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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 5, 2000 on GH
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Monday, June 5, 2000

Chloe let Jax know that she was very uncomfortable with his idea of personally approaching Helena about the experimental drug she needed. Jax was adament that he had to try.

Stefan taunted Helena by congratulated her for her success in getting Faison to brainwash Lucky to do her bidding, then sealed his fate by saying, "Chess, anyone?"

Jax visited Helena and she claimed she had nothing to do with Chloe being blocked from the drug trials. Jax was frustrated when the best she would give him was to say she'd think about it. Meanwhile, Chloe dreamed of Jax, menacingly holding the music box in their penthouse while she ran from him, frightened.

Stefan met with Alexis on the docks. She asked about the wound he was nursing on his cheek and he told her that Luke Spencer had threatened his life and decked him. She suggested that he stay away from Luke, but Stefan said he'd have to go back to Greece to avoid him. After they parted, Stefan met with Mrs Lansbury and told her he knew she had betrayed him and that he had her under 24-hour watch should she decide to do it again. He then told her that Helena planned to kill him and they were going to help her do it.

Lucky contined trying to convince Liz that she should be with Nikolas. She protested that she wasn't interest in Nikolas that way, that Lucky was the one in her heart. "Permanent lock, remember?"

Sonny explained that he had special ordered the cradle weeks ago as a surprise. They talked about their loss, each one feeling at fault for the baby's death. In his grief, Sonny destroyed the cradle.

Felicia told Mac that she must have heard him wrong. Was he threatening to take her children? Mac informed her that she was not responsible enough to have the girls and that the girls begged him to let them live with him. They argued and Felicia vowed that he would never take the girls from her and if he tried, they were enemies.

Later, Felicia spoke with Maxie about hitting the boy at school and told her she might be angry, but it wasn't fair to take her anger out on others. Maxie bitterly told her mother that she wanted her to stop pretending that everything was all better. She then stomped away, telling Felicia she wanted to go live with Mac.

Tuesday, June 6, 2000

Jax and Chloe are at the penthouse; (they are there way too much). Anyway, they are discussing her medical condition and Chloe tells Jax that Tony thinks it is time for aggressive therapy. Jax tells his beloved that he just needs a little more time to work on a solution to getting the miracle drug from Helena's company. Chloe pleads with Jax not to involve himself with Helena or any other Cassadine. He reminds her he will do anything to make her well and stop at nothing. She chides him for being so stubborn. There is a knock on the door and it is Stefan. He is curious as to why Jax has summoned him. Chloe excuses herself and tells Jax to remember what she said. Jax tells Stefan once she has left that he thinks they need to work together. Jax fills Stefan in on the quest for the drug and that Helena holds the cards. He offers to throw in with Stefan to battle Helena. In addition, he offers all of his assets and holdings. He only wants in return the drug for Chloe. Stefan says he is sorry, but he cannot help. He tells Jax that since his previous offering of aligning each other's goals, Luke has become a major obstacle to him. He holds Stefan directly responsible for kidnapping Lucky and is completely irrational. He can't focus his energies on both. He tells Jax no. (I smell a Luke Spencer set-up). Later, Chloe comes back home and tells Jax that Tony is convinced that the drug will help her. He suggests they enlist Alexis's help since she has Cassadine connections. Chloe doesn't want her friend to risk anymore for her. Jax tells Chloe that he wants her to let Alexis help if she wants too. She still feels guilty about Chloe's accident and it might alleviate some guilt. Chloe says okay.

