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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 22, 2000 on GH
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Monday, May 22, 2000

Felicia and Luke met in the park. Luke pressed her to make up her mind about their relationship. He said that it could be whatever she wanted it to be, but he couldn't stand any more of the push-pull dance. She said she wanted to remain friends, and Luke said that at first that had been all right, but now he feels that friendship isn't enough, and they agreed that they'd never expected things to turn out like this. Felicia told Luke that nothing means more to her than her children, and that being with him hurts them. He waited an instant, then calmly pointed out that she'd made her choice. "Good", he added with a little smile of relief, as Felicia gathered her things and hurried off.

Laura encountered Mac on the docks. She was hoping Lucky would happen by, and she and Mac talked about Lucky and about their hopes and families. Laura said that she hoped she could undo the damage done to Lucky and their relationship, but Mac felt that some damage was beyond repair. He said that he and Felicia had nothing left to build upon, although he understood Laura's hope that he and Felicia would reconcile, leaving Luke to come back to her. He added that Laura had to face reality - Luke and Felicia are together..

Lucky and Liz were in the boxcar. They kissed, but he pulled away from her, saying that they couldn't just pick up where they'd left off a year ago. They reminisced about their past and about the guitar he had, but then he became uncomfortable and rushed away. Later, Liz met up with Nikolas and told him about kissing Lucky and Lucky's strange reactions. She felt that perhaps Lucky just didn't want her anymore, but Nikolas reassured her that a love like theirs doesn't just fade away in a year. Nikolas left her, and lay in wait for Lucky on the docks. Lucky did walk past, and he and his brother came face to face..

Luke ran into Tammy, who was gathering flowers. She saw that he was troubled and offered to cheer him up, maybe see a movie together or something, but he added "Okay...unless you'd like a customer tonight". She replied that she was out of that line of work, but he tried again, "One night for old time's sake?" She turned him down again, mentioning Mike, and they parted friends..

Laura, still waiting for Lucky on the docks, next met Stefan. They exchanged snide remarks about one another, and he admitted seeing Lucky. Laura demanded to know all about it, or, "Or what, you'll push me in?" Stefan commented. He suggested that she speak to Helena herself about Lucky, adding that Laura and Helena have a great deal in common - they both have no heart and reject love. He went on to suggest that perhaps Lucky has the right idea and won't do as Stefan did, wasting all his love on the unattainable..

Carly and AJ argued at the top of the stairs, and when AJ grabbed her wrist she pulled away and fell. She landed at the bottom, unconscious, and Sonny ran to her side as Edward phoned for 911 and AJ sipped nervously from his flask. Carly began to bleed heavily, and the paramedics rushed her to the hospital. As soon as Sonny and the ambulance crew left, Edward turned on AJ and told him that if anything were to happen to Carly or the baby, he hoped that AJ would be convicted of murder, locked up and the key thrown away. AJ maintained that the fall was an accident, but Edward said that AJ was the accident, just waiting to hurt the people he hated. Monica and Alan came in, having seen the ambulance, and Edward told them what had happened. Edward threw AJ out of the house amidst protests, and said that AJ sucks up all their love and hope and gives back only chaos. He partly blamed himself for what had happened, since he'd failed to lock the door to keep AJ out, and argued with Alan and Monica about standing up for AJ versus letting him be responsible for his actions and the results thereof..

Hannah found AJ sitting on a bench on the docks, drinking, and asked what bar he'd been thrown out of this time. He admitted being "kicked out of The Q House", and Hannah tried to give him a pep talk. He talked about a crane in the harbor, and seeing it with Michael, then told the story of Carly's fall. AJ wallowed in guilt (although he maintained the fall was an accident) and self-pity and mentioned his desire to drive really fast. He left and sat in his car, remembering the crash with Jason and seeing Carly fall again. As he was about to leave, Hannah got in the car next to him and said that wherever he went, she would go, too..

At the hospital, Sonny wanted to stay with Carly, who was still unconscious, but Tony sent him out of the emergency room. He watched through the glass until Tony came out to talk to him, explaining that the placenta had separated. Tony went to get lab results and Sonny went in to Carly and sat with her, encouraging her to fight. Tony returned and took Sonny out into the hall to deliver the news: the placenta was 50% separated, so it was touch and go for the baby, but Carly's blood wasn't clotting properly and her life was in danger, meaning that Sonny had to choose between Carly and the baby..

