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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 24, 2000 on GH
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Monday, July 24, 2000

Stefan listens to his daily CD and discovers that Chloe can get inside Helena's head. He sends for Chloe's medical records. Later, he is talking to someone who is going to check out the records. He tells them of Chloe's ability to see through Helena's eyes. He needs to know if the mass in her brain is necessary for this psychic ability to be present.

Chloe dreams that she is watching herself sleep. She wakes up and Jax comes in. She tells him that she thinks Helena was in the penthouse, and explains how she was leaning over her sleeping form. She thinks that Jax will think it is just a dream, but he believes her. They get security to check the tapes in the elevator and the garage, but no one saw her (so they said). Then, Jax finds Helena's earring on the floor. If she has made one mistake, she will make another. Helena, meanwhile, realizes that her earring is missing. She asks Andreas to look in her bedroom for it.

Juan is at Kelly's begging forgiveness from Emily. He knows something else is wrong, but she keeps mum. He gives a really sad little speech about how much he loves her, but when she still doesn't say anything, he leaves.

Mac tells Nikolas that he doesn't have new information on Stefan's case, but as Nikolas and Lucky are leaving, Taggert asks them if they have been to any raves. They both say no, but Mac and Taggert tell them that their undercover cop Ted is missing. Lucky and Nikolas say they don't know anything and leave. They go back to Kelly's to tell the girls.

Hannah goes to see Edward to try to get him to give AJ some family support, but Edward tells her that AJ is beyond saving. The whole time AJ is listening out on the patio. Hannah blames Edward for being too hard on AJ, and storms out. Later, AJ confronts Hannah at Kelly's. He tells her not to try to go to his family on his behalf. He says that she is only trying to protect herself by handing him off to his family, but it won't work.

Carly goes off on Liz at the penthouse. She starts throwing wild accusations around about her trying to get into Sonny's bed, that now that the baby is dead, Sonny is a free man. Sonny tells her to shut up, and Liz decides it's time to leave. He apologizes to her, and has Johnny take her home. He goes back in to confront Carly. He tells her he's not going to get into it with her. She pulls the whole poor Carly act, telling him how when he looks at Liz he sees an sweet girl, but when he looks at her he just sees trash. She tells him that she and Michael are moving on, and leaves.

Liz goes back to Kelly's. She tells Emily that it's probably better not to tell Juan what's going on, that he can't be trusted. Then she tells her what happened at Sonny's. Nikolas and Lucky come in and tell them about Ted. They also tell them the theory they've worked up that someone followed Emily and Ted, then killed him after she had passed out. They said that the murder probably thought it would be more profitable to blackmail Emily rather than kill her. As they are talking, the phone rings. The blackmailer wants ten thousand more dollars. Liz worries that one of them might be the next victim. Mac tells Dara that today is his and Felicia's wedding anniversary. He really doesn't feel like doing anything. Dara tells him that he should go after winning Felicia's love back the way he would go after a perp. Later we see him on the phone with Maxie and Georgie. When they pass the phone off to their mom, he makes stilted conversation, but when she asks if he knows what today is, he says yes and makes an excuse to hang up.

Carly goes to see Lila. She needs some advice. She really cares about Sonny, but he no longer cares about her since she isn't pregnant with his child anymore. We see Sonny eating all alone at the penthouse looking lonely. Lila says that maybe Sonny is just having a hard time reaching out, but Carly is too busy having a pity party to hear anything Lila is trying to tell her.

Tuesday, July 25, 2000

Edward tried to find a buyer for an internet company that was going under and AJ convinced Edward to sell it to him. Lucky spied Nikolas and Liz sharing a close moment, but didn't interrupt them. Emily and Lucky argued about how he's been treating Liz and he maintained that Nikolas would be much better for Liz. A stunned Ned got an offer to take L & B off of his hands, but he had no interest in selling. Alexis expressed her fear of losing Ned to his music. Carly bumped into Roy while he was shopping for his new apartment and helped him choose two lamps. Unbeknownst to them, Bobbie had already decorated Roy's place. AJ surprised Hannah with a playful gift. Liz asserted that her relationship with Lucky is over in spite of Emily's efforts to convince her otherwise. Mike attempted to tell Tammy that he lost the money for their trip in a card game, but she guessed it before he could say a word. Alan thought he was helping Monica by arranging her visit to a fertility doctor, but she was furious with him for interfering.

