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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 20, 2000 on GH
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Monday, November 20, 2000

Due to live coverage of the Florida Supreme Court hearing, General Hospital did not air. Today's episode will air in its entirety tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 21, 2000

The bridal shower broke up shortly after the photographer took a picture of the teddy. Carly apologized to Alexis and said she had purposely put that gift aside for later so she could open it in private. Monica blamed her as usual, said it is something she would do. Alexis told Carly she believed her. Carly said Johnny could get the film away from the photographer but Alexis told her not to bother.

Luke and Felicia were at Kelly's discussing his various aliases, Luke commenting that this new one, Darius Cassadine, could be his best. Felicia said she smelled something burning and Luke went to the kitchen and said there was a small grease fire but nothing serious. Felicia tried to tell him not to douse the fire with water but he did and made it worse. The fire alarm went off.

Lucky came into his room and found Liz standing with her blouse partly off. She told him she hadn't expected him back so soon, she was hoping to surprise him in his bed. He said he didn't understand, what did she want? She told him she wanted to be his safe place; she didn't need protecting from him; she wanted them to be as close as two people could be; she wanted him to make love to her. They started kissing and were on his bed when the fire alarm went off. He told her it would quit in a minute and it did, but shortly after a fireman came to the door and told them they were evacuating as there was a fire downstairs. While they were outside Liz had flashbacks of another fire in which Lucky was presumed to have perished. Later, when Lucky and Liz were alone in his room, she told him about that night.

Emily kissed Zander but then told him she shouldn't have; he was a drug dealer and kidnapper and she was just a teenager. This was a mistake.

Laura told Sonny she would agree to his terms but she wasn't as sure about this partnership with Carly as he was. She suggested a month's trial but he disagreed. They finally came to an agreement.

Hannah went to the Port Charles Grill for AJ's birthday party only to find out it was only the two of them. She was mad at him and told him again that there was nothing between them, that if he didn't quit bugging her they wouldn't even be friends. He told her all he wanted for his birthday was one dance with her. She refused and left, hesitating briefly.

Sonny came home while Alexis was there. Alexis said the shower went fine, but Carly disagreed. Alexis left, saying to help themselves to a toaster. Carly asked Sonny if he remembered the teddy she bought Alexis. Even if he didn't he would see it on the front page of the paper with Alexis, lingerie goddess of the new millenium, holding it up. She told him it wasn't her fault but of course Monica thought it was. He told her not to worry about what Monica thinks. He told her that she had the job with Laura which made her happy.

Alexis showed Ned the teddy that she got. He told her liked it and she told him so did the photographer that took the picture of her holding it up; wasn't that a good idea to invite the media. She told him to be prepared for Eddie's Angel, part two.

Tammy came back to Kelly's and was horrified to see the mess. She told Luke she knew she shouldn't have left Kelly's in his hands. She started to help clean up after the firemen left but he told her to go to bed, he would clean up. Felicia showed up then and he told her he wouldn't refuse her offer to help.

Wednesday, November 22, 2000

Sonny arrived at Kelly's to see Roy. Roy was working in the kitchen to repair all the damage that Luke had done. Sonny asked Roy about his opinion of Zander. Sonny has to make a decision about whether to back Zander and start a war with Sorel or just let Zander go. Roy told Sonny that Zander seemed okay and that he felt he was worth saving. In the middle of their conversation Florence came up to Sonny and introduced herself. She had remembered Sonny from Deke and asked Sonny if he was Deke's son. Sonny told her she had the wrong person. She was quite surprised, but then Taggert came in and swooped her away from Sonny. Roy and Sonny concluded their meeting, but Roy felt as if Zander was getting the raw end of the stick, so he called Agent Ford to see if he would offer Zander a deal if he testifies against Sorel. Agent Ford showed up at Kelly's to talk to Roy. Of course he offered Roy a job first and then Roy turned him down. Then they make headway to Zander. Agent Ford told Roy that he would think about the offer he made for Zander. Meanwhile Bobbie walked in on their conversation and asked Agent Ford to leave.

After Taggert swooped his mom away from Sonny, Gia, Florence, and Taggert tried to have a normal breakfast. However Florence had different plans for them. She began to really put down Taggert for his job and lifestyle. Florence tried to move on to Gia, but Taggert brought her back to harping on his life. Taggert remained cool and calm during the entire conversation, but you could tell that it was wearing on him. Finally Florence had the good sense to leave, but her children remained and were wounded by her words. Gia told Marcus that she could hardly believe that mom still rags on you. Taggert told Gia not to worry about mom, because she will come around. But you have to go after what you want as a person in order to succeed.

Nikolas stopped by to see his Aunt Alexis. She was very pleased that Nikolas was going to give her away. Alexis assured Nikolas that all was well with her. Next Nikolas asked for help in stopping Helena. Alexis told him that she was doing everything in her power to remove Helena as trustee of the Cassadine Estate. There is a knock on the door, Nikolas looked at Alexis and asked if it was Ned, but low and behold it was Luke Spencer. Nikolas began to leave but not before he told his aunt of Luke's behavior and the fact that Luke kidnapped him. Then Luke began to enlist Alexis' help in destroying Helena.

