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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 28, 2000 on GH
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Monday, February 28, 2000

Edwards gave Sonny the restraining order and hinted to Carly that he could have someone testify that she was not a fit mother. Under that blackmail, Carly left with him. Later, in Kelly's, he showed her another restraining order, unsigned, that kept her from seeing Michael. She asked him if he'd had trouble getting a judge to sign it and he assured her that, on the contrary, that he could have any number of judges sign it and would do so if she didn't stay away from Sonny Corinthos!

Alexis called 911 and the paramedics came to rush Chloe to General Hospital. When they told Ned that, as her husband, he could ride in the ambulance with her, he deferred to Jax. At the hospital, Jax was beside himself with worry as Ned signed Chloe into the Emergency Room and she was rushed into surgery. Alexis did her best to reassure him. Tony came out to explain to her that Chloe had suffered a ruptured blood vessel that would be repaired with surgery. When they heaved a sigh of relief, he cautioned that the surgery could result in permanent blindness, brain damage or death. He said he was acting as a consult on the surgery and had to go, but that as soon as he knew something, he'd send someone out to tell them.

Laura and Liz talked about how much they missed Lucky and agreed there would never be anyone else like him. They made plans to meet for dinner and just as Liz was leaving, Helena came up to say hello to her. Laura headed her off and told her that she would leave Liz alone or she'd call security. Helena pooh-poohed her and Laura herded Liz onto the elevator. Once the girl was gone, Laura stood off against Helena, who told her she really needed to see a GH doctor for her episodes of hostility. Laura warned her to stay away from her, Liz and Nikolas and informed her that Nikolas wanted nothing to do with her. Helena smirked as Laura stormed off and said to herself that he would, as soon as she produced his beloved brother!

Luke was breathless from his momentary glimpse of his son and was ready to storm the place. Felicia reminded him that the guards were armed and would no doubt kill them AND Lucky if they did that. Luke suggested that he act as a decoy for the guards while Felicia went in and got him. Felicia said that Lucky hardly knew her and probably wouldn't trust her, that it was best if she was the decoy. They were just getting ready to put their plan into action when Stefan and his marauders stormed the place and brought Lucky our under armed guard, pushed him into a Bronco and took off, leaving Felicia and Luke, looking on agape. They took off to follow the vehicle. Later, Helena came to visit Lucky and found her henchman tied to a chair, his mouth covered by duct tape. Furiously, she ripped the tape from his mouth (ouch!) and demanded to know what had happened. She made a phone call and demanded that a 24 hour watch be put on Wyndemere and Laura's house immediately and that Lucky be recaptured before Stefan could release him.

While Emily wrote crap in her diary about Juan and his explosive kisses (gotta stop with that trick gum), he tapped on the window and she let him in. They pretended to study, made out for a while and were startled when the maid knocked on the door to give Emily her laundry (gotta get me one of those). Juan left and Emily mooned over him some more.

Mike explained to Tammy that he didn't think that Sonny had a healthy outlook on fatherhood, thanks to himself and Deke. Tammy tried to reassure him that Sonny would do fine, but he left all abristle and went to find his son. At the penthouse, he voiced his concerns to Sonny, who was emphatic that his child would have the best he could possibly give him.

After being let go by the PCPD, Bobbie and Roy were at Kelly's. He thanked her for sticking up for him, despite her disapproval of his working with Sonny. Bobbie said that Mac had been abusing his power and that she would do what she did again in a second. Roy asked if she'd be working late because he'd like to walk her home. He said that he wanted to tell her something. At her door, she commented that he still hadn't told her what was on his mind and he said it was kind of hard to find the words, but promised her that soon this would all make sense. She asked him if he wanted to come in and he said he had promised Claude he'd help him close up and should get back. As he was leaving, he planted a FAT, kiss on her that started tentative and quickly turned hot and passionateRecap --->

Tuesday, February 29, 2000

At the Quartermaine mansion, everyone vented their frustrations over Chloe's condition. Edward blamed the hospital, Emily worried obsessively and Monica and Alan stewed. After the others left, AJ informed Edward that Carly is his responsibility and he'll handle her.

At Kelly's, Bobbie couldn't keep her mind on the books as she remembered the passionate kiss she'd shared with Roy the night before. Distracted, she spilled her coffee and Liz rushed to help clean it up. Bobbie reminded Liz of when she'd told her how hard it was to stay away from bad boys and said she wished she'd taken her own advice. They talked about Roy for a few minutes and they Bobbie scurried off to find Roy.

