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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 8, 2000 on GH
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Monday, May 8, 2000

At the club, Luke and Laura discussed the fact that there has been no sign of Lucky, although Luke was certain that Liz would hear from him eventually. Laura remembered an incident from the past, and decided that Lucky was once again frightened of something. They agreed that Helena had let him go, but Laura worried that he is on the other side of the earth, starting over without them. They shared a close moment, and agreed to let Lucky come to them rather than chase after him. They chatted about Lulu, and Luke asked if Roy had taken her fishing. Laura realized that Luke knew nothing about Roy's arrest and subsequent escape, and filled him in. Laura left for home while Luke decided to go see Sonny to confront him about Roy's situation.

Liz and Nikolas discussed Lulu's statement about having seen Lucky. Nikolas thought perhaps she was imagining it, but Liz persuaded him that she was telling the truth, and admitted giving Lulu the token necklace to give to Lucky. She lamented Lucky's avoidance of her, and Nikolas tried to convince her not to take it personally, suggesting that there must be something wrong for Lucky to be acting this way.

Meanwhile, Lucky was visiting Lulu, who admitted that she'd told Liz about his visits. She swore she had not and would not tell anyone else, though, and he gazed thoughtfully at the token, then left after promising to visit again.

Chloe dreamt of sitting on a bench on the docks, hearing the Sleeping Beauty music playing. She walked over to where the music box lay, and Helena came up behind her, telling her that it is "not going to work". Jax woke her and she told the dream to him, and he tried to come up with some hokey pop psych explanation of it. She got angry about her inability to eradicate her tumor, and Jax encouraged her to hang onto her anger as it allowed her to be in control. He told about a new drug therapy his European doctors had suggested, and she agreed to try it in conjunction with the low dose radiation Tony was planning. Jax gave her a pep talk, then she called Tony to discuss the drug treatment. Chloe told Jax that "You're extremely sexy when you're all...motivational" and asked him to promise to tell her if she were leaning on him too much. He agreed to take a few hours to himself if he started to burn out, but vowed that there was no way he would ever walk away. Later, after Chloe had fallen asleep, Jax got on the phone to announce that he was ready to make his move on Helena.

Roy and Bobbie kissed, talked about their lives as they were and as they might have been, fantasized about having a regular married life with Lucas asleep upstairs and the dish washer running, then danced together.

Sonny gave Carly a huge diamond ring as a promise to take care of her and her children. She liked the ring, but decided that she couldn't accept it, as a ring is a symbol of love and they don't love one another. They talked about Jason and his rings, and Sonny said that he didn't want to take that away from her, he wanted to give her something. He wanted to make a commitment to her and hoped that she would make one to him; they would both honor their commitments, and if she can do that, she should wear the ring. She agreed that she can be loyal and can make a commitment, but that she wasn't ready - she had to get to a place inside where she knows and believes that Jason will never return, then she will be able to take off his rings and put on Sonny's. They kissed, but Sonny stopped before things progressed too far, saying that they needed time to adjust. Carly went up to check on Michael and go to bed, inviting Sonny in "to talk...or whatever."

Carly was upstairs brushing her hair and looking at her ring when Luke arrived on the doorstep. He demanded to know what happened with Roy, and when Sonny assured him that he was handling it, told Sonny that whenever he "handles" things, someone gets killed. Luke insisted that Sonny back off and allow him to deal with it instead, and Sonny was about to reply when Carly came down. Sonny told her to go back upstairs, but she refused and lit into Uncle Luke, suggesting "Why don't you go bother your own family, that is if any of them still want to see you". Luke looked from Sonny to Carly and back again, as the truth of their living arrangement slowly dawned on him.

Nikolas was playing with Lulu when Laura arrived back home. She told Lulu that Daddy had come home, and Lulu replied "Everybody's come home". Nikolas alone caught the significance of Lulu's statement. He took Lulu upstairs to go to bed, and when he returned, Laura was looking at baby photos of Lucky and wondering where they'd gone wrong. Nikolas assured her that they'd done nothing wrong, that the present troubles were Helena's doings, not theirs. Nikolas tried to convince Laura that Lucky is safe and surely just needs some time to adjust before contacting them. They discussed how hard all this must be on Liz..

Liz, on the docks, remembered Lucky telling her about "having the backpack ready", and talking about their future together. She sat on a bench and said aloud, "Wherever you are, I'm here and I'm waiting'. Lucky had come up behind her, but run away again. She got up and left, and he came out of hiding, then Liz returned and saw him standing there. He turned, and she pleaded with him not to go and told him how much she'd missed him and loves him still. Lucky didn't leave, but had no reply..

