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Monday, December 11, 2000

Alexis was in Kelly's looking at the article in the paper about her bachelorette party from the night before. Ned came in and asked if she could stop the jackhammers in his head. She told him she had enough of her own. She showed him the paper with the picture of her sitting with the stripper in her lap. He said he thought he knew who arranged it as he had a surprise at his party also. "A stripper?" Alexis asked. "No, a girl who jumped out of a cake," Ned replied. "That's original," Alexis commented. He told her it was as the girl was a dead ringer for Lois who popped out of a cake a few years ago when confronting Ned about his bigamy. It brought back a few painful memories. He told her he figured it was AJ who arranged it all. He said maybe it was a blessing because Luke had shown up with cards to play poker and he probably would have lost his shirt. Alexis said that her stripper lost more than his shirt, but at least she was fully clothed when the picture was taken. She didn't think it was AJ who arranged her stripper because how would the photographer know to show up at just the right time to catch the stripper in her lap. Chloe came by just then to ask Alexis if she was ready for their power walk. Alexis was less than enthused but went anyway. Later, when they were on the docks stretching, Alexis told Chloe to stop being so cheerful as it was getting on her nerves. Chloe told her a younger Alexis would have been able to keep up. She told Alexis how she read about her in Stefan's journal. She said that Stefan was kind, patient, comforting, and would let her talk about Jax. He also taught her to play chess but she taught him to play gin so they evened out. Helena made her presence known at that time and said how glad she was to see Chloe back and looking well. Chloe told her she would not get away with the kidnapping. She knew, too, that Helena was the one to run her down that day. Helena said she would not find any evidence against her for the kidnapping because she did not do it. Stefan, for his own reasons, was the one that kidnapped her and then let her think that Helena had marooned the two of them. Chloe didn't believe her, but Alexis wasn't so sure. She knew what her brother was capable of in his revenge against his mother. Chloe went to see Stefan later and confronted him, asking if he was the one to kidnap her and set it up to look like his mother was responsible.

Bobbie asked Roy what if something was really wrong with her. She thought she should take herself off patient care before she harmed anyone. Roy thought that was a little drastic. He said that something wasn't quite right, that maybe somebody was purposely messing with her mind. She told him he had worked with the FBI for too long and who would do that to her. He told her he would look into it. He was making a phone call about Bobbie's bank account when she came into Luke's office. He told her he had been looking into her Swiss Account and she told him the only bank accounts she had were in Port Charles. He told her she also had a Swiss bank account with a small fortune in it and showed her the printout.

Luke was talking to Felicia on the phone and asked her what she was doing. She said just some errands, what about him. He said he had some urgent business at the County Courthouse. Felicia asked if it could be Cassadine business. He told her she was pretty intuitive for a cookie baker. He said he had to pick up some documents from the County Clerk and she guessed it was without the clerk's knowledge. "Something like that," he agreed. She asked if he wanted her help and he said he could do it himself but it would be nice to have a partner. He guaranteed she would be home in time for the girls getting out of school. She said she better not but later agreed to help create a diversion while he looked for the documents he wanted.

Laura was in her office at Deception when Amy came in. She asked how Laura was surviving Carly. Laura admitted to a few bumps and bruises.
She was looking at a book of pictures of previous "faces of Deception"
Dominique and Brenda. She asked Amy about them as she didn't know Dominique. Amy said Dominique had the fresh and innocent look and Brenda was hot. She even tried to do her makeup like Brenda with disastrous results. Laura thought maybe they should go back to the innocent look again. Later she was with the guy from the ad agency looking through his book of models. Carly came in and they looked together, dismissing all the models for various reasons. They asked if he had anymore and he said those were the most voted to break out big time. They told him they appreciated his hard work but they would keep looking. After he left they talked about what they wanted for their face of Deception and they agreed on the innocent look but when Laura suggested Liz Webber, Carly came up with all the reasons why she would be wrong for the job. She was too ordinary looking, etc. They couldn't agree at all and Laura accused of her of having a grudge against Liz and that's why she didn't want her.

Sonny called Mike over to the penthouse. He asked why Johnny wasn't in his usual spot outside and Sonny said he was with Michael at preschool. He said that things were heating up between him and Sorel. That's why he called him over. Mike asked what was going on and Sonny said it wasn't important but Sorel was using Mike to get to him and he wouldn't let it happen again. He asked that Mike stay away from Courtland Street and Mike told him he hadn't been there since Carly found him. Sonny told him to call Benny for money if he needed it and Mike said he wouldn't as he was going to quit gambling. Sonny told him not to make promises he couldn't keep.

