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Monday, March 13, 2000

At the diner, Emily and Juan sipped milkshakes and chatted about school, Juan's father, and his possible audition for Ned. Emily predicted he'd have a good year and quickly become a big star, then they left to catch the bus to take Emily home. Mike came in to pick Tammy up for their date, but she explained that she was shorthanded and couldn't leave. He sat down to have coffee and discuss his dilemma: what sort of housewarming present he could buy for Sonny and Carly. Mike explained that he is concerned about Michael and the living arrangements and wants to smooth things over with Carly so that he can be a stabilizing influence in Michael's life. Mike offered to watch the counter for Tammy while she changed her clothes, and she accepted. Later, she came down dressed to go out and said she'd been thinking about Carly. Tammy said that at least Carly had been the first one to call Hannah on her deception, and Hannah, of course, entered just in time to hear this. Hannah said that Mike and Tammy were wrong about her, that she was tired of apologizing, and accused them of never considering that Sonny may have done wrong also. Mike and Tammy weren't having any of the apology or the new attitude, and left the diner. Next, Taggert came by and Hannah thanked him for advising her to stick up for herself. She expressed her relief, although she admitted that she still isn't entirely over Sonny, and when Taggert asked her to dance, she accepted.

In the Quartermaine living room, AJ struggled with his temptation to drink, but ultimately gave in. Alan, Monica, Lila and Edward arrived home from an evening on the town, and immediately recognized that AJ had been drinking. They all began to express their horror at his behavior and trot out the same tired old accusations. AJ eventually had enough of this and told Edward to go to hell, and Emily and Juan, who'd been snuggling in the garden, entered in time to hear this. Monica rushed to Emily to try to protect her from the unpleasantness, but it was too late, and all the Quartermaines started in again arguing, accusing and blaming. Emily told AJ off and went upstairs, and Juan began to follow her but was advised that this was a "family matter" and sent home. Lila tried to tell AJ that he could turn himself around, and in a trembling voice told Edward she wanted to go to bed, but first advised AJ to do no more damage than had already been done. Edward demanded to know if AJ were satisfied, now that he'd broken the hearts of his grandmother and sister, and threatened him with rehab if he had another drink. Edward said that AJ was "as smart as Ned and as ruthless as Jason" but would never be CEO of ELQ because he lacked guts. Edward stormed out, and Monica went to calm Emily, leaving Alan alone with AJ. Alan assured AJ that he understood the hell he was in reminded him that he'd backed his father during Alan's drug crisis. Alan said that he was clean and sober now, and told AJ that he can be, too. AJ replied that he'd always though that he'd never drink again if only Alan would believe in him, but admitted that apparently he was wrong.

Upstairs, Monica tried to soothe Emily, but she wouldn't be calmed. Emily was angry and hurt, and cried about the pain AJ was putting everyone through. Monica talked about alcoholism and forgiveness, but eventually gave up and went to bed. The minute she left the room there was a tap at the window, and Emily let Juan in. He was concerned about her, and she assured him that she was okay, then explained that she understood how AJ felt and why he was drinking. She admitted that she used to do drugs, and Juan wondered why she'd never told him this before. She explained that AJ had been the one to get her to stop, and she asked Juan how he'd feel if she slipped. He said it was the same as his being afraid to sing for Ned, and they vowed to help one another with their fears.

At the penthouse, Sonny and Carly argued half-heartedly about the ottoman and who does the cooking, and Carly refused once again to take orders from anyone, including Sonny. Sonny made the dinner, and they talked about her junk food consumption, which she explained away as an attempt to irritate the Quartermaines. The talk turned to AJ, and Carly said he was ruthless and would not be kept away, but Sonny promised that there would be no trouble from AJ. They joked about agreeing that neither would tell the baby how rotten the other parent was, then the banter became more serious, and they admitted that each always had the baby's best interest at heart. Later, in a moment alone, Carly mumbled to the baby that if Mom played her cards right, maybe they wouldn't have to go live with Grandma after all. Just then Sonny came through the living room on his way out the door, advising Carly that there was fruit in the kitchen if she were hungry. Carly asked pleasantly where he was going and when he'd return, but Sonny snapped that it was none of her business, that "we share space, not life" and after the door closed behind him, Carly howled "Forget you anyway! I don't care!" She muttered about how Sonny was secretive and selfish, then remembered her promise not to say bad things about the other parent, but realized this was after the baby was born, so she still had a couple months to run Sonny down.

