General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 3, 2000 on GH

Monica suspected that she might be pregnant. A.J. tried to squander his fortune. Jax was ready to sleep with Helena to get the cure for Chloe. Emily woke up in a strange hotel room next to a dead man.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 3, 2000 on GH
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Monday, July 3, 2000

Liz, Nikolas and Lucky searched frantically for Emily, while Ted took a drugged out Emily to a motel room. Liz blasted Juan for hurting Emily. Carly begged Sonny not to take her back to Port Charles, and Sonny agreed to extend their vacation for a while longer. Sonny reminded Carly that they do have to return home eventually. Jax accepted Helena's proposition for a night of passion in exchange for the drug Chloe needs, while Chloe had yet another cryptic dream, this time of making love to Jax in a red-curtained room. An anxious Stefan attempted to anticipate Helena's next move. Jax returned home and assured Chloe that he will do anything to get her what she needs, and lied that he had decided not to meet with Helena. Sonny and Carly continued to grow closer, and Carly began to hope that they may actually have a future together.

Tuesday, July 4, 2000

A naked Emily awoke next to Ted's lifeless body and was relieved when Lucky finally found her. Lucky promised to protect Emily and decided to get rid of all the evidence in the room. Liz and Nikolas later arrived to help, but not before refusing to tell Juan where they were going. Lucky and Liz feared Emily had been raped and encouraged her to go to a clinic for an exam. AJ continued to make small inroads with Hannah. Jax asked Tony to verify that the formula in Helena's possession is indeed the one that Chloe needs.

Later, Chloe discovered from Tony that Jax has the formula for the drug she needs. But when Chloe confronted Jax, he lied that he had obtained the formula from another source, not Helena. As Bobbie witnessed Laura longing for Luke, Roy assured Laura that Luke still loves her. Bobbie asked Roy to live at the Brownstone after Laura informed her that he is moving out. Roy refused Bobbie's request, claiming that it would not be a comfortable living situation for Lucas.

Wednesday, July 5, 2000

Sonny and Carly went riding in his speedboat. Carly was just glowing. She looked so content to be there with Sonny. She even stated that she was so glad that he brought her to the island. Later, Benny visited Sonny on the island and insisted that he return to Port Charles immediately. Sonny told him to handle the situation back home and that he would be back later. Benny said that he is only an accountant and cannot handle the daily duties without Sonny's presence as a force with Marino's people. Carly walked in the foyer and eaves drops on Sonny and Benny. Benny then asked Sonny if he wanted to risk everything for Carly. Sonny explained to Benny that he had promised Jason to take care of Carly and he was not going back on his promised. Carly needed him to be there. Benny backed downed and reminded Sonny that he really does need to return to Port Charles the sooner the better. Meanwhile, Carly was hiding and misinterpreting the conversation to mean that Sonny was not developing feelings for her. Carly went to get Michael to tell him a story and as she was talking to him she was apologizing for letting him down about first Jason and now Sonny. Sonny walked into the room and Carly immediately said that it is time to leave the island. Sonny is puzzled by this statement and rebuts with they will leave in a day and a half. Sonny took Michael to the ocean to prior to him going to bed.

Dara and AJ ran into each other at Kelly's. AJ was trying to loose all his money on the stock market and was trying to enlist Dara's help. However, she was having no parts of his mischief. She even asked AJ to donate his money if he was so anxious to let it go why not let it go to something worth while. AJ declined. He told her that if he did something good like that, then Edward would win. He had to loose his money in the most careless of ways to hurt his grandfather. Dara left AJ to continue waiting on Hannah's return to Kelly's. Taggert and Hannah showed up next at Kelly's after their picnic only to find AJ. Dara informed Taggert that Mac was looking for all detectives because one of their own, Ted Wilson (what a surprise!), an under cover cop, was missing. A few seconds later, Taggert got paged to return to work, while Hannah pulled up a seat next to AJ and became AJ's audience as he continued recklessly purchase stock.