Felicia and Mac met at Kelly's to discuss Christmas lists for the girls. Mac was reading Maxie's list and noticed gift certificates and Felicia said she didn't trust either of them to buy makeup for her. Mac suggested they go together to shop so they don't buy the same things. They agreed to go Saturday.

Stefan met with the attorney for the Cassadine estate. The attorney said he couldn't give Stefan the papers he requested. If he wanted to fire Helena as the trustee he would have to go to court. Later he called Alexis and left a message to get back to him. Ned came in and told him that he could take a message to Alexis. Stefan told him it was family business. Ned suggested he get another lawyer because he wasn't going to let the Cassadines put Alexis in any more danger. He didn't care if Stefan and his mother killed each other but to leave Alexis out of it. Stefan asked since when did he speak for Alexis, she wouldn't appreciate it. Ned accused Stefan of only wanting to see Alexis when he needed her for something.

Tuesday, December 12, 2000

Stefan was surprised that Chloe would ask if he was the one that kidnapped her. He asked why it it would occur to her that he would do such a thing. "You must have been talking to Helena," he said. She said she met her on the pier and she didn't want to believe what she said but it made sense. "Why would she kidnap us and not kill us since we are both a threat to her; you because you come between Helena and the Cassadine fortune and me because I dream about things she wants to keep secret?" Chloe asked. Stefan talked a good game and had her convinced that he was innocent and she apologized, feeling remorseful for doubting him. He accepted her apology and then asked her to stay for dinner. He took her for a tour of Spoon Island before dinner. He asked how things were going at the Quartermaines and she told him she was glad she wasn't at the penthouse because she would be thinking about Jax.

At Luke's office Roy showed Bobbie the bank deposit slip with her signature. Bobbie said she did not open a Swiss bank account and deposit money in it; it must be a forgery. Roy asked if she had ever signed any documents for Jerry. She said she could have but Jerry would not have done anything like this. Roy said maybe he thought he was doing a good thing. She said that Jerry would not do this because it would implicate her in all his illegal dealings. They continued their discussion back at the brownstone about who could have put the money in her account. They suggested the Cassadines and various other ideas but didn't come to any definite conclusions.

Carly walked in to the penthouse while Benny and Sonny were discussing the danger Sonny was in from Sorel. She was worried and told them not to deny what she had heard. "Sorel wants to kill you?" she asked Sonny. Sonny told her she should not eavesdrop. She just walked in the door she told him. He told her hears and takes everything out of context. She told him not to treat her like a child. "Sorel is skipping Zander and coming straight for you?" she asked. Sonny told her Benny's job was to worry, but there was nothing to worry about. They both assured her Sonny wasn't in danger but discussed that very danger after Carly left them. Sonny told him to just make sure everyone was safe. Carly came down later and he enquired about her voice. She said she sounded like a boy. She asked if she could talk about Deception. He told her he wasn't interested. Just like we don't discuss my business, we don't discuss yours. She asked him if would then be willing to give her his 1% of Deception. He said no. She told him that they were launching the "Face of Deception" again but Laura wanted to ruin things by having a girl who wasn't even pretty. Liz Webber wasn't the right one for the job. Sonny thought she would be good. Carly made a remark about him marrying Liz in a couple of years if he hadn't been forced to marry her, Carly. He asked why would he marry Liz?

Scott came by Deception to see Laura at her request. She told him Carly Corinthos was turning out to be more of a challenge than she expected. Scott said that a simple solution would be to buy out Bonnie and Clyde. Laura laughed and said she wasn't ready to buy them out yet and she knows she wouldn't Scott to do it for her. He said that he thought she had come to her senses. "So, you're having a little trouble with Carly?" he asked. "That is an understatement," Laura answered. "I was told Carly was impulsive but she is reckless; this is all a game to her. We are trying to launch a new ad campaign and all she can do is whine about who decorated the office," she added. She told him they had called an ad executive to discuss starting up the "Face of Deception" campaign again. She saw him look at a picture of Dominique on her desk and asked if it would bother him for them to do the campaign. He said he was okay with it. She said she had never met Dominique and he told her about how they met and married and that she had given him a daughter. He had some bad years after Laura dumped him, but Dominique brought him back.