At the warehouse, Sorel was quite pleased with his luck at finding Bobbie. She threatened him with Luke and Mac, but it was obviously she who was the frightened one. Sorel was considering what use he could make of his new bargaining chip when there was a knock at the door. One of Sorel's men quickly hid Bobbie behind some crates, and the door was opened to reveal Roy. Sorel was angry that Roy was there instead of Sonny, and said that Sonny had made a mistake, but Roy pointed out that the "bullet you put in the last messenger was a major breach of etiquette" and that Sonny was not pleased. Sorel refused to negotiate with a "flunky" and went to show Roy out, but Bobbie kicked a box and Roy questioned the sound, assuming Sorel had a couple men in the back waiting to ambush him. Sorel brushed it off as boxes shifting, and Roy left, still suspicious. Bobbie was let loose and tried to bluff her way out the door, but it was locked and when she demanded that it be opened was told that her "freedom is in Sonny's hands."

Roy went to the diner to look for Bobbie, but found she wasn't there. He called her from the payphone and left her a message, assuming she was already in bed. He explained that the meeting was over, he was okay, and was looking forward to having dinner with her tomorrow night. Back at the warehouse, Bobbie threatened that she wouldn't want to be in Sorel's shoes when Sonny finds out about her being held prisoner. Sorel warned that he may have to make an example of her, and when she asked just what that meant, Sorel assured her that Sonny would ride to her rescue before that happened...probably.

Sonny returned to the penthouse and told Johnny to make arrangements for a little trip. He entered to find Carly asleep on the sofa, and when she woke abruptly, told her to pack her things - they were going to the Dominican Republic in the morning. Carly began to protest about once again being ordered around, but Sonny backed down immediately and asked, in an exaggerated fashion, if she would please, please allow him to take her to the Dominican Republic to get her divorce from AJ. They both began to soften a little, and she agreed that she could probably make the trip. He went upstairs, asking her to pick up her mess before she went to bed, and then watched, smiling, from the stairs as she fumed around gathering thingsRecap --->

Tuesday, March 14, 2000

Lucky and Helena dined together on the elegant yacht, The Haunted Star. Helena explained to Lucky how the yacht had belonged to Mikkos, her husband and that she had gone to great lengths to secure it. She wondered what it must have been like for young Luke and Laura to live amongst such opulence when they had lived such a vagabond life. She wondered if perhaps they had eaten at this very table, acting as though they didn't have a care in the world. Lucky reminded her that they quite literally did not have a care in the world, but listened closely as she shared with him how disgraceful she thought it was that when he was born, they continued their gypsy lifestyle, forcing a young boy to conform. He asked her why that offended her and she told him that he was a boy of such charisma and charm and intelligence that she wished his life had been different. Thoughtfully, she said she considered not releasing him since she enjoyed their time together so much, but then concluded that her goals would not be met if she kept him. She was called away by Andreas to take a phone call and when she returned, Lucky was missing. She launched a search of the yacht and Lucky was found on the deck, where he said he had gone for some fresh air. Andreas vouched for him, saying he'd been on the deck and had not resisted being returned to her.

Stefan asked Alexis to cover for him with Mac while he went to look for Lucky and she balked at the idea. She wondered why he would go to so much trouble when he had already put the better part of his life on hold for Laura and now she was not trusting him. He reminded her of how long he had loved Laura and how much he had invested in her and that he would not give her up that easily. He insisted that he would find Lucky and prove how much he loved her and that he was not involved in the kidnapping.

