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Monday, December 4, 2000

Roy was checking out Kelly's for Tammy as she had smelled something strange. He told her there was nothing upstairs and it was probably just the residual smoke from the fire. He told her not to let Luke cook there anymore. He had to go pick up Bobbie's car but he would check the stove again first.

AJ and Gia stopped in at Kelly's with Gia explaining her ideas for promoting the football team. AJ was impressed and commented about what she had accomplished in such a short time. He told her she could probably use an advance in her salary and was handing her the money when Taggert and Hannah came in. They were talking about their run when he spotted AJ and Gia. He excused himself and went and grabbed the money out of Gia's hands, commenting that he didn't know they knew each other. Gia told him he better watch who he is talking to as AJ was her new boss. She grabbed the money back. AJ explained that Gia was the new PR assistant for the football team. Taggert told AJ he had a hard worker in Gia. AJ said he had found that out already. Hannah asked to speak to Gia alone. She told her that AJ goes to extremes to get what he wants, her. She said he was just using Gia to bug her brother. Gia knew that but she needed a job and it was a good one, her first.

Luke was getting money out of his safe when Felicia knocked on the door. She came in saying his phone was out of order. She asked what he wanted. He told her he needed her attention, that he wanted to run an idea by her. He had to say it out loud to someone to see if would work. She told him she hoped it wasn't about the fake Cassadine thing again. He said fake was such a harsh word, he preferred invented. He had invented Darius Cassadine as well as Darius' gorgeous sister Olga. She groaned and complained that how did she know that's what he was going to say. He talked her into being Olga and she came back later dressed to kill. He said the only way to Helena's fortune was through the attorneys. He wasn't going to steal, he had other plans.

Nikolas and Stefan hugged, tears in their eyes. Lucky was standing by the elevator with Bobbie and said to her, "Wait till my father hears about this." Bobbie said she had been thinking the same thing. Stefan told Nikolas about the island and Helena's part in it. Nikolas said she shouldn't get away with it. He said Chloe got all the credit for their escape from the island. He asked about Jax. She said he wasn't there. Mac asked Stefan if he would come to the station to give a statement. When they were there, Stefan told Mac that he should have suspected Helena. Mac told him the evidence didn't point to Helena.

Monica and Alan were glad to see Chloe and offered to wait to drive her home. She told them to go ahead and tell Edward and Lila so they didn't hear about it from someone else.

Alexis came to the Deception office to run through some funding contracts since, as she told Laura, she was the representative for the person funding the company. Laura said she would try to get out of a meeting she had planned. She couldn't so she left and Alexis waited. Nikolas showed up to see Laura but found Alexis and told her about Stefan. She smiled but looked like she was trying not to. She left, asking Nikolas to tell Laura she couldn't wait. Gia came by after being told by Lucky and Liz about Stefan. She told Nikolas she was happy for him and they hugged. Laura finally showed up and Nikolas introduced the her to Gia. He told her to brace herself and said that Stefan was alive. Her jaw dropped in astonishment.

Sonny and Mike talked about Robin and Stone and how they had lit candles for them for World Aids Day. Mike asked if he had heard from Robin and Sonny said not since the Nurses Ball. Mike asked if he could come by and see Michael sometime and Sonny agreed. He said Michael would like that. Mike left and Sonny called out to Carly to come out of hiding. He admonished her for her scheming. She said she didn't know Mike would be there but she hoped. She told him she wanted to give him something and he didn't need anything but Mike. He told her he wouldn't be able to trust her. They talked it out and she asked if she could take him out to dinner. He agreed and she said she would go put Michael to bed and read him a story, then she would meet him. While she was waiting Sorel came up to her, but before he could do anything Sonny showed up.

Lucky asked Nikolas if he wanted him to call off his and Liz's plans but Nikolas told him to go ahead. Later he went to pick up Liz and told her about Stefan and he wasn't sure if they should still go. He said Nikolas told them to go ahead. Liz told Lucky she had gone through the tests for HIV and SDT three times with negative results and wanted to know about him. He told her he had all kinds of tests when he returned in April, including HIV and SDT and they were all negative. He hadn't been with anyone since. He told her he was glad she had asked and wish he had thought of it. They decided to go ahead with their plans and left. Just before they left, Lucky asked Tammy if she remembered the talk they had when they met. She said yes and he thanked her.

