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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 24, 2000 on GH
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Monday, April 24, 2000

As they left the Port Charles Grill after their unsuccessful birthday dinner, Sonny and Carly were confronted by the Quartermaines. All the Q's ganged up on Sonny, with Alan threatening to "give him what he deserves", and Carly came to Sonny's defense, although she apologized to Lila for the unpleasantness. Monica calling Sonny "Carly's latest sperm donor", then went on to blast Carly for having trotted four "Daddy"s through Michael's young life (Tony, Jason, AJ and now Sonny) and called her a slut, which was more than Sonny could tolerate. He insisted that Monica extend an apology to Carly, and when Monica refused, threatened to send AJ to prison for the arson immediately. Monica backed down and apologized, and Sonny warned Edward to keep his family in line. Sonny reminded them that Carly is the mother of their grandson or great grandson, and she deserves to be treated with respect, a sentiment Lila applauded.

After Sonny and Carly left the Grille, the Quartermaines tried to go on with their dinner in their fashion, quibbling mildly with Lila over her defense of Sonny. When Edward pointed out that AJ had brought the difficulties on himself, Alan and Monica leapt to his defense and arguing ensued. Rae entered this family scene, much to Alan's apparent pleasure and Monica's chagrin. Rae announced that she'd located the Bible, and Monica made a nasty crack about Rae's finally leaving Port Charles. Rae said that perhaps she would stay in PC permanently, and Monica took the bait, telling Rae that Alan is a confirmed bed-hopper and that she shouldn't think she was his only affair, then storming out of the Grille. Rae wanted Alan to go after Monica and calm her down, but Alan refused, with Lila and Edward backing up his claim that this was normal Q behavior. Edward asked Rae point blank if she were having an affair with Alan, warning that Alan was hopelessly in love with his wife (to which Alan off-handedly replied "I am not in love with her - I can take her or leave her"). Rae persisted, but Alan insisted that he didn't "...have a marriage, just a bad habit I can't break." Edward and Lila adjourned to the bar for a sherry, and Rae asked if all the Quartermaine family gatherings were like this, and she and Alan had a good laugh when he answered that they were. He jokingly suggested that they go upstairs, since everyone already assumed they were having an affair, but they laughed it off and Rae apologized for her part in the turmoil.

Meanwhile, Sonny and Carly arrived back at the penthouse. Carly was expecting a scolding for speaking out of turn, causing the nasty birthday surprise, and getting into a scene with the Quartermaines, but Sonny surprised her by thanking her for standing up for him. Carly said that the look on his face when Alan was yelling at him was the same as when they got stuck in the elevator on New Year's Eve, and Sonny explained that birthdays and elevators have a lot in common for him. Carly misinterpreted his remark, but he explained that if they were going to be a family they would have to be open with one another. He recounted his eighth birthday, when his Deke (his stepfather and Taggert's mentor) got jealous of the attention Sonny's mother was paying to the birthday, threw the cake on the floor and beat Sonny with a belt buckle after hitting his mother. Deke had said "It's time you got what you deserve" - the exact words Alan had uttered that evening. Sonny again thanked Carly for stepping in, and Carly thanked him for trusting her with the personal information. She offered to do without birthday celebrations, even for the kids, if it would be easier for Sonny, but he said that he wanted big celebrations for the children, with balloons and cake and everything he never had. They joked about his lack of baking skills (he insisted he can bake a cake, he just chooses not to) and were going upstairs to check on Michael when an envelope fell from her pocket. Carly tried to hide it, but he insisted on seeing it - a birthday present from "someone with no money." It was a gift certificate good for winning one argument with Caroline "Carly" Benson, and they joked about it and went upstairs on a pleasant note.