Luke and Laura checked into a suite in New York and planned their attack. There was a tense moment when Laura found passports, thinking they were for them and saw Felicia's picture on one. She brushed past it and they hurried to the yacht. They searched extensively and were about to give up when Luke found a model of a ship on display. The recognized it as The Haunted Star and quickly left to find it.

Felicia tried to make up with Maxie by explaining things to her, but Maxie quickly informed her mother that she knew Mac had left because Felicia had been with Luke. Felicia tried to explain about Lucky being alive, but Maxie was still angry with her for leaving and had no interest in reconciliation. Despondent, Felicia called Mac and he came over to talk to Maxie, asking Felicia to leave them alone for a while. He told her that Felicia had good intentions and was only trying to help a friend. He suggested that perhaps they should focus on that and try to forgive her. Maxie asked if Mac thought he could do that. Later, Felicia came in with Georgie, who was glad to see Mac. She asked if Mac could make spaghetti and he agreed. After dinner, while the girls were cleaning the kitchen, Felicia told Mac how nice it was that he had come for dinner. He told her that he had been thinking and thought they should try again. Felicia was jubilant, but Mac said that it came with a huge condition. Felicia was not to see, speak to or meet with Luke in any way. NO Luke Spencer. Felicia agreed that whatever Mac wanted was how it would be.

Alexis and Ned finally, tentatively made their engagement official by Ned moving the ring he gave her for Valentine's Day to her left hand. He confided to her that he had been tempted to take Edward's offer to return to ELQ and had not yet decided. She confided that she had trouble saying no to Stefan and was now representing him.

Wednesday, March 15, 2000

AJ stayed out all night while the family fretted over his whereabouts. When he got in, he excitedly showed them a speeding ticket written for going a bajillion miles over the speed limit with his lights off. When the family worried that he could have been killed, he said that was what was the most thrilling of the whole thing. He reminded them that he is rich, doesn't have a wife or children and has nothing to lose. Emily told him that he should remember that even if he doesn't love himself, there are people in his family who do love him and he could at least care about them, then stormed off. Disgusted, Lila asked Edward to take her to her room.

At L&B, Juan and Emily discussed the idea of him auditioning for Ned and Juan's nerve began to slip. Emily reminded him of their promise to support one another during weak times. Ned came in and asked Juan to do some filing in the back and Emily used the opportunity to ask Ned to let Juan sing for him again. Ned called Juan into the office and asked him what he wanted to do with his life. After he few nervous glances at Emily, Juan bucked up and affirmed confidently that he wanted to sing. Em set up the super industrial Mr. Microphone and Juan sang..."Tonight we celebrate...", with background music, studio production effects and everything but a disco ball. Afterward, Ned told him that he had all it takes to be a success, the voice, the presence, but that unfortunately, L&B just didn't have enough money to launch a new career. All of their limited funding was going to support their existing artists. Emily was disappointed, but Juan was excited that Ned had validated his talent.

In the Dominican Republic, Carly was nervous as Sonny came to pick her up to go get the divorce. When they arrived at the courthouse, there was a long line of people waiting, but Sonny escorted Carly to the front of the line and an officer of the court greeted him warmly and assured him that all was in order and they would be handled quickly. A few minutes later, they emerged from the office and were told to wait a few minutes while the papers were processed. Carly talked about how happy she was to be free of AJ and said she had known the day she married him that she'd divorce him. Her face softened as she remembered that she had thought that she and Michael would be going to Jason when that happened. Sonny gently said that sometimes things don't work out as we plan. She remembered a time after Virginia had died when she and Jason had gone to pack up her belongings. Afterward, she said, they were on the beach and Jason had come up out of the water with Michael and she had been holding a towel for them and in that moment, she'd had everything she'd ever wanted...she and the man she loved and their son were a real family. Sonny told her that Jason had felt the same way. When she doubted him, he told her that one day he and Jason had been fighting about her and Jason had told him the same story. She told him that the only reason she'd married AJ was so he wouldn't be a threat to Jason, that AJ was nothing to him, just some guy she had a baby with. He looked at her and said, "It happens" and they laughed together. She asked him if he thought a child should ever know he was an accident and Sonny was adamant that he should not. She agreed, saying that it didn't matter how a baby got there, but just that he was loved. The man returned with some papers for her to sign and after that, he congratulated her on being a free woman and said that a copy of the decree would be mailed to her. She thanked Sonny and said, "You don't know how good this feels." He replied, "I know AJ, I can fill in the blanks." Back at the hotel, she said if she wasn't so tired, she'd let him take her out to celebrate. He smiled and said they would do that tomorrow. She asked what they'd do and he said that he'd think of something, smiled and left.