Having been told about Chloe and Stefan, Ned went to the hospital. He saw Chloe and apologized, saying he should have known the phone calls from her were false and looked for her. She told him Helena made sure no one knew. He asked about Jax. She told him about how she had been taken in Paris and brought to this island, only to find Stefan had been on the island for weeks. He asked about her sight. She told him Tony had run a C-Scan and she was waiting to hear. She asked about him and Alexis and he told her they were getting married. About then, Alexis showed up and they hugged. Alexis asked about Stefan and Chloe told her Mac had taken him to the police station. Ned said he probably wanted a statement. Alexis asked Chloe about where they had been and she told her about the island. She said the island was beautiful and her and Stefan had exchanged secrets. Alexis heard a sound behind them and turned to see Stefan. They hugged.

Roy showed up at the hospital to get Bobbie and noticed the three of them. He asked Bobbie what was going on and she told him about Stefan. She said Luke was right in saying you don't bring charges against a Cassadine without a corpse. They were driving home, Bobbie complaining about Stefan, when Roy said there were no brakes. Bobbie screamed.

Tuesday, December 5, 2000

Alexis and Stefan hugged and Alexis whispered to him that she knew he was alive. He asked how she could know. She said all through Luke's trial she knew that he was alive. She told him he would never let Helena win. He told her Helena almost did win. He said that she did a good job of framing Luke for his murder. Chloe and Ned were there too and Chloe said that she knew all along that they would get off the island. Alexis asked about their stay on the island. Chloe told her about their attempts to escape and ending up in a cave. Alexis wondered why Helena came them in such luxurious surroundings and didn't just kill them. Tony came up then and told Chloe that the results of her C-Scan weren't what he had hoped. The damage was substantial but it may not be too late. If she started taking her medication right away and things improved as well as before, they could start radiation. Stefan said anything she needed he would pay for. He asked Chloe if she wanted a second opinion but she refused. Ned said they should all stay at the gatehouse but Chloe wanted to go back to the penthouse. Ned drove her there and she had tears in her eyes as she thought about Jax.

Laura was amazed to hear that Stefan was alive. She hugged Nikolas and asked if Stefan was hurt. He said no but Chloe Morgan had to see a doctor. He told her that Helena had kidnapped and held them on a deserted island in the Mediterranean. Laura asked if she had framed Luke and Nikolas nodded. Nikolas told her about when he was a boy and how he would wait for Stefan to come home and he would run to him. All the love he felt for Stefan came rushing back. He asked Laura about her feelings for Stefan. She told him she had feelings for him but wasn't in love with him anymore.

Luke and Felicia, as Darius and Olga Cassadine, went to see a Mr. Addison. He mistakenly addressed them as Mr. and Mrs. Cassadine. They told him they were sister and brother and they were first cousins of Mikkos Cassadine. They had come all this way to their miserable medieval village to claim their share of the Cassadine estate. He told them that the estate papers were in Greece. Luke told him what they needed was in that office. Mr. Addison informed them that was privileged information. Luke said it was privileged to the Cassadines and that they were Cassadines. Just then Felicia caused a diversion so she could get to his desk and get his password for the computer. They left but later came back and were looking for information when they heard voices. They ducked into a closet and listened as Helena informed Mr. Addison that Nikolas was out of control, hanging around with the wrong people, and she wanted him committed. He agreed he would look into it. They left and Felicia commented about what they heard. Luke wasn't sympathetic as he thought all Cassadines were three beans short of a salad. Felicia argued that Nikolas was a nice young man and not at all crazy. Luke said he didn't know that; Nikolas go off with a freezing machine in one hand and a machete in the other. He wasn't about to protect him. Felicia said she would. He warned her not to regret inventing Olga. The phone rang and they froze, then ducked back into the closet. Mr. Addison came in and answered the phone to find Stefan on the other end. He didn't believe at first that it really was Stefan. Stefan wanted to meet with him.

Lucky and Liz were at their weekend getaway. Liz was a bit nervous, but assured Lucky she was ready. He asked her if she wanted to dance. She said yes and they danced for a bit then started to kiss. Lucky picked Liz up in his arms and carried her to the bed where they finally made love.

Roy and Bobbie had a car accident. Roy said someone could have cut the brake line when Bobbie told him she just had the brakes serviced. She asked who would do that and he mentioned Sorel being mad at him about Zander. They went to the hospital to get checked out.