Larkin came into Luke's office and Roy immediately jumped into him, knowing that he was the one who had called the cops to foil the payoff of the harbor master. Roy asked what he was thinking, screwing up his cover like that. Larkin taunted Roy by saying that he was trying to protect Corinthos, just like his daughter! He speculated that maybe Roy wanted to hand Sonny over to Hannah himself. Roy jumped him and told him that was enough and had him over the desk when Bobbie walked in. Larkin smirked and suggested that Roy explain what was going on...or he would! Roy bluffed that Larkin was continuing Mac's interrogation. Bobbie tried to put a call through to Dara to complain and briskly informed Larkin that she had already called her congressman about Larkin's previous treatment of Roy. Larkin finally left and Roy thanked Bobbie profusely. She told him she'd come to find out if he knew when Luke was coming back. He told her he didn't know and she said that if he talked to him, to tell him that Mac needed Felicia. She started to leave, he called her back and shook his head. "I shouldn't have kissed you," he said with a twinkle in his eye.

At the mansion, Lila was worried about Chloe. AJ asked if there was anything he could do and she told him he could find a way to work things out with Carly. AJ reminded her that Carly had used Michael at every turn to get what she wanted. Lila retorted that Carly wasn't the only one who had done that. AJ defended himself, stating that he loved Michael and would never give him up. He told her he was being more than generous by letting her stay there and that he was over it and was sorry if that hurt Lila.

Tony confided to Audrey that he really missed surgery. She suggested that he do whatever it takes to get back to being a surgeon if that's what he really wants. He smiled and said that she sounded like Steve and she thanked him and told him that he knew what Steve would say next...if there was any hope and he didn't take a chance, THAT was the real tragedy.

Jax held vigil by Chloe's side after her surgery and waited anxiously for her to regain consciousness. Tony informed Ned and Alexis that Chloe should be awake by now, but that it was possible her body was using the time to rest and recover. He encouraged them to talk to her and give her something to come back to. Edward came to the hospital and, in an emotional speech, entreated her to return for Lila's sake. In the hallway outside Chloe's room, Edward pushed Alexis to return as legal counsel for ELQ and offered to triple her salary. She reminded him that she was no longer counsel for ELQ because he had dropped her cold and asked what reassurance she would have that it wouldn't happen again. He promised to contract her into any parachute she wanted. She said she would think about it, but couldn't start until after the custody case was resolved. He deflated with disappointment at being foiled and Ned reminded him that it was TRIPLE salary he had promised Alexis.

In Chloe's room, Jax detailed his love for her and begged her to come back. She opened her eyes and spoke his name, then excitedly told him that she could see him!

Alone at L&B, Juan recorded a song, but was disappointed with how it sounded. Emily came in before he could erase it and they talked about whether or not he was wasting his talent. They started to make out (again) and Liz came in. Juan left and the two girls talked about Liz and Lucky's decision not to have sex and how Emily would know when it was time.

Hannah was miffed that both Tammy and Mike were still giving her the cold shoulder. She poked at Mike by saying that she'd heard he was going to be a grandfather. Mike coldly informed her that Sonny was expecting a child, yes, and if she really wanted to help, she should leave town. He then confided to Tammy (again) how worried he was that Sonny was obsessing over this baby. Tammy assured him that if Sonny had decided to be a daddy, nothing had better get in his way.

Wednesday, March 1, 2000

Roy apologized to Bobbie for kissing her. She said that she didn't feel he stepped over any kind of line. He said that he had no right to try to "restart some retro thing" when his life was in pieces and if he couldn't get it together, he would have to leave. She looked disappointed and told him to just consider it to be a kiss between friends and to let it go.

Jax, Chloe, Ned and Alexis were overwhelmed with joy that she could see, even though things were fuzzy. She sent Ned and Alexis out to celebrate, which they did, in bed, talking about how different things had turned out than when they had first started the marriage-go-round. Chloe and Jax said love things for a while, then he went out for a while to let her sleep. When he returned, it was with a beautiful bouquet of colorful flowers. She said that she loved color so much, she didn't know how she would have lived without it.

After Bobbie left, Hannah came into Luke's office and asked Roy why he had told Bobbie about being her father. She read his expression and asked if he had been in love with Bobbie and if he was still. She advised him that if he was, to never put anything between him and her, to always put love first.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Bobbie was getting her own advice on love from none other than Tony, who told her that there had always been a place in her heart he hadn't been able to touch when they were married. He wondered if Roy might hold that piece and encouraged Bobbie to go after her happiness. Later, when Roy came into Kelly's to deliver some tax papers accidentally sent to the club, he was distant with Bobbie.

Juan made a demo tape and Nikolas walked in as he was singing. Nikolas chided him saying that he didn't know that L&B had employed him as a singer. Juan took offense and had a little Juan fit about it and stormed out. Emily told Nikolas that it was hard for Juan with Miguel Morez as he father, having to live up to the name. Liz came in and congratulated Emily for encouraging Juan, saying if it hadn't been for Lucky's persistence, she would have left her paintbrushes a long time ago. Nikolas agreed that Juan had talent and said he would help him...and take a big breath and think of Liz when Juan got smart with him.