Mac came across Felicia and Luke on the docks and told him he could probably hall him down to the station as he was either about to commit a crime or he just had. Luke asked what made him jump to such an unpleasant conclusion. Mac asked Felicia how she fit in when they

Wednesday, December 13, 2000

Carly and Sonny were in a playful mood. Sonny had promised Carly that if she convinced him well enough, then he would sign over his 1 share of Deception so that she could be a full partner equal with Laura. Well Sonny was about to leave for work when Carly came down the stairs. He told her that her waffles were awaiting her in the kitchen. She asked how come he was going to leave without saying goodbye to his wife. He told her it was because she was sleeping. Carly asked about their agreement and when was he going to give her the paper. He told her that she had not convinced him. She was shocked and told him he just did not want her to be totally independent. He smiled and said no, she just did not convince him last night. Carly playfully responded that until she receives the stock then Sonny would be sleeping alone. Sonny then said he would miss her and it was going to be a long and cold winter. Carly and Sonny left for work, separately. Several hours later, Sonny and Benny arrived at the penthouse. Benny had told Sonny that he needed to talk to him in a secure place. The phone rang; it was Jason. Jason told Sonny it was time and he had to come to Puerto Rico to finally resolve this issue with Carlos. Sonny agreed and said he would come in 1.5 days. Benny then told Sonny that things in Port Charles were much too dangerous for him to leave. Sonny said he had to straighten things out with Carlos. Benny asked who would be watching out for him and Sonny replied Jason has his back. Benny still insisted that Sonny not go, but realized that this conversation was not stopping him so he told him to be extremely cautious because he could be walking into a trap. A short while later Carly returned home and found Sonny on the phone talking about his trip, but she did not hear anything. Carly begins to disrobe in front of her husband and then throws her coat at him. He asked what she was doing home so early. Carly said that Laura had taken the rest of the afternoon off and so was she besides she could spend extra time with Michael. Sonny asked if he needed to go back to the warehouse and work in order not to be a distraction. Carly countered and said maybe she should go upstairs and work because she may be a distraction. Sonny said he liked the idea of upstairs. Carly then informed him that this was not going to work. She was not going to be with him until he gave her the stock. Sonny started to kiss Carly softly on the neck and ear area. Carly held on for about 5 minutes and then gave up her boycott until tomorrow. Sonny and Carly ran upstairs to get busy.

Gia was working at Kelly's when Emily arrived. Emily walked right by her and did not speak. Gia got up and went over to Emily and asked for a truce. Emily immediately put up a wall, but Gia wore her down and said that Nikolas thinks that you are a very fair person. Can't we put our differences aside and agree to be nice to each other for Nikolas' sake. Emily conceded and said for Nikolas yes she was willing to try.

Taggert was waiting for Hannah to return from her run at Kelly's. They kissed one another and began talking about Christmas. Hannah asked Taggert if he had any Christmas traditions and don't tell her bah humbug because their relationship hangs in the balance. Taggert told her that this year would be different because he had family and a girlfriend to celebrate this holiday. Hannah smiled and told him that later they were going to get their first tree. Taggert went off to work. When Taggert returned he saw Hannah putting tons of things into a backpack. He questioned Hannah about what she was doing. She explained that they just could not go to any Christmas Tree Sales Lot for their first tree. They needed to go cut it down themselves. She informed Taggert that she had secured a permit and they were on their way. Also, she had backed some hot chocolate and his favorite sandwich just in case it was a longer journey to find their first tree.

Nikolas went to Wyndemere to pay tribute to the anniversary of his father's death. Afterwards Nikolas went to visit Stefan who invited him to breakfast. Nikolas agreed to stay. He asked Stefan a few questions about his father. Did he think that he would like his dad, Starvros? Was his dad a good person? Stefan did his best to answer these questions in a positive light. He told Nikolas that his dad had good qualities, it was only Helena's bad influence that made Starvros an odd person. Nikolas was pleased with Stefan's response. A little later, Stefan decided to tell Nikolas the truth about Helena's plan to put him in a mental institution. Nikolas was startled and could not believe that his Grandmother would do such a thing to him. Stefan said yes anything is possible with Helena, and she would had he not squashed her attempt. Nikolas was terribly upset by this news and asked Gia at the pier She immediately knew something was bothering him. As Nikolas began to speak Helena appeared. Nikolas blasted her for her actions. Helena then tried to clear herself by saying she did it to protect him from people like Luke. Gia then jumped in and took her shot at Helena. Afterwards, Helena left the pier and went off in the other direction.

