General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 27, 2000 on GH

Felicia warned Luke and Laura about Helena's plan. Bobbie threw Roy out. Rae Cummings arrived in Port Charles.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 27, 2000 on GH
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Monday, March 27, 2000

At the penthouse, Carly tried yet again to explain to Sonny that she'd meant no harm in allowing Bobbie access to the desk, but Sonny wouldn't listen and left on business. Later, when he returned, they picked up again where they'd left off. Carly maintained she'd made a "little mistake", trying to help the mother that she loves, and Sonny countered by insisting that her love means nothing, that love is about loyalty, and without it is meaningless. She wondered if perhaps he were jealous of the fact that she has people in her life while he has no one, and he said that she uses love as a weapon and vowed she would not get another chance hurt people. They went back and forth a few more times (Carly: "You're a cold, miserable excuse for a human being!" Sonny: "Sticks and stones!") arguing about Sonny's incapacity to forgive and Carly's calculated actions, until finally Carly tried one more time to get Sonny to make up - she took his hand and asked nicely if they could try one more time for the baby's sake. Sonny just pointed out that this was exactly what he'd meant, and went upstairs.

Roy decided to tell Bobbie the whole truth. Beginning with his testimony against Frank Smith, he said that the FBI had sent him to infiltrate certain organizations, gather information, then turn state's evidence. He'd refused at first, but the FBI had left him no choice when they found out about Hannah. Apparently her mother had abandoned her, her grandparents had died, and the FBI had given him a chance to be her father and raise her, at least part time. He'd had a full-time nanny, and for months at a time would have a regular life, then the FBI would wrap the case and he'd be sent back to prison until the next time. Hannah thought he was an agent, a hero, and had wanted to be just like him. Roy was ashamed of all the lies and vowed that when he was finished "here" he'd quit taking orders from the FBI. Bobbie listened to his explanation, but all she really heard was that he'd been free on and off in the last twenty years and hadn't tried to contact her. Roy explained that he'd had absolutely nothing to offer her, but she said she'd lain awake at night wondering what their life would have been like, then asked why he'd come back now? Was he on a job? He admitted that he was, and she guessed it was about Sonny. He admitted that that was right, although originally he had been on the trail of a money launderer...and she correctly guessed it was Jerry. Bobbie was angry, even though Roy insisted he hadn't known it was Jerry right up until the moment of the bust, since he'd first been after Marino, and said that he would have protected Jerry since he knew Bobbie loved him. Bobbie didn't believe him, and had one question: had she ever meant anything to him? Roy said she meant the world to him, and explained that he'd tried to keep his distance from her because he was ashamed of himself and his lies, but that he loves her and had never stopped loving her. He said that his beating by Sorel was a blessing, since he'd realized that the lies had to stop, even though he understood that when she heard the truth she might not be able to forgive him. Bobbie stood silently for a moment, then asked Roy to leave. He did so, and she looked after him, tears in her eyes.

At Mac's office, Taggert brought Stefan in and they exchanged barbs until Mac entered. Mac once again accused Stefan of kidnapping Lucky in order to break up Luke and Laura. Stefan replied that Mac was letting his personal life affect his professional judgment, and Mac was so angry he grabbed Stefan. Alexis and Dara walked in as Taggert tried to pull Mac off Stefan, and Alexis suggested that it looked like assault to her. Dara and Alexis argued whether Stefan could be charged or held, and went off to find a judge to decide. When they returned, Dara had a judge's order to allow the PCPD to hold Stefan for forty-eight hours, but Alexis successfully pitched the idea that they could all work together to find Lucky. Mac decided to let Stefan go to search for the boy as long as Stefan agreed to notify him first with any developments.

Lucky and Helena played chess. He asked her whether they would stay on the island or leave, but she was lost in memories of how wonderful it had been with Mikkos, before he was destroyed by Luke and Laura. Lucky told Helena that he was tired of all her secrets, and wondered what she wanted from him. She replied that she just wanted the pleasure of his company, then her phone rang and she announced that "it's time."

