General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 7, 2000 on GH

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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 7, 2000 on GH
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Monday, August 7, 2000

Helena realized that someone had betrayed her by bugging her office. Bobbie was outraged when she thought Carly was trying to seduce Roy. Carly was humiliated when Sonny revealed that it was all a trick to teach Carly a lesson. Gia admitted to being the blackmailer, but Lucky realized she didn't know about Ted's murder. Gia was only aware of Emily leaving the Rave with a strange guy and blackmailed her thinking that Emily would want to protect the Quartermaine name. Jax promised to keep Chloe safe from Helena.

Emily doubted the wisdom of telling Juan about the blackmail and murder, but he swore that he wouldn't tell anyone what happened and would do his best to help. Lucky was furious that Emily trusted Juan with their secrets yet agreed to include Juan in their plans. Jax attacked Andreas in the park to try to get information about Helena's plans for Chloe. Carly let Sonny take her to look at houses. Juan and Liz shared an uncomfortable moment watching Lucky and Emily hug. Lucky decided that they could use Gia to help them find the murderer. Gia told an unknown person that her scam didn't work and she was ready to leave Port Charles. Stefan put a guard on Chloe at the same time that Helena sent someone to look for Stefan.

Tuesday, August 8, 2000

Roy struck it big and won $10,000 in an all night poker game to help Mike pay back Sorel. Mike tried to take the money and head to the track, but Roy refused. Roy strongly advised that since it was his money, he will try to bargain with Sorel himself. Roy then asked Mike to stay out of it.

A meeting with the Quartermaines about the future of GH's finances turned ugly once again when Alexis and Helena argued over who is the Cassadine trustee. The Q's cancelled the meeting until it is official who is the trustee. Helena then shared with the Quartermaine that Alexis is now living across the hall from Sonny and that Sonny is her new landlord. The Q's wasted no time discrediting Alexis' integrity, but she fought back by calling the Q's hypocrites.

A drunk and jealous AJ watched Taggert and Hanna perform their usual lovey-dovey antics in the park, but Taggert got pulled away when his beeper sounded off. As Hanna went her own way, AJ was attacked by a mugger who stole AJ's watch. Hanna tried to catch the thief, but AJ told her to forget it.

Lucky surprised Gia by hiding in her closet and asked that she please help them by attending a rave. Lucky is hoping that Gia can identify the killer, but he told Gia that he had other motives for wanting her to go to the rave. Gia remained unsuspicious of the murder and refused to go to the rave.

After Roy contacted Sorel, Bobbie showed up at Luke's looking for answers about Roy's whereabouts the night before. Roy told Bobbie about the poker game, but not that it was to help Mike. Bobbie then reminded Roy that she doesn't care about him having money to buy her things. Roy then admitted that the money was to help a friend, but Roy did not provide details of who the friend was.

Ned showed up at Alexis' digs after hearing from Lila what happened at GH. Ned totally supported Alexis' decision to move across the hall from Sonny and told her that her happiness is all that mattered. Ned then gave Alexis' a cappuccino maker for a gift.

Nikolas was upset to hear from Liz that Emily told Juan about Ted's murder. Juan tried to give Emily a small bouquet of flowers, but she did not accept them. Juan then assured Nikolas that he can trust him. Hanna escorted a slightly beaten and drunken AJ back to his hotel and while she applied ice to his head wound, they shared a short kiss. Hanna pulled away in disgust and lectured AJ on how he is wasting his life and even called him pathetic. Hanna also denied that she gave into the kiss, but she did for a brief moment. AJ told her that her criticism about his lifestyle is just an act to hide her attraction to him.

While Bobbie was questioning Roy about his recent behavior of avoiding her, Sorel showed up at Luke's. Bobbie was outraged and told Roy that she would wait outside. Sorel was hoping that Roy decided to work for him and when Roy told him otherwise and presented the $10,000 in cash, Sorel refused the deal. Sorel hastily informed Roy that the only way he will accept money for Mike's debt is either from Mike or Sonny.