Lucky paid Zander a visit. He told Zander in no uncertain terms that he was there strictly for Emily. Lucky wanted to know why Emily felt the was she does about Zander and what she sees is worth saving. Zander was offended by Lucky's comments and told him that he was not going to tell Emily to go away and if he really loved Emily then they should stop giving Emily so much grief. Her friends need to be supported, listen to her, and take is easy on her. Zander called the guard so that he could return to his cell, but prior to that Lucky told him that he was Emily's oldest friend and he was going to be their for her no matter what. Later on, Emily came to visit Zander. She had died her hair a darker color. Zander noticed right off and said he loved her hair and it was beautiful. Zander asked Emily not to forget to spend time with her family during this holiday season. She said that she would, but for him to remember that no one was going to convince her to stop coming.

Thursday, December 14, 2000

Ned came to the Quartermaine mansion where they were to have the wedding rehearsal dinner. He peeked into the family room and saw Lila by herself. When asked, she told him that Edward went Christmas tree shopping. "Good, I didn't want Alexis to run into him as she was already nervous," Ned said, relieved. He got a call on his cell phone from the minister telling him he had to cancel the wedding rehearsal as they were having problems with the boiler at the church. Ned was worried about how Alexis would take the news. Lila calmed him down and gave him her usual sage advice. She asked if he had found the one he really wanted to marry and he said definitely. She asked why he needed a rehearsal. He called and left a message for Alexis.

Edward, Emily and Reginald went searching for a Christmas tree. Lila had given Edward a list of what kind of tree but he said he wanted a Canadian Pine. Reginald was telling the clerk that they would take the one he was pointing to and Edward said they would not. Reginald said it was a Lila tree. Edward asked if the tree told him that and Reginald said, "well, yeah" like Edward was stupid to ask. They agreed that if Lila liked the tree they would keep it and she did. Emily was busy decorating the tree when she heard a knock on the patio door. It was Lucky and he asked if had heard her talking to the tree. She said he had and he asked if it talked back. She said it only talks to Reginald. He quipped that he had forgotten how crazy it was at the Quartermaines. He told her he had gone to see Zander and she told him Zander had told her. He said that he understands now how much Emily means to Zander and vice versa. He was on her side. She was happy.

Luke was rehearsing his Darius Cassadine persona when Felicia came into his office. She said she would come with him to the courthouse. He thought she meant she would come to Istanbul. She thought he had decided against that. He said he had to strike while Helena was otherwise engaged with Stefan being back from the dead. She wouldn't notice any bogus Cassadine relatives like nefarious Darius or the beautiful Olga. She was skeptical about him going to Istanbul as Darius. He said it would be a cinch, as soon as he could get some information to fake credentials. He would go to Wyndemere and snoop around. She asked about the launch and he said he had his own boat. He went later to the mansion and was trying to get the safe open when he heard voices. He quickly ducked into another room.

Chloe was at the hospital waiting for test results when Stefan spotted her. He asked what she was there for so early and she told him. Tony came up just then and told her he had excellent news. It was better than he had hoped. She should be better by now but the medication took effect right away and she should be able to start radiation very soon. She was glad and gave him a hug, saying that was the best news she could have. Later, she went with Stefan to Wyndemere and showed him the little tree that she had brought for him.

Roy drove Bobbie to the hospital and told he would continue to do so until they found out what was going on. He told her he had a hunch about the bank accounts and he was going to call in a favour from the FBI. Bobbie objected, saying she didn't want him to be sucked back into the FBI. He said he wouldn't. When he went to see Agent Ford, he was told that the rogue agent, Larkin, made a deal and was released. He had an idea then Larkin was behind what Bobbie was going through.

Sonny was on the phone with Benny, telling him that he had to deal with Carlos himself and was going to Puerto Rico that night. Carly came down ready to go to work and Sonny told her this was December and it was almost Christmas, they needed to get a Christmas tree. He told her to get Michael bundled up and they would all go looking for a tree. "The three of us spending the day together?" she asked. "Okay, but you better tell your friend Laura," she added. When they got to the tree lot they let Michael pick out the tree. They took it home and she told Michael that while he had a nap, the elves would decorate the tree. Sonny objected to being referred to as an elf. After Carly finished decorating, she told Sonny that she forgot about the star for the top of the tree. He handed her a box and in it was an angel for the top of the tree. They brought Michael down to watch him putting the angel on the tree. Later, he told Carly he had to go to Puerto Rico. She told him he can't, they have to go to Ned and Alexis' wedding rehearsal dinner.

