General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 23, 2000 on GH

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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 23, 2000 on GH
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Monday, October 23, 2000

Emily protests as Marcus places Zander under arrest for the murder of a police officer. Scott offers to help Laura get her job back but she defiantly insists she won't return to GH. Tightening his grip on Helena's scrawny throat, Luke reminds her that he can't overlook the way she messed with his son's head. Alexis confides to Sonny her concern that marrying Ned might be the biggest mistake she's ever made. Helena warns Luke that if she dies Lucky's brainwashing will automatically move to a new level guaranteed to cause the Spencers great pain for years to come. Sonny gives his nervous attorney a pep talk but Alexis explains why she fears losing her own identity after walking down the aisle. Desperate to protect Zander, Emily claims he was on his way down to the police station to turn himself in, then blurts out that Sorel's men were the ones who really killed Ted. Ned asks Alexis to accompany him to Brooklyn for his daughter's sixth birthday. With her anxious parents looking on, Emily gives Mac an official statement aimed at clearing Zander's name.

Tuesday, October 24, 2000

Gia brings Florence to Kelly's in an effort to show her mother how happily she's become entrenched in life in Port Charles. Ned and a nervous Alexis arrive for Brook Lynn's birthday party and discuss how best to break their big news. Chloe tells Stefan she's had another disturbing dream about Nikolas fighting with Helena. Ned carefully explains to his pouting daughter why he divorced Chloe and became engaged to Alexis. After Nikolas orders his grandmother to stay away from the people he loves, Helena curtly informs him that she's cutting him off without a cent until he learns to keep a civil tongue in his month. Tony accuses his ex-wife of letting Roy distract her after Bobbie makes a mistake on a patient's chart. Emily appeals to her grandmother for help getting Zander out of a jam but Lila gently turns down her request for financial aid. Brook Lynn asks Ned why he gets married so often. Meanwhile, Alexis finds an unlikely ally in Gloria Cerillo. Nikolas offers a grateful Gia a place to live. Halfway around the world, Stefan gives his henchman some new instructions. Emily explains to her parents why she's determined to help Zander acquire legal representation.

Wednesday, October 25, 2000

AJ sat at Kelly's waiting for Hannah to return from her run. At first Hannah was bothered by his presence, but then AJ smoothed things over in conversation. Hannah said she had to shower and change. Tammy and Hannah entered Kelly's together and Tammy told Hannah her father called about her birthday tomorrow. Unfortunately AJ overheard and asked Hannah did she want to go to Paris. Hannah responded that she already had plans with her boyfriend. AJ backed off for the moment. Later Taggert brought Hannah to the park where he gave her a set of pom poms. Hannah thanked him for the gift but was surprised. Then he handed her a black jewelry box. Inside was a stunning necklace with a football pendant. Obviously Hannah is a football fan! Taggert told her that the necklace was not all. He also got tickets to the New York Jets and that since he knew one of the coaches they could meet the players after the game. Hannah was thrilled and told Taggert this was her best birthday ever.

Gia told Nikolas that she loved his cottage, but could not afford any rent at this time because she does not have a job. Nikolas suggested that they live together and share everything 50/50. Gia pondered this proposal and was hesitant, but soon came around. They even decided to share the master bedroom. That is sharing at different times, by alternating occupancy month to month. Nikolas has it the first month then Gia. Also Gia had another condition, that they keep their living arrangements a secret until her mother leaves town. Nikolas agreed.

Emily went to visit Zander. She was surprised by his negative response to her visit. Zander told her that the only way she could help him was to leave him alone and go live her own life, forget about him. Zander further explained to Emily that he had made too many mistakes in his life, and had gotten in too deep with the wrong people. Prison or death was his fate and one he had to accept. Emily tried to convince him otherwise, but he was uninterested. Emily even asked Alexis to represent Zander. Alexis refused point blank. Even though Emily explained that Zander was not guilty of any of the charges against him. Alexis asked Emily to talk to her parents and give up this idea about helping her kidnapper. Emily refused because she could not let an innocent man go to prison.

At the Quartermaine house, Edward, Lila, Monica, and Alan discussed Zander and Emily. Edward continued to rant and rave as normal. He told them that their family seemed to be a magnetic for disaster. Monica agreed with him and added that she could not understand why Emily had an appeal for Zander. Why would she want to help him at all? Edward then changed the subject to Ned and Alexis. He stated that Ned belonged at ELQ and not L&B. Lila told him that he should try the kinder gentler strategy and try to support Ned and his impending marriage to Alexis and that will help to bring Ned around. Edward agreed to be nice to Alexis. Lila then informed the family that she was having Alexis over for tea and expected all of them to be at the tea as well. Alexis arrived early and Lila gave her a wonderful china teacup and saucer. Lila told Alexis she was very happy about the wedding and welcome to the family. She said that our family could be difficult but just remember that Ned loves you and that is what really matters. Cook summoned Lila to the kitchen while the rest of the family went to join Alexis. Alexis decided to tell them about Emily. At first they were quite upset but finally Alexis regained their attention with the blowing of a whistle. She told them not to corner Emily, but to try to listen to her and her reasoning behind what she is trying to accomplish.