Tuesday, May 23, 2000

Jax and Chloe are on the docks when she suddenly gets a sharp pain in the back of her head. Jax tells her that they should head for GH and they do. Chloe and Jax arrive at GH to see Tony. They explain to him about the headache. He says he is glad they came in and schedules Chloe for a CAT scan. They see Sonny peering in the OR and ask what has happened. Tony tells them that Carly had a nasty fall. After the results are back, Tony tells the couple that it is just another side effect of the radiation and that Chloe is fine for now. He will have a CAT scan done just as a precautionary measure. Jax tells Chloe he has a remedy for no more nightmares. Chocolate. Tony tells them that they can go home and he will do a more thorough work up later. When Chloe and Jax inquire about Carly he tells them she will be fine and in so many words explains to them that Carly has lost her baby. They both look on and say how nothing is worse than losing a child.

Liz is at her studio when a pumped up Emily pops in. She is completely enthused at having seen her cousin transform into Eddie Maine. She can't believe how great he is. She sees that Liz is distracted and Liz explains that she saw Lucky again. She tells her pal that they connected and even kissed. She tells Em that despite this chain of events Lucky doesn't want her. Liz tells Em that Lucky pushed her away after the kiss. She says he seems fine to talk about the past and the boxcar memories, but anything about the future and he shuts down. She says he has this wall up. Em explains that being held a prisoner for over a year in a one-room hellhole has taken its toll and that Lucky is screwed up in the head. She also tells her that it will get better and to not lose faith. Em leaves. A frustrated Liz continues to mangle a cardboard box with a box cutter. She cuts herself. Liz arrives at GH with her hand wrapped in a dishtowel soaked with blood. She checks in and tells the nurse she thinks she needs stitches.

Nik comes upon Lucky at the boxcar. They both seem frozen. Nik says he can't believe it is Lucky. He tells his brother that although he knew he was alive he is thrilled to see him and couldn't stay away. Lucky gets up. Nik tells him it is okay if he hits him just not in the face. Lucky embraces his brother and tells him it is great to see him.

Hannah and AJ are in the car. Hannah continues to reason with a drunken AJ. He continues to tell her that he is fine and if she insists on riding with him that he is not responsible for her brain damage. AJ tells Hannah that when she busts him for his bad behavior it isn't so bothersome. She reminds AJ that it is only because she is not a Q. He tries to rationalize being drunk to her. He flashes back in his mind what set him off that day. He saw Carly and Sonny picnicking in the park with his son. He tells Hannah they wouldn't even let him near Michael. Then he says when he went to visit Lila he found Carly there. She taunted him at the top of the stairs with her new ring and her new life. He grabbed her wrist. When she pulled away she fell. He tells Hannah he didn't push her. He says that even though he didn't push her it is still his fault because he showed up drunk. Hannah tells him the only way he can fix it is to stop drinking. He tells her he can't. It makes him forget how much he hates Carly and how she turned him into something worse than her. AJ wonders aloud if maybe this isn't good for Hannah since now she has a wide open shot with Sonny. Hannah looks sad that AJ is so silly. Taggert comes up to the car and tells AJ he has official business. Taggert tells AJ to get out of the car. He tells Taggert that he has a reason. Taggert reminds AJ that he knows he doesn't need a reason to drink. Hannah takes the keys. Taggert tells an agitated AJ that the official complaint came from his grandfather.

Sonny is at GH with Tony. Tony tells Sonny that the damage to Carly is dire. She will die and the baby cannot survive. He tells Sonny he needs his permission to operate on Carly. Sonny tells Tony he understands and that he would like a little time with his family. Sonny is clutching a photo of his baby in a sonogram. He notices on the fetal heart monitor that the number has dropped dramatically. He tells the baby that they don't have a lot of time. He explains to his son how he changed his life. He changed his behavior. Especially towards his mother. He tells his son he would've have loved his mother. He touches Carly's stomach. He continues to tell his boy that plans change and even though these weren't their plans they will see him again someday. He embraces Carly's stomach and sobs and tells the baby he will always have the baby in his heart. He abruptly says goodbye and leaves the room. He tells Tony to go ahead with the procedure. Sonny watches from outside as they perform the procedure on Carly. The surgeon comes out to tell Sonny that Carly came through okay and that she will make a full recovery. Sonny asks if he can see her and the doc says yes. He goes in and immediately notices the fetal heart monitor registers 0. (Where is the justice? This is not right in soap opera land. Sonny has lost 2 babies now. ) He tells Carly she will be fine and that the baby was their life. He tells her she doesn't have to worry about him because their baby won't be scared and will never be hurt or afraid. He begins to cry again and tells her to dream of their boy one last time. He puts his head on her stomach. A nurse comes in to check Carly's vital signs and Sonny walks out. Jax approaches but doesn't get to Sonny. Liz comes out with her hand bandaged and sees Sonny. She immediately rushes over and asks Sonny what has happened. He tells her that they lost the baby. Liz offers her genuine sadness. Sonny explains to Liz the chain of events. He tells Liz that Carly doesn't even know because she has been unconscious since the fall. He says he thinks it is almost better because she has more time to spend with their boy. He asks Liz to hold him and she does.