Carly asked Bobbie to come over to the penthouse to tell her about her new job at Deception. However before Carly could begin to talk about the job Bobbie began to talk about Thanksgiving dinner. Bobbie started with the list of people that she knew were not quite big Carly fans (i.e. Hannah, Liz, Mac, and Taggert). Carly was offended that her mom had even considered inviting these people after all family should come first. Bobbie tried to explain to Carly that everyone would be on their best behavior, but Carly could not see her way clear. She told Bobbie that she, Sonny, and Michael will be having their own Thanksgiving dinner at the penthouse. Bobbie decided to just leave because she could not get through to Carly. Later Sonny returned home to find Carly crying on the couch. He asked her what was wrong. She said nothing and he asked again. She asked how he would feel about making Thanksgiving dinner with her. Then Carly began to explain what happened to the dinner at her mom's house. Sonny comforted Carly and told her not to worry that he and Michael were the only family that they needed for Thanksgiving. Then Carly brought up Mike. Sonny immediately withdrew and told her not today, he had enough about fathers today. Carly asked him why he made this statement. Sonny confessed that he ran into a woman that knew Deke and had remembered him from Brooklyn. The whole incident had brought back bad memories. Carly comforted Sonny and told him not to let it get to him. Carly told Sonny that she had an errand to run and proceeded in a cab to Cordlandt Street. She went into this dive to find Mike. Mike was there all right, but gambling as usual. This situation even made Carly do a double take about Mike. After being so frustrated that Mike was gambling again, Carly left and went out for a cab, but since it was such a bad neighborhood the cab did not wait for Carly. As she was trying to secure another cab two of Sorel's goons showed up to teach Carly a lesson (or to give Sonny a message).

Thursday, November 23, 2000

Alexis and Ned spent the day discussing their wedding and honeymoon. Alexis told Ned that Elton, the Wedding Planner, wanted squid at the reception. Ned said he didn't plan menus, he planned honeymoons. A fax came through for Alexis; it was the picture of her holding her teddy with the caption reading, "Angel's New Teddy". Then, she got a lot of lewd, suggestive emails. Edward came by waving the picture of Alexis and did his usual bellowing that this media circus had to stop. He wouldn't come to their wedding and he wouldn't let Lila, Monica or Emily come either. Ned told him he couldn't control the women in the family. Edward left in a huff, suggesting that they elope. Alexis said maybe they should but they agreed to continue with the wedding as planned.

Chloe blacked out for a minute and confessed to Stefan that she had been having problems with her vision. Stefan was going to go get a doctor but Chloe asked him how. He told her they were going to escape from the island. Later, he told his manservant that they were going to "escape" for sure this time as he wouldn't let Chloe go blind. He told him he didn't care about his plan anymore, and speculated on the reactions of the people in the "provincial town", as he called Port Charles, to see him come back from the dead.

Laura was looking for office space for Deception and finally found just the place with a fabulous view. She told the snooty real estate agent that she would send a deposit cheque the next day. She was standing, admiring the view, when Scott walked in. He told her it reminded him of their first apartment, no furniture. She told him furniture she could buy but not the view, it was incredible. He asked if she could afford it. She said it was a lease, she could pay it, and she had the banking for it. Scott commented that it was being bankrolled by a mobster and his unstable wife. Laura told him she did not want to argue about it. He told her she seemed to know what she was doing. She said she didn't have a clue but it felt right. "You are in your element," he told her. "What, makeup?" she asked. "No, flying blind," he replied. He told her that her impulsiveness was her best quality and he kissed her. After they pulled apart, she told him they had remained friends all these years and she didn't want anything to ruin that. Scott agreed that friends it was. Then she told him she was going to North Carolina to bring home her mom and Lesley Lu.

Bobbie was watching in concern at Roy and Sorel talking outside Kelly's. Sorel was telling Roy to warn Sonny to leave Zander Smith to him to deal with or there would be war.

Down on Courtland Street, two men had Carly up against a wall. Mike tried to rescue her but they would punch him and toss him aside. One held Carly while the other started to undo her blouse. She bit one of them on the hand and she did fight and struggle. They heard a car and ran off with a last push to Carly. She fell down and scraped her hands. Sonny came over and helped her up, and after telling Johnny to find Mike a room, get him cleaned up and pay his debts, he took Carly home. He cleaned her hands up and, while she was in the shower, called Benny and asked him to find out about the two goons that attacked Carly. Carly came out and he asked her about the two guys. She described them as big and mean and she wasn't sure where they came from. She had gone to see Mike. She didn't give him any money, she got mad at him and left and wasn't sure if they had followed her from there. Sonny held her and told her he didn't want to lose her.

Bobbie and Roy argued about his loyalty to Sonny. She was afraid he would get caught in the middle between Sonny and Sorel. Later, when Luke came by Kelly's, Bobbie asked him to talk to Roy.

Friday, November 24, 2000

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, General Hospital will not be shown today. Programming will resume as normal on Monday, November 27th. There will be no lost episodes as a result of this preemption.

On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, we wish you and yours a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving.

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