Tuesday, May 9, 2000

Lucky and Liz stared at one another for a few minutes, then Lucky looked as though he was going to run again. Liz asked him to wait, to please not go. She opened her heart to him, telling him how she had wanted to die after the fire, but now she knew why she had not...for this moment. She told him she loved him and had missed him so much. He politely said it was nice to see her. His distant attitude broke her heart and she reached to touch his cheek. Almost immediately, he pulled back. She asked him if he was in trouble and he said no. She sadly asked him why he ran away. He said that he didn't want to see his parents and then told her that he had planned out what he wanted to say to her the first time he saw her, but the words had abandoned him, so he ran. He told her he had to go and she begged him to stay. He asked her to let go of his arm, then he left, leaving her confused and sad. Later, she went to Emily and cried on her shoulder about how weird Lucky was being while Emily encouraged her. Lucky returned to the docks and remembered the night he and Liz committed themselves to one another at the and forever.

Carly ordered Luke out of "their house" and he scoffed. "What, do you live here?" He was incredulous as she said that she did and Sonny made it clear to him that they had nothing to discuss. Luke blamed Roy's problems on Sonny, saying that ignoring the business to screw around with his niece was no way to run an organization. Sonny advised him to watch it, but Carly lit into him, telling him that, as usual, he didn't have a clue what he was talking about. He then threw in their faces that this had to be why Jason left and, gesturing grandly to them said, "The man of honor and the slut." Sonny told him that he'd better show Carly some respect, that she was carrying his child. Luke said he didn't care what they did, but Sonny was going to fix the mess he'd made of Roy's life. Carly told Luke he should be grateful to Sonny and Luke continued to gripe about the mess Sonny had made. A phone call from Larkin, reminding Sonny that time was running out for him to produce Roy, interrupted them briefly. Finally, Carly blurted out that Roy was a snitch for the FBI. Luke accused her of lying, but Sonny filled in the blanks for him. He demanded to know where Roy was and Carly told him to ask Bobbie. Luke told Sonny not to turn his back on Carly and Carly told him not to come back as he was flying out the door. Sonny asked her when she was going to learn to butt out when he told her to and she smiled and said that Luke had no right to talk to Sonny like that. She asked what had happened between them and correctly guessed that Luke had blamed Sonny for Lucky's death. She stood up for him and Sonny said he should have thrown him out when he called her a slut. She noted that it used to be his favorite word for her and he said, "I was wrong." He told her that she had used Michael and not always done right by him, but when she realized it was wrong, she fought to make things right. He told her that he knew she would be a good mother to their child. She teased him saying that he liked her and they laughed together about whom liked who and who didn't. They wound up in a cute and cuddly kiss..

Taggert advised Mac that Luke was back in town as Felicia listened in the doorway. Mac ordered Taggert to bring in Stefan for questioning now that they had a body in the Dr Gladstone disappearance. Felicia asked Mac if he had a minute and he told her only if it was for police business. Taggert excused himself and Felicia begged Mac to just have dinner with her. He accused her of trying to get him back just so she could bring the girls home and she asked if it was so bad that she wanted her family back. He pointed out all the ways that she had let them down. He affirmed to her that they were finished and that if she was coming over again to call first, or better yet, just don't come..

Juan knocked at Emily's window and she let him in. He grabbed her notebook and they had a cutesy little fight as she begged him to give it to her and he refused. He read it and felt that it was a beautiful poem. She got dewy eyed and asked him if he really did and he said it was true. Juan asked if he could keep the paper and said he would carry it with him always. He then reminded her that they were not like other couples who were temporary. They were the real thing. She told him that it was the sweetest thing he'd ever said to her..

Stefan and Alexis came to Mac's office and he accused Stefan of killing Dr Gladstone and kidnapping Lucky. After the usual bantering, they left with Mac telling Taggert he'd be at Luke's..

At Luke's, Mike and Tammy celebrated his big win at the track. Laura came in and asked for Luke. Claude told her Luke was out and that she'd wait in his office. She and Tammy and Mike exchanged pleasantries and she updated them on their frustration over not finding Lucky. She excused herself when Mac arrived and asked if she had a moment. After she left, Tammy nailed Mac on why he was so gratuitous with Laura and he finally admitted that he had seen Lucky. Tammy was aghast and asked Mike how he could even look at Luke and Laura when he knew there son was there and ok..