The Quartermaine's are at the mansion worried about AJ. Alan and Monica are talking about how there isn't much they can do. Ed and Lila enter the parlor and Ed reminds the Alan and Monica that they can stop him. Alan tells his pop he should try it. Ed picks up the phone and reports AJ drinking and driving to the police. Emily arrives home and they inform her of what has transpired. She is horrified. Taggert and Hannah arrive with AJ. Taggert tells Ed that there are no charges or damages and that agent Scott prevented AJ from driving the car. AJ tells everyone sarcastically that he has learned his lesson. Taggert and Hannah leave together after the Q's thank them. AJ tells Lila how sorry he is. She says she prayed that this would be avoided and that his drinking would hurt nobody else. He is going upstairs to sleep it off Monica tells him. The phone rings and Alan relay s the news. Carly will make it, but the baby didn't. They all look at a conflicted AJ. AJ tells everyone he didn't push her. Em says that that doesn't make it any better and storms out. Alan wants to know what it will take to stop him. Monica says that she doesn't like Carly but is heartbroken over her pain. She knows what it is like to lose a child.

Hannah and Taggert try to regroup on the docks. He offers to take her to GH and that Sonny could probably use a friend. Hannah reminds him she is an ex not a friend. Besides, she says she would rather look at the moon with him. Taggert seems surprised. Hannah tells him there were clues and they kiss.

Helena and Nik bump into eachother on the docks. She tells her grandson that she thought she was unique until he came along. She reminds her grandson what it did to her to see her grandson so torn up over his brother's death. She was thrilled that she could reunite them. She tells Nik he must watch out for Lucky, especially from Stefan. She tells Nik they mustn't involve Lucky in their ongoing battles. Nik says although he doesn't believe Helena he thanks her for returning Lucky just in case.

Stefan and Lucky also meet unexpectedly. Stefan tells Lucky that he will protect and help him. Lucky says that Helena saved him. Stefan poses several questions to Lucky as to why Helena would do such things without reasons. He says he can help Lucky uncover the truth. Lucky tells Stefan that the truth is that he owes his life to Helena.

Helena and Stefan come face to face. Helena informs her son that Nik and Lucky have had a wonderful reunion. He wants to know why his mother is so convinced that Lucky won't tell what happened to him. After he walks away, Helena tells herself that Stefan may just outsmart himself and should be careful.

Lucky breaks into Liz's studio and calls out to her. She isn't there. He looks around kind of perplexed.

Wednesday, May 24, 2000

Roy and Bobbie were hot on the trail for Larkin in the Grand Keys. Roy was watching Larkin's movements from the suite. Roy informed Bobbie that in order to catch Larkin they have to have all his account numbers. Roy and Bobbie waited outside for Larkin to leave the banker's office. Bobbie was dressed up as a rich widow who was trying to keep her inheritance from his family. She sweet-talked the banker into leaving his office so that Roy could get on the computer and grab the account numbers. Roy and Bobbie were successful and obtained their goal. Back at their suite, they were celebrating their feat and started to kiss when out of no where, Larkin busted in the door holding a gun!

Emily went to Kelley's to go to the concert with Liz, but Tammy informed her that Liz left approximately one half hour ago. As Emily was on her way out, she ran into Lucky. She immediately invited him to the concert. Lucky turned her down. She asked if he was trying to avoid Liz, but he replied no; he just did not want to go to the concert. Emily asked if he had lost his love for music. He said no. Emily asked if he had plans for the evening. Lucky replied no again. She said that concert is going to be fantastic so he should go and also because she so wanted Lucky to meet Juan. Emily took off her backstage pass and handed it to Lucky. She said come if you want and I hope to see you there.