Mike met Tammy in the park and told her of Roy's winnings. Mike then wanted Tammy to go with him to Atlantic City or Vegas to gamble, but Tammy declined. She urged Mike to go to Sonny and if he didn't, she would. Mike then reminded Tammy that Sonny cannot know of his gambling debt, since it has taken him so long to re-establish a relationship with his son.

Bobbie's suspicions heightened and she thought Roy was working for Sonny. Bobbie lectured Roy that his latest habits are dangerous and could lead him back to prison. Roy told Bobbie that he is not going to change his mind about helping a friend and Bobbie left Luke's with a sick feeling.

Lucky shared with Nik, Liz, Juan and Emily about his latest meeting with Gia and that she refused to attend the rave. Nik suggested that Juan ask Sherry to the rave since she may be able to identify the killer unknowingly, but he hesitated to avoid causing Emily further pain. Emily then assured Juan that asking Sherry was the best thing to do for everyone. Juan agreed to ask Sherry and it was decided that it would be too risky for Emily to attend the rave, in case the killer sees her.

Wednesday, August 9, 2000

Jax came to visit Alexis at her new home to discuss Helena. Alexis informed him that she wasn't really in the mood to discuss Helena. Jax persisted on and told her how is worried about Chloe's safety now that Helena realizes that Chloe dreams through her eyes. Jax said that he was taking Chloe away from Port Charles for a while to get away from Helena. Alexis agreed that it was a good idea. Jax told Alexis to be careful and if she needed anything to call him. He told her she/their marriage was the second best thing that has happened to him. They said their I love you's and Jax left. Later Alexis invited Chloe over to say goodbye.

Hannah Scott was looking into the disappearance of Ted Wilson, when Mac came into the police station talking about person who was creating a riot by hanging $100 bills from trees. Who could this disturbing person be? Yes, you guessed correctly; it was AJ Quartermaine. Who was glad to be arresting and brought to the police station because it gets him closer to Hannah. Of course the officer who has to take his information is Taggert. AJ immediately started to inform Taggert that he wants Hannah and he will have her. AJ said he knows that neither Taggert or him deserves Hannah, but he is determined to have Hannah. AJ further commented that people don't always get what they deserve. He used to be a "good guy" and it never got him anywhere. Now, he will go all out for what he wants and he wants Hannah.

Helena was making arrangements to have Lucky followed because she is aware that there is a traitor in her midst. She suspected everyone Luke, Lucky, Jax, and even Andreas. Although she secretly hoped that it was not Andreas. She demanded that Andreas go and fetch Lucky. Andreas found Lucky with Liz and Nikolas and they both defend Lucky. But Lucky tells them both it is okay and he will go see what Helena wanted. Lucky showed up at the Yacht very defiant and pushy. Helena grows immediately tired of his attitude and uses the mind control phrase, protect your queen. Lucky becomes Helena's pet again and assures her that he is not the one spying on her. Helena believes Lucky, but is not too positive about Andreas' loyalties. In the meantime at Kelly's Nikolas came up with a brilliant idea to get Lucky back with Liz. He suggested that they stop fighting and become the people that Lucky wants them to be. If they pretended to be boyfriend and girlfriend then Lucky would surely get jealous and want Liz back. When Liz saw Lucky returning to Kelly's she plants a big juicy kiss on Nikolas. Unfortunately for them, Lucky was back under mind control and ready to accept Nikolas and Liz's relationship. Lucky left and then Nikolas apologized to Liz for this idea. They were both shocked at Lucky's response.

Bobbie came to visit Sonny to talk with him about Roy and Carly. She started off by saying she wanted him and Carly to be together because he provides Carly with balance to her life. However, if he could stay away from Roy that would be best for all. Sonny insisted that Roy was not working for him and that he did not know what Sorel was doing visiting with Roy. Sonny then told Bobbie that he does not discuss his business or work with anyone who is not involved. If she needed further information then she needed to take that up with Roy.