Jax came out with his bags, all set to take Chloe to Russia for a holiday. Chloe told him about her dream of Tony at the nurses' station with the music box, and admitted that the tune is familiar but she can't quite place it [ed. note - ask Alan]. Jax reminded her that Tony had warned her about vivid dreams, and they decided the dream simply reflected her fears about the tumor. Ned and Alexis arrived for a bon voyage champagne, and while Jax and Alexis conferred, Ned told Chloe that he would tell the family about her trip. Ned and Alexis left, and Jax noticed that Chloe was a little withdrawn. He wondered if she were nervous about the trip, and admitted talking to Tony about her medical well being. She said that she didn't mind that he'd spoken to Tony, and reminded him that they'd agreed to have no secrets from one another. What concerned her, she admitted, was that Ned had made her realize how much Lila and Edward care for her, and she was having misgivings about Jax's plan to take ELQ away from them. Jax insisted once again that his business dealings were nothing personal, and that Chloe should accept what he does they way he accepts her design business as none of his concern. Jax said that he was beginning to regret having told her about his plan, and after Chloe admitted that she was tempted to tell Ned about the takeover plot, she vowed to forget everything that might stand in the way of their holiday together.

Back in their room, Alexis waited in bed while Ned tried on Eddie Maine clothes. She approved his wardrobe and they made love (with Eddie Maine music in the background). Later, they enjoyed some pillow talk about the music business and Eddie's prospects.

Larkin, Hannah and Bobbie discussed Roy's predicament, with Larkin sticking to his "there's nothing I or the Bureau can do" position. Larkin suggested that the only way to get Roy out of prison would be if he were to bring new evidence against Sonny, and suggested that Hannah go talk to Roy. Hannah agreed, but Bobbie protested that Roy would do anything to keep Hannah out of it, and suggested that she go speak to him instead. Larkin reluctantly agreed, and exited. Bobbie and Hannah went for coffee and discussed what had happened. They agreed that Larkin used Hannah to keep Roy in line, and that neither of them trusted him. Hannah expressed hope that Bobbie cold get new info from Roy, and she admitted that there was no way she could get anywhere near Roy as he refused to see her. They talked about the love Roy and Bobbie shared, and Bobbie vowed that the three of them would get through this somehow and find a way to get Roy out of prison.

Meanwhile, Roy got beat up by two other prisoners (one of whom he'd set up years before). A guard rescued him and later admitted to being on Sonny's payroll. He warned Roy to watch his step, as the word was out that Roy was an informant. The guard left, leaving Roy looking thoughtful.

Tuesday, April 25, 2000

Chloe and Jax brushed up on their Russian and he promised her they would see every bit of St Petersburg. They had ate a meal, amongst much laughter, then went out sightseeing. As they were leaving, Jax received a fax and gAlantly did not open the envelope the bellhop had delivered it in. Returning from their sightseeing, Chloe told Jax that he had created a memory for her that would last a lifetime. He presented her with a beautiful, regal gown and told her they were doing something special that night. He donned tux and tails and she emerged, looking like a goddess in the gown. He told her this was the night all of her dreams would come true.

Liz and Nikolas continued to wait for Lucky in NY, convinced that he had to show up sooner or later. Nikolas did his best to reassure her as her spirits sagged. She decided to draw a picture of the incredible dinner the three of them had shared with Emily just before Lucky died. Nikolas shared with Liz how amazing it was that he and Lucky had become so close after being such mortal enemies. When she completed the picture, they decided to tack it up on a pole as a message to Lucky that he was loved and missed. When they finished, a policeman came by and demanded to see their permit, saying if they were going to sell pictures, one was necessary. Liz said she would just give them away then. When the policeman pushed them for information, they told him their true mission and although he said it was a long shot they would find who they were looking for, allowed them to stay.

While Lucky tuned and played with an old guitar, he confided to Sandy that he had once planned to earn money playing guitar in Greenwich Village. This led to him telling her about Liz. She asked what had happened and he told her too much time had passed. She was surprised and asked if they had met in Jr High or something and he told her no, that it had been a year. She laughed and said she had clothes in her closet that she hadn't ironed in that long. He asked if she would need him for the rest of the day and when she said she thought they could manage, he left.

Stefan welcomed Alexis and told her that they were meeting with the doctor who had examined Lucky while Stefan briefly had him. While they waited, Stefan told her he would be finished with Laura the second he proved her wrong about his involvement in Lucky's kidnapping. Dr Gladstone was shown in and as they interviewed him, it became clear that his impression was that Lucky was fine. When asked about the topic of mind control, he admitted that his experience was minimal, but that Lucky didn't exhibit any of the classic signs. He did, however, suggest that there were milder forms of mind control that were less detectable. After he left, Stefan brought up that Katherine had returned a totally different person after being in Helena's care and now so had Lucky. Alexis suggested that perhaps Lucky was just angry that he'd again gotten caught in the Spencer-Cassadine war.