Emily, Liz, and Nikolas were back stage discussing how exciting this concert will be. Ned walked up to the group but was stopped by a stagehand that indicated that there were static problems with the sound system, which required his immediate attention. The stagehand led Ned down stairs into a basement. Ned kept asking the stagehand why he waited to the last minute to inform him about the sound system problem. The stagehand never replied. The two continued down stairs and then the stagehand led Ned into an electrical closet and locked the door behind. Ned yelled let me out various times but come to find out the stagehand was hired by Edward to keep Eddie Mane from singing in the concert. Meanwhile back stage, everyone is scouring the place for Ned. The crowd was growing restless. Alexis checked in with the group and informed them that she had another place to look for Ned. Emily and Liz suggested that Juan go on stage and sing until Ned was located. Juan and Nikol! as said no way, but has the crowd continued to yell louder, they conceded. Juan Santiago is announced as a special opening act. Juan began to sing while Emily, Liz, and Nikolas looked on with pride. Emily sang along (she knew all the words by heart it was cute). Alexis found the electrical room and sensed Ned's presence. She almost left but Ned yelled out.

Ed and Lila arrived at the hospital to visit Carly and Sonny. Lila asked to speak to Sonny alone. Sonny confessed to Lila that he does not have the words to tell Carly, when she awakens, that they have lost their baby. Sonny shared his thoughts about Carly with Lila. He said she was indeed a good mother although not many people see that side of Carly. Lila mentioned that Sonny and Carly shared a child together and now they must grieve together for the loss. Sonny takes Lila's hand and asked her if his son was in heaven somewhere safe and happy. Lila responded I believe in God and I believe that your son is with God. Sonny started to cry and he thanked Lila for her visit and returned to Carly's side.

AJ arrived at the hospital to be greeted by Edward. Edward asked why AJ was even at the hospital and reminded him about retribution for his actions. Edward basically told AJ that it was his poor judgment and lack of control, which cause Carly to loose her baby. Edward asked AJ to do the right thing and just leave the hospital. AJ refused. He next came upon Tony and asked how Carly was doing. Tony informed him that Carly will be fine. Tony tried to reason with AJ and used this instance as reach bottom point and told AJ he needs to retake control of his life and actions. AJ thanked Tony for his efforts, but his words fell on death ears.

Carly awakened and told Sonny of her dream with him and their boys celebrating his birthday. Then she opened her eyes. Carly asked why she was in the hospital. Where is the baby? Is something wrong with the baby? Sonny responded by saying the baby is gone. Carly, not fully awake, does not understand and demands to see her son. She yelled to Sonny to leave so that she can see her baby. Finally Sonny had to just say that their baby is dead. Carly loses it. Amy rushed in to give her a sedative. Sonny looked lost at this point, even pitiful. Once the medicine took effect, Sonny told Carly to take it easy. Carly was devastated. Sonny tried to explain to Carly was happened to her and the choice he had to make to save her own life. This day ended with Carly asking Sonny did he at least get to hold their son. Sonny said no. Carly continued to repeat, it is not fair, they had a son and did not get to hold him. It is not fair. It is not fair (tears just continued to r! oll down Carly's face)

Thursday, May 25, 2000

Jax and Chloe met with Tony at the hospital, and got the results from her latest CAT scan. The mass is apparently no longer showing growth, but it isn't shrinking either, so Tony recommended another course of radiation after a suitable rest. Tony said that he expects to save Chloe's vision, and when Jax mentioned the experimental drugs, agreed to give them a go, too. Chloe and Jax left to join their friends at the Eddie Maine concert.

Juan stepped in to entertain the crowd when Eddie Maine turned up missing, and everyone seemed to enjoy his singing. Lucky, invited by Emily to attend, arrived to see Nikolas and Liz standing with their arms around one another. Meanwhile, Alexis located Ned in the storeroom and broke down the door with a fire axe. Hey discovered they were trapped in the next room also, so Ned boosted Alexis up and she crawled through the transom. She unlocked the door and freed him just in time to prevent the concert from being called off, and Eddie Maine took the stage to thunderous applause. While Eddie and the Idle Rich played, Emily introduced Juan to Lucky, and made a comment about how perfect it was that the four of them - she and Juan, Liz and Lucky - were together again. Liz and Lucky were obviously uncomfortable with this assessment, but didn't have a chance to comment, as Nikolas whisked Juan away to schmooze a talent agent named Lynn. Lynn was taken with Eddie Maine and Juan, gave Juan her card and encouraged him to call her..