Wednesday, July 26, 2000

Monica talked to Alan about the fertility appointment. She was not sure if she wanted to continue or not, but she did agree to meet with Dr. Townsend. Edward entered and of course gave his two-cent opinion about having another child. Basically Edward informed them that he was against them having a child at all yet alone trying to have one in a scientific way. Lila came into the room and then wished Monica good luck at her appointment with Dr. Townsend. Monica then blew up at Alan for telling the whole world about this intimate matter. Alan responded by saying he only told his parents so that they could share in the joy of their new child. Monica reiterated that she had not yet decided if she wanted another child. It was her body and she ultimately has to make the decision. Monica went to the hospital for her appointment. While she was standing talking to Amy a very attractive doctor walked up. Monica asked Amy who this doctor was and to her surprise, this very attractive doctor was Dr. Dale Townsend. Monica's face brightened. She walked over to the doctor and introduced herself. They really hit it off; even so much that she went through with not only the preliminary interview, but the examination as well. Alan became extremely jealous when he arrived at the hospital and saw this very handsome doctor talking to his wife. Monica actually played into this jealousy quite well and informed Alan that making this appointment for her was the best thing he could have done. Alan had a look on his face that could kill.

Ned was on the phone planning his upcoming gigs for Eddie Mane when Juan overheard that he was planning a trip to Seattle. Juan asked Ned if he could accompany him as a roadie. Ned turned him down and asked him about Emily. Juan gave in and told Ned that he and Emily was not seeing each other any more. However what Juan did not know was that Ned asked Emily to come down to L&B to discuss his contract. A major record company asked Ned if he would sell Juan's contract. Ned asked Emily what was her opinion because she was his first priority and if she wanted Juan to leave L&B, then Ned would sell the contract. Emily, being the sweet person that she is, actually asked Juan what he wanted. Juan informed them that he preferred to stay at L&B. Then Emily told Ned that she did not want him to sell Juan's contract. Ned agreed with Emily's decision.

Mike Corbin found himself in serious debt and without a Jason Morgan to save his life. It was revealed that Mike had a terrible losing streak at the track and borrowed money from a loan shark. The goons discovered him at Kelly's and threatened his life if he did not pay up the 10 G's that he owed their boss. He promised that he was in the process of getting this money together. Tammy saw this whole incident and was disillusioned. She really appeared totally disappointed in his actions. Tammy suggested to Mike that he ask Sonny for the money to get the goons off his back for now. Mike refused to ask Sonny for any help because he has it all under control. What Mike doesn't know is that Sorel is behind the pressure is feeling and is just using him as a pawn to get back at Sonny. Poor Mike it seems like he finds trouble. Let's just hope this mess will not end his newfound relationship with his son.

Stefan met with a doctor to discuss Chloe's medical situation. The doctor indicated that she is under the best possible care with her American Doctor and that the new experimental drug in combination with the radiation should eradicate her tumor. The doctor confirmed that it was possible for Chloe to experience psychic abilities because of the location of her tumor. Stefan was pleased with this news; however, he does want to exploit Chloe's psychic abilities prior to them leaving her permanently and most likely in some fashion to get back at his mother.

Helena had Tony paged at the hospital. Once he arrived, she congratulated him on his new position as Chief of Neuro-surgery. Tony was not surprised by Helena's visit. He knew she was hunting for something. As Helena continued she focused her questions on Chloe and her medical status. She wanted Tony to disclose everything about Chloe's condition. Tony refused and excused himself. But Helena found another to help her. It was a new and na´ve nurse, Stefanie. Helena befriended her with charm and bribed her to get Chloe's complete medical file.

Dara and Taggert were at Kelly's talking about the case against Luke Spencer. They both wished Mac would let go of this assault against Luke Spencer, but they knew that they couldn't really do anything to dissuade him. Mac arrived at Kelly's and Taggert took the opportunity to ask Mac to take himself off the case. Mac became utterly offended by this statement and informed Taggert that he was completely off the case and Garcia would be in charge instead.

Chloe and Jax arrived at General Hospital for her check up. Tony gave Chloe the good news that the experimental medicine was doing it's job and shrinking her tumor. Both Jax and Chloe were thrilled by this news. Tony also gave them the bad news that Helena was at the hospital and on the attack with determination to find out everything she can about Chloe's medical status. Chloe began to sense that Helena could be coming after her. Jax had to run some errands and Chloe wanted to finish a design so she stayed at the penthouse. Unfortunately for Chloe she fell asleep and started to dream. This time the dream showed Helena reading Chloe's medical file. Jax returned home and woke Chloe up. She told him that she was really scared now because she had dreamt that Helena had her complete medical file; Helena would now know about all her dreams. Jax told Chloe not to worry and promised not to let any harm come to her.

