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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 4, 2000 on GH
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Monday, September 4, 2000

Chloe is shocked to realize that Stefan has kidnaped her. He plays down the role of kidnaper and instead, concentrates on letting her know of his faith in her dreaming ability. When Zander gets too close to uncovering their plan, Gia and Nikolas are forced to play the romantic couple to keep him off track. Emily takes time to explain to a jealous and angry Lucky about Liz and Jason's close friendship. Lucky is surprised by his conflicting feelings for Liz and admits them to Emily. Surprised by his honest revelation, she encourages him to explore them further. However, she decides not to tell him about the current plot she and her friends are involved in and, instead, keeps quiet. Encouraged by Jason's presence, Carly hurts Sonny again when she refuses to marry him.

Tuesday, September 5, 2000

Chloe questioned Stefan about Helena, wondering why his mother was holding him captive. Stefan pretended confusion and suggested that he and Chloe work together to find the answers. Sonny deflected Alexis's question about his love for Carly and said that his relationship with Carly was complicated, but he knew what he was getting into. Alexis still thought the best course of action was for Jason to take Michael and Carly away. After talking to Lila, Carly ran into AJ who took great pleasure in taunting her. Carly bit back by telling AJ that Jason was back and would see to it that AJ got nowhere near Michael. Lucky told Jason that Liz belonged with him and he wanted Jason to keep his distance. Liz demanded that Lucky tell her what was going on with him. AJ threatened Carly when she compared him to Jason and told AJ he was inferior in every way to his brother. Chloe told Stefan that Jax left her to look for Brenda and Stefan expressed his sympathies. She also disclosed that she hadn't had the treatment to cure her visions and Stefan said he would try to get her the necessary medication. AJ bitterly accused his parents of being happy that their favorite son had returned to town. At Jake's, Jason defended Alexis against some guys who were glad to see "Eddie's Angel." Since Sonny wouldn't do it, Alexis asked Jason if he would take Carly out of the country. Lucky apologized to Liz for the way he acted with Jason and reiterated that she should be with Nikolas. He wanted to tell her the truth but couldn't. Edward took AJ's drink away and once again blamed AJ for ruining their family. Carly told Sonny that she couldn't marry him--not because she was in love with Jason, but because Sonny wasn't in love with her. Jason agreed to discuss the situation with Carly and Sonny and helped Alexis slip out back before her "fan club" pursued her. Alan blamed himself for AJ's troubles and worried that Jason being back would destroy AJ Meanwhile, AJ confronted Jason at Jake's and told his brother that he hated him and no longer felt guilty about the accident. Chloe told Stefan that a number of people would be looking for her, just as Reginald gave Monica the message that Chloe called and said she would be out of town with Jax indefinitely. Carly declared to Sonny that she would do anything she could to help him, but not as his wife.

Wednesday, September 6, 2000

Roy made it out of the US and caught up with Luke in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Luke was posing as an outside bazaar vendor. Roy took pleasure in teasing him about his friend in the US who bar he was taking care of and there was a fire, which destroyed all his friend's records. They laughed for a while and then returned to Luke's apartment where Roy further teased him about his disguise. By this time Roy discovered that Luke already had a plan in mind. He had planned to return to Port Chuckles, as he called it. Roy thought that might be a good idea since no one would look for him there.

Taggert and Hannah were at Kelly's discussing what their plans would be for today. When her cell phone rang. It was Jake telling Hannah how her friend laid on her floor passed out. Hannah agreed to come right over. Needless to say Hannah insulted Taggert. He was hurt by the fact that she would run to AJ's side and leave him in the lurch. Hannah told Taggert that he was the only guy for her and that this would only take a minute or two. Taggert bluntly asked Hannah about her feelings for AJ, but she responded with the fact that alcoholism is an illness and needs treatment. Taggert suggested that she call AJ's family to help him, but Hannah insisted on helping him. Hannah does proclaim how much she cares for Taggert, but he is really unfazed at this moment. Taggert told Hannah that he does not want to wait for AJ and that he is canceling their date today. Hannah left Kelly's still determined to help AJ.

After reeling from Jason's return and drinking himself into a stupor, AJ laid on the floor at Jake's. Jake called his only known friend Hannah and asked her to come and get him. On her way over, Hannah phoned Monica and requested her presence at Kelly's for AJ. When Hannah arrived at Jake's, she found AJ begging Jake for a drink. Jake informed him that he was no longer welcomed there. Immediately upon Hannah's arrival AJ puts on his best charm act (best relative to his current condition), but Hannah demanded to know what got him to this point where he is drinking himself under. AJ denied that there was anything bothering him. Hannah let it go for the moment and they left for Kelly's. Hannah ordered coffee for them both and sat down. She again persisted about what was troubling AJ. AJ still claimed nothing. Monica walked in the door. AJ looked at Hannah and cried foul. He claimed that he had been betrayed and felt ambushed (Wow, isn't he so intelligent). Monica tr! ied to talk to him but, before anything could be said AJ left Kelly's and told Hannah not to call him family anymore. Monica thanked Hannah for calling about AJ because she is worried about his state of mind with Jason's return.

