Edward explained that AJ has to keep the family intact in order to avoid losing Michael. AJ walked behind the table in time to overhear this last, and remarked to Ned that he sees his grandfather already told him the news and guessed that Ned must be loving it. Edward explained that Ned is a family member and as such needs to be involved, and then added that he trusts Ned's judgment. Edward left and AJ took his seat, commenting that Ned had been right - it was only a matter of time before Edward had turned to him. Ned asked that AJ hurry up with his crash-and-burn, so that they could minimize the damage, but AJ replied that he had no intention of losing his job or anything else, including Carly. Ned answered that the problem is that AJ will begin to feel sorry for himself, then start drinking again, and AJ vowed never to allow that to happen. "It's your life - ruin it any way you want", Ned cracked as he left. A waiter cam by and asked if AJ wanted anything from the bar, and after a second's hesitation he ordered club soda.

At another table, Stefan spoke on the telephone, asking if everything were in place, urging extreme caution, and promising to call when he is ready to depart. Helena entered and joined Stefan at his table. He remarked "Mother. I'd hoped your absence was of a more permanent nature" and Helena replied that she'd never abandon her grandson, especially now that Stefan wants to seize control of the Cassadine empire. Stefan casually told her to "think what you want" and Helena viewed him suspiciously, wondering aloud if he were trying to keep something from her. She remarked that he seemed far too pleased with himself, and speculated that it had to do with the house he is building for Laura, labeling it a "pathetically juvenile fantasy." Stefan refused to get into it with her, and politely exited.

At Laura's house, Nikolas stopped by to share the news of his job with L&B and explained Stefan's reservations as single-minded focus on the Cassadines' future. Laura said that Stefan might be more open to change than Nikolas realized, and told him about the plans for the house. Nikolas asked if they planned to marry, and Laura answered that while she isn't ready for that, her point was simply that Stefan is not as tied to the Cassadines as Nikolas thinks. Nikolas told her of Stefan's plan to go to Nova Scotia, and Laura counseled that when he returns, Nikolas should just be honest with him and he'll realize Nikolas needs to live his own life. Nikolas left and a few minutes later Stefan arrived. He was pleased by her comment about "family dropping by", happy to be thought of in that way. They began to discuss Nikolas' job at L&B, but quickly dropped the topic, as Stefan didn't want to argue about it. Laura asked how long he planned to be gone, and Stefan couldn't answer her, but said that the sooner everything was completed the better. Laura asked if she could call him, and he said that he would instead call her. She cautioned him to be careful, and he told her that his only wish is for her to be happy, and left.

Back at the restaurant, Helena commented to Andreas that Stefan acted too confident. He asked if she thought Stefan knew about Lucky, and Helena replied that she didn't see how he could, but that she can't afford to take chances.

At their hotel, Luke sat at the computer trying to get clues to Lucky's whereabouts. Felicia decided to call her daughters, and the girls answered the phone. They exchanged "miss you" and "love you" endearments, and Mac took over the telephone and asked, after the girls were out of earshot, "How's Luke?" Felicia admitted that she knew they had things to discuss, but Mac replied that they couldn't discuss this over the phone and asked her to come home. Felicia replied that she couldn't, but that she had a good reason and told Mac she loved him. He answered that she needs to show him, not tell him, and insisted that she return home immediately. Felicia answered that she needed more time, and Mac said, "Let me get this straight. I asked you to come home, and your answer is 'no' - does that about cover it?" All Felicia could say was "Oh, Mac." He said he'd tell the girls she'd call tomorrow, then hung up as Felicia sadly said his name over and over. Luke, overhearing her half of the conversation, asked what she wanted to do next. She replied that she couldn't go home because no one can know about Lucky, she'd have to lie, so the best course would be to go through with the plan to rescue Lucky, then Mac would understand. Luke told her that he was having no luck with his computer chase of Stefan and his money, and mused that he needed an inside track. He decided to call Laura, and when she answered the phone, told her that he's working on something Helena is up to and needed to know about Stefan's business trips. Laura was reluctant at first, but Luke assured her that it was important and she told him that Stefan was off to Nova Scotia that very day. Luke told Felicia the news, then got the address off the computer and guessed that that is where Lucky is.