At the penthouse, Sonny told Johnny to tighten security until the found out what was going on with the Recovery Room shooting. Carly fussed about the drapes and suggested karma beads, which started them laughing. She asked him about the nursery décor and he told her whatever she wanted was fine. She smiled and said she wanted him to rent a ballroom and get together all the people who had been mean to her ever and make them apologize. As she leaned back onto the couch, she doubled over in pain. Sonny immediately picked her up and they headed for the hospital in a panic. When they arrived, Sonny tried to reassure Carly, but was extremely distressed as they took her away for tests.

Rae stopped Alan and asked if it was a good time to talk. He told her that he and Monica were barely speaking after the disaster at the Grill. Rae said she had just wanted an update on Tony's surgery, but confessed that he had scared her at the Grill and she was starting to feel like a femme fatale. He laughed and asked if she thought his marriage was in trouble and she said it seemed he and Monica connected on a very passionate level. Tony walked up just then and they both commented on his being up and around so soon. He said that he'd been given a local and had been awake for the procedure. Rae said, "Giving orders all along, I'll bet" and they all laughed. She told Tony that she had found the Bible and filled him in on the details. Alan drifted away and Rae told Tony she was going to bring him a gourmet brunch. Tony asked if it was out of line for him to ask who the father was. She told him she admired his restraint and said that she would plead selective amnesia. Tony jested that he could soon operate on her for that.

Monica began hassling Sonny at the nurse's desk, but she backed down when he told her Carly might be losing the baby. Carly emerged in tears and it took her a few minutes to tell Sonny that the baby was fine, but they had to wait on some tests. Dr Meadows approached them and told them that there were no major problems with the baby. Sonny immediately asked about the minor ones, and she assured him that Carly just needed more potassium. Sonny asked if she should stay in bed and Dr Meadows laughed and suggested he not go overboard. Carly said he was already there. Carly smiled and said that she felt like dancing. Sonny said she could dance as soon as the baby was born.

Monica and Alan forgave one another their bad behavior. Later, Rae asked him if she could tell him good-bye or if she had to write him a note. He remarked on her leaving and she said she was moving on, that the Bible had given her an excellent start on her research. They agreed that it was wonderful to have met again and as she was leaving, she started to tell him something, then changed her mind.

Back at home, Carly informed Sonny of what on the list she would eat and what she would not. He told her she'd eat it all and like it. He sat on the couch beside her to work because he said he couldn't see her from his desk. They laughed when she asked if she was under twenty-four hour watch and he replied, "You got a problem with that?"

Helena was waiting in Dr Gladstone's office as he arrived. She told him she regretted missing the meeting at Wyndemere and said that Stefan had suggested maybe he could fill her in, that Lucky was a dear friend of hers.

As Liz and Nikolas were leaving the street, he picture blew away. She started to grab it, but decided it was jinxed and let it go. They left just as Lucky walked up to a pretzel vender and ordered one with mustard.

Wednesday, April 26, 2000

Jax took Chloe into the Peterhof Hall for dinner and dancing. They danced to an orchestra until they began to play the music from Chloe's dream...the music box song, "The Sleeping Beauty Waltz." Jax offered to have the orchestra stop, but Chloe felt it might help her to hear the musical piece all the way through. She told Jax that it felt like a strange deja vu, as though she was meant to be there at that moment. Jax told her that obviously her subconscious was trying to send her a message.

AJ came into a bar where Mac and Dara were discussing Felicia and Mac's failing marriage. AJ sat at the bar and ordered a drink, while Dara suggested that if Mac were so unhappy, that he give it one more try. Max said divorce was not supposed to happen to him and Felicia. He told Dara that Felicia had flown to Texas to make up with the girls, but they refused to see her. As Hannah and Taggert walked in for a game of pool, Dara cautioned Mac to not let his pride get in the way. AJ paid and left. Mac told Dara that three days with no sleep was catching up with him and that he was going to go home and rest. Dara told him not to throw away something he would later regret losing.

