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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 21, 2000 on GH
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Monday, February 21, 2000

Gertrude burst in on Jax and Chloe, just as he (bare-chested with his pants unsnapped) was carrying her upstairs to make love. Gleefully, she ordered the photographer with her to start snapping photos, which he did. As she gloated over the photo and how it would look in court, Chloe stood up to confront her and fell. Gertrude, uncaring, continued to rub it in their faces. As she turned to leave, Jax informed her that they weren't going anywhere and called the police to file a complaint for breaking and entering. Gertrude balked and the photographer became very worried and said he could lose his license for this. He gave Jax the film and Chloe said he could leave. Chloe said that she didn't care about losing her company, that she had learned that love was more important. Jax gave the film to Gertrude and said he was tired of sneaking around and congratulated her on having a design company with no designer. She said she'd find one and Jax reminded her that he pirated companies like hers every day. Taggert arrived and after listening to both sides, arrested Gertrude for breaking and entering.

Alexis and Ned talked about Carly's child and who should have custody. Ned felt no child should be around Sonny, but Alexis reminded him that she didn't know her father loved her until she read his will and wouldn't wish that on anyone. Ned told her how much it hurt him to be away from Brook Lynn and that he would fight for custody, except that he knew it would hurt her in the long run to be jostled between parents. Alexis gently reminded him that the reason Lois took the baby in the first place was to get her away from the Quartermaines and that perhaps Carly should do the same. Ned smiled and asked her to remind him never to argue with her.

Hannah confronted Sonny about Carly's pregnancy and he calmly explained to her that it was none of her business and observed that she was having trouble letting go of him. He told her he had let go as soon as he found out who she really was. She started her usual "I love you" routine and accused him of sleeping with Carly because of her. He assured her she had nothing to do with it and sent her on her way.

Felicia and Luke searched the house in Nova Scotia and were disappointed to find that no one was there. They encountered a man on the grounds who said he was the one who had sold the property and that he was there to collect a bedspread his wife had left in one of the closets. When Luke asked him about the people who had bought the house, he was excited to learn from the man that they had left in a hurry, going "almost home" with a man who answered Lucky's description!

Bobbie talked to Carly about the possibility of her and Michael moving into the Brownstone with her. Carly said that AJ would never go for it, but Bobbie said she would talk to Monica about it. Carly left and Bobbie told Monica her idea. She was resistant at first, but Bobbie made her see it was the best compromise. AJ overheard their discussion and vehemently refused to allow it to happen, claiming Michael as his own property that he would never give up.

As Mac was holding the video of Luke and Felicia, Maxie came in and asked him which blouse she should wear. He was a little abrupt with her at first, but then admitted he'd had a tough day and helped her choose. She asked him why Felicia didn't seem to ever want to be with them and admitted she had overheard his earlier conversation with Felicia, that she knew her mother was with Luke and had refused to come home. Mac assured Maxie that Felicia loved her and Georgie and that he didn't know why she was making the choices she was. Maxie sadly observed that it seemed like Felicia wanted to be anywhere but home with them. Mac agreed that seemed true sometimes and gave Maxie a big hug.

Ned and Alexis arrived at the Jacks' home and learned what was going on with Gertrude. Alexis told Taggert that they wanted to press full charges. After he took her away, the four agreed the charade was over and talked about the advantages. Both couples then spent quality time with their nonspouses. Jax and Chloe dreamed of the future while Ned and Alexis felt that they liked "cheating" better. Alexis admitted she would miss being a Jacks and hated hurting Jane and John. Ned said there was no hurry, that he didn't think Chloe needed a divorce anywhere soon.

Hannah found Carly on the docks and told her how pathetic she was for sleeping with Sonny. Carly, tired to the bone, barely had the energy to come back on her. As Hannah left, Sonny showed up. He worried about Carly being cold and alone on the docks and said she should be in front of a big fire at the Q's. She said she'd rather sleep naked under the wharf and asked why he cared. He gave her his coat and said he cared because she was carrying his child. Together, they walked away from the wharf.

Tuesday, February 22, 2000

Juan was harried at L&B, the only one in the office with phones ringing off the hook. Nikolas came in and, much to Juan's chagrin, answered one of the ringing phones and started a lively, personable conversation with the woman who called. Juan informed him he could take the call now and Nikolas gleefully informed the caller that he was the new Director of Public Relations for L&B, to Juan's shock and dismay. Liz came in to return a book she had borrowed from Emily and was surprised at Nikolas' announcement. She quietly told Nikolas that he might want to be more respectful of Juan's feelings. Juan came in and told Nikolas that since Ned wasn't there, Nikolas could take the day off. Nikolas smiled and remarked to Liz that Juan had given him the day off. They left together.