Felicia found Luke and told him what had happened with Mac and the girls. He commiserated with her and she told him he was now all she had. They started to make out like big bandits, with her taking her shirt off and him swiping the stuff off his desk to lay her down and start feeling her up. She told him to stop, well into some serious making out, that she couldn't go through with it. She held together her open shirt and ran blindly out of the office with Luke on her tail. They stumbled out, clothes akimbo, into the main room of Luke's. Mac had been filling Laura in on the Gladstone killing and they stared with shock and disgust at Luke and Felicia. Mac asked Laura if she needed a ride home and she said she appreciated that. They left and Felicia moaned that she had wrecked everything..

Wednesday, May 10, 2000

Luke and Alexis started the show with Luke still trying to find out where Roy DiLucca is hiding. Alexis asked Luke to stay out of the Roy situation and let Sonny handle it, but Luke would not leave it alone. Finally Alexis said, Luke, you need to talk to Bobbie if you want more information.

AJ apologized to Lila for ruining her visit with Michael. Lila, in a change from her normal, actually gave AJ a piece of her mind. AJ pleaded his case with his grandmother and asked her to talk to Carly and help him to see his son. Lila said that she would help AJ only if AJ would help himself and stop drinking.

Stefan met with his Private Detective who gave him pictures of Lucky on the docks. Stefan asked the PI to continue keeping tabs on Lucky. Stefan summoned Laura for a meeting. In the interim, Jax arrived at Wyndemere. Jax informed Stefan that he was quite ready to throw in with Stefan's plan to do damage to Helena. Jax was basically fed up with Helena approaching Chloe and wanted to neutralize Helena for good. Stefan was cooperative but informed Jax that only extreme measures will stop his mother's rain of terror. Stefan wished Jax good luck on his financial approach but told Jax to contact him when and if he would be ready to take the next step.

Laura met with Stefan and was thrilled to see the pictures of Lucky in Port Charles. Stefan asked if she wanted him to pick Lucky up and bring him to her. Laura declined and said that she and Luke are waiting for Lucky to come to them.

Alan asked AJ to attend a ball game with him and AJ refused (in his bad mood attitude, like normal). Alan then proceeded to ask AJ what he wanted from the family. AJ, in his the world has hurt me fashion, announced to his dad that he only wants to spend time with Michael and if his family cannot assist him in that, then he is not interested in any other help that they may offer.

AJ went to the Grill to meet with Jax about finalizing their ELQ deal. AJ changed his mind about his stock for a moment. AJ wanted to reconfirm with JAX that he is not having cold feet. For AJ it is all about revenge against Edward and Sonny. AJ wants Edward to feel great loss (ELQ) like he has and for Sonny to be kicked off the board for taking Carly and Michael away from him. Edward walked over to AJ and Jax at the bar and asked what were they doing. AJ informed his grandfather that he and Jax were sealing the fate of ELQ and left. Edward talked with Jax to convince him to stop this madness against him because for neither one of them the fight was not personal. Jax said he had come too far to turn back now. Edward did not take the rejection well and but Jax on notice. Jax's face then lost his charming look and his look turned to worry. One has to wonder if Jax will be able to take ELQ, Helena, and handle Chloe's illness. He seems to be headed for a disaster.

Lucky surprised Emily in her room. Emily even surprised me with how happy she was to see Lucky and for Lucky to see her. Lucky treated Emily as if she was closer to him than Liz. By now, I am thinking poor Liz and it gets worst for her. Emily runs to Lucky and gives him several big hugs. Mind you that Lucky is being receptive to Emily and playful too. Lucky, of course, asked Emily to keep his secret because he does not want his parents to know he is in Port Charles. Emily, being the good friend that she is, brings up Liz and asked Lucky why is he treating Liz so distantly. Lucky confided in Emily about his kidnapping and how he felt being "caged" for this past year. Lucky said that for him, all is different now. Liz is stronger and no longer needs him. Things are just more different than you know, Emily Lucky stated.