Kevin Collins arrived at Mac's house, and when he asked about Felicia, Mac replied "She's busy...having an affair with Luke Spencer." Mac lamented not having seen the affair coming, and Kevin requested that Mac fill him in on the background. Mac explained that it all began when Lucky died, and Luke and Laura split up. He said in a snide tone that Felicia felt compelled to help poor, suffering Luke, and Kevin jumped in protesting that Mac wasn't being fair - Luke had lost a son, after all. Mac interjected that he wanted to be fair, and Luke had repaid him by stealing his wife. Mac went on to explain that everything had seemed normal until Luke and Felicia were locked in together in the Quartermaine crypt, and that after that everything had been different. He said that he hadn't picked up on it at the time, but he could see it all now. Next they went to Mexico, and Felicia lied about that, too. Kevin said that he could understand Mac's anger and suspicion, but suggested that Mac had no real evidence. He said that he'd known Mac and Felicia a long time, and felt that Mac just needed an affirmation that Felicia loves him. Kevin insisted that Felicia does indeed love Mac, and said there had to be some other explanation for her behavior. Mac said that Faison had seen clearly, and told Kevin about the videotape. He asked what Felicia had said when Mac told her about the tape, and Mac admitted that he'd never come right out and asked her about it. Kevin asked if Mac had ever asked Felicia outright if she were having an affair, and Mac explained that expected honesty from his wife, and wasn't trying to make Kevin defend her. Kevin pointed out that he'd caught Lucy in a lie and subsequently lost her, and he would hate to see that happen to Mac. Kevin suggested that Mac owed it to himself, if not to Felicia, to give her a chance to explain, and Mac told him about the phone call in which she didn't deny that she was with Luke and had refused to come home. He said it was "done", and when Kevin said he was sorry, remarked "So am I."

Friday, February 18, 2000

Alexis is on the phone at her penthouse on a business call as Jax, Chloe and Ned come in. Chloe says she wants to try to figure out the furniture placement on her own. She just wants to be pointed in the right direction. Jax points her in it and they all smile their encouragement as she makes it to the couch. Gertrude, typically sitting at the Grill bar, is paying off the waiter as he informs Chloe's evil aunt that Jax and Ned arrived with Chloe moments earlier. Gertrude smugly stirs her martini anticipating victory.

Carly is catalog browsing at the mansion when Sonny walks in asking if that is what she does all day, find ways to spend the Quartermaine money. Carly asks who let him in and he says the door was open. He tells her clearly that no baby of his will take anything from the Quartermaines, that he will provide everything for his baby. Carly reminds Sonny she is married to another man and all he did was get her pregnant. He doesn't get a vote in this situation and that she will be raising their baby in the Quartermaine home. Sonny says, "You wanna bet?" Just then Edward walks in demanding to know how Sonny got in. Sonny says he is talking to the mother of his baby. Edward tells Sonny if he knew what was good for him he would take his advice and leave things alone. He tells Sonny if he has to, he will get a restraining order. Sonny tells Edward if he wants a fight, he'll get more than he bargained for and storms off. Edward tells Carly she needs to rest after a confrontation with Sonny but Carly assures Edward that she can handle it. Edward still has his doubts. He tells Carly that Sonny is meeting with Alexis Davis as they speak. He reminds her what Alexis was able to do with Jason's custody case when Michael wasn't even his and tells her it is very important that she stay there with the Quartermaines. They will help her fight Sonny. If she doesn't stay, he tells her she could lose both of her children. Ed walks out and a panicked Carly dials the phone and tells someone on the other end that she needs to see them right away.