Sorel had come upon Carly but before he could do anything Sonny appeared and warned him not to touch her. Sorel warned Sonny that he had a lot to lose and to back off Zander. Sonny said Zander wasn't any of his business. Sorel asked if Zander was worth what Sonny could lose. After he left Carly and Sonny went over to the Deception office. She was complaining about Laura taking over the big office. She tried to get Sonny to confide in her about any trouble coming from Sorel. Sonny wouldn't say anything as usual.

Wednesday, October 6, 2000

Chloe fills the Quartermaines on her abduction. They are surprised at the events, but are glad to have her home. Edward is on a mission to have Chloe move back into the Quartermaine home. Even Lila told Chloe they it would be wonderful to have her at home again. Reginald announced Stefan Cassadine. Immediately Edward went on the defensive and told Stefan that Chloe was in good hands and he did not need to check up on her. Stefan replied that he was already accustomed to protecting Chloe and was going to continue. Stefan had to leave to go visit Helena, but told Chloe he would be back later. After Stefan and everyone else went on their way, Edward took the opportunity to pin Chloe down for an answer to his question. Chloe gave him a hard time for a moment, but then conceded and asked him when could she move in the house. They hugged.

Ned went over to share some wonderful news with Alexis. He told her that he wanted them to move into Jax's old penthouse once they were married. Alexis did not like this idea. She told him that she had already lived there and she was content at her new penthouse. Ned insisted that she keep an open mind and at least go over to Jax's old place and just look around. The happy couple arrived and Alexis' face showed that this would not be a good decision for her. Then as they were about to talk decoration, AJ came out and told them welcome to his new home. Ned was upset, but Alexis tried to keep him calm. She escorted him out and wished AJ congratulations on his new place. Back at the penthouse, Ned did confirm to Alexis that they would be okay at her place.

Helena was speaking on the phone about Nikolas' mental incapacity, when Stefan arrived at her doorstep. Stefan came on strong and informed her that she would do nothing against his Nikolas. Helena was startled and could not believe her eyes. Stefan began their conversation with; your puny, insignificant son is back from the dead. The two of them exchanged many words, like their normal selves. Unfortunately Stefan told Helena the whole story about her kidnapping him and Chloe and how he was a hero to keep Chloe protected. Helena then asked if island life was so wonderful then why did you return? Stefan told Helena that he missed home and his mother. Then all of a sudden Stefan pulled Helena into a hug. But when she touched his face, Stefan immediately pulled away in disgust.

Lucky and Liz returned to Kelly's. It was so cute they were so in to one another. They were being playful, kissing, and just could not keep their hands off each other. Lucky and Liz made their first step back into Kelly's when they ran into Gia and Nikolas. Gia instantaneously started teasing them and poking fun at them for Nikolas' sake (even though he does not see this yet). In order to keep the peace, Nikolas reminds Gia that she is starting a new job and she should put in the time. At first Gia hesitates, but then remembers that she can do a few things. Liz went up stairs to put her things away. Nikolas and Lucky then start talking about family. Nikolas reminds Lucky that they need to prepare for the war between Helena, Luke, and Stefan.

Emily went to visit Zander and he fills her in on the good news that he can get out for Christmas. Juan interrupted their visit and demanded that Emily make a choice between him and Zander. Juan said he loved her but he could not stand by and let her life slide down hill. Juan waited for Emily to make her decision and leave with him, but Emily said she could not leave. Juan checked with her again to be sure of her decision after which he said that they were over!

Bobbie and Roy are still working together to see if they can discover exactly what happened to the brakes in her car and why. Bobbie actually thinks that something is wrong with her because she has become so forgetful. Roy reassured her and told her not to worry.

Thursday, December 7, 2000

Laura was on the phone with an ad agency telling them she wanted to go high profile with Deception right away. She was impressed with what ideas they came up with. Carly came off the elevator to the newly renovated reception area. She went to her office and saw it newly renovated also. She went storming into Laura's office and slammed her parcels on the desk. Laura got off the phone and told her she wouldn't believe the ideas the ad agency came up with for Deception. Carly told Laura she would have to try a lot harder to get rid of her because that must be what she's trying to do. Laura just stared at her. Carly complained about her going ahead with renovations without consulting her. She asked Laura if she wanted to be called her highness. Laura apologized, saying that she had been helping everyone but herself for so long she just thought of wanting to things on her own. She agreed to consult with Carly in the future. Carly told her she could make her own office boring if she wanted to but the reception area is the first thing people see and it should impress. Laura said she had an appointment with the ad agency and Carly said she wanted to go along. Laura agreed but just then Chloe showed up. Her and Carly hugged and Carly introduced her to Laura. She didn't go with Laura but asked to be kept informed. Carly and Chloe talked about Alexis wedding and the disaster of a shower. Carly said she would step down as Matron of Honor since Alexis didn't really like her anyway and she just got the job by mistake. Chloe said no but she would like to help. Carly had asked Alexis over, it was an emergency. Alexis came by and asked what was wrong. Carly said she wanted to talk about a bachelorette party. Alexis was surprised to get summoned for that reason when she had a job to get to. She finally agreed.