Bobbie, Tony and Lucas went looking for Christmas trees. Tony told Lucas he had to get a small tree as he didn't have room for a bigger one. Lucas asked Bobbie if they could all have Christmas at Daddy's and she told him she was going to have them all at the Brownstone.

Friday, December 15, 2000

Chloe asked Stefan if he had ever decorated a Christmas tree and he confessed that the staff had always done it. She told him she was going to put him to work and decorate this year. He said he didn't have any ornaments so she said she would supply the ornaments and help him decorate since it was his first time. By the time they finished he would have the Christmas spirit.

Luke came out of hiding after they left and tried to open the safe again. He still didn't have it open when he heard someone come in. Someone was telling Stefan that the Ice Princess had been released to Helena in Istanbul. Stefan said that he would reclaim it after he became trustee of the estate again in a few days. They left and Luke finally got into the safe, helping himself to a bundle of cash, a piece of paper he wanted, and Stefan's family crest ring.

Laura went to Kelly's to see Liz. Liz told her she had been thinking of her and wondering how Deception was going. Laura told her they had crucial decisions to make as they were launching the face of Deception ad campaign and she wanted Liz to be the new "Face of Deception". She told Liz she would be perfect for the job. Liz said she would make a fool of herself. Lucky came in and Gia, who had been listening to Laura and Liz, told him to talk some sense into his girlfriend before she passed up on a chance of a lifetime. Lucky asked Liz what this chance of a lifetime was and Laura told him that she was trying to talk Liz into being the model for Deception. Lucky thought it was a great idea, she should go for it. Liz said she would freeze up when she had to do personal appearances. Lucky asked didn't she used to want to be a model. Liz said yes, when she was 12, but this is the real deal Laura was offering. Laura said because she could really do it. Liz said she was flattered by the offer but no, she couldn't see herself doing it. Laura said the deal was there if she changed her mind. As Laura was leaving she saw Scott and asked him and Serena if they wanted to come to a tree decorating party. He agreed and said maybe he could even find an ornament to bring.

Roy showed up at the Christmas tree lot where Bobbie, Tony and Lucas were looking for a tree. Lucas ran up to him and asked if he was looking for a tree too? Roy said he might look around but he wanted to talk to Bobbie first. He told Bobbie that the good news was that none of what was happening was her fault. She asked what was the bad news and he told her he would see her later and tell her. Tony told her she could go ahead and she said no, they had come to look for a tree and they were going to finish. When she saw Roy later he told her that he didn't have proof and it was only speculation but he think he knew who was behind her troubles. He said it was Larkin; the FBI had released him from prison.

Carly told Sonny if he really cared about her and Michael he wouldn't go to Puerto Rico. She thought that what was why Jason was there. Sonny said Jason had done what he could but he had to go and finish. They argued and finally she stormed out and went to the Quartermaines' for the rehearsal dinner. She left early and went back home and apologized to Sonny. She said she was afraid for him. They parted on a more friendly footing.

It was time for the rehearsal dinner and Edward was asking where the bride was, she should be there, but then it was customary to have a rehearsal. Ned warned him, saying he had promised not to make a big deal about the rehearsal cancellation. Edward said it wasn't as important for him after all the times he had walked down the aisle, he could probably do it in his sleep. AJ came in and looked around. Not seeing Alexis, he asked if the bride was hiding already. Ned told him to lose the attitude or he would be off the guest list. He knew that AJ was behind the Lois look-a-like jumping out of the cake at his bachelor party. AJ asked where was his sense of humor and everyone else seemed to enjoy it. Emily told AJ to say something nice for a change, so AJ wished for Ned and Alexis to have all the marital happiness that all the other Quartermaines have. Alexis burst in then, saying she had problems with a flat tire and she had broken her cell phone and didn't get the message Ned had left. She found out about the cancelled rehearsal when she got to the church and nobody was there. Edward asked if they could have dinner now as cook was already upset with the delay. They all sat down and heard crashing and banging in the kitchen. Reginald came out and said that AJ had come into the kitchen for a snack and now the cook refused to cook dinner. It was another typical Quartermaine disaster. Lila asked AJ if he would call out for pizza again like he had for Thanksgiving. Alexis left, saying she had an emergency with a client. She went to see Sonny, he usually calms her down. When she got back to the mansion, Ned was sitting there by himself. He told her the family promised to be on their best behavior at the wedding, but that was open to interpretation. Alexis said that was okay, the bride was supposed to have premarital jitters. Ned told her if he was pushing too hard, if she had second thoughts, tell him now. She said she loved him and when she stood beside him at the church and said her vows she would really mean them.

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