In the woods, Laura was about to bean Felicia on the head with a club, but she was recognized in time. Felicia explained that she'd overheard Mrs. Lansbury and Andreas talking about Helena leading Luke and Laura into a trap, but Laura said that they already knew about that and were prepared. The three of them stood about awkwardly, with Felicia faintly offering to be another pair of eyes and ears, then Luke announced that they should try to find the entrance to the cave, the door and control panel. Luke found the door, but it was sealed, then Felicia found the control panel and after few lame attempts at guessing the secret code, Laura suggested 10-23, (Helena and Mikkos' anniversary), and the door opened. Luke and Laura went inside, determined that Lucky had been there, and began to search for clues, leaving Felicia outside to keep watch. Felicia spotted a helicopter and the three of them took off after it, but they were too late and missed seeing who was aboard. Back inside, Laura asked if Felicia could please leave the job to Luke and her, and Felicia explained that she would either join them in their search or go it alone, but either way she can't go home without "your baby", and her marriage depends on it. Luke replied weakly that they appreciated the help, with Laura offering a reluctant "yeah, sure'. Laura declared that she needed some fresh air, and went outside. As she did so, the door shut behind her, trapping Luke and Felicia inside.

Tuesday, March 28, 2000

Chloe assured Jax that she didn't seem to be having any side effects from the medications and that she felt fine. She asked him if he had any regrets about her moving in and he told her he didn't have a one. Ned and Alexis arrived and Alexis stayed to keep Jax company while Ned and Chloe went out to dinner to discuss their divorce.

Alexis and Jax shared a chummy evening and eventually, the conversation turned to the divorce. Alexis asked if she was the only one thinking they should all stay married to their spouses and fight the Gertrude thing. Noting the engagement ring, Jax suspected she might be afraid of committing to Ned and called her on it. She said that when you were a Cassadine, trusting someone meant they would hurt you. Jax shared with Alexis how trying it is knowing that Chloe has this medical condition that requires they schedule their time around MRI's and check ups, knowing she could go blind.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Ned discussed their divorce and were interrupted by AJ, who was already drunk. Edward had nailed him at the mansion, waving Carly's divorce papers in his face and belittling him for losing his son and wife. Ned stopped him from ordering more vodka and they began to exchange barbs. Tony, who was sitting at the barb, suggested that perhaps this should be handled by a nonfamily member and said he would take care of AJ. When AJ started to leave, Tony told him he couldn't let him drive. AJ threw the keys on the bar and said he'd walk.

At L&B, Nikolas brought in a big time talent scout who agreed to listen to Juan perform. He did that "We've got tonight" song one more freakin time and she was quite take with him, personally and professionally. She gave him her number and said she would pass along his name to a few people. Emily was jealous of her attention and confessed it to Liz later, saying she didn't know how she would deal with Juan's fame once his career took off.

Bobbie came into Kelly's and Tammy remarked on her recent absence. Bobbie wrote it off to the strike and being busy with Carly. Later, Emily asked her if she'd heard from Luke and Laura and Bobbie assured her they would call her with good news.

Hannah ran into Roy on the docks and remarked on seeing Bobbie go into Kelly's. Roy told her he had told Bobbie the truth and was afraid he had lost her.

Bobbie left Kelly's to go check on the status of the strike and was stopped by Agent Larkin, who began to badger her about the kidnapping. Roy intervened and put Larkin up against a wall, demanding that he never bother Bobbie again. Larkin and Roy traded threats and insults and after Larkin left, Bobbie stepped out from where she'd been listening. She told Roy it looked like he was in a lot of trouble. He told her he was quitting the FBI and she expressed her worry that they would send him back to prison. He said that it was better than lying to her and Hannah. Bobbie said he should feel bad for lying to her and Hannah, but that the way to make it up to them was to not vanish out of their lives again.

Wednesday, March 29, 2000

Alan and Monica madly tried to keep a lid on the chaos at the hospital from the nurses' strike. They were mortified when AJ announced over the PA system that his mother would be pleased to know his divorce was final. Tony told Monica and Alan that he had taken AJ's keys earlier at the Grill and they thanked him. Kevin teetered in and told them that there was a massage head trauma in the ER and that they had tried to page Tony, but the PA was screwed up. Just then, a security guard brought in a very drunk AJ and both parents lit into him, saying a person could be dying in the ER because of his stunt. Alan and Monica both tried to get AJ to realize that he had only hurt innocent people with his actions, not Sonny or Carly. Alan finally took him home. They walked in just as Edward was railing at Lila about AJ fighting the divorce. He started berating AJ again and AJ ended up leaving to drink some more. Alan threatened his father that if anything happened to AJ, he would never forgive him. Lila also turned her back on Edward, saying he had no one to blame but himself.