Dara was reading out loud the article in the paper about the police department and Mac in particular. They questioned his effectiveness on doing his job and his going after Luke for Stefan's "murder". They wondered if he did it because of Luke's involvement with Mac's wife. They also questioned about the Ted Wilson case. Dara was mad on Mac's behalf and asked if he wanted to hold a press conference. Mac said he didn't have time. They talked about Zander and Dara asked if he believed Zander's story about Sorel. None of them believed it and the deal they had put on the table was removed. They told Alexis this when she came by to see Zander. She, in turn, told Zander and Emily. Zander told Emily Sorel could get to him anytime. He got a message handed to him later from Officer Conrad, who was being paid by Sorel to keep him abreast of the happenings involving Zander. They met on the docks and Sorel paid him off.

The Quartermaines were arguing as usual about anything and everything. Edward asked Chloe how she slept and Monica answered why wouldn't she have slept well. Edward commented about her being held prisoner with a madman all that time and Chloe objected to Stefan being called a madman. Alan complained that do they have to talk about the Cassadines and Monica asked if they should have a list of what they could talk about at breakfast. They argued for few minutes. If Chloe didn't have a headache she would then. Ned and Alexis walked in, and Edward asked what they were doing there. Lila said that she had invited them. She wanted to know if they wanted to have the rehearsal dinner there at the mansion. Alexis asked, "Here, at this house?" Lila said she would be honored. At first they didn't think it was a good idea and Edward said he didn't want a bunch of hoodlums and madmen invading the house. Chloe objected again to Stefan being called a madman. Lila overroad his objections, as usual. They agreed to hold the dinner there. AJ came in and asked Ned about the bachelor party the following night. Ned said there wouldn't be a bachelor party and Alan said there was going to be one. Edward was on AJ's case as usual asking if he had been drinking. AJ looked at his watch and said it was too early. Ned finally agreed to the party. AJ left and made a phone call having to do with the entertainment for the party.

Luke was in his office at Luke's working on his computer trying to find out where Helena would have stashed the Ice Princess. Felicia came in and he asked her to look at some numbers with him. He speculated that it could be in code and, if so, they better crack it quickly since Count Vlad, as he calls Stefan, was back from the dead. Felicia knocked something off the desk and bent down to pick it up. Luke bent down to help her, commenting on her clumsiness, when in walked Helena. Felicia quickly hid under the desk. Helena asked Luke if he had heard of a Darius Cassadine and his sister Olga. Luke played dumb, pretending not to know what she was talking about, but she knew. They bantered back and forth and she left. She met up with Stefan on the docks and told him about Luke attacking Nikolas. Stefan didn't believe her but he asked Luke and Luke said he did. They were arguing when Laura came by. She told them their fued had nothing to do with her anymore.

Friday, December 8, 2000

Alexis met Sonny on the docks. She told Sonny that Zander was in trouble. The Feds had been talking Witness Protection Program and a deal was on the table but Mac pulled the deal because he didn't believe Zander. Sonny told her Taggert got to him. Alexis asked why go after Zander when they could have Sorel. She said it was back to murder one and a list of other charges. Sonny said Zander wouldn't make it to jail, he would be killed but that was his, Sonny's, problem They all think he's pulling the strings, so he might as well. Alexis warned him to be careful as she had grown fond of her landlord. Sonny told her to find a loophole for Zander and send him the bill.

Chloe was at the Port Charles Grill getting things ready for Alexis'
bachelorette party. Felicia came in and they hugged. Felicia asked if she was okay and Chloe said she was fine. Felicia told her she couldn't believe she had bought the story about trekking in Napal. Chloe said that Helena was clever about faking Stefan's death; but she
wished she could have gotten word to her. Felicia said the trial had been going bad for Luke and she had to testify on his behalf. She had tried to get hold of Mac to warn him but he was in Canada on a case. He was stunned to show up in court and see her testify to sleeping with Luke. It could all have been avoided if they had known Stefan was alive. Chloe asked about Luke and Felicia said they do have fun together.