At the park, Michael, Carly, and Leticia enjoyed the sun and sand. Mike arrived and asked to talk to Carly for a moment. Leticia took Michael to the swings. Carly immediately became defensive. Mike apologized for the harsh words he spoke after she lost the baby and then he proceeded to discuss his woes with Sorel, the undercover loan shark. Carly refused to help him because she said she did not want to jeopardize her relationship with Sonny. Mike explained to Carly again why he could not go directly to Sonny himself, but with her help this will keep his relationship with his son in tact. Sonny arrived at the park right as Carly and Mike was getting into the conversation. Sonny asked Carly if she was okay. She told him yes and that Mike was just pleading his case for him. Carly began to question Sonny about his dad. She asked if he really loved him. Sonny confirmed that his father loves him and is a changed man today. My father is no longer the Mike with the gambling sickness where nothing matters but the game. At this point Carly decided to help Mike get the money because she knew that Mike meant a lot to Sonny. Carly, Sonny, and Michael sat down on the blanket and had a picnic together.

Thursday, August 10, 2000

Tony gave Chloe the good news that she was responding well to her treatment. Chloe in turn told Tony about her waking vision of her death at Helena's hands. Monica was happy to start fertility treatments. Edward asked Hannah to arrest AJ for insider trading. Dara attempted to make Taggert see that Hannah was bad for him. Tony speculated that Chloe's visions could be a side effect of the medication. Hannah was astounded by Edward's allegation against AJ, but agreed to look into it. Dara asserted to Mac that Taggert's work wasn't suffering, but admitted that she was no fan of Hannah and Taggert's relationship. Emily worried that Juan was still attracted to Sherry and she feared asking for Sherry's help wasn't a good idea. Nikolas spied on Gia in the park and propositioned her with money. Nikolas offered Gia $500 to go with him to the Rave and she agreed, taking $100 as a downpayment. AJ didn't care when Hannah told him about Edward's accusations. AJ used the opportunity to flirt with Hannah.

Audrey wondered if Monica was aware of the difficulties in raising a baby at her age. Monica assured Audrey that she and Alan were up to the challenge and marveled that the thought of a baby was bringing them closer together. Mac spoke to Maxie and planned to visit she and Georgie soon. Alan fumed when he heard of Edward's groundless charges against AJ and predicted that AJ would make a fool of Edward. Juan asked Sherry to go to the Rave with him. Sherry wanted to help but couldn't because her parents grounded her. Alexis convinced Chloe to continue her treatment and let Jax take Chloe away for her protection. Nikolas brought Gia into the fold and the others were angry to learn that Nikolas had to pay for Gia's help. Lila understood that Edward's motives for wanting AJ in jail were to force AJ to stay sober. Helena went to see Alexis hoping Chloe was there. Chloe was gone, but Helena used the opportunity to threaten Alexis.

Friday, August 11, 2000

Lucky confessed to Emily that he was bothered by the kiss between Nikolas and Liz, but he was sure he could deal with it. Carly and Emily shared a friendly moment and Carly sincerely offered to let Emily see Michael whenever she wanted. Carly promised she would get Mike the money later that evening, but she wanted to tell Sonny the truth. Mike begged Carly not to, even though it could ruin her potential relationship with Sonny to lie to him. Jax let Chloe know that the island they travelled to was an island he was going to buy for himself and Brenda. Sonny assured Alexis that Carly would be moving into his place. Emily begged to go to the Rave when it looked like Gia wouldn't show up. When Gia did arrive, the teens left for the Rave without her. Monica counseled Emily on love and admitted that Juan wasn't a bad choice for Emily. Sonny insisted to Carly that he wanted to participate in Michael's life and reiterated his plans to go the pre-school open house.

Before they went into the Rave, Liz told Lucky that she was trying to make him jealous by kissing Nikolas. Lucky didn't seem fazed by Liz's declaration and said again that Liz and Nikolas belonged together. Monica revealed to Emily that she was going to try to have a baby. Emily offered Monica her complete support. Chloe and Jax safely arrived on the tropical island. However, Helena got there first and set her plans for Chloe in motion. Sonny was surprised when Carly asked him for a $40,000 loan as downpayment towards a house. While Ned and Alexis got intimate, a news splash about Eddie Maine played on the television and showed Alexis in bed wearing a teddy. Liz met Zander, who Gia later identified as the man she saw in the motel parking lot. As Stefan made arrangements to protect Chloe, he was attacked by an assassin Helena sent.

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