While Ned was celebrating the great success of the concert, Jax took a call from someone with news about experimental drugs for Chloe, and arranged to obtain them.

Laura went to Luke's club to talk to him about the Lucky problem. She explained that she feels Lucky is trying to "divide and conquer" her and Luke, and that if they present a united front they will remain in control rather than Lucky. She felt that this was a chance to rebuild their family, but Luke ridiculed the idea, saying that it is a fantasy - he and Lucky have both been gone too long, and neither one is coming back. Laura looked stricken and began to cry. She said that she was apparently the only one who hadn't moved on, promised not to bother Luke again, and left, with Luke looking after, comprehension dawning.

Laura went to Jake's bar, where she ordered a double Scotch from Jake, who recognized her. She approached a pool player and they got involved in a game. Several rounds of drinks later, she and the pool player were getting rambunctious and Jake quietly called Luke. She told him that his wife was there and might be getting in over her head, but Luke explained that Laura was an adult and entitled to do whatever she chose. Things with Laura and the pool player were getting louder and wilder when Mac and Dara arrived. Laura saw them and introduced Tim (whom she repeatedly referred to as Tom) to Mac and Dara. Turned out that Tim and Dara had been to law school together, and Dara got Tim away from Laura on the pretense of escorting her to her car to hide her cell phone, leaving Mac and Laura alone. Mac questioned Laura's actions and she tried to defend herself, maintaining that she was having a great time, but began to cry. Mac put his arm around her to comfort her just as Luke walked in. He saw them huddled and took a rain check on Jake's drink offer, slipping out unnoticed by Laura and Mac. Mac offered to drive her home, and she agreed not to think about the hangover that awaits..

Larkin burst into Roy and Bobbie's hotel room and threatened them with a gun, but Bobbie distracted him just as he was about to shoot, and she and Roy escaped by jumping off the balcony. They landed in the hotel pool, then made their way to the beach where they enjoyed one another and the setting, and Roy vowed to get them both out of the situation safely. Meanwhile, Larkin got on the phone and asked someone to come and help him track Roy and Bobbie, and promised that they wouldn't get off the island alive..

Friday, May 26, 2000

Jax and Tony conferred about an experimental drug that might help Chloe's condition. Tony admitted that if the results of the new drug was as successful in the test subjects as Chloe's radiation treatments have been on her, he'd definitely want to try it. Chloe walked in on the end of the conversation and Jax filled her in.

Bobbie and Roy sat in a bar and debated ordering anything when they have no money to pay for it. Roy said that he had heard that some high stakes poker games went on in that bar and he hoped he could win enough to hire a plane to fly them out of there. Bobbie wondered where he would get the money to play and Roy told her that theft was not out of the question (no, folks, this guy isn't a criminal). Bobbie offered to help and Roy balked when she said she'd sell the diamond bracelet that Jerry gave her. Bobbie said that Jerry would whole heartedly approve of the move, that he would want her to be safe and happy.

Liz and Emily planned the special evening for the four friends and Liz said she wanted everything to be perfect. She hoped that having the four of them together like before would give Lucky to opportunity to tell them what had happened to him and help him relax. She left to get her clothes from the dry cleaners and Emily ran into Juan who told her he was being interviewed on a radio show that night. He said he'd gotten permission for her to come and they could go out somewhere afterwards to celebrate. She sadly told him she already had plans, that the four friends were going to recreate the last dinner before Lucky "died" and that she hadn't had a chance to tell him about it. He said that was OK, but looked hurt. She asked how the interview had been scheduled...did the DJ call L&B? Juan told her that Lynn Risinger, the agent from Supernova had put the two of them together. He then went on to put in some time at L&B and promised to call her soon.

AJ asked Alan how Carly was doing and was told that she would make a full recovery. He lamented that he kept playing those critical last five seconds over in his head, wishing he had grabbed her, that there was something he could do. Alan told him there was indeed something he could do. He could go to Arizona and get help. He told AJ that he understood what it was like to feel like your life was out of control and to be hurting people when you didn't mean to. AJ said he wasn't going to run from Sonny and Alan said he wouldn't be running, he'd be getting his life back together again. Just then, the hospital paged Alan and AJ told him to go on, but to remember that he life was in no one's hands but his own.