Mike asked Tammy out to play pool and she said she played a little and would love to come. While he was waiting, a nicely dressed man came in saying his car had broken down. When Tammy came from the back, they recognized one another from her hookin' days. The man asked her out and she told him she was retired from the business. When he said he just wanted to visit with her because he'd always like her, she smiled and told her she was seeing someone. He left his card in case she changed her mind and Mike bristled. As they left, Tammy warned Mike that she had fudged on the pool history and was actually quite a shark.

At Kelly's Taggert admitted to Hannah that he hadn't yet had The Talk with Juan. Hannah laughed and said that by the time he got around to it, Juan would have a thing or two to teach him. While they were laughing about that, Dara came in and watched them glumly. She said she hated to interrupt, but that she had to talk to Taggert about some things. Hannah said she was just leaving and would catch him later. Dara gave him the low down on the Kevin Collins shooting (which of course, we who do not get PC are clueless about), then told him that Hannah was close to losing her badge and that Taggert might want to second think getting involved. Taggert assured her that they were just friends, but she looked doubtfulRecap --->

Thursday, March 2, 2000

Mike came to see Sonny, who seemed distracted. Finally, Sonny confessed that he was upset about the restraining order Edward had gotten for Carly and the whole custody hearing deal. Mike encouraged him to fight if that was what he wanted to do and Sonny admitted that he was worried about the abuse he suffered at Deke's hands coming out. Mike asked why that would matter and Sonny told him about the study that showed that children who were abused were more likely to abuse their own children. He said he was concerned that might work against him in court if Deke's abuse was known. He said that he knew Luke would back him in court and asked if Mike would. Mike said he'd say whatever Sonny needed him to say.

AJ and Carly were fighting in the living room when Edward came in and called off AJ.

Mac wished Georgie a happy birthday by putting candles in blueberry muffins. She wished her mom would come home for her birthday and Mac told her he didn't think that would happen. Later, Laura and LuLu showed up for the party. Mac sent LuLu upstairs to play with the other girls and Laura encouraged him to have faith in Felicia and hear her side of it.

Alexis met with Stefan and he filled her in on the situation with Lucky. He told her that he needed to have Helena's case airtight so that he could hand her over to the police. He then confessed that he had lost track of her.

Luke and Felicia arrived home and went to his office. Felicia consoled a despondent Luke by telling him that at least he knew Lucky was whole and safe. She said that now he could tell Laura and he said, "and now you can tell Mac." She looked sheepish at that and he guessed that she was stalling. She said it was Georgie's birthday and she had to get going. As she was leaving, she asked him if he'd ever wished he could live two lives at the same time, one safe and one daring. He said, "We'll always have Nova Scotia." She smiled and said that Mac would understand everything, but would probably not want her to see Luke again. As she said good-bye, Luke called her back and planted a big fat kiss on her.

Bobbie came to the mansion to talk to Carly and tried to help her look at the bright side of having a wonderful, cuddly baby on the way. Carly told her mom that she didn't trust Sonny's overtures of friendship and was afraid it was just a ploy to steal the baby. Bobbie tried to reassure Carly of Sonny's good intent. Bobbie told her to have a milkshake, take a nap and hang in there, then left.

Alexis met with Sonny and told him that unless Carly objected to the restraining order it would stick. She also told him that the paternity test had come back showing him as the father. Sonny grabbed his coat and hurried out to talk to Carly.

At the Quartermaines, Sonny slipped in the side door while Carly was on the phone. After she hung up, he tried to convince her that he would take care of her and Michael, but she didn't trust it. Edward came in and threatened to have Sonny arrested if he didn't leave immediately. Sonny told her that here was her chance and that she should tell Edward to go to hell. After an intense stare down, with tears in her eyes, Carly told Sonny he was in violation of a restraining order. Sonny told her she'd just made a big mistake and left. Edward congratulated her and commented that it wasn't so hard. She said it was indeed hard and he reminded her that it wasn't as difficult as losing one of her children. Later, she talked to Lila about how it seemed she just wasn't destined to be pregnant and happy at the same time. She said she had to make this work. Lila asked hopefully if that meant she had made up her mind and she said she had.

Mike talked to Sonny about his dilemma in testifying for Sonny. He said he would do it, but that he really didn't feel it was best for Sonny to take on the baby and thought he was setting Sonny up for a big hurt. Tammy reassured him that Sonny was a big boy and told him not to be so hard on himself.

Alexis and Luke had strange encounter in his office when she came there looking for Roy. She was extremely antsy and told him about Helena's attempt on her life. She then wished him well and left him, puzzled.

