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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 17, 2000 on GH
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Monday, July 17, 2000

Sonny consoles a despondent Liz down on the docks while a very jealous Carly watches. Liz tells him about how she used to come to the docks when she thought Lucky was dead because she felt closer to him, but now Lucky is alive and she's lost him. Carly has seen enough, and she leaves.

Taggert stumbles across Nikolas and Lucky in the alley. He wants to know what they are doing loitering in an alley. They make up a story about trying to catch Andreas . They want to talk to him about Stefan's disappearance. Taggert says oh, they are trying to clear Lucky's dad, but this a police investigation, and they need to leave it to the PCPD. When Taggert leaves, they turn around and find that the blackmailer has come and gone.

Emily walks in on Juan and Sherry at L&B... How could you?!?!? Juan gets up off of Sherry, who tries to cover herself. You didn't waste any time did you? You never cared about me, I was just another girl. All Juan can do is stand there and look stupid. Emily tells him that she hates him and she NEVER wants to see him again.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Jax are checking out the yacht while Helena gives her company the grand tour. Chloe tells Jax that Stefan died in this room. Chloe tells him that he is standing right on the spot where Stefan died. She flashes back to the dreams as she walks around the area, showing Jax exactly where Stefan fell and knocked the music box off of the table. On a scale of 1-10, how sure are you about this? 12, Jax. But where is the music box? They have to find it .

Back at L&B, Juan tries to explain to Emily that he couldn't go through with it with Sherry, that he stopped. Sherry concurs, then says that she is leaving. You should stick around, Em says, but remember that you're just the next girl until a new one comes along. Emily storms out and Juan starts after her. Let her go, Sherry says, but Juan shrugs her off, he has to find her - she's everything.

Lucky and Nikolas don't catch the blackmailer, but maybe she'll hit them up again. After all, it was probably the easiest five grand she ever made. They need to tell Emily and Liz what happened (or didn't happen) and Nikolas offers to go if Lucky doesn't want to see Liz. Lucky tells Nikolas that it doesn't bother him to be around her, even though things are different. Nikolas says that he doesn't buy that and Lucky says that's because Nikolas is in love, and he isn't.

Back on the evil Cassadine yacht, Jax tries to convince Chloe to leave. No, she has to find the music box first. They split up to search different sides of the room. Helena and the hospital board return from their tour. They talk about the boat, schmoozing Helena, and Helena suggests that maybe Chloe would like to go outside while they discuss "business." Chloe says that she enjoys looking around at the beautiful things inside, so Helena asks to hold on to Jax. As long as you remember he's not for keeps Chloe reminds her. And so the hospital discussion begins, what is Helena's thinking towards the hospital. She gives some oh-so-sad speech about how much Stefan loved the hospital, but as she must look out for her family's interests, why should she continue to support GH? The board looks bumfuzzled.

Down on the docks, Sonny continues to comfort Liz. She asks him if he remembered the game - he loves me, he loves me not- and that she feels like that with Lucky. One minute he loves her, then all of the sudden he changes and he doesn't. Sonny tells her that when a person wants out of a relationship, you have to let them go. That if it is this hard on her, think how hard it is on Lucky. She says that Lucky doesn't mean to hurt her. But he does, Sonny says, so maybe that's why he wanted to end it and also why she has to let him.

Juan comes back to L&B. He tells Sherry how he wouldn't have a singing career without Emily, or a place to live in PC. He has to get her to forgive him. Sherry says that she hopes it works out since it's what he wants, but if it doesn't work out he has her number. Lucky and Nikolas run into Tammy at Kelly's. She says that Liz isn't there yet, but that she is worried about her. Is there anything she can do to help? Nikolas covers by telling her that Liz is worried about Emily and Juan's relationship problems. Tammy only half buys this, but she drops it and goes in. Lucky wonders why Liz is late. Gee, you're almost acting like you care, Nikolas teases. Lucky wonders if they should go find her, but Nikolas says that she would need some time alone to think. See, how well you know her, Lucky says. But this just makes Nikolas mad and he tells him to stop.

Meanwhile Sonny is telling Liz that she has to give Lucky some breathing room. That you have to stop chasing sometimes or risk killing what love there is. She asked if something like that happened to him, and he says yeah, that he loved this girl and she loved him, but he walked away.(Brenda, if you're wondering)

Because the love did too much damage to them, so he had to walk away. Maybe Lucky sees it coming, so he's trying to end it. Liz wants to know what happened with Sonny. He says the girl found someone else, but he couldn't stand it, so he went after her till she was hanging on by a thread. He said that people said it wasn't love, it was passion. So if Lucky says he's done, maybe she should believe him and let him go. "Maybe I don't know how," she says.