After Lucky got his pretzel, he walked around the square and saw where Liz's picture had landed. He picked it up and breathed, "Liz," then looked around. Later, he went to the apartment he and Liz were planning to rent and spoke to the landlord. He remembered Lucky and told him that Liz had been by with a young man before and had seemed disappointed that Lucky hadn't been by.

Juan helped Emily do her homework, but it quickly turned to making out. This was interrupted when AJ knocked on the door and asked to speak to Emily. Juan scrambled into the closet. AJ was drunk and asked Emily to help him see Michael. Emily refused, saying he would have to sober up before he would do Michael any good. He began to berate her, saying she was just keeping Michael from him on Jason's behalf. He whined that in his family, there was always one more thing he had to do in order to be good enough. She reminded him of the Serenity Prayer and suggested that he start changing the things he could change, like his drinking. He stormed out and Juan asked if she was OK. She cried and said she just wanted a normal family for five minutes. She told her maybe she should start accepting the things she cannot change. He said that they needed some time alone and she said she knew the perfect place and would take him there the next day after school.

Liz and Nikolas wondered if maybe Lucky was looking for them in Port Charles. Nikolas suggested that they stay one more night, then go home the next day. While Nikolas was gone to check his voice mail, a young man asked if he could set up shop by Liz. He offered her a henna tattoo and she declined. They started talking and she told him they were looking for Lucky. Nikolas return and the man suggested that maybe Lucky didn't want to be found. As they were talking, Lucky observed them from afar. Liz said she had never considered that maybe Lucky didn't want to contact them and Nikolas reassured her. Lucky mistook their closeness for more than it was and crumpled up Liz's picture as they walked away.

Ned practiced guitar and felt he needed an audience, so Alexis came to rapt attention. A knock on the door interrupted them and Stefan said he needed to speak with Alexis alone. He told her that the doctor they had interviewed who had examined Lucky had disappeared right after their meeting without a trace. They both knew Helena was behind it. Ned interrupted to say that there was no way Alexis was going to risk her life in Stefan's quest to bring down Helena. He pointed out that they keep talking about Helena being their common enemy, but Alexis is the one that keeps almost getting killed. Stefan excused himself and told Alexis he would talk to her later. After he left, she asked Ned when he'd turned into a caveman. He confided in her how much it hurt him that she was so willing to risk her life and what they have together. Alexis countered that she would remain at risk as long as Helena was free, but Ned said he felt Helena wouldn't even look her away if she stayed out of the line of fire. Alexis told him that she loved him and would consider what he'd said. She said no one had ever loved her the way he did and it meant the world to her.

Taggert told Hannah that it was a shame Mac was going through so much. Hannah told him that love is rough, but she was living proof that one could survive its loss. She told him that he'd been a good friend to her and that anything else should scare her, but it didn't. He said he was glad and surprised her with a quick peck on the lips. She whooped his butt at pool and when he asked where she learned to play like that, she told him from her dad. He asked how Roy was doing and she told him he was in prison for something he didn't do, how good could he be? AJ came back to the bar again and noted to Hannah that she had traded up, indicating Taggert. He went to the bar and Taggert suggested that they leave. Hannah said no, that she wanted to help AJ because she had been where he was and Taggert's friendship had saved her. She felt maybe she could return the favor by helping AJ. Taggert suggested they get a cab or squad car to drive him home and she said that she wanted to do it herself. He grumbled that this wasn't exactly how he'd expected the evening to go. She offered to drive AJ home, they bantered about it, but finally, he tossed her the keys.

Thursday, April 27, 2000

Edward learned through a telephone call that AJ had sold his ELQ stock. Just then AJ came in to pick up his mail and Edward lit into him, offering him a drink to celebrate making a fortune selling out his family. AJ explained that he had neither the time nor the interest in elaborate revenge plots - he just wanted to make a little money easily. Edward demanded to know Jax's plan, and as AJ was protesting that he didn't know or care, Lila entered the room. She asked AJ to consider moving back home, but he replied that it was best this way and left. Lila informed Edward that the family was splitting apart and asked him to do something before it is too late, and Edward replied that that is just what he intends to do.