Helena is on her yacht when her fabulous manservant Andreas arrives. She is thrilled to see him and says she is planning a cruise. Andreas is excited and wants to know details. She informs him that they will have a guest. She says it involves someone going out on the cruise but not returning. He wants to know if this is a game or a riddle. She replies, " Who comes to visit mother and never comes back?" Andreas guesses, "Stefan." Helena tells Andreas that it is a shame that her second son must die just when he is starting to show some talent. She tells Andreas that they need to figure out how to lure Stefan to the yacht and that will be up to him. Andreas gives his madam a massage. Afterwards, she is feeling so relaxed and can't really decide why. Is it because of the massage or because she is getting rid of Stefan? They kiss passionately and Helena tells her boy toy she will be waiting in her boudoir. Stefan sneaks up behind him and puts a knife to his throat. He demands that Andreas tell him everything or madam will be waiting a very long time. Andreas says Helena will kill him if he tells anything. Stefan cuts him and says his life is worth nothing he better talk. Andreas wants Stefan's word that he will protect him. Yes. He tells him that his mother is planning to kill him. Stefan says he knows, but how. Andreas explains they will lure him to the yacht, drug him and throw him overboard. Stefan says good make sure you stick to the plan. Andreas is confused and Stefan tells him not to worry. Stefan takes a drink and throws the glass down and it shatters. Helena calls out concerned. Andreas tells her he broke a glass. Stefan grabs Andreas's hand and tells him to tell Helena that he cut himself with the glass.

Taggert arrives outside Kelly's and Tammy sees him. He asks her if she has seen Hannah around. She says she hasn't since she got back into town. He asks if maybe she has seen AJ. Tammy says neither. Taggert says he was worried she might be pulling the loyal friend thing again. He asks Tammy if he can go upstairs and check out Hannah's room to see if she left a note for him. Tammy tells him to go right ahead.

Roy and Bobbie are playing around half-dressed at the brownstone. They begin smooching when Sonny walks in. He wants to know why Roy isn't in the basement or the attic. Roy explains he didn't think it was necessary since they are about to contact the FBI. Bobbie asks Sonny about how Carly is doing. He says she doesn't want to see anybody or go out. Bobbie informs Sonny that when she called earlier in the day, Carly wouldn't even come to the phone. She also reminds Sonny of Carly's history with postpartum and what happened when she had Michael. She encourages Sonny to get her to a doctor. Sonny says he will. The phone rings and Bobbie answers. It is Larkin and he asks to speak to Sonny. Bobbie says he must have the wrong number. He forcefully tells Bobbie to put Sonny on the phone and that he has Hannah. Bobbie relays the message before handing the phone to Sonny. Roy looks frightened. Roy starts to record the call, but Larkin tells Sonny it is no use because he has a scrambler. He tells Sonny he is willing to make a trade. He has to leave the country. They get Hannah for $2million. He gives Sonny 24 hours. Larkin reminds Sonny that if he smells a cop the deal is off and Hannah will die. He hangs up. Sonny tells a panicked Roy that he will get his men on it immediately and get the money in the works. He tells Roy he has to sit tight. Sonny tries to calm Roy down. Roy explains to Sonny that he is trained and cannot just sit there. Sonny says they have to wait. If they are exposed it could endanger Hannah and blow their whole plan. Bobbie leaves to go check out Hannah's room at Kelly's for any clues or signs that she was taken.

Later Bobbie is in Hannah's room snooping around for clues. Taggert walks in and a defensive Bobbie wants to know what he is doing in her tenant's room. Taggert tells her that he is worried and hasn't seen her. After looking around he figures maybe she was going to see her father and didn't want him to know since he is the law and her pop is a fugitive. He knows Bobbie understands this since Roy is her boyfriend. She tells Taggert that she was looking for a book she loaned Hannah and doesn't see it. She asks Taggert to lock up when he leaves and she exits. Taggert follows her.

Sonny asks Roy what his plans are when all this is over. Roy tells Sonny that he will breathe and then take Bobbie to Hawaii. He explains that is where they were supposed to go on their honeymoon. Bobbie arrives back at the brownstone and tells the duo she ran in to Taggert in Hannah's room. She thinks he could help because he really cares about Hannah. Sonny says no cops and no Taggert. Former Agent Ford calls on Roy's cell phone and says he may have a location for Larkin. Roy asks him to keep in touch just as Taggert barges in. He isn't surprised he says to see Bobbie having a tea party with a crime lord and a fugitive. Taggert tells the trio they better come clean or Roy goes back to the big house. Roy tells Taggert the whole story; he was framed by Larkin and is trying to get the goods on him so he can be free. They explain that Larkin has Hannah. He only wants $2million. The phone rings and it is Hannah and she wants to talk to Roy. She tells her dad that she is okay and that she thinks she is in some warehouse near the docks. She can't give him anymore clues. Larkin walks up behind her and grabs her. He throws the phone against the wall and breaks it. He tells his victim that Sonny needs to only think she is alive.