Carly asked the nurse if Bobbie had called and the nurse expressed her regret, but said that Audrey could not seem to contact Bobbie. She asked if there was anything else she could get for her and Carly shook her head "No." Just then, Edward knocked and came in with flowers from Lila's garden. He offered regrets from both himself and Lila. He asked if there was anything they could do and she said they could let Michael go. She told him it was AJ's fault that the baby had died and Edward assured her it was just a horrible accident. Carly insisted that AJ was drunk and assaulted her like he had so many times. She asked how many babies Edward had lost to that drunk! Edward wished her well and left.

Sonny arrived at the penthouse and Leticia told him that Michael had been watching for him. She explained how edgy the little boy had been, jumping at every sound. Sonny told her that he was bringing Carly home that day and asked her to put some things into a bag for her. He started talking to Michael about the baby, unsure really of how to proceed. He told the little boy that their baby would not be coming home, but would be going straight to heaven instead. Later, Leticia commented that she was surprised Sonny could get Michael to go down for his nap so easily. He asked her if she'd gotten the nursery cleared away like he asked and she told him Johnny had done it for her. He told her he didn't want Carly to have to see it when she came home. Johnny announced Mike and he came in with a flourish, suggesting that he, Sonny and Michael go to the park. He was taken aback when Sonny told him they had lost the baby and asked why he hadn't been called. "What could you have done?" Sonny asked. He told Mike that he had to go get Carly from the hospital, then sadly told him that the baby had been a boy.

Felicia saw Lucky on the docks and stopped him to talk. She told him that she had helped his parents look for him and that they didn't really understand why he is so angry with them. She tried to explain to him how much his parents love him and asked him to consider giving them another chance. Luke interrupted then and asked if the two were getting reacquainted. Lucky sneered and asked if Luke couldn't ever tell the truth? Hadn't he asked Felicia to plead his case? Felicia insisted that Luke hadn't put her up to anything and Lucky reiterated that he doesn't want anything to do with his parents and left. Luke asked Felicia what exactly she had said and she told him she was simply trying to explain to him how Luke feels. Luke coldly told her that how he felt about Lucky did not concern her. She suggested that maybe it was a little late for that after all she had invested in trying to help find him. Luke reminded her that he had said thank you for that, but that now they were in Port Charles again and he didn't need her help, particularly when it comes to how he feels. Felicia told him he was in good company because her daughter also doesn't want anything to do with her. He told her it wasn't about kids, it was about the two of them and how it just doesn't work for anyone concerned. He said he was sorry, he hadn't wanted it to sound so harsh. Just then, Laura came upon them and commented that Felicia didn't really look like someone trying to save her family. Felicia told her to stop being so judgmental when she didn't have a clue what they were talking about. Luke asked if she was feeling OK and told her he had seen her at Jake's the night before, heavily tanked. He told her she would only hurt herself. She railed into him, saying that she was sorry her pain was wearing on him and she guessed she was taking the decimation of their family a little harder than he was, but then, she does decide to just shack up with the first person who comes along (Stefan??).

Roy was devastated that they only got $400 for the bracelet when it was easily worth ten times that. Bobbie reminded him that it was how pawn shops worked. They spotted a poker game in the bar and Roy joined in with some shady looking characters. They also decided to call Sonny and see if he could arrange for a rescue. Later, Bobbie came back to the table, told Roy there was no luck reaching Sonny and started her over-affection routine. A man at the poker game suggested that Roy "get a room or play" (speaking for all of us). Roy went on to lose (again).