Alan and Monica bickered about AJ, with Alan claiming that Monica was giving up on him in his hour of need and Monica saying she'd had enough of his failures, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Bobbie fumed as Sorel continued to hold her prisoner. Meanwhile, Roy begin to put two and two together and realized that no one had seen Bobbie since Claude had observed her eavesdropping on his conversation with Benny. Frantic, he went to Agent Ford and told him that Sorel had Bobbie and he needed some agents to help him rescue her. Ford balked and Roy reminded him that kidnapping fell under FBI jurisdiction. Ford angrily told him he didn't need him to remind him of what the FBI can do. He said this could work in their favor if Sonny rescued Bobbie. He ordered Roy to inform Sonny that Sorel has Bobbie and report back any illegal move he makes to get her.

AJ was arriving at Kelly's just as Leticia, Johnny and Michael walked up. He snidely asked if Carly couldn't even take her own kid for a walk now and Leticia reluctantly admitted that Carly was out of town. When AJ pressed for answers, she told him that Carly had gone with Sonny to get a divorce. She suggested to Johnny that they leave and as they did, AJ asked if he could take Michael for cocoa. Johnny said that Sonny wouldn't like that and they left. AJ shouted after them that Michael was still his kid. He went into Kelly's and, noticing Hannah drinking the last of her coffee, ordered two at the counter, then sat down with her. He started yammering about how Sonny and Carly had screwed them both over and said that the two of them should get back at them by sleeping together. He became increasingly more offensive and lewd until Taggert ran him out of the diner.

Thursday, March 16, 2000

At the hospital, the nurses' strike continues. Tony approached Alan about delayed oncology reports, and Alan promised to try to speed things up for Chloe's biopsy result. Tony requested that the nurse on duty telephone Chloe the instant the report came in and ask her to come to Tony's office immediately.

At Jax's, his parents came by to see how he was holding up. They wanted to postpone their trip to Europe, but he convinced them to leave as scheduled. Later, Chloe came back to find a note from Jax saying he was out getting her a surprise. Jane appeared at the door and said she trusted Chloe to do "the right thing." Jane talked to her about Miranda and Brenda and expressed concern that Jax could not survive another loss. Jax came in just in time to hear this last bit, and angrily insisted that his mother was wrong. Chloe tried to calm the waters, saying that Jane was only trying to help, and Jane left. Chloe began to speak, but Jax interrupted, saying "you're not setting me free." They argued mildly for a bit, with Chloe wondering if perhaps Jax was trying to make up for not being able to help Miranda by helping her instead, but Jax insisted that he loved her and that she would do the same in his place. The phone finally rang with the news that the test results were in.

At Mac and Felicia's house, Mac returned with his suitcases. Felicia, Maxie and Georgie all gave him the hero's welcome, and the children went off to make a meal. Mac told Felicia that he had returned primarily for the children, and that their reconciliation would take time and be difficult. Maxie overheard this, and after Mac left on an errand, she told Felicia that she was afraid Mac had only returned for the children's benefit and would leave again. Felicia assured her daughter that Mac wouldn't give them false hopes, that he was back to stay. Alone, Felicia remembered happier times with Mac.