Carly tromps back into the brownstone telling Leticia to stop packing they aren't going anywhere. She found Sonny all wrapped around little Liz Webber and that they could take some lessons from Liz the "Master Manipulator." The doorbell rings and it's Johnny with the monthly check for child support and Carly's allowance. She tears it up. She doesn't want anything Sonny has to give. As the meeting on the yacht continues, Chloe tells Jax that she feels close to finding the music box. Alexis interrupts the meeting. Helena has called you here on false pretenses as she is not now nor has she ever been trustee of the Cassadine estate. Stefan is the trustee, and since he is missing she is acting on Nikolas' behalf. She tells them that the lawyers have named her the trustee of the Cassadine estate, and that Nikolas will continue to support GH. Helena tries to tell the board how Alexis is trying to manipulate Nikolas and how papers have been filed to name her the trustee. Not according to the Court Clerk, Alexis says.

Lucky and Nikolas are still arguing about Liz. Nikolas says that if he really didn't care, he wouldn't be trying to push her toward someone else, he would just set her free. He asks Lucky how he would feel if Liz decided to go away to NY or Milan to go to art school. Could he deal with that? Lucky looks stunned. Nik will buy him a drink while he thinks about it.

Sonny finally convinces Liz to let Lucky go. It's going to be so hard.. Carly is still having a fit in the brownstone. Does Johnny know why she will only take money from Jason? Because money from Jason is about caring, it's personal, and the money from Sonny is charity and obligation. She tells Johnny to just give Sonny her message and sends him on his way. She goes on ranting to Leticia about how money from Sonny is just a payoff so he doesn't feel guilty. He doesn't care about her, he'd rather be with Little Miss goody two-shoes. She says how Liz was hanging all over Sonny, crying buckets. She says it would serve her right if she took Liz on over Sonny.

In the meantime, Sonny walks Liz to Kelly's where she spots Lucky and Nikolas inside. Sonny leaves and she goes in. The guys fill her in on what happened with the blackmailer. Nikolas says he has to go and Liz offers to walk them out, she needs to tell Lucky something. They walk Nikolas out, then Lucky tells Liz how they were worried about her being late. Liz interrupts him and tells him that she's letting him go.

Emily sulks on her bed and Juan climbs in the window. She tells him to get out. He begs her to give him one more chance. She looks like she might consider it.

Chloe and Jax congratulate Alexis on getting one up on Helena. She thanks them for warning her about this meeting. She barely had time to get with Nikolas and the lawyers. Chloe tells Alexis that this is the room where she saw Stefan die. Alexis looks like she might throw up.

Carly and Michael finish their bedtime story about The Little Engine That Could and Carly sulks to Michael about how she won't use him to get any more men. She only wants to be with Sonny if he wants to be with her. Flash to Sonny on the docks. He is remembering when Carly finally put on his ring and they gave their vows. They were so happy. Now Sonny looks very sad.

"Are you SURE this is the room?" Alexis wants to know. Yes, Chloe is certain. The dreams are not evidence, there is nothing to convict Helena. Jax tries to give Alexis something to hope for, but she says no, her brother is dead. Chloe goes around the corner and finds the music box.

Tuesday, July 18, 2000

Bobbie and Roy board a flight for home following their idyllic vacation in Hawaii. At the brownstone, a jeering AJ taunts Carly about losing Sonny's protection. Liz tells Lucky she's letting go of her unrealistic dreams about them getting back together. Juan pleads for Emily's forgiveness and swears he loves no one but her. Insisting that they're through, Emily tearfully orders Juan to get out. AJ informs Carly he's preparing to contest her sole custody of Michael in court. After listening to Chloe describe her dream about Stefan, an enraged Alexis accuses Helena of murder. Bobbie is surprised to find her daughter in residence at the brownstone. Lucky again pushes his brother to declare his love to Liz.