Liz brought Emily safely home and tries to get her to go to the women's clinic, but Emily is too afraid. Liz was being just one terrific friend as she spoke to Emily about the dangers of possibly being raped. How it was important to get examined and not shower, to take the morning after pill, and to talk to a counselor to help her through this incident. Emily wanted to shower so badly, however Liz was able to convince her to at least go to the clinic first thing in the morning.

Juan climbed through Emily's window to find her, but she was downstairs explaining her whereabouts to her family. Juan waited until she returned but Emily asked him to just leave. Juan apologized for his actions and fully admitted that it was all his fault. Emily started to sob more. He said that he looked for her all over town and he would do anything to make this right. He said that he loved her. Emily asked Juan to go and she continued to weep. Juan made his way to Kelly's where Liz blasted him for his actions and told him in no uncertain terms to leave Emily alone. Emily sat alone in her bath tub trying to remember exactly what happened from leaving the Rave until waking up with a needle in her hand.

While the ladies were at the Quartemaines, Lucky and Nikolas were trying to dispose of Ted Wilson, the under cover cop. First the Manager demanded to be let in the hotel room. Lucky quickly devised a story about their friend having too much to drink and needed to sleep it off. Then Nikolas conveniently passed a 100-dollar bill to the manager to calm his nerves. The manager left but notified them that the next time he would call the cops. Nikolas wanted to ask Alexis for help, but Lucky insisted that they had to keep quiet for Liz's sake. The two brother worked together to get Ted's body to Wyndemere and to store it in an old freezer prior to Helena walking in on them. Nikolas then put on a good show for his grandmother to convince her to leave the premises. It worked and Lucky and Nikolas were relieved for the moment, But how long can this secret really last? Helena makes it her business to know everything that goes and comes at Wyndemere.

Edward was putting on his 4th of July barbecue, but was sadly disappointed when none of his family showed up for the festivities. Monica, Alan, Lila, and Edward celebrated this day without any other family. Alan was still on his Monica is cheating kick. However, Monica shocked the life back into him by announcing that she was pregnant. Then he asked how could he be sure the baby is his. Monica repeatedly advised Alan that she was not having an affair and this baby was most certainly his. After a while, Alan did come around and Monica was able to share the joy that she was feeling about their 2nd chance at a family. Alan then stated that he too liked the thought of being a father again. They hugged each other and continued to hope that Monica will actually be pregnant.

Thursday, July 6, 2000

On their last day on the island, Carly and Sonny spend time together on the beach. Afterwards, Carly kisses Sonny, assuming that their relationship is finished. Liz accompanies a shaken Emily to the clinic and covers for her when Laura also arrives. Liz claims she's there to volunteer and then finds Emily after she is relieved to learn that she was not raped. Though Nikolas is plagued with thoughts about getting rid of Ted's lifeless body, both he and Lucky agree that helping Emily was the right thing to do. He assures Lucky that he checked the freezer and the body is still there but is thinks that they should bury him as soon as possible. Desperate to find Emily, Juan seeks out Taggert who helps him track down Emily. He then tries to set things straight between them but Emily refuses to speak to him. Tony finally confirms for Jax that the sample of the formula he had tested is exactly what Chloe needs. When Chloe suggests that they take the weekend off and get away, Jax turns down her offer and realizes that he must now spend the night with Helena in order to get the drug for Chloe. Ned warns Alexis and Chloe to stay away from Helena.

Friday, July 7, 2000

After lying about his plans to Chloe, Jax offered himself to Helena in exchange for the drug that Chloe needs. Meanwhile, Stefan decided to take a closer look at Chloe and her possible connection to Helena. Chloe began to dream about Jax bending down to kiss her, while Jax appeared ready to give Helena her heart's desire. Despite their growing closeness, Carly informed a thrown Sonny that it is time for her and Michael to move out of the Penthouse. Laura and Scott revisited their past, but he turned down her request that he defend Luke. Lucky was tender with Liz in the wake of Emily's crisis, and later Emily received a cryptic phone call which promised that her ordeal is far from over. Roy asked Mike to keep an eye on Luke's while he and Bobbie are on vacation, which Mike looked at as an opportunity to come up with a money-making scheme.

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