Luke was on the phone with a collection agency for Nantucket Nights, a brewery. They told him he owed $2000 and he ruffled the papers on his desk and told them he found the bill but it had been paid and he guessed that his old and feeble friend, Mr Dilucca, had screwed up. Alexis showed up and asked what he was doing that night. He asked why, did she want to work off her pre-wedding jitters. She told him she would rather stick pokers in her eyes. She said she was inviting him to a party, a bachelor party for Ned. She told him no one there liked her and she wanted Luke to tell them good things about her. Luke said no, but changed his mind and told Roy when he came by that they were going to a party and he was taking the playing cards because the Quartermaines thought they could play poker and he was going to take their money.

Roy came by Kelly's to get show Bobbie the original work order for her car repairs. There was no mention of her brakes on the order and she said she told them to do the brakes or was she just losing her mind. Roy assured she wasn't losing her mind. Roy said he would drive her to the bachlorette party, and when she was ready, pick her up. They were leaving when Liz asked Bobbie if she could close early if it wasn't busy. Bobbie turned the sign on the door to closed and told her to have a good time.

Liz decorated Kelly's and her and Lucky had a romantic evening together.

Florence asked Gia about her job with the football team. She told her it wouldn't be too long and she would be back in school and she would be back at work. Gia asked if she got the job at the hospital and Florence said it looked good. She would be glad when Gia was safe in the dormitory and her working again. Gia told her Nikolas and her were just roommates, they didn't socialize. Nikolas came in then and reminded her of the party she was going to. He explained to Florence that Gia had been invited to his aunt's bachlorette party.
Florence told her to have a good time. Gia gave Nikolas heck about giving her mother the wrong impression about their relationship.

Alan and AJ were getting Jake's ready for Ned's bachelor party. Jake was a little nervous because of AJ's past behavior but Alan reassured her that he would take full responsibility for the party. He said it was just a party for Ned not Eddie Maine. There would be no trouble. Alan then asked AJ if he would be okay with the party being in a bar and AJ told him he would be, besides he brought his own drink. Edward showed up grumbling that Ned's getting married again wasn't a reason to celebrate and he was only there for Lila's sake. Tony, Nikolas and Juan showed up and Tony, seeing AJ with flask in hand, mentioned AJ's drinking and said alcohol poisoning wasn't anything to fool around with. Alan said if he hadn't included AJ he would have just sulked and drank. Here he could keep an eye on him. AJ commented to Ned about bringing his work cronies to the party. He should have brought Annabelle, the dog, to the party because she at least likes Ned. Ned asked AJ why didn't he crawl under the table and sleep his drunkeness off. AJ said he wasn't drunk, just happy. They argued and Ned hit AJ's flask and some spilled on Edward. Edward tasted it and found out that it wasn't even vodka in the flask, just water. Luke and Roy came in and Luke held out the cards asking if anyone wanted to play poker. Edward and Alan looked game but before they could start a huge cake was wheeled out onto the floor. A woman jumped out and congratulated Ned on his sixth wedding. Everyone denied having anything to do with it and AJ just stood in the background, smiling.

Monica, Bobbie and Gia showed up at Alexis' party and commented on the centerpieces filled with popcorn. Chloe said that popcorn was Alexis' staple diet. Bobbie asked if her daughter was there and Chloe told her that Carly had gone out to get some goodies. Just what goodies she got they found out later when a big, blond hunk showed up and started dancing and whipped his tearaway pants off and then his top. He danced in front of Alexis and then sat down on her lap. Alexis was so embarrassed. She had asked earlier if anyone had arranged for a stripper and everyone denied it. Photographers showed up just when he sat in her lap.

Sonny went to see Taggert and blasted him for using his feud with him, Sonny to get Zander killed. Zander wasn't a killer and he was losing his chance to get Sorel. He said that Stefan showed up alive and he lost all credibility after putting Luke on trial for his murder. Then he went to see Zander. He asked him who had the most priority over time; the Feds, who offered the Witness Protection Program, or the local police, who had a deal on the table but took it away. Zander said he didn't have time because Sorel could get to him anytime. He had already sent him two death threats. Sonny told him he could get out of there alive if he just watched and thought. His lawyer was the best and she could get the deal back on the table. He, Sonny , would protect him.

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