Emily slyly asked her father if she could attend a party on Friday and he agreed (without knowing that it was actually a rave). Then Edward, being Edward told Alan that he was not doing his fatherly duty, he needed to find out additional information about this so-called party. Emily was trying to come up with something good when Gia arrived proclaiming to be Emily's friend. Gia asked Emily to introduce her to the family. Emily does, but not before she asked Reginald to call Nikolas and ask him to get over to the Quartermaine's immediately. Gia was a talented actress. She wowed and schmoozed both Edward and Alan. She made up this whole rich kid story for herself and her father. Nikolas arrived and asked Emily if she was okay. Gia was definitely in rare form and even impressed Nikolas (who is by the way becoming quite attracted to this bad girl). Everything was going quite well until she told Edward that she was planning to get a job at L&B. Of course he went ballistic and started to defame L&B. Then Alan ushered his father out to another room.

Mac was reminiscing about Felicia when Taggert walked up to him at Kelly's. Mac confessed to Taggert that he might consider staying in Colorado a little longer than planned, if all is good there. Mac and Taggert talked for a while and shared stories about their significant others being drawn to the "wrong men" (i.e. Luke and AJ, respectively).

Ned had a wonderful idea. He decided to give a reporter, Chris, an exclusive interview and try to down play this Eddie's Angel phenomena. He invited Alexis to be part of the interview, but she wanted nothing to do with the limelight. He suggested that she hide in the hallway until it was over. The crew arrived to setup everything. Ned started off great and explained how he and his fiancée just wanted their privacy back. They were not ashamed, but they prefer their intimate moments to be kept between themselves. The interview ended and Ned walked them to the door. Then Alexis came running out saying I love you and thank you. You were perfect in the interview. So to celebrate this victory, they start a hot and heavy make-out session. The crew comes back in to shoot some of the studio footage, but to their fortune catch Ned and Alexis in a serious lip lock. Alexis stopped first and then told Ned the camera was rolling. Ned demanded the tape and Chris gave it to him. The question is, did Chris really give him the tape? Or did Chris pull a fast one?

Thursday, September 7, 2000

Luke and Roy make plans to leave Prague and slip back into Port Charles with assistance from a Portuguese contact. In Colorado, Mac daydreams about a joyous reconciliation with his wife. Lucky, Juan, Gia and Nikolas head to the site of the rave to try a dry run before the party. Emily arrives and insists on being allowed to help frame Zander, while Liz again entreats her friends to give up on their futile and risky plan. Ned and a nervous Alexis settle in to watch the Music One interview. Sonny thanks Jason for the timely tip about Carlos. As they discuss their options, Sonny tells Jason he won't stand in the way if he wants to take Carly and Michael out of the country. Alexis and Ned are appalled to see the videotape of their latest romantic exploits being broadcast to the nation. Carly trails Jason to Jake's, where she coaxes him out onto the dance floor in hopes of rekindling a spark. Mike makes another effort to mend fences with his embittered son. Luke and Roy hash over some old history and reopen a few ancient wounds.

Friday, September 8, 2000

With Interpol closing in, Roy and Luke step up their efforts to escape from Prague unscathed. Sonny angrily reminds Mike that his gambling addiction has once again damaged more lives than just his own. Declaring her love, Carly asks Jason to take her and Michael away so they can finally be the family they always dreamed they'd be. As the rave begins, Gia assures Nikolas she's ready to face Zander for the last time. When Sonny orders him to stay away from Carly, Mike is surprised to realize how much his offspring cares for Michael's mother. Meanwhile, Jason tells a dismayed Carly that although he loves her they would never succeed as a couple. Stung by his rejection, Carly accuses Jason of letting his misplaced loyalty to Sonny blind him to the truth. Though Emily refuses to let her brother get involved in something which could put him behind bars, Liz decides to place an urgent call to Jason. While Gia distracts Zander, Juan manages to extract the killer's keys from his pocket. Later, Lucky and Nikolas transfer Ted's body into the trunk of Zander's car. On the island, Stefan continues to befriend his "fellow prisoner" in an effort to win Chloe's trust. Emily wanders into trouble at the rave.

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