Back at the penthouse, the Jacks' and Ashtons toast with champagne to Chloe's discharge from the hospital. They wonder if their marriages are still perceived as others to be intact. They all admit they hadn't been as cautious as usual and didn't really know. All agreed Chloe is the priority. Alexis gets a call and has to go help a client. Ned says he has to go to and will walk her out, leaving Chloe and Jax alone. Jax asks Chloe how she is doing. She says, honestly, she is trying not to panic. She says as long as she is in the moment she is fine. When she thinks about her future she just doesn't know how to make the blindness fit in. Jax reassures her that she may not have to. The swelling could go down. Chloe asks Jax to guide her to the window. He does and as they are both looking out Chloe tells her memories of the view, placing the park, the ELQ building and other major landmarks. She tells him she remembers when she first saw the view and Jax in front of it. She says she can remember him smiling and as long as she has that image it will be okay even if she never sees again. They go sit on the couch and Chloe tells Jax how her senses are heightened and she can smell the fire and hear it crackle. She wishes she could see him in the firelight. Jax tells her that she can and puts her hand on his face as they kiss. She tells Jax she misses him and wants to make love. Jax asks if she is sure. She says surer than anything else in her life and they begin to make love. Afterwards, Jax asks Chloe if she would like to take a bubblebath for two. Chloe says she would love it. Just as a shirtless Jax lifts Chloe up to carry her to the bath, Gertrude bursts in with a photographer who begins snapping pictures. "Well, well what do we have here?" she taunts."

Helena is at the Grill also on her cell phone. She is there alone (surprise). The henchman on the other line tells her that Lucky is being extremely cooperative. Helena says she is pleased and he'd better be ready for the next step.

Felicia and Luke are on a plane to Nova Scotia. They are plotting their plan of attack on the Cassadine estate there. Looking at a map, they try to figure out the logistics of the area they will be covering. Luke tells Felicia there is a huge estate there that just changed hands. Felicia suggests that there may be more than one house on the property and wonders if they will need backup. Luke tells Felicia he will not involve the cops and she laughs and says no, that she was thinking of Roy. He says that would be good, but he doesn't want to alert Stefan. The other factor is that Roy lives with Laura now. How would Roy explain that? Felicia says explanations can be complicated. Luke says he knows and asks how she is holding up in the explanations department. She says she knows Mac will understand when they return home with Lucky. Luke affectionately touches her cheek. Luke begins to reminisce about how when Lucky was little, he would jump off of everything: chairs, tables, car hoods, anything he could climb onto. Luke would pick him up and throw him and Lucky would tell him he was flying. Luke confides to Felicia that he is trying not to hope too much about this, but that it is very hard. He is glad he didn't confide in Laura just yet. Felicia and Luke arrive on the snowy Nova Scotia estate. They walk towards the house and Luke peeks in the window. He says the light is on, but doesn't see anything or anyone inside.

Laura walks in to Kelly's as a frustrated Bobbie talks to herself. Laura wants to know what is wrong. Bobbie says she needs Luke's signature on a tax form and hasn't heard from him. By any chance has Laura? Yes, Laura says, as a matter of fact she has. She doesn't know where Luke is, but suggests that if Bobbie's friend, Felicia calls, she might want to ask her because they are together. Bobbie looks shocked. Bobbie begins to pump Laura for information. Laura tells Bobbie she just feels sorry for Mac. Bobbie can't believe Laura dragged Mac into this and begins to lecture her about letting go of Luke. After all, SHE is the one who filed for divorce. Laura explains that Mac came to her and had already figured it out. Bobbie tells Laura that Felicia and Luke are friends. She reminds Laura that she was there for Luke when Lucky died and when she included him in her research, it brought Luke back to life. Laura tells Bobbie how irresponsible Felicia is for running off with Luke on an adventure when she is married with two children. Bobbie continues to tell Laura that they Felicia and Luke are just friends and that Laura should be surprised that Luke was beginning to let go. Bobbie looks frustrated and tells Laura she has to go to the bank and walks away.