Thursday, July 27, 2000

Carly decided to register Michael for preschool. Carly asked Sonny if he would be interested in being one of the responsible adults for Michael's preschool. Carly told Sonny being a responsible adult, meant he would have to attend parents meetings and and go with Michael the first week of school. Sonny told Carly he was concerned about Michael going to preschool because he is so young. He said he will be the youngest one in the class and he will be bullied. Carly explained to Sonny that she had already checked everything out with the preschool and if there was a problem, the preschool would let them know. Sonny told Carly he wanted to be the responsible adult and thanked Carly for offering him the chance to do it.

Lucky came in to Kelly's and saw Liz and asked her if she was O.K. Lucky told Liz he could wait outside for Nikolas. Liz told Lucky she was fine and that they had agreed to remain friends. Liz told Lucky she wanted to stick with that.

At Kelly's, two of Sorel's men were waiting for Mike. Mike came in and asked Liz if Tammy was there and if she had heard from her. Liz told Mike she hadn't heard from Tammy and she was probably on her way to work. Mike left and Sorel's men followed Mike out. Taggert, who had been sitting at a table talking to Lucky, noticed the men follow Mike out and Taggert followed them. Sorel's men were beating on Mike when Taggert came up. One of the men turned to Taggert and pulled a knife. Hannah came around the corner with her gun drawn and shouted "FBI."

Nikolas and Juan were at L&B talking about the contract Ned had received for Juan from an other record label. Juan proceeded to tell Nikolas, that Ned already knew that Emily and he were having problems. Juan told Nikolas that Ned wanted him to stay at L&B. Emily walked in and Juan told Emily that Nikolas had told Juan to stay away from her. Juan asked Emily if that was how she felt. Emily told Juan she didn't want Juan to stay away from her. But that Nikolas was just trying to help. Nikolas left to go to the bank. Emily told Juan what happened at the party wasn't just his fault. It was both of their faults. Emily said that she thinks sometimes it would be better if they just let go. Juan told Emily he wouldn't let go.

Roy was asleep at his apartment, when Bobbie walked in and surprised Roy. Roy jumped up and was ready to hit Bobbie.Roy asked Bobbie if she was O.K. Roy told Bobbie he was about to hurt her very bad. Bobbie told Roy she was married to a man who beat her. Bobbie told Roy if she thought for one second he would hurt her she would be out the door. Roy told Bobbie he loved her and he was sorry.

Alexis met with Sonny to give him his papers from the FBI that said he is free and he has no record. Alexis told Sonny to please tell her that he didn't have feelings for Carly. Sonny told Alexis that he did have feelings for Carly, because of what they had been through. Alexis told Sonny to please tell her that he didn't have romantic feelings for Carly. Sonny told Alexis he didn't.

Alexis went to Roy's apartment to give him the papers from the FBI that said he was a free man. Alexis told Roy that he was free. But, if he was arrested he would end up back in jail. Because he still had a record.

Carly went in to Kelly's looking for Liz. Carly and Liz got into a heat argument about Sonny and Jason. Lucky told Carly to back off. Carly asked Liz if Lucky knew whose lap she was sitting on Monday night. Carly asked Liz if she thought Lucky should know that she is throwing herself at Sonny behind Lucky's back. Liz walked out at Kelly's. Lucky asked Carly if Liz had came back. Carly told Lucky Liz was probably with Sonny. Lucky asked Carly not to go near Liz again. Lucky left. Liz tripped on the stairs at the docks. Sonny came up and asked her if he could help. Liz apologized to Sonny for fighting with Carly. Sonny said you wanted to hurt her like she hurt you. Sonny told Liz what Carly did was unexceptable and it wouldn't happen again. Lucky came up to Sonny and Liz and said I guess what Carly said was true.

Friday, July 28, 2000

Jax explains to Chloe how the earring Helena dropped in the penthouse may finally convince Mac that the Cassadine matriarch is a menace to society. Meanwhile, Stefan orders his operatives to keep close tabs on Chloe's progress. As they drink a toast to Roy's newfound freedom, Alexis reminds her client that aiding and abetting Luke will get him sent back to prison in a New York minute. Hannah arrives in the alley just in time to help Marcus place Mike's attackers under arrest. Bobbie urges her daughter to lay off of Liz but Carly stubbornly insists that the girl is making a play for Sonny. On the docks, Liz bristles when Lucky icily reminds Sonny that every woman he's trifled with has met with tragedy. Marcus gruffly questions Mike, who claims he simply fell victim to a mugging and refuses to press charges. Afterwards, a worried Hannah insists on taking Marcus back to his place so she can treat his wound. Sonny angrily orders Carly to stop spreading lies about Liz. Rattled by his close call, Mike admits to Tammy how he fears being alienated from his son once again if news of the incident leaks out. Nikolas tells his surprised brother how Liz took up with Jason some months back. Roy lends Carly a sympathetic ear following her fight with Sonny. Lucky and Nikolas spring their trap on the blackmailer.

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