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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 28, 2000 on GH
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Monday, August 28, 2000

Though a fretful Liz warned her friends that the proposed scheme would never work, the others decided to forge ahead anyway with their plan to frame Zander for murder. Bobbie informed Roy that if he was going after Luke, she was traveling with him. After recovering from the shock of Jason's sudden reappearance, Carly threw her arms around her unexpected guest and announced how much she'd missed him.

Meanwhile, across the hall, Alexis advised a grumbling Sonny that marrying Carly was the best way to shut her up. Jax shouted out Brenda's name as a familiar-looking woman climbed into the back seat of a limousine, which then roared out of view. Roy explained to Bobbie why she needed to stay behind and avoid tipping off the authorities.

Carly told a sympathetic Jason how she'd lost the baby. Later, unable to stem her tears, Carly asked Jason why he'd left her. Liz accidentally struck a nerve with Lucky. Chloe surprised Jax in Paris but was taken aback when he declared that he'd definitely seen Brenda.

Jason shook his head in dismay as Carly sheepishly admitted how she had gotten Sonny arrested for drug trafficking. Chloe sadly bade farewell to Jax. Jason was reunited with a beaming Michael. As she prepared to leave Paris, Chloe was abducted.

Tuesday, August 29, 2000

Gia followed Nikolas to Wyndemere to find out more information about Ted. Nikolas showed Gia the dead body, and Gia was able to identify him as having been with Emily the night of his murder. Gia told Nikolas that she would still help them nail Zander.

Zander paid a visit to Liz at Kelly's, and even though Liz was cringing, she managed to be polite to Zander. Lucky arrived at Kelly's and was able to chase Zander off. Lucky then issued a warning to Liz to be very careful of Zander, but Liz told Lucky that being rude to Zander was not a good idea either.

Sonny returned to his penthouse and found Jason visiting with Michael and Carly. Later, Sonny and Jason discussed the death of the baby, and Sonny told Jason that Carly had helped him through a difficult time.

Hannah arrived at Roy's apartment and discovered that he was not there. Mac arrived shortly after and questioned Hannah about her father's whereabouts. Hannah made it perfectly clear to Mac that her father was not doing anything illegal and that Mac was on the verge of violating her father's rights.

Sonny told Jason his side of the story about his arrest and how Carly had been involved. Sonny shared with Jason that he could never trust Carly again. Sonny then caught Carly eavesdropping on his and Jason's conversation.

Roy called Lucky at Kelly's and asked him to stop by Luke's.

A.J. interrupted Mac and Hannah's conversation and pretended to be very intoxicated. Once Mac left, A.J. told Hannah that he had only been pretending to be drunk to help her out of a sticky situation.

As Carly, Sonny, and Jason finished a toast, Alexis approached and was surprised to see Jason. Jason then shared with Alexis how he had seen her poster at a Texas bar, and she continued to get teased. Alexis shared her fears that the "Eddie's Angel" saga would harm Sonny's defense.

A.J. kindly told Hannah that he would love to be her scapegoat for anything. He said that her career might be suffering because of who her father was. After Hannah let A.J. have it for criticizing Roy, A.J. was able to assure her that he just wanted to be there for her. Hannah accepted A.J.'s intention then cooked him dinner at Roy's place.

Nikolas took Gia back to Kelly's to search for her earring, but Gia refused to go inside when she spotted Taggert.

Mac told Taggert about A.J. and Hannah being together at Roy's apartment.

Lucky met with Roy, who had a message for him from Luke. Lucky did not want to hear the message then continued to discredit his father. Roy and Lucky bumped heads about Luke, and Roy told Lucky that he had no right to be mad at Luke for things Luke had done to Laura or him. Roy pointed out that Luke had never harmed Lucky and had always been the best father to him. Lucky told Roy that Luke did not deserve his friendship.

Nikolas kissed Gia when Taggert was leaving Kelly's so that he would not see Gia. Gia was slightly offended by the kiss then went home.

Jason turned down Sonny and Carly's invite to sleep over and headed to Jake's for the night.