Bobbie returned home from her secret rendezvous with Roy to find Felicia lying on her sofa. Felicia told Bobbie her story and asked for her sympathy. Felicia even asked Bobbie to tell her what to do. Bobbie said that Felicia needed to stop looking to other people to fix her life. Bobbie also warned her about the dangers of being desperate and doing desperate things. Felicia wants her life back, but is not being honest about her feelings. (Felicia is really becoming pathetic. If only she would admit to caring about Luke, take back her life, and bring back the old strong Felicia) Bobbie again asked Felicia to look inside herself to discover what she really wants. Luke entered the Brownstone calling for Barbara Jean. Luke asked Felicia to leave so he can be alone with his sister. Luke asked Bobbie to confirm all the details that he found out from Sonny and Carly yesterday. Bobbie confirmed everything and more. Bobbie also mentioned that she was in deep and had no intentions of getting out. The whole Sonny, Carly, Bobbie, Roy and Hannah saga, needless to say, astonished Luke.

Later at Luke's, Laura runs into Luke's office to show him the pictures from Stefan only to find Felicia waiting for Luke. Of course, Laura immediately shifted gears to become the jealous wife. She asked Felicia, what are you doing here? Then told Felicia in certain terms to stay away from Luke. Felicia rebutted and told Laura to stay out of her way because her friendship with Luke is none of her damned business. Felicia then grabbed her purse and left the office. Wow, I didn't even think that Felicia had anything left in her. This triangle is becoming very engaging.

Thursday, May 11, 2000

Bobbie thanked Tony for watching Lucas that night and asked about his hand. He told her it's coming along, but complained that the physical therapy is slow. He commented that she looked like she could use some sleep and that it must be hard, not knowing if Roy is OK.

Jax took Chloe to the hospital for her first radiation treatment. Tony told her that the procedure was painless, but she might have some swelling at the site, nausea and blurring of vision. She said she couldn't wait to see what her nightmares would do now. Jax said he was looking into experimental medications and Tony said he'd be happy to read any information he had, but that they should get on to radiology. Despite his protests, Chloe insisted that she wanted to do this alone and would call Jax when she was finished..

Edward reminded Monica and Alan that AJ had sold his ELQ shares to Jax and further apprised them that he had done it in Edward's own hotel! He grumbled that he was cutting AJ out of the will and the two laced into him, accusing him of being the one to make AJ an outcast. He angrily told them that they'd better perform better than that at the next shareholder's meeting, that he expected a show of family solidarity. Monica agreed that it would be a show, all right. They both assured him that they always back him in business, that their problems with him are all personal. He told them that they needed to look only to themselves for AJ's problems and consider what mistakes they made in raising him. Lila told him that was quite enough. Monica and Alan agreed and left for the hospital. Lila told Edward there was no need throwing their parenting mistakes in their faces...that it only hurt them and didn't solve anything. He agreed, saying that he needed their support in ELQ right now. Lila sighed, saying he'd missed her point altogether. They discussed Jax's bid to take over ELQ and Lila suggested that perhaps Ned could help. He told her Ned had refused him outright and that he would have to handle this himself. He thanked her for not telling him he brought his on himself and she said that he wouldn't have listened anyway. He smiled and told her that whatever good was in him was because of her..

Hannah found AJ at the bar and he assured her he was only drinking OJ. He asked if she was checking up on him and she told him he was on his own. AJ asked her what it was about him that made her unable to resist him and she said it was his great game of poker. He teased her that she hadn't known about that until recently, but she'd been helping him for weeks. She told him that she couldn't stand to see Carly win and that if he trashed his life, she would. He found it interesting that he blamed Sonny and she blamed Carly and she told him not to read anything into it, that she was over Sonny. He asked her if she would react if she heard that they were getting married and she looked like someone had hit her in the gut. He told her that it was strange, but true and Carly couldn't wait to lay it on him. Dara walked up on Taggert as he spied on AJ and Hannah. She again advised him not to get caught up in Hannah's problems. Hannah told AJ that Carly might have thrown herself at Sonny, but there was no way he'd walk down the aisle with that tramp. Taggert intervened and asked if everything was OK. Hannah pulled him aside and told him everything was fine, but that they had agreed not to see each other outside of work until her father was no longer a fugitive. He persisted and they agreed to have dinner out of town in disguise. When she returned, AJ asked if it was business or pleasure and she firmly informed him it was none of his business..

At L&B,Liz remembered her strange encounter with Lucky . Emily burst in and asked where she had been. She'd left a zillion messages and wanted to tell her she'd seen Lucky! She told Liz about her visit with Lucky and that there isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't think of her. She told her all Lucky said, about how it seemed that the two of them had changed and he didn't know where to start to get back to her. Liz noticed a huge cashier's check made out to L&B and Emily told her it was from Sonny and begged her not to tell Juan who was financing his musical career. Juan came in right then and Emily showed him the check. He questioned why it was a cashier's check when businesses don't use them. Emily and Liz covered quickly, saying that Ned had probably asked them to do it so that they could use the funds right away and not wait for the check to clear. He bought it and joyfully told Emily they had done it on their own and didn't owe anyone!