At the Quartermaines' breakfast, Emily wonders why there is no fighting going on. Monica presumes it's because Carly is upstairs with mourning sickness and sourly remarks that it's the only good thing that has come from this pregnancy. Of course, a fight then ensues with the maid interrupting to bring Edward an envelope that arrived for Carly. He told the family he had ordered all of Carly's mail to be screened by him and he promptly opened it. Seeing that it was a court order for a paternity test, sent by Sonny, he remarked that he'd wasted no time. There was some discussion that perhaps the baby wasn't Sonny's after all and Edward surmised that Sonny would never have ordered the test if he wasn't certain (which makes no sense at all).

Hannah went to see Roy in the office at Luke's Club and told him about Carly's pregnancy. She asserted that Sonny slept with Carly to hurt her for betraying him and Roy tried to convince her that Sonny was simply selfish and didn't care about her. Bobbie interrupted them in mid-hug and Hannah hurriedly tried to explain that it wasn't what it looked like. Bobbie told her to relax, that she knew Roy was her father. Hannah was surprised and made Bobbie promise she would tell no one. After Hannah left, Bobbie jumped to Roy's defense, asking him why Hannah would be embarrassed to have it known that he was her father. Roy then explained to Bobbie that Hannah is an FBI agent and having an ex-con for a father would not look good. Bobbie said that she couldn't handle that lifestyle with all the lies and secrets. She suddenly wondered if maybe Hannah had been involved with Jerry's arrest. Roy looked uncomfortable, but told her he'd never heard Hannah speak of it. Roy pointed out to Bobbie how badly Hannah and Carly get along and Bobbie wondered if they would start fighting over their kids. Roy said there was no way that would happen and Bobbie told him it wasn't as easy as it sounded. They made a pact that they would never let their kids come between them and shook on it. They held hands lovingly after the shake.

Stefan was extremely disappointed and spoke to one of his henchmen about how carefully the rescue of Lucky must go. He reminded him that Helena would kill the boy if she knew he was onto her. Later, he visited Laura and told her that his trip was unsuccessful. She was pleased to see him and asked if it would be so tragic if this one business deal fell through and he replied that it meant the world to him.

Mac also visited Laura and asked if she had heard from Luke. She told him she had and he asked if he had mentioned Felicia and Laura told him he had not, but she could tell from the tone of his voice that he was working on important business. Mac told Laura that he had spoken to Felicia and that she could not deny she was with Luke and refused to come home. Laura tried to reassure Mac that perhaps there was a good reason for all of this. She told Mac to come by any time to compare notes and talk. Mac thanked her and left.

Edward invited Taggert to the mansion, then told him he wanted to hire him. He said he could name his price if he would simply give Edward all the information he had on Sonny Corinthos, especially the crimes he had committed. Taggert told him it would do him no good, that Sonny was very good at not being attached to crimes. Edward suggested that Taggert "make some up" and Taggert told him that if a payoff was involved, he'd have to arrest him like everyone else and left.

Later, he met Hannah for a drink and told her about the incident. Hannah commented that Taggert was still after Sonny and he told her it would be easier with her help. She took offense and he backed off, saying it was a joke. She calmed her feathers and they continued to enjoy one another's company.

Emily came into the record studio and consoled Juan about Nikolas' hiring. She reminded him that Nikolas had a great deal of experience and that Ned still appreciated all that Juan did for them.

Monica and Alan were talking about Bobbie's idea for Carly and Michael to move into the Brownstone and agreed that it was most likely the best compromise. Alan expressed concern that AJ might start to drink again under the pressure and Monica told him that was what she'd been trying to tell him! AJ angrily asserted that he would never let Michael leave the house and would punish Carly by forcing her to stay with the people who hate her until she'd do anything to leave!

Wednesday, February 23, 2000

Gertrude gloated as she told Ned, Chloe and Jax that she'd filed an injunction against Chloe to take control of Chloe Morgan Designs. Chloe told her she didn't care because all Gertrude would have was a design company, while Chloe had what really mattered: love. Jax and Ned showed Chloe out the door and Ned worried asked if Chloe was all right. Chloe assured him she was and told him her marriage to him had been glorious. Ned left to tell Alan and Monica about the change of plans.

Alexis was working at ELQ, dictating notes for Sonny's custody case when Stefan stopped by to see how the case against Helena was going. She told him she had traced a paper trail between Faison and Helena, but reminded him that in order for the kidnapping charges to stick, he would have to produce a victim since the PD has deemed Lucky's death to be an accident. Stefan regretfully admitted he had been too late to find Lucky, but said he knew someone who could tell him where he was.