Edward stopped by Jax's apartment to ask Jax to postpone the ELQ stockholders meeting. Jax crowed over that, saying that Edward was using the loss of Sonny's baby to buy more time to block his takeover. He went on to say that since AJ was responsible for the tragedy, he probably had a new ally. Chloe overheard this and was aghast at Jax's callousness. Edward asked how he could stoop so low as to take advantage of Sonny's misfortune to forge a bond with him. Jax coldly told Edward he had miscalculated, then Chloe interrupted saying, "That is enough." She said that Carly and Sonny had suffered a terrible loss and she wouldn't have them talking about it as if it were a factor in a business deal. Jax explained that Edward had come there trying to use the situation to his advantage and he had merely turned it around on him. Chloe asked if it would be such a tragedy to postpone the meeting out of respect for Sonny and Jax told her business doesn't work that way. Edward pointed out to Chloe what a cut throat she had fallen in with and left. After he was gone, Chloe apologized to Jax for putting him on the spot. Jax reminded her that he doesn't get involved in her business and she countered that she hoped he would always challenge her to be a better human being. She again asked him to postpone the meeting out of consideration for Sonny, but he adamantly refused. He asked her if they could please just not interfere in one another's business and she said that wouldn't work because he was hurting people she cared about. He asked how she could care about them so much when she only met them a year and a half ago and she pointed out that he had only met her a year and a half ago (ouch!). She said that she had promised herself she wouldn't do it, but that she was asking him one more time not to go through with the ELQ takeover. She pointed out that she had never asked him for anything, not the months of games when the three friends had jumped in to save her company, not the battle of her disease...they only thing she'd ever asked was that he come to St Petersburg with her and she'd even backed off on that because of his business. Now she was asking that he stop the takeover. He told her it was too late for that. She had to understand that it was who and what he was. She said that maybe she had never really known him. The phone rang and it was Tony, sadly telling Jax that the pharmaceutical company refused to let Chloe into the trials of the drug. Jax argued, but Tony said they were at a standstill. Jax swore that he'd find a way to get her that drug.

Tony came in to speak with Carly and see how she was doing. She asked if Bobbie had called and Tony told her, "Not yet" but assured her he had left a message on her voice mail and with Betty and he was sure they'd be hearing from her soon. Carly said that she guessed Tony was happy she'd lost the baby since he said he pitied a child had her and Sonny for parents. He told her he would never wish this on her or anyone and that he wanted her to know the medical team did all they could to save the baby. Carly said she didn't want to hear it. Tony went on to say that there was no complication from her head injury and Carly countered that at least AJ hadn't given her a new personality like he did to Jason and that she imagined everyone was disappointed about that. Tony said that, speaking as a person who has lost a child, it might help to know that there was no way to save the baby's life. They just had to save her and he hoped that would give her some peace. She started to cry and Sonny arrived right then and ordered Tony out of the room. He explained that he was trying to tell Carly how sorry he was for her loss and Sonny backed off, then asked Carly if she was alright. She said she just wanted to go home. She asked if he had heard from Bobbie and he said he hadn't, but that he had somebody looking for her. Noticing the bag, she asked if Leticia had helped him pack it and he said she had, so if she didn't like what was in there to blame the nanny. Carly said she would be ready in a bit. As they left, she sadly said she hadn't pictured going home from the hospital like this. When they got home, Carly snuggled Michael and said they were all the family they had left now.

Everyone showed up at Kelly's and Liz asked Lucky how many ribs from Eli's he'd eaten on the way over. He said he had managed to hold off and she teased him, saying he'd probably eaten there every night since his return. He told her he'd saved it for a special occasion. She said she was going to light candles and asked if it would make him uncomfortable. He said he had no bad memories of candles...only happy ones. She smiled and asked him to get the lights. Nikolas and Emily were talking about the radio interview with Juan and Lucky suggested that they get a radio and listen. Emily told them Juan was going to get a tape of it from Reginald (the Port Charles tape connection). She said last night was Juan's night and tonight was Lucky's homecoming celebration. Nikolas proposed a toast to his brother and their friend...welcome home. They all drank to that. Later, Lucky took the last rib, amongst jeers from the other three. Emily asked if he remembered the first time he took her to Eli's and they laughed about her trying the hot sauce. Liz reminded them to save room for the piece de resistance, brownies. Emily said that before they could eat them, they all had to make a wish. They all said, "Best friends forever" then Liz broke the mood by saying, "More than friends forever." Lucky jumped up and said, "This is all wrong" then left.

Roy continued to lose, then Bobbie turned on some poor hapless guy at the bar, shrieking that she wouldn't be talked to ‘like that'. Roy insisted that if the bartender didn't throw the guy out, he would, so the protesting guy was tossed out of the bar. When they came back to the table, Roy was ready to show his hand.

As Carly cuddled Michael and told him how much she and Sonny loved him, AJ approached Sonny on the docks to apologize. Sonny asked why he would want to talk to the man who got drunk and killed his baby.

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