Wednesday, July 19, 2000

Alexis was not holding up well after her performance on Helena's yacht. She was frazzled as she spoke to Ned in Detroit. She asked him about the concerts, but she was only trying to cover her anger about Stefan's death by Helena's hands. Chloe and Jax arrived at the hospital to meet with Alexis. They filled her in on their conversation with Helena about the music box and Sleeping Beauty's Waltz. Both Jax and Chloe were afraid that they had prodded Helena too far with the questions about the music box. They were afraid she would now focus on Chloe and try to hurt her. Then like on cue, Helena walked in on their conversation. Alexis, unable to control her raging emotions, blasted Helena again about Stefan. Alexis vowed to prove that she would get the evidence on Helena if it were the last things she does. Helena then left with Alan to talk about General Hospital 's finances. Chloe and Jax continued to try to soothe Alexis, but to no avail. She asked them not to speak of Stefan or her mother. She would have to work this out herself. Chloe and Jax did convince Alexis to take a trip to Detroit and visit Ned. Alexis bribed the bellboy to let her in Ned's suite to wait for him. While she was waiting she got this wonderful idea to dress up in sexy lingerie for him. But to her surprise, Ned arrived at the suite with a TV crew and Alexis was on the bed with only a rose and some very sexy black lingerie.

Mac was pushing Dara again to proceed ahead building their case against Luke Spencer. Dara tried her hardest to convince Mac to let it go. They have no body, no poison, and no fingerprints and the case is not strong enough to convict Spencer. This served no purpose because Mac just screamed louder, yes there is a case and I will put it together alone if necessary. Mac called Taggert into his office. He pounded on Taggert too about his lack of finding evidence against Luke. He told Taggert to go out and find evidence wherever you can to make his case. Taggert was offended by Mac's bias on this case, so Taggert clarified that he would go blind looking for evidence against Spencer, but he would not, under any circumstances, make up evidence. Mac angrily left his office. Taggert sat down on the couch and worried about Mac's mental state regarding Spencer. Hannah walked in and immediately comforted Taggert. She questioned him about his mood. He filled her in on Mac and how he was coming so close to crossing the line on this Spencer case. Hannah pleaded with Taggert about him protecting himself against Mac (in case of trouble with Internal Affairs IA). She warned him that Mac could not only bring down himself but Taggert as well if he did not document his complaints and issues regarding this case. Taggert still insisted to Hannah that Mac is a good person and he was not going to involve IA. Taggert suggested they change the subject, so they left the office and went to Jake's. Yes you know it, as they went to the bar for drinks, they turned around to find AJ Quartermaine downing shots and trying to lose money on the stocks. This time to AJ's surprise Hannah did not stay to babysit him, she and Taggert left to continue their date elsewhere.

Jax and Chloe received excellent news from Tony. It seemed that the experimental medication was working for Chloe. Tony was very optimistic about the mass in her brain actually going away with these treatments. After receiving the good news, Chloe insisted that they go to see Mac and try to convince him about Helena's guilt in Stefan's murder. Jax and Chloe were not well received by Mac. As Jax tried to convince Mac that Helena is a valid suspect, Mac started his own retaliation against Jax. Mac mentioned to Jax that Helena was his rival (as Luke is to Mac) and that Helena was actively trying to prevent Chloe from receiving medication she required. Jax had to concede; he and Chloe left Mac's office, but Chloe vowed to return and convince Mac of the truth about Helena. Out of the shadow and corner, Helena surfaced after she had listened to Jax and Chloe's conversation about her wrong doings.

At Kelly's, Bobbie and Roy talked about living arrangements after their returned from Hawaii. Bobbie wanted Roy to move in to the Brownstone, however, Roy had ideas of his own palace. Roy explained that he has not had his own place in 20 years and really needed to start by himself. Bobbie finally gave in to Roy's desire for his own place. Next, Roy went to Jake's to see if that small apartment out back was available. While he was waiting for Jake he ran into two guys, from the hood, who wanted to share some of their frustration with him about him being a FBI informant. They started to punch him in the back, and quite hard. Luckily (no pun intended), Lucky showed up and both of them threw those two goons out on their butts. Roy thanked Lucky for his help. Jake arrived and Roy made a deal with her to rent the apartment out back. The place was not much, but Roy seemed to be pleased by the mere fact that the apartment had running water. Later he invited Bobbie over to a look-see. She still offered him the room at the Brownstone, but he still declined indicating that affording his own place is what he has to do. We will see just how long Roy will be able to hold his own.