As Georgie was blowing out her candles and Mac was telling her to make a wish, Felicia slipped into the party with a gift in her hand. Bobbie took over the party and ushered the girls out to a movie. Felicia hurried to explain to Mac, but he was livid. He dragged her over to watch the video with him, telling her that he had memorized every frame of action. Tears streamed down her face as she told him it wasn't what it looked like. He yelled at her to stop lying and accused her of being in love with Luke.

Stefan was arranging to see Laura when his man came in to speak with him. He reluctantly admitted to Stefan that Helena had stolen Lucky back from them and he had no idea where he'd been taken. Stefan was furious.

Sonny got a phone call from Jason and his face lit up as Jason gave him information to turn the whole custody case around.

Laura answered the door to find Luke standing there. He told her that he had to speak with her, that he had wanted to wait until he was sure to tell her, but now he was sure. Thinking he meant that he was marrying Felicia, Laura teared up and said she wasn't ready for this. He said, "Laura, Lucky's alive. Baby, our son is alive. He didn't die in that fire, it was a hoax." Laura looked at him, dumbfounded, then realization flooded her face. "Oh my God!" she shrieked, hugging him close. "Oh Luke, Oh my God!"

Friday, March 3, 2000

On the phone, Sonny thanked Jason for the information and promised to get Carly and Michael out of the Quartermaine mansion and to take care of all three of them.

Felicia tried to explain to Mac, but kept digging herself in deeper. She told him that Lucky was alive and that she'd had to help Luke find him, but Mac kept bringing it back to facts, being that once again, her family had come second. He showed her the tape and she began to cry, then pulled it from the VCR and ripped the tape from the cassette. He told her she could destroy the tape, but that it changed nothing. She tried to buy off by telling him that she and Luke thought they were going to die, but he only wanted to know one thing...was what he was seeing on the tape real? She tearfully admitted that it was, but adamantly stated that she had stopped it. He angrily told her she had not stopped it soon enough. He detailed to her how patient he had been through Luke's grief over Lucky, especially after they had almost lost Maxie and had seen what Bobbie and Tony had gone through with BJ. He said he had walked in on them dancing and was just pleased she was having fun. But things had changed after the Quartermaine crypt. She had lied to him about that, about going to Mexico with Luke and now about this trip. He was done with the lies. He informed her that he was moving out...he was finished. He packed his bags and told her to tell the girls he'd call them. He left and she began to weep.

Stefan was enraged when his guy told him that they had lost Lucky and had no idea where Helena had taken him. He screamed at the man to find him immediately and report in by cell phone.

At the Spencer home, Laura was dumbfounded, then jubilant as Luke explained to her that Lucky was alive! He had seen him in the flesh! After she had settled down, he was forced to admit that there was bad news...Stefan had him. Laura did not believe him at first, but Luke insisted he had seen Stefan take Lucky. She wondered why he would do that and Luke said it was because he was a Cassadine and would do anything to hurt them. He reminded her that this was the same man who had held her mother captive for all those years. As they were talking, Nikolas came in and said Stefan had told him to meet them there. Luke asked him if he knew Lucky was alive and he was astonished. Luke soon saw that Nikolas had no clue about Lucky. Nikolas was shocked when Luke revealed that Stefan had Lucky and Luke had seen them together with his own eyes. Laura said she wanted to speak to Stefan alone, so the two left. When he arrive, he said he had something important to tell Laura and that she'd better sit down. She insisted she was fine and he again said he wanted to tell her something very important. "That Lucky is alive?" she asked. He looked surprised and asked how she knew. She told him that Luke had told her, that Luke had seen Lucky. She demanded to know where her son was and when he honestly said he didn't know, she hauled back and slapped him.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Sonny made his way past the made and casually told Leticia to pack Michael, that he was leaving today. Edward asked where Sonny got off ordering around his help and Sonny informed him it was easier that way. Monica, Alan, AJ, Edward and Sonny assembled in the foyer and Sonny announced that he had come to take Carly and Michael out of the Carly came downstairs and the Quartermaines stared holes in her until she asked him to leave. Sonny asked to speak to AJ alone. AJ refused and Edward began calling the police. Sonny encouraged him to do so and had a seat. AJ finally agreed to speak to him and they went into the living room and closed the door. Sonny quietly informed AJ (with everyone else listening at door and comically misinterpreting what he was saying) that he knew AJ had hired an arsonist to set the fire to his coffee warehouse last February...and he had proof. He assured AJ that unless he signed over full custody of Michael to Carly and let them both leave the mansion, he would be in jail before the day was done. AJ balked, then realized that Sonny was dead serious. Angrily, he signed the papers. Sonny opened the door to invite everyone in and said he hoped they'd been able to hear all right. He told them that Carly and Michael would be leaving today. They were incredulous as AJ admitted that it was true, he had signed over full custody. Carly's face was a picture of disbelief, then joy as the realization set in that she and Michael were indeed free, thanks to SonnyRecap --->

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