A delighted Stefan was thrilled that his plan to get Jax away from Chloe was turning out so successfully.

Alexis insisted that Sonny marry Carly to save himself, and she was very upset when he told her that he had not told Carly about her plan.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2000

by QT Macias

Liz and Emily were having a heart-to-heart talk about the goings-on in their lives. They were sharing the same bad feeling about being drugged and losing an entire night of their lives. Emily commented on how it was like being robbed of something -- just not being able to remember anything at all about that one night. Next, Emily mentioned Lucky and asked Liz about the change in her face. Liz said that Lucky had been wonderful to her on that night and that she had awoken in his arms. But nothing had changed.

Emily begged to differ. She insisted that Lucky still loved Liz. Liz corrected her and said that Lucky cared about her and her well-being, but he no longer loved her. Then Emily took the opportunity to compare Lucky's situation of losing time to theirs. Maybe Lucky felt like something had died inside of him because he felt like he'd lost time. Liz asked Emily if she knew something about Lucky that Liz did not.

Emily carefully covered by stating that she just presumed that Lucky had the same feeling of loss. Liz asked Emily about Juan. Emily said that Juan had invited her to Eddie Maine's concert that night, but she had refused. Emily felt that she could no longer trust Juan so there would be no point. Liz said to go and enjoy, because if it was her and Lucky asked her out, she would jump at the opportunity.

During rehearsal for the Eddie Maine Concert, Ned was pushing his band too hard as usual. He was also stressed because Alexis had not shown up at the concert yet. Finally, Nikolas got him to break and save his energy for that night. As Ned left the stage, he informed Juan that Juan would be his opening act for the night. Juan was freaked out. He could barely speak. Ned said he would be fine and that his song, "Heart and Soul," was ready. Juan continued to decline the offer and said no.

Moments later, Nikolas spotted Gia at the door, trying to scheme her way backstage. Nikolas went over to security and gave Gia a backstage pass. She immediately wanted to meet Eddie Maine, but Nikolas informed her that it was a really bad time. He told her to stay put and definitely out of the way. Then Emily showed up and asked Nikolas to put her in a hidden spot where no one could see her. However, Nikolas the matchmaker already had a plan in mind to have Juan's eyes spot Emily.

After Juan spotted Emily, he went to find Ned quickly to inform him that he was willing to open the concert for him, after all. Juan sang his "Heart and Soul" song to a cheering crowd while Emily stood right off-stage, singing the words to herself. Alexis, Gia, and Nikolas were off-stage, too, enjoying the show. Eddie Maine went on afterwards and played his heart out. After the show, Ned ran into Alexis' arms but was stunned that the press and camera crew had already discovered Alexis' disguise, and they were all set to talk to Eddie's Angel.

At General Hospital, a frantic Monica ran out of the hospital, calling Alan to let him know that her temperature was up, and it was the time to meet her at home -- pronto. Strangely enough, Alan arrived home first and asked Reginald to take champagne up to his room. Monica arrived shortly after and ran up to the room, telling Reginald that she and Alan were not to be disturbed.

All the running around at the Quartermaines' had Edward upset, especially since he was against his son having another child. Lila, however, instructed Edward to leave them alone because Alan had to make his own decisions. Besides, Lila had plans to celebrate with Alan and Monica regardless of the outcome of their attempt to conceive a child so late in the game.

Stefan celebrated his victory in capturing Chloe and gloated about stealing her right from under his mother's arms. Chloe meanwhile lay asleep in a suite where Stefan was keeping her. While back at General Hospital, Tony became worried about Chloe not keeping her radiation appointment. He was puzzled by Jax and Chloe's departure when they had been so excited before to start the treatment.

Tammy was stressed out that she could not find Mike anywhere. She was talking to Liz when Mike arrived at Kelly's. Tammy rapidly went over to him and asked him what was going on with him. Mike was bummed because he felt guilty for putting his son in the position to go to jail. Mike had also tried to see Sonny, but Johnny had refused him entry into the penthouse. That pushed Mike further into devastation.