Alexis spoke to Stefan on the telephone and encouraged him to return to Port Charles immediately. Mac arrived a little later, looking for Stefan, and Alexis scrambled to cover but Stefan waltzed in the door at the last instant. Mac pointed out that they'd found Helena's yacht in New York and that a couple and a man had been spotted going on board - he suspected that the man was Stefan, in violation of his don't-leave-town order. Stefan expressed his lack of faith in the PCPD, and Mac outlined his suspicion: Stefan is trying to frame his mother, and he kidnapped Lucky to break up Luke and Laura. They exchanged a couple more barbs, and Mac left. Stefan began preparations to leave, saying that he had found evidence that pointed to Madagascar, but Alexis vehemently objected, warning that if Stefan left again he would look guilty. Stefan vowed not to allow Helena to frame him, and pointed out that if Luke and Laura found Lucky first, Luke could convince the boy to say things that would incriminate him.

Mac returned home with flowers for Felicia, and apologized for suggesting that they had a tough time ahead of them. He asked if she would be able to keep her promise not to see Luke again, and she insisted that she would, that the only thing important to her is her family. They exchanged endearments and kissed as Felicia began to cry.

At the club in Charleston, Laura was approached by a stranger who offered to show her the sights, but she begged off, saying that her husband was with her. When Luke joined her at the table, she apologized for referring to him as her husband, but he gently pointed out that, after all, he was just that. They met with Raoul, the owner of the club and the man to whom they'd sold The Haunted Star, and exchanged pleasantries. They pretended to be interested in buying their yacht back, but Raoul had bad news: he'd sold the yacht ten years before. He thought perhaps he still had the bill of sale, and went upstairs to look for it and to contact a friend in the Coast Guard. Luke and Laura reminisced about the Whitakers' farm, The Titan, Robert and Tiffany, and agreed that they worked well together when united by a common goal. Raoul returned with the bill of sale and news from his friend - in the last few days the yacht had been active near Reunion Island, in the Indian Ocean off Madagascar. Taking the yacht to Reunion Island was deemed "so Helena."

Aboard the yacht, Lucky and Helena played chess with the "one question" prize for checkmate. Helena won first, and asked Lucky why, if his childhood had been so perfect and Luke and Laura so great, had he moved out at such a tender age? Lucky tried to brush it off as wanting to be independent, but when Helena pressed the point, he admitted that there had been things he hadn't known or understood. She submitted that his instinct to leave had been correct and had probably saved his life. When he won the next game, Lucky asked when specifically he would get to go back to Port Charles, but Helena replied only that she, too, was anticipating his return.

Friday, March 17, 2000

Jax and Chloe are on the docks having a moment. Jax pressures Chloe to head over to the hospital. Chloe says the reality waiting for her there is more than she can deal with and besides isn't what they have reality and real? Jax says that although that is true, she needs to face whatever it is that Tony has to say. Chloe tells Jax she thinks he would be less burdened without her. He tells her he wouldn't be better though. When they arrive at the hospital in Tony's office Chloe promises not to talk anymore doom and gloom. When Tony arrives he gets right to the point. The tumor is not malignant BUT it is in a very bad spot. If it grows it could endanger her eyesight permanently.

Bobbie is trying to gain some insight into Sorel, (please). She tells Sorel that he won't accomplish much by keeping her there except making Sonny angrier by the day. Sorel tries to explain to Bobbie that he and Sonny need each other and that a truce is in his best interest. He tells her so far the truce only one way, that it benefits Sonny while Sorel gets no respect. He offers Bobbie food and drink. She declines saying that the police are probably out looking for her right now. She tells him that Roy will come too. Sorel reminds her that with the nurses' strike and Lucas with Tony, no one has missed her yet.

Roy meets with Benny on the docks and tells him he is desperate to get a hold of Sonny; that Bobbie is missing. Benny tries to take the drama out of the situation. Roy says that is fine, but he will get Bobbie out with or without help. Later Roy observes one of Sorel's henchman talking on the phone. He grabs the guy in a headlock and wants to know where the hell Bobbie is. The goon gives it up and Roy throws him in the water. Roy goes to the warehouse and is peeking in the window when he spots Bobbie. He breaks down the door to get to her. As they embrace, Sorel and his goons bust in with their guns drawn and Sorel tells them they aren't going anywhere. Roy tries to fight them and falls to the ground as they continue to beat on him. Bobbie breaks free and is looking horrified as the scenes from 20 years prior come rushing back.