Ned filled Monica and Alan in on the latest happenings, revealing to them the full story behind the two fake marriages. He told Alan that he was off the hook and Monica nervously asked about Ned's intentions toward ELQ. Ned told her he had his own company to run now and announced that he was leaving to romance Alexis "as no one has ever been romanced." Alan thought romance was a fine idea and together they celebrated his release from needing to marry Gertrude.

Chloe and Jax came to L&B while Emily and Juan were there. As she entered and felt her way around, Chloe knocked over and broke a vase. Seeing she was upset, Jax sent Emily and Juan out for hot chocolate and comforted her. She wondered what she was even doing trying to come back to work and he assured her she was still fully competent to do her job, she would just have to do it differently. Liz arrived and while Chloe ventured bravely to answer the phone, Liz helped her find a sketch she needed. After Chloe hung up. Jax suggested that Liz would make a wonderful assistant for Chloe. Both loved the idea and agreed that Liz would try it out part time. Liz had to get to work at Kelly's, but she gave Chloe her number as she left. When Emily and Juan returned, Chloe told them that they would all have adjustments to make, but that she believed they could make it through this together. After Jax and Chloe left, Juan considered his selfishness at ignoring his talent rather than honoring it. Emily smiled and said she thought Juan should go for it.

Laura was having dinner with Tony and grimaced when he brought up Felicia and Mac. Thinking he knew about the scene at Luke's between her and Felicia, Laura realized her mistake and tried to gracefully back out of the topic. Tony persisted and Mac walked up to say hello. Tony asked if Felicia was out of town again and Mac grimly told him she was doing more research. He asked Laura if another play date could be arranged for LuLu and Georgie and then excused himself.

Luke and Felicia stole onto Helena's yacht, searching diligently for any information that might lead them to Lucky. While they were searching, Andreas arrived and they hurried to hide behind the wooden bar. He prepared champagne on ice while they hid breathlessly. They were surprised when Stefan arrived and asked Andreas where Helena was keeping Lucky. He hedged at first, but when Stefan refused to leave until he told him, he admitted that he knew Helena had rented a cabin near town and that perhaps she was keeping Lucky there. He told Stefan that "Madam" had gone to see Lucky and had only been away a few hours, so he was close. Stefan thanked him and left while Felicia and Luke listened excitedly. Andreas nervously took a phone call and told Helena he would leave immediatelyRecap --->

Thursday, February 24, 2000

Larkin approached Roy, demanding a report, just as Roy was waiting to carry out a business transaction for Sonny. Roy told him that if he would just leave him alone, he might actually be able to get some information to them. Larkin warns him that he'd better come up with something soon or he'd end up back in Pentonville. Finally, Larkin left and the harbor master approached Roy. Roy told him he had something for him and handed him an envelope full of money, asking if they could depend on his cooperation. The harbor master said they could. Just then, Taggert and a crony yelled "Freeze" and placed the two under arrest.

At the penthouse, Alexis worked on her custody case for Sonny. She asked him a series of questions, including if he had ever been abused as a child. Sonny told her about his life with Deke. He said that Deke was a cop his mother had married when he was eight and that a few months into the marriage, Deke had started hitting both him and his mother. He also told her about how Deke had locked him in the closet. Alexis asked him how long the abuse had continued, and Sonny told her until he left home, then corrected himself and said until he fought back at age 16. Alexis asked if Deke was still alive and Sonny said that he'd been shot in an ally three years later. She asked him if the abuse had been documented and Sonny said it had not. When she asked who all knew about it, he said Mike did, but wouldn't do anything to help the Quartermaines. Luke also knew, but would not testify against him. That only left Taggert. When Alexis expressed surprised to hear Taggert's name, Sonny told him that Taggert was Deke's protegee and once when he had been bragging about what a stand up guy Deke was, Sonny had blurted out that Deke was a wife beating cop. Neither of them felt that Taggert would be called to testify and that if he was, Alexis would have him disqualified because of his harassment of Sonny. Just then, Sonny found out about Roy's arrest and they hurried to the PCPD.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Edward came in while Carly was looking at pictures of baby furniture. He informed her that the Quartermaine lawyers had insisted that the DNA test take place at GH to avoid the chance of it being altered. Carly laughed and asked if he thought she was going to steal someone's DNA. He said he wouldn't put anything past her because he knew how much she wanted to leave. He calmly reminded her that Michael would never leave the house. Lila came in just then and told Edward that was quite enough. After he left, Lila told Carly that both of her children could be quite there if she'd just let them. Carly said that the two of them would be the only ones who would love the new baby and that she couldn't have him living around that. Lila agreed that children often blame themselves for family problems.