At the Q mansion, Edward and Alan are in the library discusses ELQ. Ed is elated that the heat is off and he has his shares back from Jax. He reminds his son that he did it with no help from anyone. Alan tells Ed that he should give AJ's stock back to him because they are his birthright. Ed angrily tells Alan that if it had not been for AJ they wouldn't even be in this situation. Ed tells Alan he will not give his shares back to AJ. AJ is a traitor like Tracy, Ed says. Alan says he will not abandon his son even if it means giving AJ his stock to make him feel a part of the Q's. Monica walks in and tells Alan he cannot do that. Monica reminds Alan that they have to exercise tough love when it comes to AJ. AJ needs to take care of himself. Ed tells Alan they have spoiled him since the day he was born and that is why he cannot stand on his own two feet. Ed continues to rag on AJ when he walks in and kisses Lila. AJ asks his father if he wanted to see him. Alan says yes and he would like some privacy. Monica replies that he is her son too. Alan says please. He tells AJ that ELQ is out of danger and Jax sold all of his shares back to Ed. He wants to give his shares to AJ. AJ says thanks, but no thanks. There are more important things in the world besides a piece of paper saying you own something. People are dying he tells his dad. He suddenly looks haunted and tells Alan that he noticed the foyer has been cleaned up as if nothing happened. He also tells his dad that he doesn't want to meet there anymore. Alan tells AJ he needs to clean up. AJ tells Alan that he likes drinking and he isn't going to stop. He tells Alan that it isn't his fault though and walks out.

Larkin is at his hiding place with Hannah. He is on his cell phone telling someone that if Sonny or Roy leave the brownstone he wants to know about it. When he hangs up Hannah tries to engage him in a "what if" conversation. She says she understands the lure of all the money, cars, boats and women. She wants to know what would have happened if the case had gone another way. Would Larkin have asked her out? Larkin wants to know what Hannah wants. Is she happy working at a desk job and living over a diner? She lived the good life with Sonny; doesn't she long for that? Hannah tells Larkin it was Sonny's world. He tries to entice her. She wants to know is he talking about sharing his $2 million? They lean in to each other and kiss passionately. Larkin pulls away and tells Hannah he knows she was in love with Sonny, because she is not that good of an actress. She tells Larkin to think about what he is doing. He is a kidnapper and adding all kinds of other crimes to his list. He says he is tired of being the good guy and never being rewarded and watching Sonny walk away every time. He tells Hannah he is finished.

Wednesday, June 7, 2000

Mike came to visit Sonny to apologize for his words to Carly the other night. Mike saw that his son was in pain. Mike was scared because he knew the way that Sonny reacted to any grief, pain, and guilt. Mike told Sonny that it is too hard to sit back and watch him suffer and he wanted to help in some way. Sonny went upstairs to take a call, but Mike did not leave. Mike knew he had to try harder to reach Sonny. Sonny returned from his call and asked Mike why he was still there and what did he think that he could do. Mike pointed out to Sonny that he should be concentrating on all the wonderful things his son brought to his life even though he was not born. Mike said to Sonny, that his son changed him and had made him a better person. Mike said to Sonny, Your unborn son brought joy into your life and you became a better person because of him. Sonny conceded a little to Mike's plea. Sonny told Mike his sad story about Carly and how she was not handling her grief well and it is affecting her time with Michael. Michael continues to mention his baby brother to Sonny and Carly to make them smile, but now it causes pain that Carly cannot control. Carly also has been sitting in the empty nursery with a blue bunny that was supposed to be for their son. Sonny asked Mike, can you help me with Carly? Can you tell me what I can do? Mike actually replied with helpful information. He told Sonny to not give up on Carly. She needs him like he needs her through this time of grief. Mike said don't let her be alone, just keep being there for her and don't let her push you away. Look at how many times you have slammed the door in my face, but I am here for you still and always will be. The phone rang. Mike excused himself, but before he could leave. Sonny said, Mike, you would have been a great grandfather. (This is promising advancement for Sonny).