Thursday, July 20, 2000

Ned was doing an interview with a reporter and a cameraman, when Ned opened his hotel door to find a very embarrassed Alexis in a teddy on the bed. Ned told the reporter that they would finish the interview after the concert at the Arena. Ned explained to Alexis that he had signed a waiver with reporter, so that they could use any footage they wanted to. Alexis told Ned she wanted to surprise him and Ned told Alexis he was happy she showed up at the hotel.

Mac found keys in Luke's belongings. Mac found out the keys belong to a yacht. Mac went to visit Helena, to see if she could shed some light on Stefan's murder case. Mac told Helena he had a witness that her yacht was not docked the night of Stefan's murder. Helena told Mac that her and Andreas went for a ride in the car. Helena told make she gave everyone the night off, so the yacht was empty. Helena told Mac that she wouldn't put it passed Alexis to steal the keys, so that Luke could make a copy. Mac went to Luke's bar and told Taggert that Luke had Helena's yacht.

Emily left a message for Nikolas to call her when he got home. Edward told Emily she seems to be living in her own private world. Edward asked Emily if she was taking drugs again. An upset Emily told Emily she wasn't taking drugs. Lila told Edward she wanted to speak to Emily alone. Lily told Emily that she knew something was bothering her. Emily asked Lila not to tell anyone. Emily told Lila about the party Juan and she had went to. Emily told Lila that Juan kissed Allison Barrington. Emily told Lila she went to talk to Juan and he was with another girl. Lila asked Emily if Juan had apologized and Emily said he told her that she misunderstood what happened. Emily told Lila she broke up with Juan. Lila told Emily to speak with Juan and tell him how she felt. Edward told Lila he would have Emily blood tested. Lila told Edward Emily was a teenager in love.

Lucky and Nikolas went to check on the freezer. They found the freezer and Ted's body gone. Nikolas and Lucky talked to the maid about what happened to the freezer. She told them that she had it moved and unlocked. Nikolas told her to bring the freezer back right away and it better not get moved again. Lucky and Nikolas opened the freezer and discovered Ted's body was still in there. Emily told Lucky and Nikolas she wants to go to the cops. Lucky decides to go to Port Charles Police Department and investigate about why no one has reported him missing.

While Roy and Bobbie were at Roy's new apartment, Roy told Bobbie how good it felt to have his own place. Roy gave Bobbie a key to his apartment.

Sonny went to Luke's looking for Roy. Carly came in and sat at a table. Hannah and Taggert came in and Carly stood in front of Hannah. Carly told Hannah she moved out of Sonny's so she could get Sonny now. Carly and Hannah got into a heated discussion and Hannah walked away. AJ walked in and started to say something to Carly, when sonny stood in front of Carly. Sonny told AJ he made a mistake by going to the Brownstone. Sonny told AJ he has hard evidence to put him away. AJ told Sonny Michael would always be his son and one-day he will get him back. Bobbie and Roy came in and Roy asked AJ to leave. Carly and Bobbie talked about her and Sonny's living arrangements. Bobbie told Sonny she needed to talk to him about where Carly was going to live. Sonny told Bobbie he would find Carly and Michael a place to live. Carly told Sonny that Michael and her are not pieces of furniture. Carly told Bobbie she was sorry she moved into the Brownstone without asking. Sonny said Carly and Michael were his responsibility. Sonny told Carly he would find them a place to live or they could move back in with him. Carly told Sonny she would rather live in a swamp.

Friday, July 21, 2000

Upset by her mother's words with Sonny, Carly decides to move back in with Sonny in order to keep Bobbie happy. Hearing the news, Johnny guesses to Sonny that he's actually missed having Carly around and is therefore happy to have her back. Taggert advises Sonny that one of his undercover cops disappeared during a rave that he was assigned to. Sonny resents the cop's implication that he had something to do with the man's disappearance. Tired of his mixed signals about their relationship, Liz finally tells Lucky that she's tired of it and won't allow it to happen anymore. After a talk with a worried Emily, Liz then decides it's time to let Sonny know about the problem with the blackmailer. Jax is concerned about Chloe's safety. Tired of his words about Luke, Bobbie accuses Mac of doing all he can to make Luke pay for what's happened to Mac's marriage. Lucky and Nikolas try to sneak into Mac's office to find out about the lifeless body locked in the freezer. The two are concerned when they overhear that Taggert has a lead on a missing cop named Ted. Emily can't believe it when Juan makes another effort to win her forgiveness. After learning that Chloe and Jax were searching for a special music box, Helena keeps an eye on Chloe as she sleeps at the penthouse.

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