Liz found Lucky on the pier. Lucky gave her a big hug to welcome her back. They both were totally pleased to be back in each other's arms and spoke of the love that they felt even when they were miles away from each other. Lucky confided that he was seeing his mother and was able to tell her that he loved her. He also mentioned that Kevin was helping him a great deal. Liz was so pleased that Lucky was working with Kevin. Then Lucky told her the story about Emily and Zander. He just could not understand Emily's position. Liz told him not to worry, let her talk to Emily first and find out where she stands. Lucky started to chuckle. He told Liz that he missed her being the voice of reason. Liz replied with so that's how you see me. He told her not to be upset because it was a compliment. Lucky further stated that he loved the way she laughs, paints and the way she feels in his arms. Then he thanked her for not giving up on him. Liz replied and said, Lucky, you know that you have my heart, it is a permanent lock.

Carly continued to push the work issue with Sonny. Sonny pushed back and told her that she was given a choice either they were going to be married or work together. Carly backed off for a moment. Tammy asked Sonny if he had heard from Mike. Sonny told her no and the best thing for her would be to forget about Mike. She told Sonny that that was not an option for her. Carly tried to convince Bobbie to let her work at Kelly's as a manager or something. Bobbie said that she would not fit into the restaurant business because you have to deal with all kinds of people and their attitudes. Carly agreed. She went back over to the table where her husband sat and tried to convince him, but Sonny's answer remained no. As they left Kelly's they ran into AJ and Hannah. Hannah made a big effort and congratulated the newlyweds and wished them happiness. AJ complimented Hannah about the sincerity of her wish to them. Sonny and Carly walked to the pier. Carly was still trying her last effort with Sonny. He told her that she did not need to work to prove anything to him. Carly said she needed to work for herself especially since he worked all day and Michael was attending school. What is she supposed to do all day? Sonny suggested going back to interior decorating. Carly told him that she was determined to succeed, make a six-figure salary, and that he would regret not hiring her. Sonny told her that he would see her at home later.

As Sonny and Carly walked away in separate directions, someone came down the stairs at the pier.

Thursday, October 26, 2000

Emily explains to an exasperated Liz why she will not give up on Zander. Meanwhile, Alexis finds the going rough when she tries to get her new client to cooperate with his own defense. After agreeing to keep their arrangement secret, Nikolas helps Gia move her belongings into the cottage. Scott offers to lend Laura enough cash to buy "Deception" so she can turn the company back into a thriving business. Hannah softens towards AJ after he surprises her with a private birthday party at Kelly's. Emily barges into the cottage and is annoyed to find Gia in residence. Zander asks Alexis to convince Emily to steer clear of him for her own good. Lucky and Liz give an incredulous Juan the heads-up about his girlfriend's dogged campaign to free Zander. Gia gives Emily a cover story to explain the presence of her luggage in Nikolas' living room. Later, Emily wheedles Nikolas to lend her enough money to secure legal representation for her kidnapper. Florence announces to her dismayed daughter that she's decided to move to Port Charles. As an uneasy Lucky comes face to face with Helena on the docks, Luke jumps an unsuspecting Nikolas in the cottage.

Friday, October 27, 2000

While Chloe finalizes their plan of escape, Stefan quietly instructs his operatives not to interfere. Still desperate to find gainful employment, Carly asks Alexis if she needs any help with her law practice. Laura explains to Edward why she's looking for an investor to help her get "Deception" back on its feet. Over dinner with Felicia at Kelly's, Maxie tells her rattled mother she needs to start wearing makeup so she can look beautiful for the boy she wants to date. Juan entreats Mac to let him intrude on Emily's jailhouse visit with Zander. Luke chloroforms Nikolas and drags the unconscious boy towards the door just as Liz arrives at the cottage. After using the catch phrase "protect your queen", Helena is unpleasantly surprised to find Lucky still in a highly rebellious mood. Though Emily is relieved when Alexis agrees to defend Zander, Juan appeals to his girlfriend to open her eyes and see her kidnapper as he really is. Frazzled by the thought of her daughter growing up too soon, Felicia begs Mac to have a fatherly chat with Maxie. Sonny tries to coax Carly into spending some quality gal pal time with his nervous attorney. Liz has an unsettling encounter with Helena while searching for Lucky. After striking out with Edward, Laura comes to the penthouse with a business proposition for Sonny. Luke plays his trump card with Helena.

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