Tammy tried to lighten Mike's spirits by telling him that he had to give Sonny some time and put a little distance between them. But Mike said he could not leave things the way they were and refused to let Sonny go to prison for his mistake. Mac entered Kelly's to pick up his takeout order. Mike spotted Mac and asked to talk to him. Mike confessed his whole story and told Mac that he alone was responsible for Sonny's predicament. Sonny was totally innocent in the matter. Sorel had set Mike up to get to Sonny.

Mac told Mike that his story was irrelevant to the case because Sonny had been caught on tape. Mac said his hands were tied and left with his order. Tammy went rushing back to Mike to comfort him. Mike told her he wanted to be alone, and he would talk to her later.

Taggert surprised Hannah with a romantic getaway picnic in a private beach area. She was thrilled with the location and being close to nature. They started to kiss. Hannah and Taggert were going along quite nicely when they kept hearing loud boat sounds. Then all of a sudden, they noticed that the driver of the boat had swamped his boat. They both ran for the shore. To their surprise, the driver was A.J. Quartermaine. A.J. was just ecstatic to have broken up their romantic lunch on the beach.

A.J. tried to get Hannah to give him first aid. She handed him off to Taggert, and he miraculously recovered. Then both Taggert and Hannah, in no uncertain terms, asked A.J. to leave and hit the highway home. At first, A.J. thought they were kidding, but they weren't. Before A.J. made his way out, Taggert informed him that the most reasonable thing A.J. could do would be to accept that Taggert and Hannah were together as a couple.

Later, as Hannah and Taggert sat in front of a fire, Hannah apologized to Taggert for letting A.J. get into her life. She'd only meant to help him to get over Carly and stop drinking. She promised not to let A.J. get between them then Taggert promised to be wise enough not to let A.J. get to him.

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Thursday, August 31, 2000

by Soap Central

Sonny reminded a fuming Carly that since he couldn't trust her anymore, he and Jason would discuss their business elsewhere. Thrilled to encounter Jason on the docks, Liz happily embraced her old friend. As they caught up, Jason was stunned to learn that Lucky was alive and reasonably well.

After word got out that "Eddie's Angel" was backstage, Ned and Alexis decided to hide in the dressing room until their fans dispersed. Confused about who was in love with whom, Gia quizzed Nikolas about the convoluted relationships that bound Lucky, Emily, Liz, and Nikolas to one another. Marcus and Hannah enjoyed another romantic evening together until police business called him away. Though Sonny warned her not to start living in a fantasy world again, Carly stubbornly insisted that she and Jason would be able to build a family with Michael, just the way it was meant to be.

Tearfully welcoming her brother home, Emily began to relate her problems, but Lucky interrupted and pulled her away before she could confide in Jason. Meanwhile, the rest of the Quartermaine clan reacted with mixed emotions to news of the prodigal son's return. Sonny told Jason about the drastic step his attorney had suggested to save him from fifteen years in the state penitentiary.

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Friday, September 1, 2000

by Soap Central

Chloe awakened and found herself in an unfamiliar room. Sonny kicked himself for letting his untrustworthy father back into his life when he knew Mike was nothing but trouble. Lucky reminded Emily not to spill the beans to her brother then bitterly admitted how the thought of Jason with Liz had been gnawing away at him.

Meanwhile, Carly warned a bristling Liz she'd rip every hair from her head if she ever went near Jason again. Unimpressed, Liz jeered at Carly for blowing her big chance to be Jason's one and only. Emily encouraged Lucky to express his feelings to the girl he loved even though he still couldn't remember much of what had transpired during his absence from Port Charles.

Gia pestered Nikolas to give her a job at L&B then resorted to her old trick of threatening blackmail if he didn't comply. Though Jason suggested that Mike might have had his reasons for getting involved with Sorel, Sonny refused to consider giving his dad another chance. Later, Alexis reminded Sonny that his options were dwindling fast.

Liz misunderstood Lucky's clumsy attempt to open up and responded with a burst of anger. Sorel ordered a jittery Zander to get rid of any witnesses who could tie them to Ted's death.

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