Alexis helped Chloe put together a list of fabric suppliers who could do a quick turnaround and have some Chloe Morgan designs at a couple of shows before the fashion season ended. Jax argued on the phone with people unseen about topics unknown. Alexis told Chloe she wasn't rushing her and Chloe assured her there was no way L&B was going to go under if she could help it. Chloe tried to calm Jax after he finished ranting at the person on the phone, but he said he needed a break and went for a run. Alexis told Chloe Jax just needed some time. Chloe wisely noted that she felt Jax was reacting to the stress of not being able to negotiate her illness. Alexis told her to just love him. Later, Chloe reassured Jax that she was strong enough to handle her illness and he didn't have to feel so helpless.

Emily and Nikolas tried to convince Ned that they had to promote Juan now that Lynn was interested in him. Liz arrived and Emily carried on the campaign after Nikolas went to speak with her. Ned told her that Miguel lost money on the road for a long time before he became a star and that L&B just wasn't solvent enough to handle that right now. He asked her to have faith in them for now, but that there were other record companies that would give Juan a shot if it didn't pan out. He asked about AJ and offered to let Em stay with him if home got too rough.

Felicia fretted about she and Luke being locked in Mikkos' board room and kept banging on the soundproof door, hoping someone would hear. Luke tried to reassure her that he would get them out; he always does. They found an air vent, which they unscrewed and both tried to climb through, despite spiders and nasties.

Laura tired to release the door with no luck and was startled to hear a noise behind her. She hurried to hide behind a wall, only to find herself looking down the barrel of Stefan's gun. She told him what was happening and was ecstatic when he said he knew how to release the door. Her joy was abruptly disarmed when he refused to do so unless she left with him. When she refused, he left her. Laura was able to get in touch with the coast guard, but a storm was keeping them from being able to get to the island. Later, around a fire, she heard a noise. Thinking Stefan had returned, she was cautious, but was overjoyed to see Luke emerge from the brush. They hugged joyfully, while Felicia looked on, forlorn. They tried to rationalize where Helena would go next on the history tour and Laura realized it would be Texas, where Lucky was born. They set out immediately.

At L&B, Nikolas tried to reassure Liz that Luke and Laura were fine and had been on adventures like this many times. Ned told them good-bye and thanked them for their hard work. Nikolas reminded them him that Eddie Maine could bail them out and Ned said Eddie had left the building years ago. After he left, Em broke the news to Juan about L&B not being able to back his career yet. He was very gAlant about it and said he was no worse off than before. Later, Liz asked Emily if perhaps her family would be willing to help Juan. Emily said they were too far over the edge with AJ, then Liz suggested Sonny, to which Emily gave an enthusiastic veto.

Alexis lit candles and had on a long nighty to surprise Ned. They talked about the pros and cons of their commitment and she was overjoyed when he said they didn't have to get married just because their divorces were final.

Thursday, March 30, 2000

Ned and Jax, on the speakerphone with an unidentified man, made plans to take Chloe Morgan Designs away from Gertrude. At first Chloe had misgivings, but when Ned and Jax pointed out that once the company was liquidated she'd be able to design under her own name again, she approved and was touched by their deed. After Ned left, Jax and Chloe discussed the joys of corporate raiding until her beeper went off, signifying that it was time to take her meds. Jax left for a business meeting, and Chloe fell asleep. She had a nightmare of moving through bushes and palm fronds while in the background "Once Upon a Dream" played, and just as she was focusing on something shiny on the rocks, she suddenly awoke with a scream.

Monica was about to leave the house when AJ came stumbling in from his night on the town. He just wanted to go upstairs and get a shower, but she insisted on discussing what his behavior was doing to his father. Monica pointed out that Alan is already under tremendous pressure from the nurses' strike and budget committee, and doesn't need more trouble from AJ. AJ told her to leave him the hell alone, and she cautioned him to be careful of what he wished for. Later, Alan came in as Monica left. Alan tried to be supportive of AJ and did his best to get him to go to an AA meeting, but AJ refused, saying that Alan should just let him live his life as he wished to live it. Alan next took on Edward, accusing him of first driving away Ned and Jason, and now ruining things for AJ. Edward tried to justify his actions by saying that he would not sacrifice his business and family to AJ's disease. Alan tried to insist that Edward show AJ he cares, but Edward branded him a sentimental fool. Lila overheard this last, and agreed with Alan that Edward had gone too far. Edward promised Lila that Ned and Jason would return, and he would have ELQ back on its feet in no time, vowing to begin by tackling Jax.