Roy found Luke in his office and Luke blasted him for not telling him he was a federal informant. He railed at him that the man he knew would never take a job for the feds. Roy told him he was still the same guy, he just didn't have a choice. He also reminded him that he'd covered his butt by taking the Mitch Williams hit. Luke advised him not to throw his prison time in his face...that he had never asked Roy to make that hit. Roy told him about Hannah and asked if Luke wouldn't have done the same for Lucky or Lesley Lu. Luke said none of that was the problem, the problem was that he hadn't trusted him enough to tell him when he first came back to town. He told Roy that there was no way he and Sonny could beat the FBI and that they would both end up doing time...he just didn't want Roy to take Bobbie down with him.
He told Roy to run. Roy refused to leave Bobbie and Luke said, "and what? She watches you die again?" Roy told him if he wanted him out of his life, just pick up the phone and call the cops and he'd be back and jail. Luke told him he doesn't do cops. Roy stormed out and Bobbie arrived at the safe house to find Roy gone. She called Luke, who told her he had just left and advised her to get out of there, that she was in danger. She told him he would just have to deal with it. Roy arrived and he filled her in on what happened with Luke and told her Larkin had already contacted Sonny.

In his penthouse, Helena paid Jax a visit and told him that she knew he was in cahoots with Stefan to bring her down. Jax told her that she had hurt the woman he loves, so why should he not take her down. She suggested he not make ridiculous accusations when there is no evidence. He told her to leave and she reminded him that she makes a much better friend than enemy, told him he was 'delicious' and left..

At the hospital, Jax greeted Chloe when she came out of the Radiology Department, saying that she told him to leave, but didn't tell him not to come back. She told him it was a piece of cake and Tony also confirmed that it went well. He gave Tony the research he had mentioned earlier and Tony promised to read it that night. After they left, Monica and Alan told Tony that the Chief of Neurosurgery job was open and they wanted to recommend him for the position. He reminded them that though he was flattered, he was not a surgeon...yet. Alan said he wanted to keep the job open for Tony, if he was interested. Tony said he was definitely interested. Alan told him to keep him posted on how physical therapy was going. Tony said he would do that. Monica told Alan that she'd be thrilled if Tony returned to the position and Alan expressed concern that Tony might crack again (look who's talking)..

Luke was finishing a phone conversation with Lesley when he was surprised to see Helena come into his office. After assuring him she had bodyguards, she told him the same sad tale she told Stefan and Nikolas, about how she had rescued Lucky from Faison and that they'd had to move around while Faison was still alive and until Lucky was healthy again. He threatened to kill her if she didn't tell him where Lucky was. She reminded him that she had bodyguards right outside the door and he told her she'd be dead before they got here. She told him that if he killed her, he'd never find Lucky and suggested they meet again when he was more receptive. She took her boytoys and left..

Chloe dreamed of the music box music while seeing Jax looking at her. She awoke and said in the dream, it looked like she hated him. He reassured her it was only a dream..

Friday, May 12, 2000

Nikolas came to visit Liz at her studio. Liz told him all about seeing Lucky, how he was friendly, polite and impersonal, and also said that Lucky had been to visit Emily. Nikolas was hurt that Lucky seems to have blown him off completely, but consoled Liz that Lucky's distant behavior is just due to his being overwhelmed by freedom after his captivity. Lucky watched them through the studio door window, as Nikolas and Liz struggled to sort out Lucky's reactions to them and to Emily, and Liz ultimately agreed to give him his space and not to pressure him with declarations of love. Nikolas left, and soon after Lucky knocked at the door. Liz let him in; he looked around, then started looking at her paintings. He felt that her technique had real depth now, and they talked about how he used to watch her work. She said that she needed his encouragement, but he disagreed, saying that she's accomplished a great deal and that he "isn't necessary at all". Lucky came across a batch of sketches of himself, and was awed when she showed him that portrait she'd done of him. He declared it an "accurate picture of what I used to be" and when she said, "Used to be?" replied "Everybody changes - you, me, even the shortcut to the boxcar". He admitted finding the note she'd left for him at the boxcar, but when she said that she still feels exactly the same and meant every word, he became visibly uncomfortable and left hurriedly after thanking her for showing him the sketches. After Lucky left, Liz tore out the sketches and cried, gazing out the window.