Moving to L&B, the scene starts with Juan and Emily sitting at a table and Emily sorting the mail. She decided to check the mail because Juan was receiving too much fan mail. Juan is taunting her about the fan letters. Liz entered and tries to talk to Emily about the future and the more popular Juan becomes the more fans and girl groupies that will be around. A surprise fan or should I say fanatic entered L&B asking for Juan. Emily promptly dismissed her by saying that Juan is on tour and thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately Juan came back into the front office and is quite shocked to find Suzy (the fan). She was so cute just complementing Juan and asking for a picture. Juan agreed to take a picture with Suzy, but Emily was not happy at all. Poor Emily, guess she will be having a rough time as Juan careers continues to grow.

Nikolas and Liz took a walk at the pier. Liz asked Nikolas to sit down so they could talk for a moment. Liz explained to Nikolas that Lucky told her point blank that things were over between them. Nikolas immediately rebutted by saying that Lucky still needs time to recover. Liz interjects that there was more to her conversation with Lucky. Lucky told Liz that he wanted she and Nikolas to be together. Nikolas looked surprised, but not unhappy with this information.

Chloe was in her favorite sofa at the penthouse writing in her diary. She had strong feelings that she will never get well. Then Jax came in and they started conversation. The doorbell rang and Jax welcomed Alexis inside. Jax informed Alexis that Helena was denying them access to a miracle drug that Chloe needs. Jax said that he has tried everything including trying to buy the drug company and the conglomerate group that owns the company, but Helena blocked the buy. Alexis said that she must confront Helena in order to know exactly what she wants. Chloe and Jax answered no (simultaneously). But Alexis was no longer listening. Alexis told them this is the only way.

Helena and her boy toy were meeting to discuss how to take down Stefan at Wyndemere when Alexis arrived. Alexis started out on an intriguing note by asking Helena for a favor. Helena asked her boy toy to remove the trash (also know as Alexis), but Alexis persisted forward. Alexis tried every angle to swoon Helena even by using Jax as a reward. Helena informed Alexis that her line of reasoning was irrational. She knew that she had the upper hand and was not budging. Alexis finally asked straight away why Helena was refusing to give Jax access to the medication. Helena simply replied, because she can. Wow, when she is bad Helena is really bad even down right mean. Alexis called Jax back and said that she was unable to get Helena to divulge what she is really after. Jax said that he would continue trying.

Luke arrived at Kelly's while Tammy was cleaning up an outside table. Tammy could not resist giving Luke a hard time about the quarantine. Luke informed Tammy that it was not all that bad because Felicia was there to help pass the time away. Another surprise walk up, Laura arrived at the same time Luke was talking about Felicia. Of course Laura is still hurt that she and Luke will not be reconciling so she started in on Luke and asked if he was sleeping with Felicia. Luke responded by telling Laura that he will not answer her question nor will he have this conversation with her. Laura came back to her senses and said she was out of line. Laura continued by saying how she and Luke are on different sides about most everything and especially Lucky. Yes, again another surprise, Lucky walked up to Kelly's. Laura immediately attempted to converse with Lucky. Lucky blasted her then Luke rebutted Lucky. Lucky then stated that the best solution would be for them to ignore each other whenever they meet in public. Then Lucky walked inside Kelly's. Laura started crying. It seems that this situation will not be getting better anytime soon.

Mac, Georgie, and Maxie were on their way to feed the ducks and to the park when Felicia arrived at home. Of course the air became filled with tension and Maxie asked if they could just leave. Felicia then started talking to Mariah saying how she, Mac, and the girls had a nice dinner at Kelly's. Felicia still continued to insist that she and Mac can work things out. Mariah replied that she believed that it is too late. Later on, Mac and the girls returned from the park. Mac asked Felicia if an envelope arrived. Felicia said no. Felicia asked the girls to wash their hands and asked Mariah to help Georgie. Felicia asked Mac to stay for dinner, then the doorbell rang. Felicia answered the door and she had to sign for this envelope. She returned to the living room and asked Mac what this was. He told her to open it. She opened the envelope and took out the long document. Felicia was in disbelief. Felicia asked Mac why he was divorcing her and suing her for custody of her children?