At the diner, Tammy and Liz talked about Sorel, and Liz said she didn't think she needed Francis to be her bodyguard any longer. She decided to go over and see Sonny to discuss the situation with him. Taggert came in looking for Hannah, and when she came down she told him she was on her way to the Bureau to resign. Emily came to the diner next, looking for Liz, but Tammy told her that she had gone to see Sonny. Emily made some negative comments about Sonny, then talked about how it would be for Liz when Lucky returned. She and Tammy chatted about the nature of true love, and Tammy counseled her to let the future take care of itself. Later, Emily and Juan made a date to go to a concert. Emily cleared with Juan her plan to invite Liz along, and they talked about AJ's fall from grace and the tension at the Quartermaine house.

At the FBI office, Hannah and Larkin snapped at one another until Ford arrived. She gave him her resignation, but he refused to accept it. They argued about Sonny and Roy, and Ford made it clear that he thinks Roy is protecting Sonny. Apparently, during Bobbie's kidnapping, Roy was supposed to wait for Sonny to break the law to ransom her, then arrest Sonny and wait for the FBI to free Bobbie. They pointed out that Bobbie is free and Sonny is not in jail, therefore Roy must be protecting Sonny somehow. Ford said that when Sonny is behind bars he will reconsider Hannah's resignation, but in the meantime she stays. Hannah, angry and frustrated, told them they were worse than Sonny, and stormed back to the diner. Taggert was there, and she told him how Ford had torn up her letter of resignation and made her feel like a prisoner. Taggert wondered how they could hold her against her will, but she explained that the Bureau feels she compromised the case against Sonny, and that until he's arrested she is under supervision.

At Sonny's, Mike dropped by lugging a present for Carly - a painted rocking chair with a huge bow. Sonny wasn't particularly enthusiastic, but when Mike worried that Carly wouldn't like it, replied "Hey, it's new, it's furniture, she'll love it." Sonny filled Mike in on Carly's latest misdeed - letting Bobbie into the desk - and they talked about trust and betrayal. Mike suggested that Sonny might be overreacting just a tad, pointing out that "there's a world of difference between letting her mother into a desk and selling you out to the FBI" but Sonny wasn't buying. They left, Sonny to a meeting and Mike to the diner, where he told Tammy about his gift (her suggestion) and visit. Meanwhile, Liz arrived at the penthouse. Johnny told her Sonny would be out for a bit, but invited her to wait inside, and she agreed. Upon seeing the rocker, Liz remarked that it was "so not Sonny."

Carly went to an antique store where she purchased a lovely antique desk for Sonny. The dealer told her that there is only one key, and that it cannot be duplicated. She was pleased and arranged to have it delivered that afternoon. She returned to the penthouse where she found Liz sitting in the gift rocking chair, waiting for Sonny. Carly ordered Liz to leave, but she refused, and they argued about Carly using the baby to get to Sonny and about Jason's departure. Carly accused Liz of wanting Sonny for herself, and when Liz countered that Carly could at least have waited for Jason to leave before sleeping with his best friend, Carly slapped her. Naturally, Sonny walked in the door just in time to see this, and apologized to Liz for the unpleasantness. He told Carly she was not to raise her voice to Liz and to treat her with respect; when Carly asked when the mother of his child would be treated with respect, he replied that she would get it when she earned it. Sonny escorted Liz to the elevator, and they agreed that Francis' services were no longer needed. When he returned, Carly was sitting in the chair. She told him how much she liked it and appreciated it, thinking it was from him, but he told her to send Mike a thank-you note. She clarified - it's not from you? Sonny nastily replied "Why would I buy you anything?" They were arguing about Liz when there was a knock at the door - the desk had arrived. Sonny was puzzled, but Carly told him it has a key and locks, so he needn't worry about trusting her anymore.

Friday, March 31, 2000

In Texas, Laura was moved when they checked out the house they had lived in when Lucky was young, now standing empty. Together they reminisced about their times there. As they were remembering, Felicia walked up and reported that there was no sign of Lucky there. Laura worried that perhaps Helena had not brought Lucky there after all. Luke encouraged her saying that he trusted her instincts. The three of them started searching the area again.

Lucky took Helena out into the desert to revisit a place special to his family. He scratched his name in a rock and threw a matchbook into some brush. When Helena questioned him about it, he said, "That's the game, isn't it? Leave clues for Mom and Dad to find?" Helena congratulated him for being such a clever boy.

Edward worked out some financial deals just as AJ was coming in. The goaded one another with Edward fussing about how AJ had screwed up the company and AJ saying that Edward was too old to run a company. Edward reminded AJ that he might be old, but he's sober and AJ told him he couldn't wait to watch the whole thing blow up in Edward's face.