Hannah was on the docks when Larkin came by. He gave her a message for Roy - tell him that he owes the Bureau for giving Hannah the skills to help him hide. He threatened her with charges of obstruction of justice, then urged her to tell Roy to turn himself in. Larkin left, and AJ happened by to find her sitting on a bench, all upset. He asked what was bothering her and she blamed it on family problems. He offered to listen, citing his "advanced degree in domestic dysfunction", then asked her out to dinner in a very round-about way, pretending it was a blind date for a friend who was rational, sober, not obsessed with Carly...and looked a lot like him, in fact. At first she was very reluctant to accept, but AJ promised not to make her responsible for his sobriety and said she could walk out with no argument if he didn't hold up his end of the bargain, and she agreed to meet him..

Later, they met at the Grille, and after pretending for a minute to be on the blind date, they went to their table. They enjoyed their dinner until Carly came in for a sandwich. AJ told her that she wasn't welcome there and she and Hannah traded nasty cracks..

Sonny went to see Roy at the safe house, and expressed his displeasure about Roy's venture off the premises. Roy explained that he had to see Luke, and Sonny assumed that now Roy would have misgivings about trusting Sonny. Roy admitted that that was so, and Sonny offered to give him what he needs and let him leave right away, but Roy decided to cast his lot with Sonny after all, and Sonny left.

At the hospital, Carly found Bobbie and told her that she'd agreed to marry Sonny, and Bobbie remained skeptical despite Carly's best attempts to justify the marriage. Luke appeared, and after trading barbs with him, Carly left to wait for her ultrasound. Luke insisted that Bobbie can have no future with Roy, that Roy and Sonny are both bound for prison and he doesn't want to see his sister get pulled down, too. Bobbie refused to accept this, and reminded Luke that he owes Roy his life. Luke reiterated his warning that Sonny cares only about himself, cautioned Bobbie once again to be careful, and left. Carly reappeared and, assuming that her mother and uncle were arguing over her, thanked her mother for standing up for her. Bobbie explained that for once she was not the topic of conversation, and brushed off Carly's concern.

Sonny joined Carly for the ultrasound, and after joking about the sex of the baby (Sonny insisted it would be a boy), Carly admitted telling Bobbie that they were to be married. Later, after the ultrasound (he was right), Carly gave Sonny the ultrasound photo as he got on the elevator and agreed to meet her at home later..

Bobbie to see Roy at the safe house and told him about Luke's visit to the hospital. She explained that Luke fears their plan with Sonny is a trap. They talked about the future, Roy asked Bobbie to tell Hannah not to worry, and promised to be careful..

Mike met Luke and admitted that he'd seen Lucky in town, but explained that he'd sworn not to tell. Mike said that Lucky had been to see Nikolas and Lulu, but that since he seemed to want to avoid Luke and Laura their best bet would be to be patient. He warned that Lucky is liable to vanish again if Luke goes after him. Later, Lucky was walking on the docks and came upon Luke sitting in a corner. Luke greeted him with a quiet "Hello, cowboy"..

Back at GH, Bobbie was on her way out when Tony came by to tell her she was scheduled for the OR first thing in the morning. She explained that she had rescheduled her OR duty and Audrey was covering for her elsewhere in the hospital, as she had important things to take care of. Bobbie exited hurriedly, and later we saw her walking slowly on the docks as if waiting for someone..

Roy and Sonny, also on the docks, were looking for a boat they were to meet. Roy was apprehensive, but Sonny assured him that everything was going according to plan. Larkin appeared, looking smug, and Sonny explained to Roy that there had been a change of plans - it was either Roy or he, and he had too much to lose. He said that Roy could do five more years without a problem, but Larkin interrupted, saying that Roy wouldn't have to - Larkin was "commuting his sentence". He handed a gun to Sonny and said that going to prison wouldn't guarantee that Roy wouldn't talk - better to silence him permanently. Sonny refused, saying that that wasn't part of the deal and accused Larkin of trying to sucker him into a murder rap. He went to take his own gun from Johnny as Larkin's men searched Roy for a bulletproof vest (he wasn't wearing one). Larkin demanded "End it!" and Roy cried out that Luke had been right about Sonny - he was nothing but a lowlife. Sonny replied "Nobody's perfect", pointed the gun at Roy and fired..

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