Mac arrives home to find the table set with a romantic dinner for two. When Felicia comes down the stairs he thanks her. Felicia says that she didn't do it. Who did? Just then the girls come in and say they are going to spend the night with Betty. The girls set it up and were happy to do so. Mac tells Felicia he didn't know if they would make it. He says often used to think that if he were put up there against Frisco that he might have lost. Felicia assures Mac that she made the right choice and the one for life. When Mac's phone rings it's Dara, saying that she needs some help with an arrest warrant and no one else is available. Felicia tells Mac she will be there when he gets back. Felicia goes to the docks to say goodbye to her memories of Luke. She starts to remember the kisses they shared and those great glances. She gets up and says, "Goodbye my friend." She climbs the stairs to leave and as she does she sees Helena pass by and stop on the docks. She stays hidden and looks intent on staying.

Luke and Laura continue to try to unravel Helena's web on their former yacht. They talk about how the yacht was haunted and creepy. Laura starts to panic when she thinks she has figured out what is going on. She tells Luke that Lucky probably is dead and that it is a trick. Lucky is a ghost, smoke and mirrors like everything else on the yacht. Luke looks wounded and grabs her and hugs her as she has a minor meltdown. He comforts her and they decide to keep looking on the boat. As Laura is searching through a book she comes upon a piece of paper with Lucky's handwriting. It is directions to the boxcar. Laura says he is alive and that he wrote that to try to stay connected to them. Just then Stefan bursts in and tells Laura he has to explain something to her. She looks dismayed and Luke has his gun drawn.

Carly is lounging on a chair on Sonny's island veranda. She tells Maria, Sonny's employee, that she doesn't like ice cubes, she prefers crushed ice. In addition to that she would like a refill and a side of pineapple, "in this life." At first, Maria ignores her and then says she doesn't think Carly gets it. Carly tells Maria she gets it all but wants to know what Maria actually does to earn her keep. Sonny walks in and wants to know what is going on. He tells Maria in Spanish that Carly is not his girlfriend, but a big headache. They laugh and Maria goes to retrieve Carly's desires. Carly wants to know what they are laughing about. Sonny redirects her and tells her she must be jealous. She says she isn't jealous of Maria she just wants to know what she does for her employer. Sonny tells Carly that Maria is a singer in his casino show. Carly wants to go to the show. She has never seen one. Sonny isn't swayed. Carly says she finally got rid of what's his name and she will go out and celebrate. She excuses herself to go and change. Carly looks like a million bucks at the casino and is having a ball. She is winning too at the roulette table. Sonny walks up and doesn't particularly like what he sees. Carly places a dangerous bet and Sonny tips off the dealer to let it go. She loses it all. Sonny tells her she needs to learn when to quit. He gives her dollar chip after Carly lectures him on the one thing she has learned is that Sonny doesn't know how to have a good time. She takes her dollar back to table and places another bet and wins. She wins again and tries to place another bet but Sonny says no. He tells the dealer to cash her out and send the money to his room. He gets Carly out of there. When they arrive back at the room she tells Sonny she thinks he is afraid of her. He laughs. She laughs. She tells Sonny that she thinks he is coming around to her. He smiles and says he doesn't think so, but Carly manages to make him continue to smile as he tries to convince her (himself), that he isn't charmed. They share some great glances and end up laughing. Later when they are relaxing again on the patio Carly tells Sonny how peaceful she thinks the ocean is and how much Michael loves it. She says she hopes the new baby does too. Sonny tells her it took him a while to even swim in the ocean, that he didn't like the ocean at first, but does now. Carly says that she hopes he will bring Michael and the new baby there so Michael can do the big brother thing. Sonny says he would like that. They are having another moment, when of course, his cell phone rings. He is telling Benny to calm down. He says he will be right there. He hangs up and tells Carly to pack her things that they are leaving. As she gets up in protest, Sonny tells her he has something to tell her and to remain calm. He tells her that Sorel grabbed Bobbie, as Carly looks frightened.

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