Liz comes over and asks Laura how Lulu's Valentine's party was. Laura says all the little girls had a great time with their dolls and gloves. Laura asks, what Liz ended up doing. She says that she went to the church where she and Lucky made their Valentine's promises. She tells Laura that she understands what she meant by learning to let go of the grief, but not her memories. Emily walks in as Laura is on her way out. She sits at the counter and tells Liz her total dismay over her family and Carly's situation. She blurts out to Liz that she can't believe Carly is pregnant with Sonny's child just as Hannah walks in. Hannah is stunned and says, "What did you just say?" She tells them it can't be, that Carly is fabricating the whole story and if she is going around spreading rumors about Sonny, Hannah needs to know about it. Emily tells Hannah to ask Sonny herself. Hannah storms out as Tammy walks in and gets no response to her hello from Hannah. Tammy asks what's up and Emily and Liz tell her about the new baby. Tammy says she is surprised. Liz tells Emily she thinks they should be a little nicer to Carly next time for the baby's sake. She tells Emily that that is what Jason would do. Mike walks in to Kelly's to invite Tammy to dinner. Tammy says yes and asks how Sonny is doing. Mike says he guesses she heard the news of Sonny's baby. Tammy confirms that she has and says her first thought was for Mike. He tells Tammy that because he walked out on Sonny, he knows that nothing less than being a full time father will do for Sonny, especially with the additional loss of Lily and their baby.

Alexis arrives at Sonny's penthouse and asks if she should expect them to be interrupted by the police or the FBI. Sonny tells her neither, that he needs to know his legal parental rights. Alexis looks surprised and tells Sonny that she didn't know he had a child. Sonny tells her he just found out that Carly is pregnant ands it's his baby. Alexis asks Sonny if he is sure it is his and he says he knows for a fact Carly only slept with him when the baby was conceived. He also tells her that he confronted Carly and she confirmed it. Alexis tells him his chances of winning a custody battle are slim and that she doesn't know if she wants to take his case. Sonny tell her that the Quartermaines only want to raise his baby to keep Michael and that he doesn't want his baby treated like a stray puppy. He will do whatever is necessary to insure his baby's safety. He says he doesn't want to take away the baby from Carly if she cooperates, although he doesn't think it is good for the baby to be with Carly. Alexis tells Sonny she will think about it and that he is not father material according to the courts. But then again, Carly isn't exactly the best either. They will need a paternity test in order to proceed. Sonny says he will do whatever it takes. Alexis says she thinks he might have possibilities and smiles as she leaves.

Later, Alexis arrives at the Grill and meets Ned at a table. She excitedly tells him he won't believe what her client wanted her to do. Ned suggests, "File for child custody?" Alexis is bummed her surprised is ruined and Ned tells her Edward told him earlier. He asks Alexis hopefully if she told Sonny no.

At the penthouse, Sonny opens the door to find Hannah in his face there. She bluntly asks, "Is Carly pregnant with your baby?" Sonny softly says, "Yes" and Hannah looks crushed.

Carly is alone in the living room when Bobbie walks in. She says she is surprised Carly called her. Carly says she hasn't forgiven her mother but she needs her and doesn't want to fight. She says her whole world is falling apart and she needs Bobbie's help. Carly tells Bobbie that Sonny is doing exactly what she thought and he only wants the baby to punish her. Bobbie says Sonny will cool down and she will be able to deal with him. Carly tells Bobbie not only was Sonny cold, he was confident. She tells Bobbie that Sonny wants her out of the Quartermaine mansion. Carly says they keep reminding her how she could lose both of her kids, that the house makes her crazy and thAt the Quartermaines' hate her. She knows they will hate her baby and she says they smother Michael. Bobbie reminds Carly about Jason's parentage and Carly countered that Jason was at least Alan's. Carly tells Bobbie that she has to figure out what the right thing to do is. She has to figure a way out of this situation.

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