Bobbie came to visit Carly and she told her that Sonny was still pretty angry. She asked if the rocker was a gift from Sonny. When Carly told her it was from Mike, Bobbie regretted that it wasn't a peace offering. Carly showed Bobbie the peace offering she'd bought for Sonny and together they remarked on the beauty of the antique desk and laughed about the key the could not be duplicated. Carly told Bobbie that Sonny hated the desk, so she's having it moved to the den. Bobbie smiled and suggested that maybe Carly liked living there with Sonny and Carly admitted that she wanted it to work. When Carly asked about her and Roy, Bobbie blew it off by saying that they had complications over secrets. Carly pointed out that Bobbie hadn't exactly told Roy about every little thing in her life and asked if she'd gone off on him. When Bobbie admitted she had, big time, Carly offered to call Roy and speak up for Bobbie. Bobbie said that she had to handle this herself and they talked about what a miracle it was that they'd been given this second chance. Carly told Bobbie that you only get one shot at the real thing and Carly had blown hers. She begged Bobbie not to do the same.

Meanwhile, Sonny and Roy compared notes and Sonny told him he "did good." He suggested that he might have a chance for Roy to move up. Roy said he liked that, but couldn't promise to blindly follow orders and would have to be able to refuse an assignment if he didn't like it. Sonny said he thought they could work around that, within reason.

Alan and Monica were grateful for the end of the nurses' strike and were discussing ways to show the nurses how much they appreciate the nurses when AJ walked in and started to goad them about the problems in their marriage. He fussed about love to them being sniping at one another and sleeping around. Edward came in and continued his campaign of downgrading AJ and Alan, of course, chimed in that Edward didn't know what he was talking about and was doing AJ wrong.

Hannah told Roy about the FBI refusing her resignation and asked him what they had on him. He hedged by saying that he would take care of things. After she left, Bobbie arrived and he told her that if he didn't bust Sonny, he would go back to Pentonville. Bobbie suggested that he just keep stringing the FBI along, but Roy said that would just be more lying. He said the only thing he could do was to take his chances by telling the FBI he was out, but that first he was going to come clean with Sonny.

Sonny asked Carly what the "piece of junk" was doing in the living room and Carly told him it was waiting for the movers to put it in his den. This led to banter over what she had done and she told him he would just have to get over it. He told her he had a meeting at the Grill with a coffee buyer and she suggested that she go as well. He said, "No way!" but after a length discussion and beautiful dress, she was able to convince him that he needed her there as a distraction.

While Luke was out, Laura barely harnessed her anger when asking Felicia to please go home and leave the finding of Lucky to her and Luke. Felicia argued that they needed all the help they could get and Laura told her this was about her and Luke finding Lucky, not her, and that challenged that Felicia was not there to find Lucky, but to be with Luke. Felicia said that she could not go back home without Lucky. Luke walked up and asked what was going on and Laura told him that she had asked Felicia to leave. Felicia asked Luke if he had a problem being there and Luke said, "No." Laura fussed about how unfair it was that she had to put up with the crap and stormed off. Felicia apologized for the trouble and Luke told her that there was a place where Lucky used to go that they should check out. He told her where and she left to investigate.

Rae Cummings came into the same store where Carly had purchased the desk and told the clerk she was looking for it. He regretfully explained that he had sold it. When she asked for the name of the buyer, he refused to give it to her. She feigned interest in another piece and while the man was out of the room, looked up the deliveries of the day before. (Don't shop keepers ever learn?)

Hannah and Taggert were at the grill, drinking to "her" decision not to quit the FBI. AJ came in an ordered vodka. Taggert asked Hannah if she wanted to leave and she said she didn't. Later, AJ bullied the bartender into continuing his line of drinks despite "standing orders from Mr. Ashton."

In the next room, Carly charmed the coffee buyer, Steve Reynolds, while an amused Sonny looked on, interjecting only occasionally. The meeting went well and Reynolds agreed to buy Sonny's next shipment. Carly and Sonny began to banter about the benefit of her presence that night, but in a friendly way. As they were talking and getting ready to leave, a very drunken AJ staggered in behind them. They started to go as soon as they saw him, but AJ baited them by saying that Carly had 'turned a trick' for Sonny. Sonny told AJ he could send him to prison tonight if he wanted. They again turned to leave and AJ lunged for Sonny, trying to hit him with the vodka bottle. As he did so, he knocked Carly to the floor.

Helena told Lucky that their next stop would be their last and that after that, he was on his own.

At the arroyo, Felicia found where Lucky had scratched his name and was thrilled to see that it was recent. She looked around further and saw the matchbook, but slipped while reaching for it and went off a cliff. She screamed for help, eyes bugging, just as Laura came around the bend.

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