Chloe and Jax went to see Toby and he told her that the bone fragments were still putting pressure on her optic nerve, which is why she can't see. He told her he could do surgery to remove the fragments, but that it could leave her permanently blind, so he recommended postponing it as long as possible. As they arrived at L&B, Jax and Chloe were still debating the pros and cons of having the surgery. They found a stack of messages Liz had taken and she asked Jax to help her return the calls. Liz came in with a package she'd picked up at the post office. Chloe told Jax he could go and she and Liz would handle things. The package was fabric samples from Italy and Liz described them to Chloe and let her feel them. Chloe asked Liz if she could draw a gown if Chloe described it and Liz said she'd give it a shot. Later, Jax came in and said the sketch looked good to him. Liz excused herself and Jax surprised Chloe with a parka and a promise to take her to a cabin in Alaska to snowshoe. As he moved in front of a light, Chloe was startled and thrilled to notice that she could see the shadow and light it created.

Alexis expertly depended Roy who said he had found the envelope of money on the docks and was returning it to the harbor master. Dara came in and told them that the harbor master's story had matched Roy's, so Alexis demanded that they release her client. Her cell phone rang and she told Sonny they needed him at GH. Roy was in the process of being released and asked if Sonny was OK. Alexis assured him he was and warned him that *someone* had tipped off Taggert.

Carly arrived for the DNA tests and immediately, Monica began to harass her, calling her trash. Carly came back on her, saying Monica had written the book on sleeping around. Monica said she had made her mistakes, but had never slept with one man while being married to another and in love with another. Carly said it was just blind luck and went off to have the test. Afterward, the doctor assured her that her baby was fine. As she left, Sonny was coming up on the elevator as she was getting on and she smiled and said, "Hi Daddy" and he smiled backRecap --->

Friday, February 25, 2000

Chloe and Jax excitedly hurried to GH to tell Tony about her seeing light and shadows. Tony is delighted with her progress, but reminds them that she still has a way to go, but gives her permission to go on a trip to Alaska.

Alexis reminds Roy that *someone* tipped off the cops as to the who, what and where of the drop. He was sure he didn't know who it could be and Alexis warned him to be very, very careful if he intended to continue working for Sonny. After she left, Roy was signing his release papers when Mac informed him that they still had matters to discuss. He began to badger Roy about Luke until Bobbie came in and told him she had to talk to him, NOW! She told him privately that he was abusing his power because he was upset with Luke and Felicia. He argued with her, but eventually she convinced him that he was harassing Roy unnecessarily and that he should wait until Felicia returned and hear her explanation.

At the hospital , Sonny surprised Carly be being sympathetic about her condition and well-being. He had his DNA test performed and later, when he arrived at the penthouse, Carly was there waiting for him. He admonished a confused Johnny for leaving her standing in the hall and whisked her inside. He said she looked terrible and asked if she'd eaten of slept. She admitted she hadn't been taking care of herself and that the stress of everything was making her crazy. He told her he was going to make her something to eat. She scoffed, then saw he was serious and then Sonny was off to the kitchen. She ate the meal he made for her and the two of them talked. She told him how torn she was between losing her baby to him or Michael to the Quartermaines. He explained to her that he had no interest in taking her baby from her, just from he Quartermaines. He said he wanted to be a part of his child's life, not just watch it through the gate of the Quartermaine mansion. She told him that he would have to get her and Michael out of there, then. Just as she said that, Edward burst through the door of the penthouse with a restraining order prohibiting Sonny from being within 50 feet of Carly.

Stefan was on the phone with his mercenary, loudly insisting the "this must take place tonight!" Laura asked him what he was talking about and he told her this was the most important deal he's ever pulled off.

Jax and Chloe returned to L&B to show Alexis and Ned how she can see shadows and light. As they were celebrating with champagne, Chloe suddenly complained of a severe headache and collapsed into Jax's arms.

Luke and Felicia arrived at the cabin near Spring Lake and reconnaissance the area. Inside, Helena played chess with Lucky and complimented him on how much his game had improved. She told him that he was doing so well (and we don't get the impression she's talking about chess) that soon his time of captivity would end. Helena left, reminding the guard to check the parameter. As the guard went about his rounds after Helena was gone, Luke and Felicia started to make a run for the cabin. As they did, Luke noticed movement by the window. The curtains parted and a young Brad Pitt (a.k.a Jacob Young, a.k.a the new Lucky) came into view. "Lucky," Luke breathed.

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