Bobbie and Tammy were at the diner counter as Mac entered, looking for Taggert. He had not yet arrived, so Mac and Bobbie visited for a while, comparing notes about their lives. Mac told Bobbie that he'd taken Maxie and Georgie to Texas to live with Mariah, and when Bobbie protested that this was too extreme a measure, slammed Felicia by replying that the girls deserve to be with someone who gives a damn about them. Bobbie warned that Felicia wouldn't take this lying down, and Mac answered that Felicia can do what she wants but the girls stay in Texas. Alexis entered Kelly's next, and Mac went to a table so Alexis and Bobbie could confer privately. Alexis reported that she'd met with officials in the Justice Department who'd told her that there was no evidence of a deal between Roy and the FBI, and even if there had been such a deal the FBI would be within their rights to revoke it. Nothing, therefore, could be done to help Roy; he must somehow make himself valuable to the FBI again. Meanwhile, Taggert had arrived and tried to give Mac the update on a case, but Mac was obviously not listening. Taggert tried to suggest that Mac and Felicia had something special that was worth fighting for, but Mac replied that Taggert simply didn't understand what was going on.

Felicia remembered her attempt to reconcile with Maxie and Georgie, and began to cry. She'd gone to the door and Maxie had refused to let her in and run away. Mariah had eventually invited her in, but was very cold as Felicia admitted that she'd made mistakes but denied an affair with Luke, explaining that she only wanted to help him find his son. Mariah said that she understood attraction outside of marriage, but wondered how Felicia could have left the girls, who already had "abandonment issues", and referred to Luke as Felicia's lover. Felicia admitted to having feelings for Luke but again denied that they'd been lovers, and asked Mariah to get Maxie. Maxie came down shortly, and Felicia tried to be upbeat but Maxie wasn't having any of that - she told Felicia to go back to Luke and leave them alone. Felicia apologized, explaining that she had no idea the effect her trip would have had on the girls, and asked for another chance. She reached out her hand but Maxie refused to take it. Maxie explained that she didn't want Georgie to know that Felicia had been there and thus get her heart broken again, and suggested that Felicia just go back to Port Charles. Later, alone, Felicia called Kelly's and asked Tammy if Mac were there. Tammy alerted Mac, who told her to tell Felicia that he was not there, and Tammy did so. Felicia thanked Tammy for trying, and hung up, crying.

Hannah went to the prison to visit Roy. Larkin watched their conversation, then reprimanded Adams for failing to eliminate Roy. Adams apologized and offered of get rid of Roy another time, but Larkin said he would do the job himself and told Adams that his services were no longer needed. Roy tried to reassure Hannah that he was in no danger as long as he stayed out of hostile faces, and they disagreed about whether Bobbie should be allowed to visit. Roy maintained that Bobbie deserved better and refused to reconsider his decision, but Hannah eventually won him over, and he agreed to see her. Larkin came up behind Roy, where Hannah could see but not hear him, and wondered aloud what Hannah would do if she knew that someone had tried to kill Roy. Roy asked Hannah to leave then, and told Larkin to keep his daughter out of it. He told Larkin that he knew it was he who set up the attempt on his life, and vowed to get the word out that Larkin was crooked. Roy was taken to his cell, but a little later Larkin had him brought back. Larkin told Roy that he'd spoken to the warden about the attack, and Roy would be transferred to another facility for his own protection. Roy demanded to see the warden but Larkin refused to allow him to speak to the warden or anyone else, and informed Roy that he would handle everything. The guard on Sonny's payroll watched as Roy was taken to the van. Later, back at Kelly's, Hannah told Bobbie that Roy had agreed to see her, and Bobbie left for the prison immediately.

At the penthouse, Sonny fixed Carly a healthy meal (egg white/spinach omelet). She promptly tried to bribe Johnny to go get her some donuts, but Sonny made a new rule: Johnny was to make NO donut runs for Carly, no matter what. She pretended to resent Sonny's hovering over her, but secretly smiled, and sent Sonny on a series of little jobs - get her newspaper, fetch an apple for her, maybe a nice glass of freshly squeezed OJ. Sonny caught on, but it was all right.