Thursday, June 8, 2000

Jax asked Chloe about her dreams because she wrote in her journal about a dream in which he threatened to kill her. He told her that he is the last person he wants her to be afraid of. Chloe told Jax that she wasn't afraid of him and it was just a dream. He told her that he must have been doing something wrong for her to be dreaming of him in this way. She assured him that she loves him and trusts him very much. Jax told her that he loves her and would never do anything to hurt her. He would go to Europe that night to try to get the experimental drug that she needs.
Mac served Felicia with divorce papers and a petition for full custody of their two girls. Felicia was both shocked and outrage by his lawsuit. He told her that he was just doing what is best for their girls and she responded by saying that he was just using the girls. She then asked him how long he would punish her for an affair she didn't have. She agreed to give Mac a divorce but added that she would win the custody battle. Felicia threatened that if he does not cease with his current behavior, she would make sure that he has nothing to do with the girls in the future. Maxie was very excited that Mac was suing for a divorce and custody of them. She told her mother and sister that it was about time that Mac came and got them to live with him.
Liz and Nikolas discussed Lucky's conversation on the docks with Liz a few days ago. Liz explained to him that Lucky want Liz and Nikolas to be together. Nikolas told her that she must have misunderstood and that Lucky is still the same person he was a year ago. Liz said that she has stopped pretending that Lucky doesn't want her anymore. As they continued their dialogue, a police officer dragged an eavesdropping Lucky out of his hiding place and told him that he had to come to the station for questioning. Liz and Nikolas were baffled by Lucky's behavior, but Nikolas offered to go to police station with Lucky. Lucky told him to stay and take care of Liz.
Sonny's men covered the docks in preparation for Hannah's rescue; while a worried Roy decided to take matters into his own hands and look for Hannah himself. He got a list from the retired Agent Ford that detail old warehouses converted to safe houses that the rogue Agent Larkin used frequently. As he was about to takeoff, Hannah called to give him Larkin's instructions. He has 24hrs to come up with the two million dollars and a subsequent phone call will let him know where the drop off location will be. Hannah begged her father not to comply and an angry Larkin hung up the phone. Hannah tried to escape by hitting Larkin over the head with a lead pipe, but she could not open the door. When she called her father, Larkin woke up, and told her she will pay for what she did.
Luke came over to visit Bobbie and Roy came out to see him. Bobbie and Roy filled Luke in on what has transpired thus far, and also they told him of Hannah's abduction. Luke vehemently opposed their dependence on Sonny, he reminded them that Roy and Bobbie has more to lose than Sonny does. Roy and Bobbie thanked him for his concerned but they were willing to take their chances with Sonny.
Mac apologized to Lucky for not discovering the scheme and saving him. He said that he would make it up by putting the people responsible behind bars. Mac asked Lucky about Helena and Stefan's involvement in his kidnapping. Lucky told Mac that Faison was responsible for the kidnapping and that he worked alone. He also continued his assertion that Helena saved him from Faison and Stefan did not have anything to do with his abduction. Mac decided that there were no legal grounds for continuing the investigation, so he will close the case. Laura and Luke were outraged and Luke threatened to kill Stefan while Mac listened on. Lucky told them that he is ready to put this last year behind him and move on with his life. So he was ready to sign his statement and leave. Laura told Lucky that she cannot totally let him go, but she will give him the space that he wants.

Friday, June 9, 2000

At the police station, Luke was disappointed when Lucky signed the paperwork to end the investigation into his kidnapping. Laura shared a sad moment with Stefan as the two discussed the destruction of their relationship and their individual losses. Laura later admitted to Nikolas that perhaps she had judged Stefan too harshly. Alexis advised Chloe that Stefan was her best chance at getting the drug from Helena.

Maxie told Felicia that she and Georgie want to live with Mac and not her. Luke prevented an emotionally distraught Felicia from confronting Mac about his decision to break up their family. After Luke set her up in a hotel room for the night, Felicia asked him not to leave. Felicia poured out her heart to Luke and the two wound up finally making love. Aboard the yacht, Helena served Stefan a glass of drugged wine that caused him to collapse to the floor, while a perplexed Chloe dreamt about Helena's actions. Liz's attempt to break through to Lucky once again proved unsuccessful.

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