Across the hallway, Emily and Juan crept into Jason's apartment to "be alone." They began to kiss passionately, but Emily soon broke away. Juan tried to reassure her that he'd brought protection, but she wasn't sure she was ready and admitted to being scared. They went back to kissing and he was beginning to remove her clothing when Sonny and Carly came strolling in. Emily scrambled to get her shirt back on as Carly demanded to know what they were doing there. Juan replied "Nothing, just hanging out" and Carly snidely answered "Oh, is that what they're calling it these days?" Emily tried to tell them that she had Jason's permission to use his apartment any time, but Sonny and Carly both answered that that wasn't what Jason had in mind. Emily replied that she was sure Jason would be happy that she had someone who cared about her, then tried to leave with Juan, but Sonny stopped them and hustled Carly into the hallway for a conference. Sonny insisted that they had to split them up - Carly at first misinterpreted, thinking he wanted to break them up, but he explained that he just wanted to talk to Juan while Carly spoke to Emily. Carly reluctantly agreed, and they went back in. Juan went with Sonny across the hall while Carly stayed with Emily and tried to have the "big talk" with her. Emily was smart-mouthed and obnoxious, but Carly persisted and they almost had a genuine moment when Carly admitted making mistakes, hoping Emily could learn from them. Emily admitted not being sure that she was ready, but worried that Juan was more than ready, and Carly suggested that if Juan were the right one, he'd wait. She told Emily that the most important thing in a relationship was trust and Emily quickly reverted to nastiness, pointing out that Jason had trusted Carly and she'd betrayed him with Sonny. Carly had enough, and told Emily that she could just learn the lessons herself, and left Emily sitting on the sofa, looking smug. Across the hall, Sonny had better luck with Juan, counseling him that passion is all well and good, but that if you're not careful the consequences can be more than you'd bargained for, and stressed safe sex. Sonny finished his lecture, and Juan escaped with Emily. Carly cracked "Don't bother to thank me or anything, you little brat", as they left, and then admitted to Sonny that the talk had been less than successful. She said she'd never been much good at the sex-with-love thing, and Sonny suggested maybe she'd designed it that way, afraid, and running away her whole life. Carly agreed to his assessment, and said that she'd often thought of what it would be like to stop running and trust someone.

Friday, April 28, 2000

Jax took Chloe to a music box museum in hopes of finding a match for the one in her dreams. They found one that was slightly different, so they surmised that hers was of Russian origin.

Bobbie went to visit Roy and after waiting for a long time, finally was informed by the warden that Roy had been transferred after an attempt was made on his life. Bobbie freaked out and demanded to know where Roy had been sent. The warden was firm that he was not at liberty to release that information and that Bobbie would have to speak to Agent Larkin.

Carly and Sonny shared several close moments and the passion between them started to grow. Carly confided in him that she loved the mornings, with the two of them reading quietly, allowing one another time to gently wake up. He told her he loved coming home and hearing her and Michael playing together. He said that it made the house feel full. He asked her if she'd like to go out, just the two if them. She hurriedly agreed and returned in a dazzling evening dress. Sonny voiced his admiration just as Bobbie burst in and demanded that Sonny do something about Roy's situation. She railed into him until Carly told her to back off and show Roy some respect. Bobbie left and Sonny told Carly it surprised him that she defended him, first to Alan and then to her mother. He said that Jason had always said that she was great in a bind. She said Jason had always said Sonny was a stand up guy. Slowly, they came together for a tentative, then tender and gentle kiss.

Roy tried to learn from the driver of the prison van where he was being taken. Just then, the driver veered hard to the left and the van crashed.

After returning dejectedly from New York, Nikolas and Liz split up. Nikolas went to question Helena and Liz sat on the docks, remembering Lucky and their first kiss. Emily startled her out of her memories, glad to see her friend had returned. After Emily consoled Liz over not finding Lucky, they giggled excitedly together over Emily and Juan almost "doing it." Together, they made fun of Carly's attempts to talk to Emily about relationships.

Helena was pleased to see Lucky, but scolded him for taking an unscheduled trip to New York. He told her he knew what he had to do and he would do it. He told her he had seen Nikolas and Liz, but that it hadn't seemed right to approach them. Just then, Andreas announced the arrival of Nikolas, so Lucky left.

Later, as Liz prepared to leave the docks, she was shocked to look back and see Lucky staring at her.

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